Cowboys Showgirls



1515 Russell Cave Rd, Lexington, KY 40505


38.0720929, -84.4763494




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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191 reviews for “Cowboys Showgirls

  1. Mammoon

    I am looking for a strip club to party at tonight. I am on vacation in Lexington area and I love to spend my money on strippers and cocaine. Anyone know who is the dirtiest little skank at this club, my dick is hard and my balls are blue and my wallet is fat.

  2. CowFan

    Great Couch Dances! and cheap!

  3. Marcus

    Don’t believe the hype. For any club goer that travels, this is a Hip Hugger feeling bar with better chairs….and non-existent contact on your part. They aren’t air dances, but they are strictly one way with a very intrusive DJ/watchdog peering over you. Better looking girls (and dances) can be found at Platinum, Rhino, and even the Vu next door (although sans alcohol). If you do go here, stick to the 5 dollar table dances, which isn’t a bad value for what you get.

  4. Denny Crane

    Great club

  5. Shawn

    Me and my wife went in saturday had a very nice time…

  6. str8ballin

    thanks girls for all the great times. going back to


  7. peter kelly

    this place is a dump it has a dancer with a glass eye, a midget, and a witch working there whats up it’s more of a circus than anything eles.. this place is a DUMP

  8. blah

    Went in on a Monday and the place was absolutely dead!! Way overpriced on drinks and the talent was below par at best!!!

  9. bob

    had a good time…

  10. none of your business

    the best in Lex. hands down

  11. antion

    not the place to go if you want to see a good looking entertainer

  12. Club Hopper

    Still number 1 in Central Kentucky.

  13. G-Dawg

    What a freakin dump

  14. Dave G.

    Overall good club, although they do now allow lap dances for female customers – a big disappointment. Wait staff very attentive, dancers very friendly

  15. Bocephus

    overall a great club and great girls. casey is so Fake. First time you give one of these other beautiful girls her money she will tell you to Just F*CK OFF, and has nothing to do with you. just ask theres so many shes done this way. Just ask rick

  16. with you

    we did the same was packed and had a great time…

  17. Coach

    Nice place to go without being hassled by the girls. They are cool as hell and provide just what you need “if the price is right.”

  18. rack-cock

    been hangin here for a few weeks. I tried others, no comparison. more girls now than a few weeks ago. always a good time. Goin through a rough divorce, Cowboy’s has been keeping a smile on my face.

  19. fvhj
  20. By the Man

    This place sucks!

  21. Brett

    Great club. Awesome couch and table dances, the dancers are all beautiful and most will sit down and actually talk to you, not just get ur money and leave you.

  22. Mr.Guy
  23. tori
  24. 69er
  25. as
  26. Bubby

    I went there once, but probally wont go back. I didn’t like it that much. The girls that were there wasen’t that good lookin. And they only talked to certain groupes of guys.

  27. james1412

    Was passing through lexington on a business meeting and decided to try Cowboys Showgirls. Went in around 9pm sat down there was around 10 to 15 girls. Waited around 5 to 10 minutes no one asking for dances just drinking at tables didn’t see very many young dancers disappointed. Did get a table dance but the dancer 0 with her orange top rubbed something on my short and stain them. Hope next visit is better.

  28. Bobby

    Went back tonight had a good time again thanks Coyboys

  29. Jack

    Went there with my buddies.

    Got a lap dance, and when she got off me, had sticky slime that smelled fishy all over my clothes.

    Would highly recommend you go elsewhere.

    She kept telling me how hot I made her and would I wait outside for her.

  30. The Joker

    Does Nadia still work there?

  31. Cowboys regular

    Things just keep on rockin……..Good club.

  32. nmj
  33. shane

    Had a good time…

  34. H M Murdoch

    Went last week. no cover. It’s a dive, bathrooms are nasty. 5 bucks for a coke. Bartender was friendly, dancers were OK I guess. Sound system is bad. Left after 30 minutes.

  35. duge


  36. Me

    Awesome club!! Awseome dances!! Will be back every week to spend time with Ariel, Justice, Casey……

  37. Yay

    Cool club

  38. BillyBob

    Will go back…

  39. stripperlover

    best for miles around

  40. WOW

    should be called horseshit saloon

  41. Shawn Fan

    We all love you too….

  42. jj
  43. Bilbo Baggins

    Best strip club in Lexington by far. One of the best I have ever been in. Casey, Justice, Summer the list is too long. And don’t forget Ariel.

  44. Clark

    I agree best club in town

  45. BrentDINDIANA

    Can anyone tell me where Austin is? When is she coming back?It’s just been to long! I need to get a little lo69vin from my girl.

  46. Jason

    Always have a good time, private dances are great.

  47. none of yo business

    I have never in my life gotten a couch dance like I did at this club! I’ll be back.

  48. Just Me

    This place ROCKS

  49. GoGo

    We had a great time tonight..

  50. Gringo

    Cowboys has lost some great dancers but the replacements are fantastic. I still think it is the best in town.

  51. hgj
  52. sde
  53. Wildcat88
  54. Jim Crapperbottom

    Lexington’s version of Indy’s Brad’s…only much tamer. Girls are friendly, but not especially hot. Cheap time if you stick to the $5 table dances…which are just as good as the $20 couch dances.

  55. marlonmoney12

    This place is top notch with very beautiful women. Full nude. And the girls are very very friendly. $5 cover $4.50 beer $6.50 shotsI give it three stars because: 1. The beer selection is slim. And 2. DO NOT buy the girls shots. It’s a scam. Every waitress will bother you to buy the girls a shot if the girl is sitting at your table. $6.50 per shot and the shot is sprite. No alcohol in it. I know this because after two hours I finally bought the girl a shot. When I didn’t see her again for a while I drank her shot. Then left. Other than that, this club is for sure five stars.

  56. jay
  57. RockStarr

    Still the best had a good time….

  58. Justin

    One of the best places I’ve been to in a long time. I have been to Gold and Platinum and they do not compare. Come and check it out.

  59. Guy

    Best around

  60. sean72

    Loserville. The dancers couldn’t get a job at any other club in town.

  61. bvcx

    crapiest place i have ever been

  62. Noccent

    Hey I used to be a stripper at Deja Vu for 4 years…LOL… and its men like you who get laughed at backstage by us because we take your money and you actually PAY for sumthin you could be watchin anyone do. Youre a joke… youre our joke.. i have NO respect for a man that goes to strip clubs. Its desperate… its a little punkish… I could bring home 600.00 a night on a weekday. that doesnt include weekends when bustas like you come. HAHAHAAHHAAAA… jealous…. LOL .oh yea and about the touching. we dont want you touching us. gross… would you like someone who you didnt even kno took a shower gropin all over you…you pay to watch. you want a prostitute, go on down new circle and get a prostitute. theyre cheaper LMAO… dumbass

  63. Hillbilly

    There has been some turnover but Cowboys is still number one.

  64. BIG DAN


  65. jd
  66. chuck
  67. Ken

    I was in last week it was ok but couldn’t even talk to the cute dark haired girl i think her name was amy

  68. Happy Camper

    I had a great time here on Saturday.

  69. bill


  70. Richmond Ron

    Skank city

  71. butthutt

    nuttin but raggedy ass heavy metal types here low-class

  72. Chris rock
  73. spanky

    Micky needs to **** down there before dancing

  74. martin

    had a great time with Satin…awesome looking girl with great personality

  75. Loves Dancers

    This place is great. All the dancers are hot and it seems like there is something for everyone. The couch dances are the best I have ever had. I will be back.

  76. Mark

    Hello I was a vistor from out of town, I have been to several clubs in a few states. and this was the second one i have been in this city with in a month. my feelings on clubs is the people who work them, the cover was reasonable, was greeted by the Manager this does not happen in a lot of clubs the staff and waitresses were on the ball. and to me like everyone else we come for the Dancers. Mine this evenoing was Destiny a pretty young woman easy to get along with and gave great dances quite simply she is the best Dancer i have had the pleasure of getting a dance from. would be the first dancer i would look for and the last one i would get a dance from before i go.

  77. Mountain Man

    This is the best of the strip bars in Lexington. Really pretty good. The dances were good and there were more hotties than notties.

  78. Big Joe

    I love this club it rocks

  79. mj

    nice club

  80. cowboys fan

    Cowboys is the best club in Lexington, no doubt about it.

  81. Indy Racer

    I totally disagree. Stay with the table dances for a fiver each. The couch dances would have to be four times as good for it to justify the 20 spot….and their not. DJ hawking over you at all times and you still can’t touch. Pales compared to Indy clubs.

  82. sam
  83. ghfvh
  84. Howard the Duck

    I agree great club beautiful girls

  85. Batman

    No Nadia does not work here anymore she has been gone for a few months now. I miss her too

  86. Mike

    2 or 3 hotties that wont leave the tables unless its there turn on stage,nasty chicks beggin for the couch dances it really sucked asss!

  87. LOL
  88. Rocknrolla
  89. ED


  90. james

    love this place

  91. FYI

    This club is OPEN Mon – Thur & Sun til 2am

    Fri & Sat til 2:30am

    NO Cover Charge Mon – Wed (maybe sun not sure?)

    Table dances are $5.00 and Couch dances are $20.00

    You can play Pool while watching the ladies dance or watch Sports on one of their many Flat Screen TVs while drinking a nice cold beer or mixed drink

    This is a 21 and up club! They do and will check I.D.s

    One more thing girls if you want to get in you must have a male escort per girl to enter and girls must stay at the table with their escort. Girls also can not get dances at this club! Doesn’t mean you can’t tip so go in and have fun!

  92. Tom

    Went in last night had a great time…

  93. peaches

    i didnt like day shift but i dont know about nights. Paradise City Rocks

  94. Scott

    Cool place

  95. occasional visitor

    I try to make it out every couple of months, and even if the lineup’s changed, the club is always a great time.

  96. honey

    Best club in town bar none!

  97. Ky Fireman

    This club is so hot its against the fire code.

  98. joseph1k

    I gave it 3 stars because one of the dancers was so drunk she fell slam on to our table. Drinks and iPhones went everywhere. The bouncers pretty much did nothing. A cocktail waitress immediately seated us upon entering. I did not know this was a fully nude club and was a bit shocked at first. – The clubs are all topless where I’m from. I would give it another shot. All in all I had a great time.

  99. yea

    Great Club

  100. Pot
  101. Amazed

    Wow! There are some really hot and sexy girls at this club! I got the best dances I have ever had here the other night! Thanks! I will be back for sure!

  102. Bilbo

    Without a doubt the best club in Lexington.

  103. Archie

    Ted…. You should have stayed around. Too bad you are a pussy.

  104. big fan

    I like this club! It’s laid back and the girls are getting like the use to be. Trish, casey, angel, jasmine, and justice are the hottest girls in the club. There are alot of nice girls in there but every club has the bad ones.

  105. coco

    word of mouth is better then any of these haters online and from livin outta town i know damn well cowboys is off the chain b/c two bad ass bitches is gonna make sure of it summer’s come back for fun

  106. kellyl502

    Overall a good time. Usually Friday nights is the best time to go.

  107. Billy

    I love this club it rocks

  108. Jimbo

    Still the best in town….

  109. Slorider

    Some really nice honeys here.

  110. eat more chicken

    Just an Average place. Dancers averaged 5-6 tops. Asked 3 different dancers for a lap dance, and not one of them would respond. DJ needs some work. The staff is friendly though.

  111. chris

    awesome club

  112. biggin

    Love yall, girlz. See ya soon…

  113. BiolBo
  114. DANCER

    This is one of the best clubs I have ever worked at. I am from up north and have been to a number of clubs. This has been the most pleasant, consistant place I have seen in a long time. This place blows Pure Gold and Solid Platnium out of the water.

  115. john

    had a good time last night

  116. leah
  117. Chubby
  118. Calvin

    It looks like there butt holes and vaginas are the sizes of caves

  119. pinkston
  120. Chip

    The best in town !!!!

  121. E Dub

    No cover Monday through Thursday.

  122. IDGAF

    Best strip club in town, hands down…(but down where? lol)

  123. BillBo
  124. On the road

    I always heard this was the club to go to in Lex, but when I stopped by tonight there were 12 raggedy ass girls and about 10 customers.

    One asked me if I wanted to buy any pills (wtf??) and then tried to overcharge me on my dance. I guess she needed the money for better tattoos.

    Never again.

  125. slick1

    nice club, we hit two that night for my boys birthday,we all had a good time,nice girls,very sexy, and a big shout out to micky,she gives a great lap dance,

  126. wildcatwalt

    coke whores and rip off artists

  127. REGULAR

    Great club…love the atmosphere….BEST IN LEX!!!!

  128. Wes

    This place rocks went in to night and we had a great time…

  129. Geroge

    Ugly girls

  130. Shawn Foxx

    All I can say is I LOVE THIS BAR!!!!!

  131. the nounce

    How could this be the best club 1 of the dancers boyfriend doesnt want her to dance 4 black dudes

  132. Hanging out

    When in Friday had a good time.Was valot of girls for them not sure where they came from but was funny anyhow…

  133. N/A

    Great waitress’s very well ran club….. Very laid back…..HOT GIRLS! Hands down best club in Lexington.

  134. Pimp

    Best in town…..

  135. MR Stiffy

    Great girls, great dances, great club.

  136. Justice Fan

    We miss Justice but this is still a great club.

  137. Rocks

    Still the best….

  138. Matt

    Best time i have had in a stripclub…..

  139. cockpit

    its my new place to go its great

  140. Gone Fishing

    If you want good, cheap table dances this is your place. You will need to weed through the dancers that should put on clothes instead of taking it off to get to the quality girls. $4 for a can of beer?

  141. StudFieldMouse

    Now this is a strip club!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. tiger
  143. DancersFool

    Best laps in Central Kentucky.

  144. Manual Reardon

    Just want to say that i went to cowboys on my 21st birthday and it was the best strip club that i have been to and i have been to alot

  145. mr happy

    hey batman nadia was over at east, the rumor is she got knocked-up and is laying low. I miss her 2

  146. Danny

    I work here and I think it sucks!

  147. Fireman

    Me and my buddies hit all the Lexington clubs this week and this one was our favorite.

  148. vbx
  149. Amanda

    George Brown the fat black guy said he heard Reagan had an std where is she at these days haven’t seen her in a minute.

  150. ghjy
  151. XhXeXy

    I’d never been to cowboys so for a friend’s bachelor party we decided to give it a try. First impressions are good, clean place, nice lighting, good layout for the stage and tables, reasonable drink prices, overall good first impression. First impression was good, then it gets bad. On a Saturday night they had maybe 10 girls there, on a Saturday night! It should be the biggest and busiest night for girls. They were all mediocre at best. A couple of them were cute but as soon as they got off the stage there was always some guy right there to get a dance. Never even get to talk to those ones. The girls are only interested in dances and if you aren’t buying them constantly they stay far away. If they had actually spent some time chatting and buttering us up we would have spent much more money and we had plenty to spend! Because of all that we stayed only about 45 minutes then left for another club and had a much better time. Overall I’d say I’m not going to go back, we left feeling disappointed. You might be able to talking me into going again just to see if that one night was a fluke and they are usually more stacked. On the whole tho, not a repeat.

  152. mike k

    Still a good place to go…

  153. Ted

    Does have too much smoke. Nice ladies though.

  154. Ronnie Q.

    Table dances are a real value. However, despite a city wide ban on smoking, this place wreaks with thick, rolling, filthy cigarette smoke.

  155. js


  156. Out-of-towner

    I stopped by Cowboy’s after doing some research of the local clubs. This was my first time in a strip club in KY, but I knew the policies. I arrived at the club at about 8:30 on a Monday. No cover charge to get in and the bouncer was cool about explaining the club. The club wasn’t crowded and seating was widely available.

    The atmosphere was fairly nice. The music being played was quite loud, though, and one could hardly understand the DJ at times. Though people were smoking, it didn’t linger in the air or cause a fog one would have to stumble through to get anywhere.

    I had a dancer come talk to me after less than five minutes after I sat down. We hit it off, had a few drinks and dances, then came and sat back at the table. She had to head back to work, but I had three of the other dancers come and talk to me shortly afterward. The dancers were pretty good looking overall. Tracy and Natasha were both gorgeous.

    I had a great time while I was there and would recommend it.

  157. lk
  158. 666

    Indy Dude… It is pikers like you who will get very little attention from the best dancers. Save your measly fivers and beat your meat at home.

  159. E-de

    It is true that the girls do not have much use for dudes not spending money and they tend to shy away from douches. So, give her dollar at each stage, get ya a warm up table dance then get the girl on the couch for a couple songs. Jeez, this ain’t rocket science.

    Cowboys is the best value in town. The ain’t lying about puttin’it on ya.

  160. well

    will not go back

  161. Bosco boy
  162. ugh!
  163. tyu
  164. dev

    yep that one guy is right, the girls are slow getting around to others. drink prices aren’t the best either. get pitchers of beer!

  165. Jr
  166. bj

    nice place

  167. steve

    The best line up in town.. Best club i been to in some time….

  168. Toby Keith

    To the nounce: It is, after all, named Cowboys…. Not Home-boys.

  169. khk
  170. To the Club

    Had a great time thanks…

  171. chuck1
  172. Fan

    Most of the ladies working here are very classy, sexy and beautiful women. There are some that are not but overall they have some great women. I like that the dance prices are always the same $20 for the couch or $5 for the lap which is not bad at all. The bartenders are even hot! If you want alot of attention try out Mon – Thur, they seem to be less busy then the weekends.

  173. To Mike

    The 2 or 3 hotties that will not get up but to go onto stage are more then likely making money at that table. Even if you don’t see the girl giving dances doesn’t mean that the customer isn’t paying her. She may being getting tipped well just for conversation. Some people would rather be seen with a hot girl or enjoy the attention she shows him.

  174. hotdog


  175. painter

    The ladies are friendly and down to Earth. The waitress are outstanding as well. It seems that this club has variety of music from old to brand new. These guys take pride with the music selection.

  176. ugh
  177. J12345

    Was passing through town and would say it is overall a good club to visit. Two girls were on stage at all times. They had 10 girls working and most of them I would rate at 7.5 or better. The VIP area has some privacy doors and was reasonably priced. Overall a good time and I would definitely stop again if I was in the area.

  178. TFMAN

    A good club, with several hot ladies. The best dances for the pice. Their dances are a full-contact sport.

  179. lizardman

    Always a great time here,

  180. Bar Hopper

    Best club in the state

  181. Lurker

    This was the best of a weak bunch of clubs. Lexington is just not up there with the better places to go for strip clubs. This one was the best of the bunch.

  182. charlie

    Would like to see Cody come back to work there. She always seemed o have a good time.

  183. watching

    great club

  184. Tuna Fish
  185. badboyBEE

    Where the hell has that hotass Austin been? She rocks that club!Every time we get her back she dissapears again, guess that’s what makes her so mysterious. I love that chick!

  186. MR

    thank you justice and arial for the great dances last night. I will be back soon. Take care you two.

  187. badSS


  188. customer

    this place is goingdown again. the line up isnt what it use to be

  189. Asian dude

    Read my posting!

  190. Kelly

    We had a very good time.Everone was nice.

  191. Doc

    Thanks Raven, Nina, Lareesa and Jazmin! I love you all!

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