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1,373 reviews for “The Pony

  1. Pony Up

    The Pony Club, One of Indy’s BEST STRIP CLUBS.
    The club parking lot is well lit.
    Admission is not bad at all.
    I Was there the first time, was when Richelle Ryan, the Adult Film Actress was there.
    I probably gave her all my money lol because it was one of those “once in a lifetime” nights.
    Private Dances aren’t so private, they have a room with a lot of chairs/couches to sit on, I’m not really for that one bit.
    When I went back on NYE and I met the most beautiful woman, we’ll name her Pinky.
    She really knows a lot about the club and all the prices and I have been going to see her for the last 3 months.
    They have a VIP Room with probably like 10 large couches and curtains where you can move around more and have more room and that can cost you around $450 for an hour.
    I usually do an hour or two with her when I see her and I tip well because she deserves every bit of it.
    They have a “Champaign Room” but the room is a little small, to be honest vs one of the other clubs in town that has a bigger one but I would never do it because I don’t drink at all and wouldn’t want to spend the money on it.
    They have a little bit of “porch” where you can smoke and go out and smoke with the girls as well, which I really like because not a lot of clubs have that.
    I don’t drink but I heard the drink prices aren’t bad at all.
    They have half price drinks on Tuesdays.
    As long as the business is amazing as always, I will continue to bring my business here as I have been. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ruby

    Never has changed to Jazz. It’s probably a better strip club than it was a year ago. About 25 dancers working Saturday night. Mostly real hot with a variety of types for everybody.

  3. Jazz NIghts ?

    I live in Avon and am a little confused ? What nights do they have the jazz players at the Gold Club ? It would be a lot earier for me to drive to the West side as opposed to going all the way down town. Can I purchase my tickets at the door ? Is this still a strip club on the other nights ? Sounds sort of weird ?

  4. v
  5. Gold Club

    is the best!

  6. Dale

    Jazz night would be great !

  7. David

    Dancers are unattractive and boring.

  8. Dallas Dave

    What a fucking dump ! I can see why this club is rated so slow. Ugly fucking strippers and just an awful location. You guys need to come to Dallas and see what a real strip club looks like. Love your city . . hate your total shit strip club.

  9. Math Genesis

    The club rating for July 2009 was 3.5 and then in July 2010 it was 3.6. My calculations show that the customers thought in July 2009 this club is total crap and in July 2010 they feel the exact same way. This may be beyond the mental capacity of some posters.

  10. To: Brickyard

    Never has changed to Jazz. It’s probably a better strip club than it was a year ago. About 25 dancers working Saturday night. Mostly real hot with a variety of types for everybody.

  11. Terry

    Dancers are just to beautiful ! They are all spectacular and just wonderfully fun !

  12. Peter
  13. Low Club Ratings ?

    That moron that posted all the “Say it ain’t so Joe” has serious mental issues. There must be a dozen “Say it ain’t so Joe” post and they are all different. That guy needs some serious help.

  14. c
  15. Cold Weather

    has slowed everything in this city. Gold Club was almost empty on a Sunday night. Colts loss does not matter. GO COLTS !

  16. Chad
  17. Gwen
  18. Marine One

    This club is “under attack” ? My God ! We should send in the Marines ! Hey, I saw a Marine getting a blow job in the back room. Everything must be under control.

  19. Dick's

    now has gay men for your pleasure. Club has been going

    downhill except for race time.

  20. Me too !

    Looks like a lot of were mislead by the post. I can only go to the club on Friday and Saturday nights. So for me I have to wait until Friday. Agree this is the best club in the city to have some serious sex with a stripper.

  21. Wrong

    I think you are wrong. I do not think it became a jazz club until 2004.

  22. re: Previous Commentor

    I was a long time regular at the Gold Club for years. None of us have yet found a good replacement club. The Gold Club was special. I have lived here all my life and no not know of another strip club near the track that is worth your time. The Brazz Flamingo on the far east side is just OK, and it is a long drive from the my home on the west side. Maybe someone will open a new club near the track ?

  23. Finally

    we have a club with a little class. I think Ricks has done a great job with this club. Granted it is now much more expensive, but it is worth it to me to have quality professional strippers. These girls have great bodies and actually know how to sell their product. They are not cheap so bring a boat load of money. But this is better than those white trash trailer park whores that were there when it was Brads. Brads girls were only there because they got tossed out of their boyfriend’s trailer the night before . . most of them needed a bath.

  24. girlcusty

    This is most certainly a gentlemen’s club. Went with my bf this past weekend and had to say it was a great time. Cover was reasonable, but not the cheapest. Club is the nicest I have ever been to (and I have been to a few). Cool breathalyzer thingy at the door. Girls are good, drinks are…slightly expensive but it’s a strip club. Definitely a place to go for a little classier of a time! Too bad the pole is too big in diameter for most girls to do anything on so that was a bit disappointing.

  25. loyal

    this place is great!!!

  26. Gold Club not the best

    While the Gold Club is a decent strip club it is not the best that Indy has to offer and hasn’t been for awhile. The interior of the Gold Club looks tired and worn out. I visit Dancers more now than the Gold Club. Besides looking newer the dances you receive at Dancers are equal to or better than you get at the Gold Club. Plus the private dance area at Dancers has dividers along the couches making the dance seem more intimate unlike Gold Club where private dance area is too open. I’ll give the Gold Club a 6 only because of the girls.

  27. Gold Club is back to

    being number ONE again. Best line up of girls in the city. All of the strippers work outside the club for a reasonable rate.

  28. Mark

    Excellent club – very quiet and sedate. Just a few top notch (expensive) strippers. No loud beer drinking slobs to ruin the place.

  29. Correction

    Saturday night there were 15-20 cars in parking lot when I drove by. So all those people trying to mislead the public saying it’s closed should get the facts right.

  30. Employee on Jazz Night

    I have worked at GC for over four years now. We have never has a jazz night. Paul promised a group of lawyers a jazz night but it never happened. Paul lied about almost everything. The lawywers got pissed off and opened their own private jazz/strip club on the Northside. These lawyers were big spenders but they were also so very rude, so we all had mixed emotions when then left. No plans that I know of to restart the jazz night that never happened in the first place.

  31. Timothy

    Lots of hot new dancers. This club is finally making a come back ! Talk is the will start in the jazz night in the next few weeks.

  32. Svein
  33. Employee
  34. Just curious ?

    The “jazz club” reviews always look and sound so professional. The “strip club” reviews seem to written by someone with less than a 4th grade education ? When I called the “317-297-0429 number a nice lady answered the phone and said “Jazz Club” may I help you ? I think the “strip club” guy is an old regular that can not just get over the fact his club is now a jazz club ? Someone needs therapy.

  35. Steven
  36. Good tipper

    Best strip club in Indy.A++++++++++++++++++++

  37. Ting

    Long gone.

  38. Excellent Value

    Stevie (Melissa) is now doing much more work outside the club. She just got dumped from the 60 year old Sugar Daddy and is search of new cash. Catch her while you can, she cost mucho dinaro but is worth the money.

  39. Not Fair !

    You guys need to give the Gold Club a break. It is not fair to compare the Gold Club (small and locally owned) with Bud’s Lounge (one of many in a chain of clubs owned and operated by a mega corporation). It is just not a fair comparison.

  40. Best in the City

    The Gold Club is by far the best in the city to find a hot stripper that will go home with you for a resonable price. The club itself sucks, but the dancers are HOT HOT HOT are most are ready for action outside the club. This is the best club in the city to find a girl that is great looking and ready for take home. Only down side is the bar fee for early withdrawl, but it is a small price to pay for a night of bliss !

  41. Roland

    Strippers are greedy !

  42. No wonder this club is rated

    the lowest in the city. This place is a total fucking dump.

  43. Strip Club Fan

    Steve knows stuff. 20-30 girls every night I’ve been there. Nice friendly Hot girls dancing for you.

  44. Jo
  45. Meaningless Site

    I agree this site is totally meaningless. The reviews (all of them) and the ratings are crap. Did you know that Buds Lounge is rated (7.6) as the best club in the entire State of Indiana ? We all know that Buds is a dump and does NOT even have dancers ! This site is nothing but a bad joke.

  46. Regular again

    I know it’s more than 1 guy saying the sex in Champagne is BS. As I haven’t posted the other comments. Time to put up or shut up. Name a dancer or two who gives you sex. Name the manager who passes out condoms. Here is an easy one name the DJ on last Saturday. You may not know the name but give a description. You can’t as in all made up. If you name the one manager that has posted here describe him.

  47. whore
  48. Thailand ?

    I sometimes think I am in Bangkok when I walk in the Gold Club. Pick me ! Pick me ! I have never seen so many girls (good looking too) trying to get a guy to take them out of the club ? I love it, but it is this is the Midwest, suppose to be conservative ?

  49. Why

    With so many posts this month praising the Gold Club as the “premier” club to have sex in then why are this months average rating lower than last month when there were no posts about sex in the club? More specifically, why post a review saying a club is the best and then intentionally giving it a lower rating?

  50. Thanks

    Nice update on Champagne room. I’ll be in to check it out.

  51. Party ?

    No one would go to a strip club to party ! The only reason to go to a strip club is to pick a hot young stripper for sex (either in or out of club). Get real.

  52. Jazz losers owned

    The Jazz poster continue to lie and are caught by lack of backed up facts. But that’s what happens when you post frim momma’s basement.

    The facts are this is a good strip club on the upswing. It’s loaded with hot friendly girls.

  53. J R

    Terrific club ! I got the best blow job ever on Saturday night at the Gold Club. I would recommend this club to any guy looking to have sex with a super hot stripper. Lots of the hookers are 8s or 9s.

  54. kfed

    Hot, hot hot, but need more big-titty bitches

  55. Andre

    CEO Heaven ! If you have the bucks . . this is the best club in the Midwest to spend them. It is a little on the expensive side . . $ $ . . but the girls are terrific !

  56. Fletcher

    Evian has the best tatas! Come get ’em in your grill

  57. e
  58. Jazz Gold Menu

    The Jazz Gold has just a wonderful menu. In addition to the Jazz, the food is terrific ! Great Jazz Club !

  59. barry
  60. Spike
  61. Me too

    I keep my three favorite dancers telephone number on my Fab Five for quick calling. The guys that come in and pick out a girl for the night are often out of town guest of downtown hotels. The hotels give them a limo out to the club to pick out a girl. In and out in 30 minutes max. The Gold Club is known for having the best looking dancers in the city.

  62. Complete Idiot

    Let me see ? If you double the average score and it still a lousy score then this club must be even much worse than we thought ? You my friend are a complete idiot !

  63. 3 "Fs"

    A wise rich old man once told me “Son, if it fly, floats or fucks, rent”. Renting a stripper for sex is a good value. You do not have to waste time on romance, phone calls, flowers, dinner and all that other shit. I get sex which is the only thing I want from a bitch. I have not yet had Nicole, but will let you know how she was when I do, and I will.

  64. Long Time Regular

    I have no idea how the Gold Club gets away with all of the dancers that “leave early” for work OTC ? I love this club because of they have the best looking dancers in the city. It is been this way for years. I have never heard of even one girl being arrested. I think maybe because the clients are at upscale downtown hotels ? Just a guess ?

  65. Smooth Moves

    Her name wasn’t Louie but she had smooth moves and we’re not speaking jazz. Check out the sweet women at The Gold Club.

  66. Best to Bust ?

    We went Saturday night and the club was dead. Two weeks ago the club was over full and we could not even find seats. We had to just stand near the bar. Can someone tell me what is going on at the club ?

  67. Allan

    Only a few daners at this club. Most have no tits.

  68. Jazz Performance Sold Out

    Tonights performance of “Double Bass” at Jazz Gold is SOLD OUT ! However, tickets are still available for the 11pm performance, at the sister club Jazz Kitchen, for Friday night.

  69. Honest questions no answers

    The club is a great strip club. The jazz liars will soon slow down as school starts in a few weeks. Watch them attack the “Honest questions” guy like they did last time. They really think it’s smart to attack all the clubs in Indy in one way or another.

  70. 2.7

    Club Rating

  71. re: Latin Jazz

    We loved the Latin Jazz group. They need to do this more often.

  72. Open Thursday

    Drove by Thursday about 4:30 and parking lot had cars as normal.

  73. Daytime Regular

    JJ is correct. Sex is available at ALL of the clubs in the city. The Gold Club however has the best girls. For that ONE (and yes we know you are just ONE guy regardless what you say, your comments give you away) try Pamela or Tina on the dayshift. Tina only dances on Thur/Fri. Blow job for $100 . . . regular sex $200 . . . kinky more. Dude, spend some money, GO HAVE SEX WITH A STRIPPER AND STOP PRETENDING IT DOES NOT HAPPEN !

  74. Joe Cool

    Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Big Mike Sax is on for Wed, Thur, Friday. Just cool jazz and fine . . fine . . fine . .

  75. 5
  76. Good Club

    You can have a good time without spending a ton of money. Just don’t let some of the dancers know we think like that.

  77. Luv Gold Club

    The dancers at the Gold Club ARE the best looking girls in Indy by far.

  78. Atlanta Slim

    Here for the race. This use to be a fun club. What happened ? The strippers look really old and dried up ?

  79. Tina's Schedule

    Tina is one HOT cougar. She dances each week on Thur/Friday from 3pm to 9pm. On those days she always is avaiable for sex in the champagne rooms and is well worth the money. She waits tables Mon/Tue/Sat from 4pm to 12 pm and will only do sex if things are really really slow. On Mon/Tues if you get to the club before 6pm she can normally give you a quick blow job. I recommend waiting until Thur/Friday so you can enjoy all she has to offer, which is a lot !

  80. Rodney
  81. Stripper
  82. Star Review

    The following is the latest review from the Indianapolis Star:

    Indianapolis Star

    7/26/2009 Jazz Gold on the West side is actually a jazz club and has random people playing all the time. The place seems more of a club, where the regulars all know each other, so if that is your thing. There is a super cheesy yet awesome lighted dance floor too. The place is far from a scene but seems like it is on the frontiers of being taken over by jazz neons.

    This place isn’t too big so it can get kinda crowded. Buying tickets on line at is a must. Even during the week it is sold out. Buying a ticket at the door on the weekend will never happen. No real dress code and the crowd is very much not Hollywood. Drinks are decently price ($6 a beer) and if you come earlier the mixed drinks come in larger cups.

    All in all, if you are a jazz fan you will love this club and be among friends. Resonable prices.

  83. Dallas Girls

    Rick’s imported six super hot girls from their Dallas club for the next two weeks ! Wow ! These girls are perfect 10s !

  84. Great

    club to way to expensive for your average working class guy like me. Paid the cover charge, had ONE draft beer, looked at the beautiful girls (the I could never afford) and then left. Went to Dancers West and had a blast. Nothing against Ricks, it is just not for me.

  85. Abe
  86. Ronald
  87. In Top Form

    The Gold Club HAS returned to the top strip club in Indy. Standing room only on last Saturday night. Many, many sexy women dancing. Visit the best strip club in Indy and you won’t be disappointed.

  88. Re: Off duty

    You sir are full of shit! I have been a regular there for over a year. I have NEVER seen a girl leave with a customer. They get FIRED for that, as they do at Dancers, and P.T’s.

    If you have a problem with the club grow some balls,and say what it is. Don’t be a cunt and make shit up!

  89. Ali

    I had the best time of my entire life! must have been the beer.

  90. NUT CASE

    That guy that posted “Say it ain’t so Joe” over and over and cver again is a nut case.

  91. Jazz Night Long Gone

    I never went to the club when they had the jazz night. I heard it use to draw big crowds.

  92. Brent
  93. Jack
  94. Gary

    A very dull club, not much dancing and very little interaction with the dancers.

  95. Chris
  96. Ralph

    At a rating of 3.6 this is a gift to BGC. Dancers are lame if there are any working. Been to this club many times and they did not have any dancers.

  97. Answer for Jazz Nights

    Living in Avon you should know that there is NO jazz night at the Gold Club. Any night you wish to visit the Gold Club you will see the best dancers that Indy has to offer. If you want proof then go to any website devoted to jazz music. If the Gold Club was featuring ANY jazz players on ANY night then the jazz websites would have news on this. Why would you rely on a website devoted to strip clubs to find out news of jazz clubs? Need more proof that the jazz club stories are lies then read the past reviews of the Gold Club on this site going back to last year. Just like last year these lies will persist for several months before the posters change to a different lie. Again, the Gold Club must be doing something right to have so many jealous people trying to put it down.

  98. harvey

    this place is disgusting, nothing but nasty strippers on drugs, especially peaches, she still work there? i hope not, she needs some help last time i saw her, i wish they would shut this place down, whoever goes here has no life cause its white trash up in there, go to flamingo instead

  99. Happy Camper
  100. Jeremy

    Sorry to say, this place has gone downhill.

  101. -
  102. Jimmie
  103. Jared B.

    So it’s kind of uncomfortable being so willing to give a strip club 4 stars, but I would argue that Brad’s Gold Club is worthy. It was the last stop during my brother’s bachelor party, and I got to watch two girls rip his clothes off on stage. The drinks are cheap, the ladies are cute (and not worn out), and there’s no cover. If you’re looking for a strip club in Indy, this is the place.

  104. Best club

    in the city to have sex with a stripper.

  105. Nathan
  106. Bro

    bro he got ur sorry ass you takes double the rating and you stil ain’t got shit you only got shit

  107. Johnson

    Only a few dancers at this club.

  108. nice berry
  109. Tarren

    You are both wrong ! It was turned into a jazz club in 1999 !

  110. uj
  111. Test Again

    I love this club and rated it a perfect “10”. You just need to pick out stripper, get a champagne room, and then fuck your brains out ! Love the Gold Club !

  112. Great Time !

    Went to the club, picked out my girl for the night, we went back to the hotel and I had ONE TERRIFIC NIGHT ! The club has made a ful comeback and now has the best selection of strippers in the city. They all want work OTC and the price is right. It is good to see the girls making money again.

  113. BBBBBRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr
  114. Terrance
  115. ray

    this club is run down like the neighborhood it sits in

  116. Club Rating

    This is the lowest rated club in the city.

  117. Top Ten Dancers West

    Dancers West is now rated as one of the Top Ten Clubs in the State ! The Strip Club List always gets it right because they let the customers rate the club. The customers know which clubs are hot and which one are not. Brads Gold has its day, but that was long, long ago.

  118. Great Win!

    I agree that the Colts win was great. It was even better watching it at the Gold Club while topless women walked around. Liked the Gold Club on Saturday night and LOVED it on Sunday. Keep lying about the club being closed, it just means more attention for me.

  119. Walmart

    A strip club is just like Walmart. You go and pick out the stripper you want to fuck, pay the bar fee and then take her home. If the Gold Club fired all the strippers that go home with customers they would be out of strippers in about one week !

  120. randall
  121. jerald
  122. Even Curioser

    The Strip Club List is the ONLY place you will see claims of the Gold Club being transformed into a jazz club. You won’t see any mention of “Jazz Gold” on the Jazz Kitchen’s website. You won’t see any mention of a supposed “Jazz Gold” on, a website devoted to the jazz scene in Indy. You won’t see any mention of a supposed “Jazz Gold” on any website other than this. Why is that? Why can’t the “Jazz Gold” liars answer any of thes questions? Why can’t the “Jazz Gold” liars post a link to ANY other website that mentions “Jazz Gold” in Indy? Surely as “professional” as these claims are then there should be at least ONE website other than a strip club list that would have some information to back up their claims. Someone needs a reality check!

  123. Lowest rated club

    in the city.

  124. 21
  125. Bad Question

    Why are there all these questions about a dancer’s private life? How does a dancers private life impact her performance as a dancer? Why did Harrison Ford do another Indiana Jones movie? What did he do with all the money he made from the previous Indiana Jones movies? Who cares? The only thing that should matter is do you enjoy his performance in the movie? If so, then you are glad he made another movie. If not, then don’t pay to see his movies anymore. Same logic applies to any dancer. If you enjoy her performance then TIP her, if not then tip a dancer you do enjoy.

  126. Crap

    Old tired strippers that need to be put down.

  127. sss
  128. Premier Club

    By far the premier club for sex with a dancer. Excellent group of dancers for sex in the new champagne rooms. Top flight managers that keep the club neat, clean and safe. Keep up the good work !

  129. re: Low Club Ratings

    I always rate this club 6.5 or 7.5. Not sure why you others rate it so low ? I know most guys only like dancers in their 20s. We also were at the club last night when the old girls went on stage. We left and went to Hooters. There should be a rule that a girl can not be a dancer after age 29.

  130. George
  131. re: basic math

    Don’t have a problem with basic math or the results. I do have a problem with people lying about all the sex in the club and stating that the Gold Club is the best club in the city to have sex with a stripper and then rating the club a 0.1. If you rate the club so low then why state in your review that the club is the best?

  132. Dennis

    Club is dead. Very few dancers and after they appear on stage it is back to the dressing room.

  133. re: Smart Business Move

    It was a great move. It moves the Gold Club into a league of their own. Sex with a hot dancers in one of their new rooms is better than any other club in the city.

  134. kevin
  135. Special Thanks

    Special thanks to the Tom Hennman Jazz Trio for making our birthday party for Susan something special. Thanks guys.

  136. Zach

    Everytime I’m in town!

  137. Old Time Regular

    I still enjoy going to the Gold Club, but would the first to admit it is not what it use to be. And yes, if you check most of the big strip club boards the Gold Club is always rated at the very bottom. I wish some body with some real money would buy the club and restore it to being a good club again.

  138. Champagne

    I love the greatly expanded champagne room at the Gold Club. Nice new couches which are more intimate. Check it out. Plenty of fine ladies will be more than happy to give you an exciting experience.

  139. to Race Fan

    The Gold Club turned to a Jazz Club some time ago. The poor economy just put the place out of business. There are still a few strip clubs around the track. You can try them out and see if any of them are rocking. Best of luck.

  140. That's Funny

    “Tommy”, or so you claim, why do you say the Gold Club is closed when my friends and I enjoyed our time in the Gold Club on Saturday, August 22. Club was again packed as is the case on most weekends.

  141. India

    Most of the reviews on this site are from me and my friends here in Mumbai. None of us have ever been to the United States, although we all wish to indeed someday. Interesting that some men would take our reviews seriously ? Very naive sort of chap don’t you think ? Yes, we will start the Jazz Club again in May when the local auto race season begins !

  142. William

    I just love this place and come each and ever time I am in Indianapolis. I have no idea where they get all the sexy stippers ? This is by far the best club in the Midwest !

  143. Correcting Hi Jack

    Yes it’s still a strip club. The only thing gay is the guy’s who think it’s funny to post lies about it being a Jazz Club. The club was sold and a new general manager hired. Some of the best looking dancers in town work her now. Jack should stop back and I’ll bet he becomes a strip club regular again.

  144. Floyd
  145. Great Race !

    We all had a great time at the race and all will be back again next year. Hopefully, the new owners can get this once great club back on track. Right now it sucks.

  146. Obama's July 4th Speech

    One commentor stated that President Obama was going to give a July 4th Speech at Club Rio. What time is the speech ? I voted for Obama (the first time I ever voted) and would love to hear him speak in person. Do you have to buy a special ticket ? Is it open to the public ?

  147. Truth hit a sore point

    One guy posted nearly the same review on 8/20 and 8/21 about being a loser for checking other sources. All he is trying to do is drive down ratings and must be getting frustrated as the August ratings even with all the trash talk are double the overall average. Seem to prove the point that this club is better than the rating focused guys make it sound. Summary there are 4-5 top clubs in city go to the one you like. PT’s will be expensive and BBF will be cheaper.

  148. Mr. Cool

    Maybe they should think about bringing back the jazz night ?

  149. Veteren Race Fan

    Went to the Gold Club last night and it was totally empty. Like a ghost club. The place looked fine, it must just be the economy.

  150. Norm

    Great time good looking ladies and fun atmosphere…..

  151. 3000 Reviews

    The club rating is 2.7

  152. Crowds

    The previous commentor is correct. If you judge by crowds Bud’s Lounge will always remain the number on club in the city.

  153. Jazz Jazz Jazz

    Pat Regnier Jazz Trio playing this weekend at Brad’s Jazz Club. This is a one time opportunity to hear this highly rated players.

  154. Lucas
  155. Benton

    A very poorly run club. Not much going on. Check the ratings.

  156. Review #3401

    Just for fun (and because I don’t have a life) let’s keep track of how many “reviews” are posted about the Gold Club for one month. Back on 8/11 there was a review titled “3200 + Reviews.” In less than a month the review count has grown to over 3400 but only 20 of the 200 had comments. The other 180 posts were obviously spam attacks intended to keep the club rating for the Gold Club down. Why would the supposedly worst club in the city be the one with the highest review count? I can understand a few bad comments by people who have had a bad experience but not 180 blank reviews. That is just plain chickenshit. This is why TUSCL is a much better indicator of how popular the Gold Club is because TUSCL publishes the rating that each reviewer posts with the review. By the way, this is the first post for September, 2010 and I rated the Gold Club a 10. Watch the average monthly club rating for an indication of how each review posted is rated and watch the total review count for how much spam the Gold Club attracts.

  157. Prostate Massage

    I got the first prostate massage and blow job combination in my life ! What a significant experience . . said she learned this from a girl on the day shift. Love the Gold Club.

  158. Sam
  159. Jimmy
  160. aba
  161. Bird
  162. to the LIAR !

    Hey ass hole. We all know you are a liar. We go to the club and see the two fifty year old strippers each and ever week. Why do you lie about them being at the club ? You are a liar and an ass hole.

  163. Bobby

    OLD, NO I mean really, really OLD drug addict strippers.

  164. 12345
  165. Harem House vs Gold Club

    Gold Club has better looking dancers on night shifts – at least on weekends. Harem Club has more sure thing for sex acts. I will say that Gold club has slipped from last year in dancers but all clubs go through cycles. Froom rumor s I hear BBF is about to lose some as new rules have reduced dancer income.

  166. Kenny

    Actually, Club Sexy Mujeres is owned by Mercor International which owns/operates 35 clubs. Rick’s owns/operates about 22 clubs. Both holding companys run very, very successful strip clubs. In Indianapolis we have both Club Sexy Mujeres on the East Side and Rick’s Cabaerat on the West Side. Both clubs are excellent in service and value.

  167. Low Rating?

    Because this club has been under attack by some peopl with a grudge for the last couple of years. Also depends on when you go. Night shift starts at 9:00 before then you might find 1 0r 2 jewels but mostly dancers to old or heavy to be dancing. Jewels most likely to be found after 7:00 as some dancers work start at 6:00 or 7 to get home earlier.

  168. Nice Upscale Club

    The Gold Club has by far the best dancers of any club in the city. Very well run, safe and clean.

  169. Upscale Brothel

    This place is no more than an upscale brothel. Men come in, pick on a dancer, pay a “bar fee”, and take her home. Just like Bangkok or Amsterdam, a brothel with some really, really good looking women.

  170. Best Club in the City

    This is the best club in the city to pick up a stripper to take home for the night. They have a lot of 8s, 9s and a few 10s all that will go home with you for not that much money. Just an awesome full service club.

  171. Turkey Day

    Will the club be open on Thanksgiving Day ?

  172. Phil
  173. Private rooms

    The guys talking about private rooms clearly show they don’t know what they are talking about. This is a great club to watch dancers hang out and enjoy dances. Private rooms not so much private.

  174. Colts Fan

    The girls at the Gold Club turned my sorrow into joy Saturday night. Thanks for an enjoyable night.

  175. Kool Jazz

    The Jazz Gold Club is the place to be for Kool Jazz on a hot summer night. Koool Baby.

  176. Thanks Employee

    Just wanted to say thanks to Employee for telling the truth. Don’t know what or why those posters keep trying to mislead people into thinking that the premier strip club in Indy would ever transform itself into a jazz club. I did go in last night from a little after 9 to almost midnight and I will agree with one of the liars when he said the place was packed. It was nice to see so many people having a good time tipping all the fine dancers on stage let alone getting lap dances. The strip club is really back to the top form it had several years ago.

  177. Pentex Corp
  178. Vincent

    The club rating is 1.7 ! That is 1.7 out of ten ! This from a club that was the number one upscale club in the city for years. A marvel how they screwed this up.

  179. reviews

    Yep, 2600 is a lot. But how many of them have even a tangential connection to reality, good or bad? 30? 40?

  180. 2.1 Club Rating

    The customers have rated this club 2.1

  181. Liars Called Out

    You liars are being called out. I was actually at the club last Friday night and YES, there were two disgusting fifty year old strippers allowed on stage. One was a brunette named “Tina” not “Teena” and the other was a fake blonde with a very old bad boob job. Anyone that says these two fifty year old strippers do not work at this club is a liar.

  182. 2600 Reviews

    2.5 Club Rating with 2600+ reviews. You may not like the rating number, but that is what it is.

  183. 500 Race Fan

    Renting a good looking dancer for Race Weekend sounds like fun ? How much is the going rate ? This is my first 500 Race and I am really excited !

  184. former dancer

    this is a great club, every one tries to slander it and put it down. I loved it. Beautiful dancers, waitresses, great atmosphere.

  185. Club Soda

    Great strip club. Hot girls, good food.

  186. Tina ?

    Is that the same Tina that use to work at the club in the 1990s ? Great legs, big brown eyes, nice set of boobs ? I had sex with her inside/outside the club in the 90s and would love to fuck her again ! What nights does she work ?

  187. Slow

    Club was really slow last night. Dead actually.

  188. Gaylor

    Rick’s is the best gay bar in Indy! The $30 cover is worth it.

  189. Scotch drinker

    Best strip club in Indy

  190. BBrrrrrrr

    This place is cold, the new a new heating system.

  191. Anderson

    Strippers are really sexy !

  192. Flavor of the day

    Is KYA the only night dancer that provides extra services or just the flavor of the day?

  193. Happy Max

    You can pick up a stripper at any of the local clubs. However, the Gold Club has the best looking girls for take home a fuck.

  194. re: NUT CASE

    “say it ain’t so Joe” is a FUCKING NUT CASE !

  195. Date Place

    Fine club to take a date and list to jazz. Good location on the West side, easier to park than downtown.

  196. Still Not True

    Hey, old-timer, why are you so afraid to actually name the boards that rate the Gold Club the lowest besides this spam-ladden board? Is that because what you say is not true? Why does TUSCL rate the Gold Club the 2nd best club in Indy (after Brass Flamingo)?

  197. Ain't been in for a while

    Looks like they got a bunch of great new girls. Victoria, the skank that stutters, is gone. So are the fat chicks. Guess they all went to the Flamingo.

  198. Leroy

    I can’t understand what has happened to thias club. It was the best club in Indy, now sorry to say it is near the bottom.

  199. Yes, a Strip Club

    Not sure how you guys looking for tickets find them at this place is like other strip clubs. You walk to doorman pay your cover, $6 at night. Then go look at hot topless women.

    The Jazz club joke is lame and juvenile.

    Come here talk to pretty women take them for a lap dance and let the DJ manage the music.

  200. Clark
  201. Purdue

    A buddy of mine fucked Kya at the Club a few weeks ago and said she was terrific !

  202. Bernie

    Don’t know what the previous posters are talking about but the club is busy even on Monday nights let alone on Saturdays. Club is evidently making other people jealous because of all the lies being spread.

  203. Robert
  204. car
  205. a
  206. re: Latin Jazz

    re: Latin Jazz was indeed one of the better groups they have had at Brad’s Jazz Club. They need to keep expanding the music. Club in improving each and ever week.

  207. Basic Math

    This club has the most ratings of any club in Indiana. The customers have given the club a low rating over a very long period of time. You may not like not like results, but that is just basic math.

  208. Ike

    Dead as a door nail.

  209. Low Club Rating

    The reason the Gold Club has a low club ratings is that it is old, dirty, shabby and located in a rough section on the West side of town. I am sure “Employee” rates her club high, but they customers do not.

  210. Monday Night

    Football, beer and sex with a super hot stripper at the Gold Club. Life is good.

  211. Jam Sessions

    Best jam sessions on the West side.

  212. Walter

    There is nothing going on at this club.

  213. Alf
  214. Expensive

    Great club but sort of expensive.

  215. Take Home a Suck

    Which strippers do work outside the club ? Who is the best and what does she charge ?

  216. Millenium Jazz Combo

    Millenium Jazz Combo coming to Brad’s Jazz Club the week of October 13th. Reservations are recommended.

  217. Lee

    What I like about the Gold Club is the variety of dancers working and the variety of lap dance options. There are plenty of young dancers and also very hot MILF’s working. The Gold Club is a fantasy place and I like to have the occassional MILF fantasy (I am 26 years old) just like some people like to watch MILF pornos. I don’t go into the Gold Club every time with the same fantasy which is why I like the variety.

  218. Hey Pac Man

    If you think the Gold Club is the number one club in the city then why did you give it a rating so low that it dropped the average rating for this month down?

  219. Jazz Night ?

    Any news on the Jazz Night ?

  220. Donny

    Can’t think of anything good to say about this club.

  221. Big D
  222. Paarrteeeeee

    This is the place to party all night. Great looking dancers and super nice staff.

  223. My Gang

    Me and my buddies did they same thing. We got to the club at 7:30pm, got our up front seats, and waited for the new girls to arrive. Boy is it nice to seem some fresh talent in the club after a winter of the same old hick town strippers that have worked at this club far to long. The crowd loved these new hotties ! The club needs to bring in new out of town girls if it wants to get back to being number one again.

  224. re: TUSCL

    The reviews of the Gold Club on TUSCL are all total crap as well. They were all written by the exact same idiot that writes reviews on this site. None of these web sites are worth a shit. I still go to the Gold Club. It is not a very good club, but all the clubs in Indianaplis suck. I was there Friday night and they had two stripppers who were near fucking fifty !

  225. Simon
  226. Jack Off

    Well, the playboy centerfolds didn’t work. Club is rumored to going gay soon. Probably will bring in more business. Go to the Hip Hugger instead for hot dancers. Well worth the drive.

  227. Bryan
  228. Jazz Kitchen & Jazz Gold

    Are the Jazz Kitchen and Jazz Gold owned by the same company ? They always seem to have the same jazz players each week. Terrific, high quality jazz clubs both.

  229. to Mark re Jazz Nights

    Hey Mark, I am a regular but only go to the club on Saturday nights AND FOR SURE IT IS STILL A STRIP CLUB ON SATURDAY NIGHT ! Lots of hot hot women ! The Jazz Nights are Wed/Thur only, since I never go except on the weekend I don’t give a shit.

  230. Tony

    Just awlful. Just as bad as the VIP club.

  231. ^
  232. Shoot dumb people

    Why would anyone pay a “bar fee” to the club to take a dancer home? Why not wait until the dancer’s shift is over and meet her outside the bar and eliminate the middleman? You people are so stupid.

  233. GregSilver

    It’s true! Robert Johnson, who sent me a bid for the Gold Club property, is the attorney for Pizza Hut whose number I gave out by mistake. And Andrew is the owner of Babes, who’d like to see that bid win. My attorney has yet to get a bid to keep Brad’s open as a strip club.

  234. Captain America

    The “Dude” is right in that the GC is for sure still a strip club (and a dam fine one) on the weekends. I do think that during the week (when there is like no customers) they have some old fart jazz players. On the weekend strippers, during the week I think it may be jazz ?

  235. New to city

    I just moved here from Dallas and let me tell you something . . ALL of you clubs are total crap ! You do not have one good club in the entire city. I went to all the clubs mentioned by Moron # 1 and they suck. You guys need to leave the small town and go to Dallas for a weekend.

  236. New Guy in Town

    Beautifull dancers, nice club, just AWFUL MUSIC that ruins the other two.

  237. New Names

    I’ve always found this club to have good dancers. On the last visit or so many of my known faces weren’t around. Any suggested names I should check out?

  238. Rainy Day

    Me and the gang went to the Gold Club on a cold, rainy, Thursday night. What a great club ! Over 20 of the best looking dancers you will find anywhere. The girls came to our table and we had a party until the wee hours. We all will be back for the weekend.

  239. Pirate


  240. Barely Legal ?

    I have no idea how this club stays open ? You can just walk in an fuck the strippers in the private rooms ! Girls are all good lookers and the club in really clean. Suggest you enjoy this while it last. Vice will be shutting this place down soon enough. All in all the best club I have ever been to in my life !

  241. Not worth it

    Club is rumored to going gay soon. Probably will bring in more business. Go to the Hip Hugger instead. Well worth the drive.

  242. Kat ?

    Does does work outside the club ? If so, how much ?

  243. Dannie

    The ways of the old gold club are coming back alot of beautiful ladies and killer drink specials

  244. Owen
  245. SLC Ratings are always right

    I travel to a lot of cities on business. The way I find a good club is simple. I only go to clubs that have a club rating of 7.0 with 100 ratings or more. This never fails as the customers know which club is hot and which is not. In town with a buddy and we stopped by The Gold Club. This place is rated at 2.1, which is about right. We left in 10 minutes and went to Dancers which is rated 7.1 and it was fine. The system works.

  246. 3
  247. Robin ?

    I fucked a dancer named “Robin” at the Gold Club, May, Race Time. Cute blonde with big tits. Does she still work at the club ?

  248. Florida

    All of the really good looking dancers go to Florida for the winter. They come back in May for the race season. This happens each and ever year. INDy in the winter sucks.

  249. Doug

    Great place. Lots of REALLY cute (and fun) girls. My favorite place in Indy.

  250. Claude
  251. Jazz Club Performers

    Will the Hebie James Trio still be playing next week or was that a one time gig ?

  252. Colts Celebration

    Had a great Colts win celebration here with a few hot girls there.

  253. to Jazz Fan

    You can see the complete list of Jazz Performers on the Gold Club web site or at tik-a-tron. Tickets can be purchased up to three months in advance. Some of the best shows are selling out fast, so hurry.

  254. re: Previous Comment

    I totally agree that the Gold Club has the best looking dancers in the city. I always have a good time at this club. Girls are great and the service is super !

  255. Open Jazz Sessions Update

    We all went to the Jazz Kitchen last night for dinner and the show. We talked to Kiely and she said that the open Jazz Session will be expanded at both the Jazz Gold and Jazz Kitchen for the rest of the summer. Jazz Gold will be Wed/Thur shows at 9 & 11pm, Jazz Kitchen will be Mon/Tues at 8 & 10pm. She said tickets can be purchased online at,, or

  256. David R

    The economy is killing all of the strip clubs in Indy. This place is totally dead.

  257. Butch
  258. Mr. T


  259. Merle
  260. Day Shift Sex

    They are both great, but I prefer having sex with Kimberly over Tina. Tina is just a little to old, still looks good, but not as sexy as Kimberly.

  261. Sydney

    Last time I checked this was not the appropriate area for discussion.

  262. How much ?

    Gemini looks really HOT ! How much does she charge ? Does she charge by the hour or by the night ?

  263. t
  264. Seth
  265. aa
  266. Real reason for low rating

    It is real easy to explain the low ratings that the Gold Club has. Just watch the monthly average for a couple of days. Whenever there are posts about great sex in the club the monthly average goes down. The only way that can happen is that those posters rate the club below the monthly average which was 2.9 before this post. So, for all you people who post about great sex, why do you rate the club so low?

  267. Free Admission Coupon ?

    Where can you get that free admission coupon ? I would go to the club if I could get in free. The door charge is very expensive.

  268. Columbian Girl

    Girl named Maria is at Ricks for one week. She normally works at Tootsies in Miami but is on load for one week. She will also be back in May for the race. Beyond great body and loves to fuck ! You need to get in an see her in person.

  269. Day Shift

    Tina doesn’t work the day shift, just so you know.

  270. Jazz Liars changes focus

    There are maybe 2 over age 35 dancers here out of 25-30 dancers each night.It’s very simple for two sets each hour take your young hottie to the back for 3 dances in VIP you don’t see what you don’t like. But for the Jazz liars it’s more fun to come here and diss the club. That’s OK leave the young hotties for me and stay away because you don’t like less than 10% of the dancers.

  271. Low Rating ?

    Actually Brads Jazz Club has monthly rating of 4.4 which is much higher than the total average of 2.0. The rating will increase as more and more Jazz lovers caste their rating. It will just take time.

  272. zac
  273. DNF

    As a long time race fans we have seen the slow decline of this once great club over the years. It happens. They just do not have the great girls that they have had in the past. Time to close it up and move on.

  274. G
  275. hope

    i have been there for almost a year now and honestly i love the place. the whole bullshit about the chapter 7 is not true!!!!! you should come and see for yourself. i was gone for a week ans totally missed the place.

  276. Big Dave
  277. Popular

    The Gold Club was very busy last Friday night. Evidently the customers know that the club is one of the best strip clubs around.

  278. Big tex

    I liked this club, The girls were sexy, and the music and dancing were awesome, The only reason why I didnt like my visit is cause I had to leave, I tell you there are not enough hours in a day….

  279. What?

    Everybody says this is the best club in the city yet the ratings are in the dump. Why? Everybody says the sex is the best but won’t say which dancer is the best. Why? If the police are truly looking away then there is no reason not to name names so people can compare experiences. Too bad there won’t be any names listed because there really is no sex in the champagne room.

  280. Joylee is Terrific !

    I took Joylee back to the house about two weeks ago and she was terrific ! Bitch never has a nickle regardless of how much she makes at the Gold Club. The girls are now nervous about doing sex in the club, which makes work ouside the club even better !

  281. Moon

    The sun always gets the top billing but when I come out the hottest girls can be found at the Gold Club. Visit the Gold Club and be ‘mooned’ by the best.

  282. Once a year

    I only come here once a year for the race. This use to be a first rate club. Now there are no girls, no descent sounds, no action, no crowds, no nothing. Hope we have a great race on a dry track.

  283. ken
  284. Number One

    The Gold Club has regained it’s spot as THE best club in Indy. Saturday nights are standing room only. More and more people are going to see the best-looking and hottest dancers Indy has to offer.

  285. re: Open Jazz Session

    Have your friend call Kiely at 317 253 4900 to set up a short audition (to make sure your friend is not awful). Jazz Gold supports all young Jazz players.

  286. To Greg

    I noticed you claim that there is sex in the champagne room but fail to mention any names of any dancers that do that. Is that because it is not true?

  287. Chuck

    This place is rarely crowded so that means you almost get lots of attention and great service. Some of the girls are amazing.

  288. Obama

    Read my lips. No new Jazz Club.

  289. Biily


  290. Jazz Kitchen

    The Jazz Kitchen (sister club to Jazz Gold) still has a few tickets left for the 11pm show on Saturday night.

  291. re: Diamond

    No, I have not taken Diamon home yet, but I agree she is really HOT HOT HOT, and on my list. Michelle spent the night at my place Thursday and Friday and is terrific in the sack. The price was right ! She drinks like a fish and we had a ball !

  292. Nizzam
  293. Carlson

    When will the jazz night be back ? I went to the club and nothing has changed with the new management. They still do not give the customers what we ask for ! All we want is a jazz night once or twice a week.

  294. Reality

    EVERYONE in the world is a prostitute, men and women both. Everyone has a price, some are just cheaper than others.

  295. Cancelled

    The Playboy centerfold cancelled her appearance. Not enough interest. When is this club going gay?

  296. Mad Max

    Where is the best club to pick up a stripper? Oops, I repeat myself.

  297. Justin
  298. OutOfTowner
  299. That makes sense?

    Jazz club liars made up lies about the Gold Club not being a strip club in a vain attempt to drive away business. Now the people who post the truth about the Gold Club being open are being accused of being the liars. That makes no sense at all. Since the Jazz club liars wanted to drive business away the only way to keep doing it is to lie about the Gold Club being closed. It will be interesting to see what the new lie will be next week.

  300. re: Jazz Gold Tickets

    Hey dude, not to worry. Just show up and tell the nice folks at Jazz Gold you have out of town guest and they will fix you up. That is why this place is number one for Jazz in the City.

  301. Kool Kent

    Brad’s Flamingo is rated 8.0 while Brad’s Gold is rated 1.8. It is all about the way the clubs are run.

  302. Four New Dancers

    We have four new super hot dancers that have come to work the 500 Race Season. They will stay with us until the end of May. All are “10s” and all are looking to work outside the club as much as possible. Come and enjoy our daily drink specials and new improved menu. The food is really terrific !

  303. Colts Fan !

    Huge party last night at the Gold Club. Lots of fun with the guys from New York (losers). I got Linda to suck me dry in a campagne room. This is my favorite club.

  304. Upscale

    All of Rick’s Cabaret’s Clubs have the same high standards. Girls are rotated from club to club and are just better than your normal dancer. If you have the money this is the club for you.

  305. Math doesn't lie

    There have been 3 reviews since the posting by “Rating” on 9/14. First poster claimed he posted a rating of “10” while the second poster said in his comments that “the Gold Club is the best club in the city to have sex with a stripper” and the third poster states that “Men go to strip clubs to have sex”. So we have one poster claiming to rate the Gold Club a “10” and two other posters who don’t say what they rated the club but even if they rated the club a zero then the average rating of the three posts would be 3.3 which would have raised the average rating for the month above 2.6. Since the rating is still 2.6 then the poster who claimed to rate it a “10” is lying. Please grow up and quit lying. Math doesn’t lie, it is what it is.

  306. track man

    us guys from georgia were disappointed to read the club has been turned into a jazz club . . we went the last two years and had a great time . . what happened that made them change the club ?

  307. Standard Rick's Cabaret

    This is nice club with great looking women. I have been to several Rick’s Cabarets and they all are about the same. That same is really good clubs. Not sure where the controversy is on this club ? It looks like we all rated it a “10” ?

  308. Jon
  309. Car Number 88

    When did the gold club change to a jazz club ? There were some hot dancers at the club, where did they end up going ?

  310. Jacksonville Scores !

    Terrific upscale club. Sex with super friendly stripper at a much lower price than Miami. Great staff made me feel at home even with my Jacksonville Jag shirt ! Go Jags !

  311. RE: Tom's Blonde

    This is a good club I was in too early last night at left at 8:30. The crowd really builds later in the evening.

    Tom what was the name of the blonde that caught your eye? You can answer her or in comments side

  312. Santa

    Merry Christmas to all the good little girls………And also to the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’s’

  313. Road Warrior

    Strip clubs are about young hot dancers, cold beer, loud music and having a party. I just turned 22 last week and I sure as hell do not want to see some tired old stripper that is older than my mother (who just turned 40) on stage ! I still think this is one of the better clubs in the city.

  314. Brian
  315. Sol
  316. Bill

    Daners are very young and trashy looking.

  317. x
  318. Jazz Lies

    I sure hope that this years lies about the Jazz Club are much better than the last two years. Always hate reruns.

  319. Jazz Club

    Cool Jazz

  320. Zoro

    I agree, bringing back the jazz night might just be the right thing to do?

  321. re: Tweet

    I gave “Tweet” $300 to watch her watch me “Jerk Off” . . she is just so sexy . . .

  322. Ivan
  323. Club Improving !

    The club ratings are up ! If all of us that really like the Gold Club keep making positive ratings we can pass Babe’s West and no longer be rated as the worst club in the city. Babe’s West is only rated at 3.0 so it is not that much that our club needs to pass them in the ratings. We can do it if we all work together !

  324. Touchdown !

    After three months of asking I finally got to FUCK KYA in one of the champagne rooms ! Just like she said “Keep asking and one night I will need the money, honey”. You just have to be patient and keep asking. Great fuck ! She was worth the wait !

  325. Club still open

    The Gold Club is still open. Sometimes the parking lot is near empty, but the place is hanging in there. Some nice looking dancers.

  326. blah

    blah, blah

  327. Prostitution

    I was wondering why there was a seven week abscence of lies that the girls at the Gold Club have sex with the customers in the champagne rooms. I thought we were going to be entertained with the lies that the Jazz Club was returning. Boy, was I fooled! I am glad to see the lies about all the sex in the club return. It feeds my fantasies better than the jazz club lies. Thanks.

  328. Hey Ass Wipes

    None of us went to the club this weekend because you ass wipes told everyone is was closed. When I find out who you are you all are going to get your asses kicked ! Fucking morons !

  329. re: New Approach

    Yes, I agree the new approach to dissing the Gold Club proves how juvenille the old jazz cub liars are. We go from daily 3 or 4 lies about the Gold Club being a jazz club to none. For a better idea of what the Gold Club is really like you need to also see the comments at where they post the ratings that each poster rates the club. The Gold Club is an above average strip club with friendlier and sexier strippers than most other clubs in Indy.

  330. 400 Fan

    Brads Brass Flamingo rated 8.0 ! My gang is here once a year for the race. Love the race. We use to go to Brads Gold Club cus it was close. But the past two years they have like zero hot stripper, they are rated 1.9, which is about right. It is a long drive to the Eastside, but at least the Flamingo has some descent strippers. Brads Gold strippers all seem like they are on drugs ?

  331. Pathetic Joker

    I like the gay male dancers in the champagne room.

  332. Open Jazz Sessions

    Starting in July the Gold Club will have open jazz seeions for local up and coming players. Great opportunity to hear young talent, before they become famous !

  333. Wayne
  334. vick
  335. Money Talks

    Reality is money talks and business at strip club is way off. The ONLY reason most guys go to a strip club is to have sex with a stripper. No one would pay good money just to watch some dancer strip. Of course you have to tip the manager and the wait staff as well as the girl. It was a good business decision by the Gold Club to add more private areas for the girls to give full service to the high end customers. The real reality is money talks and you can get anything you want at any strip club if you just have enough money.

  336. Did not

    you mean “maroon” ?

  337. to NASCAR dude

    The previous commentor is correct in that the Gold Club is still a strip club on the weekends. I am not sure about during the week ? I did hear something about a jazz night from one of the girls ? Best to call the club directly and ask !

  338. This club stinks

    NO, it really smells bad. They need to close the joint for a week and give it a deep clean with soap and water.

  339. Keith

    Hottest girls in Indy are at the Gold Club.

  340. Slow Economy

    The slow economy is really a good thing for us guys that love to fuck strippers. The business “inside” the club is almost zero, and all of the girls are hurting for monney. You can pick out the girl of your dreams and take her home for a real discounted prices. Slow economy is good for my sex life !

  341. 4
  342. Girl on Girl
  343. Diamond ?

    Have any of you guys taken Diamond home for the night ? If so how was she ? What did she charge ? She looks really good, I ask her to come home with me but she said she already had another customer.

  344. Best Dancers

    Gold Club has the best dancers in the city. All are available for sex in the Champagne Rooms. Well run club.

  345. High Rollers Only

    Rick’s has already started flying girls from other clubs in for the Indianapolis 500 Race. Most of these girls are Playboy Quality and have a price that goes with the looks. These girls are super expensive and unless you are loaded they will be our of your price range. The starting price is $1000 for two hours. The top girls get even more.

  346. Airport Guy

    I am glad the dancers got a 4 day Holiday with their family. I had to work each day. My days off are Monday and Tuesday. I plan on going to the club Monday night.

  347. Jazz not rated high

    So far there have been 5 reviews for the Gold Club this month for the supposed Jazz night. Evidently the posters don’t like jazz because the average rating so far this month is zero. So why do people talk so much about jazz if they rate it so low?

  348. Jazz Gold & Jazz Kitchen

    The places to be for cool jazz in the city.

  349. k
  350. Sax Max

    We went to hear Sax Max play some smooth jazz, some original tunes. This brother has the magic.

  351. Party

    Mardis Gras nights on Tuesdays are the best. A true party. Cold beer, great food and HOT women.

  352. Weekday Specials

    The guy that suggested going on week days to have sex with a dancer knew what he was talking about. Got my brains fucked out last night for under $250 ! This is the best club in the Midwest for sex with a stripper !

  353. Smooth Jazz

    Louie Louie put some nice moves on some of “BIXs” tunes, rounded up and down, nice and smooth.

  354. evien

    i do agree that brads needs a little update. i have worked there for aittle over 2 years.

  355. Club Cosed ?

    I drove by and he club was closed on News Years Day ? Anyone know when it will reopen ? Will it reopen ?

  356. n
  357. Pathetic Joker/Shill

    This club going gay? Cool. I’m so there!

  358. Murphy

    Great STRIP CLUB. Don’t know where these other idiots are going but it is GIRLS, NOT jazz at the Gold Club.

  359. FYI

    You need to get to the club by 8:30pm at the latest. The four new dancers are what makes the club rock, and they are long gone by 11pm. I use to never get to the club before midnight, now I get there at 8:30pm. Once you see these dancers you will understand.

  360. Jazz Gold

    Cool jazz on a hot summer night.

  361. b
  362. Jazz Players

    No, the Herbie James Trio was a one time performance to restart the jazz night at the Gold Club. However, you will hear a lot of the same top players as at the Jazz Kitchen on Keystone. Smooth, very very smoooooth.

  363. Crowed

    Great looking professional dancers. However, unless you have a ton of money to spend you will not get their attention. Place is nice, but really crowded on the weekend.

  364. B-ball fan

    In town for the games, and found The Gold Club. FIRST class women, and OUTSTANDING food. I will be back.

  365. BJ

    Best club in the Midwest to take a business client. It is very quiet and you can actually hear your conversations. Some of the strippers are first class. Our favorite is a nice blonde named Stevie.

  366. re: Buds Lounge

    I checked and the commentor that said “Buds Lounge” is rated as the Number One Club in the State of Indiana is correct. That club does NOT even have strippers ! This site is total crap. All of the reviews (GOOD or BAD or JAZZ) are crap. I still go the Gold Club from time to time. It is just an OK club that I would rate as a 5.0, however, ratings on this site mean nothing. Total bull shit. Buds Lounge as number one in the State ? Give me a break !

  367. Motivation

    What is the motivation for saying the club is open? To get more customers. What is the motivation for saying the club is closed? To discourage customers from going to the club. I know Tommy, I knew Al Sr. and I know his son Al Jr. and all 3 would want and still want customers to enjoy themselves at the Gold Club. As someone else said the best way you can honor Al Sr. is to visit the Gold Club and enjoy yourself. The Gold Club is still open and is one of the best strip clubs in Indy.

  368. WTF?

    It is a Strip Club NOT a Jazz club.

  369. lilmama
  370. Gold Club Strip or Jazz CLub

    Good strip club, best dancers in city. Last night over 30 dancers at club and some NASCAR fans are smarter than the last three posts as they made it inside the club.

    It’s a simple test

    1. go to club

    2. walk in

    3. look at stage to see women.


  371. Re; Older women

    I turn 21 next month and would like to know what nights the cougars work as I would rather have my first lap dance from a real woman than an inexperienced hyper kid. If all I had were 20 year olds sitting at my table beggin for drinks I’d have left too. Do I need to book my party in advance to get the cougars, or just show up? BTW, you guys who have moms in their 40’s, are they hot? and do they dance anyplace?

  372. Chicago Craig

    Always treated well here….enjoy the laid back no pressure atmosphere. Make this my regular stop when I’m in Indy. If this club goes under, it will be a shame! Thanks Shea…and Brandy….and all the other ladies. Hope to see you again soon.

  373. How stupid are you ?

    IF it was true that the Gold Club received a nice fee for providing hookers and because of that they were able to stay in business while the other clubs went broke then why was it neccesary for the Gold Club to sell itself to Rick’s ?

  374. 3406
  375. Still Bored

    Where have all the liars gone? When will we see more lies posted about Rick’s?

  376. All about choice

    If you like young strippers then pay attention to the young ones. If you like mature strippers then do the same. What if you only like blondes, do you get turned off by brunettes? Choice is a good thing.

  377. France
  378. Super Club !

    Top notch dancers that really know how to please. Sex in the private rooms terrific ! Not all the girls are available for sex, but if not, she will recommend one of the other dancers that will make your dreams cum true.

  379. Larry

    Stripper look great but are just in it for the money !

  380. We trust Tommy

    to tell us the truth. If Tommmy says the club is closed, it is closed. It is just the Jazz Liars trying to cause trouble that say the club is still open. The Jazz Liars are losing and should just go away under some rock.

  381. Stewart
  382. DAMN it !

    You mean I missed going to the greatest club in the city all because of a bunch of lies on the internet ! As soon as I figure out how to use a phone and am able to CALL the club to see what are lies and what is truth I will tell my mommy what you guys did to me !

  383. New Year Baby !

    Which girl wants to be my mommy and let me suck their tits ?

  384. All the clubs are the same.

    All the club are the same. The only reason guys go to strip clubs is to have sex with a stripper. That may be a blow job in the club, or maybe you take her home. NO STRIPPER has ever been fired for going home with a customer ! That is the whole purpose of a having a strip club. Why would anyone go to a strip club except to have sex with a stripper ? Me, I love the variety of having sex with a lot of different great looking girls.

  385. 3000 + Reviews

    Lowest rated club in the city.

  386. Real Employee

    The “employee” who is talking about guys picking a girl and paying off staff is a complete liar and probably some long forgotten loser who got fired. It’s false information. Business has been good during the typically quiet months at the start of the year. Thanks to all awesome customers who make that possible.

  387. Joe the Plummer

    Laid back atmosphere, terrific sex with pretty girls. This is my favorite club.

  388. Alex
  389. Worst kind of lie!

    Big Al dies and the liars on this board twist it around by saying the Gold Club will close for an extended amount of time in memory. The best way you can honor Al is to post the truth. If you don’t like the Gold Club then state the reasons why you don’t but don’t lie!

  390. The Gold Club

    is old, tired, dirty and cold.

  391. re: "test"

    Some chicken shit is using “test” then putting in a low spam rating on our club. We are not the worst club in Indianapolis and should be rated higher than Babes West. Come on guys, put in some positive ratings to combat Mr. Test Chicken Shit !

  392. Halloween night

    I agree that the Halloween bash was fun and evidently a lot of other people thought so too judging by how many people were there. Nice way for adults to have fun on Halloween night.

  393. Unknown

    excellent had a great time

  394. Same Experience

    I have had he same experience. If you really want to fuck a stripper go mid-week (late). Lots of nights the girls make like nothing and when it gets to close to closing is when they are ready to make a deal.

  395. Girl Fan

    I found this club to be full of RACY young girls.

  396. Whatever

    Day shift dancers are OK but I would call the hot. The few times I go on day shift you seldom see the champagne rooms as busy as these posters would imply. The really hot girls are on night shift and it’s much too busy for any extra action to happen.

  397. Name

    I think her name is Tina. She is smoking hot.

  398. Jazz Gold Fan

    The Jazz Gold and Jazz Kitchen have the exact same jazz players, identical menus and excellent service. But the Jazz Gold Club has PARKING ! I love both jazz clubs, but just can never find a place to park at 56th and Keystone. Jazz Gold its own huge lot, just a lot easier.

  399. Jazz Value

    The Jazz sets start at 9pm and 11pm, but you can buy one ticket and stay the entire night ! A great Jazz value !

  400. BBBBRRRrrrrrrrrrr
  401. Indy club-goer

    Gold club is friendly, sexy and funny. Take time to know and tip the waitresses and they will bring the right girl for you to you.

  402. christopher
  403. Winter Storm

    We have closed the club for tonight for the safety of our employees. We will reopen on Thursday. Thank you for your understanding and support. Gold Club Management.

  404. Liars feel the heat

    So they have been called out twice now and to counter they increase posting rate. Simply ignore the lies check out indy gold and enjoy the best strip club in town. Why would anyone looking for a jazz club go to stripclublist.

  405. To: What Attacks

    Oh how about the jazz guys. They never clear the reviews out so the old one left when Paul owned it help drag down ratings.

    Club isn’t as good as before Al died but still batter than most in city. I would not call TUSCL a small board. Over there The Brass is rated #1 then the next 4 are rated very similarly 2 – Gold Club, 3 – Red Garter, 4- Dancers and then Classy Chassy. There the reviews all read with common sense. They leave the old reviews back to 2004 up for reading but use last couple of years for rating. Mr 3200 can believe what he wants.

  406. KT

    BGC is the best

  407. liz

    The money potential for this club is not very good. It’s set in a bad side of town with nothing good around it. Dancers by the airport or the Garter downtown are better options. More of a corporate crowd that you can get great tips out of. Most of the time you can get tips of atleast $1000 and up if you know what you’re doing that is! However, if you like dealing with young guys with a VERY limited income, then this club is for you. If you like black AMEX, pick a different club.

  408. Four New Grils

    We have four new girls at the club that are a MUST SEE ! They will only be with us until the end of May so viewing time is limited. If you have not been to the Gold Club for a while, come in and give us a second chance. We have daily drinks specials, a new dynamite menu, and lots of girls that are available for “take away” xoxoxoxoxo

  409. Geoff
  410. O for 3

    Your city sucks ! I went the Babes, Gold Club and Dancers and all three are terrible ! I could not say which one was worst ? Don’t you dick heads have even one good club ?

  411. 1
  412. New York Giants Fan

    Flew in to see the game. Stoped by this club last night and had a blast. Fucked some chick named Tina in the ass. Great club. Great city.

  413. Night Shift Love

    I had sex last night with “KYA” at the Gold Club. Any guy that is looking for outstanding sex with a stripper should give “KYA” a shot. Great body and she really enjoys having serious sex. Good value for the money. She is a night shift girl. Long live the Gold Club !

  414. Buck
  415. Marty
  416. re: Bar Fee ?

    Sorry guy, but most clubs do charge a “bar fee” if you take one of the strippers out of the club before the end of her shift. Normally, it is only $25 of $50 which is not that bad. The club has lost her for the night, and you are going to get laid. Just pay the fee and be glad you are not in New York.

  417. What happened ?

    I only come here once a year for the RACE ! This club use to be “The Place”. It looked like it was closed, only a few cars in the parking lot, inside only a few ugly dancers and a few uglier customers. What happened to this once rocking club ? Where do you guys go now ? What is the new hot club in the city ?

  418. chester
  419. Jazz Performer List

    Where can I view the list of Jazz Performers for the next few months ? How far in advance can I purcahse tickets ?

  420. No Jazz Wed/Thurs Night

    Duy below is right that there is no Jazz on Sat. But wrong about Wed/Thur. This is simply the best strip club in Indy. And right now a great visit until it’s reputation catches up to the fact of how hot the dancers are.

  421. Depressing

    Maybe it is the weather, but this club is even more depressing than the others. The interior is old and worn, the place smells, it is dirty, and the strippers are way past prime. No other club is worth a shit either, but this one is at the bottom. Over rated at 2.1 !

  422. Fun strip club

    Dancers are great here good looks and fun personalities. I was here over the race weekend good 40 dancers on Friday night I was told and seemed about the same on Saturday.

    I wish the jazz liars would learn how to spell.

  423. Visitation / Viewing

    According to the obituary visitation is Wed 4-8 and Thurs 10 am until service time at 11:00. Legacy Funeral Center E Washington

  424. 8
  425. $25 Cover Charge
  426. Jazz Gold Sold Out !

    Jazz Gold was packed last night ! Not even one empty seat in the entire jazz club. Jazz fans are just keeping the place sold out each and ever night.

  427. Jazz Night lies are back

    The good old Jazz night lies are back. Never has been and never will be a Jazz night. I can’t figure out if it’s former dancer, or just someone with a small one trying to cause confusion.

    Stop by and see the great looking dancers on Thursday.

  428. Honest Abe

    Went to the Gold Club last night and I can report that YES it is still a strip club. No a very good strip club, but there really are not any good stip clubs in this city. (which is why I still go the the Gold Club) I rated the club as a “3.5” because it just not a good club. If you look at the reviews (over 2,000) you will find that all of the reviews give this club the exact same rating, year in and year out. Don’t know what the deal is with the jazz shit, but evidently they rate this place as a “3.5” just like us guys that rate the strip club “3.5” Sometimes the truth is not what you want it to be.

  429. Matthew

    Gosh, I think this club is swell too !

  430. Poor Paul

    I am one of those guys that is looking for a coupon to get in free. Other guys come in and take home a dancer for the night. Must be nice to be rich.

  431. JAZZ Sucks !

    I have talked with all my friends and NO one wants the return of the jazz nights. Why is the Gold Club doing this ? No one wants this crap !

  432. Fact Jack

    1.9 is the lowest rating for any club in the ctiy. It is just a lousy club. Go to the top ten clubs in the State and you will see club the customers have rated excellent and which ones are dumps. This one is the lowest in the State of Indiana.

  433. Bar Fee ?

    Vicky said she wanted to f#*k my brains out for $300 and then she told me I had to pay a $50 “bar fee” because she was leaving early. (it was only 9:30pm) I paid the money, she was terrific, but did I get ripped off by the Gold Club ? Do other clubs charge when you take a girl home early ?

  434. Brickyrard Race Fan

    When this this place change to a jazz club ? I was here last year and thought it was a really good stip club ?

  435. Zeke

    Place is totally lame. Old, old strippers, some older (literally) than my mother. Just an old, tired, sad club.

  436. Sir
  437. Jazz Lover

    Does anyone know who will be playing at Brad’s Jazz Club this weekend? Thinking about going to Jazz Club or Jazz Kitchen. Heard a lot of nice things about Brad’s but am worried that the customers only rate this jazz club a 2. Is it worth going to or not?

  438. DJ

    I reread some of the previous post and agree, this “strip club guy” has serious mental health issues. We can just call him “DJ” (Delusional Joe). We all know he changes his name from Mel to Mark, but his syntax gives him away. I wonder what he thinks when he returns to his old club and hears that jazz music ? I wonder if he hit his head in the past ?

  439. Great Sex

    Sex in the club is actually better when the club is not so crowded. Best club in the city for sex with a stripper.

  440. Outside observer

    Jazz club or strip club does not matter. The best thing about the Strip Club List is the ratings are by the customers. This club has over 1700 ratings from the customers. Of course you get a disgruntled employee from time to time, or a nut case or two, but with 1700+ ratings you get more than enough for a fair rating. Gallup uses about 600 folks to predict the Presidential race. This club has been rated more than any other club in the State. The customers have rated this club 2.0 which is the lowest rating of any club in the entire State of Indiana. No other club is even close to this bad. So if it is jazz club or a strip club it matters not. This place stinks.

  441. Anonymous
  442. re: Old Strippers

    Girls that are say 29 or 30 are still OK. But, they have a few dancers that are over 50 ! When they come on stage we just leave for Hooters. The over 50 year old stripprs must go before this club is back on top.

  443. Andy A

    Great club, lost of terrific looking girls !

  444. Indy Gold Truth Team

    Jazz Liars lie. Hey this is a great strip club. The Jazz Liars are entertaining but wrong. Not only is there no Jazz Gold but they don’t even get the name of the acts at the Jazz Kitchen right. Or even real Jazz Groups. The names you need to know here are the the names of the dancers although I bet a lot of them with kids aren’t there Saturday on the 4th.

  445. I know the truth

    There is no new owner, the club is not being sold in Florida, this is all bullshit. If you have any doubt, ask Paul himself, he’ll be there thurday friday and probably saturday night

  446. Jestme

    Why would anyone go to a club that has a 2.4 rating?

  447. Iron Mike

    Hey, Paul, you are not alone dude, a lot of us just don’t have extra money with construction down. Yea, I see those rich guys come in a pick up a dancer, and off they go. Me, I am lucky to afford two beers.

  448. Corn

    A few strippers were hanging around. None would come over and talk. Business is bad.

  449. Prices

    ALL of the girls work “outside” the club from time to time. But Dude, these girls do NOT THINK IN ADVANCE, which is why they always are broke. The price will depend on how much money she needs by the next morning and nothing else. I had Cindy twice in the same week, then when I ask here for a third she went nuts ! “What kind of girl to you think I am?” Well I know for a fact she is prostitute, but it seems just not all the time.

  450. re: Bud's Lounge

    Yeah, Bud’s Lounge has been ranked number one in the city for years. They always have huge crowds, especially during the races. I think the place is a dump, but they do have huge crowds and always the number on SCL rating.

  451. DIRTY

    Stopped by Saturday night. This club is old, dirty, with dancers long past prime. About 20 years ago this was the number one club in the city, they should just close the doors and give this place an honorable death.

  452. Sweet Sweet Jazz Jazz

    Thanks to the new management for running two of the top jazz clubs in the nation. Jazz Gold and Jazz Kitchen always have some of the top players making some sweet sweet jazz.

  453. Bart
  454. Fantastic Gays

    but way to expensive if you work for a living.

  455. More of the same BS

    Now they try the old stripper story/lie used before. There is no 50 year old. The vast majority that I’ve run across are in the early to mid 20’s range. There is no Teena. You’ll be called out on the lies by true customers. To those in doubt stick your head in and see the hot young Babes present on night shift after 9:00.

    10 different people have written reviews for this club on TUSCL since 9/1/2008.

  456. CA Racer

    The girls make a club. This place has zero, zip, nil hot dancers. I think they should at least import some hot chicks for race week ? We could not find even one good titty bar in the entire city.

  457. HEY Tank !

    I think I know you ! I am have not been in for a while, but as far as I know it is still a strip club ? No idea what all the talk is about it becomming a jazz club ? Do you still work on the line at Plant Five ?

  458. Different owner names

    The panicked Jazz liars never answer a question about why this is the only place the name Jazz Gold appears. So next question if the ownership is the same why do the owners have different names? Al owns the Gold club and is on site nearly every night. A Google search show the Jazz kitchen is owned by a Dave. Let the liars have there way they aren’t fooling anyone.

  459. re: Cold Night

    me and my buds went to the club on wed night. place was empty . . no customers or dancers. . just sucks

  460. Club is open

    It’s been said by the fans of the club. The jazz liars try to stir up trouble and fail. Go enjoy yourself at the Gold Club.

  461. drew

    this strip club is horrible,the dancers stink, and are promiscuious–disgusting

  462. Dallas Guys

    Rick’s imported six super hot gays from their Dallas club for the next two weeks ! Wow ! These guys are perfect 0s !

  463. To Nascar guy

    No need to worry. The Gold Club is still the best strip club in Indy. The liars that post the jazz club lies are just that LIARS. I will give 500 dollars cash to the first person who can prove that these jazz club lies are true. What proof do I want? Just point me to a website devoted to jazz music that mentions anything about the Gold Club hosting jazz musicians. My 500 dollars will be in the bank earning interest for a very long time before it will be claimed!

  464. BBBBRRRrrrrrrrrr
  465. Evan
  466. Tank

    WTF ? When did this place turn into a jazz club ? They use to have the hottest dancers in the city !

  467. Hi Jack

    Yes, Jack you are correct. The Gold Club use to be a strip club. It feel on hard times and was purchased by the owners of the Jazz Kitchen. It is now an upscale jazz club, the customers are normally couples (girl and boy)) but I am sure there are a few gays in the crowd as well. You should stop by if you enjoy quality jazz and excellent exotic food.

  468. Jamz
  469. Michael

    Club has gone downhill. Check the rating.

  470. Early Bird

    I went to the club at eight on Saturday night and got to watch all of the four new dancers up close. Awesome ! Just what the clubs needs for it to return to the number one club in the city !

  471. Cliff

    Rated way to high. This club is more like a .0001

  472. Gold Club Haters

    There are still a lot of Gold Club Haters making bad post about this club. Everyone knows it is on hard times and should be rated with Babe’s West (Pure Passion) and not with the top clubs like the Harem House and Bud’s Lounge. It is just not fair, but the Gold Club Haters continue to make these comparisons. Fuck ’em all !

  473. Cool Cal

    Sorry I missed going to the club when they had live jazz. Sounds fun !

  474. Tank listen to John

    John’s right. This is a very good strip club an very bad if you expect Jazz. Things to expect here 30 dancers on weekend. Girls on stage topless, VIP dance area. Champagne Room.

    Good place to spend a strip club evening.

  475. Old and Tired

    This club is old and needs a complete restoration. The strippers are tired old drug addicts.

  476. Rex

    Enjoyed my time with Sapphire. She is a very sexy dancer and she gives a great lap dance.

  477. Professional Scam

    This place is just a scam. A super hot dancer from Houston named Kelly got me drunk. Then she ran over $5,200 on my Visa Card. The entire club must get a cut. This place is just one big scam.

  478. Voted Number One !

    Jazz Gold was voted the Number One Jazz Club in Indianapolis for the third consectutive month. Well done to the new mangement for bringing in top jaz talent.

  479. TO: Confused

    Gold club is a strip club open from 3:00 PM to 3:00 am. You may have called before they opened. They really don’t get running until about 3:30. The phone is 297-0429. The other number is to the Jazz kitchen. It is a restaurant with Jazz music located on N College Ave. The low ratings are because the Jazz liars have been attacking this place for two years. If you check the monthly ratings you see one month late last year with a high rating. There were no posts by the Jazz liars in that month probably a reflection of the true ratings for this club. If you want a good strip club call the number in this post and ask.

  480. No Shame
  481. No it was't a jazz club

    Oh yeah the Jazz thing is back – If you want a strip club with hot women this is your place. If you want a Jazz club too bad.

  482. Westside Regular

    All the clubs on the West side are slow. The good news is most of the girls will now give you a blow job in one of the new Champagne Rooms for a low, low price. The girls are hurting for money and will do what ever it takes to earn a buck.

  483. Blonde
  484. Expensive Club

    The club has been upgraded, but now is super expensive. Shannon got me drunk and with the help our her bosses took me for over $8,000 on my AEX card. She really pushes the booze and all her buddies must get a cut. Super sexy, but not worth $8,000.

  485. Brad

    Always have a great time at the Gold Club.

  486. RE:Ratings

    The answer is the people claiming sex are giving the club really low ratings. I doubt they are even customers. If you actually go you find a laid back atmosphere with pretty women.

  487. Dude

    Decide for yourself if it is a strip joint. Call the club (317/297-0429). Anticipating the next idiot’s post saying he called the number and it is a jazz club, DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THESE POSTS- CALL AND DECIDE YOURSELF!! When you do you will know it is a strippie.

  488. andyman

    This place is one of the best clubs to visit in the US. I travel and this club is friendly, great talent, and a place you can relax like you are a regular.

  489. Jazz Gold Reviews

    The Indianapolis Star review was excellent. There is another review in “Talk of the Town” on Jazz Gold that just gives total support to the club. Well done to the new management.

  490. xander
  491. re: Previous poster

    The previous poster got it 100% correct ! The only reason I go to strip club is to pick up a stripper for sex. The “free sex” I got from ex-wife is the most expensive pussy of all time. I am still paying for it. I do not want to talk to a stripper, I do not want to dine with a stripper, all I want is sex,sex,sex. I pay my money and get what I paid for. “Free sex” from a girl friend or a wife is just way to expensive ! Long live these strip clubs and the girls that provide an excellent service for a fee. No reason to go to any strip club except to pick up a girl for the night.

  492. urwin
  493. Amazing

    I needed to do a report on Jazz for school and didn’t know where on the internet I could find the information. How convenient that stripclublist dot com has the history I need. Can anyone tell me where I can find information on strippers? Maybe on some site devoted to Jazz music???

  494. No Tickets

    Sorry you can’t purchase tickets. Open Table doesn’t work for strip clubs. However the strip club cover charge is collected at the door make sure you have ID.

  495. Rich Dude

    To all the poor people out there: why don’t you save up some money before you come into the club? Or do you just like to torture yourselves?

  496. d
  497. Poop
  498. Totally Agree !

    The Gold Club is the best. The have the hottest dancers and private areas for sex. This club is number one in my book !

  499. Sorry Tank

    Sorry Tank, but in fact the Gold Club is now a jazz club. Many old customers are surprized when they come in and hear the jazz music (and notice there are no longer strippers)

  500. >
  501. u
  502. Avoid Jazz Nights

    Me and my buddies would HATE a Jazz Night. Which nigths should we NOT come to the club ?

  503. Real Jobs

    I am just taking a guess here, but I would think that the reason guys pay the “Bar Fee” to take the girls home, is that they have real jobs. They can not wait until the girl gets off work at 3am, take her home for a few hours of serious sex, and make it to the office at 7am. Paying the “Bar Fee” at 8pm is a rip off, but at least you get some serious time with the girl and make it into the office the next morning. Just a guess.

  504. re: Reality Check

    Sorry to report that there are 25 different members of TUSCL that have posted reviews of the Gold Club and not one of them has mentioned anything about having sex in the club. Unlike Stripclublist TUSCL makes you register to post and TUSCL posts the ratings that each poster gives along with their review. Of the 2 sites I believe TUSCL more.

  505. re: All clubs are same

    “Me, I love the variety of having sex with a lot of different great looking girls.” Translation: I can’t get laid without paying the girls! How sad!

  506. John

    Friendly attractive girls, good atmosphere.

  507. 3rd year of lies

    Finally! The Jazz Club lies have returned for the third year. I hope the lies will have new twists this year and not just reruns of the old lies.

  508. Jules

    The reason this club is rated low is because there are too many haters from other clubs trying to dis what we are doing. Don’t believe the hype, come to Brad’s Gold Club and see the truth.

  509. New approach

    So we now have a new type of attack to make this board meaningless. Just ignore them and go to the club. Good dancers fair prices worth checking out for yourself and ignoring the attacks.

  510. Still a strip club

    And a great one. How stupid are the Jazz liars supposedly talking about jazz on a place call stripclublist.

    But all they want to do is disrupt this site so newcomers don’t realize what a great club this is.

  511. Aaron
  512. easterner

    Girls are great and you get lots of attention.

  513. Butt

    ugly strippers.

  514. Lousy Club

    This is just a lousy club. However, it is also the best club in the city to pick up a dancer for the night.

  515. Andy M

    They need to get some new girls.

  516. Summer JAZZ Specials

    The summer Jazz performances at Jazz Kitchen and Jazz Gold just keep getting better and better ! These are two of the best Jazz Clubs in the entire Midwest. Well done to the new management.

  517. Your Lucky !

    Your lucky you got to fuck Brook ! Yes, she fucks customers, but she is one of the dancers that does not do it all the time. I ask her for sex each and ever time I go the club. Unless she is broke the answer is always a sweet, “Maybe next time”. Hot dancer and really nice, just wish she were more reliable on the sex.

  518. Fast Eddy


  519. Give me more!

    Give me more jazz club lies. All these jazz club lies were posted last summer into last fall. I love reruns. I can’t wait for the lies about the ads and reviews of the “jazz club” supposedly in Nuvo and the Indianapolis Star. Keep posting the lies because it is generating a lot of interest in the Gold Club. The Strip Club is getting busier and busier.

  520. heavyd

    had a great time at this club,,,allot of hot girls and all were sexy as hell!!!

    we saw Desire on the street passing out cards and could not say no,,,and she did not disapoint!!! very hot and the best lap dance i ever got!!!

  521. Same Old Same Old

    Back to the same BS. Great Sex and low reviews. Don’t believe anything said at any Indy SCL club reviews. Glance through them they are all full of some sort of attack.

  522. Ben
  523. Tony

    There are fewer dead bodies in the parking lot than in weeks past. This club is making a cum back for sure !

  524. Balla
  525. Number Two Club

    Good place to find meth or coke. The dancers dig it in the VIP rooms though. Good times, but very expensive.

  526. Mario

    Back for the race, man has this club gone down hill ! Use to have some really hot dancers ! WTF happened ?

  527. Marc
  528. Pac Man

    This is the number one club in the city to have sex with a stripper. Lots and lots of sexy strippers.

  529. Drink Specials

    We have daily drink specials and the best looking group of dancers in the city. Almost of the girls are available for work outside the club with very short notice. We will start an upgrade to the club real soon. XOXOXOX

  530. Hotel Room Key

    Did you know the Gold Club allows free admission by just showing your Hotel Room Key ? The hotel limo brings the guest to the Gold Club, waits while they pick out a girl for the night, and then whisk them back downtown. Sometimes you can see three or four limos waiting for their VIP guest. Business is good for the dancers working OTC for the big bucks.

  531. Classy Club

    This club has class and style. Really good looking dancers, who are (most not all) available for sex in private champagne rooms. Safe, clean and sophisticated. Club managers are very professional.

  532. re: stripper math

    More money for no work? Sounds like strippers are turining into bankers?

  533. Oz
  534. Fuzzy Z

    First time back in Indianapolis in over 10 years. I use to come to this club when I was here on business and always had a good time. What happened ? It use to be an upscale club for bussiness guys like me. Now it is just a total dumb. Where is a nice upscale club in the city ?

  535. Big Mac

    I always have a good time at the Gold Club.

  536. gizmo
  537. Live Jazz ?

    Is this the club that has live jazz one or two nights a week ? Which nights ?

  538. y
  539. Z Man

    The best thing about having sex with a dancer at the Gold Club is that it is a sure thing. You pay your money, go into one of the new rooms, and you have sex. I love the Gold Club and the new rooms !

  540. to Visitor

    You will love this club and for sure you will have sex in the Champagne room. 100% for sure. Timing is the key. If a girl is late on a car payment she will fuck your brains out. Same girl another night ? Maybe “yes” maybe “no”. Just ask around and you will find a girl that really, really needs the money. Strippers are the worst in the world on money management. Again, you will love this club and for sure you will have sex in the Champagne Rooms !

  541. Top Talent

    Brad’s Jazz Club should be commended for bringing in some really top players. Well done.

  542. Damn, I'm Stupid

    I walk into a bar, get drunk and then get rolled. Guess I don’t know when to say when!

  543. re: Previous Commentor

    I am also glad the girls got a four day Holiday. I bet the club will be packed when they reopen on Monday !

  544. Happy New Year !
  545. s
  546. 6
  547. Roger

    I was there over the weekend. It was like the good old days.

  548. New Owners

    New owners need to clean up the club. It is a pit

  549. Dave

    There is no one at this club. If you believe the BS about the rich corporate guys then I have some ocean front property in Indy to sell you.

  550. NO ! to Jazz Nights !

    I like the Gold Club the way it is, with lots of hot looking strippers. NO way to I want a fucking jazz night !

  551. isaac
  552. Well done

    Well done to the new management for bringing in the four new girls. They make the club come alive, even if just for a few hours. Thanks.

  553. Big Bill

    Great Club ! Nice and quiet.

  554. Attacks continue

    Ratings on other boards show this to be a pretty good club. Only here where there is no membership or login to post reviews the ratings is low. Sounds like a SPAM attack.

  555. Jazz Next Week

    Trumpet of Stan Morsel will be at the Gold Club next week. Smooth as silk.

  556. MD
  557. Fantastic Open Jazz Session

    Jazz Gold had one hell of an Open Jazz Session last night. The best ever at Jazz Gold ! Lots of awesome young talent playing till three . . . smooth baby.

  558. Jazz Club Tickets

    You can purchase your Jazz Club tickets on line with Tik-a-Tron.

  559. J J

    2 Jazz Clubs. There is Jazz Kitchen on College and Brads Jazz Club off 38th street. Brads Flamingo is the one with strippers on the far East side. Very confusing.

  560. re: Time for Truth ?

    You are a complete idiot! Only an internet loser would do a Google Search to find out that ONE stripper was arrested (and then released the next day) TEN YEARS AGO! You stupid moron, you proved what the other commentor was saying? Girls that work OTC, which is about 90% of the dancers, DO NOT GET ARRESTED. I love the Gold Club and so do a lot of other guys in the city. It is no secret this is the best place in the city to pick up a super hot dancer for the night. Why do you think they let high end customers in the club with only their hotel room key like the previous commentor stated? Grow up, pick out a girl and spend the money.

  561. Friday Afternoon

    Great sex at the Gold Club. I arrived at 3:30 as the club was just opening. Found my girl and off we went to a Champagne Room. This is the best deal anywhere. HOT dancers, cold beer, and sex sex sex.

  562. Wishful Thinking

    All private Champagne rooms or private dance rooms in all strip clubs in Indy are equipped with cameras. I have seen more customers escorted out of clubs for crossing the line of behavior and more dancers suspended or fired for the same. While there are a few dancers (very few) that have done blowjobs in any of the clubs in the city they don’t last long. Nice fantasy but not reality.

  563. Spam


  564. All Clubs

    It is not just the Gold Club that is empty. We went to five different clubs in the same night and it was the same at each one. The Gold Club is no better or worse than any of the others. We are just in tough economic times.

  565. Meaningful info

    Really doesn’t exist on this site due to lack of registration. I still rank this as my current favorite club. The Brass may offer cheaper dances but the girls don’t invest in conversation time like here. Dancers is similar but I find more dancers here that match my ideal.

  566. Ted
  567. jeffrey
  568. Answers

    The answers to all your questions are contained in the Health Care bill.

  569. Cool Joe

    Cool little jazz club. Some nice players.

  570. Rooms for Sex

    Yes,both the Gold Club here in Indy and Tootsies in Miami both have private rooms for sex with the dancers. Actually, the private rooms at Tootsies are larger and are upstairs. Most night the have over 100 dancers so your choice is terrific. The private rooms for sex cost $250/Hour. What you pay the dancer is just like here at the Gold Club ? It just depends on the girl and the night. I have fucked Robin at both clubs. Love that hot, hot body !

  571. YY

    Latin jazz was a nice change of pace. Wish I spoke Espanol ?

  572. Albert

    CEOs Welcome !

  573. Hey Don

    What was the name of that website again? I didn’t get it the first million times you told us!

  574. GC Regular

    The bad economy has devasted all of the strip clubs in this city. Business was so bad this winter the Gold Club came close to being closed. A lot of guys work in automotive and they just don’t have any money. In the past none of the dancers worked OTC, now they all do, as they need to pay bills. As we get closer to the race the club will pick up, but nothing like it has been in the past.

  575. Upscale and Expensive

    Best club in the city is you have a lot of money. The girls are from other Rick’s clubs with lots of 8s & 9s. All are available for OTC but very expensive. They provide transport of the girls to the Conrad Hilton downtown.

  576. Irv
  577. SS


  578. Harry
  579. Old Fucking Strippers

    They have got to get rid of those fifty year old strippers. Those dried up old bitches give everyone the creeps.

  580. Best Girl

    Who is the best current day girl? Night shift experiences?

  581. ZZZZZZzxxhfhfhryryyr

    ===viagra/trimotidl.e…,,,,dkenigle/ shipped from canaga aldld$$$$ . . love pricennn99999…

  582. Great girls

    Don’t know if this place will fall down or not but the girls are fantastic.

  583. Jazz Strip Dance

    Get a hot lap dance from one of the dancers at Brads Gold Club after listening to the Jazz players at Brads Jazz Club to cap off your evening. Brads Gold Club is open till 3 AM, long after the Jazz players call it a night.

  584. Review reality

    Yes the Indy SCL reviews are nearly worthless nearly every club has some absurd comments. On TUSCL, it’s the 3rd highest rated club in Indy, after BBF and Sunset Strip. Here where there are anonymous rating posts it’s near the bottom.

    This is a good strip club I think the dancer quality is off a little since earlier this year. Crowd picks up between 10 and 11 at night can be pretty empty before that.

    Generally you don’t see the manager on a night shift visit tot he Champagne rooms. I bet the sex posters can’t even describe the rooms. But we’ll se more Jazz posts to confuse things.

  585. Next Week

    Tommy Tubs Jazz Quintet on for next week. This club just keeps getting better and better.

  586. Rocky

    Super club with great dancers !

  587. Trogdor

    best place in indy

  588. Hot New Blonde

    Who is the Hot New Blonde with the big Tits ? She did one dance on stage last night, went off to the champagne room with some old fart, and never came out again. I waited two hours – then gave up and left. Does anyone know her name ?

  589. Joe
  590. Good Looking Hookers

    Hey guys, went last night and there were two really good looking hookers working on stage. Maybe; 7s or 8s ? Club is old and dirty; but the whores were fine.

  591. 2nd Opinion

    I thought the same thing, and chatted with a Doctor friend of mine from IU. He stated it is called “Time Delusion Disorder” and is not uncommon among alcoholics (which makes logic, the guy use to hang out at a strip club). The good news is the these types normally just keep to themselves, continue to drink, and live in past. He would not be considered a threat to society.

  592. re: Low Club Ratings

    I think part of the low ratings is that this is “Rust Belt Strip Club” from the 1980s. However, it is no better or worse than the other clubs in the area. The old strippers make the club seem even older and tired. Some fresh paint and all young strippers would help the ratings.

  593. Ian
  594. re" Tweet

    She will get you drunk and hard in one hour. Then it is your AEX and your ass. Drunk and stupid, kissing her ass.

  595. Bouncer
  596. Wait

    another year and this place will fall down.

  597. harold
  598. Say it ain't so, Joe ?

    Are you the Joe that owns Tire Barn ? I thought I saw you at the club last week. Totally agree with you that this is the best club in the city.

  599. PY

    This former number one club is now rated lower than Club Rio ! What a shame.

  600. Lllkkkiuggrredf

    YuuuuwowIIIU: Porrtefghertesdes: lexapro cigarettes – lexapro cymbalta interaction

  601. re: Robin

    Robin only works the month of May at the Gold Club. She lives in Florida and dances at Tootsies in Miami. I agree she is really a hot stripper.

  602. jeff

    great value for money. $10 lap dance , $50 for 1/2 hour in the back which is private with no bouncer staring at you

  603. Great Friday night

    Stopped in on Friday night. More than 30 dancers a wide variety of dancer types. Large crowd and Active Champagne room adn Couch dance area. It was one of the dancers birthday and they made it a celebration which was fun. I find this club better than most in the city.

  604. Looking

    What are the stage names of these 4 new dancers, what do they look like, how much do they charge and how do I make a “date” with one of them?

  605. Archie

    You will need more than jazz night to fix up this dump. The rating says it all!

  606. Longtime Regular

    I am a longtime regular that loves this strip club. I think it is the best strip club in the city. We all know all this jazz club stuff is crap. But the guy that said with 1700 ratings the 2.0 rating is a good number. Plus or minus the 100 jazz club ratings would not make a difference. The customers always get it right. A good example is the club HOT LAP DANCE in New York. It has been closed for six months as is still the number one rated club in the country. I went there twice when I was in New York and agree it is/was the number one club in the world ! I love Brad’s strip club, but unfortunately I am very much in the minority. I just gave the club a perfect “10” ! It won’t matter, one perfect “10” out of 1700 just does not matter. Most customer think this place is not worth a shit. The majority rules thus the lowest rating of any club in the state.

  607. Bently

    BGC is a very dull place. Overpriced dancers and booze.

  608. Finally !

    I finally got Stevie (Melissa) to go home with me. It cost a bunch, but was worth each and every dollar. That is one terrific woman !

  609. Buds is number One !

    If you judge by the crowds and the club ratings, Bud’s Lounge is still the number one club in the city. No other club even comes close.

  610. Alfonzo
  611. joe c
  612. Geoffrey
  613. re: husband

    Well, the gay men dancers cost $250 for a half hour, so he most likely got 4 of them. After one 30 min session, and you get the same gay male for the 2nd 30 min session, the blowjob from hiM is free.

  614. Summer Jazz

    “Two Jays” will be performing tonight at Jazz Gold and then Friday night at Jazz Kitchen. These legendary performers are not to be missed !

  615. wesley
  616. Sean
  617. Businessman Bill

    The only reason you spend money on infrastructure is cost benefit. You need a private area if you want customers to have sex with your strippers. If we are just talking lap dances no need to spend extra money on the new Champane Rooms. It looks like it was an excellent investment.

  618. Jake

    Does anyone know when the New Owners take over the club ?

  619. JJhyeiririiiidddi

    buy . . . ===viagra/trimotidl.e…,,,,dkenigle/ shipped from canaga aldld$$$$ . . love pricennn99999999…//

  620. Fact


  621. Stanley

    The rating says it all!

  622. RE: Honest questions.

    I was there the night after you and we had 40 dancers according to one I talk with. So apparently it’s popular as a strip club. I think the Jazz guys get distracted by the pretty lights and forget where they are.

  623. Race Fan

    Poor excuse for a strip club !

  624. DD

    At 1.9 this is the lowest rated club in the entire nation.

  625. Outside Services

    I am an old timer and know the system. First, there is no difference between a hooker, stripper, dancer, prostitute or escort. They all do sex for money. The key is to find the one you want when THEY need the money. I got young Gemini to come home with me for exactly $227.11 which is her car payment. Kat and Joelee are available to take home, but only when they are hurting for the money. Stevie (Melissa) never needs the money so you can forget that girl. Old tired Tina will do you in the parking lot for a $100 and then shove it up her nose. All the girls (except Stevie) are available for take home, just depends on the night.

  626. z
  627. Still Better than the Other

    Gold Club like all clubs goes through dancer cycles my last visit was down a little but the previous one had more hot girls that I knew what to do with.

  628. Frigid Temps

    To cold to go out to the clubs.

  629. Packman

    All the strippers are old and drug addicts.

  630. Randy

    Very nice club . . but very, very expensive !

  631. Pissed Off

    Neither myself or any of my friends went to the club this weekend because it said it was closed. Now we find out it was open. Thanks a bunch ASSHOLES !

  632. Ben Ableto
  633. Tim

    Waste of money.

  634. ED

    As far as clubs go in Indianapolis I am not worried when I take clients here. Club is clean, not like sticking to the floors at other clubs. No shootings, trust that my card wont get raked for charges unwarrented, and the girls are beautiful. My only complaint is some strippers no matter how much $$$ I bring into that club, girls wont get with it to come talk to me. I dont do the suit when I’m not with clients -so girls get with it more money in the club than you know, dont mind parting with mine. Have walked out more than once, with pocket full of cash. See Shay, Tiffany, or Stevie if you want to leave broke and happy. These girls always turn it up a notch.

  635. Hot Hot Hot

    The girls at the Gld Club keep getting better and better. There is a new girl that is the hottest yet. Saw her briefly when I walked in but didn’t get her name before she spent several hours in the new Champagne room. Brunette, C-cup and about 5′ 5″.

  636. Jazz Club Scheudle

    Who is playing next week at the Jazz Club ?

  637. crazy
  638. Where eactly ?

    Where do the girls end up in Florida ? Are they on the East or West Coast ? Any names for the clubs ?

  639. re: Tina

    Read the comments. It is both sad and pathetic to watch a woman in her 50s work as a cheap stripper. The young girls should look at her and see how a life can be ruined by drugs.

  640. Karl

    Strippers are Playboy quality !

  641. Math Genius

    You are correct. You do not have a life. The average rating for August was “5.1” and since you rate the club as a “10.0” that means YOU MADE 100 SPAM POSTINGS IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST ! It will be interesting to see if you make another 100 spam postings in the month of September?

    p.s. I actually go to the club on a regular basis and just rated it a “6.5”. I think the club is just a little above average.

  642. Kathy

    Many strippers at the Gold Club will dance for couples and some of the ladies will dance for single girls. It is a big turn-on for my hubby watching me get a dance that when we get home we have the best sex ever.

  643. Why, Part 2

    There are more comments about having great sex with the dancers than there are about flies having sex and yet the average rating for this month is lower than last month. The only way that can happen is that the people posting about having sex with dancers are in reality rating the Gold Club the worst. Math still doesn’t lie.

  644. Mr. Pope

    Bringing back the jazz night is a good idea. However, the club will never get Sir Speedy and all of his big spending attorney friends back. They now have their own private club and Stevie. Missed chance for Brads.

  645. The Dude

    is right. 2600+ reviews sort of says it all.

  646. Jazz Festival

    All of us regulars would like to give a special thanks to Jazz Gold and Jazz Kitchen for their sponsorship of this years Jazz Festival. Thank you so much for your support.

  647. Cold Winter
  648. Jazz Nights a Big Hit

    The turn out for Jazz Nights is just terrific ! The place is totally sold out for both sets. Well done to the new management for bringing in top players for those of us that really enjoy quality jazz. Let the sounds begin !

  649. Classic revisited

    Isn’t it nice when old lies come back again and again? Haven’t seen the jazz club lie for many, many months. The lies cycle between jazz club, outright prostitution, Gold Club being a total dump, and the fan favorite: Tina. The Gold Club must be doing something right to have so many people wanting to make up lies to try and take it down.

  650. waiting for deletions here

    This club rules so much that management delets any negative comments in the comments area. Looks like Dancer is talking to herself over there.

  651. A Thought

    Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.

  652. Ratings have improved

    The average monthly ratings for July of 2010 is 4.8 compared to the average rating of 3.5 for July of 2009. The Gold Club still has a long way to go but most of the customers believe that the Gold Club is on a comeback looking at the recent monthly ratings.

  653. Jester

    Dancers ned to hustle more. They dance and it is right back to the dressing room.

  654. Dear Shooter

    I hate to tell you this, but someone shot all the clubs in the city STONE COLD DEAD. None of the clubs are doing anything. Gold Club is no worse off than the others, but on most nights there are only a few broke ass young jerks. No wonder girls are looking to work OTC.

  655. Jazz Gold Question ?

    I have a friend who plays a mean horn. How can he sigh up for the Thursday night opern jazz session ?

  656. Dave from Dayton

    Didn’t this use to be a strip club ?

  657. Tell the truth fake Jo

    The original So It ain’t So Joe gave the formula thefakes long ago perfected. Don’t expect Sex, Don’t expect Jazz eventually they tire of a theme and change to a new misinformation campaign.

    Just go and expect a great strip club.

  658. Melissa ?

    Does anyone know where Melissa (stage name Stevie) went ? She was the best fuck at the Gold Club. I would love to fuck her again. Cute blonde with huge bolt on tits ! She also gave great blow jobs.

  659. :

    It’s fun messing with morons.

  660. Chicagosalesman

    always been treated well here….sorry to hear about the Chapter 7 stuff….hope the new owners still keep the friendly and clean attitiude about the club….and just add more sexy ladies.

  661. New Regular

    Gold Club is great. Full of energy. Check it out on a Saturday night. Club is packed. Obviously the customers that go to the Gold Club think it’s better than a 1.9.

  662. Gay men dancers

    here suck! πŸ™‚

  663. Reruns of jazz lies

    Looks like we will be going through another summer of jazz club lies like we went through last summer. Remember last summer when logic couldn’t dismiss the lies. Pretty soon we will hear about articles in the Indianapolis Star and Nuvo describing the fictious Jazz nights. Too bad the liars can’t be original but if that’s what makes them happy let the LIES begin.

  664. Too Cool

    The Jimmy Sweets Jazz Trio was fantastic !

  665. November

    The customers rated the Gold Club an average 9.9 rating in November. Must have been one helluva month!

  666. No Jazz for you

    No Jazz at the Gold Club just good looking all-American women and maybe some delusional posters here who thing the DJ is playing Junk Jazz

  667. If you judge by the ratings

    most customers think this club stinks.

  668. Connect Dots

    Paul is right. A great looking dancer comes on stage at 9pm, after she talks with an older guys (rich), she leaves the club at 9:30pm. Just connect the dots, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happen.

  669. Arnold


  670. Tyler ?

    Who is this “Tyler” guy in the photos ? Does he now own Brad’s Jazz Club ? I never heard of this dude ?

  671. Reduced Rates

    The previous poster is exactly correct. All the girls that work the strip clubs are hurting for money. They will cut a deal, and you can take them home at a really great price. Paying the “bar fee” still sucks, that is just part of having sex with a stripper.

  672. 122
  673. Halloween

    Not sure what the Saturday was slow comment was about. It pretty much followed a normal Saturday. Seats available early on night shift from 9:00 till 10:30 then pretty packed from 11:00 on.

    I surprised “boo” posting failed to mention their Halloween Bash that night. Maybe they weren’t really there.

  674. Arthur

    Best club in the Midwest.

  675. Club Open Tonight

    We will reopen the club tonight at 5pm. Thanks to all of our loyal customers for your understanding. Cold nights, but hot dancers. The Gold Club Management Team.

  676. New Champagne Rooms

    The whole idea of the New Champagne Rooms is to give the girls and the customers privacy for blow jobs and sex.

  677. re: Low Club Rating

    I agree it is no worse than the other clubs on the 38th street area. It is sort of old, tired and dirty, but so are all of the other clubs. Some good looking girls at the Gold Club. All the clubs have girls that work OTC, I just think the Gold Club has more than most.

  678. Jasper
  679. re:Mental Health

    Finally! Advice that is needed for all the jazz club liars. A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused – it is done to get one’s way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

  680. Amos

    This place is deserted.

  681. Jazz ?

    The bar tender told me they might bring the jazz night back after the race. Sounds good.

  682. Jethro
  683. Willard

    Excellent club with some super sexy strippers . . but it is not for you if you are cheap. It cost some $erious money to get the top strippers to do their thing ! But if you have a lot of money this is the place !

  684. Upsell and gassy
  685. Jazzy Club

    I used to think that the people who keep saying that the Gold Club has been transformed from a strip club into a jazz club were plain morons unitl I met the dancer named … Jazz. Now I see what all this “Jazz club” talk is about. Gentlemen, if you ever have a chance to get a private dance from Jazz you will realize how “smooth” this Jazz is. Take her into the Champagne room with a glass of wine and you will have a night to remember. I say keep this “Jazz club” open and hire more dancers like Jazz.

  686. Real Story

    The economy went down the toilet (it was in all the papers) The Gold Club went broke and was sold to a company that owns several jazz clubs. There is still one old strip club regular, that is having a hard time moving on and continues to make post to relive the past.

  687. Ratings check

    Great club gave it a 10. Check for Say it ain’t so. He is onto the truth.

  688. re: Four New Girls

    The Four New Girls are HOT HOT HOT ! I love the Gold Club !

  689. ww
  690. dewain
  691. July 4th Jazz Gold

    Don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying your Independence Day this year! Join us tonight as welcome back the lovely and talented Brenda Williams! Performances are at 8 and 10 p.m. and covers at the door are only $10!

    Feeling hungry? Stop in and have a look at our new menu, featuring items such as the Chilean Sea Bass and the Jambalaya Pizza. Eating light? We have also added a selection of small plates items to the menu in addition to our top-selling appetizers.

    Call us at 317-253-4900 to make dinner reservations (ask for Kiely) or make them online at (the link may also be found on The Jazz Gold website).

    We’re proud to be Americans here at The Jazz Gold, so swing by for an evening filled with food, cocktails, music and celebration. We’ll see you tonight!

    Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July from Everyone at The Jazz Gold!


  692. re: Jazz Question

    YES! You can just stay after the 9pm show for the FREE Jazz session featuring local players. Jazz Gold is the place to be for summer jazz !

  693. Just Wondering

    I wonder how far this lie will go about the “4 new dancers” who are supposedly really prostitutes posing as dancers. So far, nobody has offered a stage name for any of these “dancers”, hell, we can’t even get a description of what they look like or even their hair color. It is easier to spread lies, harder to back them up with any truth!

  694. WTF ? ?

    WTF ? ? I had not been to the club for a long time. Then I went inside and found some old dude playing a saxaphone. There were couples grooving and sucking face. Where the f**k are the strippers ? WHT happened ? When did this club change from a strip club to jazz club ? Disgusting.

  695. Boner

    Any recommendations on who gives the most satisfying experience in the Champagne room and who is just a ripoff and to avoid.

  696. Reality bites

    It’s a nice fantasy thinking that most dancers will go home with you because that’s what they sell, a fantasy ! Reality is most dancers make more than enough money without working OTC. Visited last Saturday night and the Champagne room was busy all night long. Champagne room costs $125 per half hour, 25 of which goes to the club leaving the dancer $100. After mandatory tipouts to the DJ, bartenders and house mom the dancer is left with $80 for 1/2 hour work. Don’t know about you but I don’t make $160 an hour ! And that is before the customer tips ! Even if the dancer wanted to go home with a customer the DJ, bartenders, house mom and Club owner would fight it. They would all lose money if a dancer leaves early. Nice fantasy but the reality is that no dancer left early Saturday night because they were too busy making money in the club !

  697. Jazz in Summer

    Join us tomorrow evening as welcome back the

    Derrick Gardner Quintet!

    Trumpeter Gardner and his hard-hittin’ quintet return to The Jazz Kitchen Saturday, July 18 with jazz standards and their own orginals.

    Performance times are at 8pm and 10pm, admission is $12 at the door.

    Covers for the 10pm show are 2 for the price of 1!

    Feeling hungry? Stop in and take a look at our new and expanded menu! Featuring entrees such as the Chilean Sea Bass and The Jazz Chicken, Chef Victor Ruiz has also added to the menu a brand new selection of small plates, including Empenadas de Carne and Crab Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms.

    Seats are going fast! Make your reservations online at



    or call the reservations desk at (317)253-4900 and ask for Kiely or Frank!

    Tickets on sale now for upcoming national acts!

    Friday, August 14 – SONNY FORTUNE

    7:30 & 9:30pm – $18

    Monday, August 17 – TERENCE BLANCHARD

    7 & 9pm – $25

    Saturday, September 12 – CHUCHITO VALDEZ

    8 & 10pm – $18

    Saturday, October 24 – TUCK & PATTI

    8 & 10pm – $20

    In other upcoming events. . .

    Come show your support at this year’s


    Presented by Marsh

    September 21-27, 2009

    Go to and sign up

    for our e-mail blasts to receive the latest news and updates!

  698. Eddie

    When will the jazz night return ?

  699. Not bored anymore

    After a 2 1/2 month abscence, the liars are back. Nice to see you back. Please provide more entertaining lies now that you have returned.

  700. &&&&&

    The customers have given this club a rating of 1.9 (that is out of ten)

  701. mean berry
  702. Rich
  703. nickstrip

    Great drink specials, very wide diversity of hot girls, and a great kitchen with huge portions for less than $10. Lots of VIP room options and a very professional staff. Large selection of beer, including constantly rotating craft beers. Not the best area of town but it’s definitely the best strip club around the area (there are about 4 in a couple mile radius). Doesn’t typically get busy until late. Definitely worth checking out!

  704. stefanie&greg

    on its way to # 1 !!!

  705. Austin
  706. Greg Silver

    Hi! As ‘acting owner’ of the club, you may call me the ‘New Owner’. My goal is to sell this club as a ‘going concern’ to the highest bidder. All bids are welcome. Anyone who says the club’s already been sold, is a scvmbag from another club, who wants to see Brad’s get no bids and then close for good. Call the attorney at 634-0300 to place a bid.

  707. Obviously

    this is the best club in Indianapolis if you are rich. $25 cover charge, $12 for a cocktail and blow jobs prices start at $250 and up ! Girls look terrific but it does cost a lot of money to get your rocks off at this upscale club.

  708. yakof

    club is great…d,j, on weekends is the man

  709. re: Old Strippers

    Hey I was at the Club last night and YES the ancient drug addict stripper “TINA” was on stage. It is NOT about choice, it is about having a strip club with young hot girls in their 20s give you lap dances. “TINA” and that “OLD BLONDE” just ruin the atmoshpere for the entire club. Fire their old fucking asses and the club will hop all night long. They just suck the oxygen out of the party atmoshpere.

  710. Suzanne Stokes

    Former Playboy Centefuld Suzanne Stokes will be at Rick’s Indianapolis all next week. She will be available for private dances in the VIP area. She is just super hot !

  711. Pizza Dude
  712. Private Jet

    Why doesn’t the Gold Club buy a private jet for the use of their customers like they do a Club Rio ? I think it would really be good for business and for sure the club ratings would go up.

  713. donnie
  714. Jennifer
  715. odie
  716. Big Easy

    They have not had any good strippers at this joint for years.

  717. re: Live Jazz ?

    I do not think they have a “Jazz Night” anymore ? I think that went away a few years ago ?

  718. Imprressed

    We have some really great strip clubs in Florida. However, for the quality of sex with a stripper, for the price, the Gold Club is very impressive. Terrific selection of girls and friendly staff made this a night to remember. I may even come back and see the INDy 500 next year !

  719. Re: To the LIAR

    Now it’s not even new to attack when you are caught lying. Two different people told the truth about the club being open other than this afternoon during the service. It’s simple leave your mommma’s basement drive to the club and check the note on door. Better yet go inside and check out the cute dancers.

  720. New Girls names?

    I really like this club. One of the top 3 in Indy. What were the names of those new girls last Saturday?

  721. Blah Blah Blah

    The customers have rated this the worst (2.0 rating) the club in the State.

  722. Number One

    Number ONE club in the city to have sex with a stripper

  723. Tommy

    This is Tommy,one of the managers of the club.

    The details of Al’s services can be found at

    The club will remain open normal hours except for Thursday Aug 19th. We will be opening at 9pm so that all our staff may attend his services.

    Please do not flame this post.

  724. Bart Peterson
  725. Always

    the best club in the city to have sex with a dancer. Best selection of girls and the private champagne rooms give you the place. If you want to fuck a stripper this is the club for you.

  726. Monday Night Football

    The Gold Club is the best club on Earth ! You can fuck a stripper, drink beer and watch Monday night football all in the same club. The hookers at this club are all clean and the management does a great job on keeping it safe.

  727. Tex
  728. Donald

    Very disappointed with this club

  729. Executive Bill

    Bad management is shown in the current club rating of 1.7 Management failed to listen to the customers. This was the number one club in Indianapolis for years, now it is at the bottom. The “club lovers” ask for change, the management said “no”, you see the results in the club rating.

  730. Wyn

    Well done indeed. This club did an excellent job of transforming itself from a low class strip club into an upscale jazz club.

  731. jazz
  732. Lawyers

    The guys that could answer your question about “why the jazz club?” are all long gone. The were a bunch of nazty lawyers that use to hang out a BGC, asked for a year or so for a jazz night, gave up and opened their own private club on the Northside. Only those bastards could answer your question and I have not seen them (Sir Speedy and gang) at any strip club forever. I guess now that they have their own place they are to good for the rest of us?

  733. Indy's Best Dancers

    This is the best collection of dancers in Indy. Sexy easy to get to know and great private dances.

  734. lies, lies, lies

    It’s time for the annual jazz club line of lies. Something to look forward to! I wonder what the most bizarre name for a jazz group will be during this round of lies.

  735. Two Gold Clubs

    The Gold Clubs in Fort Lauderdale and Indianapolis were both built in the 1980s. Five years ago they tore down the old club in Fort Lauderdale and built a new club that is just awesome ! They just need to tear down the Gold Club in Indianapolis and build a new one. I know they are not the same owners, but the idea is the same, a club that is 30 years old needs to be replaced.

  736. sven
  737. Time for Truth

    So many lies, so little time. First, for long time regular who can’t remember one girl being arrested for OTC work. Ten years ago the Marion County Grand Jury convicted a dancer at the Gold Club for OTC work with an excise cop. The owner of the club at that time had to get out of the business as part of the plea bargain. Second, for location, location, location a little work on mapquest will tell you that from the downtown hotels the Red Garter is 0.78 miles away, Classy Chassis is 7.15 miles away, Gold Club is 7.97 miles away and Dancers is 11.22 miles away. From the airport Dancers is 5.41 miles away, Classy Chassis is 7.31 miles away, Red Garter is 10.19 miles away while the Gold Club is 12.16 miles away. And don’t get me started on the lies about the unnamed “four new dancers”. If they are so great at least one post would name at least one of them. I know lies are easier to spread and are more exciting but at least put SOME truth in your posts. And if you think about replying to this post at least use a different name, what am I thinking?, liars don’t listen to reason.

  738. High Rollers

    will love this club. If you work for a living it is just to expensive.

  739. Jam and Jelly

    Big Jelly was making some cool jam Saturday night at Brads Jazz Club. Cooooolllll.

  740. No Tina

    I’ve never seen a tina there in the post Paul era. Wasn’t there last Friday but on Saturday no Tina no 50 year old dancer. Who is this attacking the club? Paul is this you or your girlfriend that ran the club in the ground attacking.

  741. 2 Board Loser

    What a fucking loser ! Can you imagine how crappy your life must be to compare the ratings of this shit hole club on SCL vs how it is rated on TUSCL ? Dude, you should just go out and kill yourself; do us all a favor.

  742. Tim

    I had a fun time. Some good looking strippers (and some really old stippers).

  743. Month of May

    As in past years Rick’s will import over 50+ dancers from other clubs for the 500 Mile Race. Most of the girls are for OTC but some will be in the club and you should take the opportunity to see the talent. These girls are all 9s & 10s and nothing like the local girls at other clubs. Expensive as hell, but really good looking women.

  744. Thomas

    The rating says it all!

  745. Mourner

    RIP Al.

  746. UNFAIR !

    It is just not fair to compare the Gold Club to the Harem House. The Harem House is always rated in the top 1/3 of the clubs in the city and the Gold Club is always in the bottom third. The Gold Club could work hard and challange Club Rio sometime in the future. It would be forever for the Gold Club to make it back to being rated in the top 1/3 of the clubs in Indianapolis.

  747. SEX in the city

    I had the same experience as Barry. Not all the girls are into having sex with you in the Champagne Rooms. But, there are a lot that are and boy are they good ! You just have to pick out a girl (like I did) and ask ? She said NO WAY, but called over her friend who said “Let go right now, I need the money”. For sure you will find several hot, hot dancers ready for sex in the Champage Rooms. Go and enjoy the best SEX in the city.

  748. Gay bar?
  749. test
  750. Sorry Charlie !

    I checked four other boards other than this one. On all four have the Gold Club rated dead last ! Sorry Charlie, this is just not a highly rated club. See comment #68886600 dated July 4, 1776 for more details.

  751. Saturday Night

    Had a blast at the Gold Club on Saturday night ! Best looking dancers in the city. Sex in the private rooms sets this club apart from the others. YES, you can have sex at Bud’s Lounge, but it will cost you twice as much.

  752. Jazz Double Bass

    Terrific performance last night at Jazz Gold. If you missed the show, you can catch them Saturday night at the sister club, Jazz Kitchen.

  753. Down on its luck

    The club ratings just say it all. Lowest in the city. They just need a new bunch of strippers.

  754. BMW guy

    Jolie, and Indy are the HOTTEST girls in the city.

  755. re: Brickyard Fan

    Not much going on as far as strip clubs go in the city. Gold CLub is now a jazz club (sucks). You might try Club Rio (awful) or Babes West (worst) or Dancers (total shit). On the Eastside is Brass Flamingo which is just OK, but a long way from the track.

  756. re: Melissa (Stevie)

    I agree she was the best fuck ever at the Gold Club ! I don’t think she has worked there for over a year ? She was always very, very open about having sex with you if you had big money. I heard she is now dancing a some fancy PRIVATE MEMMBERS ONLY club at Keystone and the Crossing.

  757. Andrew M

    Great club for sex with a stripper. The Gold Club has the best looking strippers in the city and all are available for sex for a price. Price varies.

  758. Susy Q

    I love my life! I am a very, very $uccessful attorney that just loves haing sex with strippers/hookers. I travel to Thailand twice a year for lesbian sex in Bangkok. The Gold Club is not Bangkok, but there are lots of girls that fill my needs. Also this is a very clean club and with the special purpose champagne rooms that were designed for us customers to have sex with the strippers/hookers. Try it ! You will love it !

  759. Jazz Quintet

    Meyers Jazz Quintet is first rate, not to be missed.

  760. William B.

    Strippers are just the best !

  761. Say it ain't so, Joe

    So far this month there have been 8 reviews posted (including this one) and the average rating of all 8 reviews is 1.5. Three of the eight reviews stated that the sex is great with one of the reviews stating that the Gold Club is two steps above any other club in the city. The reviews sound terrific but yet the ratings are lower this month compared to last. Why is that? Even Regular Joe chides the other posters out about posting so low of a rating. Obviously Regular Joe, Great Sex and Old Regular Returns talk a great talk but still rate the Gold Club very very low. Why is that? Oh, they will say that it is the other posters that are dragging the ratings down but the math doesn’t support that. Even if all the other 5 reviews rated the club a zero then the average rating for the 3 others would be 4.0. Not hardly the rating you would expect for a club that is two steps above every other club in the city and especially for a club that supposedly has such terrific sex. It is just too bad that this website doesn’t show what each poster rates the club because then you would see how much a certain group of people are trying to do their best to ruin the Gold Club. They post lies about having terrific sex and then put low ratings to discourage people from visiting.

  762. Thanks to Tommy

    We all want to thank you for keeping us informed about the memorial service. The Jazz Liars are the lowest form of life. Now they saying the club is open, while we all know it is closed for our period of mourning. The Jazz Liars should be ashamed.

  763. Dawg
  764. 77
  765. Gold Club Fan

    Best club and close to the track. Look forward to a great race weekend.

    Remodeling has started.

  766. Ultra Expensive

    Rick’s has the best looking strippers period. They fly in girls from their other clubs. No local club can compete as these girls look like playboy models. However, unless you are super rick this club is NOT for you. Plan on spending at least a grand or two to have a good time.

  767. Josh
  768. 69
  769. to: Mr. T

    The Gold Club got into fianacial trouble (it went broke) a few years ago and was sold to a group that operates several jazz clubs. The old strip club had a long run, and was once the best in the city. If you like jazz you might drop in and see what the club looks like now ?