PT’s Showclub Portland



200 Riverside Street, Portland, ME 4103


43.6828246, -70.3288814




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Showclub Portland

  1. Jay

    OMG I Fereaken love the place

  2. jake

    sunday nights rock here…lots of hot veterans and quality dances

  3. Me TOO

    It was a blast

  4. Not bad

    Not bad at all. I’ll be back.

  5. John Q.
  6. Jill

    Had a blast.

  7. s.\]];L,,,,,,,


  8. Nate

    Expensive drinks and cover. Poor music and atmosphere.

  9. what a dump

    thats why all the fat ugly no talent bitches go to work, or should I say, whore themselfs out because thats the only way they can make $$

  10. Paige Fan
  11. eLover

    It Rocks dfntly wid Maria

  12. Anonymous

    I think people who submit nasty reviews about this club are just being rude and ignorant. There are a lot of beautiful girls, and many talented dancers. Definitely worth the money!

  13. Crystal

    some of my more distigushed aquintances and co-workers love the club. I also am somewhat of a fan myself.. Keep up the competition.

  14. Tyler

    Besides the obnoxious DJ and incredibly loud music, I had a good time. The girls were sweethearts and incredibly beautiful.

  15. JoJo

    What a ripoff.

  16. B
  17. bab
  18. BB

    The music is way to loud and only a couple of dancers can dance.

  19. jonnie d

    the girls were cool and the drinks were half off from 5 to 7 so i had a great after work buzz……stayed till round 11 the dj was funny and the music was fresh from rock to dance ……the girls seemed to enjoy it…….a lot of russian girls but thats fine nothing is perfect but i had a great time…….I will be back!

  20. Rob

    Cool place to see some fine ladies.

  21. stinkyfingerz

    its not like someone is twisting your fucking arm dude…if you dont want to go to a “shit hole” then dont dumbass…wait wait you know what you should do?…you should complain about it here and get it all out you fucking bitch ! if it really makes you feel better then by all means do so…but other wise, just shut the fuck up and enjoy what little maine has to offer…

  22. Lee

    They didn’t even take their tops off. Weekend night but so few people no one to tip. Place is getting less business. Nice part is they turn the music up some more so the ones that were there won’t come back.

  23. Blonde lover

    Good to when they have tight pretty girls, blondes i like. But latley they girls have been hit or miss. Id drop some serious cash for the right girl. Guys who talk about fucking girls here are lying or gettng the nasty bitchz. Their used to be a beautiful blonde from Europe who worked their but she is gone now.

  24. john

    sucks can’t get anyone to dance for you they all just talk with their friends

  25. JJ

    Music way to loud.

  26. Try what??

    I wouldnt try any thing that fat bitch has done,,,are you kidding? no thanks, She is a whiny, feel-sorry-for-her slut, this is a dance club and she can’t dance. She uses her kid as a alibi all the time, and she has been breaking up with her boyfriend for that last 5 years, thats her story to all the guys that go in there. then when a customer goes in there, she plays the fake I’m so upset about people writing about me,,,its not true,,,ya right. Dont trust her girls, she would steal customers and not even think twice, god forbid you even say hi to one of hers.

  27. Bill F.

    WHAT A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. LocalKnows

    Quite possibly the worst club I’ve ever been to. When one particularly awful dancer came by and asked what she could do for us, my friend gave her $2 and said “Could you put a bra on?”

  29. Nothing bad to say
  30. michelle
  31. Mausercat

    This place is now known as PT’s, another edition to the

    Lowry Evil Empire. Oh well, it might be better than the

    ones in Denver. About to be willing to fall in love with

    one of the strippers before I fly back west.

  32. yankees
  33. jack

    not a very fun time

  34. Shelly

    What a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. the way it is

    Best Sunday Monday and Tuesday nights, and most anytime during the day. The rest of the time if you notice this sort of thing, the DJ is completely unbearable.

  36. tattoo

    Girls were all hot !

  37. drive

    Go there!! If you like all natural young girls, I’m talking “girl next door” age of 20-25, this is the place to be!!. I’m from So Cal, and there are tons of clubs, the quality of this club is way up there. Atmosphere is good, club looks nice, all a big thumbs up. Dances are so so, but you wont get bored, there’s 20+ girls working when I went on a Tues night!!

  38. skully
  39. gross

    the place is a shit hole!!!

  40. Dude

    The cocktrail waitresses are just down right pushy and bitchy. Overall the girls are fine, but a few don’t look much better than what I have at home. I’m not sure why they think I will pay for a dance. Go during the week. Much more happens during the dances. I had three of the best dances ever there during the week. On the weekends the girls just see dollar signs and want to be done with you ASAP. If the club management reads this just turn down the music a little. Nobody wants to hear anything that loud.

  41. Boston Guy

    Music is very loud, makes it hard to talk.

  42. Johnny
  43. Scank

    Lets not forget this is a strip club not a whore house….

  44. not happy

    The music is way way to loud. The price of the champagne rooms are way more than it used to be. It not only is expensive for the customer but the dancer can’t sell them as easier now because of the price.

  45. Stuart
  46. Richie from Ct

    This club could be great if they made some changes. Someone from mgmt should visit MardiGra in Springfield Mass (go upstairs) to get some hints. Turn down the **** music! Then get some girls who can get beyond 5 words before they ask for a dance.. which aren’t worth the price anyway; air dances. Good physical layout and some real beauties but needs some changes.

  47. S
  48. Scott

    Big money vacuum with entitlement mentality. Most of the girls have zero personality.

  49. Bob

    It was killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. BKT

    It is a good club with a wonderful environment and very talented women. It is just the type of place you need to go to just get away and relax. GOOD WORK PP!!!

  51. just so you know

    The two dollar bills aren’t mandatory, they’re unique… just go to the bar, the front door, or ask a waitress and they’ll give you ones if you want to be that guy….

  52. Disgruntled

    its unfortunate when you are at a club and with all the naked girls around theres alot of testarone so one night there was a lil scuffel that i was not in any way shape or form. knowing one of the 4 mangers well and the rest of the 3 management dont really care to give you the time of day unless your slipin them some $ and totally so its a bussiness establishment i understand this. moral of the story is that I was banned from the club for trying to talk to one of the combatins in to leaving(mind you telling the staff i was helping them i only knew the kids older brother the entire problem. needless to say MANAGEMENT GRADES Chad-10 Mike-8 Adam-9 shawn-good at his job(nicest way to say it) my fav Hotties: Bella,Morgan,Prin. Pink

  53. Donny

    I have to agree that the music is way too loud. Can’t talk to anyone.

  54. You

    Stop rating yourself Paige well all know its you.

  55. samuel

    didn’t like having to pay some jerk $5 to be let in the room for a private dance. can they think of anymore ways to screw you out of a buck. cover ,over priced beer, and the $5 to get in the room for a dance, of course the $20 for the dancer.

  56. This place

    was a waste for time and a rip off.

  57. MAVADO!


  58. jesse
  59. roger
  60. Dancer

    Yes I do work here and I’m not saying this just because I do…

    I have been to ALOT of clubs…and Platinum is by far the nicest. Oh geeze the musics loud, big fucking deal, that is the only thing that I do agree with. The place is big, not trashy looking, there are always a shit ton of girls, with something for practically every guys taste. Yes that does mean there are some fat girls there, but there are skinny girls, medium girls, tall girls, short girls, black girls, white girls, fake tits, real tits…everything.

    It really suprises me the shit people say about this place…I couldn’t be happier to work here, and if I didn’t I would definatly be a customer here.

  61. Veteran

    Mark’s Place had more guest appearances and the two levels of stages was nice.

    PP is good in a lot of ways. Sorry to hear the Management style may change.

  62. none

    a great club for maine. drinks a little costly

  63. Homer

    This is a great place, not the best, the best places I have been in are in FLA, but this is good.

  64. joe
  65. not impressed

    nothing good to say…

  66. Billy Boy

    Lots of great very pretty girls, really good lap dances, a great place, music it too loud, the food sucks.

  67. RioMike

    Music is too Loud.

  68. Dan

    This was a great club once upon a time, but now it is a loud, over priced museum where you can look, but not touch. A bunch of so-so dancers try to coerce you up to the high priced champagne room with promises, but no actual follow through. A real rip off now, too bad! Stay away.

  69. dirty whore


  70. doug

    music is too loud just turn it down a notch.

  71. alex

    Great time with beautiful girls, I was visiting from New-York City and will definitely go back.

  72. josh

    I had a great time and most of the girls were hot and polite

  73. Wayne

    So you went to a place that has drinks, women, and beer and spent your time looking at the carpet?!?!

  74. not all bad

    Ok I know that some of the dancers here should maybe not be dancing, but there are ALOT of girls, and quite a few that are very hot. It really surprises me to hear all these comments about how all the girls are “gross” and “pigs”…..yes some of them are but by no means are all of the girls bad.

  75. keepinmymouthshut

    sure the club has its “dry” days but all in all its not a bad club for mainers…the managment seems like they know whats going on, the bartenders are great. waitstaff is bad, and the bouncers could be more personal. that really big bald guy seems mean until you talk to him, i like that he talks to the people that spend money in there, it makes me want to come back. the fat balding guy “mike” it rude to us and thats why we havent been back in the daytime. i read that “sean” has a coke problem, i dont see it ive tried to get him a drink but he wont even say hi unless im on my way upstairs, i bet he dosent even know my name.. and i spend a good bit. i dont like that small guy on mondays, he spends more time trying to get a handfull of bartender butt then anything else, i know its a strip club but common

  76. Yes......
  77. YO SEAN
  78. Wink

    Pro: Lots of girls, something for every taste. Low-pressure environment. Smoke-free club. Champagne room.

    Cons: Loud sound system. Waitresses are awful. Have to smoke outside. Champagne room expensive for what you get. Technically a no-contact club but some dancers will bend that rule.

  79. last comment

    hey retard, ya they are only out for the money, they are strippers, stupid….

  80. MrDiddles

    It may be just topless but it is worth the trip.

  81. FuckSeanSmetana

    Management are racist redneck ex-gay strip club strippers from south carolina who are addicted to coke. Three quarters of the women are ugly as fuck junkies just tryin to make an extra buck for the next hit. The music is too loudon on a shitty sound system, The dj is annoying as all fuck, The beer/liquor cost is way too high, and for the 50 cent draft night they tap the kegs of O’Doul’s and sell that, all night long! Fuckin evil huh…

  82. HAHAHA

    I have to laugh, seems courtney deletes posts off here. guess she got stuff to hide!! She is gonna be broke, cuz I’m taking her regs!!!

  83. ...
  84. Jason
  85. randy

    There are fruit flies or something in the bathroom and it stinks. Nasty. If the flies don’t drive you away the music will. The bass will blow your ears out. Wasted a 60 mile drive. Thanks

  86. graig

    Cover, dances, drinks way too much for what you get. That two dollar bill thing is crap.

  87. Victor

    Too loud for me. Wasted cover charge and time.

  88. larry

    I been to a lot of clubs but this place does suck. I agree with the other reviews in that the place is way too loud and dirty. Just turn down the music and get a mop. Pretty simple. Then you would have a “Gentlemens Club” This place isn’t customer frienly. Thats why no one goes there anymore.

  89. JR

    Too dark, too loud, not enough contact allowed in private dances

  90. Jimmy
  91. ROCKER


  92. Dave

    Too loud for me. Rip Off

  93. k fin

    Some of the dancers should be reviewed,lack of knowing how.some where great but,The talent needs practice but, the drinks are good.I can’t wait to go back they are very beautiful women.

  94. danny

    this place has really gone down hill since becomming Pt’s

  95. Walter

    Far better places around.

  96. Cait

    Raggety stage, horrible atmosphere, drips and leaks being caught by buckets everywhere. They require a house fee AND take $5 per song… UPSCALE? ummm not at all. worry about your dancers not raping guys by charging for use of vip rooms… isnt that a feature that SHOULD be included with price of admission. Maybe invest in a bathroom that locks, privacy when using a restroom is NOT a luxury… Maybe take some pointers from the people that were here when it was Platinum. What a friggen joke this club is!!!

  97. Crag

    Music is very loud and stupid and the women are out for only for money. Some dance on stage and others don’t. They have an annoying practice of giving change in two dollar bills so all the locals know you have been there.

  98. Blondes are beat

    Bring in some young tight Barbies like their used to be….

  99. Boston Beans
  100. Huh?

    Around where? The world? Best local club in my opinion.

  101. .....

    I think that the dancers rate this themselfs, only to make themselfs feel better or convince themselfs that this shit ass club is the bomb. Ya just keep thinking that ladies.

  102. joey
  103. JC
  104. fact

    alexia is dirty and smells really bad

  105. it doesnt matter

    I can’t believe someone had the balls to talk about sean that way. get off your high horse buddy, your probably a fuckin fag who wanted sean back in the day and he would never bang you. you probably have pictures of him all over your walls you fuckin stalker. don’t talk shit about people you don’t know. sean is one of the nicest people i have ever met.. you can take your gay ass remarks to someone who gives a flying fuck.. take your welfare checks back to the trailor park cuz platinum is too high class for a faggot like you.


  106. mike
  107. sucked

    way too loud, had to leave.

  108. ben

    over priced drinks,music too loud.

  109. Blake

    This place has gone from bad to worse. I will be driving south to RI from now on.

  110. X

    Club is cool. Satori is great. There were a lot of other good entertainers as well.

  111. skank


  112. Joe Dirt
  113. Ed

    Nice, big club. Lots of pretty girls, lots of variety. It is loud but there are worse things in life than loud music.

  114. traveler
  115. Hank

    Too noisy. Also, the club rides herd on the wrong things; it’s far more interested in whether contact takes place (Maine is no-contact) than whether the dancers are out front bitching about business.

  116. agreed...

    I have to agree, the floors and chairs are old, ripped and smelly, ya, now thats high class!!!!! What a dump.

  117. me
  118. Skinjoy

    The noise in this place is unbelievable. The whole building shook. It was deafening. Bring earplugs for your own safety if you go. I couldn’t imagine working there. The stages are very dimly lit, and the whole place is very dark. I sat down at one of the satellite stages and watched a girl dance. There were strobe lights on the ceiling around the room. As I looked up at the girl, I was blinded by the brilliant strobe above and behind her. Pretty soon all I could see were blue spots when I looked at her. I couldn’t take it any more and I left after about 15 minutes. I drive by this place often and don’t stop. I live in Massachusetts, and I can go to strip clubs here without putting up with such a horrible environment. This place stays in buisness because its the only strip club for a long distance.

  119. regular
  120. Nathan

    Hot girls, great club. I always PP relaxed and satisfied. Keep up the good work.

  121. Mark

    Had a great time

  122. Bill

    Place needs a good cleaning. Wonder if the girls know how dirty the carpet is they are rolling around on. Been to the doughnut shop in the daytime. Place is really dirty.

  123. Erik

    I expected a better experience. Where are the beautiful women that their prices would suggest they offer, Anyhere in Rhode Island is a better experience and value.

  124. Fr

    Went on a Sunday night on the way home from a ski trip. Thought all the girls were gorgeous. All extremely friendly and intimate. Far more than the clubs in Boston. Private lap dances could be considered a bit pricey, but worth the money in my opinion. Might become a regular stop after skiing in the area.

  125. John L.

    Will go back, had fun.

  126. sean

    It’s going great thanks for asking!!

  127. MC
  128. Steve

    My wife and I visited the club this weekend – it was our first strip club experience together. We loved it – my wife thought the place was classy, and was comfortable enough to tip the dancers. They reciprocated with great dances and comments and made her feel sexy. We are in our mid-forties and bought each other a private dance, which although was no-contact, was the hottest thing I ever saw. Ava was beautiful, friendly and made both my wife and me feel sexy and desirable. I highly recommend the experience.

  129. sucks

    this is the worst club

  130. RaRa

    To loud I will never rate anything abovepoor until they turn the noise down

  131. Landscaper

    This club was awesome had a blast

  132. Paul

    I love visiting PP.

  133. rover
  134. HappilyDelusional

    A few nights ago, I visited a strip club named Platinum Plus for my first time. The place was crowded, but I ordered a drink and quietly began taking in the show. One of the girls was truly remarkable: perfect tits, compact pelvis, creamy complexion, and flawless curvature. She was very acrobatic, shimmying up the pole, turning upside down, stretching out her legs to reveal the promised land, and gently tapping on the outside of her thong, just where the gateway to heaven must surely lie. Imagine my surprise when she later approached my table and inquired if I might buy her a drink. After a few minutes, she asked me if I’d like to take a trip with her to the Champagne Room. I demurred, being short on cash, so she offered to pay for the room herself and said she’d give me $300 as well, provided that I’d let her touch me all over. I was a bit surprised, considering that I am a somewhat frumpy, sixty-three year old geezer, with a pot-belly, and a friendly but otherwise unexceptional personality. In the Champagne Room, she danced ecstatically for me, parading all of her splendid attributes with great energy. At one point, she pulled aside her thong to reveal her doorbell, which was pink and slightly engorged. Later, she guided my fingers into her kitty while purring in my ear. When our hour was up, she insisted that we continue our tryst in my car in the back corner of the parking lot. While guiding me through a long series of “extras,” some of which I hadn’t known even existed, she told me that she was going to give up dancing for the club, after the mandatory two weeks notice, so that she could devote herself exclusively to pleasing me. In the meantime, she has asked me to come to the club every night so that we can spend more time together in the private rooms. Tonight, she brought along two of her lovely friends and fellow dancers because, as she says, it excites her to watch them please me. None of this cost me as much as a single $2 bill. I simply skipped my morning dose of Seroquel.

    Seriously, though, this is a great club with one big limitation on enjoyment: excessively tight constraints on touching. It’s difficult (though not impossible) to get anything more than visual stimulation, which makes the private rooms pretty much a rip-off.

  135. Beatman00
  136. Henry

    Way too loud to enjoy yourself. Can’t Hear anyone.

  137. jim

    Didn’t care for the place.

  138. not worth it

    The girls are ugly and can’t dance.

  139. robert

    music is very loud I had intend to stay for a couple of hours but we left after 30 min. too loud!! gave me a head ache

  140. Mr Swingy

    The Blonde lost her MrBig and had to go back to the Third world CUNT r she came from..

  141. donnie

    It use to be ok now it not good, god how many ways can they try as squeeze more money out of you. a few years ago i went in weekly, went a little while ago, don’t think i’ll return until ownership changes again.

  142. frank

    Too loud

  143. $$$

    talk about forcing to tip ugly strippers!!

  144. Newbie

    Twenty bucks for a short air dance. What a deal.

  145. sophia

    Mocha – Perfect skin and bum

    Katie – great dancer, fucking Hilarious!

    Mandy – Moves like an angel and has a banging unique body

    Top three def!



  146. LN

    Been going to PP for over 4 years. Great club to bring in business clients for a good time. Always new girls entertaining to keep my interest. However the girls that have been there a long time are the best like Mia,Courtney,Crystal.

    Shawn and his management team have always done good by me.

  147. Mr swingy

    Always looking in your wallet. And wanting to be taken out to dinner at the high end resturants in Portland .before they show up.. you have to text them before you go to meet up ..they give you their private #.

  148. NH Guy

    I dropped in while I was working in the area. Found that the music was too loud and couldn’t understand the DJ very well.

  149. $20

    Actually they are $20. Sometimes a girl will charge more but that doesn’t happen much.

  150. Dick

    The Deejay and music was too loud for me.

  151. J.B. III

    garbage club trashy women

  152. I thought this

    place sucked, the girls were mostly fat and ugly, not to mention trashy

  153. UGH!!!


  154. Officer

    What’s the big deal about the noise? The music isn’t any louder than any dance club….plus it’s a change from all the weak systems a lot of the clubs have. My first time there, and the girls were absolutely sweet and friendly. I had Skyler, and she gave some good private dances! I heard from some other customers that not many dancers at this place give much for the money they make….but I was an exception I guess. Nice place, classy, will go back again soon!

  155. Playa
  156. FireDude

    I’ve been allover the US – They still don’t compare to the club in my own back yard.

  157. Bobby

    Killer place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Nick

    You need to bring a ton of money just to get a very little in return. More of a rip off than other clubs and not nearly as fun as before.

  159. dirk d

    why is everyone so bothered by the guys that work up there, they are good old southern boys who treat the women fine ( so i hear) i bet they make good $$$ doing what they do…so just lay off those guys

  160. df

    Make it a 10 when Alexis comes back

  161. Russ

    Marrissa rocks!

  162. Sam

    Wish they would turn up the music a bit. I have one good eardrum and would like get it blown out

  163. Kevin

    Yea lose the D.J. and the friggin loud music.

  164. rick

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