Hiphugger Inc



805 Belvedere Drive, Kokomo, IN 46901


40.4786363, -86.1067264




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Harley Times at the Hip Hugger


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11 reviews for “Hiphugger Inc

  1. Brian

    Nice laid back club. Lap dances are only $10!

  2. Dan

    Nice club. Great lappers. Easy on the wallet. I will be back.

  3. Verne

    Terrible place. Dancers are fat and ugly and the staff are clueless. Avoid.

  4. harryharry

    Best. Place. Ever.After spending an evening at the Hip Hugger, you’ll realize how much money you’ve wasted at other strip clubs. Dances at this place are only 10 dollars and YOU CAN TOUCH. It’s the closet thing to sex you’re gonna get without paying a hooker.The best Den of Iniquity this side of the GOT damn Mississippi.

  5. John Q.

    Don’t believe the hype! This place is cheap to get in ($3) and cheap beer, but only if you like Bud or Bud Lt. The dancers were either skinny with no boobs and bad faces or cute faces, but fat with loose skin and stretch marks. You are allowed to touch the dancers, but why would you want to???The club itself is very outdated, there is only one stage and the cocktail waitresses are ugly also. For my $, I’d keep driving to Indy and go to Brad’s Brass Flamingo. Same $10 dance and you are allowed to touch there also. Much better beer selection and much better dancers.UPDATE: Indianpolis and Brad’s Brass Flamingo are no longer doing $10/dances. So Hip Hugger will remain a good choice.

  6. richard95

    The girls are all pretty good looking and the drinks are cheap but it’s total BS that women can go in there, pay the same cover as men, and we’re not allowed to play. We’re allowed to tip the girls now, but we don’t get anything for it. It was also aggarivating that for the first two hours our table of 3 men and myself got ignored because they assumed I was dating one of them. I literally had to go get a stripper and ask her to come entertain my friends. Unless they change the rules or stop charging women a cover, I’ll go somewhere that lets me play.

  7. joseph1k

    This place is what wet dreams are made of. Hot chicks and big fakies, and affordable to boot. Often no cover charge during the week, pitchers are $7, and the chicks love to flirt! Every time I’m in the area I make an effort to stop by for a few hours, its worth it!

  8. Ryan W.

    1st reviewer, YES!!! What an honor.America,I’m going to drop the bomb right now. This is the BEST strip club in the U.S.!Let’s start with the #’s. Saturday night cover $3! I had to restrain myself from throwing the singles on the ground. $3! A pitcher of Miller Lite? $7!!! You’d pay that much for one beer in many places in the Northeast. Mixed drinks $4. Insane.Now to the performance. Many of the girls here are natural which has it’s pros and cons, but the overall rating for the girls here is 7.5-8 with a few 5’s and several 9’s. The stage is a little small, but the girls use it really well. Several girls have great pole skillz and they all have their own funky attitude. Delightful. Go up to the stage with a single and the girl makes sure you know she appreciates that buck. They are VERY liberal with the touching here. One of the only few drawbacks to this place is that the girls wear bottoms, but there is a good reason for that…..That takes us to the Crown Jewel of the HipHugger, the lapdance. Let me add this disclaimer: If you are married, a lapdance at the HipHugger could easily be considered adultery in a court of law. Basically the rules on touching are: do as much as you want without blatently offending the girl… On my first lapdance the girl had to egg me on a little bit because I was totally shocked at the lack of boundaries. She said I needed to play with her a little more…. HARD grinding (that’s why they have bottoms, otherwise there would be penetration), grabbing, squeezing, spanking. It’s all game and the girls love it. I left the best part for last. How much will this insanity run you? $10. I rest my case.THE BEST STRIP CLUB IN AMERICAThis is one of the few things about Indiana that I am deeply proud of. About 60% of my family lives in Kokomo, IN. I love them, but this puts the icing on the cake of any visit back home.

  9. james1412

    God’s favorite strip club.You will not get a dance from the finest chick, because she is busy taking care of the 80 year old Klansman in the corner, draining his farm subsidy… $10 at a time. Instead you get the tweaker with one leg shorter than the other… she’s a great dancer on stage… you’re just passing through… meet her at BW3 after her shift…

  10. AoK

    this place is ok and not as good as its hyped up to be. its a regular dive club with average girls and staff. if your looking for vegas this is not the place. if your looking for a good time with average girls rubbing on you than this place if for you.

  11. dannyboy7

    This club is pretty cool for a small town. I’m from the Washington, DC area so it can’t compare to what I’m used to experiencing. Aside from that, cover charge was only $5. I ordered Jack in Coke all night, for myself & 4 other co-workers and the bill was never over $40. Back home that would be at least $8-12 per drink, so that allowed us to tip the waitress and bartender more. The waitress Brandy is a sweet heart, make sure you tip her. The girls are all friendly & likeable. I like that they’re playful if they like your style. My personal fav was Holly. You can’t miss her, she’s the small petite one, who does all the pole tricks. There was also one other that could do tricks during our visit. The others pretty much shake their booty a little and lay on stage while attempting to be sexy. Maybe they do better on lap dances.My only gripes are that the establishment is kind of small, the stage and poles are fairly small, you can only pull out $100 at a time from the ATM (this is a problem for people who bank with major banks, because they will lock your card down for suspicious activity) and VIP areas don’t exist. I was sopposed to return for a 2nd visit last Saturday, but I had to make a last second journey back home for a couple days. The guys and I are back in town and probably visit again.

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