Chorus Line



4128 N Brady Street, Davenport, IA 52806


41.561317, -90.5680976




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Chorus Line

  1. The Destiny

    Fucking Nasty!

  2. candy caine
  3. angie

    this club sucks just like it always has. i don’t the the “new owners” have or will make any changes.

  4. Cat

    This is my favorite place to hang out. The girls are AWESOME!!!

  5. it's me!

    this club has sucked for the past three years. and now you have harmony… can it get any worse?

  6. CL customer
  7. city official

    worst club ever owner just convicted of rape trash it wont be around long

  8. TONTO

    Overall the club can be a ton of fun, but there isn’t much consistency in the quality of the talent nor the proficiency in the private dance area. The crowds have been thin and they could use a strong dose of promotion. Enjoy!

  9. Joel

    It is gradually getting better every time i go in. I like the two blondes, but i wish the blonde bartender was still around

  10. Gary Ellis
  11. mIke

    Best club in the QCA. What could be better, booze, hot /sweet bartenders and friendly, sexy woman.

  12. Chorus Line Dancer

    We need better looking girls.

  13. Gabe

    Two words for you…. FUCKING GROSS!

  14. chad

    only club with bar

  15. have fun
  16. jt
  17. Kristi
  18. Frank

    The club looks better but, the same low end ladies kill it!

  19. Dook's

    we run trains on you whore jd!

  20. Oliver

    Garbage Place Girls r rude as hell

  21. Randy


  22. paul

    nasty dirty and ugly (except tigra)

  23. dick butley

    The only club i go to!

  24. luka

    i like all the new changes…keep um comming

  25. l
  26. M.R

    YOu guys need to get rid of jd i wont come back there bc of the way he treats people there he runs your business away

  27. hey

    you gotta go and check the chorus line out the girls are so great watch out for Destiny she might steal your wallet and leave you hangin short shriveled and sittin by your self

  28. local guy

    Not the same as it used to be, with a few girls that shouldn’t be dancing, but more hotties than at other clubs in the area – and they are VERY nice.

  29. mimi
  30. Earnest

    value for the money…….dances is not good……..cover is great

  31. Frank Wood

    overall an average club with high targets

  32. Tom

    Dooks was right all the money you put in and it’s still a shit hole.

  33. Thomas

    The club is completely remodeled and looks great! They have some girls I’ve never seen before at other clubs and that’s a nice change from the club hopping I’ve seen a lot.

  34. sally
  35. p
  36. George

    Torry is Hot!

  37. bob

    the girls are hot, friendly,and they love to be on the pole go and see chloe and tori youll enjoy yourself!!!!

    you should really try a double private with the two of them you will love it!!overall the chorusline is the place to go.

  38. ted
  39. timmy
  40. jim

    fucking disgusting club

  41. Customer

    I watched them turn down two hot dancers from working. I was

    there with a friend of mine who convinced me to go. Not a

    smart move. This club has a sad line up of girls. The only

    remotely hot one while I was there was a girl with a tattoo

    that was pink on her back. The club is very nice but the


  42. Terry

    I live in Oregon and you don’t know how good you have it. This club in fun and has been for a long time. The dances are hot with touching. $15 you luck guys. Here is $15 and 6″ away from you. Mercedes is one good dancer. The drinks are good but then I have not been there for six months.

  43. harlen
  44. Rob

    I was in town for only a few days,girls were great wish i could’ve stayed longer.

  45. jay

    keep up good work

  46. sam
  47. jimmi
  48. 6969
  49. Brice

    Khaos is a whore, sloppy cunt.

  50. Tex

    Was in town for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Being in Houston the last handful of years, I have to say the value was unreal. I second the previous reviewer, Chloe is worth every dollar!!

  51. Thanks

    Ryan making me top of the list club on this site

  52. The Ladies

    This club will never be great with JD running the show.

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