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501 North 9th Street, Lawrence, KS 66044


38.9788707, -95.2144282




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flamingo Club

  1. Topeka Tom

    No girls on a Saturday night?

    SAD. Not worth the drive.


    Why the fuck did I lease this hole. Everything and one sucks!

  3. old dancer

    You told him to leave cause you thought he said something he didn’t, Necole did. He hasn’t been in here in over two weeks I talk to him a lot, he is a good person that you T and K don.t like. Mr. J. Olsen, many of us miss you!

  4. ex customer
  5. john

    Monday night,no cover,patron special and Mellissa….need I say more?

  6. Seethrough

    If you have a fetish that involves being completely ignored by very average looking women, this is the place for you. If you get a rush when you see second-and-third-rate strippers lazily sitting around a table not dancing, head to The Bird. If the satisfaction of leaving a club with 95% of the cash you brought with you gives you a chubby, by all means head to Lawrence. Otherwise, go to a place of business that offers girls that act like they actually want to make money. Those are called “Strip Clubs”. The Flamingo however, is currently little more than a warehouse for inactive stripper storage.

  7. ILIKEKUgirls
  8. Astounded

    Tipped the only hot girl a $10 on stage and she went straight back to the VIP room to keep dancing for some guy. You lost a LOT of money lady, hope it was worth it. Teach your girls to move around. I won’t be back.

  9. i agree with ex customer

    this place sucks baddddddd

  10. Al T.

    This place has gone so far down hill it’s sad. The girls are so sub par, you start thinking about asking the waitress to get up on stage. What happened Flamingo?

  11. Bye

    HOW can this club have gone so far down hill? It’s the oldest and best known in Lawrence…maybe the whole midwest. With the new MO laws pretty much killing all the clubs over there, you’d think it would be easy to stock this place with hotties…but OMG…it’s more like some low-rent crackwhore clu now. So fuking sad.

  12. uknow

    best anywhere

  13. TheRealTeeMAc

    I apologize for the person who is pretending to be me. I have spoken to Wes, Bill (the other owners) and Keith our G.M. we felt that since I was Impersonated a response is warranted. We are very happy with where the Flamingo is right now, proud of our staff and happy with customer responses. We invite you to come see for yourself. If you do not enjoy it and the changes let us know about this post and we will give you your cover back. We are sorry for the misleading posts on here, it does not reflect us or the club, we however know these 3 people will not stop trying to hurt the club they were banned from and let go at. We love this place, and it’s people, you will too!

  14. jj
  15. Hey Tesla

    Are u sure you’re talking about Flamingo?Those chairs sound more like

    the Outhouse which truly is the dump u describe.

  16. TJ MAX


  17. On the mark

    A return to greatness here….is it temporary?

  18. Wilson

    Divey hollow place with substandard dancers.

  19. dave

    Dances run hot and cold but friendly place and nice drink prices. Day shift can often lack enough dancers that if a few people are in the VIP or acting like they will go to the VIP while talking to a dancer and the usual one or two dancers not interested in working can leave a person with money but no attention. People that complain that the women will not give them attention I do not buy. Tip more then a $1 and do not tip a woman with a man already in the VIP and expect instant attention. Give a dancer a $5 on stage and they will always find you when they are free. Plus once you go back to the VIP room and get some dances the other dancers notice.

    Wait staff is always real nice and never pushy. For a small city this is a pretty decent club and love the dance rules and overall quality of the dancers. Prefer a club like this then the big city ones. Maybe less lookers but they are nicer and not stone cold mercenaries.

  20. STUD


  21. Travelzoo

    Great place, laid back atmosphere, more consistent than other clubs, neighborhood feel.

  22. not a dancer

    Best damn club in town, hands down. Wicked VIP dances if you get the right girls. PS. Have never gotten a bad one.

  23. Howard the Duck

    This club rates poorly, new mgmt. has no clue, girls are not friendly anymore

  24. COCK
  25. J Olsen

    I had a great time. Girls were great.

  26. MOO YA!

    What is it with all the CHUBBY girls here???? They should rename it the “FATmingo” if this is the sort of girls they’re going to staff. Not worth a drive to Lawrence, that’s for sure.

  27. Dilbert

    Given the level of dancer this place still offers, all the fancy remodeling recently done is much the same as a farmer who builds mahogany fenced and carpeted pens for his livestock. Nice enclosure, but they still go “Moo”.

  28. cocky
  29. just another person
  30. xy$
  31. OK

    Stopped in here a couple of weeks ago while in town and was decently

    surprised regarding the reviews. No champagne or private room area, vip is a

    big open room with leather loveseats, so no more auditorium seating. New

    owners/mgmt when I stopped in, some real lookers running around (all new

    girls) but there are definitely the resident trolls still milling about (new

    ownership/management said they’re weeding out some of them. Overall: not


  32. Hiring!

    NOW HIRING DANCERS! Have you been fired from other clubs for being too old or horribly overweight? Do you have tattoos on more than 50% of your skin’s surface? Do you find it impossible to have a coherent conversation with a male customer? Yes? APPLY NOW AT THE DIRTY BIRD!

  33. taylor

    great club!!!!!!!!

  34. Red Man

    I thought this club had lost a lot of pretty girls in the past until I stopped in recently. Thanks to the return of some beautiful women!

  35. jeff

    this club is off the hook.

  36. AJS
  37. BD

    Place runs hot and cold, but if you catch it running hot it’s well worth it. Day shift has been good lately. Night, not so much.

  38. Buck P.

    Dis place is da BOMB!

  39. wtf

    Still a bad lineup

  40. old timmer

    some things never change poor line up waist of time

  41. Tesla

    Worst VIP accomodations ever. Just a bunch of cheap, straight-back auditorium chairs with hard backs and no padding. Would it kill ya to provide some comfortable seating in this place? A guy can’t even lay back during a dance. I kept feeling like the damn chair was gonna fold up on us during her performance.

  42. Brad

    This club sux!!!toothless crackhead skinny dancers…ugh…never go there! I will never return!

  43. Vince

    I could run a better club than this out of my garage employing girls from my neighborhood. Not worth the drive or door fee. SAD.

  44. Larry

    Very very very unprofessional. The few dancers that are there just sit around and drink at the same table all night; they don’t walk around offering any dances. It seems like they’re just there to drink and talk sh*t. I won’t ever go back and I would recommend not wasting your time going there.

  45. carlos

    very nice

  46. joeKenson

    this place was great! so many haters- i loved it every time i came here – ive brought many friends, even my brother in law- never a bad time!

  47. KansasCityKid

    This place rocks! Came in on a Saturday nite. Girls were friendly and very sexy. Went back to VIP with several ladies and was not disappointed!

  48. MrJ
  49. Ways to go
  50. SideoftheBarredandfiredpeople

    Don’t listen to the last comment by the terd himself. 3 failures follow him, and all the comments made in the last year and a half should cement what is the truth!

  51. Jeffery

    Best club in America. Whatever the rules are, they are not enforced . . .

  52. Calvin

    Not ONE good-looking woman on a Friday night, and only four girls working. This place has just tanked. Don’t waste your time.

  53. No thanks
  54. In town

    Had a great time.

  55. sam jonest

    vip is worth it. Club needs brighter lights on the stage.

  56. re: John

    Nope. Except maybe, “tug job”. Need I say more?

  57. jack

    I had never been there before. It is an old bluilding, but the girl really bring the place to life. There were 5 girls: one a 10, 3 7’s and one 5. Pretty good for an afternoon. I had a good time, and look forward to going back.

  58. Admirer

    Really a best bet out of all the places in this town. Night shift is always hot staff and fun. Day shift more laid back but always fun. Checkout Shay!!! Checkout Kristen!!! Checkout all the hotties here.

  59. john southwick
  60. Don
  61. Glad I am gone!!!!!!!

    People think its been bad the last couple years, it now has become many times worse with its ” I own a stripclub now” fool!

  62. Bruce

    This used to be good club. Now it is only average. The hottest ladies are no longer there.

  63. Rob

    Beautiful dancers, great customer serivce, wonderful club!!!

  64. bar me

    worst mgr/owner ever.

  65. Mike
  66. happy camper

    Been going to this club for many years cause of the service, quality of talent, food, and the laid back atmosphere. It’s couple friendly and the waitresses not only serve you liquor, but pleasant conversation too. The owner is a hellava nice guy.

  67. Vinny

    4 mostly average girls working on a Friday night, with 20 or so bored-looking guys waiting for some kind of attention. So sad. Geez, if this is all the better this place can do, just close it down and stop insulting the memory of the OLD Flamingo.

  68. ft
  69. Moo-ya.

    What is it with all the CHUBBY girls here????

    They should rename it the “Fatmingo” if this is the sort of girls they’re going to staff. Not worth a drive to Lawrence, that’s for sure.

  70. Seth

    Totally Sad.

  71. Doctor

    There are more Pap smears being taken here in the VIP than in the local Gynecologist’s office.

  72. Poker Joe
  73. DW

    What is up with all the 50+ woman here? Is that a joke?

  74. A new regular

    Don’t believe the bullshit wining reviews on here, especially about the new owners.

    I’m NOT one of them, and I don’t have any vested interest. I have just found that

    they run this place so much better than other clubs I’ve been to, including the one

    that they left, which has since gone to shit. It’s clean and inviting & feels more like a

    regular club or bar. The big surprise is terrific food

  75. Quietman

    This place is remarkable. Its the best value for the money in Lawrence.

  76. old one

    place has gone to shit!!!!!!!!!!

  77. keith
  78. Tesla's wake up call

    Get a clue,buddy. No place approaches this one & you’re complaining

    about the chairs.

  79. harddong
  80. Dennis

    This place lacks big time! Owner is a hick that failed at everything he touched!

  81. Daytimer

    I’ve been to this club many times, mostly during the day. The lunches are pretty good. Most of the girls I’ve met are willing to talk and give some great lap dances. But there are a few that leave me wondering why they’re in the building. They hardly talk with anyone and never seem to do any private dances. Fortunately, they’re outnumbered by the girls that will. Definitely stop by this club if you get a chance.

  82. Gary

    Wow! This place is incredible!! The girls were amazing! The VIP dances were worth their price. Im used to the KC area clubs and they don’t hold a candle. I’m gonna have to try the Lawrence clubs to see if they hold up to this one.

  83. terry

    best damn club ever been to

  84. Joe

    Great place. Good service. Variety of pretty girls.

  85. Moneyman

    what a disgusting place!Fat piglets and old doggies abound. Old washed up football ass was funny though. Drinks to costly. Place used to be fun many years back, but times sadly have changed for this place.

  86. never again

    sad sad sad sad place one of the wors’t i’ve been in!!!

  87. junkie
  88. shug
  89. bill


  90. KC Boy
  91. Roy Boy

    Boring time with disintersted, average looking girls. I tipped every girl, but none came to ask me for a dance. Won’t be back.

  92. cecil

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