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411 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.289536, -76.609668




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Pussycat

  1. james

    went in this past weekend they have a great show.we will be club i have seenin a long time.

  2. good lookin

    trashy junk girls dont want aids dont go there

  3. Eric

    It’s a great club. I’ve made friends with many of the girls.

  4. HomeGirl

    Some girls were pretty….some were disgusting. They seemed racist and missed out on a lot of money.

  5. not worth it

    I will stick to oasis and hustler from now on. the door man was pretty convincing and he did try pretty hard to get us in, so we decided to give it a shot. if a girl wasnt fat, she looked strung out on something. looks like they come from dundalk. maybe they did, off the blvd. i wasnt at all impressed with the staff either. neither seemed like they even the least bit enjoyed their job, and it certainly showed.

  6. big fan

    Some very hot girls in this club. Great lap dances.

  7. big E

    With the number of girls working, there is something for everyone’s taste. Lap dances are well worth the money. VIP’s are a bit pricy compared to other places, but a great time nonetheless with the right girl.

  8. dan

    they have a great line up

  9. Jim

    Don’t give them your credit card!!!

  10. regular

    There’s a few good looking dancers I met very beautiful girls Brittany and pepper both nice great hospitality from them both I recommend anyone to go see either of them or won’t be disappointed

  11. justin

    love this place. the person that wrote the last review must have never been here because he got the prices all wrong. even for the beer. this is a nice place.

  12. Josh

    Ok hmmmmm. The door guy convinced me and my buddy to go in so we did. So we went in and sat down to have a 9 dollar bud light immediatley to be jumped on by a nasty ugly chic convincing me to buy her a 25 dollar drink and let her keep me company or 250 for a private. On my neck and my ear nasty i was out and back to hustler where they kept it proffesional and clean.!

  13. adam

    crack heads dope fens

  14. johnny

    place was gross and disgusting, it like aids in a store , i cant belive the heath dept lets them stay open

  15. bo

    no class sluts

  16. BIG CAT

    CLUB NASTY ! these girls look like shit . where did they find them in a dumpster? what the fuck

  17. Billy

    Coming from cental VA, my buddy & I were shocked at the things that these fine ladies would do. For the cost of a couple drinks, a very well endowed lady grinded my crotch for the entire evening. I spent the night fondling her breasts and fingering her snizz for 3 drinks. I did not go upstairs, but the cost seemed reasonable. If you plan to go upstairs, dont bother buying drinks, just get to it!!

    By the way, the cops were less than 20 feet outside the front door the entire night, they never bothered the strip at all though.


    I have been going to this club for about 6-7 yrs and I have seen things change drastically in that time. When the place was seedier, the girls were better looking and I didn’t mind the hard sell or the drink prices. Now that they remodeled the place they need to remodel the talent. Old saggy corner girls, and stick figure junkies. I still drop by to see if things are changing, but they don’t seem to be, and I only stick around to throw some change on the stage.

  19. custy
  20. timmy

    loved it!!! went in saturday night mark and george work so good togather. met them for the first time and thought we were old friends.sat with three different girls all fun,can’t wait to go back.but only on saturdays.still can’t beleave how these guys joke

  21. walt

    club throw up/ girls r nasty /theres better places 2 go in bmore trust me

  22. Big John

    Best club in Baltimore for what you get for the money. You have to go upstairs!! It’s worth the $$

  23. paul

    i sat with bambie last time and the time before i sat with ashley both times i had a lot of fun.can’t wait to go back

  24. Warren Williams

    My friends and I met some cool, beautiful girls (Frankie, Bambie, Christie) George, the bartender, was great and we had a great time. Cannot wait to return.

  25. donnie

    they talked us in 2 comin in the place has no class n girl look like there on crack never go back

  26. mike

    stopped in sat night had a great time. sat with a few different girls and didn’t feel pushed by the bartenders.

    mark and george thank you be back in a couple weeks.

  27. John_ball

    I come here a lot. I like the girls and George the bartender. But honesty I

    come more in Kathy’s shifts a lot lately she is truly a bitch. She throws this

    old run down fake huge boobs girl amber on me. I don’t want to sit with a

    girl who looks like a pornstar gone wrong. She pretty much just wanted

    money not interested in a she-man. I like a real woman not one that is fake

    just like her boobs.

  28. IN&OUT

    Nice club, Couple of really hot girls, one girl in there best boobs on the block don’t know her name but has tatoos

  29. Francine Fanatic

    I was at the club on Friday-8/25 around 10p with my buddy and met this little hotty named Francine (stage name is Jessica Rabbit). We spent a couple hours together and it was the best time I’ve had in a VERY LONG time-man was she worth every penny (even though it cost me a few more pennies than I expected)! She was petite with short dark hair and the sexiest little body with silk skin and some awesome fairy tatoos. Besides being extremely “friendly” to me, she was the sweetest person I’ve met in a long time. She just started back to Pussy Cat after being away for several months. She said she had a “Daddy Complex” and liked older guys – luck me right? Any way, just wanted to “tip my hat” to my favorite girl. Francine, Jessica Rabbit, you made my year! I hope you and your little boy get everything you’ve ever wished for!!!! Nurse Boy !! = )

  30. Scott R.N.

    I F’d up the club rating on my last entry. It was the best!!!!!!! Jessica Rabbit RULES!!!!!!!!

  31. hairlover5935

    Overall the club is being there for so long and always has hold up to everyone , I would say they have the best talent and the best dancers better than Hustler !!!

  32. frank

    dirty ass hole in the wall

  33. chris

    CLUB STANKASSCAT! bitchs were nasty n stinky dident even stay 4 25 min

  34. andy

    ant no pussy worth lookin at at that place ,girls look like they just got done shootin dope and smokin crack, a few even smelled like fish

  35. amber fan

    the girl with the best boobs… AMBER!!!

  36. Got it tight

    The one review got it right. This place has some hot dancers but it also has its share of old ugly dancers that should have retired long ago. They are way too agressive and skanky looking. Everytime I go in here an old ugly chic is all over measking for tips and drinks before I can even sit dow and get my rink. A real turn off. Get rid of the old skank so I can enjoy the hot ones.

  37. traveling sales man

    been 2 alot of clubs this place is a shithole ,nasty nasty , nasty they try 2 talk u 2 come in run!

  38. BlockBoy

    There was a girl here, Nina, a bit older chick but terrific attitude. Some girls

    looked ok, some where not so great. Newly remodeled bar looked nice. In

    general, block chicks have gone downhill. Businesses are failing–too many

    black guys hanging out and they don’t know how to tip girls and cause

    paying customers to go elsewhere.

  39. Deez

    VIP is worth it!

  40. Fatboy

    ugly girls and dirty club plus ripoff prices

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