Bonita Flats



20060 West 175th Street, Olathe, KS 66062


38.811217, -94.8166169




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bonita Flats

  1. DAN

    Glad I stopped in to see my old stomping grounds. Had a great

    time again.

  2. Cletus

    This place is very sophisticated. My mom and sister both work there and they love it. My sister Trish gives really good dances, trust me!

  3. Bandit

    The good is that the girls in this club are smoking hot and fairly friend to all. Prices for all services and products are reasonable. The bad is this place is small with limited seating and I did not see one man wash his hands after using the bathroom. They in turn handle the women who bounce from one guy to another; a very ugly scene. I will not return and believe the health department is long over due for a visit. I left with an empty wallet and sinuses full of rhinitis

  4. Loyal

    Best club in the city by far.

  5. Love this place!

    I love this place! It is wonderfull! Drinks are cheap and the talent is wonderful! Girls are friendly and worth every penny! They are georguos also! They are extremly nice to everyone…. Not just the high rollers! They don’t get upset if you need to take a breather or just want to watch for a little while! Some of the best dancers around!

  6. Rocky

    This placy rocks! The girls are great and so are the drinks! Will be back! Oh Yeah! Great dances!

  7. kc man

    i would go to a cattle sale before i come here. this place sucks and there are way to many girls that want to get free drinks. i would rather go to paradise.

  8. Angie
  9. Joy F.

    the previous review is dead on. I went to this place and I made the girls working there very angry (over weight, unattractive, angry strippers are not people I want to rumble with). Apparently woman are not encouraged to go to this place even if the drinks are cheap and you get bored on a Wednesday night…This is the nastiest “gentleman’s club” I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to one in Council Bluffs, Iowa. There was even a pot luck set out. Yum… stripper pot luck. Words cannot accurately describe this place. I suggest going and taking a look because it will blow your mind. Words cannot describe how surreal this place is. A scene based on this place was in a movie everyone would be all like “no place like this can exist. How stupid”” Also, I never ever want to see the girls or the facility with the lights on…

  10. alex
  11. DAVE
  12. Local celebrity spotting!

    For any fans of Kansas City’s only (worlds only?) Playboy model,

    politician, feminist, comedian and long time hottest stripper in Kansas City

    Serena Hein I spotted her at this place last weekend when a buddy took

    me. I first saw her at bazookas and have been a harmless stalker since

    then! Don’t go see her stand up comedy she’s terrible!

  13. Eric Worster

    I love Summer. One of those guys had a blast. Ashley is a tight terasian scripper. Head says they aren’t worth half of what they cost; except they’re better than the fat girls at the end zone. You need to add at least one scriper Mexican. Respekk to the womens.

  14. todd
  15. cowboy

    I’m a member and don’t get me wrong do like this club but it is very small and always packed. The girls are very lovely and the stage dances are hot. I have been to this club numerous time and gone home with a most of my money still in my pocket. A few times I haven’t even been approached by a single dancer. The dances are average and done right at the tables because there is no other room in the club (small place remember). The drinks are cheap and that is probably why it’s pack most of the time. A good time can be had here just don’t expect too much.

  16. gaylord

    Slept with a stripper there and her husband was the bouncer! Guess

    we know what kind of place they are running. At least she was a

    good f*$&!!

  17. OP Guy

    I brought 2 of my friends out to this club for the first time in awhile & had a great time! Not increidibly crowded but busy while we were there but then again it was around 8. Dances were amazing and the drink prices, you literally can’t beat… anywhere! Beautiful girls and fast service. I’ve been to clubs where you have to wait 20-30 minutes before your drinks come back around. My opinion is this a great place for everyone to have a good time!

  18. Papi

    Nice Place.

  19. awesome place!

    This place is awesome! Beautifull girls! Cheap drinks! Clean place to relax and kick back!

  20. Kenny

    This place is to small and a joke. The overall atmosphere is poor I have seen to many fights here and this is not a atmosphere I like!

  21. Luv This Place

    Girls are awesome, dances even better! And drinks are cheap so more to spend on girls! We’ll be back!

  22. I love strippers

    hey i love this place been going to it for a while and dame have they made a turn around…..Blaze (hot) Kianna (dame) and many more keep it up

  23. annoyed

    Male staff needs to go or get off the roids. Too crowded.

    Some nice girls

  24. guido
  25. Phil

    The club is too damn small and the layout sucks. Don’t take a bachelor party there unless you don’t want to sit together.

  26. Chris

    Hell Yeah!!!! I love this place, will definitely be back!!!

  27. I'll second that

    Ah yes the wonderfull Serena is like fine wine she keeps getting better

    with age. That ass is somethig else. I’ve never seen her stand up

    comedye but with a body like that who wants her standing am I right?? I

    will say that in person she’s one if the funniest quikest witted girls I’ve

    ever met but is that really saying anything

  28. dflash
  29. Mark

    Nice boobies, cheap drinks, classy carpet, don’t bring too much money cuz you’ll spend it

  30. DaveFlash

    Had a great time here this evening. Perfect ratio of dancers to customers. Enjoyed chatting and rubbing with Trish, one of the most spectacular dancers I’ve seen.

  31. Greg

    This place is always rocking! Never a dull moment here, and all the ladies are spectacular!

  32. Jake


  34. Ted

    The service was 3rd rate and the girls are homely

  35. mooo

    Rhinitis is at an epidemic state. The pigs are rooting couple this with hoof and mouth and you are in a world of trouble. Not only drink the alcohol but pour it on you too.

  36. John
  37. Nicholas
  38. Mandy

    I really love it here. It’s a very laid back environment a place to go and relax and watch the pretty girls

  39. no comment


  40. richard95

    This club is what I would consider a legend in the Kansas City metro area. I’ve read some of the other reviews and want to clear up some things. First, due to some legislation you either have to be a member or enter with a member. Being a member is as simple as going at least 10 days prior and signing up. (ID and ten dollars needed) If your not into planning I don’t believe it would be tough to find a member on the outside and get in on their pass as a guest. Now to the best part. I’ve never not had a fantastic time here. Plenty of different ladies to choose from. Lap dances are only $10, which I consider a bargain! Who cares about the privacy thing another review mentioned. Aren’t we all here for the same thing? All the girls dancing have always treated me like a king and don’t have attitude if you might be waiting on another girl due to preferences. I also enjoy that Bonita’s doesn’t jack up the price of drinks! $2 bottled beer- yes please. So if you don’t want to judge the decor or the bathroom- run don’t walk and have a great time with your friends at Bonita’s!

  41. DG

    This place is a dive. Can’t touch the breasts, can’t touch the ass, girls wear pasties. Wake up and say Kansas. This place is lame. How does it get a rating better than The Outhouse I will never know.

  42. Joe H.

    This has been the gentleman’s club servicing our local needs for bachelor parties over the last number of years. The venue is in the middle of nowhere in Olathe. The only two buildings are Bonita’s and another strip club across the street. Of the two, we choose Bonita’s because you don’t have to be a member to get in. $5 every year and a half or $20 for a yearly membership at the other place is pretty much a no brainer.The best thing about Bonita’s is that all beers and most drinks are only $2. If this place were any closer to my house, I might make it my normal bar. Aside from the bar when you walk in, the main room is to your right, which consists of a continuous couch that forms a giant U around the small dancing strip with a poll on both ends. The dancing room is lit completely with black lights. I’ve heard this is great for hiding the tracks in the arms of heroin addicts. I don’t think that is the issue here. Judging from some of the girls’ teeth, meth is the drug of choice.You always have to have a drink in front of you. If you don’t, the waitress might cut you. If you forget to tip the waitress when she brings you a drink, she might cut you. If there is a stripper within 5 feet of you when you order, you should expect to be charged for her shot of liquor.This place is great for bachelor parties because on any given night, there are generally 2 to 3 girls who are completely busted and/or could play linebacker for a D-II college. Girls like this are experts in giving lap dances that involve slamming into and racking the groom-to-be and overall making sure his unit does not come out to play for a few days. I like this because I am a d-bag and enjoy seeing pain inflicted on those that I love.As with any strip club, be sure to hit up your own bank’s ATM prior to coming or you will get raked by service fees. It’s $10 for a dance. 2 for $15 if you’re a big enough loser to go on Sunday or Monday. I would highly suggest checking out their website where you can see photos of some of the employees, dancers and guys who frequent the club so much that they have their own page on the website. I particularly enjoy the one of the elderly man eating a sausage. Judging from over half of the pictures, I am also going to start assuming that if you have facial hair, you are a Bonita’s…

  43. Eric

    Very enjoyable.

  44. d/bwg

    the whitehouse on the plaines….Bonita Flats……nice ladies…cheap drinks…..good tunes…..close comfortable dances to think about…….to me the eyes have it all… to love ya babies…………..see ya d/bwg…..sighning off……..sorry 9.5 rating lacks food….the kind you eat……but lots and lots of eye candy……..

  45. sasa

    This place is a joke have roids?

  46. Doug

    This club rules! Drink specials and the girls are out of this world amazing!

  47. Alan
  48. jc

    seeing is believing…

  49. T-bone

    Great girls, Great prices

  50. Boring

    this club sucks it is dull and boring ALL the girls are UGLY

  51. Big Tee

    First visited in 1993 – Best club and overall value in the KC metro area then and still is! Hard to get “away” as it is always packed! Go see for yourself! YOU WILL LIKE IT!

  52. H2

    You can’t go wrong with this club! It’s great!

  53. ryan123

    $2 drinks are reasonable for strip cubs, but the waitresses are pushy. On their customer appreciation days the drinks are only $1 and lap dances are only $5. The lap dances are usually $10 but there is no privacy with them and you are pretty restricted on where your hands can touch. I would rather pay $20-25 for lap dances and have privacy. They use a juke box for music and had plenty of dancers, mostly white but not all, for the amount of people present. Bathroom was very small and dirty

  54. JAS
  55. ray

    Ive been going up pretty regular for the last 6 months. Club aptmoshere is friendly and laid back. Bouncers and waitresses take care of the customers. Dancers are very friendly and above average and will sit and talk before you get a dance. There are all types, ages, sizes, races of girls to choose from. Always seems to be about 20 girls on the night shift so never long waiting on a dance. Dances are 10 and drinks are 1 and 2 dollars. If your lucky enough they have a young tall black dancer who goes by Iris that I would recommend. She is a excellent dancer and quite the conversationalist. If she is not there they have several others that are also good Willow, Cat, Mia.

  56. worker

    Why is some days brad acts normal and others hes a jerk could it be the roids. Its time for me to leave this place and go work at the endzone.

  57. T

    This club is great the drinks are cheap, the beer is cold and only $2, and the waitresses are always coming around so you are never left with an empty drink. The dancers are friendly and good looking, and the lap dances are only $10. If you get a chance get a dance from Summer you won’t regret it.

  58. jayhawker

    This place needs help what happened it sure has changed for the worse. Not going to waste my time here anymore. The endzone in much better these days.

  59. Dallas

    I love working here, best club i’ve ever worked at!!!

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