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1730 South Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47401


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Night Moves

  1. Paul

    The girls are pretty great…Ava..Kitty..Heather..Roxana…Roxana’s looking for a Go check her out.

  2. lisa
  3. customer

    go see cassidy, lovely girl. legs to her neck! sexy as hell.

  4. not available

    a good group of girls, not so good dancing skills. Most of the girls have things going for themselves though. School, kids, and other jobs. The clubs appearance could use a lot of work. Mens restroom is not so appealing. hope the girls is doing a little better than the mens. Overall a good club for a college town. They have a good, cute wait staff. The waitress are prettier then most of the entertainers. They should be dancing. There private dances are kind of like pick of the litter. There will be a few excellent girls and the rest are not worth spending the money on. you may look good but you cant move. Porcha gives a horrible dance. She is a very beutiful girl though. Dont let her fool you. If your lucky you might get a sexy beutiful girl that can dance as well. I would rate there top girls for private dances to be Kitty, Ave, and Morgan. If you can afford it you should get Kitty and Ava together. They will give you a show you’ve never had before, but for a single dance Morgan. The only thing with Morgan is she is an emotionless dancer, until you getter in the private area. Her eyes are fuck me eyes. Her eyes will make you fall in love with a stripper. Overall stage performer would have to be Candy. But i wouldnt give her a high rate on privates. I went and scouted for a couple of months. Almost everytime I saw this girl she was on something. Watch out for Coco she is a snake in the grass.

  5. Anon

    Club needs better looking girls who can dance. maybe some nice ones.

  6. Local Guy

    Last time I was there the Lazy girls wouldn’t even get up and dance at all. I just sat there for a while, drank 1 drink, spent about 45 minutes and got up and left. I haven’t been back yet….not likely too either! Go up ti Indy… Brad’s Gold Club. No Trailer trash there!!!!

  7. PMO

    The worst strip club I have ever been to in my entire life. I’m serious.

  8. electra

    I started dancing 2 years ago my first job was class acts but they ripped me off soo bad!!!! and eventually they went bankrupt now im at night moves ive been there for almost 4 months and it’s the best stripping job ive ever had. everyone is nice to me. so guys come on down to night moves.. we have alot more day shift girls there is me (electra) scarlett, courtney, stephanie, amber, rachelle and a couple of more. cant wait to see u guys there!!!

  9. Rob
  10. brandonresh

    Every fifteen minutes, terrified customers are subjected to another fearsome minotaur. These bull-headed horrors rustle their knotted manes and stomp their cloven voices to some erratic, unheard music.I don’t know whether I’m alive or dead. Or both. Or neither. This is a hell on earth, the first movement in the world’s unmaking at the avenging hands of an angry God. Will be back.

  11. john

    Good club, nice dancer to client ratio. Some of the dancers very good looking while others were not. Overall good time and cheap cover and dances.

  12. luvhighheels

    Went in Saturday night of IU’s Homecoming around 1230AM primed to spend some money. Plenty of guys and hardly any girls. Most girls appeared to be sitting permanently with male friends. First 15 minutes of dancers on stage were so poor in looks and dancing they sobered us up after an evening at Nick’s. Will not return.

  13. Stranger

    Loved it!

  14. wasted

    what a total joke….girls walking around in blankets. id get more entertainment in a wal mart

  15. tango

    i love going here

  16. stud

    i liked paige,but she was rather timid on private dances because she had been told not to stay in one position too long. i liked her pierced nipples. would have liked less tipping of girls after they danced on stage. i prefer to tip the girls i like not everyone.

  17. Freddy

    Went to Luau night on Mon. for their “back to school” special. Also beacause it was my buddy’s birthday. It was a lot of fun – the place was all decorated in beach themes, and the DJ played a steady diet of beach related music. There were drink specials too, but I dunno if it was beacuse of the Luau night or if it’s just a Monday night thing. There was a decent variety of talent, but I ended up buying dances from Ava, who was easily the hottest girl there that night. Guys, Ava’s dances were HOT. She was really cool, too. She and a few other girls dragged my buddy up on the stage for a dose of birthday humiliation. Thanks Ava – I’ll definitely be back this weekend for some more lapdances.

  18. BoBo

    Small club – some dancers are waesome others are average

  19. Cassidy

    Love you girls!!! Come see us for some grrreat talent and lovely girls!

  20. Mike
  21. 10/18

    Emily is delightful.

  22. mandy
  23. Lyle

    Yeah hooters

  24. jason

    I would have to agree with the 07/08 reviewer, Kitty and Ava are by far the best dancers available at the club, though I have not seen either for a few weeks, might be I’m hitting the wrong nights. Coco is a scam artist! Stay away, she will silently go through 5 or 6 private dances, then announce that you owe $100+. She also has rather creepy large hands, not appealing.

  25. Michael

    Horrible, boring, non-smoking club. Girls are ugly and rude. Place looks tacky, like a laser-tag arena threw up. Overall, a huge waste of time and money. No privacy for couch dances.

  26. Napolian

    I do agree mostly with the previous reviews, however the statement made by “unavailable” on “Porcha gives a horrible dance” is just not true. Porcha is a beautiful girl and gives excellent dances. For your information, I went to Luau night there and spent all night with Porcha and had many many private dances from her.

    I travel all over this country and have visited nude, topless, pastie, and bikini clubs in practically every State, Night Moves is a typical strip club. While most of the dancers are in the 7-8 range, a few hot ones that I had dances and spent time with include Porcha, Madison, Morgan and Anastasia.

    I can attest that Morgan is not emotionless dancer. She is sexy and beautiful and though she did not smile when she started her first dance on stage, she gave a big wide smile after I tipped $5 on stage. She gives terrific private dances which were definitely not emotionless.

    Madison is another very beautiful sexy girl and also gives great private dances.

    The club is non-smoking but all the restaurants in Bloomington are also. The waitresses are very pretty and efficient and very attentive. One in particular was so cute she should be a dancer.

    While most reviewers made comments about dancers getting off stage and requesting tips, this practice goes on in many strip clubs all over the country, usually small cities where “private dances” come infrequently. I also did not like one dancer asking for a tip on the other hip.

    Most of the dancers are young and some need lessons on manners, especially on how to ask for a tip off stage. Most of the dancers can at least carry on a decent coversation (I was told most are college students).

  27. adamrod

    Mark Cuban goes here.

  28. Isabella

    Jennifer.. jennifer… jennifer. She wears really creative outfits on stage and can do absolutely ANYTHING with the stripper pole. The place has a no-touch policy, but Jennifer, if you’re sweet, good-looking, and have some money, will not only let you touch her… but will give you a HELL of a good time in the private lap dance area. Holy Crap that girl gave me a DAMN good time!!! Also Candy was one of the hottest girls there and and I could have watched her for hours. Candy was sexy and smooth with a perfect tanned body and “good enough to eat” she would say. The only negative aspects I would say about the club is that some of the girls there are “needy” about wanting tips after a dance (not Candy or Jennifer, they are really good about not begging for it). Also two other dancers got suspended that night for drinking on the clock and to be honest, they looked like they got out of the trailer park. They had come up to my table with my friends there and basically kept talking about their children the whole time. Sorry but I don’t want to hear about kids, I want to see titties. Also another thing I didn’t like was the decor of the interior of the building. It looked like a laser tag splatter glow-in-the dark “gone bad” and someone just took a paint bucket and dumped it on the walls. The decor was very very trashy. (I wish the management would spend about $5,000 renovating the interior to make it upscale) But you know… Jennifer and Candy were hot enough to make me come back over and over again.

  29. X

    dancers are great women, i enjoyed their company.

  30. Ed from Cincy

    Most of the girls (7-8 of them) were hot & were good for rubbing boobs in the face. 2 were fairly heavy. Not enough dancers for crowd. Didn’t mind the girls passing through the crowd asking for tips – DID mind when they asked for one “on the other hip.” These were also the ones who would just move on when some would give a “dollar dance” for your tip. Girls needed to circulate & ask for dances more frequently. I was ignored for about the first half hour and then only hit up for tips for the next.

  31. benjammin' more!

    she was almost sucking me off!

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