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1501 North 16th Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51501


41.275645, -95.8668859




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lipstix 95 Adult Entertainment

  1. Jack M.

    A few years back I went on the road with a good bud of mine. We were promoting an assortment of web sites and had a bona fide, work-related reason for visiting strip clubs every night. We were on a centerfold search! We were looking for a strip club run by a fella named Jeremy that was supposed to sit on the Nebraska/Iowa state line. That proved difficult, since the state line is the Missouri River. We crossed the bridge into Iowa and followed a sign for “casino”… thinking we might ask casino type folk about the location of the strip club. A feisty fifty-something blonde named Karen overheard me asking at the door, came over and gave me directions to the “best litle tittie bar in Iowa”… a place she said she owned. “I’ll meet ya there” she shouted from her white Cadillac. How could I refuse.When we got there 2 girls named Trina and Roxy (above) were sitting at the bar, looking bored and lamenting it being a Monday. Behind the bar was Rachel, with a great smile, a good head on her shoulders, but no apparent desire to leave the place where she was born. Ogre was a 6 foot 6, 400 hundred pound, baby-faced good ole boy, just a few years past his small-town football hero prime. He was obviously there to bounce the occassional tittie toucher, but was trying to graduate up to the higher-paying, less violent work behind the bar.Karen had apparently called ahead and said that we should be taken care of.We had ourselves a real good time at Lipstix in Council Bluffs, Iowa.Great people watching there.

  2. glen H

    The girls dont have time for anyone except their boyfriends or husbands Me and two of my friends were in there the other night and no girl wanted to sit with us real poor

  3. Red

    Russ, of course the dancers are after money. They’re at work, it’s their job you fucking bonehead.

  4. Henry

    Cheap drinks, High cover on the weekends i like the layout.

  5. Officer Bamer

    God this place sucks. The lez girls, the owners, everything

  6. ben
  7. Anthony
  8. sam

    great time will be back tomarrow

  9. Hell Yeah

    Better then all the other clubs I’ve been to in the area

  10. SlumminNigga
  11. swm

    great bar and wait staff. very fun girls. not the greatest food but im not there for the food if you know what i mean. had a great time and ill be back.

  12. Rosetta

    The club rocks. The girls are really really sex.

  13. JJBlean

    Lipstix is the bottom of the barrel.

    This dirt hole ratings is wrong. It

    is not 4.6. It is inflated you all from

    the employees themselves writing false

    ratings on here.

  14. Fight cluber

    Really bad. You can tell the desperation on some of the girls to make a dollar and the others don’t care enough to try.

  15. bob

    the help will sunday punch you

  16. Howard

    Very nice club great people and grandma that has been there a while she is so great always takes tme to hug and say hello love that grandma wish she was my grandma love ths place

  17. SeSe
  18. Simple Simon

    Nothing spectacular here, nice stage, good parking, fair prices.

  19. JODI


  20. Armyt

    you should allow 19 year olds to go there too!

  21. Jesus drinks

    This place should be condemned. Where are all the dancers that used to work there? New girls won’t even finish the drink you bought them before they leave.

  22. jimmy k.

    I’ve been to other clubs in this area and never had so much fun this place is about the best i could expect from a bikini bar. gorgeous women (working and in the audience)

    the staff was on top of their game and were just great anyone in the area should check this place out.

  23. ?


  24. Ron

    I have a question for debinthebigo who posted below. I enjoy having a few drinks and watching the girls, I don’t cause any trouble, and if I like a girl I buy five dances at a time. I’m not 65 yet but I am 62 years old, so am I nasty? It’s probably girls like you is the main reason that I don’t like about this club. I’ve been here a few times. Except for Gail Ann who just started recently, I find the girls quite unfriendly, strange considering that their livelihood depends in large part from being friendly. At the other clubs, the girls are very friendly toward me, especially at Razzle which is my favorite. The music at most strip clubs is pretty much the same. Nicole the bartender is a little brusque but that’s just her way, I like her okay and we get along fine. I’ve never been cheated here, I know because I always watch my change closely and I’m very good with math.

  25. dickface monkey fucker

    dickface mooneky fucker

  26. Sweet s

    Hey totally had a good time hanging out with the people at lipsticks sure would do it again.

  27. bill

    I dont have ro much to say about this club except some of the dancers are terrible some are very rude i can sure take my business elsewhere I ask to talk to karen and someone said it wont do you any good she just wants her money and we make it to me and my friends thats not what its all about

  28. Trina

    I use to work there. The mangment sucks, but we rock as a club. The dancers are better then the rest of the dancers. I love the club. The girls are really really sex and have the bodies to go with it. Just go see for yoself

  29. Dr.John

    The females in this place are NOT there to keep anyone company, or for fun, or for entertainment. They are there to use and bore you to death, and ‘steal’ your money. They also can barely dance, and you will find no friends or enjoyment at all at Lipstiks.

  30. milo

    very nice club Ive been all over and most places have a cover and they dont even charge til after midnight where others charge at 7 so theres always something to bitch about at all clubs great people

  31. Fireman

    Who saw Niteline on ABC 9/5/2006? You saw exactly what the dancers and owners of high class, good clubs are like. That was bad and fake enough. This CB Iowa club is at the bottom of the poop hole with the worst dancers and the worst owners. I know what those people are saying about the heavier, lez, man like day and night time bartender. Much, much better places to spend your hard earned bucks.

  32. Sexy


  33. C G

    awesome is the only thing i can say

  34. Never Again!!!

    Ugliest girls around if you want to see some hot ass chicks go to the 20’s!!!

  35. B

    This used to be an okay place. Now everytime I go it’s always dead (no one is ever there anymore). The prices are still high. The dancers can’t dance. The bartenders are nice when they want to be ($$$). The only thing I liked was the music! I wish thing’s would livin up!

  36. Mark Frey

    The Danceing is laid out well, alot of differnt girl from tiny to the thikness mmmmm, Hard bodies, punkrock mamas, I enjoied spending my money here!!!

  37. Wallace

    I’m really enjoying Lipstix. I’ve been there a few times in the last few months, everytime expecting that the quality of the girls just can’t be as good as last time. It’s always the bomb though. Really friendly staff and fair drink prices too. One thing I really enjoyed about Lipstix is that they don’t get all bent out of shape if you turn down their advances for lap dances or drinks. There’s nothing worse than spotting the girl at the club that you wanna spend money on tonight, and another girl is getting all up in your business, then getting pissy with you when you’re not interested. Major kudos to the hot ladies at lipstix and the people hiring them. Keep up the good work and us guys will keep up the business!!

  38. Roundtown

    Ha Ha does anybody remember what being in the 8th grade was like? That is the atmosphere at Lipstiks. If you want to hang out with socital rejects, uneducated retards, criminals, and bi or lesbian losers, it’s the place. “Man: Do you have any tatoos or piercings? Woman: No, I have a real job”.

  39. debinthebigo

    Can you say Iowa bred corn fed! I see better looking with the girl customers that come in & talk crap on the dancers and bartenders. The music is loud which is cool. There is a bartender that works nights though ( the one with the boy haircut and blonde highlights) she has the biggest attitude ever and she’s but ass ugly! I have heard people call her Jackie McCormick & Decan she will rob you blind (so watch out guys she’s a gold digger) & she isn’t even pretty at all! The guys say she’s been with everyone including husbands & boyfriends but now in CB IA she’s a lesbian who only dates guys for money she’s even dated a 65 retired old man. nasty! The owner is cool but they need to put forth effort and some money into the place (it’s old and musty) and for god sakes get some better employees. I would rether go to Omaha Night clubs where you can get more fun and better looking girls to dance with and not have to pay nasty hoe’s to sit next to you! You really shouldn’t have to pay them they should be paying us to look and sit in that nasty building and look at those nasty sluts!

  40. QC
  41. used and abused

    This place suck s.It used to be the best place in town .Now cant keep girls and the one that are there act like your friend and tnen f*** you over

  42. jon

    thoese people will rob you blind

  43. jackie

    paula in co how are you? this is jackie. how are you doing.. post your e-mail address so we can talk.

  44. Justin

    Some hot girls, some not so much. Overall a pretty nice atmosphere.. not too ‘stuffy’ like some other clubs. Quite a few good looking black girls if that’s your thing… one in particular that wasn’t dancing but waitressing who was straight up fucking GORGEOUS. There’s also a skinny latina chick that dances there who’s sexy as fuck, didnt catch her name unfortunately. What can I say, as far as strip clubs go, it was cheap, the girls were sweethearts, and the vibe was a lot friendlier then most strip clubs.

  45. SeXy MaMa

    Who was Jackie talking to? Cuz I know it wasn’t me? At least I hope not. Cuz I have worked there before, and could very easily take every girls money in that bar if i wished. And when I do come in there my ass don’t get up on the stage, men look at me while the girls dance. Mm Hmm thats how its goes. I’ll be working up at Atlantis soon guys, you should cum check me out.

  46. Hobbs

    You’d think that the girls would be more friendly, considering that their livelihood depends on their customers. Okay I’m not Brad Pitt, I’m just an ordinary guy 62 years old, but I’m clean, I don’t smell, and the main thing is I’m a big spender if I like the girl. So far, none of them has managed to make me want to come back. I do like the set aside “sort of private” area for the lap dances.

  47. Dan

    Trina’s the Best

  48. carol m

    great place to be now that big boob suck you know what for people her name starts with S guess who you know who its the one that does it for money

  49. martin

    very very nice club some of the girls are really nice

  50. LOU


  51. Sam Ed

    Last time I was there one of the dancers asked if I’d like some company, sure I said, so I buy her a couple of drinks and then it’s her turn on the stage again. After her set she didn’t come back, she went in that room back in the far corner, she came out for her next set and after that she went and sat by herself at a table. This was early and there were only like three or four customers yet. This wasn’t my first strip club, not by a long shot buddy, and everywhere the girls like me because I’ll spend a bundle on somebody I like, buy them all they can drink and I always buy the lap dances five at a time, well maybe it isn’t actually me they like, but you know what I mean, they like a big spender. I don’t remember her name, short blonde with a chipped tooth, queen of sheeba I assume.

  52. Frank D

    Very nice club The girls are nice and look good some are not so good Nici Bridget and a couple of others they have a attiude that isnt good You cant be in a strip bar and not want people to touch you those two take the money and then say dont touch me otherwise a very nice club

  53. joe
  54. glen

    I dont know about others but I have seen some ugly dancers they also dont know how to dance You really need to get someone else to look these girls over and hire them or not someone isnt doing their job or they would hire better looking girls they also have one that is loud and thinks shes god gift to men she not that good looking ive seen better and with a better attitude

  55. john

    i will never go back

  56. paulainco

    hey jackie how do I do that?

  57. TeTe
  58. slickrick

    Had a great time be back soon

  59. Jhon Peston

    I went in with a buzz an came out wit a with an earg to skrog, big time.

  60. shorty

    u know what…i don’t know what all this hype about this club is about…these girls are nothing but trashy, druggies, and just plain dirty looking with the exception of like one! Hardly any of them can dance…most of are ugly, and they don’t give customers what they are looking for! I know this club can find better girls than that….now come on guys lets get some lookers in there. Its pretty bad when females in the audience come in and make more money then these girls….whats that tell u(the dancers) might wanna think about getting a different job!

  61. The reg

    Love rocking out at this club i will keep on cuming again and again.

  62. ken
  63. The One and Only Trina

    To Shorty, May you have came on the wrong day, because I know I look good and I can dance. So when you want to talk about someone may you should say name for now on. Second may you think the girls look ugly because you don’t good yoself. Maybe You should look at yoself before you talk shit about somebody else. Also if you wasn’t asking the girls to go home and fuck you maybe the would have been nice to you. Who do you think we are the 20’s Showgirls.

  64. david

    I dont mind spending money on girls if you can get one to sit with you I know im not good looking but I do spend money I dont mind the cover charge in fact that lady at the door is great when i come in she always takes the time to say hello to me shes the greatest. the drinks are a little high but it seems like everytime i come in and try to get a girl they are sitting with a reg.or a boyfriend im sorry but i spend money as well as the next oh by the way the girls are looking good the makeup makes them brighter on stage not like they just got out of bed

  65. TO JOHN


  66. Jim
  67. ceaser

    Very nice pace good people the manager is very nice the girls look good I will be back

  68. BamaFem

    This sucker punch place has more criminals, lesbians, hillbillies, losers, druggies, and plain old scum as dancers and employees than any where in the U.S.A. The DJ’s are fair, but the sound system, lighting etc etc, as well as the entire enterior of this place needs work. Go see a movie or anything else. You will get more for your money. I also hate the porker lez bartender with the bad attitude.

  69. JOEY


  70. Frank


  71. John John

    Overall, a lot of nice girls. Could use more on the schedule on nights as sometimes there are too few girls there. Shouldn’t rely on drop-ins to supplement what they have.

  72. Gangsta

    Put a $ bill on stage for one Dancer she spent the whole time up at the other end of the stage,never did waddle her fat ass down to my end to get it!another demanded I give her more moneythe i wanted to,made me buy her a $7.50 Shot,high pressured me for a private Dance,even tryed to get me to eat there Chicken wings 3/$30,4/$39.50!She looked like a Crack Whore Badly in need of a Fix,a couple of the other girls were good,Loved there Cheerleader outfits,but that won’t be enough to get me to come back,The Crack whore was more aggressive to get you to empty your Wallet,than a 22year old Used Car Salesman on Commission!If I were the Club Owner I’d Fire Her,tell her Burger Kings Hiring,Hit the Road!!!!

  73. smoothone

    this place rocks and the dj’s are awesome

  74. P
  75. Allright

    Is the female owner of this place a prison cell mate, or just brain damaged? I think most of the problem is cause of the owners and they not putting money back into it to hire decent dancers who now how to treat people better and the music system and everything else. The employees are dry and rude and dont know how to treat the customers good

  76. Larry G.

    Food what food. The dancers are always friendly and the sound system in this place is awesome I mean wow!

    I see alot of negative stuff on here about lipstix but don’t believe the hype check it out for yourself and be the judge.

  77. sucks
  78. jaime

    don’t go

  79. RealityRube

    If you need some place to throw your criminal and drug money away, this sleeze loser place is it

  80. doug

    great place had a blast

  81. Dirk

    What a good time dam I am glad i found this place. I can’t wait until the next pay check. I will be seeing you girls soon.

  82. C-3


  83. Russ

    Been going there a while and found the girls are after one thing money.They treat you like you mean something but backstab you when your not looking.Like the say goes “Your old enought to know better.Think I’ll put my money in the bank where it will do me more good.

  84. JamesBond

    Overpriced atmosphere. lesbian bartenders with bad, bad attitude.

    Really kind of place for lowlifes. Its boring yawn.

  85. larry
  86. tommy2thumbs

    I’ve been around to all the clubs in the metro area and the drinks may seem hi but they are the cheapest around. The girls for the most part are beautiful and fun except for a couple bad apples but you have that everywhere you go .The DJ’s kick ass and play a variety of music but I think that fat guy is the best. The bartenders have a good attitude and are a blast to joke around with. So I will definately be back so see you girls soon.

  87. PJ

    Was there twice last week these girls can turn you on so fast. I am so going back to see them again.

  88. JB and Kate

    u ever seen those white trash shows on fox?

    this is the cb iowa version of that.

    the dancers are the worst, and its a stinky

    boring place.

  89. PayingConsumer
  90. Greg

    Not to many dancers. Not to many lookers. The female customers were hotter then the ones on stage

  91. Rob

    It is nasty

  92. Paul

    I was a regular around 8 years ago. Honestly, it was better back then. Still one of clubs in the area, but was better. Can be again with right DJ.



  94. pete

    some dancers need to put a sack over their head not very pretty and sure dont know how to dance i dont know who hires the girls but not good ill go elsewhere

  95. ME

    Too many overweight dancers in there. Does the owner not see theses girls before the get hired on. More than half of the girls do not even look good with clothes off. Some need to just go behind the bar. There are some that do look good though. They even have a few waitresses that should replace some dancers.

  96. chip

    i had a great time

  97. huge fan
  98. Lipsticks is for slummers

    The Walmart of “entertainment”, but without any bargains.

    A microcosm of whats fake, bad, low, twisted, grade school

    mentality, and cheap (except for the prices).

  99. BMW

    Entertained some business friends in from

    Dallas there recently. The place is like

    something left over from the 1970’s, and the low

    quality of the dancers and personnel was a total

    waste of money. Seems to be all lowlifes, drug

    dealers, criminals, lesbians, prison folk, amd mentally

    ill sub lifes from the street.

  100. whorehey

    de la imigrant haven?

    de la playa nigga crib?

    de la white trash nest?

    del la alkatraz annex?

    si si si si

  101. Stephen

    I have been to the club a lot and every time I have been there I have seen quality girls, great service, and an overall laid back enviornment. I really enjoy all the dancers expecially Nicole the bar tender….:) Great club.

  102. Never Again

    this is the worst place you will find anywhere.

    even the trash hoes will be sluttin for dollars

    on christmas eve and christmas for the poor, the

    indijent, the mentally ill, and the losers.

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