Touch of Class Show Club



1080 Corey Boulevard, Crawfordsville, IN 47933


40.0778577, -86.9031747




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Touch of Class Show Club

  1. Dan

    Jamie is back working at the club and looks better than ever

  2. Yankee

    Just a super club !

  3. Bradly B.

    This club was great. The Atmosphere was perfect. Drinks need to be lowered but at least its good beer. The girls were wounderful. Candy was the best dancer and intertainer that I have ever seen. Chairley is the sweetest and a good charmer. All the others were great as well. But I can only remember two names. This place Rocks!

  4. Chris
  5. Sal

    This dump is closed.

  6. ET

    The two new girls from New Jersey are really smoking HOT !

  7. Earl

    Karen is looking really good.

  8. sgt_monty

    The club doesn’t advertise anywhere locally that I have seen so the crowd doesn’t get very big and the dancer to guy ratio is usually very good. It looks like a old warehouse from the outside but is clean and the girls are friendly. I have had a great time every time I have gone in.

  9. Larry

    I went to Touch the other night and it was a blast

    Laid back busy and beautiful girls. I had more fun at this club than I have had in a long time. Thank You Ladies.

  10. Not Closed

    This club is not closed…it just doesn’t open until 6 or 6:30pm. It has improved in the last month…decent dancers…not 10’s but a some 8’s…Brooklyn is the best.

  11. B

    I live in Crawfordsville and would not recommend this club. None of the girls are really worth getting a private dance from. And it is one of the clubs where no matter where you are at girls come up to you asking for a tip. Any decent club the girls don’t do that because guys actually want to sit stage side.

  12. Andy

    This club is really getting better since they got some good dancers.

  13. David

    I went to the touch on Monday it was fun there were more girls there than the last time i was there. There was this one girl that was a blast I don’t remember her name but she was beautiful and had pretty long hair. My friend told me this club was fun and to check it out im glad i did and he was right

  14. joseph1k

    I’m kind of embarrassed to be reviewing a strip club on here but… what the hell.It’s as gross and skeevy as strip clubs come and the girls are nothing to look at. And they come around and ask you to tip them. I’m no expert but I believe if people wanted to tip you they would be up at the stage doing so. You’re embarrassing the customer AND yourself, sweetie.

  15. Big Mike

    We have a lot of girls that worked at Hip Hugger in Kokomo before it closed.

  16. Closed

    This club is closed

  17. Mr. Big

    Girls were awsome and hot. i really had alot of fun. thank you girls, your the best.

  18. Chip Bishop

    This is a Place I call home. Of course my opinion the best exotic dancer is Charley! “Hi Sweetness”! Jenna is a doll and loves her special drink a Jennadoo!! Billy the waitress is a sweetie! There is a truckstop 200 feet away so please stop and have a few drinks and a great time! Chip

  19. pleased
  20. Dr. J

    This club is closed

  21. raceman

    six pleasing plump ladies, one anorxice girl with boobs, one lady that was so fat it was bad!!!!

  22. H H

    Lots of contact on lap dances

  23. Billy Joe Farmer

    This club was excellent, Yeah the drinks could be lowered, but who cares it was great. The girls where excellent. The waitress Billie always kept the beer a cumming. Candi was awsome, and she gives great dances, you just have to check her out. Charlie was sweet and when you get her talking she is a blast. This club is deffenetly a 10 in the state of Indiana

    Thanx, Bill

  24. Abe

    Terrific lap dancees

  25. Been Years

    Did they ever raffle off the motorcycle they had there for years?

  26. Brad

    To below, dancers ask for tips b/c they pay to work at clubs stupid! They dont get paid, they pay to work!

  27. TP

    Smokin Hot Strippers !

  28. Willy

    I love this place.Awsome Awsome Awsome Awsome.

    I rate this #1. Love all the girls.waitress.bartender.and atmosphere

  29. Stripclub Junkie

    Only about four or five dancers are worth seeing, unless your into something else besides good. No matter what all the girls were great and made my night fun before I had to go to sleep. Take care ladies, I will be back as soon as I make it that way again.

  30. greg


  31. the old eve aka miss venus

    this club is under new management its owned by club koyote everything has changed theres a lot of girls whit black Puerto rican small big and then theres me ill be there tomorrow 36 triple d s a face like an angel and long legs with a trim ass im there once a week b there at nine if u want a real show but really patti n worms gone its all good

  32. Big Mike

    This club is ok. They got rid of the girls om meth that used to work at Big Daddy’s and VIP when they closed. Should get better now.

  33. Sam

    Benz is back an looking good

  34. NG

    The club was nasty and the girls will do just about anything for a dollar..

  35. cowboy

    went to club lastnight. short on girls. short on costomers. was early thow. but all girls sat with me.

    now thats something to tellmy friends.

  36. Kenny

    This club is great!

  37. Vickie

    Best strip club in Indianapolis, IN. I made mad $$$$

  38. Jimmy

    I hate surveys, but I love this club. HELL YEAH!

  39. Big Rig

    Lots of fine strippers.

  40. Ryan

    Nothing lost

  41. Never again

    I was in there last week. 4 girls. The place is a dump. The girls are on the large size for my taste. 5 dollar beer. 5 dollar cover for 4 girls. There are much better clubs up the road in Lafayette and Indianapolis.

  42. JJJ

    The girls are awsome.

  43. anon

    Good time with the girls, but club needs a DJ and some advertising. Girls are very friendly, and not overly aggressive.

  44. Mark

    This club closed over three weeks ago.

  45. mike

    all fat ugly women as dancers..sick

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