Southern Comfort Lounge



20980 Brady Street, Davenport, IA 52804


41.610287, -90.5699379




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Southern Comfort Lounge

  1. bob
  2. landon
  3. KH

    Terribly disappointed. Went there for my bachelor party and

    girls could not be found. They were outside smoking or

    upstairs most of the time. I’ve never been to a place where

    not a single dancer asked if I wanted a private dance. When

    I asked the manager about, he insulted me and said I wasn’t

    trying hard enough to get their attention.

  4. IAfun

    great dancers, half off cover for ladies, and great crowd interaction. Overall great club.

  5. george
  6. chis
  7. Sue Bridge

    betterb class sugar in grinding soco is # one

  8. Will
  9. Syd

    Quality is lacking recently.

  10. New Couple

    This club has improved and the girls are sexy. However a little disapointed that only 2 girls approached us.

  11. Mr. Simple

    Because she got tired of being treated like crap.

    Now she is treated with respect at the Amsterdam!

  12. Adam

    This place was a shit with 10th rate dancers!

  13. spjwb

    club looks great after the remodel!

  14. otis

    realnice remodel saw k-lee kelsey, avery heard dylan may return

  15. GammaRay

    $20 private dances. No table dances. Girls don’t seem to care about working. I stayed for 15 minutes and left. I won’t be returning.

  16. mickey
  17. matt
  18. tom

    love it

  19. michelle
  20. JOE AND ME


  21. Frank

    Vicky aka tora fucked big mike manager of the amsterdam…i see how your girls are, they give your club money and the others pussy!

  22. chorus line management

    we the chorus line will definately have so co out of buisness real soon we have half your girlsnits only a matter of time.

  23. Jim
  24. scoundrel

    not the same amount of quality dancers as in the past but still the most fun club in ther area.

  25. Some Guy
  26. 99vulcan

    Went to So Co last night 7/23/10. I was pleasantly surprised. The girls were hot and very friendly. They did dollar table dances and mingled with the customers when not on stage. The private dances are great – $20 each or 3 for $50. They have tubs with ice at some of the tables to keep your beer cold while you are there (BYOB). I wish I was staying in Iowa longer. I’d go back every week. Great Club!

  27. cheyenne

    can’t wait to be back

  28. just passing thru

    was on my way to chicago and stopped in to see how things were,i was very impressed.

  29. jessie
  30. Re: Mr. Simple

    Well Mr. Simple, you need to open your simple mind. I worked with Tece, and it’s hard to respect someone who is wasted all the time and has her head in a trash can! Looks like The Amsterdam is getting all of Jeff’s rejects. He’s glad to be getting rid of all the liability. Oh, and we are sending another one your way. Enjoy!!

  31. joe cool
  32. joey
  33. jon

    This is a fun club to go to on a bachelar party

  34. Jacob

    I was there sat. They they have all new HOTT girls!

  35. allen
  36. jimmy

    hott girls!!!

  37. KN2F
  38. Grey Beard


  39. big daddy
  40. WTF


  41. Red Beard

    Wow, i had a very good time. I was disappointed as I did not see my regular favorites. Can’t have everything I guess.

  42. Dick
  43. mercedes
  44. patrick

    love the new private dance area and the club is very modern!

  45. Billy Joe Bob IV

    Better attitudes than the BITCHES at Daisy Dooks

  46. TERRY


  47. a
  48. timmy

    the changes look good, and the dancers are nice,all in all i have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. RE: GammaRay

    A private dance and table dance are the same thing genius. This club is awesome regardless of what GammaRay says!!

  50. Joe Ham

    great club ,good management, lovely dancers.

  51. tommy
  52. Anthony

    had a great time this weekend

  53. Dooks Dancer

    Sugars renamed! Nasty HIV whores……..

  54. russ
  55. Big J
  56. chrys

    Pretty laid back,I always enjoy So-Co

  57. nura
  58. SCJ

    This club is great! I love that dances are only $20 and the girls are hot. Keep up the good work.

  59. nick

    loved sasha and mercedes

  60. James

    was there last sat. loved it!!!will be back again!!!

  61. ashley
  62. keagan
  63. tim
  64. Real Dancer

    Nicer club, same shittygirls.

  65. amy
  66. thomas

    love it

  67. D-Port Guy
  68. double D

    So-Co is a qc landmark by far the best in iowa so all the haters need to realize that so-co is the best and not going anywhere

  69. Dave

    Why is Tece working at the amsterdam?

  70. SaM
  71. Mark

    This place isn’t even close to having the talent it once did.

  72. sarah

    great time!

  73. Happy So-Co customer
  74. Fred Flintstone

    I had a great time on Thursday. (Psst. don’t tell Wilma and Pebbles.) Lots of beautiful women on the stage. Still the best private dances in town. My only complaint was there was not much real stage dancing. Still what guy is gonna complain much when you got a sexy babe bare it all – up close and personal.

  75. josh

    this club is my fav!!!!!!!!!

  76. mike
  77. mario
  78. ronny
  79. Hawkeye Joe

    The private dances are the best. I have never had anything better.

  80. Amber
  81. Ranger

    The club could be updated… some gorgeous girls, some not so much…

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