Ridgewood Lounge II



2617 Iowa 2, Fort Madison, IA 52627


40.630534, -91.4080029




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ridgewood Lounge II

  1. Heidi

    You Guys Are ALl Doing A Great Job Keep Up The Great Work

  2. Thanks
  3. Mellissa

    Customer I am not sure who you are but I am afraid you have confused me with one of the other bartenders that I have since let go. I don’t show my tits to anyone unless they get a private dance. I am also one for the rules. Maybe you should make it a point to not return if your experinces have been so bad. I don’t care what the other women do on their own time but I can tell you I go home to my man after work or I go strait to his work to spend his break time with him. Know what you are talking about before you jump off a cliff you can’t get back from. Did I barr you or something?

  4. Dancer

    Clean girls don’t make any money at Bill’s whore house. If you don’t ride faces with your pussy you don’t make any money. All the girls are knocked up, on drugs, hookin, fat and gross, sluts or all of the above. That’s how the dirty gross girls make their money by grinding laps & faces all night. I know that bill let a stripper named Natasha live in the basement with her handicapped kid crawling around a dog pissed floor untill he caught meningitis and the other kid was raped by a babysitter Bill suggested to hire. All the girls knew Natasha had those kids living in that filth.

  5. Mike

    This club can be called a small bar that just happens to have half-naked women working in it. There are no men working in this place and the bartenders take awsome care of there customers. The dancers are cute and very friendly and don’t try to hussel you like most of the places over in IL. Thanks for a good time girls. I hope to see you soon.

  6. Chad

    Its a good little club. If I want to see some T n A, I can. If I just wanna have some drinks and play some pool, I can. Keep up the good work. Ooh and FYI, there is no smell.

  7. Patrick

    The girls are great except one. They have some new girls and the Bartenders are alot of fun to hang out with.

  8. Chris

    I had a great time talking to the bartender. I can’t remember her name but she was cool.

  9. customer

    ohh my god this is a mess.

  10. AssilleM

    I have a page on Myspace for our customers, friends and future customers to visit. Check us out at http://www.myspace.com/ridgewoodloungeii I haven’t had time to update pictures but I will be doing that before the end of the month.

  11. Bob
  12. Happy Visitor

    Above and beyond all expectations for a small highway club. Everything exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased and will be back!

  13. Bigride 12

    good looking dancers when did that happen

  14. josh


  15. me
  16. Mark
  17. Big Teeth

    Brook dancing here again

  18. Jack

    Worst club I have ever been to! Lazy girls arguing about who should be dancing. Girls just deciding to leave. One girl smacked the crap out of someone. Makes Gulfport look like Vegas.

  19. Babs
  20. Robert

    This place is awesome

  21. old school

    good place, will visit again

  22. Bird

    Shit service, Shit girls, Shit club!

  23. Heather

    I have only danced here twice but it is fun. The women that work here are cool. House fee is only $5 per night and you get to keep all your tips.

  24. drop in

    This is nasty. It smells nasty, it is dirty, the plastic cups are reused and stained. It is a dirty bar with dirty nasty girls who will do anything for a few bucks or drugs. Try searching for girls that may be a turn on, rather than fat nasty, stinky smelling girls.

  25. Mike R

    it is a very nice club and the girls are very hospitable. I will definately keep coming back.

  26. John

    I think the girls were trans-gender at least two, a bunch of shims (she-him).

  27. Sam

    It’s a DUMP!

  28. Tony

    I always have a good time when I’m there. Shooting pool or watching the girls I choose to watch. Get my drinks in a timely manner and they are always good.

  29. Donnie

    Ewww this place is a joke. It needs a weight scale and a doctor to weed out the gross fattys. No one would be left to strip.

  30. Customer passing through

    This is a nice little club. They have pretty ladies and they are alot of fun to hang out with. This isn’t your usual strip club. The women who work here want to make sure that everyone is having fun. The bartenders are retired dancers and do privates too. They are usually dressed up in costumes. I love this place! I will definatley be back!

  31. New Dancer

    This was the first time I ever danced anywhere. I had a great time and plan to come back in two weeks! The customers were really nice! The girls that work here are extremely cool. They made me feel at ease and made sure I felt like part of the family!

  32. Ryan

    The girls are friendly and sexy, the drinks are made strong and don’t break the bank. This is a great club with fantastic value. I will be back!

  33. Paul M.

    I really enjoy going to the Ridgewood Lounge. It is a fun reasonaby cheep way to blow off some steam after a long days work. They have a lot of really talented, and good looking dancers, and they are pretty cheap for the most part. I enjoy going with my co-workers and friends and playing some pool with a few drinks, then getting a few dances.

  34. Ealey

    New dancers and nice clean club the ladies are very nice. Except two and she is nasty! But when I was in they had 11 dancing. But from what I understand Mellissa got rid of 2 of the nasty ones already and she says she is working on getting rid of the other one but “she won’t stay away”.

  35. Eden

    Eden: Sorry to hear that 🙁 I loved working there and I miss all of you guys!

  36. carlee

    lisa u really had your stuff together when u used to run the girls’ u rocked u sexy bitch your baby girl carlee call me mama

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