Danzer’s Show Club



3481 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905


40.402213, -86.853043




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Danzer’s Show Club

  1. JimBob
  2. aBE


  3. j staker

    Danzers a little note for you Tara Cassada is disease infested. She has given the whole town of Frankfort more than a few STDS thats untreatable. Have a nice day hope you haven’t touched that if you have sorry.

  4. Al

    nice little club

  5. Jewel

    Randy, you better be talking about me!

  6. zapo


  7. Boring place
  8. Brett

    This place is my favorite. Private dances can’t be beat! Friendly and fun girls.

  9. just me

    they have a great talent there with both pole and floor shows…large variety of girls from skinny to well endowed…young to mature…..the club is clean with a great atmosphere….the private dances are worth the buck….the girls drinks are a bit expensive but you pay for their time….you pay you play club….you won’t be thrown out if you touch her leg like most places….great place to take the bachelor, bachelorette or birthday boy or girl……girls can play here too! Lots of fun!!!!!

  10. chuck
  11. randy

    except for one girl its my favorite club in town

  12. gntlman4fun

    I used to really like this place, but the past several months the quality of talent has really taken a dive. Too many overweight ladies dancing here … one night even a pregnant one, now that’s a turn-off to me. It seems like they are hiring more girls who are trying to get $30 and higher for private dances. Some will dance for $20, so, if you go here, watch out and ask the price before you go back.

  13. Michelle

    I am a dancer here, and I think this is an awesome club. There is a lot of potential to make money, and a lot of beautiful girls.

  14. Busted !

    Linda was busted for selling crack in the club. Looks like we will not be seeing her sorry ass for a long time ! Good ridance !

  15. dabrat

    Tacky, tacky, tacky!!! Maybe being from a larger city i am being harsh, but this place looks like it was decorated by a couple of truck drivers!! Some attractive girls, some not so attractive!!Would not go back!

  16. unsatisified
  17. Sammy-D

    This club is THE best in town. Girls are beautiful and love to sit and shoot the shit with ya. Couche dances are the shit in there. Love this place!!!!!

  18. T

    Lots of contact on lap dances

  19. Good Fun

    Went there for a guys night out. Had a good time! Friendly staff.

  20. Ben

    Lots of girls at night. Drinks were kind of high, but the private dances were GREAT. I will definitly be visiting this club more often.

  21. white t

    3 or 4 of the girls were nice and good looking and then the rest ive never seen a stripper with kankels or summer teeth (some are here some are thier) but the outhers made up for them

  22. Nice Club

    Good to see two girls that worked at Hip Hugger in Kokomo before it closed over here and looking great. Nice club and most of the girls are available for OTC.

  23. Rich

    Great club, a lot of pretty girls.

  24. Ted

    Nice place for a quiet night.

  25. blah
  26. Pendy

    Smoking hot strippers

  27. James
  28. HarveyGold

    LMAO go check out Hip Hugger posting old fake reviews on their sad page!!! Who do they think they’re fooling? How desperate have they gotten! What a bunch of sad losers!! LOL!!!!

  29. jason

    had a very enjoyable day thanks

    to the girls at this club A+++

  30. Natalie

    Went there last night with my man. Got a private dance from a blonde girl. I had lots of fun. Most of the girls were really cute, only a couple not so hot ones. The DJ played good music all night. I had a blast!!

  31. Steve

    I was not impressed the day I was there. I thought maybe I had a sign on me that said ‘lepper’ or something. It was last year and the place was not busy, but the girls were interested in talking to each other than treating customers. The place was clean. I liked it better when it was Gages at its old location.

  32. Dan

    This club is dirty with old nasty dancers

  33. A Visitor

    Nice club! New drink specials are great!

  34. Ryan
  35. Joe-Daddy

    Absolutly the best place to hang out. Dances are great. The waiteress are gorgeous too

  36. Just a visitor


  37. JoeDad

    Very friendly dancers!

  38. guest

    Visited for the first time the other day and I must say the private dances are

    unlike any other around. Be sure to get 2 girls for at least 2 songs and they will

    get freaky. Don’t open a tab though. Girls drinks are way too expensive.

  39. Expert
  40. Grafon

    When I was in college, this was my regular place. $20 per song, $60 dollars for three songs in a room with a closed gate. The girls are nice. In fact before I left, the high school term “3rd base” was used commonly with comfortable girls before the club took notice. Don’t know what is going these days there, but it is still something I would be happy to remember.

  41. Niggawatts

    bitchez be tight, yo! thats what im talking abooouuuttt hooooooo yeahhhhh

  42. Mike

    loved the place, will be back next time I’m in town

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