Brad’s Brass Flamingo



4011 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203


39.7505693, -86.0948996




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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678 reviews for “Brad’s Brass Flamingo

  1. Carl

    Best club in the world ! Cold beer and hot white trash strippers.

  2. radman

    The best I have been to in Indy!

  3. Dump


  4. Newbie

    Girls were above average, however girls didn’t seem into it….maybe just a bad night. I had tons of money to blow however not one made it interesting. The more I drank the better it seemed. Drinks were average, dances average prices were good though. Other places in Indy better all depends what u looking for.

  5. Maybe ?

    Maybe it is YOU ? I am a regular and from the moment I walk in the club I have girls all over me. The ask if they can dance for me or just sit and talk me up while we have drinks. Maybe the girls just do not like you ?

  6. mark
  7. Beck

    Between the overpriced VIP and the ugly, lazy strippers don’t think I will be ever coming back. Be warned.

  8. Rambo

    Club is slowing down.

  9. BBF

    Clubs is still open, never closed!

  10. One Guy

    The get my vote for best club in the country ! They have it all, great strippes, good music, and more . . .

  11. What?

    If you think this is a great club you need to get out more often

  12. Dear John

    Dear John: What are you talking about ? I read the last 20 comments and they are all positive comments ! Not one was negative ! I only been a regular for about 5 years, but it agree it is always the number one or two club in the city. I go here because I live on the East Side. What exactly did you find offensive ?

  13. Exactly !

    My wife is tall, thin and has fake boobs. I want something different on my night out with guys. I want strippers that are huge. I am not talking a little overweight, I want girls as big as a dump truck. Huge thighs and a hug ass. I just want what I do not have a home !

  14. Club Sexy Mujeres

    is a much better club. It is just located next to the Harem House. $10 lap dances and super hot Latin chicks.

  15. Boyd
  16. Guy

    I Will never go back!

  17. W D

    Girls are dirty and lazy. This dump is perfect !

  18. Greg

    VIP is a RIPOFF now! Otherwise a pretty good club, too bad that GREED and not NEED may ultimately be this clubs demise. Raise drink/food prices, do away with the free admission coupons and that should be sufficient. Doubling the VIP was very dumb. At least have a weekly special where 1/2 hour VIP for $50.00 which is where it should have stayed anyways.

  19. ss
  20. Mario

    Do they have any big fat Italian girls ? I also love big fat women and red wine.

  21. Todd
  22. D-Man

    So is Lacey gone?

  23. Norm

    Try Tracy for the back room !

  24. Sam
  25. New Girls

    There are several new girls that worked at Hip Hugger before it closed. Nice additions to the line up.

  26. Zipper

    I love this dump just the way it is, and hope they never fix it up. The lazy strippers make the palce. Go to a nice club and the girls expect a nice tip.

  27. Kent

    You can get a super BJ from Deliah ever day of the week of $100 cash ! Best BJ in the city.

  28. Freddie

    Made the trip from Bloomington to Brad’s on Fri. night. As always, I had a great time. Lots of hot women to choose from, friendly service, and awesome lap dance/VIP prices. What made this trip special though was that my buddies and I found Ava from Night Moves to be working there. We heard that she had quit Night Moves, which pretty much made the place suck, because she was pretty much the best dancer and hottest girl there. Anyway, she’s “Eve” now at Brad’s, and I got a VIP from her right away because I’ve always wanted to get my hands on that beautiful bodacious ass of hers (only one way contact at Night Moves). I ended up getting a full hour VIP, but it was worth every penny. Thanks to “Eve” for the great time. I’m sure that I’ll see you soon because my buddies and I will be coming up to Brad’s more often now that there’s no real reason to go to Night Moves anymore.



  29. By the TON !

    I love “Big Sally” now that she is over 300 lbs ! She can only move aroung a little on stage and that is all the stage can take for sure ! But, when she gets on top of you and starts to crush you thighs you are in heaven ! Best Big Fat Dancer in the world ! I love you “Big Sally” !

  30. jimbo

    Worst club ever!!!!

  31. Marcus

    Great club, great prices, wonderful ladies. What else is there to say?

  32. bear
  33. Evan

    Guys just do not have money

  34. Bob
  35. Taylor

    Bonnie is back from shooting some porn flick in Chicago. I hear she looks really good in the film, better than in person. Still, she give good head for $50.

  36. Total


  37. MarkiWheeler

    Where did my fave tattoo girl go??? Have been going in for last couple weeks and she’s gone??? Leah-where are you????

  38. Hammer

    Best club in the State. No other club even comes close.

  39. Ross

    What a dump! Seriously! Never coming back here.

  40. Regular

    I love this club ! They always have some big fat strippers that really know how to please a man. I hope that other dude never comes back. If you don’t like this club, go somewhere else. I love this place !

  41. derick
  42. michelle

    there recently with friends and loved every mitute of it alot of good looking women a few duds, but there is someone for everyone I guess. I like how they have older women dancing there. Brads seems to be willing to give them a chance. Proves you dont half to be 18 and perfect. Older woman are more experienced with life and know how to deal with people.

  43. Good variety

    I think the Brass does the best job in the city in keeping a good variety of dancers. Yes, some guys like the big, fat, lazy strippers (not me) but, Brass also has some slim young girls as well. The dancer that applied for a job just went when the club was looking for some more big girls. If she went back in three months they might be looking for a thin girl. Great club, with something to fit all your stipper needs !

  44. JR
  45. David
  46. Zeke

    Some really HOT stippers, and some that are fat and ugly !

  47. Chuck
  48. never come back

    Girls LAZY!!!! Won’t walk around, just sit back down after dance!

  49. FAT FAT FAT Strippers

    This is the best club in the world. I love FAT FAT FAT strippers. In the summer time the sweat a lot and never take a bath. Sexy, sexy, sexy

  50. Erney

    This is the number two rated club in the city for a reason. They have lots of strippers that just know what they are there for (me). Just look at the rating, it says it all.

  51. Wanker T

    This is the number one strip club in the city. None other even comes close.

  52. New York Tony

    What a hoot ! I thought I heard the music from “Deliverance” in the background. White trash, inbreed stippers up the butt. I love this kind of club, great place to get drunk and forget the world. For sure the world forgot this hole in the ground. I give it a A+ !

  53. Mad Jack

    this is the best club in indy

  54. Hey

    I think they are hiring. Call during the week and talk to Cindy

  55. aa
  56. Charley

    Good club. Hot dancers.

  57. below average

    Girls below average and LAZY! Worst Club!

  58. Tyler

    Which Dammon’s Ribs ? I am also a fan of Big Sally and would love to join the fan club !

  59. Awful


  60. Bilbo

    Very impressed with the VIP dances. Best value I have run across.

  61. Gordon

    Best Club in Indy!

  62. dancer

    How much is the vip dances? If I come down to work here, how much is tip out?

  63. INDy 500

    Part of our Indy 500 tradition is to come to this club each year to watch the fat girls dance. We love the race and we really love getting a blow job from one of your fat dancers.

  64. Big Red

    Red necks welcome ! A real blue collar bar, I love this place. You can get a blow job in the back room for $50.

  65. Give it a rest.

    Enough with the fat chicks comments, if Brads hires some big girls then fine if not, even better. But I do agree that dancers need to get off their butts and walk around, give dollar dancers, and talk to customers. The economy is not doing so well, so customers would not go and find you to give you money, you have to work for it.

  66. pory
  67. Zero

    Lots of big HEAVY women waiting to show you pleasure.

  68. dave

    Will be back.

  69. Under

    To many skinny girls on the day shift. Last time in the club there were only three really fat girls. I love the big fat girls. They are the ones that keep you cumming back for more whore.

  70. Marc

    Blue collar club. Very well put together

  71. To Disappointed

    Best club in Indy. You still have to ask for a dance even when you tip at the stage. Are you from East Tennessee?


    During the past six months I have been searching for a club which at the end of the night I’d feel happy about- the money spent and the womanly entertainment received and want to come back for more. I now have found such a place.

    Brad’s Brass Flamingo and I crossed paths by chance about a month ago and I had the time of my life. Later on in the week when I got back home a couple hundred miles away I started planning out how I could find a job and relocate to Indy so that I could go to Brad’s every day- I had lost it! I did come back to my senses but wondered if my experience at Brad’s was just a lucky fluke or me just dreaming. So I planned my next trip to find out and revisted twice last week: there was a coupon in the yellow pages for a free admission so I got in for free, the food I ate was very reasonably priced and tasted good. At certain times there is a free buffet. All this adds up to me feeling very welcome to be there.

    On the nights I was there, lap dances were 10 DOLLARS!

    Do they play really short songs for a ten buck lap dance?- No. Is there some catch with these lap dances that they cost only $10?-No. Are higher priced lap dances better?-No.

    To arrive at these answers I did repeated testing that would prevent me from making a conclusion based on a single dance or a single dancer. Would I like to go to Brad’s every day?- YES!

    Because- the very best thing about Brad’s is the beautiful women, and the very best thing about the beautiful women is their individuality and how they expressed themselves- I was thoroughly entertained!

    Thanks for the good time!

  73. Wesley

    Best club in Indiana! Far better than any other club in the entire state of Indiana!

  74. Willy T

    What a dump !

  75. Leon

    I was expecting more out of this club. It was just average, good lap dances for ten bucks, VIP not worth $100

  76. george
  77. Hambone

    Still the best club in Indy – a pervert’s paradise!

  78. GREAT CLUB !

    Tons of big FAT strippers.

  79. Morty

    Red necks and truckers welcome. I just love this club and go when ever I have some money. I have never seen so much trailer park trash in one place ever. This is the place I want to be.

  80. Fast Eddie

    I LOVE this club. Best in the city by a long shot. Just look at the ratings ? The Flamingo is always rated as number one or number two in the State. Just a great place to get drunk.

  81. Toad

    Nothing fancy

  82. Anon

    The layout is weird, the dancing poles are located in the middle an people walk in front of you. The ladies are pretty and generous on dances, specially in the VIP room. Drinks are pricey and cover is only 8. It gets crowed and people don’t really wear masks. If you’re a good looking guy you can get long millage on VIP rooms

  83. Ed-Indy

    Great! They have a lot of good looking girls. Both day and night. I had a great private dance yesterday. No Fat girls here!

  84. Mike M

    First time BBFer and I was quite happy with my experience. I’ve been to Mons in Tampa, BabyDolls in Dallas and other nice clubs. The club itself is nothing special, but the $12 VIP dances are some of the best value for the money I’ve ever had. I went to Wild Cherri years ago and thought BBF was a much better experience. As for fat girls, didn’t see any.

  85. allan
  86. Lousy


  87. Robert

    It really is a great club. Your dollar goes a long way if you’re willing to spend enough to have a good time. The regulars do tend to take up the girl’s time, but the VIP is so cheap it’s easy to pry them away with the right attitude. Comfortable chairs and enough room. I only go on the weekends, so the crowd is a little large at times. It can be tough to get a seat on Friday and Saturday nights. I’m sure this place is a perfect 10 on the weekdays. If you’re visiting Indy, I’d suggest this club over all the others. What’s up with the idiot and his fat fetish? No fat girls here-sorry to disappoint.

  88. Dail Up

    Basement dweller obviously has dail up and is just disconnecting after writing a review. What else does he have to do now that his mother is confined to her bed? Whatever. He’s the most pathetic Internet loser ever, and I’m quite sure his life is miserable. So, in that sense, I can smile while he ruins this site. I use to come on here for actual information regarding BBF, but he’s taken it to a level that it’s unusable. When one has absolutely no power in their own existense this is the type of behavior that one resorts to. I suppose I feel sorry for him.

  89. AJ

    I love this club and stop by ever time I am in Indy !

  90. madison

    I miss this place n I miss all the big boobiegirls let me come back to work miss devon dj bob rj dawn the customers bev Thelma chris too many to mention wheres the boobs and fellas no ones suckn dick this is a high class establishment quit hatn

  91. Smitty

    Club is not that bad, but they need to lower the cost for a beer. It is becomming just to expensive.

  92. Carrey


  93. vegas

    um i would like for my ex to quit writing lies about me on this stupid ass website and dont ever talk about my kids on this website again but if u are gonna lie about me make it a good one to bring people in 🙂

  94. Joey
  95. Bert

    Ugly, white trash, lazy strippers! What the hell happened to this club?

  96. No Fat Girls

    Went to the Flamingo Saturday night and there was not even one FAT strippers in the club. This sucks. I love FAT FAT strippers. All they had were skinny little bitches with bolt on boobs. I complained to the manager and I told him get some really FAT girls back on stage or he will be losing my business and that of all my friends. Did I mention we love FAT LAZY strippers ?

  97. Bart

    Broke. I just do not have any money for strip clubs

  98. Ned
  99. ted
  100. 67
  101. Mary

    Waste of time,I am a formor Dancer that worked there years ago, Brad’s used to have the most pretty women in Indiana working there, Big breasted supermodels or very young girls, your choice…what in the hell happened? The Brass has taken a dive..from the looks of things they only hire strung out street whores, they need to rethink their hiring least check to see if the chicks have thier teeth before hiring them..for th first time i recomend going to the Harem House or Babes, thier pising on brads on girl quality…and hey at the Babes chain at least your get a friendly welcome, i wish brads would get thier act togather cause i hate driving across town to have some fun…so check out brads your see what I am talking about..

  102. Wm.

    Went into the Brass last Saturday, had a great time…

    Vanessa is the best, great dances, very beautiful

  103. Karl

    It seems we have at least two basement dwellers on this site. Why don’t you both get out of the basement and actually go to the club ?

  104. Brett

    Average club

  105. watch out!

    Watch out! they doubled prices for what?! Ugly, LAZY girls who don’t want to do anything?! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  106. Mason

    The only reason this club has an 8.0 rating is all of the other clubs in the city are worse.

  107. Zoom Zoom

    The race was great. But Indianapolis does not have even one good strip club. This is the best club in the city and it sucks. Why does a city the size of Indy not have one nice club with sexy strippers ? We went to Brads Gold (awful), PTs (sucks), Babes (super awful), and others.

  108. K Back

    Some of the girls are OK, but there is nothing special about this place.

  109. Race Fan

    I am here for the 500 Race and thought I would visit a few clubs. Went to Brad’s Gold which is an absolute waste of time and money. However, Brad’s Flamingo is just terrific. The have lots of low class white trash stripper, none of which are good looking in the least. This is my kind of club. I wished I lived in Indy just to enjoy the girls at the Flamingo !

  110. Big Sally's 4th of July

    Big Sally is going to give a free (crushing) full lap dance to each of her reuglars on this 4th of July ! I love FAT FAT strippers.

  111. to Ignorant Hillibilly

    You stupid fucking ignorant hillbilly! “DAIL UP” Do us all a favor and stay off this web site. You are to fucking stupid to live.

  112. pj

    6/16 was there from 10 to 1130, lots of 7’s and 8’s. Girls don’t circulate much. All the hotter girls you have to hunt down. Many spend most of their time sitting with a customer w/o selling dances. Dances were $20 and beer was $4.75. Had multiple dances with different girls. nothing spectacular.

  113. Ryan

    Best club in Indy.

  114. rob
  115. Fast Frank

    Tradition. We come hear the night before the race. Always have a great time. We will all be back next year for sure ! Tradition lives.

  116. Too Freaky

    If you like pregnant transsexuals come on in!

  117. Boon Man

    Very, very slow.

  118. Number One Club

    I just love this club and the fat girls that make it special. Love live the Brass Flamingo !

  119. Luke

    Day shift is the best ! Lots of really fat girls that know how to show you a good time. Try Rita and a quart of Jack Daniels. I love this club.

  120. Fact Man

    Always rated as one of the top clubs in the State. The ratings to not lie. A lot of guys think this club is number one or two in the State on any given day. You may not like the facts, but the ratings tell the true story of what clubs the customers like best.

  121. Justin

    What the hell happened here? There’s like no girls here even on busier nights!! Never again! what a dump!

  122. Cal

    This place is a complete dump! No girls here anymore and ones who are left are lazy and just sit around! Money must be great for them! WOW! Lazy asses!

  123. Jazon

    Went Sat nite, it was slow, went to PTs, it was worse. We need a new club with some class.

  124. Adam
  125. Dan
  126. D boy
  127. Low Lou

    Finally, the are bringing back more and more of the Big, Fat, Lazy strippers. These are women that know how to give us what we want. I sweat a lot, and expect my strippers to sweat a lot as well. This is just one great club !

  128. Chad

    girls lazy..don’t walk around and sit on their ass all the time

  129. re: real review

    Agree! Never seen so many LAZY girls! This place is a joke! After their dance, their ass can’t find a chair quick enough! Guess there is no recession for them!

  130. Tex Mex

    Me too ? I also have zero idea why this shit hole is rated so high ? Granted it is one of the best clubs in the city, but that is only because all of the other clubs are crap. That still does not make this cub good !

  131. Downhill

    Be warned! This club has gone downhill fast! What the hell happened?! trashy and lazy girls and they doubled their prices!

  132. Zoro

    I love this place.

  133. Pilgrim

    I hope they get some big turkey girls soon, I do not want to be looking a skinny chicken legs on Thanksgiving week at the club !

  134. Hugh

    Always one of the top rated clubs in the nation. This club has it all, top strippers, great vibrations, music and service. Best in the land.

  135. Brickyard Fan

    What is the deal with this club ? I have never seen so many fat strippers in my life ! Is this suppose to be a joke ?

  136. Best Club in the

    city to see some really FAT FAT strippers. I love FAT strippers !

  137. q
  138. Max
  139. Choice

    The reason the Flamingo always has a high SCL rating is they give the customer a choice. One of my buddies is really into big, fat women. I like the thin ones with big boobs. Another buddy is an ass man. We get different choices and we are all happy.

  140. C Bass

    Lovely club, great service, friendly staff, and the best variety of dancers in the city. “Big Sally” is the star of the day shift and Rose Marie is number one at night. My pick for number one club. A+

  141. Xerox

    When it cost $150 to fill up the truck with gas you just do not have money to blow at a stip club. Sad fucking news.

  142. Boris

    Why there no Russian girls ? Russian girls are sexy stripper girl and nice.

  143. re: Ely

    Ely is 100% correct. It is the fat girls that make this club such a huge success. Without the fat girls it would just be another ho hum, boring, boring strip club. The fat girls are the stars.

  144. Stewart
  145. Roy
  146. Pure Crap

    Pure Crap! What a dump! oh my! hahaha

  147. IU Fan

    Go IU!!

  148. Edward

    Best Club in Indy

  149. Great Taset !

    Less Filling ! All you guys are right ! What makes Brass such a great club is the variety of the girls. Yes, there are big, fat girls . . but there are also thin girls with big fake tits. Regardless, what you like, you will find it at the Flamingo. Great club.

  150. was
  151. DD

    Total waster of time and money

  152. CSM

    Club is open. Prices going up though.

  153. TJ

    You have to get a VIP with Delilah. The best money I have ever spent in my life !

  154. joe
  155. hiring?

    Are they hiring right now? What is the night for audition and do you have to work so many days a week? thanks

  156. Honest Abe

    8.0 Club rating says it all. The customers have spoken !

  157. wow
  158. Karl Jr

    Sorry Karl, but I spend more in a week in that club than you bring home. Nice try though. Excuse me for trying to rid this site of Sally lover.

  159. ww
  160. Donald

    I have been to strip clubs all over the country. This has to be in the Top Ten of all time. The atmoshpere, the sounds and most of all the strippers !

  161. SCL needs improvement

    The ratings don’t mean crap on this site. Number two on the list, Buds lounge, shouldn’t even be listed here ITS NOT A STRIPCLUB! There should be a way to contact SCL and report bogus clubs so they can be removed from the list otherwise whats the purpose for this site? BTW, isnt this considered false advertising?

  162. Arthur

    What the city needs is an upscale mens club. This place is OK, but no big deal.

  163. We dont care

    about a club 60 miles away. Keep your hate of hot women to yourself. We know the Hugger is not closed. Go away you loser.

  164. RE: club greed

    Agree! What happened to this club? Greed, doubled prices has made me move on to other clubs. Used to be a top club.

  165. Jackson

    I love this club ! Tons of Big Fat strippers ! I love Big Fat strippers.

  166. ned226

    This is a really hot club- I was there a couple of times last week and did a VIP session with Bunny. God she was so hot. She has a smoking hot body and great personality.

  167. P T

    Days are hot, beer is cold, women ready to serve. Love this club.

  168. Big Sally Fan Club

    Yes, the Big Sally Fan Club is growing (just like Big Sally). We are having an organizational meeting at Dammons Rig this afternoon. You can have your photo with Big Sally (wide angle) and she give you a kiss.

  169. Rodney

    Slowly improving. Good time.

  170. Pure Lazyness

    I came here for the first time the other day and see what people mean now in earlier post about girls being lazy. None of them walk around and just sit on their asses after dancing for 2 songs on stage until they have to go on stage again. A very sorry sight. I won’t be coming back.

  171. Al
  172. Actual Customer

    So our little basement dweller is now having conversations with himself. What a pathetic loser. Doesn’t your momma Sally do it for you anymore? I’d think you’d have little time on your hands keeping that hunk’o’women happy. Good luck to you in your pathetic campaign at running this site into the ground. You must be one of the biggest Internet losers I’ve ever seen in my life.

  173. Mookey

    One of the best value in town, great dancers and beautiful waitstaff.

  174. Z Tac

    A + + + + !

  175. Re: Customer

    I’d ignore the pathetic fat fetish guy. He’s a poor simple sap that has nothing better to do than stalk an unmoderated Internet forum. I’m sure he’s still living in his mother’s basement, and is simply bored with life. He also probably wishes he could actually afford to frequent clubs such as this, but this minimum wage job won’t allow it. He’s a pathetic freak with no life. Feel sorry for him. BTW, great club!

  176. John B

    This club used to be ok… what happened? These girls are all either fat or crackheads. I witnessed a guy get his wallet stolen by a dancer too. They need to clean these skanks out and hire a whole new squad. NEVER GOING BACK!!!

  177. Steve

    I always have fun when I visit the Flamingo. Ladies and staff are always friendly, drinks are reasonable, and the tunes are good. VIP dances are out of this world, the dancers always make sure that you have a good time!

  178. Einstein

    Brad’s Flamingo has a club rating of 8.1 which is one of the highest in the city/state. The commentors obviously LOVE the club and the fat, lazy strippers. Brad’s Gold club is rated at 1.8, lowest in the city. Obviously the commentors love one club and do not like the others. From reading the comments it looks like there are about a dozen or so guys that love the Flamingo just the it is. Sorry, “almost Honest guy”, there are a lot more than just a couple commentors.

  179. d
  180. Amos
  181. Dtr
  182. LafayettePJ

    Been to this club a number of times mostly on the weekends. Always a couple of 8’s & 9’s to choose from and it’s hard to go wrong when dances are only $10.

  183. Bentley

    Really, really slowing down.

  184. Not A Thug

    I can’t stand to be in a club that you have to always be looking over your shoulder for your own safety. I mean don’t get me wrong they have some big ass bouncers to deal with all the fights that they have But I like to go and have a good time and spend my money on the girls not put myself in the middle of a bunch of thugs that don’t know how to act in public!!!!

  185. Ed
  186. Mr. T

    By far the best club in the city. Lots of really big fat women (a few over 300lbs) that really make the club come alive. I recommend this club to all my friends. Day shift and night shift both have BIG women so you will not be disappointed.

  187. AT

    I won’t go back until the get some FAT girls !

  188. Nizzam

    Just kidding all this time! I’m the joker with small penis. The Hip Hugger never closed.

  189. Bring money

    This is a great club. Full service. You can always get a suck or fuck from the stripper of your choice. Bring some real money and you will not be disappointed.

  190. re:morons

    All this talk about wanting big fat lazy strippers, you have it at Brad’s! Never seen so many fat lazy strippers just sitting on their ass. They must not want any money because they are not walking around or working the crowd. Won’t go back!

  191. love_babes

    I fucking love this club. I have been going there off and on for the last 10

    years and every visit has been a lot of fun. I was there Friday night (May 21,

    2010) at 7:15. The club was already packed. And the girls got busier as the

    night went on. A few girls would just sit with their regular customers after the

    stage performance. But many others were active. Most of the girls are very

    friendly. The couch dance area has moved back a little – it is now more

    private, which is awesome. I liked Paige. Had a lot of fun with her. Modest

    cover and drink prices. I wish there were more clubs like this around.

  192. Doug

    Made my first trip ever to Indianapolis this week for work. I stumbled onto this club with a couple of guys from work and we had a pretty good time. I can see why Veronica gets so much run on this web site…she is one fine specimen. I would have loved to have gotten a private dance with her but we arrived just as she was leaving. Over all had a pretty good time and would recommend this club. I hope to make it back to Indianapolis again sometime. Seems like a very nice town.

  193. Turnip T

    Back room is best in the world ! You can get a BJ for $100 from the stripper of your choice ! Love this club.

  194. ryan123

    Excellent performance art venue in Indianapolis, with laid-back decor and atmosphere.

  195. the wife

    I actually like going to clubs with my husband. I find it to be a win win situation. We both get excited and then have the best sex ever afterwards. Don’t waste you money comming here. The girls look strung out and acted like they didn’t want to be there. If you did get a dance from one of them it was very mechanical. Like they were thinking of being any place but where they were. Truthfully…a total turn OFF!!! Gentlemen, if you have an interest in taking your girlfriend/wife to a club take her to PT’s. On Saturday they have mail strippers and lady strippers. The ladies there are beautiful and they act like they really love what they are doing!!! That’s a TURN ON!!! The guys are cute too by the way. At PT’s the lady dancers are really seductive to the lady clients. It really gets the men in room EXCITED!!!! Again…another win win!!! HA HA

  196. Club Ratings

    The club ratings on this site in my experience are always spot on perfect. I travel all over the country on business and use this site to find the best clubs in a city. Clubs that are rated 6.0 and above are always excellent. This is a very useful site if you travel.

  197. rj

    I don’t care for the fat girls or the short girls. But, some guys do, so what ?

  198. Not your twin

    That is must certainly not your twin. Oprah weighs about 220-240 lbs. Big Black Sally is over 350 lbs. In a class by herself.

  199. Are you ?

    Are you the “Brad Hirst” that started both Brad’s Brass Flamingo and Brad’s Gold Club all those years ago ? Why did you take back the club on the West Side ?

  200. fritter17

    I love when i walk in here and they recognize me and treat me like a King. I am not a big tipper and do not drink but I bring them biz in my limo. The girls are attractive, the bottled water is cold and the restrooms are clean. I love the popcorn. Paige is an excellent waitress and very friendly.

  201. VIP

    VIP room is expensive but you get a lot of service !

  202. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  203. Daniel

    I still go here, there just is not any other place to go ? If you know of a better club in the city – I would like to know the name ? At least you will not get shot at this club.

  204. Official Notice

    This clus is closed. Please come visit us at the Hip Hugger in Kokomo.

  205. craig
  206. Truthful Person

    News Alert- All these posts, including the ones by the “dancer”, are crap. The dancers at the Brass are not big, fat, nor lazy. If you go there at night you will quickly tell that no girl has been turned away for being too skinny. All the unreasonable and idiotic posts and Big Sally and fat strippers are from someone either trying to be funny (unsuccessfully), someone with an ax to grind, or someone from another club trying to downgrade the Brass’ reputation. DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF IT!!

  207. Randall T

    Delilah is the hottest stripper on the planet !

  208. y
  209. More Actual Customers

    I don’t care for the fat girls, but it does not bother me that others guys like them. I am not a FATTYPHOBE !

  210. Andrew

    This club needs some new talent.

  211. Tim

    Not what it used to be. Sad, average, unmotivated ladies. Watch out for the price increases.

  212. LIES ! ALL LIES !

    I do not know why some commentors keep spreading lies. There are NO short girls or fat girls at BBF ! No one wants to see short girls or fat girls dance. Are you a bunch of sickos ?

  213. TNT

    I love big, fat, lazy strippers ! Give me a woman with some meat on those bones. I am talking huge women here, like over 300 pounds, so much to make the quake and shake.

  214. Rick

    Price increase fellas!

  215. Michael

    I am in Indy from out of town and came to Strip Club List to find a club. Brad’s was rated highest and I was NOT disappointed. Great ladies, music, ice cold beer and free food. WOW what a combination!! Also no pressure for private dances. When I wanted one all I had to do is ask and only $10. I had a couple of great dances with Maxx. She’s a sexy blonde that a little older than most of the older ladies but WOW what a body!! I’ll definitely go back soon!!

  216. e
  217. Zach

    Not overstocked with beautiful dancers, but the pricing is reasonable and you will have a good time.

  218. Javier

    Mejor club de la ciudad si te gusta las chicas gordas.

  219. Tonto

    I like that, “a truck stop with strippers”

  220. Lucky

    Bart, you not having $$ for clubbing isn’t really a review. It has nothing to do with anything going on at the club.

  221. Chloe

    You guys need to be nice to Sally. Sally is my friend and all us girls at BBF stick together. She has a lot of regular customers that want what she has to offer. So just chill, XOXOXOX Chloe

  222. Piston Pete

    Truckers and red necks are welcome ! Nothing fancy, which makes this place the best. You can get a BJ in the back room for $50 and have a cold beer at the same time.

  223. TONS OF FUN !

    I love this club and I love fat girls. They just hired a new girl called Lilly that must weigh in at least 250lbs. She is just the best stripper of all time. I got lap dances from her for over three hours. Lilly is one really big fat SEXY woman ! Keep up the good work Brass Flamingo ! This is why you are rated as the number one club in the city !

  224. terry
  225. Nate

    Girls only average, nothing great…not many walk around…seem lazy and don’t care…not impressed

  226. Raymond A

    A + +

  227. Fat Strippers

    This is the number one club for FAT strippers. Lots, and lots of girls over 300 lbs. They sweat like pigs in the summer heat and smell. I love this club.

  228. Mat

    Pure crap.

  229. Papa

    Very slow

  230. Andre

    Lovely club with sexy ladies.

  231. Vincent

    Low class white trash strippers. If that is what you like this is your club? However, if anyone ever opens an upscale club, like Brad’s Gold was in the past, they will make a fortune. Brad’s Gold went from number one to a club rating of 1.7 ! Not kidding . . it is rated 1.7 !

  232. Ko Ko Puff

    All the clubs in the city have slowed down due to the economy. This is still a good club, just really slow until guys get more money.

  233. Lazy dancers

    ohhh my gosh these women here are soooooo LAZY! never walk around..gues they don’t need the money and not many dancers there!

  234. Marshall

    Best club in Indianapolis. The back room is awesome.

  235. Poe

    Gas at $3.00/gal . . I can not afford to even think about going to a strip club.

  236. DSP

    One of my favorite clubs to visit and the first time I had been there since they remodeling the private danceing area. The pool tables that were in the back are now gone and replaced with seating for lapdances. The old area were they useing to do the lapdanceing now has a swinging door on it for more private dances.

    There are now 3 different prices for lapdances depending on which area you want to go to. The less expensive dances are $10 a dance with a cover of $2 per song so in essence, $12 a dance. $10 of it goes to the young lady and $2/per song goes to the geeky looking guy when you exit the area. The new lapdance area looked nice and more spacious but it seemed that less people were getting dances maybe because they weren’t sure how things worked back there.

    The redone area with the swinging doors were for the $20 lapdances and what looked like alot more privacy.

    The VIP room in the back is $100 for 30mins and well worth the money. It is dark and private but still had servers coming in once every 5-10 mins to check on things. I had a hot asian lady back there with me for a great time. The only annoyance was after about 20 mins into our session, they had some birthday party celebrating on stage and she had to run out and do it. She came back a few mins later and danced one song and then ended the session. The entire session was good but the pause in the action kinda killed the mood.

    Contrary to half a page of posts on here, I saw NO fatties working the club. The ladies were all 7-9’s, mostly white with about 2 asians and about 3 black ladies.

    I drive from the otherside of town past 2-3 other closer clubs to visit this one all the time and will likely go back again.

  237. Fat Strippers !

    This is the home of some of Fattest Strippers in the city. I love Fat Strippers and I love this club !

  238. Bored in SB

    Went in on Friday and had a great time. Amanda gives a great lap dance and has nice big tits. The girls here are not fat, i dont know what all these people are talking about. Leslie is a great waitress and hot as hell. I will be back

  239. What happened ?

    WTF ? What happened to all of the big fat sexy strippers ? This club is going down the toilet fast.

  240. Heaven

    This place is Heaven on Earth ! The now have “Two Ton Tess” and “Big Sally” on the same shift ! 600 pounds of pure bone shattering sex ! Love those fat girls !

  241. Lenny
  242. Fat Farm

    I am with “Tank” on this one. I love big women, the fatter the better. Not all the girls at Brass are big and fat and that is fine with me. But, there are a lot of us guys that love those layers of fat and big jugs that can not be containted. Long live the Flamnigo and the tons of fun that make it my home club.

  243. Red

    This is my regular hang out with my buddies. We come here at least once a week to party wth the fat girls. Club is relaxed and the fat girls are funny, sexy, fat, and give the best lap dances in the world !

  244. re: a dancer

    No, it’s true. They dont’ have many dancers there anymore. But the bigger problem is how lazy they are. You need to go in person there for a job. You tried over the phone. They are always hiring for the right person.

  245. One Big Party

    This place has a true party atomoshpere. Guys screaming, beer flowing, tits floppoing, and dancers (tall, short, skinny and fat) just having a great time. Best club in the Midwest !

  246. traveler14
  247. Tex
  248. Ben
  249. 9
  250. Club Sexy Mujeres Mgmt

    We regret to notify our customers that Club Sexy Mujures is now CLOSED. Thank you for your past patronage and we suggest visiting the other fine clubs in central Indiana, including the Brass Flamingo.

  251. Big Rig

    Truckers welcome

  252. unimpressed

    tihs club has really gone downhill why do they have such a high rating they are not the best club in town

  253. O T

    Best club in the Midwest. I am trucker and stop at ever white trash strip club in the country. This is number one in the Midwest. Lots of trashy strippers with tatoos, cold bear, and free good.

  254. Re: Richard

    Man, you are right on. This club is the best!!!

  255. Pal

    this is the best club in indy

  256. Oz

    NOT a very good club. Best in the city.

  257. Carsib

    Terrific white trash strippers.

  258. Guns

    Just a shadow of what it used to be.

  259. Re: slow clubs

    Slow clubs or not this place has turned into a dump. A club can still be great and slow with the economy. This place is just a dump and slow.

  260. BoredinSB

    This is a really fun place. Had a great time on Friday thanks a lot to Amanda. The waitresses are hotties, the dancers a nice and very accomodating and the VIP room is a bargain at 50 bucks for a half hour.

  261. Richard

    This city needs one upscale club.

  262. 350 lbs. with Pride

    The girls at this club are beautiful, friendly, and super FAT FAT FAT ! Lots of the girls are over 350 lbs. This is the best club in the world !

  263. Ting

    City needs a better club. This one is OK, but not great.

  264. STAN
  265. Really


  266. Willy

    Nice place for cold beer with some hot dancers !

  267. Mortor Man

    The club will start picking up now that the weather is better and guys can get more. Slow, slow winter season.

  268. Beer Man

    They have a nice selection of beers.

  269. Austin

    Very dirty

  270. Victor V

    This place is OK, but I do wish we had a least one club with a little more class in the city. You just can not take out of town guest to a joint like this. They expect more.

  271. Lead Ass

    Always one of the top rated clubs in the city. Nothing fancy, but cheap reliable sex.

  272. bobo
  273. JoBob
  274. Taberna Mexicana

    Se trata de una taberna mexica encantadora con cerveza y grades bailarines grasa. Los camareros son muy divertidos y todos y bailar y emborracharse.

  275. Tin Cup

    This club is for red necks and truckers. Very, very low class joint

  276. What the fuck ?

    What the fuck are you morons talking about ? What the fuck does the Hip Hugger have to do with this club ? And if you were paying any attention, which you weren’t, the Hip Hugger is open.

  277. Irv
  278. Mazz

    Brad’s GOLD CLUB is rated 1.8 as compared to 8.0 for Brad’s Flamingo. They both deserve their respective club ratings.

  279. old timer

    need more hot girls

  280. Vegas Boy

    If you are looking for upscale you might be disappointed. If you are looking for down to earth and fun, this is the place. Girls work for their money and are very friendly. Girls I met were intelligent to talk to. Was busy and fun on a Wednesday night. One of my all time favorites after just one night in town on business. I’ve been to a lot of clubs over the years and this was great.

  281. kyman

    one word – danica – hottest chick ever

    she makes it all worth the visit

  282. Dolittle

    A lot of old tired strippers that will do anything (including me) for a buck. My kind of dive.

  283. MnM

    Sorry, but I prefer the fat girls. The skinny girls all have disease.

  284. ARod

    Best club in the city for FAT FAT women !

  285. Satisfied
  286. Jimmy

    They need some new strippers at this club. You get tired looking at the same old things.

  287. mr. wendle

    this club is a wh— house. new in town and will never

    come back to this place ever again. over priced drinks

    house full of wiggers and un-wanted’s, spent more time watching my back than watching girls. STAY AWAY

  288. Not here

    Not what it used to be! What happened? overpriced, average to below average looking and not many girls there

  289. Fess Up

    Come on man, you know you and your momma (Sally) are home bound. You didn’t go get the ribs, you had them delivered. How’d you get a pole in her bedroom that’s reinforced enough for your momma? I bet that was some serious engineering. I’m amazed you could pay for it seeing as how you’re on welfare and all. I bet all 350 pounds of her fat a$$ looks great on that freakin’ pole. If you house wasn’t a rat trap, I’d consider coming over to check it out. Of course, I’d bring some spare change for her pleasure. Tell your momma (er hm, Sally) we all said hi from BBF.

  290. Tommy

    Good dances at a great price.

  291. Iron Mike


  292. Best Club Ever

    A friend told me they had some really fat girls at this club so I stopped by to see. Heaven on earth. They had two women that were huge. This is my new home club for life.l

  293. Jim Buck

    Looks like ‘New Girls’ got duped! Stupid rumor created by a jealous loser. The Hip Hugger never closed. HH has $10 lappers!

  294. Big Ben

    Nothing but white trash strippers and truckers.

  295. Ugly


  296. "Dail Up" ?

    “Dail Up” ? I think we have found another internet loser.

  297. Tom

    Price Increase! Watch out!

  298. Beep Beep

    The club is just about normal for the city. Some of the girls are not awful, the serivce is fair, and the music loud.

  299. Charles

    I am in love with “Big Sally”. I just can not help myself and know that she will never love me in return. She has really, really put on a lot of weight and the fat jiggles like jelly. She is just soooooooo sooooooooo sexy. Best stripper on the planet !

  300. HP

    Correctomoondo. Brad’s Gold rated 1.8 Brad’s Flamingo rated 8.0 Now which one do you suppose has the best dancers ? Correctomoondo ! See you at the Flamingo !

  301. Gotten worse

    Club has seemed to change for the worse…that’s too bad

  302. How?

    No kidding

  303. Good Times

    The fat girls love Dammon’s Ribs. I brought in 6 full slabs of ribs and a dozen loaded potatoes, the fat girls were all over me. I love this club. This place is number on because it is different.

  304. g
  305. Jerry J

    Pure crap bar.

  306. Earl

    Lousy club, best in the city.

  307. PT

    The whole of night life in the city is slowing down. This economy thing just has guys without any spare money. I spend all my cash at the fucking gas pump.

  308. Homer

    I agree totally ! The VIP with Delilah is the best $100 I ever spent !

  309. Joker

    Thank you! It’s good to be recognized for my hard work and dedication throughout the past by artificially rating competing clubs down by posting fake posts several times a day under other names. Look at the previous post, that was me! The ‘other’ stripclub website is way more accurate and honest.

  310. Jess

    Very disappointed! What a complete joke! How did these ladies get hired? LAZY and FAT!

  311. Nick

    Only one or two descent stippers. Most are fat and ugly.

  312. Mikey

    Bad service, lousy dancers, over priced, number one club in the city. Says a lot about the strip clubs in Indianapolis.

  313. FAT FAT Strippers

    The best thing about this club is the FAT FAT FAT strippers. They have more pounds on stage than the front line of the Colts. These are some serious sexy women, who will hurt you. Hurt you, Hurt you, Hurt you. Love the FAT FAT FAT strippers.

  314. J J

    Super club !

  315. Bass Man

    Where are the fat girls ? I love fat girls ! All they had on day shift were a bunch of skinny Barbie Dolls with little asses and bolt on boobs. Unless they get some girls that weigh over 200 lbs I will start looking for a new home club !

  316. stay away

    girls only average or below, also they just set down after on stage and never walk around!

  317. Walter

    Best club ever ! I WILL be back !

  318. King James

    Best club in the city. They have the best selection of dancers of any club anywhere. Yes, they have some fat girls for those morons that love the fat girls, but for the rest of us, some really sexy young things that are tall and thin. Great service at a good price.

  319. Rex

    Use to be fun, now it is just to expensive

  320. jaden

    The home of the $10 lap dance is gone..the greedy mananagement bitches got rid of the staple that made brad’s famous for years! This club just keeps getting worse!

  321. Matt

    Very Disapointed! There really aren’t that many dancers who work here anymore…even for a busy night! Don’t recommend. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  322. john clark

    i’ve been a regular for 15 yrs or more i cant believe some of the comments others have left , i’ve been to other establishments and never come close to the brass , i believe most comments are left by haters from other clubs or dancers who could’nt make it here , i seen a-lot of 50$ OTC postings and never seen anything like it in my 15 yrs. , sure some girls are wilder than others but the good ones should’nt get stereotyped for actions of others this is a great place where if your a decent person will be welcomed by staff and mgt.

  323. HinduVille

    f*ck ghandi and his mother! go away you stupid hindu! you want fat women? have your mutha strip for you b*tch!!!

  324. Len
  325. Tango

    Back room is the best ever. No idea how they keep from getting raided by the cops ? However, it is a great place for a BJ while it last !

  326. Thin Man

    I am with Boris ! Yeah, get some Russian strippers in this dump ! We need something new and different !!

  327. cole
  328. atom

    what a dump

  329. what happened?

    What the hell happened? worse club..used to be decent!

  330. Blow Job Central

    Don’t worry about the cops . . I got a blow job here last night that was terrific !

  331. j
  332. Saul

    Nothing fancy at this club. Just some nice looking women, cold beer, and cheap food. Blow jobs are still only $50 which is a good selling point.

  333. vern

    Had a great time with Maxx a couple nights ago – sweet personality and luscious body!

  334. Anonymous
  335. Yankee Fan

    Boring. I wish some one would open a new club in the city that has some class.

  336. Dumpster

    The strippers at this dump are all trash, which is why I this is my kind of club. I ain’t much either.

  337. Peyton
  338. To Basement Dweller

    Now that our little basement dweller has completely gone off the deep end and is having conversations with himself, we see that we shouldn’t take him too seriously. If Sally would pull that padlock off the basement you might see that there’s more to life than stalking forums on the Inernet. I understand life in a wheel chair is tough though. Keep your chin up. She might give you two pole dances on that reinforced pole tonight!!!

  339. Mike C
  340. Very Disappointed

    Very Disappointed, Girls lazy and not motivated to ask for dance etc, not many girls working

  341. Big Jay

    Nice enough club, but nothing special

  342. Leroy
  343. Going, going

    gone. The new Mexican club will but BBF out of business in a short time. BBF did it to themselves by high prices just when a new low cost club opened. Greedy fucking bastards.

  344. Pig Fatties

    is just an awful dump that is poor excuse for a strip club. Only Hip Hugger is rated lower and I am not sure it is that much worse ? We all drive down to Indianapolis on the weekends with is a total pain.

  345. GREAT SEX ! ! ! !

    No fucking rule changes at this club. I butt fucked Susan in the VIP room and have the video tape to prove it. Still number one for a sure fuck !

  346. Salt Lick

    This club only gets better and better. Two old fat lazy strppers came over to me an said if I put salt on my Peter the would give me a blow job for $10 even. Putting salt on your Peter is not a good idea. (I must be a fucking idiot)

  347. Byron

    They need to hire more strippers! This was a joke. It didn’t seem like anyone was working and I was there on what I thought was supposed to be a busy night! Won’t be going back!

  348. 3

    Had to stop in and see if the rumors about this whorehouse were true…. Please vote for me and I along with a super majority of Republicans in the Indiana House and Senate will see to it that ALL Indiana strip clubs are regulated out of business…

  350. Sorry Mario

    Sorry Mario, but Brass does not have any Italian girls at all (big or small). A 300+ lb dancer named Tanya claims to be 1/2 Greek ? Is that close enough ? Not all the girls are big and fat, just some. This is the best club in the city and you will have a ball. I just love this place.

  351. Derek

    This club rocks! $10 lap dances. Are you kidding me? How are you going to beat that. All of the women are beautiful and friendly. The only negative is how busy it is on the weekends, but other than that it’s the best club in Indy.

  352. gary
  353. Eddy

    day shift has a lot of new dancers . . sweet

  354. To Reply

    Glad to help you out. Guess it is a little different from East Tennessee.

  355. Love Fat and Lazy

    I love the Big Fat Lazy strippers. If you want skinny little bitches with fake boobs go some place else. I do not need 10 strippers in a club, I just need on Big Girl that can crush my bones and sweat like a pig. If you don’t like this club, go somewhere else !

  356. RACE FAN

    Love the fat strippers. This club is always a good time Not sure how you can have sex with the strippers inside the club and get away with it ? Maybe the vice cops are off duty the month of May ?

  357. Spectacular Club

    This club is spectacular ! They had two dancers on the day shift over 350lbs. These women are just so sexy it drives you nuts. Best club in the city. No other club even comes close when it comes to putting the big girls on stage.

  358. Leah

    Agree about Leah!!!!! Cute little pierced clit too. She did OTC often- every

    time I came in. Is she still at Brass?? Love Brass!!

  359. Worst Club

    meant worst club in city…trashy, ugly, lazy girls..they doubled their prices…used to be a good club, not anymore!

  360. Reminder

    Brad’s Flamingo still has strippers: Brad’s Gold Club does not. Important for our out of town guest.

  361. Waste

    What a waste of my time! What a dump! LAZY strippers, didn’t work the crowd or cared about making money..very few working..what the hell has been happening at this place?…keeps getting worse!

  362. jim
  363. real review

    Ignore the same person’s posting of his fat chick fetish. Here’s a real review. This place has gone downhill. The quality and numbers of dancers have declined. When they are done dancing their 2 songs, they just sit on their lazy ass and don’t walk around or work the customers. Guess they have all the money they want! Maybe if they had to pay the club to work there they would be a little more motivated too! I won’t be going back!

  364. Fat Girls

    Thye are finally getting some really fat strippers back in the club. (I LOVE FAT GIRLS). This one whale must be over 350lbs ! Man can she shake it !

  365. Larry

    VIP will be RIP. Otherwise a pretty fair club, nobody I have spoke with including dancers & customers thinks the VIP will last at $100.00 when it use to be half the price for the same amount of time and action. Greedy/stupid move by this club that will end up hurting it financially.

  366. Alex
  367. Different Club ?

    We must be talking about different clubs ? The girls were all over me all night ! I had girls in my lap, girls doing chair dances, girls offering 2 for 1 lap dances. The girls are OVER ACTIVE ! You must have been at Brads on the West Side ?

  368. Gone downhill

    Keep boycotting the VIP! Club has gone downhill!

  369. Another Actual Customer

    A lot of us guys like the fat girls !

  370. Skinny

    If you guys want fat chicks go to a bar and get the real thing, why pay for some fatty to dance with you when you can get if for free. Fat chicks are easy…. Strippers are supposed to be skinny and hot.

  371. T Bone

    Too expensive

  372. OPRAH


  373. Fred

    Looks like the Hip Hugger never closed and is open for business. I’m heading up this Sat. for their great $10 lap dances. Too bad losers have to lie to try to bring down great clubs.

  374. mike

    great time

  375. Cliff


  376. Theodore
  377. Dumpy

    Place really has gone down hill.

  378. Victor

    Nice white trash bar. I love this place.

  379. re: Are you?

    No, he/she is not the real Brad. It’s one of the people who try to keep bashing the Brass and writing all the fat comments. He/she thinks they are funny, but it is getting really old. Ignore these comments. After the comment posted yesterday, they are trying to give details about the Brass to try and give themself some credibility. I posted the annoyed comment, so I knew it was coming. The Brass is a great club!

  380. sedj

    With quiet

  381. James

    I’m from out of town and when I’m in Indy I always try to hit this club. It’s one of if not the nicest in Indianapolis. The crowd is diverse, and the ladies are great. The music during the week is awesome, and it’s hard to beat the VIP prices anywhere. Highly recommended.

  382. Topper

    Not awful.

  383. Jerry

    Brad’s is THE place in Indianapolis. Daytime through the week has some top quality entertainment and the ratio is especially good at these times. Oh, and don’t forget the food. The drinks are high, as usual. The food is actually pretty cheap and DAMN good. Waitstaff is way above average. Some of them are pretty hot too (Sammy, Sonny, & Kimi)

  384. Not all that

    Used to be a top club, now one of the worst, raised their prices and girls aren’t motivated to work!

  385. jake
  386. TANK


  387. new

    my first visit to this club. i had a great time. nice variety of beautiful women, who were easy-going and nice to talk to. vip room is a great deal, lap dances are a steal. nice to know in this economy i can still afford good entertainment. definitely be back very soon!

  388. Fat Tuesday

    Every day is FAT Tuesday at the Brass. Love those FAT girls.

  389. BIG is BACK

    Big is back as they “rehired” “Two Ton Tess”. At over 300 pounds she must be the best dancer in the city. I got four lap dances from her and she crushed my thighs. Next morning I had black and blue all over my body. Going back again and again. Love those big ass girls !

  390. to G

    if its fat girls you are looking for you wont find them here. why dont you just stay home and have yo mutha give you a lap dance instead?

  391. This club is


  392. Long Time Regular

    I have been going the the Flamingo for years. I think this is the best club in the city and YES I go there becasue they have big, fat, lazy strippers. I just like big women and so do a lot of other guys. If you want skinny bitches with fake boobs on drugs go to some other club. If you want real women that have a lot of meat and fat on their frame this is your club. That skinny bitch dancer that went to another club is good news. We don’t want her in our club.

  393. Dead

    dead dead

  394. 7.4 SCL Rating

    Well the customers (remember us?) have rated the Brass at 7.4 which is one of the highest in the city. The guys like the different girls and this is why the club is always rated to high. Big, fat, lazy girls get high marks from guys like me and others. The ratings do not lie, this is a terrific club.

  395. Traveler

    It is not as great as other say. I thought overall, it was a very average club.

  396. Tony

    Veronica on the dayshift is a perfect 10. Great club, great value, best club in Indy

  397. -------------

    Your not innocent vegas you tell some people so much that is going on in your life. But nothing regarding u as a mom. im serious when is the last time that you saw your kids. But you can talk to some of us about the last guy you had sex with or anyone holding anything. That really doesnt make any sense to me. like your mom and stuff coming in. i dunno but alot of stuff is not adding up with you.

  398. reply

    Oh, I didn’t know that’s how it worked here. Thanks for the tip. Most clubs in the country you don’t have to ask. And yeah, I’m from East Tennessee. Pat Summitt, best damn coach in the country. Good old Rocky Top…..

  399. Yanis P.

    Horrible. U think when you got 2 fine dudes come in the club with money to spend you would get some play. But no!!! The girls are lazy and wanna hangout with hillbillies all night instead of gettin paid. Would not wish it on my enemy. Go somewhere else.

  400. Fat Girl City

    I love this club. They have more corn fead Indiana fat girls than any place I have ever been. These big fat strippers will suck and fuck you into submission. Love these girls and love this club.

  401. Hillbilly Bob

    Trailer Park Heaven ! I love this place !

  402. IndyShowSpecial

    Here out of town for weekend, club came higly recommended..was not disappointed!! Girls were very nice to group and staff was helpful and courtious. Will be returning in a year, this is one stop we will make with many more friends.

  403. dice
  404. Oak

    To many skinny strippers.

  405. Night Shifter

    Correct old dudereno ! Brad’s Gold rated 1.8 and Flamingo rated 8.0 for good reasons. Club ratings do not lie. They let you know which club is good and which one is shit.

  406. bunny
  407. Indy strip club expert

    Don’t pay any attention to the negative comments. They all come from a couple of guys (girls) who just want to be negative. They think multiple posts will keep people out. If you go there you will have major fun, no matter who you are.

  408. Rock bottom

    This club has hit rock bottom. Me and my friends went to the club around noon and there was not even one FAT stripper on the entire day shift. This club sucks. We went to the Harem House and they had two medium size porkers,but nothing that I would consider really big and fat. These clubs should offer a variety of strippers.

  409. Different Strokes

    Me and a lot of other guys love big, fat, sweaty strippers. That is our thing. You other guys like skinny bitches with plactic boobs. Makes the world go round. You get yours and I will get mine. “Big Sally” is my girl of choice (when I can get her lazy fat ass to give me a big crushing dance). For sure she will never, ever get and walk around, she just sits there and eats pizza. If you want her, you have to go get here. Love that woman !

  410. tonycluber

    I travel the country as a professional pilot and I rarely, basically never, feel the need to write a review. I’ll just say basic services of a strip club, much less any establishment, are lacking here. I asked what was on tap at the bar, the bar tender rolled her eyes as if it were a ridiculous question and said bud, bud light, coors, etc. whatever, ok. I take $100 out of their atm with the $5 mark up, which isn’t bad for such a place. I struggle to get dollar dances much less 2 requested private dances from the women who work there who are blatantly more interested in their observing boyfriends. Finally, an apparently regular patron assaults my friend I came with at the atm, and the staff backs up this, by their own admission, drunken brawler. Don’t go here for the drinks, dances, or environment. It’s a sad show all around.

  411. Number One !

    This is the number one club in the city. All kinds of strippers, some tall, some short, some skinny, and YES as few that are really, really FAT FAT FAT. I love this club !

  412. out of town guy

    Coming from California, this was indeed a great club. Thank you Veronica for the great vip dances.

  413. girlonfire

    The best thing about this club is the music they play. If it were not for the music my group of people would have had a better time at the library. You can tell the girls do not want to be there, no enthusiam whatsoever. Maybe we went on a bad night but I thought I entered blond skeleton town when we went in. Girls had no meat on their bones whatsoever – no you do not have to have boobs to be a stripper – but WTF. NO BOOTY AND NO BOOBIES?! Seriously. The door man, bartender, dj, and waitresses deserve more tips than the girls. DEFINITELY needs more variety in girls before I ever go back. Maybe anorexic, white, and blond is what most guys on the southside want?

  414. Italian Guy

    Had beautiful night with an Irish Angel, Kate. We spent 2 hrs talking before I asked her for a VIP dance, it was super! She even French Kissed me for at least 10mins! And after, she forgot to ask the money! I had to remind her, she was really grateful to me.

    We spent the rest of the time togheter, she’s been really sweet, definitely, she wasn’t runnin after my money, she even refused me buying her a drink!!!! Wen the time to live came, , then she had to leave, I asked her to spend the night togheter at my place but she was riding home with EVE, and living in Bloomington didn’t help. She then gave me a 1$ bill with her Phone number and she told me: “call me tomorrow, I don’t work, we can spend some quality time togheter!”

    … SHE NEVER RETURNED A CALL! I really hope she’s OK, nothing happened to her!

  415. re: Tons of Fun

    We always bring our out of town clients to the Brass Flamingo to see the fat girls. All big cities have strip clubs, but the Brass is special. We all get lap dances from one of those big, fat, sweaty women. The clients always have a ball. This is for sure the most unique strip club anywhere. The fat girls make the difference.

  416. Ely

    Good club for a cheap blow job.

  417. Move On

    Economic Recession but Brad’s doubles prices! Girls Lazy and not many of them here. Move on to another club!

  418. Fat Girls ?

    Where are the big fat strippers that we love ? Bring back the fat girls and the ratings will return you idiots ! My wife is a skinny bitch with fake boobs. I want something at a strip club that I can NOT get a home ! Fat girls are just so sexy !

  419. Jester

    Best place in Indy.

  420. firts_time21

    Hey, I poseted back in the middle of february after my first video. I have since moved to indy and im in brads at least a few times a week. Those of you talkin about fat girls are full of it. I havent EVER seen a fat girl in there. It gets a lil packed on friday and saturday nights. But, thats because it is the best club in town. You just gotta know when to go. I love this club. BEST IVE EVER BEEN TO!!!

  421. Cat
  422. Cameo

    Any one know when they are hiring? Looking for a part time job. Who do I talk to? Thank you

  423. 4
  424. Big Mike

    I love this club ! I am one of those guys that has a thing for women that are big and fat. Big Sally is my favorite but they have a few other girls that are almost as big. They have some skinny little girls as well, but I think they look sickly.

  425. Bill

    In Indy on business and I stopped in last night for the first time and was blown away. Great club and make sure to see Olivia, she is really hot with a fun personality! Sid is a great server and will take care of you. Go to this club!!!

  426. just me

    why is someone keep writing those crazy comments on all the strip clubs?

  427. Martin

    Keep up the good work

  428. Lance

    My waitress told me they now have a drink minimum! VIP price doubled, number of dancers are down or next to nothing and they want more money from us??!! won’t be going back!

  429. Andy

    Not a very good club, BUT it by far the best in Indianapolis ! This city really, really needs an upscale gentleman’s club in the worst way. Brads Show Club West was like that in the past, but they are now just another shit hole.

  430. Thesiger

    Best club in the Midwest for FAT FAT FAT dancers ! I love FAT FAT FAT dancers ! Try Big Sally for the ride of your life.

  431. bb
  432. Business Partner

    My business partner is one of those guys that is into the big fat girls. Sick puppy. But, he is just one of many. A lot of those guys go to Brass just for the big girls. No idea what they are thinking ? He has a lovely, thin, gorgous wife !

  433. First_ time 21

    This club was amazing. The girls are gorgeous and the dances are the best you could ever ask for. The girls are sweet and go all out to make sure u enjoy yourself.

  434. Butchie

    Best club in Indy. Ignore the same hater with nothing better to do than keep posting here every day.

  435. Andre'

    I heard about the fat dancers and drove down from Chicago to see. Better than expected, love fat girls !

  436. Pat

    Good lighted parking.

  437. Tomas

    Sort of a dump.

  438. Chicago Call

    VIP is just awesome and much, much cheaper than anything we have in Chicago ! Love this place !

  439. ex BBF Fan

    Ever since BBF raised their lap dance prices for the Superbowl, and kept them higher, I have gone elsewhere. The Hip Hugger has $3 cover and $10 lap dances. Since I live on the northside of Indy, the Hugger has been my choice. Get there early for a good table.

  440. Stanley

    This is still the best club in the city and it sucks big time. Why don’t we have even one great club ?

  441. Dick

    Low class white trash bar. I love this place.

  442. Teez
  443. Thomas

    VERY friendly white trash strippers. You can get blow job for about $50 – depending on the crowd – and if the girl needs the money.

  444. Gobo

    As far as not have any fat strippers ask for Candy, chanel, And Diamond. If you can’t tell they are in need of Jenny Craig then you need glasses.

  445. davedavedave
  446. Henry Jackson

    Last time I was there I got most of my fist up a dancer’s cunt.

  447. 5
  448. Jason
  449. roger
  450. Rain Man

    I LOVE this club. Lots of really FAT FAT FAT strippers. I love big women and the lap dances are the best of any club in the city.

  451. Evert

    This club is best in the city and it is not very good. Since Brads Gold Club went down hill there is a big gap in strip club world.

  452. to: 'fat comment' poster

    i noticed one of your comments talking about Brad loving the fat girls. if you actually knew anything about BBF, you would know he doesn’t own it and he has nothing to do with the girls that work there.

  453. Hank

    Best club in the Midwest. Lots and lots of white trash strippers, and cold beer. I love this place !

  454. Mugger

    First trip to this club was fantastic ! You can get a blow job in the back room with no quesions ask. What a terrific club !

  455. Oscar

    Economy is killing the strip club business

  456. Charlie
  457. DougS

    This club has taken over as my ATF club.

  458. RE: dumbass Einstein

    Actually, it’s not the top club Einstein..Bud’s has a 9.9. Even though I don’t Think Bud’s is the top club, Brad’s certainly is back at the bottom in my opinion. This place is a true dump now. Just face it.

  459. Fattie fan
  460. Just Some Guy

    I’d just like to relate some of my experiences of the Brass Flamingo, particularly for the benefit of those of you who might have read some of the comments below with trepidation. A few days ago, I absentmindedly left my wallet behind in the VIP room of the Brass Flamingo. When I got home, I realized my mistake and phoned to ask if a wallet had been found. I was told by the staff that it had, and that it was in the main office for me to pick up. The next day, I stopped by to pick it up. Not only were all the credits cards and ID intact, but all the money was still there (a sufficient amonnt to get a VIP session even). So much for the “always having to look over your shoulder” comment.

    I have never even actually witnessed a physical altercation at the Brass Flamingo, despite having gone there regularly over the past year. The only experience I witnessed out of the ordinary was a large man who had a heart attack while watching the floor show (I’m serious!). The staff handled the situation with professionalism, I’m happy to say, and an emergence medical response team arrived in short order.

    Regarding the girls, finally, I’d just like to say that, on the whole, the girls at the Brass Flamingo are great. Sure, there may be a few bad apples who try to short-change you, or who are cold and unresponsive, or whatever, because they essentially detest their work and you. On the other hand, though, I’ve met some wonderful girls who at least seem to enjoy themselves, and don’t mind going a little out of their way to be warm and friendly. You just have to learn who the latter are, and stick with them. Lord knows, there’s a large enough volume and variety at the Brass Flamingo that you should be able to find a few girls who fit your niche, so to speak.

  461. Funtimes3000

    I had a great time while i was there, I met a very nice young lady name vegas, she gave me a great dance. A buddy of mine recommended her to me, but what happens in vegas didnt stay in vegas. Now my girlfriend has a part of vegas. Shitty!

  462. TONS of FUN

    Big Sally is back and she now is well over 350lbs ! I love this woman. She is the best stripper of all time and nobody else even comes close. She has stolen my heart. I will be a daily regular from now until the end of time.

  463. Sol
  464. HAHA

    Less than 2 weeks ago, I said the BBF was closed. What the hell do I know?

  465. Danny Boy

    Packed with race fans. Good strippers make for good times.

  466. kurt

    the dancers here will rock your world! hottest tight bodies in indy!

  467. Frankie

    A real dump. I love this place and come here before the race each year. Cheap beer, cheaper women.

  468. Rio

    this is the best club in indy

  469. FAT FAT FAT

    FAT FAT FAT strippers is what this club is all about. If you love fat strippers (and who doesn’t?) this is the place for you. Several girls over 300 lbs. and a few near 400 lbs. SEX FAT SEX FAT SEX ! I love this club !

  470. lost it

    This club has “lost it” not what it used to be. It has definately gone down hill.

  471. Jm
  472. Thor

    Shannon is the best looking dancer in the city

  473. SSss

    Nothing special.

  474. no name

    well worth traveled to

  475. LT

    Has lost a little lately

  476. Love

    those FAT girls

  477. Alan

    Not that many girls there even for a busy night. I was very disappointed.

  478. jj
  479. Ta Ta

    8.0 Club rating says it all. This is one of the top clubs in the city.

  480. FAT GIRL CITY !

    I love fat girls. If you love fat girls then this is the club for you !

  481. Disgusted

    Despite our request to hire some REALLY FAT strippers this club has not. All of the strippers are skinny drug addicts with plastic boobs. We are totally disgusted.

  482. Hal
  483. mr derp

    one of the worst strip clubs i have been to in a major city. the stage is tight, girls terrible for a saturday night 11pm shift, and views obstructed by support columns. this was a waste of time, and i suggest going elsewhere. the drinks were reasonable, sound system was good and cover was waived per an online pass.

  484. Kim

    This club does a great job at making women feel welcomed. All the girls are really nice and accomodating. The $10 lap dances are fantastic. Thanks Brad’s!

  485. Rich

    Never seen so many lazy girls in one place!

  486. Big Al

    Great Club ! White trash strippers that have more tatoos than me. A place where is you have $50 you are a big man.

  487. Gregg
  488. Hip Hugger

    is closed and a lot of the girls that use to work there are now at the Brass and looking good !

  489. John

    Hear Veronica maybe back from shooting porn. She obviously play for pay OTC for around $200.00. Good club with hot women

  490. Arnold

    Best club in the Midwest for truckers.

  491. Re: Doug

    In my opinion you’re right on regarding this club. VIP can actually be cheaper if you get to know a few of the girls. I routinely spend 3 VIPs with my favorite girl and generally can stay back there for at least 2 or 2 1/2 hours. Tip the house mom $5 per VIP and she’ll not clock watch you either. It’s the best $5 I spend while I’m there. You don’t want to abuse it, but it will save you money in the long run.

    To the pitiful guy that’s continually bashing this club with fat girl comments-honestly, I’m starting to feel sorry for you. 🙁

  492. 12
  493. ET

    White trash heaven ! Best club in the world !

  494. car
  495. Rocky

    WOW ! The club on the planet Earth !

  496. T.K.K.T

    great girls, lap dances are good for ten bucks. Private area is not worth the price increase.

  497. Tank and friends

    Super club, and yes I am one (of the many) idiots that love fat women. The reason me and boys are long time regulars at Brass are the fat girls. This club has it all and the VIP room is a bargain. There are some skinny girls too, if that is what you like, but for me it is all about body mass index ! Love those big women !

  498. Peter
  499. George C

    Great club. Best in Indy!

  500. Lpdd
  501. jack

    Sad to say this place has become a dump. I used to go all the time but I wont be back!

  502. antonio

    i went there to watch the game 11/4/07 colts vs patriots

    went there.. after the game.. i was there for about 2hrs.

    i asked sunshine to give me dance … she told me,, be back took her about 1hr… i got a vip dance she hot … worth it… too much do…50 plus 10 some laddy plus 20 tip total of 80… go colts

  503. Confused

    Great club, beautiful ladies, best prices in town for lap dances and VIP, drinks are priced on par with other clubs, and the cover is free by printing coupon from website.

    I think Tank has this club confused with the gay bar he and his buddies go to along with the rather large cross dressing gay men. It’s ok, I’m sure the drugs have caught up with you.

  504. Crap


  505. Tarren

    It is simple. The 8.0 high club rating just shows there a lot of guys that like this club. I think it is way over rated, but I must be in the minority.

  506. i
  507. Havier

    Great place to shoot a little pool, have a few lap dances, and view the great scenery. One of my favorite clubs ever.

  508. Touchdown

    The club was half empty on a Friday night.

  509. Compare Club Ratings

    BBF is rated at 6.6 (one of the highest in the State) while Hip Hugger is rated at 3.1 (one of the lowest in the State). Just the fact Jack

  510. Don


  511. COLONEL

    Yeah, Delilah give the best VIP in the city !

  512. Taped

    Total waste of time and money.

  513. wav
  514. Slow

    Really Slow…have a lot of girls left this club? Where did all the girls go? Are they planning on hiring more? Won’t come back, that’s for sure!

  515. Where O Where?

    Where are all the women? Must have a lot of turnover here. Every time I’ve come in there are only just a few ladies there. Can they not get anyone else? the one’s there are just lazy.

  516. Vince

    Can’t believe how much of dump this place really is! The girls are so lazy!

  517. Lou

    very average

  518. Big Sally Fan

    I love Big Sally. Best stripper in the city. She has put on a lot of weight lately and is looking good. Understand, she is not for everyone, but I love her big fat butt.

  519. Mr. T

    The recession is hurting this (all) the strip clubs. Guys that can not buy gas for the truck do not buy dances from strippers.

  520. Jay

    I don’t get why this club is rated so high, it’s not great.

  521. Vette

    Place gets worst every time I go in.

  522. 2
  523. Yosuf

    very nice

  524. Biker Bill

    Lots of different types of girls. Something for everyone.

  525. Different Dream

    I also think this is the best club ever, but I had a different dream. I love FAT women, not heavy or chubby, but really, really FAT. Not all the girls are BBF are fat, some are regular skinny fake boob strippers, but they do have some FAT girls for me and my friends.

  526. Yankee

    All the clubs in the city are slow. This one is no exception, maybe it will pick up in May ?

  527. 6
  528. Duke Blue Devil

    We cam to Indy for the Final Four and are having a great time. Arrived at this club and had a few beers. Ask a really hot dancer for a lap dance and she said “NO” “but I will fuck your brains out back at your hotel for a grand”. She was great fuck ! You guys have some strange ways ? Stripper that won’t do lap dances but will fuck you at a hotel ? Go figure ?

  529. Charity

    Best place to work in Indianapolis. I made thousands here and this is a great place!

  530. I Love Fat Dancers !

    I love fat, fat, fat dancers. There is no other club in the city where you can get two jumbos (over 300lbs) to give

    you lap dances till you cry. This is the best club ever !

  531. 8

    Big Sally must have put on an extra 25lbs over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. She is just so much more of pure SEX SEX SEX ! Love that wonman, boy can she pound you on the lap dances !

  533. Ward

    Very well run club. Everything works, service, sound and strippers !

  534. 500 Race Fan

    This is our fifth race in a row. We come to this club each year for the fat girls. This is only club I know that has just tons (literally) of fat dancers. Love this place and all the fat strippers.

  535. Rat


  536. GoGoVet

    Places is a waste…do not recommend going here. Girls are average at best, not much variety. Lot of girls so its a dollar parade. I will not be going back!

  537. Regular guy

    Terrible club…gone downhill…girls aren’t friendly

  538. Ivan
  539. Ian

    This place is a truck stop with strippers.

  540. Les
  541. Z Man

    Delilah is HOT HOT HOT !

  542. b
  543. aba
  544. Me

    Great club, go to the website and you can print free admission coupons. Great dancers, reasonable drinks, nice atmosphere.

  545. Allen

    some of the dancers are really hot!!

  546. Darren

    Easily the best club in Indianapolis. Not as big and fancy as clubs in Chicago, but it has beautiful women and reasonable prices. You can’t go wrong.

  547. Bow Rider

    This club is really slowing down. Needs some new girls in the worse way. Still it 1000% better than Brads Gold Club !

  548. S


  549. Spanky
  550. Patrick

    Does anyone know why this club is rated so high ? The 8.0 rating puts it as one of the top clubs in the Midwest. I just do not see it. The strippers are crap, the place is a red neck hillbilly bar, and prices are high. Yet, it is rated at 8.0. I just don’t get it ?

  551. Re: lazy girls

    No I have the right club..Brass..LAZY girls! I am regular so obviously who wrote that last review is in fantasy land or an employee. Because for everyone else, all they do is just sit on their ass after the song..only 1 may walk around occassionaly.

  552. BJ

    Always rated as one of the top clubs in the country ! There are over 100 reasons (strippers) why !

  553. Smiley

    Been to the club twice and had a very nice time. The staff was very nice and the girls were very friendly. Love provided a very hot time. Hope to see her again soon.

  554. Paydirt

    Just an average club.

  555. BigDaddy

    Great club with wonderful ladies. If you’re a broke jerk, don’t bother, but otherwise a great place to spend a little money on some sexy women. Great marks all the way around. For the size of the club there are always plenty of talent. Best place in Indy. Out of towners take note!

  556. William

    You can get a super BJ in the back room . . from the stipper of your choice for $100. I love this club !

  557. Disgusting

    I know a lot of you guys are into the big fat chicks, like Big Sally, but I think she is disgusting. She does seem to have a lot of fans and does more lap dances than most. I guess that is fine, if that is what you like, but I think it is sick.

  558. Rotten

    Just an average club. Not bad, not great either.

  559. Kingman

    All the strippers are poor white trash. I love this club ! It is the best in the midwest !

  560. fatties
  561. Turner

    This club needs to add something new. It is just stale and always the same old thing. New girls would help !

  562. Ike

    Blow job for $50 . . . I love this club

  563. Gore

    Always one of the top rated clubs in the city. The day shift girls really make it happen. Get a lap dance from Delilah and it will rock your world.

  564. GEE

    Best club in the city for FAT GIRLS ! They have tons of FAT FAT strippers on both the day and night shift. If you love FAT FAT girls this is the club for you!

  565. jeff foxworthy

    you know you are a stripper when……. You know all the words to “Girls, Girls, Girls.” You are out in public and someone shouts out your stage name and your respond not realizing it wasn’t meant for you. You get angry when you see lesbians walk into a club. After you’ve watched “Showgirls” for the 4th time, you say to yourself, “God, I really wanna move to Vegas!” You buy hand sanitizer and baby wipes in bulk and you don’t have any kids. You made $300 in a night and are complaining that it was a shitty night. Your boyfriend has to remind you to take a shower before work because the blacklights will illuminate the cum stain on your tummy. Even your own mother calls your tribal tattoo a ‘tramp stamp.’ You feel totally comfortable being naked with only shoes and a choker on, bent over with your legs spread and looking another female straight in the face and asking, “You can’t see my string can you?” You could fit a nights’ wardrobe in purple Crown Royal liquor bag. You’re on all fours, one can see ripples in the tit-job you got ten years ago. You have CDs you bring to the tanning salon. A pimple on your butt is more of a problem than one on your face. Your find yourself forced to dance to, “A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying,” because you didn’t tip the deejay. You see yourself in a mirror more than you see your own kid. You know that sanitizer & wipes along with your boob job is a tax write off. You get pregnant and try to migrate into waitress/bartending/house mom for supplemental income. Every pair of shoes you own has some sort of high heel. Trying to leave a couple hours early from work, it always seems some hospital has your cell phone on speed dial and your kid always has a 103-degree temperature. (There wouldn’t happen to be a customer in the parking lot, would there?) You go out with ‘regular’ friends and feel the need to censor yourself on the dance floor. A “car accident” is the reason your eye is black. Your pet has glitter in its fur. You can judge how much money your work day will wield just by pulling into the parking lot and noticing familiar cars. A guy tries the pickup line “Don’t I know you?” and you immediately think he must be a customer. Your cell phone address screen looks like this: Bambi (Jenny,) Aspen (Sharon,) Diamond (Debra) Raven (Melissa) Desire (Stephanie) Passion (Beth.) You know why baby oil is evil. You get dressed and undressed while not removing your shoes. You have to “think” when you introduce yourself. Sex kinda turns you off once you get home and sell it to the man you’re supposed to. You don’t own any porn, but you’ve met more porn stars than most people can imagine. You know why in the world a woman would possibly put hair spray over the latex on her nipples. You can pee, change shoes, change tops, smoke a cigarette and talk on your cell phone all at the same time. Breakfast takes place before you go to sleep. Asked the question, “Where have you been the last 2 weeks?” and the answer is, “My mom’s been sick and I was visiting,” (Code for, “I was recovering from an abortion.”) You can show up for work 10 min, 40 min, 2 hours, or 3 weeks late and still have a job. Going out clubbing with friends, you are the only one who doesn’t complain about the cover charge and drink prices. You think the house mom is your best friend. You gawk more at beautiful women than beautiful men. Your father unexpectedly walks into your work for the first time, sees you then family get-togethers thenceforth will never be the same. You’ve given more head on the way home rather than in a bed. It’s become almost expected that any Mexican behind you will try to stick his tongue in your ass. Your wardrobe has more street value than your vehicle.

  566. Phil

    BJ’s for $50.00. Veronica charges $100.00 OTC Some will give BJ’s for $20.00. FS (all holes) from many Brass gals for a Benjamin OTC. What more could you want?

  567. Re: re: re: DumbA$$

    All you have to do is leave your basement long enough to take a look at your mother, and you’ll have all the fatness you’d ever care to look at you pathetic worthless stalker.

  568. Young

    Not a bad club. There is no place else to go in the city. We have what we have and that is it.

  569. Tee

    Best looking dancers anywhere. Very good time.

  570. Brainiac

    I do not understand why this club is rated so high ? It can not be that it is a great club. It is not. Maybe, it is just because all of the other clubs in the city are worse ? Does anyone know a descent club in Indianapolis ?

  571. Paul

    not impressed

  572. annonoymous
  573. jeff
  574. Ohio

    Been coming over from Cincy for years as Ohio is a strictly “no touch” state. Apparently this club was raided by excise for titty tape & too “friendly” lap dance violations. What a freakin SHAME! Still better than Ohio, but WTF? Guess the state coffers need the $$$ and they must be ticketing for every little silly law that’s on the books. Still a good club.

  575. Fat Girls Rule

    The Fat Girls Rule the roost at the Brass, but the DJ knows how to keep the place jumping. Great day shift DJ and the hostess girls always have a smile on their face. Number One club in my book.

  576. h
  577. xibo

    I’ve only been here a few times, initially found it as an alternative to a club I used to visit regularly in Bloomington (Night Moves) because it got pretty sketchy there. Every time I’ve been here though, it’s been a treat. Gorgeous girls, most of them are very out-going both on-stage and off! My hat off particularly to my favorite duo Lilith and Eve, both of whom I remembered from Bloomington. Both gorgeous girls and very very hospitable! Both willing to not only dance with you, but actually talk to you, too, making for a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  578. Snagle Tooth Tim

    I love this place. The girls are really trashy and most need a bath (like me). The girls laugh and like to get drunk with us guys. This is like heaven.

  579. c
  580. brads butt bingo

    blah blah blah blah blah

  581. Motor

    Big Sally is the best thing going on at this club. She gives the best lap dance I have ever had in my life ! That woman is all woman.

  582. Ox

    It must be me, but I love old – short – fat – ugly – lazy strippers and cold beer. Sure this place is dump and the strippers barely move their lazy ass from one chair to another, but the blow jobs are still $50 a head.

  583. Frank


  584. Honest Guy

    Please!! Anyone with a brain can tell that the same person or two are writing all the same reviews. THEY ARE ALL FALSE. They have NO fat strippers. Girls are NOT lazy. Girls are not selling BJ’s for $20 or $50 or $100 F.S. Veronica does not do OTC, for sure not for anything NEAR $100. There are no $50 BJ’s available. It is all B.S. Be smart enough to tell that it is one or a couple (at the most) upset customers or dancers doing all the posts under different names.

  585. Trucker Man

    Lots of lazy, FAT, smelly, strippers. I love this club. The only club where I can come in from a week on the road, no showere or bath, and still get a blow job in the VIP room.

  586. r
  587. Migel

    Great club ! Lots a grando Mexican girls. All in the cantena speakin Espano.

  588. cecil

    Agree, girls lazy!

  589. True True True

    Drove in from Florida to see the fat girls. YES, they had four or five dancers that were 300 pounds plus ! Sex in the back room is terrific and at a resonable price. I recommend this club to any guy that loves fat girls and cheap sex.

  590. The Tao

    The Tao is like a well:

    used but never used up.

    It is like the eternal void:

    filled with infinite possibilities.

  591. old regular

    Does vegas still work here

  592. Let em roll

    Bad economy means the girls are eager to please.

  593. Jon
  594. Opy

    Lousy service

  595. Nathan

    The long haired DJ sucks. Too much drama. Dancers all talk about each other especially the ones without implants, and none of the pretty girls made money. $50 is very cheap for VIP

  597. Worst

    Don’t waste your money or time coming here. This place has gone downhill quick. What a shame!

  598. Henry

    Best club in the city. I always go their when I am in town. Much, much cheaper than anything we have in Chicago.

  599. new area

    Stay away! Their prices just went up again! they have a new section for personalized dances…$2 cover for each song they dance plus the normal price…getting ruder with pushing drinks too! Place is getting too money hungry!

  600. SugarDaddy

    This is bar none the best club in Indy. To the fag that has to talk about all the fat girls he loves so much but don’t exist, it’s a shame that you’ve been reduced to online stalking. I’m sorry that your broke ass coudln’t garner the attention of any of these beautiful ladies. Wah. Freak. Visitors to Indianapolis, this truely is the best bang for the buck club in Indy. The lunch buffet is as good as it gets.

  601. Ham Man

    Only average

  602. Never again

    Place is a joke!

  603. Ken

    Just not what it used to be. Wish the girls were more friendly and motivated.

  604. 69
  605. Down Hill

    Awful club, nothing but skinny strippers with fake boobs.

  606. M n M

    Great club to have sex with a stripper. Lots of fat girls and a few skinny bitches with fake boobs. I like the fat girls better . . ask for Sally.

  607. Full Service Club

    This is a great club. Full service. You can always get a suck or fuck from the stripper of your choice. Bring some realy money and you will not be disappointed.

  608. pete
  609. Sugar Daddy

    I love the fat girls. The only resaon I come to Brass is to have lap dances from the fat girls. All of the other clubs in the city are identical. Brass has fat girls, and that is what I (and a lot of other guys) love about this place. Number One baby !

  610. Yak


  611. DiceMan

    THis club is the best club around. The girls are hot and the private dances are great. Lots of talent here, will always go back.

  612. Kevin

    Very nice hillbilly club. Long neck Bud and cheap strippers are what keeps our nation going. I love this club and will stay a life long member dick.

  613. 7
  614. reggie

    I will never ever come back, it was a total waste of time and I have been to some pretty lousy clubs!

  615. Tom Tom

    They need to find some Asian girls.

  616. jeffrey

    One of the best clubs in the state

  617. To Much Hustle

    The girls are constantly coming up to you to ask if you want a lap dance, or a table dance. I never had time to enjoy my beer. I know the girls need to make money, but they need to slow down a little. Some really nice looking girls.

  618. ABC
  619. Dolla Billz

    This club is great – day and night. Alwaysd a fine assortment of ladies and none of them are shy.

  620. ray
  621. Korp
  622. Pirate

    Service is poor quality.


    Marki Wheeler/Leah teachers Sunday school, bakes cookies and does volunteer work with the elderly. She would never drink alcohol, smoke or say bad words.

  624. Hot New Dancers

    Lots of hot new dancers that come to us via Kokomo. Sorry, to hear that Hip Hugger closed. It was a nice little club that could not keep up with the times.

  625. Trukkie

    Great lap dances at $10.00 per song, VIP is only $50.00 per 30 minutes (if you get the full 30 minutes, not always)

  626. audition

    Coming from out of town, can anyone tell me if we can just walk in and audition or can we call? What are the rules? House fees? Any info? Just want to work two days every week???

  627. Snake

    FU ! We want BIG FAT STRIPPERS and we want them NOW !

  628. 500 Race Fan

    When did this become a Mexican bar and grill ? I was here last year and it was still American ? What the fuck are you guys doing ? When did the INDy 500 become a fucking Latino event ?

  629. 50 with pride

    The girls are VERY friendly and most are good looking to beautiful. Good value for your buck…Fun place, all around!

  630. New Yorker

    We looked on line to find an Indianapolis club with a high rating. 8.0 for the Flamingo told us this was the place to go. The club lived up to its rating and more. Would recommend if you travel, go to a club that is rated 7.5 or above !

  631. Ron

    Red Necks Welcome ! I am a Red Neck truck driver and just love this place. I can come in have a few dozen beers and pick a fight in the parking lot and feel right at home. Great club !

  632. CaptainCreamPants

    There are some very attractive women at Brad’s. There are also a few that really shouldn’t be there. That said, the dancers are very friendly and the VIP dances are out of this world. This was my first trip there and it certainly won’t be my last.

  633. New Fat Girl

    Brass just hire a new SUPER fat monster who has a stage name of “18 Wheeler”. Woman must weight over 350 lbs and boy can she dance ! No wonder this is the number one club in the city !

  634. Eric

    Just awesome. I would go ever night if I had the money ! The blow jobs are terrific !

  635. ALL

    of the strippers are available for OTC if you offer enough money.

  636. Snoop

    O.k., obviously one person must be posting these fat chick comments under different names. Fat chicks?? Are you kidding me? I have never in my life heard of a club full of fat asses refered to as a good thing. Guys go to strip clubs to see something they will never be able to obtain. Its entertainment. A fantasy. Listen, if you have some fetish for fat chicks, more power to you. Just know clubs won’t be adopting your suggestions EVER. I thought having fat dancers was a bad thing. Entertainers have an obligation to maintain resonable weight, be friendly, and have an overall postive attitude. This club is slow for the same reason every club in Indianapolis is slow: the economy. There are still many nice looking dancers on ALL shifts. Personally, if you are not some douchbag looking for an easy lay, try day shift. There are some really nice looking, friendly, and classy entertainers.

  637. Mathew

    I can not believe a city the size of Indianapolis does not have even one descent stip club ! This is the number one rated club in the city at 8.4 and it is for truckers and bikers ! Where is the club for lawyers and doctors ?

  638. t
  639. MM

    Best club in the city for FAT FAT FAT strippers ! Love this club.

  640. Zoom

    All of us race fans love this club. We cum here each and ever year.

  641. 1
  642. This club is closed
  643. Dammon's Ribs

    The secret into getting “Big Sally” off her fat ass to come over an dance (crush) you into the cushions is Dammon’s Ribs. On my last visit I brought her two full slabs of Dammon’s Ribs, two loaded baked potatoes, and a whole chicken. She loved me all afternoon ! If you think she is just going walk around and ask you if you want a dance your are insane ! If you want her to move off the bar stool you must bring motivation !

  644. We don't care

    about a club 60 miles away. Keep your hate of hot women to yourself. We know the Hugger is not closed. Go away you loser.

  645. Chris

    It is a disgrace that this is the best club in the city. Indianapolis, deserves at least one descent gentlemen’s club, upscale and clean. This place is great if you are a trucker or a biker. If you are an attorney or doctor you do not fit in at all. We want our own club.

  646. a
  647. David P

    This is the best place in the world for cheap sex. The girls may be fat and lazy, but they sure know how to please.

  648. :)
  649. Brad

    Highest rated club in the city

  650. Doug J.

    It’s a really nice club inside, clean and comfortable. Good looking girls for the most part. The one really big problem is that it’s one of those clubs that tolerates lazy girls. The majority of the girls just sit around talking to each other or talking to any guy who will buy them a drink. Many times, I’ve walked in with big bucks to blow and no takers.

  651. Pacer

    TONS of FUN ! It is the big fat gals that keep the club rating so high. We love the big girls, the bigger and fatter the better. This is the best club on planet earth.

  652. Me too

    I always have a good time with the old, short, SUPER lazy, strippers at this hole. Most of the girls will suck you dry for a stiff fifty. Where else can you get that kind of satisfaction ?

  653. danielson

    awsome place lots of good looking girls wish they would bring back the free passes lol but i like it wish the seatingwas better seeing it gets crowded

  654. Great Club

    Lots of FAT FAT FAT strippers.

  655. I Love Exotic Dancers

    I freakin’ love this club! There’s nowhere else in town to get a $10 lap dance and there are also 60 to 70 girls that work here. They are all easily 7s and 8s with a few 9s and 10s scattered throughout. Treat the ladies right, and you’re in for a good time. Beware of the cameras in the VIP though.

  656. Re: vip rip off

    Used to be a great club..they doubled their prices, take it out on the customers…agree, they should charge the dancers $20 or $30 a night to work

  657. Mr. Pope

    The rest rooms were clean.

  658. f
  659. FlamingoGirl

    Vegas(amanda) i luv ya girl, but how can you have two kids that you never see. And i heard that you have a new born that is like two months old and you dont even see him. And your daughter you havent seen over a year. What kind of mother does that. What your doing with some of us is stupid and its not worth it. Your kids should come first! I luv ya girl and i always got your back, but wake up. I had to get this off my chest.

  660. West Indy

    Brads Flamingo is a great place for a strip club. I love this place. There are a veriety of dancers and they are not lazy. I think they only approach men who have cash and willing to spend it. I’ve been to several clubs in the area and this place is the best so far.

  661. Gone

    This use to be a terrific club with tons (literally) of big fat strippers. I LOVE FAT WOMMEN ! No wonder business is so bad, they need to bring back the big girls.

  662. Albert Einstein

    Acutally, this is the highest rated club in the city at 8.1

    I agree it is not terrific, but the fact remains, it is the number one rated club in Indianapolis. If you disagree tell us all which club has a higher rating ?

  663. Andrew

    This is a well run club with a lot of sexy women. Great place to pick up a girl for OTC especially on day shift. The day shift manager is cool with the girls leaving with you early as long as you tip him well.

  664. disappointed

    I guess I wasn’t the only one that found it difficult to get dances here. On one hand, it’s refreshing not to have to deal with the endless parade of “wanna dance”….”wanna dance”….”wanna dance” found at some lap dance factories, but geez, one should get asked at least once an hour, especially after tipping at the stage.

  665. New Faces & Asses

    April Fools! Everyone knows the Hip Hugger hasn’t closed. The newest ass is me!

  666. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

    Girls are soooo lazy here! I’m surprised they even care enought to get up on stage. Afterwards, they just sit down for the next 20-30 minutes until they have to dance again!

  667. Big Sally

    I love Big Sally. I always stop by Dammon’s Ribs, buy her two full racks, with loaded potatoes, and she goes crazy. Best stripper over 300 lbs in the city.

  668. Dallas

    I’ve visiting this place for a year. The VIP has gone up, but it still isn’t a bad deal considering what you pay at other places around the country. No supermodels here, just regular ladies.

    Sometimes service is directly related to tipping and personality….

  669. No Touch Ohio

    This is a good club $10.00 high mileage laps with most dancers in the 6-8 range. good seating, TV’s, Food and a laid back feel. Read that Indiana Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that bans lap dances & requires 6 foot buffer zones. The state of Ohio enforces this laws in Cincy and most of the state but not around Cleveland, Louisville just started enforcing…WTF is going on here folks?

  670. n
  671. Rico

    Cool place to waste time and money at. Isn’t that the purpose of strip clubs?

  672. Yellow Taxi

    Demi needs the money and is given blow jobs for $50 ! First cum first served !

  673. Abe
  674. Regular BBF-BB:)






  675. Number One Club !

    This is the number one club in the city ! They have tons of FAT FAT FAT strippers that will give you the best lap dance (and more) of your life ! These huge women know how to please and have weight behind their loving hips.

  676. Flip

    Not much of a club. Girls are just average, service slow.

  677. Aron

    Lacey moved to Costa Rica with her new boyfriend. However, Sheila is the new smoking hot chick at the club. She is short, really overweight, sort of dirty, but boy does she know how to make it happen. My new best girl !

  678. Great Variety

    This club has the best variety of dancers anywhere. Yes, they have some tall thin girls, some girls with big boobs, some with a great asses, some big girls with layers of fat. The service is great, great sounds, the place is always hopping. Best in the city.

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