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2311 Concord Road, Lafayette, IN 47909


40.393134, -86.856731




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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51 reviews for “Filly’s Gentlemens Club

  1. Ryan

    My wife and I go to Filly’s when we want to hang out at a strip club. The club is extremely couple-friendly and once the girls find out both of you are into it, and neither is being “dragged to the club,” they’ll make sure you’re having a good time. The girls that dance here are a true cross section of Indiana women. There are nearly perfect probably-early-20-somethings, and there are probably-40-somethings that have had a few kids and all the things that causes to a woman’s body. But all of them are beautiful and fun in their own way. Like with most clubs, they *can* get a bit “glompy” at times, but that really goes with the territory. Give them the attention/money that you’re willing to give them, and make it clear what you want as far as them hanging out at your table or not/etc, and all will be well. Another odd thing about Filly’s – the food is actually good! They offer steak dinners – 7 or 14 oz steaks – and they’re cooked to order on a very nice grill. Great sear on these steaks. They come with a salad and any style potatoes you like or you can substitute mixed veggies for the potato! Seriously. The steak is good. And *cheap*. The bar/wait staff is quite good and attentive as well. Heck, the usual server remembered my wife and I and how we liked our steak dinners even though we’d been absent for close to a year! Hard to get service like that even in a normal restaurant!

  2. dewitte

    good club, never had a problem

  3. LarryG

    Way better club than that dump Hip Hugger!

  4. jaybird

    Cant complain. Met my wife there ha ha and she was the prettiest dancer in the club and i never ever tipped her cant beat that for the money. Love you Jewel

  5. Jerod K.

    The best way I can describe my experience would be by saying that I spent more on the ATM fee there, than I did on a girl. If you have no limitations, then you may enjoy because neither do they. I was honestly grossed out. Left laughing.

  6. Ted

    A + + + +

  7. kelly


  8. HERB

    HERBies happens. Get over it !

  9. Jeff

    I really like the daytime girls very friendly. Only one i have had problems with, she always has an attitude on the heavy side harley girl thats what i call her and there is 2 other girls that claim to be friends for ever now they are awesome.

  10. Mistercap12

    Worst club ever! The girls are by far the fattest/ugliest girls I have ever seen dancing before. They come by the table begging for tips, one even asked for a quarter as she would take anything. I would give no stars if possible…………I may never want to see tits again, I need to go bath in bleach now!

  11. dave


  12. When

    Hip Hugger closed a few weeks ago we hired two of their former dancers. Nice girls that needed a job.

  13. Bill H

    Best strippers in the city !

  14. darkrazor

    this is a very comfortable club. very nice, nice layout, seating, stage.

  15. jewel_dancer

    Yeah, I worked there for awhile. I actually met and fell in love with a great guy. We got engaged and soon after planned to have a baby. Nine months after that we got our beautiful baby boy! That’s about the best thing I got out of the while deal.

  16. tom

    again, nicole is hott

  17. coors light

    i dont know who rates this but this is a shit hole with no hot girls, well if you like really fat and ugly or old old grannys then yeah its your place. i live in lafayette and still rather drive to the hugger in kokomo then go to a club here

  18. jerry
  19. nt


  20. Grafon

    I never found the perfect time when the club was full. It always seemed empty. And you think that with a small crowd of girls, they would be loose. Yes and no. It is difficult to find the right one. A decent place, but if I find another club, I wouldn’t waste a minute leaving this one.

  21. DEAD

    This club is dead as a door nail.

  22. tommy

    the girls are hot something for every taste i will be going back

  23. Ray

    Nicole is the shit !!! She know’s how to make you feel welcome, What a joy she is . I hope to see her soon. A great place to have some fun …

  24. larry1

    My husband and I have been here several times, each time we’ve had a good experience.This was our first club, and they have never failed to be extremely good to us there. The dancers, generally, are not thrown by the fact that a couple is in there with the woman also having a good time, and though not all of them know *how* to dance for a woman, they all are happy to just have a good time with me. =)Our first time there we saw a table of 3 men with their girlfriends/wives. The women were *not happy* to be there, and the men took glee in hiring lap dances for the *very much not into it* women. *shakes head* Don’t be those guys. Don’t be the women who get dragged along. It’s incredibly disrespectful for the women and for the dancers.During the week before cover, usually there’s 2-3+ ladies working. The stage is a raised square with 2 more stations along the wall – one in a corner, one in another corner of the room. On weekends the place is hopping with dancers – if you like the busy busy environment of 3 dancers on a stage while 2-4 work through the room doing dances, that’s the time to go.We like to go during the weekdays, sometimes before cover is charged, sometimes after. I like to concentrate on each woman, as all of them have their own dancing style, their own (lack of) clothing style and their own personality. I’ve seen some incredibly mean and petty comments about dancers in general. It’s my review, so I’m going to address them: When I go to a club, I want to have fun. If the woman dances well, has a great smile, is obviously having fun, if our tastes in music match up, and they have a kind personality then it doesn’t matter to me if some pinkboy would ‘rate her’ (ugh!) a 1 or a 10. I like who I like. =)The music is a TouchTune box, each dancer generally has their own vibe of music. Yesterday we had a dancer who loved dancing to The Doors, and one who loved Modern Country.Private dances are done in a room with a few couches, with even more private rooms being an option as well.Oh – last but not least! If you’re hungry, ask them to fire up the grill! 😉 They do a steak dinner for a reasonable price (salad, steak, potato) and they’re always sweet about making food substitutions to make you even happier. =)Filly’s will always hold a special place in my heart since it was our first club. =) They’re especially sweet to couples, they have some very cool dancers, and we like the staff and the laid back atmosphere.

  25. cam-man

    Have to say this club is gettin better…every day. Bangin ass girls, jessie the bartender is hot as hell. Cheap drinks, laid back club–i bring all my guys there to chill–hell and a pool table. Check it out!

  26. Steve

    This is the best club, especially in the daytime. Great atmosphere, good food, drink prices can’t be beat, and the girls know how to treat customers. Overall, the best club in town.

  27. Bob

    I don’t know who is rating the club, but they must come in at night and have no taste. Personality means a lot and there are girls that will treat you right whether you’re just in for a quick beer or want to spend some time. No cover in the daytime and the drink prices can’t be beat. The have lunch specials and steak dinners that are affordable and they really make you feel welcome. Niki is my favorite and I will definitely be going back again.

  28. Terrific Club !

    This is a full service club where you can get fucked or sucked by the stripper/hooker of your choice. Lots of fine strippers/hookers and they all are they to serve your needs.

  29. Judy G.

    This place is a waist of space! If their are any dancers there, they don’t like to work!!

  30. Papi

    You will find a good range of dancers

  31. Think So

    You think honest till they screw you over. I’d still do the pregnant one because she couldn’t screw me over, I’d get to her first.

  32. Tee

    Kriste is just smokin hot !

  33. MALIK

    YO HOLLA AT UR BOY>>>SUNSHINE, NICOLE , MERCADES , TONI , ZENA , and of course my hottie LAURIE ! killa attitudes, dope bodies and of course down wit ur man MALIK aka K

  34. Reignon

    Cont.Last: Bring plenty of $$$ and get yourself the Private VIP

    treatment, you won’t be disappointed! So anyone looking to get

    your monies worth, Head into Filly’s afternoons/evenings and ask

    for the one that go’s by ”LISA”! Nowhere else in town will you

    get.the skin on skin action like you will there. These ladies will pull

    IT out and go to work on you. You get what you pay for in tips back

    there so keep money in hand. The money shots ROCK!!!!

  35. J

    The best thing they had were their bartenders Jessi and Amy. Now that their both gone theres no reason to even go in there. They were the hottest girls in the bar.

  36. doug

    nicole and jessie are the shit

  37. Truman

    I love this club !

  38. T {

    This club just keeps getting better and better

  39. Sam

    Good lap dances

  40. Artist

    Zion is the hottest lady. Daisy is the friendliest. Suzette – oh wow.

  41. Don

    Filly’s?? They should name it Herefores! Didn’t see one dancer that weighed less than 175 pounds! Pole dance? Hell they can’t get on stage without a crane! The pole would snap like a tree in an F 5 tornado! First time and last time there!

  42. Frank

    Worst club in the world

  43. Princecharming

    My experience at this club was excellent! The girls were great! There was quite a variation of girls. There were some bigger girls, but they were all sweet. The drink prices sucked, but I didn’t buy a single drink. My drinks were payed for by a hot stripper! Best lapdance of my life! Good conversation too! These girls weren’t you run of the mill ditsy dancers.

  44. Old Timer

    If U got herpes here it was probably from Shyann!

  45. JoeDad

    Laid back club with very respectable dancers – friendly & honest.

  46. Chris

    Friendly and hot girls!

  47. Boiler

    Terrific club with some really terrific strippers

  49. BiGirl4U

    Hubby & I love Sparkle. Fun girl!

  50. Brad

    I like going to this club, the staff is friendly, the girls are friendly and getting better looking everyday. There’s lots of different girls for different preferences, the drinks are good and decent price and the bartenders and waitresses are cute. What more could you ask for? Oh and the steaks are awesome, only here can you get a steak dinner that actually tastes good for six bucks!!!!

  51. todd

    where the fuck is nichole at? this place is boring without her. might as well go to chances are now

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