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108 reviews for “Red Garter Gentlemans Club

  1. Loved it

    One of the best clubs in the area, hot pussy and good cocaine some sexy Russian girls blew my mind and then blew my dick.

  2. Awesome

    This is the best club I have ever been in…All the dancers are great and a variety of talent. The DJ was pretty good and drink values were decent…Dance prices on private dances and VIP were good and not outrageously priced…Me and my buddy was in this past weekend for the colts game and we came by Friday and Saturday night and it was the greatest time I’ve ever had in a club…Alyssa and Olivia were two of the nicest girls I’ve ever encountered in a club and were great to talk to…I will definitely be coming back the next chance I get and definitely recommend this club to anyone who is going to be in the Indianapolis area…

  3. Luvs the Ladies

    Super good times. I had a Blast the other night and all my friends said that this place was the best in town.

  4. wanhunglo

    If you really want to check out a Great strip club you need to go to the Red Garter. The Girls are sooo fine and the music rocks. I don’t think any place has a VIP Room like the one they have. See ya There!

  5. Chuck

    Club is now getting better. Lots of Russian strippers that are semi pro on most activities.

  6. Joe747

    This used to be a decent club but now its like they just take the money and run. Forget about just having a drink and enjoying a girls company. Its like if you dont spend at least a few hundred dollars you aint shit. I’ll just go to dancers!

  7. Day Shift Only

    The Garter is only two blocks from my office. Been coming here for years to get a blow job from one of the lovely girls on my lunch break. Not very private but who cares ? The girls know me and just get down to sucking as soon as I walk in the club. Nice way to spend a lunch hour.

  8. Colts Fan

    I just had to comment on the Great time my friends and I had before the game at this club. They really know how to have a good time! Thanks girls!! I just wish I could remember the brunettes name. She was so fuckin hot.

  9. assntitties

    this club sux

  10. johnny boy

    I can tell you why the garter gets so many great reviews it’s because of all the regulars and business men like myself who have been cuming here for so many years. When you find a club like the garter you just gotta keep cuming again and again and again.

  11. kenny

    was in the club last night, had a vip with a new girl with a hot body and a great personality. but i forgot her name, can u-all help with name. also loved everything about the place, keep up the good work

  12. moneymike

    this place is off da chain

  13. dan


  14. Ben

    I love this club.

  15. Johnny

    I stopped by the garter the other night and the chicks were friggin hot!!!! I know i’ll be back soon!

  16. slllurp
  17. jimi

    Hottest girls in indianapolis!!!!!!!

  18. Mark

    I go here at least once a week. Super strippers


    NO, there were arrest for “performing sex acts” (blow jobs) at PTs, The Gold Club and the Red Garter, all three in the same week. Only club that has sex in the club on a regular basis that did not get busted was Dancers West. They might be next ?

  20. me
  21. Steveo

    Fucked Up my credit card for 3 days! I wont be back!

  22. yehasher

    For those that are bitching about the money, don’t expect to walk into a strip club and not spend any money. Furthermore, don’t bitch at someone for doing their job, when the real problem is just your lack of self-control.

    And, yes, Savannah is quite nice. I met her recently.

    Some of the ones that work late CAN be somewhat bitchy, that’s fine, but maybe they’ve had a bad night and some drunk frat-boys came in, like those bitching on here, and tried to take advantage of her or made advances they shouldn’t have.

    It’s a pretty hard job, from what I understand.

    Be respectful and don’t expect them to run to you when you walk through the door, just because you pulled out a C-note. There’s more money around. Also, they may be in the middle of going to change to do a VIP dance or to change their outfits, as some do throughout the night.

    I had a night where I was kinda robbed, but another one of the dancers I knew from before made sure it didn’t get too out of hand. Not all of them are looking to suck you dry. You may be saying ‘yeah right’. Why not? Because, they want you to come back. Spending little by little is cool and they understand that if you walk in with $100, and you come back next week, that adds up, AND they’ll recognize you when you come back. If you don’t want to go to the V.I.P. Room, most understand that that’s not everyone’s thing. I tell them that and they understand.

    Overall, it’s a great environment, in my opinion. Just be respectful, and you’ll have a great time, some nights you may be left slightly alone, but don’t worry about that, go back again, and things may work out differently.

    AND, I DO NOT work there.

  23. Ugly


  24. joseph1k

    I have nothing good to say about this place. Worst strip club in the city compared to the other popular respectable clubs. “Brass, PTs, Dancers etc”. The building has the best location and the owners must be crazy for not capitalizing on this place. A little refab and this place could be the nicest in the city. Picture Nicky Blaine’s with poles!!! Not sure if this would help with the terrible entertainment, unfriendly and poorly dressed security, and the non hookup for local service industry people who send them business all the time. If I was this place I would be classing it up, flying in talent, hiring better girls, and running a shuttle to meridian street on the weekends.

  25. Patrick

    Girls didn’t even approach me. None were that impressive anyway. Nothing you couldn’t find anywhere else. Even though I had money to burn, drinks were overpriced compared to other places.

  26. superman

    da best

  27. Screw it.

    I’ve not had a good experience. You should watch out for the bouncers because they don’t do anything unless they’re in a bad mood. If they are, watch out…. then you need to make sure you leave right away or you’ll be thrown out. Also, apparently the owner can’t take a simple joke, even though she tries to joke with people all the time. Fuck it, and I may never go back….I honestly think the owner acts before thinking about her actions sometimes. Also, I’ve never worked there, and I’ve been nothing BUT respectful to everyone there.

    My ratings are still ok for certain things like the dancers.

    It’s ok, strip clubs are stupid anyways.

  28. Rick

    Very expensive club. The strippers demand big bucks.

  29. Indy

    A poor excuse for a club. Very lame.

  30. ev

    great place to be if your downtown

  31. Nice


  32. Roland

    The greedy bitches will make your dick hard, your brain weak, and then they will make a fool of you. They just laugh at you on the trips to the ATM. Last time it cost me over 3 grand. These bitches just make you weak with your dick. They make way to much money.

  33. Tity Man

    This Club Is, “HOT,HOT HOT,” the best club i n Indy by far.

    The girls are Hot, the service was great and overall atmosphere was Fantastic. If you like Strip Clubs like I do you owe it to Yourself to CHECK IT OUT. I Travel all over the U.S. and I always stop by The Red Garter when Iam in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  34. Surprising

    Interesting, I know the ones that I know, from four months ago, or so, wouldn’t do things like that. I’m not too surprised, they get some new dancers, and next thing you know, this happens….heh. I know some guys probably LOOK for stuff like this, well, that’s just stupid. Anyway, have a good one.

  35. frank


  36. Wrong Fido !

    You are wrong on both clubs. The Red Garter is a dump and now one with money goes there at all, Dancers is ever worse with just a few white trash strippers. All the money went to the private Jass/Strip club run by a bunch of crooked lawyers at Keystone and the Crossing. Money follows money.

  37. Tim

    Again, last night three girls arrested for prostitution INSIDE the club. Nice place.

  38. yay!

    I had fun here!

  39. rickywho2

    Avoid this place like the plague. They rip you off when you buy a girl a drink. After I confronted the girl and asked for the manager, I was thrown out. I’m from out of town and said see ya to this place.

  40. Big T

    Some of the best strippers in the city. Alice is my favorite.

  41. Steve-O

    There isn’t another club in Indy that is half as fun as the Garter. I started taking my clients there and my sales went thru the roof! I would absolutly recommend this club to any business man wanting to close more deals…

  42. spider man

    From New Mexico, in town for a few days, made a trip to dancers, pts, and red garter. I must say to walk in a nice club like pts and see (a little person on stage ) sorry people that was sick. Dancers was nice, but the girls!!!!

    well enter at your own risk, not because they are ugly, just watch your pocket book. Now the garter was about the same but the staff and girls seemed to respect the customers enough to allow me to take time and pick the girl I wanted to entertain me, would like to say i will be back. spent a ton of $$$$$$$ but it was well worth it.

    The music was great as well, felt safe as well, did not see one gang banger in the place. Very good spot to be when in town. I well try some others clubs next time in town, but will make a point to come back to the red garter.

  43. brown eye

    Just in the club after the game and i had a great time. Hot ladies and great atmosphere. I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself!

  44. Raton

    The need to fire all the dancers and start over.

  45. Park

    Great downtown location.

  46. Retired

    I had a great time with a couple ladies Mon. night.

    They really know how to treat a guy.

  47. fan

    I was at this club the other night and had a great time with Savannah. She has probably the BEST all natural body of any entertainer in Indiana. She gives amazing, sensual dances. The club sucks, but this woman is worth going for.

  48. Donald

    Sexy strippers, but really, really expensive. The strippers work to get the customers drunk and then make a bundle from the ATM. Super club, but you can drop several grand in one night easy.

  49. Tank

    Margo is back at the club and really is looking good.






  51. also

    the brass has probably the highest rating in indy, so what does that say about the site?

  52. Artsie

    Total pig swill

  53. AssnTits5

    Yes…here we go…my first strip club review.On Tuesday night a group of us decided to check out a few strip clubs. We intended on going to trashy strip clubs, and someone mentioned the Red Garter, cause most of us hasn’t been there and that it “is ok, but totally trashy but no PT’s.” After dinner, we all met over at the Red Garter. They offer a military discount, which benefited my friend and his wife, and women have to pay, it was $5. The Red Garter is located right downtown, making it a popular spot with post-sports events and conventions. We were there early and we were the only guests. Two friends of ours (men) had already gotten a booth, and the three girls on duty were sitting with them. The four of us (two guys and two girls) sat down in the booth next to them. We instantly noticed the strange look – it’s a giant warehouse with one wall that features a panoramic image of the skyline and the other wall is all mirrors. All the seating is velvet, there are NO POLES. Yes, no stripper poles. Three or four square stages are surrounded by chairs, and all the way to the wall (and where the booths are) are red velvet covered arm chairs with tables. The bartender took our drink order, and checked back a number of times. We paid with cash, and during her second visit two of us decided to order cigars. They were out of a lot of them, and we eventually found two we liked – I got a $10 cigar and my friend got an $18 Montecristo. She brought them out, and we paid her cash. Shortly after a waitress came over, and we started a tab with her. At this time she broke the news to us that we had to move to the chairs below, and that the booths cost money and are VIP. Lame! Especially cause no one was in the bar, and the two 1/2 hours we were there, no one sat in the booths, ha ha.We moved to a area with chairs and all the dancers followed. A few were nice enough, and you can tell they weren’t playing mind games for money – we hung out and talked about life in general and they didn’t sit on laps, they seemed to like to talk more about music and our weird drinks (goth/punk) then anything else. They were nice enough, and you could tell they didn’t want to be at work. Other girls showed up and started dancing. It was okay. The mix of women was sorority girl – big and small, as well as curvy and super skinny. We even heard a rumor from one dancer that one of the girls was pregnant. She was the most unimpressive of the dancers, and preferred to lay on the stage than actually “dance.” We decided to leave and head elsewhere. The waitress was very friendly and brought us our checks. Since we had already paid cash for our cigars, we knew we didn’t owe for them. Our of the guys we were with – who did not smoke a cigar – had a charge on his bill for a $18 Montecristo. He brought it up with the waitress, who knew we had already paid for them. She brought it to the bartender, who did not rectify it, then brought out the manager. THe manager told us that he *did* smoke the cigar. We were shocked – he did not smoke the cigar, and we had already paid cash to the bartender for the two smoked. The waitress, despite her niceness, didn’t stand up for us (she didn’t want to get in trouble I’m sure), and the manager went to go “talk to the bartender.” This took 30 MINUTES. We moved our party to the door, hoping this would intimidate them and let them know we were serious – we weren’t sitting there any longer, and we weren’t going to be getting dances/paying attention to the strippers any longer than we needed. The bartender proceeded to tell us we never paid for it. It was bullshit. She was lying. We really do think that she scammed us – and my friend had to pay $20 for a cigar he never smoked. We stomped out, pissed off and disgusted with the way we were treated. Never again!

  54. Andrew

    Best club in Indianpolis.

  55. dewitte

    to strict, no touching, no grinding, private dances not private

  56. Martin

    To many dark blue suits. This club is for bankers and lawyers only, very, very expensive.

  57. Legal Beagles

    Myself and other attorneys from our office go to the Garter at least once a week for blow jobs. Day shift girls are great. Never been there at night ? Maybe it is OK as well ?

  58. Richard

    I think you are talking about PT’s. I was at the Red Garter all night Saturday and nothing like that happened there. But, I know a dancer from PT’s who told me all about it.

  59. VA-Man

    This is the best club I have ever been in…All the dancers are great and a variety of talent..The DJ was pretty good and drink values were decent…Dance prices on private dances and VIP were good and not outrageously priced…Me and my buddy was in this past weekend for the colts game and we came by friday and saturday night and it was the greatest time I’ve ever had in a club…Alyssa and Olivia were two of the nicest girls I’ve ever encountered in a club and were great to talk to…I will definately be coming back the next chance I get and definately recommend this club to anyone who is gonna be in the Indianapolis area…

  60. chicagoguy

    I was in a couple of days during this last week. I had a great time. Dances were

    a fair amount of contact, but no extras. There were a variety of girls. I spent

    most of my time with Kylie. She is absolutely amazing, and stunning to look at.

    Longest legs I’ve ever seen. I would recommend her and this club. The waitress

    Tay(?) was great as well. I will be going back for sure.

  61. Derek

    This place has went downhill. I haven’t been in Indianapolis for around a

    year and a half. My favorite dancer is gone. The girls in this club are trashy

    and very unattractive. One girl who has been there for awhile(according to

    her) said they fired some of the managers. An old day shift manager was

    promoted to nights and has ruined the club. I was able to find out which

    club the dancer works at that I was hoping to see. I’ll be going there.

  62. to wanhunglo

    sure, where else do you get a vip room that has a bouncer standing over you the whole time and absolutely no privacy for you to enjoy your dance?

  63. Crap

    This club is pure crap.

  64. Indianapolis Star

    The arrested records for the girls “performing sex acts” on undercover vice squad members was in the Indianapolis Star (for those of you that can read).

  65. Steve

    Danielle is hot, enough said.

  66. unhappy new year

    I went into this club a few nights ago to have some fun. There were only a handful of girls on the floor, though I was told there were more in the VIP and dressing room. It was around midnight. There was only one stage open. None of the girls stopped by our table . . . except one girl who sat on my friend’s lap and almost sliced into his thighs with her bony ass. The girls we saw on stage were in the 5-6 range. We left after 2 drinks out of boredom.

  67. Bryan

    How this club is getting so many ‘great’ reviews is beyond me. I can see it’s appeal; it’s just downtown, right at the end of the biggest party line of bars in indy, and it’s close to a white castle…that is pretty rockin’. Sadly though it’s not that great of a club. The club is small, all tables, no poles, and while it’s ceilings are high, there really isn’t enough seating on the weekends. The girls rotate a lot, and most are just ‘ok’ but my girlfriend calls this place ‘the land of misfit strippers’ for a reason. LOL

    We would prefer Brad’s Brass Flamingo or Dancers to Garter or PT’s anyday. We’ve also been to Garter several times over the past 3 years (we party in downtown indy a lot) and the story hasn’t changed as of April ’07 so you decide. If you have the money and time check out something else.

  68. Jake

    Lap dances are now FULL contact

  69. flex315

    This club was the greatest thanks to Susan the lab tech!

  70. Arrested

    Three strippers were arrested Saturday night by the Indianapolis vice squad. They are all charged with performing “oral sex” (blow job) on undercover cops.

  71. Final Four

    50 Out of town girls arrived to service clients at downtown hotels.

  72. Kent

    Love those Russian girls !

  73. intheknow

    go to the sites where people have to pay for a membership or write a review to get a free temporary membership and see who has the higher ratings in indianapolis. it’s not the garter. actually, the garter’s rating has gone down. it’s often called “the land of misfit strippers” and for good reason.

  74. LEE





  75. Banter

    Good downtown club. Some girls hot some not.

  76. Larry

    A + +

  77. grayfox222
  78. Sounds like...

    …someone that works at or is loyal to another club typing fake information about these “so-called” arrests made here….Huh, yet, no actual sources have been cited. Did you forget how to do a report at the third grade level??

    “Remember Billy, you need to cite your sources” for this information…. or BS in your case.

  79. hot

    greedy bitches ,, dont get drunk they will take everything u got!!!

  80. Tom


  81. Atomic

    Top rate club but way to expensive. I saw a lot of guys dropping a grand a night. Way out my price range.

  82. ass man

    “Damn,” Thats all I can say. I had a freakin Blast in this club Sunday. The girls are sooooooo hot that I couldn’t decide who to get a VIP from and there isn’t another club in town that has a VIP room like Theres, “it is off the hook!”

  83. Wild Bill
  84. Double D

    This club is rocking !

  85. nickstrip

    After 9 there are two things that occur. 1) they charge a cover. Its only 7 bucks, so its not that big of a deal. 2) the a squad takes the stages. There is definitely a difference. No pressure, lots of girls. Bar has a nice selection, but I’m not sure the middle aged guys know what to do with it. The space is fairly clean and open. Seating is comfortable. Easy place for couples.

  86. OU812

    Save Your Money!!! This club has went to shit!

  87. Johnnycomeoften

    Hell yeah! It’s no wonder why my freinds said that the Garter is the Best in Indy. My Friends and I had a Great time and the beautiful girls really no how to make you forget all your problems at least for a little while. I will be back very soon and Thanks Girls….

  88. Yavoll

    Those Russian gilrs have changed everything in the city. There are just so HOT HOT HOT

  89. NT

    Nice club

  90. Tony

    Brandy is back and loooking gooood !

  91. Dump

    This place is a dump !

  92. Duh

    Same person posting over and over again about how the club is “expensive” to try to get money in there. Sorry that the Garter is taking a back seat to Dancers. Dancers has a real VIP room where you don’t have a bouncer staring you down the entire time, and there aren’t 10 other guys in the room. The girl makes more money for an hour than any other club in town, and all the girls in Indy are going to work at Dancers. Quit trying to make it sound like the Red Gutter is a classy, upscale, expensive club.

  93. former customer

    this club used to be the busiest club around but all their hott girls are gone now waht happened?

  94. larry1

    Jade rocks! Nothing over the top or unscrupulous…just a beautiful woman making good conversation and a great time for a happy customer. Good times for all. Thanks!

  95. Nutshell

    Love this club – go to it every chance I get.

    The girls are nice and polite – will sit with you to help you indulge in your fantasy!

    DJ Flip is great

    Waitress staff is top-notch – ask for Tae

  96. olav

    Valerie was the best and she had her clothes on all the time. Best Olav

  97. Bol

    Lots of smoking hot strippers

  98. jon

    VERY good looking ladies!

  99. Titty Man

    This club has gotta be the hottest adult club in indy….

  100. BITCH
  101. d
  102. yonkers

    For the previous review..Daryle went where all other thieving scum longer working here!

  103. Evan

    Nice club, but to many lawyers with big bucks than ruin the place for the rest of us.

  104. BB

    Best strip club downtown, only strip club downtown.

  105. Tomas

    They got some new strippers that are much improved over the old group.

  106. warning

    i just have a warning for all the out for amanda the housemom..she tries to get close to you and act like ur friend and then all she is going to do is fuck you over..just like she did me! i let her in on my sewing business ..selling outfits to dancers and she stole all my outfits! now if im her sister and she is going to do this to me imagine what she is going to try to get out of you.. she is a shady bitch and all the outfits that she is going to be selling are STOLEN! I have a 14 month old daughter to take care of and she is what i spent my earnings on and now she has to suffer because amanda dont give a fuck about anyone but herself?! she is a greedy jealous bitch and dont know how treat people so beware and and dont let her get you in trouble for buying a stolen outfit!

  107. Russian Girls !

    Nikcrawsotick is my favorite dancer. Never seen anything like here in Indy ! WOW !

  108. NO


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