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5120 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85711


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ten’s Showclub

  1. Amber

    So, I recently visited Ten’s in my quest to find the club for me–that is, the club I want to work at. I have been to three total showclubs in my life, and my impression of Ten’s was that it had a relaxed atmosphere with a good sound system and great service. However, the ladies were more average-looking than incredibly sexy. I’m wondering how I would fit in here.

  2. Steve

    The ladies by and large are extremely friendly and sexy.

  3. a person

    it sucks very bad

  4. ralphyorker

    Wow, after reading a few of the other reviews I have to say I must be lucky. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad time. A little slow once in a while, but have never left disappinted. For the most part the girls were very cute and nice and I have to say I saw a girl give the best pole dance ever there. She was amazing! I think this is one to check out and if your not happy, two other clubs are real near by!!

  5. john

    ill never go there agian

  6. larry1

    Best night I’ve had in a long time. Super friendly waitresses and super friendly staff in general. Chill atmosphere.. The girls are okay and the music is actually good. The drinks are 25 cents cheaper than venom. Super chill smoking area. The bathrooms were as gross as they could have been.. All in all definitely remembered this past weekend why Tens used to be my go to club. 🙂

  7. HoundDog

    Went in several days late afternoon. Don’t know if it was the time of day or not, but the dancers left a little bit to be desired. Also, drinks are kinda high. Don’t know the combo of poor dancers and high drinks has anything to do, but the club was dead. Been to the other clubs and have seen them more busy when they open than this place was.

  8. TXONI87

    This place is lousy… I stayed less than an hour

  9. AlbertNjolie

    This club is pretty cool!Most of the poeople are freindly. But some of the just want your money.There drinks are a good price 2 for 1 prices. Some dancers are nice some are kinda mean. I still go there dispite the meaness. Because there are good people there you just need to find them.

  10. me
  11. fritter17

    I’m totally biased cuz i work here but even from a customer perspective this place is great…generally. Service can suck sometimes..if you ask for Andrea (day) or Ari (nite) you’ll be well looked after..the other servers are average at best. Drink prices are typical strip club so most people pregame before they come in. most of the managers and the owner will generally give you a great price for a bottle if you come in a group… or come in any day before 6 p.m. For 2 for one drinks and other random drink/dance specials.I’ve worked here for over a year and the only altercations I’ve seen have been between dancers.. since the last shooting management has worked with door staff to really weed out the worst criminal element. Partying in Tucson is a risk as it is but this place is pretty safe, at least by club standards..we do have a decent variation of girls but they’ve done a better job at hiring more girls who could really be rated 10s…come check it out for yourself..and ask for Taylor 🙂

  12. mac

    I have beento clubs all around the world. This club is one of the better for your money and comfort. The atmosephere is relaxed and not hurried. Though some of the dancers do need to cut back on the twinkies for the most part the women are magazine material. And besides not all men are into the skinny crack Whore look anyways. While I was there Club had a Feature entertainer. Taya something…She was smokin hot. I would give the Club an A.

  13. Tony&Friends

    The girls at Ten’s were not top of the line, most need to hit the gym. The Waitresses were ok.The inside of club looks nice…. I Went to another club called TD’s Was much better. Girls are all sweet and Playboy material. Waitresses are very good. Very fun comfortable atmosphere.

  14. Medic101

    The dancers were great and personable…especially KC, and the feature Schevelle

  15. dannyboy7

    The only place I come to see girls in this town and on Thursdays they have hookah. Only place in town you can drink hookah and drink! And ask for daisy or schunie

  16. maxxy1

    This place has really gone to hell. This used to be the best club in Tucson, but the service SUCKS (I ordered a drink, waitress got sidetracked chatting with the bartender for 20 minutes, ordered from another waitress, who disappeared), and the dancers were ugh – on a Friday night! 2-3 hot girls, the rest looked like meth addicts or desperate single moms. What happened, Ten’s?

  17. Bob
  18. Scott

    I make this a regular stop whenever I am in town. They have one of the better bars I have been to in the world! THe girls are nice, and I always have fun. Within 10 minutes of sitting down I have a girl in my lap just hanging out. My friends always have a good time there as well. I have checked out a few of the other clubs in the area and this is by far the best “bang” for your buck!

  19. Tex

    I’ve went in a few times during the weekdays. Most of the dancers need to hit the gym and lose a few pounds. There are a couple that are very pushy and want you to constantly buy them drinks and go to VIP. Seems like they keep raising drink prices as well. Don’t they know that gas keeps going up. The waitress has always been excellent (I’ll admit that it has always been the same one so not much to go on there). They do offer a free lunch, but they make up for it in the prices of the drinks.

  20. Dace

    Sunday afternoon in June, no cover, table dances with 2 thin & cute girls, others were just average, DJ was spinning good tunes, drinks 2 for 1, overall a decent time. Will go back when in town.

  21. Fritz M.

    Flew in from Los Angeles and had the luxury of sitting next to Britney who worked at Ten’s. She said she’d be there the next day but as I was only in town for the day I went in that Tuesday night and met Stephanie and was completely amazed. She is slender, long dark hair, glasses and minimal tattoo’s. She looks perfect, dances perfect, couldn’t get enough. In fact all of the dancers there seemed to be on the hotter side. The staff up front were very nice and the cocktail waitress even sat down to explain the different areas of the club. Dancer’s did not bug me every 10 seconds like they do here in Orange County, Calif. where I live. There were girls there as patrons also getting dances which is always a wonderful sight. Everyone was dressed nice, good crowd actually for a Tuesday. Was a great evening and cannot wait to do business there again so can visit Stephanie and hopefully Britney too. It’s all your fault Britney!

  22. J Money

    Had A Great Time

  23. ryan123

    The girls vary in hotness, sobriety and intelligence, which is totally fine. I liked that there were so many different types of girls and lots of them were nice but the management was super shady. The owner was coked out. And the most of the girls I talked to talked about how shady the owners were and after hearing stories about how the owners don’t have the dancers’ backs, I would rather go to TD’s East which is the other club I have gone to where the girls spoke highly of the owners. I would much rather support businesses that support their employees.I was drinking in VIP and the stripper next to us had to argue with the guy I’d watched her dance for to pay her. When management came up they told the guy to leave, didn’t make him pay and then yelled at her. That pissed us off and we left.

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