Fantasies Nightclub



5520 Pennington Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226


39.2169553, -76.5881




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasies Nightclub

  1. Patron

    This club is not worth the gas nor money!

  2. lovestripclubs
  3. Feck

    A cesspool in the heart of a dirty scary part of town!

  4. uncle stevie

    really love this joint. great little club

  5. marcel

    over rated even at 4. over hyped, average to below

  6. trash man

    this place is a freaking dump, even on the weekends when they bring out their best lineup this place blows

  7. the martmeister

    this club is pretty boring i wish the girls got completely naked here

  8. susan

    i love this club. always fun with lots of little hotties

  9. cosmo

    hot, hot, hot, love all the beauties at fantasies

  10. gil
  11. club rater

    girls are smokin hott!!!!!!

  12. Bill

    I have to say i read the comments on this place before going there. i will never do that again. The comments percrasinated me from going. i had a great time, and yes the girls are sweet and all are georgeous. Didnt see not one ugly girl, ok maybe just one.

  13. jasno

    Had a great time here Saturday night. I recommend it to anyone

  14. George

    Great club, georgeous dancers. Great time.

  15. martins friend

    this club sucks ass!

  16. chuck
  17. Dale

    This is a great club, I enjoy going here.

  18. Anonymous
  19. albert

    very pleased. excellent club in every respect. hot dancers, reasonable prices and nice place overall. hard to find this quality anywhere else in the area.

  20. vincent

    above average to excellent in every category

  21. Mad M.

    I’ve come here recently and the place definitely upgraded on Saturday afternoons. You would think they keep the prime at night, but there is a hot latin chick that never fails to amaze me. Plus she’s got some naturally beautiful cans!

  22. maxxy1

    The staff was polite and professional. $6 for a Bud light. Cocktails will be slightly more. The quality of girls is decent but no jaw droppers. Lap dances are $30 to over $100 but regardless absolutely no touching allowed. They are very by the book about that. Clean place since they remodeled with nice TVs for sporting events.

  23. zed

    prison tats rock!

  24. levi

    worst club in maryland, the place has potential but the girls here are just plain out funky

  25. stripperlover
  26. winston12

    This place is great. Very reasonable priced. They have good deals on drinks most nights. Large place with lots of seating. Well lit parking lot. Would give 5 stars but they don’t have all the flavors. The women are beautiful but they don’t have everything in the rainbow.

  27. lewis

    how come the girls dance so far away from you here that sucks because you can not see any thing

  28. Dollar Dave

    Thanks for making my b-day fun casey. Went here Monday night and had a blast. Plenty of girls and customers to have a fun night.

  29. johnny

    this is the most pathetic club i have ever been to

  30. ben
  31. nikki
  32. club guy

    take it from an expert, this club rocks its bmore’s best

  33. impressed

    very impressive. excellent quality dancers.

  34. mindy
  35. haley

    overall prety good club. girls are low pressure but available

  36. poot
  37. gregory
  38. aaron

    The hottest dancers I’ve ever seen at any club in the area. Very pleased

  39. kl
  40. ethan

    i love his place. always have a great time and leave with a few bucks still in my pocket

  41. Pode

    Very nice facilities, but run of the mill, inattentive staff (with only a very few exceptions). Overhyped IMHO.

  42. jt

    A bit slow when i went in about 8pm but girls were attractive and friendly and so were the bartenders. had a nice time.

  43. fantastic

    Fantasies is Fantastic !!! Best club in town.

  44. bobby

    hottest dancers in town – no doubt!

  45. hgj
  46. stray
  47. Commuter

    This is more of a sports bar than a regular B’more strip

    club. They make pretty good food, and you should tip each

    dancer after her session. They walk the stage collecting

    after 2-3 songs. A large majority of the girls are above

    average in looks and decent to talk to. No touch lap dances,

    supervised by bouncers. Good TV set up for games, and nice

    atmosphere. A good place to have a beer after work.

  48. dustin

    seriously lacking in quality and you can’t even see their beaver up close because they dance on a stage far away from the seats and than put their panties on before coming around to collect tips….LAME!!!!

  49. william

    This club sucks ass I have two computers

  50. Jon

    This club sucks.Some of the girls look really rough and it’s obvious they are on drugs.The whole place smells like cat piss.The only upside is the occasional feature dancers.

  51. cc
  52. joeseph

    there was one really hot brunette here the night I went but the rest of the line up was pretty bad and the last review was right they wear panties whenever they get close to you.

  53. craig

    The Saturday bartender is cute as hell. Shannon is her name I think. All the girls were sweethearts, and very sexy. Dances were a bit tame for me.

  54. call me impressed

    this club is the best thing in baltimore when it comes to strip clubs. they hit just about everything right on target. great dancers, prices and atmosphere. must mention they also obviously invest a lot of time, effort and $$$ on their website, which is another way of showing they care about their patrons.

  55. kkm
  56. ek

    Haven’t been there in a few years, went this last Sat. evening. Thought I would just have a couple beers and head out. Ended up staying for couple hours, even had dinner. It was early and there were not too many customers, but there was still a good selection of girls. I would say all the girls were very attractive. Girls were friendly, but not pushy. I left around 9. I had a very good time, even my burger was good!! I will be back!

  57. Pete

    Baltimore’s finest adult establishment – by far!!

  58. cruz
  59. scooter
  60. alistar

    coolest club, hottest girls, winning combo

  61. Tyler Winkless

    Hark I hear a gun shot! Oh no, its just a typical night at Fantasies!

  62. walter

    absolutely superb club. love it!!

  63. fly

    happiest place on earth 🙂

  64. Sucks

    This club sucks and likes to spam all the other boards. Shows you how desperate they are. Go to any club but this one.

  65. jay

    this club is pathetic!!!

  66. ronald

    very obviously the worst club in the city….. even though some pathetic loser comes on here every day trying to hype up this dive

  67. joey

    this is not a safe club to go to and they have a very poor selection of women

  68. love strippers
  69. teddy

    very dissappointed with this club!

  70. chavez
  71. ellison

    great place to go, lots of fun and hot women. also love the great prices and the fact that its a very safe place with a big well lit free parking lot.

  72. CSM

    I’ve been to this club about 5 times in the past 6 months and each time never manage to stay more than an hour. It’s always too…something. The last time it was a Monday night and it was packed due to MNF. It was full to the brim with very drunk guys between 21-31. It simply wasn’t a comfortable place to just chill.

  73. H.W.

    It’s a nice club with gorgeous dancers. Owner’s a jerk, but

    still the club is fine.

  74. big stevie

    love this club. hottest women in town

  75. pimp c
  76. rockstar

    whats the deal with this place? this used to be an awesome club for gods sake please set a dress code and get the thugs outta here

  77. Daddy

    Average at best. Average dancers, average food, average establishment. Why can’t one club have it all? Scores-fine food; millstream-hottest dancers; Hustler-nicest establishment.

  78. cal
  79. Pitts


  80. carey

    Not very impressed with this club I had heard bad things about it before I went but did not expect it to be this bad. The quality of the girls was very low and I had to sit very far away from the stage and overall was very low class.

  81. bing

    I wish I could say this place was descent but it is not, in fact it is pretty bad!!!!!

  82. bilbo

    pretty sweet joint

  83. as;oihgf


  84. robert

    One of the best clubs I have been to in a long time. Laps a little pricey but very nice

  85. lars
  86. bb
  87. Dancer

    To Barak: And I am sure you will have Plenty of money to spend considering you are going to tax the hell out of everybody despite denying it now. $250,000…no…$200,000…no, let’s make the cut-off $120,000. After everybody blows their welfare check from Obama, people will no longer be able to afford to come here.

  88. stripclub expert

    fantasies is a first rate establishment. not super high end but perfect place for good time

  89. truu
  90. 05/01/2008

    I went there to get lunch. It was early on and a lot of the girls did not show up so there was three at about 1400 in the afternoon. The dancer I dealt with was a very nice person and extremely attractive. She had a very open mind. I would have rated the overall staff much higher but the bouncer was an ass. he would yell at the girls. I thought that he was just plain rude… He should go learn people skills.

    Back to the girls that were there. they were attractive.

  91. hambone

    nice club, about half the girls are hot, laps kind of stink wit a bouncer staring you down. drinks are reasonable. dj’s all stink too. music too loud to talk.

  92. karen r
  93. sandy andy

    I am going to see jesse jane at HUSTLER club tonight, it’s gonna be awesome they have hot girls and full contact laps there unlike here it’s gonna be so much better at a real club not a sports bar.

  94. Gross


  95. Morty

    Baltimore’s #1 club with very little competition for the top spot

  96. austin

    my favorite. i really like this joint

  97. theodore

    unquestionably the worst club in baltimore

  98. merlin

    one fine club. no reason to go anywhere else.

  99. trot

    I don’t see the attraction. Average girls, bad bartenders, expensive drinks, rude bouncers, you can do better almost anywhere.

  100. aandk
  101. Ronnie

    This club rocks! Imagine a great sports bar with the addition of hot nude dancers and you’ll get an idea of this place!

  102. Butthead
  103. perry

    this club is awful, nothing but thugs hanging out here and i did not feel safe. the girls here are not hot enough for me to jeaporidize my life

  104. steve-o

    love it here

  105. Ben Dover

    Dancers were below average both times I stopped in.

  106. knatster

    it sucks awful management will bs u and tell otherwise all over the web

  107. DTC

    A lot of Hot girls. Lap dances are topless and no touching, but the girls are great! Lots of TVs for sports. I will be returning fairly regularly.

  108. Denver

    talk about a skank fest! Garbage club, worst ever!

  109. big petey

    clearly the best baltimore has to offer! great girls, great prices, great sports.

  110. new 2 area

    simply the best

  111. stephen

    amazing club. without a doubt the hottest girls……in spite of what the little nitwit that keeps putting all the horsehit on here about the club sucking, this one fantasitic club.

  112. milt

    great club. superb

  113. deon
  114. nickster

    this club rocks. hot girls, great atmosphere. really blows away anything in baltimore. love this joint!!!!

  115. poor
  116. lkl
  117. Skylighter

    This club has pretty girls. Prices are great. The place tends to be roudy. Weekends are very crowded.

  118. Jimmy

    Never have any problems and always enjoy every moment I spend there. Great job! Keep it up!

  119. jc
  120. leon

    wow this place is a dump and the girls are very unfriendly

  121. troy

    very, very smokin hot girls. fantasies rocks!!

  122. 9
  123. hollis
  124. mort

    easily the best club in baltimore. there is no other club that provides this good a quality dancers in a nice place and charges very reasonable prices. people that come on here saying the place sucks clearly have an agenda – you may not thinks its the best but under no criteria can you say it sucks. simply too nice a joint with too hot girls.

  125. janxt
  126. fartin martin

    one of the worst clubs in baltimore

  127. bill l.

    fantastic club. wow the girls are smokin hot.

  128. 2 hot for you

    this club use to be so good its very dirty there now. It has alot of drugs in the place and the dancers are not very professional. The owner doesn’t seem to realize when he has good people working for him he goes through people too much. He doesn’t run a business very well. It seems he only cares about which dancer he is fucking at the time. Most of the girls are bitches and this club is totally not one of the best anymore. The dancers steal from the customers and they don’t know how to sit and be nice to the paying customers. But they sure as hell know how to take advantage of them.

  129. scott

    the best around!!!!!!!!

  130. c
  131. mad mike

    fantasies rocks. bottom line – hottest girls in baltmore.

  132. hg
  133. jimbo

    this place is a dump and I will never go back again!

  134. re: tony

    the dancers at fantasies are miles ahead in quality for baltimore. anyone that comes on here talking about ugly and curtis bay trash, etc, etc is simply on here to trash a quality club. the girls arent the best in the world, but the best in baltimore by a freakin million miles

  135. marcus

    absolutely fantastic club. looking forward to the porn stars this weekend. as for all the idiots on here, get a life. anyone calling this the worst club in maryland is obviously full of shit. club is very nice, girls the best in town and best prices too. if you dont like that, you probably shouldnt be hangin out in strip clubs.

  136. Will I am

    what a freaking shithole!

  137. matthew

    get rid of blair’s ghetto low class ass…. she sucks! and the other trailer park trash tristern

  138. Brian

    Used to think this place was the tops, but some other clubs have taken it’s place.

  139. warren

    simply put – this is baltimore’s finest club. you can always count on a quality line-up of dancers and friendly professional bartenders serving you. if it happens to be your thing the sports is just icing on the cake.

  140. cookie
  141. AJ

    Club is a good value. It would be better in a better location as the neighborhood smells like oil refineries in the area. People were friendly.

  142. beavis
  143. Lmao

    Why does Natalia keep talking about herself on the Fantasies board? We need more Natalia? Isn’t there enough of her to go around?

  144. fed up

    too many drug addicts dancing and too many drug dealers hang out. Only a few girls worth seeing. Money is better spent elsewhere

  145. elvis

    baltimore’s top strip club. nothing else comes close

  146. t

    Came by this past Wednesday night. There were a nice variety of girls including two black girls and one east Asian who were all quite good looking. Now, (For those who don’t know) the girls do two sets: the first set is done behind the bar. The second set is where the the girls will walk or crawl on the bar (with bottoms on) and collect tips. Oddly enough, not all of the girls would take off their bottoms while doing their first set. Having said that this bar should be listed as “Topless and Nude” to clarify this. If you wish to have a lap dance, the setting is discreet. Some girls will ask you if you want one others will not. One the night in question, no one seemed pushy about it. The place is clean compared to many clubs. Even the restroom is in decent shape.

  147. h
  148. lame
  149. sammy

    very bad!!!!

  150. Action Jackson

    Creme of the crop. A bountiful land of smokin hot babes!!

  151. you know

    this place rocks

  152. mike hunt

    this is not a strip club. is a bar with a couple of dancers that you cant even see since the stage is so far away.

  153. Licker

    Ive seen worse.

  154. tbone
  155. ike
  156. AAA

    Why does every dancer in here have an attitude? If I wanted attitude I could spend the night with my wife.

  157. edwin

    too many hot chicks, not enough time for all of them

  158. art

    average club. cute girls. bad service. terrible laps. good sports. keno

  159. fantasies
  160. PAUL

    Absolutely the best club within 100 miles of Baltimore. My comment to the fool that has recently posted as martins friend, larry, jimmy, gabby, etc, etc (yes, strip club list confirmed youre all the same person), you’re a freakin loser that really needs to try hard to get a life

  161. Tim

    Great club with a great looking women. The best in Baltimore.

  162. gee
  163. Adam

    Beautiful and friendly dancers and several Television screens to watch sports. It’s a nice place for all kinds of entertainment. Will definitely be back.

  164. B

    Great club, relaxing, great monday night football with $1 beers, hot girls and good times.

  165. Bubba xxx

    Disappointed by the quality of dancers. Aren’t they supposed to be first stringers on Friday night?

  166. Wow

    Too many fat chicks

  167. chris
  168. harold

    This place rocks. Love the dancers and bartenders. bouncers are ugly though

  169. ray ray
  170. Franklyn

    Monday Nights are $1.50 beer nights. Can’t beat that price. Bartender’s are gorgeous and usually very friendly. Dancers are usually friendly and beautiful as well. Price’s are very fair considering it’s a strip club. The wings are fantastic. Drink’s are strong and the beer is ice cold. TV’s are ginormous and they’re doing a lot of renovations currently. I hear they’re getting ready to open up the second floor. They always have the fights on fight night and great specials during football season. Would’ve given 5 stars but the owner is a packer’s fan. The dancer’s are there to work and make money but they’re not pushy or clingy. It’s a comfortable atmosphere and there is plenty of parking.

  171. Fenwick Island

    Love it!

  172. Big Daddy

    I have been there several times in the last month or so, generally I think most of the girls are very boring dancers, they don’t dance with any energy, just sort of moving slowly and twirling a little. The few that I have seen that are the best dancers are JiJi and Elisha, they have some energy in their dance most of the time.

    Most of the girls are good about knowing how to talk to a guy and when a guy is interested or not, but a few of the girls are a little pushy about lap dances and is a little of a turn off for me.

  173. dry
  174. willie

    great club, hot girls, love it

  175. bruce

    very nice. nuff said

  176. nord the viking
  177. micheal

    was here saturday night it was not a great club but it was not awful, but it is hard to consider any place with naked women horrible even naked fat chicks are ok for me

  178. 8
  179. heya
  180. uno
  181. bar goer

    great club hot girl all them hot sexy a nice except for that wig wearing girl Ashlee or what ever name she uses

  182. chico

    what a fucking dump this place was

  183. vbiyugp
  184. Hank the Tank

    Note to girls: prison tattoos are not appealing.

  185. uncle milt

    love fantasies. always a great time and hot girls

  186. 5t
  187. #1
  188. val k

    went during the week. nice atmosphere and bartenders. girls were cute enough

  189. the deal

    average club with average to below average girls. i can’t wait for the next person to post under me “name” and write the opposite of what i did

  190. f
  191. Jim

    great dancers, bartenders need better attitude

  192. Ralphie

    Awesome spot. Hit it often and love it

  193. csj
  194. kim

    ok place

  195. frank

    noce place to have a drink and see prety girls. no hard sell. i like that

  196. MITCH


  197. Allen

    Sweeeeeeeeet !!!

  198. martin

    why is fantasies so great? hot, hot girls!!!

  199. Mart man

    I hate this club! thats right this is martin and I hate this club

  200. erfh
  201. wq
  202. mikey mike

    some very hot babes. my favs include austin alicia chole and ava. one other thing check out kytana shes a hot black chick that is the best dancer you have ever seen in a strip club period.

  203. rocky
  204. Pro Numb

    Not as awful as I had heard.

  205. A dancer that quit

    Since my friends and I quit this club blows

  206. mr ray

    awesome – sweet ladies

  207. mark

    nothing but great experiences every time here. this place is truely one of baltimore’s gems. you must either ignore the assholes from other clubs who come on here with their not so well hidden agendas, or better yet see for yourself. this is an awesome club.

  208. Clear

    They only had three dancers at 2 pm? Are you serious? Thats a hell of a way to run business.

  209. ted

    lame girls! very dissapointed

  210. love the clubs
  211. SnakePlissken

    I’ve been here 3 times. This place is great. Lots of hot girls who are great at dancing. Not too pushy about lap dances. Hosts a lot of great feature events. The girls seem very genuine and won’t totally ignore you if you don’t seem to be full of cash. The cover is very reasonable and the beer prices are not much more than a normal bar would be. I love this place and intend on frequenting it a lot in the future.

  212. the review

    clearly one of baltimores best.

  213. puffy

    this place is a dump where are the hot girls

  214. andy

    why do all the dancers have such a great attitude? love this club

  215. mario

    have to give this club an excellent across the board. definitely liked the dancers and tvs. parking is a great situation with a big lot that’s free well lit and fenced in. felt very safe and liked most everything about it.

  216. barry

    love it! absolutely love it! so many cool sexy girls!

  217. Conner

    Not as crime-ridden or filled with drug addicts as you are led to believe. Ive seen worse.

  218. Allie

    The bomb!! Try the food its fantastis. Of course the girls rock too

  219. x
  220. unbiased but true

    place is great with many hot girls. too the lame ass from another club posting stupid shit on here, you know the girls are much hotter than your club. so does everyone else

  221. Stephen M.

    Overall a very good grade. Besides the obvious strip club necessity of hot hot girls this club has very good food and great prices. If you like a nice relaxed vibe this is your place.

  222. MICKEY


  223. dillon
  224. Too

    Too many drug addict dancers.

  225. review man

    personally, love the diversity of dancers and clients. one of the great things about this club is beautiful dancers from all over the world, yes, many countries represented here and a cool, diverse client base. businessmen, young people, women, all races, everybody, and it all works well. unique and i like it.

  226. kyle
  227. I work here

    Get your stupid asses off the computer and spend money on us! Our incomes have dropped almost in half. Come suport your local single mom!

  228. david

    like it very much. hottest girls

  229. in the know

    since you and your friends were fired the club is mucy better

  230. Is

    Is this a club for heavy dancers?

  231. richard

    absolutely outstanding club. beautiful dancers. the girls here are so much hotter than the other clubs that think they’re the shit like scores, hustler and gold club.

  232. Joe Mamma

    Waste of time and money. Unattractive, city-type dancers and sketchy location.

  233. eazy
  234. Con

    Where is Trinity?

  235. GAYBAR
  236. wilson

    fantasies is fantastic. love this place and all the hot girls.

  237. Tony Toni Tone

    Patrons can judge for themselves by the pictures on the website just how unattractive the strippers are at this club.

  238. tamber

    This place is lame. All the guys just watch the games. Ithink half are fag to watch the game instead of naked women

  239. jhfgdgj
  240. geno

    did not like this place there was not any hot girls above a 7 here and i went on a saturday.

  241. little mikey

    very simply a nice, well run place with hot girls. ….. you can tell this is a decent place by the jealous haters who come on with stupid nonsense for posts. like worst club ever and shit. please, by what criteria? i can think of more than 10 clubs in baltimore that are much worse. anyways, this club is a real good place to hang out and you’ll always be impressed with the quality of girls

  242. yip
  243. darla
  244. Roy

    A great place to hang any night of the week!

  245. kb
  246. will

    very nice. the girls are oh so hot

  247. Seth J.

    I kinda like the place, but I’ve been to a better ones for sure. On a positive side, the ladies are surprisingly very good looking for a place in that location. The drinks are cheap and sometimes you get more or less famous porn star performance there. There are also TV’s with PPV UFC or boxing. The food is also not bad at all. Parking is plentiful and secure.On a negative side, as it was mentioned by other people, a stage is far away and darkened. If your eyesight is poor or your night vision is diminished, you are SOL. Ladies will crawl the bar after performance gathering those bills and you have a chance to see ’em up close. They are usually friendly, but once in a while you get a bad apple that will call you an a-hole for not tipping. I complain to the management right away..

  248. its me again

    sorry this place is awful I would never reccomend that anybody come here I thought this was the page for scores baltimore when i posted that last review

  249. freddy j

    this club is pathetic! sorry about my last review I thought this was another clubs site when i said it was nice here. oops! LOL

  250. knkn
  251. petey

    excellent in all respects. mondays – great $1 beer hot dancers. perfect!!!!!

  252. #1 customer

    if you girls wouldnt be so worried about every one else and how much money evey ones making and sayin she said this and i heard that!! and just shut dance and have a good time you would make sooooo much more money. most guys come to the club to get away from there bitches see hot hot girls and have a good time.

  253. ALLAN M.

    Cream of the crop. Superb, love it……..No wonder other clubs are so jealous.

  254. Magnum

    Girls- 3; laps- 5; food- 6; drink price- 6.

  255. ron

    The best thing I can say about this place is it isn’t as big a crap hole as Mcdougals

  256. martmeister

    this club is pretty boring i wish the girls would get completely naked here

  257. amy
  258. allen m.

    overall a pretty nice place with quality girls. while it might not be the hottest club on the planet, it is obvious to me that people trashing this club online clearly have an ulterior motive. there isnt much to trash about the club. its always clean, well designed, hot girls and good fair prices.

  259. rolando
  260. tommy guns

    perfect from top to bottom.

  261. gu
  262. pussy
  263. Nick C.

    We visited again and sat in the VIP area this time and it was a wonderful experience. We had Karen keep us company for most of the night and it was awesome hearing stash as the DJ. Another great night at Fantasies. Thanks!

  264. fritter17

    I was here with my husband and a blonde girl walked up to us and asked us ” are you going to tip Me?” her stage name was Jackie she rolled her eyes and left after I said no. Who asks for a tip? I was a dancer for a while and I know that tips are earned through personality and flirtation, 2 things that this girl had none of. Every other girl was great. The place is great. That girl needs to go.

  265. willy g.

    my favorite in baltimore

  266. po
  267. cracka
  268. tom

    the club rocks the best girls!!!!

  269. Vince

    there isnt any better in bmore than fantasies. beats gold club, scores, hustler and all the rest. quality of girls much better than one would usually expect to see in my hometown.

  270. adam a.

    a stunning array of dancers… wow!!!

  271. Grrreat

    This is the place to go! Beautiful plus size women!

  272. petron
  273. gcowboy
  274. r
  275. strip bar lover
  276. doc

    absolutely awful club, i would stick with the gold club, mcdoogals ro scores any day over this place, absolutely no comparison!

  277. Big Mike

    Came in last night, had one of the best times of my life. Very beautiful girls even the ones that were there to try out! Lap dances were perfect. Great environment, and music. The best Ive been to in Baltimore. I will be back soon ladys.

  278. strip club man

    the finest club in the baltimore washington area. and that is a fact

  279. skippy
  280. suave

    what a dump!

  281. billy d

    was very dissappointed with the quality of the dancers and it was a very dangerous atmosphere, i will not be coming back.

  282. tai

    pretty good place. nothing over the top, but good neighborhood strip

  283. puck

    wow! what a disappointment this club was a huge let down

  284. nick

    really like this club. girls are and atmosphere is fun

  285. malt

    creme of the crap in baltinore strip clubs, this place freaking sucks

  286. Sleeves3961

    Review from 10/19 Monday night visit

    Stopped by Fantasy Monday night. They run a $2. 00 dos bottle beer / $3. 00 import special. All night. There is a $5. 00 door cover charge. I’d scanned and right now need a mask if walking around but not if seated.

    Lot of women dancing. Seemed to be 2 or 3 songs each. Figure about $10.00 an hour if tipping $1. 00’s. Mix of races and builds. Saw everything from tiny petite with A’s to borderline chubby with big C’s. Full nude by 2nd or 3rd song. So real nice looking kitty.

    Music is mostly rap but not too loud. Ladies were friendly. Often rubbing inner thigh once they sat down asking if wanted lap dance. I declined and inquired about take out with two of them. Quoted $300.00 – I did not counter or ask how long that would be. I have feeling they would take less since it was only about 15 guys in bar around 7 to 10 when I was there.

    Decent pizza. Menu very limited right now. I stayed about 3 hours – 8 beers was $16.00 , pizza around $9. 00 – tipped about $25.00 in ones.

  287. john blaze

    girls r scanky crackheads n dope feins , better watch ur money, they prob try 2 steal it

  288. Reality

    This place should be called Nightmares, not Fantasies. I saw one hot girl out ten or twelve this weekend. Too skinny and too fat. Too much make-up. EVERY one of the dancers had a bad attitude. None of them smiled. Just a really bad experience.

  289. 22
  290. martini

    this place fraking sucks the dancers dancce on a stage so far away you can’t see them i prefer an up close view like nightshift, mcdoogals, hustler, or gold club what a waste of money this place was

  291. Drew

    Very impressed with the quality of ladies here. Not the type of talent you generally expect from baltimore area clubs. Usually most clubs have a hottie or two and the rest of the lineup is dreadful. at fantasies its very solid from top to bottom with many hotties,

  292. #1 fan

    the women are too hot!!!

  293. G
  294. Becki

    Would not recommend. Thug heaven

  295. doug

    excellent place to go if u want a show. Go with ur girlfrind or wife the girls there are wonderful and nice even have dollar beers on monday!

  296. steve

    the best around!!!!!!!

  297. stan
  298. Dieter
  299. barton

    highest quality girls in baltimore or washington.

  300. master martin

    superior to just about everything in bmore. this club has pretty much all you could be looking for. not the greatest in the country, but when it comes to good ol bmore, there’s just not much better by any standard of comparison.

  301. ricky

    this club is horrible, this must be where strippers go when nobody else wants them

  302. from workers at goddess

    ur club sucks bunch a crack hoes

  303. sam
  304. the man

    was here on friday night and was not impressed! they had a couple cute girls but the dancers were very pushy for tips and were very nasty. The lap dances were overpriced and no contact and you are seated 10′ away from the stage and can’t see the goods.

  305. pistol pete

    this place is the bottom of the barrell of strip clubs, what a dive

  306. Speaker

    Good for what it is trying to be.

  307. srt41984
  308. Skip

    Rated worst in town!

  309. jill

    very cool place to hang out. good across the board

  310. Good one

    It’s funny how employees talk up this club. Average dancers and terrible lapdances.

  311. t8t
  312. Lester Long

    Reasonable drink prices. Good place to watch sports and the pay per view fights & UFC. Dancers were average.

  313. fred

    i agree this place stinks a few good dancers and lots of white trash!

  314. Al

    Not a bad place. Music was good. Girls and staff friendly. Food sucked, but the drinks were good.

  315. Brandon

    Absolutely Awesome

  316. gr
  317. .

    Another pathetic attempt at entertainment.

  318. PAman
  319. rath
  320. silk
  321. Truth

    Absolutely the worst club ever. Not worth the time and effort. Better off spending your time and money else where.

  322. justin

    this club is terrible why don’t they just close this place already

  323. Twork

    Absolutely the best club in the USA.

  324. mikey

    may favorite baltimore club. a bmore treasure

  325. robby

    best in baltimore, nothing else to say

  326. yoda
  327. Samson

    this joint rocks

  328. justacuctomer

    The club is a dump, but as clean as would be expected.

    The girls are all pretty & sexy. About 80% can even dance.

    Yes, you will be ignored by the dancers if you are not a known regular, or toss’n around alot of cash (nothing new there).

    The food is great at cheap prices. Quite a nice surprise.

    The drink prices are great, $4 domestic beer.

    The lap dances suck to be blunt. Not nude, no touching of any sort, and a bouncer a few feet away watching you.

    I have been there many times and have never been threatened by anyone, nor have I ever seen anyone else with issues inside nor out.

    Overall this is a decent club. Never been to any special night events, but I hear later that they went well.

    I really like that the club opens at noon as right after work is my best time to get entertained.

  329. lenny

    very fine establishment with the hottest girls in town.

  330. stevie

    creme of the crop in baltimore strip clubs

  331. jghfjf
  332. trout

    i see why everybody talks down on this club the place is awful

  333. swammy

    this place is awful

  334. marky

    excellent club in every respect. this place has good looking dancers and is a great place to hang out. i will state that anyone who comes on here saying it sucks and all that stupid shit is full of shit. no justification whatsoever for the bullshit except some kind of agenda

  335. danny
  336. g-man

    absolutely hottest strippers in bmore, bar none

  337. John

    Fantasies is great, the girls are great and the time you have there is guaranteed to be great too

  338. rico

    terrible club! it has the worst dancer in town, and ghetto local thugs who hang out here and harass the customers. and to the loser who comes on here everyday saying this is the greatest club in the world you started this and i will not stop until you do so either get a life or deal with it.

  339. jesse

    This club sucks

  340. benny

    I love Fantasies!! This place rocks with the hottest girls you’ll find anywhere

  341. stehpanie c.

    most amazing club. hot girls, great time

  342. allan

    hot , hot, hot, and yes, i’m talking about the girls

  343. Love strip clubs
  344. they call me tater

    very obviously the best club in baltimore……..even though there is some little fuckin shit for brains who keeps coming on here with his/her obvious agenda comments about the club sucking, this is the premiere strip club baltimore.

  345. Pro

    As awful as I had heard.

  346. moi

    love it

  347. jermaine

    this joint is lame it has no hot girls

  348. leon phelps

    yeah this place is a dive! yeah it’s pretty bad, the ladys looked like men, and thats not cool!

  349. wet willie

    my bmore fav

  350. stripclublover
  351. l
  352. Bob

    One of Baltimore’s Best, look for Cookie if you’re stopping by.

  353. willy

    awful, never coming back

  354. andrew

    overall, the best adult club experience in baltimore…. although baltimore generally doesnt set the bar too high, this is the best around. nice, laid back atmosphere, fairly hot girls, great prices and not much pressure to make you empty your wallet. also notice pretty frequently a lot of women customers.

  355. hal
  356. walt

    very excellent club. i liked a number of things. first of course the girls were very hot. best i’ve seen. the club is also nice and kept clean. was treated very well by all the staff including security and bartenders. will become a regular patron no doubt.

  357. marty

    no hype, just a very nice enjoyable place

  358. Its me

    Pretty average by every yardstick except laps which are lame air

  359. d
  360. Gabby

    A horrid, nightmarish experience! Stay away!

  361. scammy

    Best club on the east coast, I would return again and recommend it to anyone traveling to the DC Philly NYC Baltimore area. Awesome!!

  362. NotBY OH NO!

    This club is great if you want to see a Lady GaGa look alike and girls with braces. All you need to do is take out your iPhone or BlackBerry and the girls will be ALL OVER you ALL NIGHT long. I have never seen girls run away from union labor as fast as the night seven rich Jews and a rich Irishman walked in for a bachelor party.

  363. Maher Salloum

    I like ur club even though I was kicked out coz I touched one of the girls!!!

  364. little stevie

    been to em all, fantasies girls the best. they are freakin hot hot hot

  365. Mr. Marty

    Definitely the creme of the crop in Baltimore. The dancers are very hot and very nice. Don’t really know what the nimrod’s deal is that comes on here every day pretending to be customers slamming the club is, but it must burn his ass to see it busy all the time.

  366. johny
  367. bj

    great time last night. Can’t wait for an event. I bet it is wild then.

  368. hljk
  369. it's me

    pretty superb by every measure. this place has extremely hot girls great tvs great prices and is a cool place to hang out. i feel soooo stuuuupid for my last post. i’m such a freakin idiot when i write stuff like my last post but what can i say.

  370. greg

    quality of the dancers was well below average, what happened this used to be a great club 5 years ago

  371. lovestrippers
  372. rick
  373. barack

    if i’m prez, fantasies will be the official prez strip club. i absolutely love this place. the sexiest girls around. reserve my presidential vip table please

  374. angel

    the best place ever!!!!

  375. barney

    xxxxcellentttt!! awesome club

  376. melvin

    this club is pretty bad, most of the dancers had some weight issues, small breasts and very little class. lap dances were way overpriced for what you got anybody who reccomends this club is clearly an employee desperately trying to bring in some buisness.

  377. ttt

    what a zoo. Expensive and not worth it. Feature was good though

  378. Tony

    This place should be a sports bar not a strip club. The females are ugly the bartendars are old and Curtis Bay trash. Step your game up please.

  379. Joe

    The dancers were way too fake and old! I do not want to pay a dried up 30 year old with a crooked rack from a bad tit job!

  380. Evan

    The best club in baltimore, definitely worth every bit of time and money. love this place.

  381. club expert

    awesome strip club. great girls, great place

  382. tommy boy

    said it before say it again – fantasies is fantastic!

  383. steve o
  384. anderson

    always a great time. always the hottest dancers

  385. fantasy
  386. yuri

    We dont have anything this good in kazakstan. nice shaved peaches, natural breasts, good music, heat in winter.

  387. jake

    very excellent place

  388. jorge
  389. handy andy

    great time last night with jesse jane. house girls are smokin hot too.

  390. cockclub
  391. Frequent Patron

    Love the club, the staff and employees make you feel so welcome.

  392. gfdgsd
  393. dave

    Great place to watch the game and have great girls dance for you while you have a beer the best. will come back!

  394. mike

    i love the place i take my girlfriend and she wants more if u want to have a good time u need to go and see for your self!awsome

  395. todd

    went here friday night, there were no hot girls just a buncha heroin addicts, this might be the worst club in history! who do I call to request a refund?

  396. derek

    it baltimore it gets no better than fantasies. the best!!

  397. uyi
  398. irv

    This place is awesome!!!!!!!! best in baltimore

  399. tj

    girls are about an 8, atmosphere an 8, dances..6 but a good time over all

  400. arny

    Good TV’s and sound. Everything to do with stripping sucked

  401. dan

    stop after work for a beer, but get out before 7 or you will fall in love and never leave…..

  402. karen
  403. brandon wolf

    i like the club i don’t really look at the girls as strippers really they are people just like the rest of us i did have 1 favorite kelly my others are reily austin and kylie. the dancers are great people are nice a little crowded at times but other then that overall the place is awsome.

  404. jmhj
  405. Lordy

    Its kind of a dump but if you dont have NFL network not such a bad place to watch the games that are on that station.

  406. hbi;
  407. ng
  408. SuprePerv
  409. emma
  410. k dog
  411. alex

    a very nice club, with hot ladies that are easy going and not out to pick your pocket. while not the greatest club on the planet, this is a quality place, easily one of the best in baltimore, with top notch looking girls. anyone that comes on here and says the club sucks is clearly someone with an agenda. there is no merit whatsoever in that claim.

  412. stripper 3

    great club, great girls, great prices, great time

  413. Re

    Whatever Tony. Just stay home.

  414. slick

    The club kicks ass!

  415. M
  416. billy b

    absolutely hottest girls in baltimore – and i’ve seen em all first hand, so i know of which i speak

  417. elton

    too many amazingly hot dancers, cant pick a fav. love it lots

  418. jj
  419. Vansmack

    Club isn’t bad, no pressure from the dancers and the Monday $1 domestic deal is great. Girls and bartenders very friendly. Nice flat screens to watch games and fights. My only complaint is the stage. The dancers are so far away. They do crawl around the stage but not a big fan of the stage setup.

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