The Godfather



5000 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40213


38.175154, -85.713832




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Godfather

  1. Mark harmon

    need to see some women on women action, and better looking women. Not the fat cows.

  2. unhappy former customer


  3. holler

    This place is dive. Nasty. Don’t waste your money. Never any girls, and when there are, they should put some clothes on. Nothing to see. they even have a midget dancing.

  4. Trent

    is this a joke?

  5. Chris

    The girls sure look better than they did six months ago.

  6. Jerry

    Things are looking better at this club.

  7. real

    restrooms who gives a f ck about restrooms dumbass this club has no girls and what they do have are gross…….well ran like a whore house drugs, everywhere

  8. CSEM
  9. dancer2012

    ive worked here for 7 months n i dnt agree with these comments.

    first of all its an upscale club so if you dont want to spend a few

    hundred get the fuck out and go somewhere cheaper. second for

    the most part the girls are hot and have dancing skills and pole

    tricks. we do not promote sex or favors in the club and if we catch

    girls doing extras we try to get them fired. all the drug users

    besides pot smokers have gotten fired.

  10. Michael

    so i go in this club looks nice & everything but as soon as i sit down a girl

    approaches me soon as she sits down a waitress comes over asking me

    to get the lady a drink i say not right now she just sat down the waitress

    kept coming back every couple minutes asking me to get the girl a

    drink…really? Besides that though u can tell every1 there is on some hard

    drugs & the girls are reallynotpretty

  11. DA King

    Classy, well managed place. Cleanest restroom I ever seen in a strip club. Girls are I seen are ok, I’ve seen worse. Not getting strong armed to buy dances or drinks. Nice setup. Once again the money situation, if you go 1-2 times a week it can get expensive there.

  12. Adam C.

    There are about 5 of these Godfather’s fuckers in Louisville. I’ve been to most. The cool thing about them is the drinks are goddamn cheap! This has been a couple years ago, but I remember getting like 30 oz. drafts for something like $2! Anyway, it is a strip club, but more like a townie bar than anything. Good place to chill and fuck around in. I say go for the cheap drinks and enjoy watching some bullshit characters go about their odd evenings.

  13. AS

    Nothing Here to look at

  14. jack

    i don’t care if you can get extras… the girls are fugly.

  15. chad
  16. Edward

    I would say that overall, this is the best club in Louisville. The dancers may not be on the same level in looks as a club downtown, but they are by far more personable and approachable. The DJ is far and away the best that I’ve heard in any of the clubs here in town. He makes it a party atmosphere which makes the crowd and the dancers have fun. The food is a little pricey and it takes forever to get it, but overall a great time. Oh yeah, the waitresses can be a little pushy, but I really didn’t expect anything less.

  17. rogerrab2

    First time at this place and I am a frequent strip club visitor. Rude! Rude! Rude! I guess the girls here are rich because no one offered a dance or attempted to dance. It’s sad because I had a pocket full of money and I’m mode

  18. Radman

    Disappointed in the club. Lots of Ladies and they were lookin good but they all were pushing drinks and dances were $40.00. Will not return.

  19. Lol

    This club is a joke

  20. Walter

    I had not been to this club in a few years. Everything has changed..for the better

  21. miss thang
  22. Bob

    This place sucks

  23. Tim
  24. brandonresh

    Regardless of the Adult Entertainment, the food Is far better than you might expect. The Chef or cook is dedicated and professional. I was with two friends and we all ordered Mexican or Spanish dishes, Pork belly tacos, and chicken quesadillas, excellent. Surprise, this guy is serving tastier food than most places in town, and Louisville has a lot of great food.

  25. Race Fan

    I was in for the breeders cup. Had a blast very fun club and the staff was a+

  26. Jimmy Jams

    Great Club…

  27. Billy

    I have always had a great time here. They have always had good looking girls. i think most of the bad post are ex dancers let go for being whores

  28. Stay Away

    Save your money dont come here

  29. dopeboy19

    How can you not give this classy joint 5 stars?Another place full of women studying to be doctors, lawyers and teachers. “Bubbles” as she stated her name was will be a great doctor one day. What she could do with a ping pong ball was amazing. Normally I would complain about paying $12 for some watered down Early Times. Not here. I’m helping “Chocolate” pay her law school tuition.

  30. Nick

    Absolute worst club in Louisville!!

  31. Billy P

    I had a great time with Brooklyn here one nite and she will get you hot and horny.

  32. Sam

    this club used to be known for having the prettiest girls in louisville…what

    happened? I think they are just desperate & are probably gonna shut

    down soon

  33. djmike-e-mike

    give us a try…all new owners and format

  34. tommyboy

    Visited this club about a month ago it was just ok the girls were decent looking some hot some not got dances from bella and a really hot girl victoria gave me a dance for a $20 tip she gets really friendly and will rub your cock and let you suck her tits gotta love a drunk stripper

  35. WOW

    Glad to see that they fired the ghetto white trash bitch

    if you think this was about you your right

  36. Bullshit!

    Dont listen to the haters. This club is the shit and the managers are the shit

  37. coming soon
  38. Aiden D.

    I am not sure what these guys are talking about! I am from NY and I went there tonight (Friday night) at 9:30 pm.I was literally the second customer…nobody else only two guys! I bought a bear for $5.50 (not bad imo) and got a drink for a girl (for $20) and got a dance for $40 for two songs… The cashier told me after midnight it would be 1 song same price… around 10:30 I asked for the dance with a different girl, $40 for one song!!There are two bitches that bug you every minute (literally every min) to either buy a drink for a girl or yourself or do something… My second bear was half way full and she was asking that I have to buy a second bear…. I was there only for 1 hour and had already bought myself 3 drinks (2 bears, 1 water), one drink for a girl, and one dance… and I was going for the second dance, when they lied to me about the price, and I could not take it anymore and just left…. The two bitches bugged me about 20 times during the one hour!!! and I forgot to say that I was the only person who tipped every dance that I watched. WT* is wrong with these people! I would have given them zero if I could… THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT ENTERTAINMENT IS ALL ABOUT.

  39. for real

    everything in this club sucks



  41. Bill Bong

    Cool club

  42. Jim
  43. Timmy

    Wow this club turned around quick was in about eight months and it suck see a

    ad where it has new owners went in they have done and are doing work the

    dancers are all new from my time there before all new bar staff and a new couch

    area and two vip rooms

  44. hahahaha
  45. dancerr

    I love dancing at this club. Yes the drink prices are high, but we make a lot of our money off the drinks. The owners and staff really care about the girls and the girls really care about each other. All the girls are easy to talk to and love to have fun! Come see us!

  46. Ummm

    Horrible club…nasty girls, bad management!

  47. Richard

    nasty ass club! Got bitches sucking & fucking for $20…some guys might

    like that but i don’t want them touching me if its like that!

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