Stimmelators Gentlemens Club



114 East Washington Street, North Webster, IN 46555


41.325884, -85.697287




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Stimmelators Gentlemens Club

  1. Ice

    Get some exciting girls. They were bored out of their minds when we were there. If they would at least smile and act like they were glad to see us we could over look the fact that they are not raving beauties!

  2. Nick

    Nice club. a little run down and not many dancers were too hot but a few of the new girls are definately worth comming back for.

  3. should have been on stage
  4. bob
  5. richard95

    Stimmies has a special place in my heart. What a fun little tittle place to get a drink! We filmed our second film in North Webster, and one of the scenes we filmed involved the characters sneaking out of rehab to go to Stimmies! Hot dogs on Tuesdays.

  6. Branden

    I went to the Club last fall and I enjoyed myself there are some ugly girls there, but there were a few hot ones as well. I will go again

  7. Todd

    Fun time if you can’t make the trip to the big city

  8. Marc

    Wife & I love going to this club.

  9. Some Guy

    Just got back from there, and I didn’t feel ripped off at all. I had around 6 VIP dances, and they vary quite a bit. Some of the girls put a lot more into it than others. As far as looks go, they have a few who are just drop dead gorgeous; some who aren’t awful; and one or two who look like they’re on drugs. There’s also a big fat chick, but to be honest she’s got a nice chest; and she seemed to have a great time. I probably wouldn’t VIP with her, but she’s kinda fun for dollar dances.

    They’re drink prices aren’t bad at all, and the wait staff are really easy to get to, and it was pretty crowded in there.

  10. fuckery12

    Well Sam just got a visit from the IRS, but haters gonna hate! Its the only place in K-County open past 2am. Staff, girls, crowd top notch. No issues, no worries, just fun times! Decent prices and Midwest cuties….enough said!

  11. devo
  12. JT

    Call an exterminator!

  13. yep

    awesome little club with some very nice girls almost every weekend.

  14. fritter17

    Nothing wraps up a relaxing weekend at the Lake House like a trip to the iconic Stimmies! Going tonight…I insist.

  15. Country Bumpkin
  16. Colts fan

    This is really a nice place. I don’t think I saw not one ugly dancer here. Everyone is friendly and atmosphere is relaxing. I would recommend this club to everyone.

  17. dancer

    im new here at the club and i think people need to start comin out here the are a lot of beautiful girls out here now . and hey we even tryin new stuff so com on down you’ll be glad you did

  18. Tim

    good atmophere,good drinks, i mean it is a good place to go if you want to releve stress

  19. 1 Time

    Thought I would check out the place. A few fat chicks. One smelled bad. Not interested in getting bombarded with ‘wanna dance’ all night long. WTF!

  20. Boater

    Very lame and tame $15.00 AIR DANCES and very small bar. Not bad if your in area, but much better bang for buck clubs in Indy & Kokomo.

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