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129 reviews for “Cheetah Premier

  1. Anonymous

    It would be really nice…. But prostitution has started to run rampant!! There was more than one, a girl I think named “Camille” the other “arabella” was willing to do ANYTHING for money. Smh damn shame hookers in there now. Used to not be that way.

  2. Loved it

    We started out at Platinum on Saturday and was pretty good in the early part of the night. A bunch of girls there around 8pm. Went to Rhino and the bouncer was an idiot to us. But, we still went in because it was way out there. We bought drinks for the group. Prices werent bad. We got so bored and not a lot of girls compared to Platinum so we went back to Platinum. Got back to Platinum and stayed the rest of the night. About 11pm it was hopping and tons of pretty girls. Platinum Wins. We will be back to Platinum.

  3. Louisville Sluggish

    We are from Louisvlle and wish we had a club like this there. We came for golfing and stayed over night this past weekend. The girls were wonderful and the place was really fun. We lost track of the time and left around 3:30am.It was still busy. Went back to the hotel and had a hard time waking up. Way to much fun the night before! Hats off to this place. See you during Keeneland. Thanks for the good time.

  4. Nate
  5. Ray

    Not bad…. Good looking girls but kinda felt like they all had money problems at least all the ones I talked to did. However still Good music and good looking girls.

  6. Martine
  7. Shane

    This club is the best in Lexington! I am a club-goer and regular buyer of dances – Lilly is amazing!

  8. Kerry
  9. aces n eights

    saw zoe from day shift working last night. digging the new hair style-very sexy. lot of new waitresses- couple of 10’s and some 8’s- dj played johnny cash whats up with that?

  10. Poonhound

    several hotties, the lineup varies night to night, but there are always at least a couple 10’s on the mix

  11. The Critique

    Where did Vince go? He must’ve bailed out of the ship before it sank, smart man. This used to be a great club. Now? Unless you can afford VIP, the hottest girls won’t even look at you. The club is WAY too bright. Turn down your “cellu-LIGHTS”. Some of your girls look a little better in the dark. I come to see girls, not all of the customers on the floor. The music was way too loud and techno. Mix it up a bit. Today’s society has become more urban and rock. It’s a strip club, not a rave. Drink prices weren’t bad, though. Good location. I would go back, but not without some Excedrine-Migraine Headache medicine.

  12. Gone Fishing

    The girls were very nice looking. A lot of the girls like to get oversized fakes put in. There seemed to be opposite extremes of either oversized or non existant. Good overall club.

  13. Austin

    I love this club. The dancers are great!!!!

    My favorite is Michelle, she does great couch dances.

  14. Mack

    Club kicks ass

  15. Back & Forth

    We started out at Platinum on Saturday and was pretty good in the early part of the night. A bunch of girls there around 8pm. Went to Rhino and the bouncer was an idiot to us. But, we still went in because it was way out there. We bought drinks for the group. Prices werent bad. We got so bored and not a lot of girls compared to Platinum so we went back to Platinum. Got back to Platinum and stayed the rest of the night. About 11pm it was hopping and tons of pretty girls. Platinum Wins..We will be back to Platinum.

  16. eric

    Rhino V’s Platinum???? No comparrison.. Rhino is way better, staff, dancers, sound, lighting, video, decor etc… There is no battle, I wont be back to platinum. why go there for free popcorn and bad attitudes when I can go get steak and grilled shrimp served with a smile and a friendly dancer for company for $10 with all the trimmings. alot of the platinum girls are working at the rhino plus a ton of ladies I have never seen.. sorry jerry & vince I wont be back.

  17. Calvin
  18. James

    This is the best club in all of Kentucky. Maybe the whole US. Love the girls and the music

  19. Mickey

    Went to Deja Vu first, what a dive, went here next, crowded, many dancers, however a VIP was in town (Larry FLint’s brother) and most dancers hung around his crowd. Dancers are expensive $45.00 for no contact, but are all nude.

  20. Platinum

    WE practice what we preach! Say NO to censorship!

  21. Denny Crane
  22. TFMAN

    Good Club with lots of nice looking ladies. After being in Lexington the last two week-ends this is the best club of the five that I visited. Lots of fun

  23. you suck
  24. Frank

    Love this club. Everytime we go keeps getting better. The best club by far in Lexington. Classy and fun. Great prices and great surroundings.

  25. us

    My wife and I were there last night, Jessica was great. The atmosphere was very nice.

  26. Mike
  27. Keeneland Visitor

    Friends and I had great time. We will be back

  28. Rick Pooley

    03172012 This is really a great club. I have been here a number of time while traveling to Louisville. the drive is very easy and well worth it. The club is well run and everyone is beyond friendly. The danceer are fantastic and all love to chat with no real pressure. Pvt. Dances are worth the money ( dancers set their own prices so check first) most are 30-40 a song. I have my fav dancer but I wont share her name here. but I have spent a lot of time wth her and had alot of fun. Enjoy this place

  29. Novella

    Amanda is such a nasty bittcch, her pussy smells like fish.

  30. tim

    the girls are hot and they have to have the best decorations for halloween of any stripclub i have ever been too all the girls were wearing costumes i had a blast.

    the girl in the little devil costume was smoking!!!!

  31. Marcus

    If you’ve been to other PP clubs, this one will disappoint. However, it is still a very fun club where money definitely talks. Has a very party like atmosphere and can get very crowded quickly as it is a fairly small club inside.

  32. john

    Love the place the girls are great

  33. Bob

    Music could be turned down a little. You can’t hear what your buddies are saying or the girls. The music is good just turn it down a little.

  34. John Reana

    we were in Lexington for 3 days for a convention. We had a great time and tons of girls everywhere. A lot of really hot girls and a few were not so hot.

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs all over the country, and this is one of the best clubs I’ve been to, Ever!

  35. T N A Connoisseur

    The last guy is nuts! How can a fully nude friction dance suck? It cant, that would be like a bad blow job, there is no such thing! Everything aside I love the couch dances at Platinum. Especially from Alex! That chick is hot!

  36. Randy

    I visited a few days, I really enjoyed this club, small and personal. The girls were pretty hot, bartenders attentive and made nice drinks. Cant say anything bad other than the male staff, on guy in a suit was rude. Overall a great experience

  37. Pete

    I think platinum had a good club and still has a nice club but just cant take someone new in town.

  38. bobbie

    has been-always will be the best club in Lexington! Bottoms Down!

  39. UpInTheAir

    Decent prices, clean atmosphere. Friendly girls and a little something for everyone. The bouncers and doormen are cool and you’ll always get crisp $2 bills.

  40. Jeff

    A Great club and the girls are wonderful.

  41. Coal man

    Me and my buddies came up to Lex during the basketball games and

    stopped in. WOW!! This place was crazy. I didnt know they had a club

    like this in Lex. I’d never seen that many girls before. Going to have to

    find an excuse to sneak off to Lex every weekend.

  42. cats

    best time ever, again: music was a bit loud but i had good ole time . thank you to the blonde tan woman

  43. Les

    I was in during the day at lunch, the place was awesome, the Manager served me a great ham lunch. The girls are nothing less than GREAT. Everyone in the club was extremely nice. I have to give it up for G and the manager, this club has a great program in place. Time to bring some clients out for lunch

  44. bobby

    what happened to this place?? horrible

  45. GTH

    So sick of the BS on this site, just so childish and unprofessional.

  46. JOJO

    went in there Sat afternoon it was terrible they had 1 girl in there working and she went to theVIP room we had to listen to music for at least 50min w/no girls.

    P>S>The bouncer kept checking on the vip room; so much 4 privacy

  47. disappointed

    wife and i only have opportunity to go out to a ‘club’ 3 or 4 times a year…usually have a blast at platinum…we were there friday night…not a big crowd…one of the girls selling shots gave more table dances to one guy than all the strippers to all the patrons-combined…wife and i went in with several hundred dollars to blow on lap dances…we were there over 2 hours and spend $47…all on tips…were not approached by anyone other than our waitress…only one 2-for was announced and half of the girls came off the stage and sat down with ‘friends’, drank and smoked while….it was truly the worst time we’ve had a SP…ever….also are they not going to have any ‘feature’ acts anymore? if so are they going to put it on the website (which appears to have not been touched in about 2 years) or their myspace page???? why have ’em if you’re not going to use them….

  48. Indy

    Absolutely the BEST lap dances I have ever had

  49. WOW

    W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ohio St. ROCKS

    Great club, enjoyed while I was here for the toury. I would come back if I’m in Lexington again!

  51. Joe B

    All i can say is shit HOLE!!!!!!

  52. HOTDOG


  53. Nathan Harrington

    Overall this club is by far my favorite in Lexington. Saturday I went during the day and there were only a few dancers that looked like they needed to be there. That night be and my buddies decided to go back and it was a totally different bar. The place was packed with the best guy to girl ratio I have ever seen at a gentlemans club. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and the energy this club offered. I think they need to work on expanding the sitting area because people were having to stand up against the walls and kneel down at their tables but it was by far worth it. I only had one problem with the club and that came at the end of the night when I got extremely over charged by a dancer for a lap dance. She charged me 60 dollars for a half of a song. (after the song finished I told her I had to meet my friends outside and I didn’t have time for another dance and she got very angry and aggresive) So I went ahead and bit the bullet and paid for it. On my way out I mentioned it to some guy who I thought was a patron. It turned out he was a corporate employee the worked for Solid Platinum. He got me intouch with the management and they assured me the dancer would no longer dance at Solid Platinum after tonight and refunded my money and gave me 4 free passes. (haha guys don’t think you can do this after you get a lap dance and they are going to refund your money everytime. He basically told me that this was not the first time there had been problems with this particular dancer.) I was very pleased with the hospitality here and if you want to go out and be taken care of and see beautiful dancers then this is the place to be. I will be back!!!!

  54. Ryan
  55. Brad F.

    What he said. By the way, cab drivers carry free entry cards, so that 10$ cover isn’t an issue if you cab it.

  56. cheech

    always have enjoyed the quality of the entertainers of this club.although I used to feel stuck in the hairband era when that Brad guy was the dj all the time, or the cheesy techno era. The variety of music i hear has improved greatly and I no longer see that brad guy at the club. Service could use a little work, I suspect this is due to the large turnover of waitstaff in these businesses

  57. jj
  58. Mike C

    I’m in town for the Sweet 16 and like every year I visit SP. Nice changes to the building on the outside. The sound system has been upgraded and the girl are still as hot as I remember. Couldn’t ask for a better atomsphere, naked women and basketball on the big screens. I’ll be back before the tournament finishes up.

  59. Paul

    This is a great club! I agree with the last comment….Chelsea is the best. This scale has to go way higher than 10 if you’re gonna rate her.

  60. ODell

    Stay away from Amanda and Ashley aka Jade LaMonte and Golden they are nasty! DR.

  61. Jim

    Was at the club for the Party on last Thursday night. It was packed! We had a great time. Loved the great layout of food and that Ice Vodka thing. Really Cool! Girls as always, were looking Hot. Platinum really knows how to throw a party, that’s all I can say.

  62. Jarhead
  63. learn to spell

    Learn how to spell the word GENUIS hahahaha it’s GENIUS..

  64. Happy Days

    We had tons of fun tonight. Friends from out of town said it was the best club they have ever been too.

    See you soon.

  65. New Customer

    This place keeps getting better and better. I now believe it is the best in Lexington.

  66. Mike H


  67. Northern Kentucky

    Came to lexington this past weekend. Tried out a few clubs. This club by far was the best. Would suggest you see for yourself if you already haven’t.

  68. Willie
  69. Shadow

    second best place in town next to west

  70. ;k;k


  71. Lexington patron

    Alright club. They have a decent liquor selection, but are slightly stingy on some mixed drinks, but that is to be expected (Well Gin & Tonic was weak, but top shelf Manhattan was very good). Slightly crowded most of the time, as this club is tiny inside, but during days and such that is not a problem. Good stage, lighting, sound, and TVs. Waitstaff is responsive, but can be a little bit slow when the place is packed simply because there is almost no room for them to move around.

    The dancers here have kind of bad attitudes for the most part. They are more than a little bit stuck up, and I’ve had some of them talk trash to me before. Couches are well maintained, but they are so open and right next to each other that there is no feeling of intimacy whatsoever.

    All in all, this club is pretty nice, but for the prices here, it really should be nicer. There are other clubs where the entertainers are much more pleasant, but the decor and upkeep of the club is not nearly as nice.

  72. Wish u knew

    I wonder how many girls screwed


  73. JASON
  74. Charles

    Was at the club 2 nights ago. Girls were very nice and great looking. Fun place to go and had a great time.

  75. Dr. Medman

    Great club with great women. My friends and I will be back very soon

  76. Indian
  77. Former Entertainer

    To the Surprised Entertainer: I was not fired I had worked at Platinum for three years. So I think I know what I’m talking about. If you really look around at that club and stop getting caught up in the environment you would realize that this place sucks. I made very good money there, but decided to quit dancing because I realized it wasn’t healthy for me anymore… the club was just too gross for me. Seeing girls spread their legs on stage so a guy can put a dollar bill on her pussy isn’t exactly what I would call a healthy environment both physically and psychologically.

  78. Sunny
  79. Ken W

    Classy, hottties everywhere you turn and they have personality.

  80. O B WAN
  81. Ron

    first time, from out of town. enjoyed the visit this weekend. will be back.

  82. Mark

    Spearmint Rhino vs. Platinum. Shaping up to be a good battle. This is still the premier club in Lexington right now. We will see what happens in the months to come.

  83. mitch
  84. vic

    no fun, wont go back

  85. rich

    Why would u guys write that about yourself, you still have a nice club there are just two now. sounds despertae to me for you to write that.

  86. eddyL

    This is my all time favorite club in the city of Lexington. I have never gone to platinum and had a bad time.The bouncers and girl at the door are usually friendly and you can find free admission passes from cabs and hustler and maybe just a friend who grabbed some somewhere. All clubs have cover, that you’ll have to get over. Walk in and bam, girls everywhere. They have the most girls I’ve seen at an establishment and they are all hot. Some are hotter than others but they are all good looking girls. The girls aren’t hot on only weekends. Even weekday nights platinum is stacked. There is never a “B” team, always an “A” team. They have two stages and both are tiny. The main stage at the very back is elevated and you have to make a special trip there to tip a dancer. That is the one downside of the club. It would be nice to be able to sit and enjoy the show from a better seat and not have to walk over and stand. The second stage, is a little circular stage, the best one, is a lot more interactive but again you have to stand. It’s the first thing you see tho when you enter the club and it’s a good impression. The drinks are reasonably priced and depending on the day they have great specials. I was there on a Wednesday once and it was $2 patron shotsThe girls are always nice and will come up and sit down in your lap and chat. After awhile they’ll ask if you want a dance and if you say no they politely leave. If they like you and hit it off they’ll come back and hang out. Dance prices are made by the girls and sometimes you can bargain a price more to your liking. Again it depends on the girl and if they like you. This club is the best and i highly recommend!

  87. Diddy

    Disappointed.. Bouncers wouldn’t let me and my friends in last night due to a “casual” dress code to get into a strip club.

  88. troll

    did amanda golden gaines get fired

  89. ice

    love this place

  90. steve
  91. Regular

    3 words. LOVE THIS PLACE

  92. Texas Trio

    We were in for a golf week and some business. We found our way to this club the other night. Great club and friendly staff. There were a lot of good looking women to choose from for dances as well. This club reminded me of some of our Texas clubs.

  93. timt

    Music too loud

    Girls poor hygiene, boney, stretch marks, no tit or butt, too doped up to hardly talk of look at you when you’re talking to them. Big fast downhill change since fall meet last year. Embarrassed to take anyone there. It was the main conversation at Keeneland. Felt dirty sitting there and won’t be back. Good drink specials and cover charge is the only thing going for that rat hole.

  94. glenda

    This club was awesome!!

  95. joe

    I used to like this club, what happened to it, I dont visit often but I went in sat night and was not happy. dancer was so rude to me I left.

  96. Shawn

    this is one of the best clubs in Lexington. (get a couch dance from a blonde haired doll named Michelle SMOKIN)

  97. tarheel

    I wish thic club was in North Carolina! It was a great day we beat UK at home, had a great steak and went to this club! We had a blast!

  98. Anonymous210000090

    Sooo rasist they have girls there half Puerto Rican that they don’t play Puerto Rican musica for because the owner says is “trumps America now lol” so she isn’t working there now after a year because she isn’t a good fit because trump runs America now!!!! If u want a white or black girl with a wig literally glued with weave glue to their forehead like Egypt u can find them there sad ass white n black girls there no asses with wigs literally glued to their forheads lmaooooo and no reaggeton only country rock and rap music so rasist they don’t like LATINOS

  99. Another Surpised Entertainer

    Amazing how the previous post was from a upset Entertainer. It seems like when things are always going good for an individual they are happy with the club, until they either got fired for doing something bad or can’t make money because of thier laziness. So then they switch up and make the club out to be the bad person. Funny when they can’t make money, they always say it’s got to be because something dirty is going on. How about coming to reality that you probably are the one to blame.

  100. DON

    Great place!!

  101. E Dub

    the private and table dances suck. the girls are beautiful.

  102. Benji

    Loved It.

  103. George
  104. Travel

    Good Lap Dances with contact if you get the right girl 🙂

  105. richva

    Lavonne marie is an angel

  106. In for the Week

    Don’t know what the last person was talking about. We were in last week for a business trip. Group had a great time. Tons of girls. Great Looking! Great Fun! Would highly recommend you try it out. We will be back in two months. Can’t wait. All the girls I spoke to, were respectful and never propositioned me or offered me anything more than a good dance.

  107. Aaron

    Music too loud at times, shot girls a little pushy

  108. tom

    this is what a strip club should be. clean with nice people working there. had a great time. kennedy and savannah are two of the hottest lap dancers i have ever had. thanks ladies and thanks solid platinum

  109. ted
  110. Ass Man

    Wow! You would never expect to find a club like this in Lexington, Kentucky!

  111. Previous Dancer

    This club is disgusting. I used to work here when it was Platinum Plus and you never saw prostitution or anything of that manner going on in the club. The bouncers actually took care of the girls and the management was descent. The managers there are assholes and I’ve seen girls fuck guys in the couch dance area for like $40. A common recurring theme in this club is that some of the girls will let the guys eat them out or they’ll jack the guy off for very little money. WTF! Give the club back to Vinny and make it more classy not trashy!

  112. wellhung

    i read on the lexington board awful shit about this place i wont patronize a place w that kind of people

  113. Philthy

    This place has some hott girls who are pretty lberal in lap dances.

  114. DC
  115. Ken

    great place thanks

  116. Victor

    Love JC

  117. Great Times

    My friends and I love the new changes and new ownership. They are very nice and really go out of their way to help customers. From what I hear, they really take care of the entertainers as well. Lots of really pretty girls and just a few so so girls. I would suggest anyone who thinks the negative comments are true, go see for yourself before forming your opinion. We did and we were pleasantly suprised.

  119. 1st Amendment



  120. Mountain Man

    Visited on Friday night and man this place has a lot of good looking girls. My only complaint was it was so crowded it was hard to get the best ones away from the guys who got there before you. This place has tons of potential and could become the place to go in Lexington.

  121. KAP
  122. Bilbo

    Very hott girls………..need a little more freedom.

  123. Enjoyed it

    Noothing bad to say. Great looking Girl Bartenders,Shot Girls,Entertainers, and waitresses. Had a blast and the DJ played some GREAT MUSIC. Will be back.

  124. Customer

    Dirty Diana is by far the BEST dancer in this club. Take my advice, if you get a champagne suite, she is the one you want to spend your hour with. She is a beautiful girl with long black hair and bangs and knows how to make a guy smile. She doesn’t do any extras but she sure as hell makes you feel like you got your money worth! None of the girls in this club compare to her! Go Dirty Diana!!! I’ll definitely be back to see her when i come back in town, and you should too!

  125. Richard
  126. MtnMan

    Best looking girls in Lexington and the best dances.

  127. Love it

    Tons of girls. Charge different prices but just ask before dance. Great place for anyone. Girls all tell me they love the new management and ownership. Fun times, just like a night club.

  128. scottie

    golden also known as amanda gaines is disgusting

  129. amber

    Platinum is the best by far… guys rock

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