Jaguars Indianapolis



8501 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46226


39.8400074, -86.0184171




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jaguars Indianapolis

  1. Rick

    servers pushy with drinks..watchout..drink minimum, won’t leave you alone..drink or leave they said

  2. AJ
  3. Biker Bill

    Place is a DUMP!

  4. Sam

    WOW…Haven’t been there in years..girls are hotter than ever, THe Harem Has really stepped up their game,the same great DJ’s are spinning tunes, I will be coming back on a regular basis..

  5. Boris

    Lots of good contact on lap dances

  6. Two New Grils

    We just hired two new girls that worked at Hip Hugger is Kokomo before it closed. Welcome aboard !

  7. Tommy

    The most conservative club in the state (for laps). That’s fine by me, I like it. The eye candy and conversation is excellent, the emphasis is on sensuality

  8. R J W
  9. Jaime

    Circle City Brewery Tours. Tours running Feb 1st thru Feb 4th. Shuttle picks up in Carmel and Fishers. Too much fun. Beer lovers paradise. Call Jaime (317)796-8563. Welcome Superbowl fans!! Ladies Free On Wednesday!!!

  10. Stretch
  11. Mongo

    Always a good time and more

  12. Crash Davis

    I love going to this club, and stop by every couple weeks. The talent does vary week to week, but you can usually count on one or two very good looking, and very friendly ladies. Plenty of contact, but you have to be nice to the girls.

  13. Toon

    This club has really improved over the past few months.

  14. ben

    Very good time, every time.

  15. girlcusty

    Went over the weekend with my boyfriend and two friends that are girls. If you’ve been to Babes west (and prolly babes east) they look almost exactly the same (I am sure they are owned by the same people). Drink prices were good. Dancers were fairly attractive but there was a skinny white girl with synth dreads that was hot and a black chick with stretched ears that was hot too, at least those were the ones that stuck out to me. Poles are too big to do any tricks on which is depressing because I love watching a chick really work a pole lol Overall, I would definitely go back.

  16. shitty place

    dont go

  17. Stay away

    Last time I was here I had to leave in 5 minutes. My eyes were burning.

  18. steve

    See them, youll love them.

  19. dh

    Girls are varied. From heavy to skinny to scary. Something for every taste. Most friendly w/o being to pushy. Club is in serious need of a remodel. New chairs, new love seats in dance area and maybe couple of private dance booths.

  20. bill

    It’s anything goes in the lap dance area. These girls know how to have a good time.

  21. Big Jim

    Scarem house?

  22. Sklyler

    Good time ever time

  23. T T

    This club has a lot of new dancers.

  24. Kevin

    I am gay, but still have a fun time with the girls. Have a nice day ! Kevin

  25. infinitiboi
  26. Kris

    My first time at Harem House wasn’t bad at all. I have made it my second favorite club. I would have liked to see the women have more fun and not act like it was a job. I would have givin’ more $$$$$ Will be back in soon for another round! OH YEah!

  27. regular

    Pretty good club… if you get the right girl you can have a really great time……..

  28. Stan

    Lots of new girls. Place is looking good

  29. Jake

    They got two new Asian girls that are really HOT

  30. Bone

    Lots of good looking strippers. Interior of club is a little shabby.

  31. IndyGuy

    Nasty Meth-Mouthed Crack Whores

  32. James

    The times every time at HH!

  33. Monroe

    This club is home, the staff and customers are like family..

  34. dancer

    does anyone know how much they charge dancers to work here, as in house fee, tip out, etc?

  35. Headly

    The sucking is very good. Nothing wrong with that. Avoid the one girl who doesn’t suck.

  36. Paul

    Lots on new girls. Really improved over the past few months.

  37. One Week Rental

    I rented a stripper named Delilah for the last INDy 500 for the entire week. Super HOT. Now I can not find her ? Anyone know where she went ? I am coming for the Super Bowl and want a girl for the week.

  38. Digger
  39. Pass Lover
  40. Lousy


  41. Jerome
  42. Mike

    I love this club, i have been to every club and this city and always end up at the HH at the end of the night…There new talent on a regular basis, I was there saterday night and saw a new girl named Monroe, we had drinks, from the moment she introduced herself she stroked my arms and kept me at full attention,her lap dances were XXX rated.i hope shes there next time i visit.

  43. shadowclown

    Girls suck other than one dancer named Tennessee. I think she works Saturday and Sundays. Drinks are really really weak… Don’t bother unless you are looking for an ugly expensive hooker, or want to wait for the one attractive talented dancer while every other guy there drools over the same chick.

  44. Yummy

    Krisie is back dancing at the club ! That is all I need to make this my new home

  45. Burn me

    I agree! The dancers at this club want me to burn my eyes too.

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