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5410 Arizona 95, Fort Mohave, AZ 86426


34.999229, -114.5979926




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dream Girls

  1. Andrew Barlow
  2. cyrin
  3. Manic6575

    I have to say it has been years since I have been there and it will be years if ever I go back. There were 4 girls working and 3 should never have been on stage. There was no sense of who was in charge and service was horrible. One girl should learn to be nice to the one guy tipping her because the others were not but yet she show them kindness and was rude to me.

  4. just me

    This club is the worst club I have ever been too! the customer service is really bad and they will do anything to rip you off! I danced there, the management and the owner do NOT know how to run a club, the girls are aweful on drugs!! and some might as well stand on the street! there lack of morals ruins it for us dancers that are trying to make money, and the club takes half of all lap dances you get. And they treat you like you are a peice of trash!! they might as well let the girls run the place because that’s how it is anyway!

    To any married women out there…. keep your husbands out of that club!!

  5. YOGI
  6. Jason

    Got to club and there were no girls. Was told that they would be in soon. So they provided me passes for thier 17th st location. Stopped in there and had a great timr nrxt time I go out it will definetly be to the Divas on 17th st from now on.

  7. ToxXxiC

    Thank god the owner has a few good girls, like angelique and kelly, cause with that a__hole running the place I surprised its open, guesssex really does sell. The owner a gay arabian with a bald head screws you over befor you even get in the club, they give you A VIP to get in free when you take the shuttle, then you get there and they inform you they are not valid even though the driver just straight out told you it was to get you on the bus, then he says he will discount the rate to 20 bux saving you 5 or ten, regular cover is ten, we were told there were 12 girls there were only 5, the friggen DJ would not leave us alone she kept begging us to buy dances, not asking begging, and if we didnt like the one she was selling she would trash talk her than try another, we found a couple of the girls to be nothing more than 2 bit whores (they were referred to as dream ring. we were told there was Alc. got there to find ALC was illegal in full nude in az. Got a 3 song VIP and it seemed very short , my buddy bought the same so we timed it, two songs were cut to 2 minutes and the third to 1 min 24 sec. the shuttle driver was late picking us up by over an hour and an hour late arriving to take us back then got all pissy when we refused to tip him.

  8. ryan123

    I had a great time at Dream Girls…all the girls were hot and really nice and talkative…thank you to the new owner for getting things together…definately will be back

  9. Ryan

    just turned 18 not to long ago but me and the friend decided to hit up dream girls we had heard bad about it really but we decided to hit it up and WOW it was a great experience…great atmosphere bueutiful girls! 🙂 good times!

  10. fronlavin

    Mostly the girls were cool but Ivy is stuck up

  11. todd evens

    the drugs and whoreing are real bad in this place

  12. An P.

    I love it!!I usually HATE these kinds of places but I had a great time! Dream Girls was able to pick up our party of 11 and the drivers were so exceptionally friendly. While the place is BYOB we were able to serve ourselves outdoors.Inside there is plenty of seating and the entertainment was great. I was able to light up a cigar and they lit up incense and didn’t yell at me. We were able to humiliate the bachelor by getting him on stage and it was highly entertaining. Natasha is the best!!!!

  13. Johnnyboy123

    While on a road trip from Arizona to Vegas, me and my girls decided to stop by this cabaret to have some fun and we were surprised with the look of the place itself and the quality of the dancers as well as the customer service. The employees were very friendly and we ended up meeting a group of hot guys that bought us some drinks and lap dances. I was very surprised cause I was definitely not expecting such a fun experience in the middle of the dessert and would highly recommend it! Will have to stop by again on my next trip to Laughlin 😉

  14. eddyL

    Best place you can go around here!! Can’t complain for the price! Ask for “Electra”! Robert what’s her Instagram!? Lol

  15. bart

    fucking bullshit 20 to get in and mandatory $50 lapdances that is unheard of

  16. Bob

    Got a lap dance and saw that “Sammy” Has the herp look at her skin be careful. Most of the girls are junkies and take money for tricks

  17. David

    Awesome experience!

  18. harryharry

    Charging a group of 7 GIRLS cover to get in 30 minutes before bar close… For a bachelorette? Doesn’t make much sense. We would have gladly bought drinks/& $$$ for the dancers. Bad policy. Lost money. Had we been there earlier I could understand the cover, oh well. Sorry ladies.

  19. stripforme123

    Had one of the best times at a strip club! The girls are nice and good looking! And they are all talented dancers! I will be back, thanks for the good time!

  20. James O.

    Do not go to this place….it sucked donkey balls. The girls were ugly as fuck and could not dance for shit. It was Friday night and the best they could muster in this hick town was an ass full of cottage cheese and a girl that looked like Rocky Dennis….save your money and run one out. The inside of the place was falling apart and the cover charge was ridiculous….$20 to get into a dump…..what a waste.

  21. KITTIE

    I personally work at the club and although it may have been awful before we have picked the place up and made a turrn around the girls are hotter than ever and our talent is never ending. Those of you guys who think that whores are here are the ones asking to get your dick sucked and being turned down. Don’t be pissed because we don’t want your nasty cock we are not whores we take care of ourselves…most of us anyways. It does not say whore house on our sign in front of the club it says DREAMS GIRLS NUDE CABARET…get it straight…..our club has changed drastically come check it out some time…..and enjoy.

  22. Nick pales

    I got a dance from a girl named ivy and the smell coming off her was as if she just came from a fishing boat I had to stop the dance and let her keep the money I was to embarrassed to tell the poor girl

  23. Mistercap12

    Could be a great place. The girls are super sweet. Unfortunately the owner is the biggest clown to stroll the face of the earth. He treats them like crap, and the customers equally as bad. I’m supposed to be VIP and I have to pay every time just to get in 20 bucks, this is bullhead, not Vegas, luv the girls but to put money in Russ’s pocket… I’d rather give it to homeless people, he is just not a good person. No wonder there is a new manager every 3 months, oh, the current one is a meth head so if you need a hook up he’s ur boy. Just google the place and see for yourself, the girls are just doing there best and deserve better.. Russ needs to be deported lol

  24. guy
  25. john

    prostitution is all over and the drugs are very bad- if you’ve been there get yourself tested

  26. lila

    I went in for an audition, it was the nastiest place I ever entered. I did not return.

  27. ratto

    this club is good since it is the only one in my area. but still would rather go to vegas

  28. Ty

    This place sucks…………….

  29. tom

    lets just say i had alot to explain to my wife after i was 5 hours late back to the hotel.I need to think of a reason to leave town and go back. its the best better than any in CA

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