Classie Lady



2927 7th Street Road, Louisville, KY 40216


38.207933, -85.787768




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Classie Lady

  1. DA KING

    Is it a concert inside or a local hang out? Don’t want to get out your car, people outside smoking weed, drinking. On a goood night you can sit in your car and see the dancers outside with patrons. Owner is annoying, always intoxicated or high or both. Most of the dancers have bad attitudes. Nothing but black dancers, which is not a problem but should have a varity. Good thing nice setup and if in the owner is in there you can drink free and have a ball in there.

  2. josh

    i like this club it really has changed alot. i like a few girls there they have a nice mixture not to many white girls or 2 many black girls. Nice looking whit girl named jayla gave me a great lap dance, and i was wondering if that girl jamie still worked there or not but its an ok club overall!!

  3. georgie

    nice need more white girls but overall was wonderful

  4. bill

    the girls are ugly!!!!!!!! And the club in a hole in the wall! They have nasy black girls and no cute whit girls come on get your club together, the waitress always had an attitude and the bartender was rude and loud at customers!!

  5. BIG PUN

    There isnt any white girls there and the one that was there was very attractive but i havent seen her since!!

  6. jon
  7. Chocolate

    This is a very good club!! All the girls are sexy as hell and the atmosphere is wonderful! We have some of the best dancers in Louisville!! Come check us out!!

  8. onewhoknows

    Okay can we say Ghetto! If you like addicts and hanging around a bunch of drug dealers. If you like gun fire over your head on a Saturday night then this place is for you. It is a hole in the wall and I wonder who gives these awful clubs good commments. Is this where you go to make your money? Oh and the one white girl they do have thinks she is black and is pure trash, and they call her Lady. What a joke. Need to change the name to No classie ladies.

  9. cris

    great place

  10. Cathy

    Everyone there are very friendly

  11. bob
  12. rocky

    new girls are hot

  13. damalc

    i’ve had a ball in Classie Lady plenty of times. i usually steer clear after about midnight though. it gets more crowded, and younger. than i am comfortable with. Precious and Paradise give you the show you come to see.

  14. sam

    good place

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