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300 reviews for “Gentlemen’s Gold Club

  1. Stripclub george

    Wow. What happend to gold club?

    It’s been a few years since I’ve been here but was the first place I thought of when I got to Baltimore. Met a few buddies there for beers. Walked in to very ignorant security guard demanding my ID, which I already had in my hand waiting to hand it to him. He was sleeping as I was walking up to the bar he was at with a clipboard of paperwork. Very rude. Walked to the back of the building where there was one bar opened and one bartender. Wasn’t too busy. Bartender looked over welmed so I didn’t order my usual mixed drink. Just a simple beer expensive beer. Could have saved 5 bucks if the bartender would have mentioned the specials like she did to a few other guys that Walked up after me. (Thanks) my coworkers were alittle late so I just watched the show until they got here. Didn’t wanna spend too much before my coworkers arrived. Was approached by a stripper named raven who wouldn’t really take no for an answer and pretty much tried to get me to leave and meet her for more private fun with no cameras…
    I million NOs later , thank God my friends showed up and I guess her shift was over. We all left and went to the new club penthouse and was treated like gold. Beautiful classy simple fun girls. With good conversation. Sorry gold club. You all used to be the best! What happend?????

  2. Andy Xesou

    I came to see “September,” but I heard she changed careers.

  3. DT
  4. SamSpade

    Skip this dive. The staff has a real attitute!!

  5. Dambar

    Strippers are all UGLY. Waitresse are Rude. Dude, Gold Club is fucked up. It SUCKS. Don’t go there.

  6. Johnnyboy123

    It’s become my favorite club in Baltimore only because the women are the best in the city. The women here actually have breasts. Not some flea bites you’ll see at other clubs. Plus, it is all nude and the girls don’t pressure you too much. The only down side would be the bartenders. You’ll always find them talking to some of their friends. You’d think if you tip them you’ll service will get better but it’s just not the case. You’re better off just not tipping them and maybe they’ll get the point.

  7. Fight Club

    Good selection of dancers for every taste. Some skinny, some thick, some white, some black, some asian, some bazillian etc etc. but this place looses points on the bathroom. how can you have a bathroom attendant squirting 5 cents of soap in your hand, collecting tips and the rest of the place is skuzzy as hell itself. Rather than sitting there protecting his tip jar, a periodic mopping of the floor and toilets would be welcome. Especially on busy nights like Fridays and Saturdays

  8. Fred K

    Great club, some of the hottest girls around, great atmosphere. Gold Club keep up the good work!

  9. stephanie

    very sort of cold type place and wasnt comfortable. i’m a girl that likes strip joints but dont seem to care for this one. sorry gc

  10. Bernard

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  11. Money

    Best upscale club in Baltimore!

  12. Zeke

    This Club SUCKS. VERY BAD Club. WORST Club ever.

  13. shelly

    great club!! nice to the girl customers. will be back

  14. John G.

    Go to all of the clubs GC is overall the best! Wish only customers and not haters could rate?

  15. Starlover

    excellent place! Food was well amde and fast delivery, waitresses were excellent, The little blode bartender was turning me inside out….but OH this one dancer was wearing the “I love UFC” wifebeater t-shirt, no bra…..She was the finest in the entire club! She has 3 stars on her shoulder. I didnt get her stage name but she was beautiful! She could be my next wife!

    Excellent job managers….

  16. Free Lapdance Day


    Wednesday, August 15th

    From 12pm – 11pm

    Receive a coupon valid for 1 free lapdance

    with your favorite Gold Club Girl!!!

  17. Bubu

    It’s sad when I am 1 of 6 guys in the whole place. What happened to this place?

  18. Raymond

    This Club SUCKS. VERY BAD Club. WORST Club ever.

  19. eckko
  20. An apology

    I would like to personally apologize to any customers that had a hard time getting service or drinks this past friday evening. Coming from a gold club bartender that was working this past friday, there is no excuse and I would like to extend this apology out to any customers that were unsatisfied with the service that they recieved. We enjoy having a few drinks with you guys that come in to visit us, yet when it gets to the point to where i see the negative comments that are posted about our service, it definetly is a reality check that the customers come first. Again, I am sorry. Hope this will not deter you from coming back. ……Anonymous

  21. DJ JR

    What’s up cool beer

  22. yo yo

    got a lap dance n the bitch stunk, she smelled like rot fish , i stoped 1 min in 2 it n left / plus there drinks r outragesly priced

  23. joe jo

    was not satisfied at all, girls r a rip off, an drinks r way over priced , would not go back

  24. stevie

    not good at all

  25. Sir Duke

    I NEVER want to go here again. Ugly women behave like ugly dogs.

  26. lux
  27. #1

    gold club sucks my balls fantasies is the best club ever!

  28. walt


  29. april
  30. LoserBoy

    Rose, the bartender is f****in HOT. I’d give my left testicle to have one night with her!!”Trouble” the dancer gives a lapdance that will give you a stiffie like a REDWOOD. Dancer quality is so much better! Bar Service is better, kitchen response needs work, but food is worth the wait. “Riley” is wonderful, but needs a cheesesteak sandwich! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Popular dancers are in rooms all night, maybe a rule they have to come out for air every 3 hours.

  31. mr B

    had some really sexy girls , it was a little over priced i thought ,n there was no happy ending, but it was fun

  32. My B*tch

    My name is James. I am gay. That’s why I don’t like the dancers here. If I wasn’t a catcher, I would dig this joint.

  33. g money

    ok i guess

  34. Christian

    pure waste of time and money—– no talent and no beauty

  35. Santino

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY.

  36. Fireman

    The waitresses are really, really pathetic and lazy. Bartenders are better except for a few retarded ones. Dancers here are generally scary, but some are sweet.

  37. Hustler Club Sucks!

    The Gentlemens Gold Club is so much better than the Hustler club, that place is a joke. I just wish they would stop posting bad stuff about the Gold Club in this review section.

  38. To Tom

    Tom, why do you care? Or are you a manager of another club trying to put down the Gold Club?

  39. anthony

    worst girls i’ve seen in a nice club

  40. Gephard

    Gold Club is CLOSED until further notice as of today.

  41. XhXeXy

    OK… Come on people don’t be so stuck up!! I can’t be the 1st guy to have discovered the Gold Club?!Be honest with yourselves and your wives or girlfriends!This place gives you the feeling of being in a decent Las Vegas gentlemans club and the drinks and service are the best in Baltimore. If you want to have a great bachelor party or just a night out with the guys.. The Gold Club is the place to go!

  42. honest man

    usually this is a club that is feel is very classy and I’m well treated by

    everyonebut 2 weeks ago I was out front and I saw an altercation

    between hey very drunk customer and one of the security members of

    the club. I tried to prevent the drunk guy from doing something stupid it

    didn’t work. He threw several punches at the security number and finally

    the security man got fed up and took it to him. I was happy and glad.

  43. glen

    got treated like shit. will never return . over priced bullshit.

  44. Josh

    Love this place.

  45. Cidrc
  46. gh


  47. Alex B

    Had a great time this past weekend, been to the other Baltimore clubs and they suck compared to this place.

    Thanks Gold Club!

  48. Waste of time and money

    The best thing about this club are the aquarium at the entrance, and one bar-tender. But don’t we go to strip clubs for strippers?

  49. Mike

    Maybe they have 1 good day a month, who knows, but I’ve never seen hot dancers at Gold Club. The bartenders and waitresses give the worst service anywhere.

  50. Billy Beane

    club comes up short in a lot of ways

  51. Woody

    yikes….crowded as all get out. Heard one dancer tell her friend: Lets just take some drunk guys money and barely give him a dance. Bar service was slow as hell. Bartenders were more worried about keeping their corrsetts pulled up! Managers just stood around, looked drunk off their asses and would not help out the bar staff…..Prices were way too high for the talent in there. Find someplace else!

  52. curtis17

    The wife and I love going to Gold every few months. She gets to see the guys and I the ladies. All the staff are extremely nice. The guys change the show occasionally to keep it new and exciting. The guys and girls are good looking and there someone for anyone’s tastes. Only negative is that we wish they had more stages. Also, thanks to Apollo and Sapphire for making our last trip up extra fun.


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  54. dan

    place is a ripoff

  55. Tamara

    Management is terrible

  56. Howie

    Fantastic Club, Best in Baltimore by far!

  57. Dave

    Dudes, the ugliest woman I ever dated was 1000x more attractive than any woman in this pigfarm

  58. adam

    girls are terrible, and that aint good.

  59. yanard12

    This is a very nice, professional establishment. I have been here many times with my spouse and everyone is always nice, friendly and professional. Not sketchy or sleazy in any way and the strippers behave professionally. The only complaint is they do not talk to patrons unless you go after them which is strange since their money is earned by lap dances and being friendly with patrons.

  60. Tammy F.

    I’ve been here for the male revue a few times. The environment is diverse, clean, and really fun. And the bathrooms are clean. The doormen are friendly, can be a lil flirtatious, but me and the girls flirt back lol. It’s all in fun. Anyway, we always have good time when we go. Some of the dancers are hot. Some, not all!!! Either way, it’s a good time. And the music is usually on point.

  61. Mr. BIG

    Love this Place

  62. scores

    everyone knows scores is better than gold club

  63. T

    Too expensive. $30 Lap Dances for Baltimore ? Please.

  64. Burt

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  65. pedro

    just gross women ugly in appearance and personality, unfriendly barmaids make very bad atmosphere

  66. Tango


  67. Luke

    i hate it when employees start faking positive reviews– there would never be so many negative comments unless this club had really poor service and dancers which it does

  68. mr.bob
  69. Brett

    The best thing this club can do is replace half of their bartenders and waitresses. A few of the bartenders destroy the club atmosphere with their sour faces and lack of service.

  70. Bayman

    very poor quality women and service

  71. big pete

    comeon here, gimme some hotties. without hotties whats the point ?

  72. franky

    this place way over priced need 2 get some girls worth the money

  73. andy

    cost too much girls too ugly

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  75. Jake

    Lot of overweight women. Nasty bartenders and terrible service. Few white dancers.

  76. 444 Sundays

    4 4 4 Sundays

    $4 Burgers and Wings

    $4 Domestic Beer

    4 Hours (From 4 – 8)

    And best of all, NO COVER!

    Sunday hours: 4pm till Midnight

  77. TJ

    sucks, really sucky service, no hotties, rude barteneders

  78. old client

    Well i gave the gold club a lone break 2 years-ish, so i

    tried it out. The bar service is much much better, but

    there where 2 very pregnent bartenders?, some new talent

    mixed with old,I would say solid 6’s 7s’ no 10. to my

    surprise lexis and tegan where still there,both had put on

    weight and had dark rings under there eyes, same for most

    others. this place is a solid 6 not a gentalmens club any

  79. previous baltimore resident.

    it’s completely obvious the SAME person has been posting the SAME pathetic cuts about “unattractive” girls which actually shows you how threatened other clubs are by this one. the girls here are almost all gorgeous(and the ones that aren’t are atleast attractive). the dancers actually spend time with you, the club is extremely clean, the management is organized, and the drinks are good.

    if you have any complaints about here in all honesty you prly haven’t been to enough places to know how good you had it here.

  80. RDH

    I went on ladies night. Was disappointed to pay 8.25 for a 4-6 oz rum and coke. There weren’t enough guy dancers to go around and they really buddied up to the regulars. The place was packed and the guys didn’t show all. The staff wasn’t all that friendly either. If I go back I’m going to see women, not the men.

  81. Carlos

    depressingm place nobody attractive or friendly

  82. MonkeySpunk

    with all the bad things of this club…go see this chick with 3 stars tattoo on her right shoulder,I forgot her name…but she is BANGIN. Rest of the place is whack.

  83. laroy


  84. Henry

    Never see anything at this club but miserable looking staff and dancers that look like transsexuals.

  85. VLAD the Impaler

    This place is AWESOME!

    The Gold club has many ‘Nuggets’ of different shapes and sizes and everyone is a real treasure. But Saturday night I hit the MOTHER LOAD. You have to go see a dancer named ‘Trouble’. She has a bangin body, a very beautiful face, fabulous personality and a mischevious side that earned her the ‘Trouble’ nick name. Her lap dance sent me into orbit! I can only imagine what the ‘room’ experience would be like. My girlfriend had no idea what ‘got into me’ after I got home, but she has a huge grin on her face now! See Trouble!! She is worth every dollar!

  86. rockmon

    more like the ripoff bullshit club!

  87. Sir Gold

    The only thing golden about this place is the door so you can escape after being scared by such hideous women!

  88. dean


  89. Dancer

    Management is unreasonable and rude. Too much sexual harassment from staff.

  90. Justacustomer

    Can someone post the prices and differences of the 3 “private rooms” at the GGC?

    Also, what would be the usual ‘tip’ to the Dancer? I know tips are what you desire to give, but what $ amount is expected?

  91. Jim

    Average dancers which have no personality. Overpriced drinks and dances. Lap dances are not worth the money at all.

  92. Dr. Ray

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  93. alex

    very disappointing experience, especially the dancers

  94. Joe

    loved it would go back again

  95. Jeff

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and look like fat PIGS.

  96. allan

    not in bmore’s top 5. leaves a lot to be desired on the entertainer front for sure. overall the club itself aint half bad, but those girls, wow are many of them ugly!!

  97. Disappointed

    Maybe they could pay for a decent looking dancer.

  98. Gene

    A very comfortable place to have a drink and a bite to eat.this club is a model of what a club should be like….the girls were pretty, and not pushy with a nice conversation to top it off.This was my first time at “gold club” and i will be back for sure.thanks ladies

  99. IloveGirls
  100. petey

    decent joint, low quality girls.

  101. u


  102. harryharry

    This is not my favorite strip club, but it’s certainly not my least favorite. It definitely has some highlights that other clubs don’t have. Things That Were Awesome:- When we went it was because of a friends birthday and No Pants Dance was playing. So thing number one that was pretty cool is that they have live bands sometimes and they were really good. They played music the girls could really dance to. – Starlet. I mean, the girl is just amazingly gorgeous – They have pretty good food. Our waitress Erin was very sweet and pointed out drink and food specials. I tried the fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders. All were very good, crispy and hot. They are doing it right. – Drink specials on a Saturday weren’t as pricey as I thought. A glass of wine was 7-8 dollars and the Jagger Bomb or Jagger Shots were 7-8 dollars. Compared to other clubs, just a tad cheaper but pretty comparable. – We didn’t feel pressured at all to buy anything. We were asked several times but it was never overwhelming or pushy. We were buying drinks anyways, I just told them Erin was helping us and they accepted that. Never once did Hubby, who I left alone a few times, or I get approached by any of the girls for a lap dance. I mean, I like to at least be asked once, but we weren’t here for that sort of thing last night. I would rather them approach us than us approach them, but I like that it wasn’t a high pressure situation. I always feel bad saying no to a naked lady. – The club wasn’t overly packed like other places I’ve been on Saturdays. McDoogals comes to mind. I don’t like feeling like a sardine and I didn’t here. I never had to worry about there not being seats at the bar, and I could always see the birthday girl (gotta keep an eye out, she gets crazy). – Free Parking! And lots of it!Things That I Didn’t Like:- They only had a few girls working on a Saturday night. I honestly didn’t mind because I got to see Starlet dance more, but the other girls weren’t very diverse in shape and size (hope that makes sense). Hubby counted 15 girls working the pole the entire night, we were there from 10pm-1:30am – Lack of additional stages. Maybe we were sitting in the wrong area but I asked where there was another VIP area or more stages and someone said there weren’t any unless you got a private room. One stage, two girls dancing at a time, one pole. Basically the one girl got the spot light while the other girl waited for her to be done at the bottom of the stairs and danced. I may be spoiled by hustler club in this aspect, they have a bunch of stages and a large rotation. – Unprofessional-ism by other waitresses. We sat in a VIP area after asking if we could sit there and was told to move by a bar maid. Erin apologized profusely but the bar maid was really rude yelling about some guy just bought a $13 shot and we can’t sit there. – One stripper was so drunk/high that she actually fell off the stage, which, while funny, bad. She was a lot of fun though, she was grabbing us women up and showing us a good time. So that’s the plus’s and negatives. I would come to this club again. I liked it, I just expected something bigger and more girls.

  103. ghjghjk
  104. reggie

    Average club for baltimore, high prices. I won’t be back.

  105. Contestant

    It was rigged!

  106. Reinhold

    I love the Gentlemen’s Gold Club!

  107. Yes

    Is LILLY The blond, thick girl from Night Shift? Nice personality and friendly?

  108. zappr
  109. Brian

    The best in Baltimore, by far!

  110. 9/11 Tribute

    9-11 Tribute Night

    Sunday, September 9th

    4pm – 2am

    Join us as we salute the men and women of the

    Police, Firefighting and Armed Forces of America.

    Free Gourmet Buffet including:

    Jumbo Shrimp, Beef Tenderloin and Jumbo Lump Crabcakes!

    $6 Absolut, Three Olives & Jim Beam shots & drinks!

    $4 Heineken Light & Coors Light

  111. Rock

    This Club SUCK. VERY BAD Club.



  113. joy

    girls r stuck up bitches , there ant no gold here , it was a waste of my night.

  114. Thomas

    I have always enjoyed coming to this club but now that I met Michelle, it makes it so much more worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Cockers

    Why cant I ever get a BJ at this place?

  116. tim

    the only gold r the ribs they sell next store ,clubs over priceed n u u ant getin no love even if u got a g , ile keep my ass down town

  117. Pete

    oh man dis is one scary joint

  118. An objective review

    I have been to this club a few times over the past 6 months, and about 8-10 times over the past 2 years, and here is my honest take. Good ratio of dancers to customers, good overall quality of girls with , as at any club, some real lookers and some average girls, no really bad looking girls. Generally good service and no high pressure as at some clubs, but the waitresses are always pressing for the guys to by the girls a drink. They have a quota for every shift and are penalized if they don’t get a certain number of drinks bought for them. Private dances are good, but nothing over the top, and $30 per song is pricey for the quality of the dances. Of course, as always, it depends on the girl as to how good the dance. Same goes for the back rooms, and it really depends on the girl even more back there. Unfortunately, the price of the same room appears to vary tremendously, and not just for inflation. In 6 months, the room price for me went from “x” to “x+$30” to “x+$5” to “x+$45” So basically the price was up and down all over the place. Maybe they were just playing me, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me. And in the rooms there is an unwritten tipping standard. The tip for the girl is a minimum of $100 and tip for the waitress is $20-25. About one year ago, there was a $50 drink tab in the rooms (for no extra charge) and the tip to the waitress was justified (somewhat). But now you only get one drink for you and one for the girl. Not worth that big of a tip to the waitress but you will catch attitude if it is less than they expect. $100 for the girl is worth it depending on the girl…you will have to find that out for yourselves, but that can also vary quite a bit and you might get little different from the lap dance area, which is really frustrating. Overall, this club has a good atmosphere with good quality girls, but is too expensive for what you will get. I will not likely be back for awhile as I have found better bang for my buck elsewhere around the area. I always appreciate any info from regulars about the clubs, so I hope this helps. Happy clubbing guys.

  119. Tyson

    totally not cool club with hardly anything attractive inside

  120. Stephan

    Almost no white women and the ones they do have are either pregnant or grotesque

  121. Billy T

    In last night with a bachelor party, nice place overall barstaff were friendly the dancers were hot!! I like this place and will be back.

  122. Carissa

    Gold Club SUCKS.

  123. Stiffy

    Arrived at 9pm. Dancers looked good but were mostly drunk off their asses already. The most popular ones were in “rooms” all night. Some of the dancers looked coked out especially “corrin” and “riley”. They could hardly speak.

    The “rooms” should be closed at midnight so we can meet the popular girls. Or not open them until 9 or 10pm.

    Why does food take FRICKIN forever to get?

  124. A Fan

    Definitely my hangout-of-choice when it comes to the circuit in Baltimore. No where else comes close.

  125. Tom Cruise

    Ever find yourself facinated by a car accident, train wreck or an airline crash? You can get a front row seat to the demise of GGC. In its hay day, this was the place to be. The girls were beautiful, service was unparalleled and the staff was first rate.

    Given the state of the economy and the EMPTY parking lot, its disturbing to find the staff rude, the girls of lesser quality and not matched to the demographics of the few customers left.

    Saturday, they hosted a competition. The front door was set like a Hollywood opening; red carpet and all. Beside it were parked unremarkable cars, they should have been Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Porsches. Instead they had a beat up old Jag, a common M3 BMW, and a Caddy.

    Inside was an high cover charge; no wonder the parking lot was empty. More cars were around the pit beef stand! My party stepped up to the bar and placed our order with a bartender we later found out was named “Angel”. Must have been a play on words. She looked shocked when I placed an order for 5 mixed drinks and showed a $100 bill to pay for them. She stepped back, went to the cash register and the stepped to the other side of the bar. We thought she was just gathering liquors to make our order when one of my buddies spotted the she was serving another customer and was talking with friends!!! She never filled our order! we went to the other bar and Nikki served us in minutes!! We told her what happened and just got an eye roll. “Angel” should be fired.

    Quality of the girls is pretty bad; either they are covered with tats, over weight, or look like crack heads from a RAP video. The racial mix is off too. For mostly a White male population, most of the dancers are black. One of my friends asked a bouncer and he said the owner is into black girls….nothing like being in touch with your base…

    The whole club is a train wreck. Its only good spot is the quality of the food, but getting an order takes an act of congress and you cannot put it on your tab, the girl insisted on cash only.

    It would not surprise me if this place is closed in 6 months or less. Save your Money, go elsewhere, its BOUND to be better. Sorry GGC you were once great, now just a washed up HAG.

  126. Hustler club Sucks

    The Gentlemens Gold Club is so much better than the Hustler club, that place is a joke. I just wish they would stop posting bad stuff about the Gold Club in this review section.

  127. me
  128. Brad

    VERY BAD Club. All Girls are UGLY.

  129. Ivan

    yes it’s true, there are hardly any white dancers and none of the women are pretty or fun to talk to

  130. lovestrippers
  131. usper

    Good: On weekends, lots of attractive women (Carmen, Amanda, Faith, Melinda, Brazil — they match up well against any club). Safe parking.

    Bad: Prices too high from drinks to dances to rooms; a little more mercenary than the best clubs.

  132. wilkins

    very disappointed. expected much better

  133. jew man

    very dissapointed , the only good thing was the food at the rib shack next store

  134. BigJohn

    I see the posts using the exact same lines are nothing more than a personal attack after disagreements. I have been going for 10 years now and if it was as bad as the posters say, I would have been gone long ago. The manager has done his best to provide talent to meet many different tastes. A good balance should be struck. The popular girls are in the rooms a good part of the night, but that is just business. It would be nice if they could take a break on their longer room dates and dance for us. But I guess thats just business! bartenders are just fine! One or two need to pay attention to everyone and not just thier friends who showed up for the night. But it’s all good!

  135. Amanda

    I have left the gold club and now work for Scores Baltimore

  136. The Prince

    Hold onto your wallet from the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out!!

  137. BIll

    VERY BAD Club. All Girls are very UGLY.

  138. Daytime Guest

    Looks like all these bad reviews are someone who keeps coming back and re-posting. Was there on a Saturday afternoon and liked it just fine – a couple of great private dancers (Brazil and Diamond), nice staff, good stage, comfortable place. Only problem is that the private rooms siphon off the dancers when they are not on stage, so not as much variety for privates as I would have liked

  139. RickB45

    Great Club, had a good time last night. The women are hot and the atmospere is terrific!

  140. Lousy service

    The club is good, but the service SUCKS. The waitresses are horrible. The bartenders get drunk and then get even slower. It took me 15 minutes to get my first drink. When i went into a ‘room’ with one of the girls, we got our drinks 3 minutes before our 30 min session ended. This place needs to jerk a knot into the wait staff and the huge sopranos wanna-be manager, who just sits and drink his ass off.

  141. Darryl gantt

    Whats up see love. Cool beer

  142. RJ Reynolds

    Nice facility but very poorly managed.

  143. Every year

    Every year this place just keeps going more and more down heel

  144. Chad

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  145. Franklyn

    I spent a lot of time trying to find a male revue in the area that wasn’t aimed at gay men. I was pretty excited when I found the male revue at Gold’s. Let me say now, Jackson is the best. You can check him out on Facebook at Jackson Untouchables. You can also check out Romeo Untouchables – another awesome dancer. The outside doesn’t look like much, but the inside is nice. I’ve been 3 times – the first time about a year ago just to blow off steam with a gal pal. The second time was for their annual competition. The third time, recently, was at another friend’s request. The guys are a mix of black & white and also range in age. Most of them are pretty well built, but they seem to have one “average” guy each time for some reason. Each guy comes out in character and does a floor and stage performance (including some awesome flips from Romeo) and then works the room. They will get all over you and go nuts if that’s what you’re into (I think it’s funny when they do), but my friend asked Romeo to just dance for her and he kept his distance and did what she asked. They have all been polite and respectful. Each time I’ve gone I planned to meet friends there early to eat, and somehow they get lost and I’m there for an hour by myself. I would’ve thought this would be when guys would come talk to me to warm me up for the show (aka try to get my $$), but they actually left me alone for the most part. The third time I went I ended up talking to the host (Tim) for a while and he is a really nice older gentleman. While one guy is on the stage, there are usually other guys wandering the room, getting to know the women. I should warn you that the shower scene at the end is full nude. Personally I’m not comfortable with that so I’m ready to go before it starts, but if someone wants to watch I’ll stay and talk to the bar tender or someone until it’s over. Last time we went to watch the ladies in the other room afterward. It was kind of entertaining to watch the fat girl (I’m not being mean, I swear she was fat) make out with some guys girl friend. I actually got a confidence boost from seeing these very average women. Over all I recommend this place and I think you’ll have a good time.

  146. 4,4,4 Sundays

    Very impressed with the Sunday special I had a great time and the shower shows are hot.

  147. Evacuationslide

    WOW…the staff of girl and women on Saturday night was of very high caliber and awesome quality. Club seems to be headed in the right direction.

  148. Forrest Gump

    You have to spend some time with “Trouble” or “Kennedy” they are the most fun! The food is great but takes a really long time to come out of the kitchen…..maybe the managers can help rather than sit watching UFC or worry about any staff doing shots…

  149. Adam D.

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  150. wilt

    didnt like it much. they definitely need to work on the girls and the atmosphere

  151. Trevor

    Save yourself time and money, this place brings no pleasure, only Baltimore’s ugliest women dance here

  152. ronnie

    too much money 4 nothing

  153. GGC Management

    The Gentlemen’s Gold Club is Now Hiring Dancers, Ladies this is your chance to make $$$ and work in Baltimore’s Best Gentlemen’s Club.

    Open Auditions (Makeup should be done ahead of time)

    *Note – You must be 18 or older with a valid ID:

    Audition Schedule;

    Monday & Tuesdays 1PM – 1AM

    Wednesday – Friday 1PM – 6PM

    Sunday – 5PM – 10PM

  154. GGC
  155. maxxy1

    We attended the Male Review last night and we had great fun! The drinks felt a little watered down and I only say that because I’m not a drinker and I didn’t eat. I had two drinks and didnt have a mild buzz. They let our bride to be in for free which was a plus. They were entertaining and there were some good looking dancers there two. The place was clean and bathrooms were clean (important to me). The staff was very nice as well. I don’t go to these places so I’m not sure what else to add but overall we had loads of fun.

  156. Smegma Man

    The chick with the stars is named TROUBLE and she sure fits that! She gives a lap dance that is worth more than $30 and needs to be x-rated! Rose, the bartender is HOT. But the rest of the place CRAPOLA!! takes FOREVER to get a drink. the FAT manger looked drunk and nearly passed out at the bar. Security looked obsessed with shaking down the dancers for money than protecting them. Go in, see Trouble then GTFO! Rest of the place is not worth it.

  157. Marvin

    Really enjoyed the tropical tuesday with great food and drink specials, and limbo contest for cash..very innovative!!!!

  158. Wayne

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  159. doug


  160. pat
  161. Peter

    What kind of fucked up club charges $30 for lapdances with tops on and $11 beers. They have so few customers they are desperate and even doubled the food prices.

  162. mackenzie

    fuck this club!! fuck em’

  163. ii
  164. beanman

    can you say ugly? i did when i saw the girls

  165. fritter17

    We went to the Gold Club over the weekend and wow !! they had a pole contest which had some very pretty girls that did unreal tricks on the pole. While they were in between pole girls my wife went to the rod side where the male strippers were and she was wowed. She said they were hot and had never seen a male review before and loved it. The drinks were good and priced the same as most upscale clubs, the security and door men welcomed us and asked if we were having a good time as well.There were 26 girls working and a few were not our type but the ones that we liked were not pushing to get a lap dance or buy them drinks which was nice.Overall we stayed till close and they had a shower show on the male side that my wife said was great and I could tell she was warmed up on the way home I could tell she was lol.Safe parking and the club was huge inside as well after going to the one in the city which was supposed to be the best I think we found the best .

  166. HomeGirl

    I love it. It’s very comfortable for female customers. The only problem I have is the drink prices.

  167. Michael

    Generally too expensive for marginal service and average girls. Not bad, not great but a lot of room for improvement

  168. Amateur Dancer Contest

    Amateur Dancer Contest Wednesday Sept. 19th 2007

    $2000 First Place

    $1000 Second

    $500 Third

    All ladies must be 18 or older to participate and have a valid ID.

  169. Daddy

    This club was packed on saturday nite. Don’t know where danny was but he wasn’t here. Best Stripclub facility and staff in Maryland…Hands Down! Nuff said.

  170. Weedman420

    For sure the biggest strip club in Baltimore, it has great parking and gorgeous woman. They have different events throughout the year that can save you money.It a great place to go to unwind and have fun.

  171. He-Man

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  172. Gold Club Management

    Gold Club will be CLOSED for the rest of this year. Thanks to all our customers.

  173. Lou
  174. A Happy Guest

    Just a fun place to go with the guys – my wife loves Friday nights when they have their male review.

  175. Freddy

    this place really should close, they just hire any piece of trash they can find

  176. DexterRexter

    Fun for a girls night!The dancers are fun and friendly. Easy parking. What more is there to say?!

  177. Jo

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  178. Cash

    Very BAD Facility and it is very Poorly managed. Worst Club I have ever been.

  179. Tom

    Fantastic Club. Absolutely the best in Maryland.

  180. vernen

    over priced, ur money can be better spent at clubs that appreiate, ur business,

  181. anonymous
  182. JNk

    Magamement is really difficult to deal with!

  183. RICH

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  184. Sleeves3961

    review from 10/21/2021, Saturday nite
    Cover was 15, and masks are required, but I saw many people not wearing them. Online schedule said they had 21 dancers that night, but it was less than that, like maybe 10 at the most. Most of them weren’t attractive. Like Night Shift it was kind of quiet. After waiting for over 20 minutes a girl approached me. I asked her what happened to other girls and she told me they didn’t show up, claiming they went to other clubs. She asked for a dance, but I declined. After a while (over 10 minutes), another but more attractive girl named Wicked approached me. After a quick talk we went to the lap dance room. Her lap dance was alright, but she allowed me to touch her breasts and ass. Didn’t go topless not surprising. After that I commented about lack of dancers and left. Lap dances are still 30 per dance.

  185. DC

    Awesome place! Go visit Leann. she is awesome. She has the best tits and they are all real! Music sux, but girls are hot.

  186. scleader

    I agree GGC is having problems (most of which involve price, which is simply not competitive with other clubs), but to be fair, the couple of times I’ve gone when there are bands, if it is advertised the bands will appear with the girls, there’s usually lots of energy and you can still get LDs, rooms, etc.

  187. Stoner
  188. no one
  189. What happened

    The quality of girls has gone down hill who ever does the hiring sucks

  190. best


  191. hank


  192. Kevin

    Horrible. Service is non-existent. All the attractive dancers quit.

  193. Geek

    Try the club tonight Tina was a real charmer and very beautiful. Angel is

    also attractive and a great dancer. Angel’s sales pitches seemed little bit

    too strong but if you deal with that you can get a great.experience. Most

    importantly, I felt the management and the general staff are very congenial

    and interested in retaining potential customers. I look forward to going


  194. big ralphie

    club nice, girls not

  195. Fid

    Where is Trinity?

  196. Joey

    Love this place!

  197. Tony T.

    It’s hard to get a drink in this place. The bartenders are very unfriendly. Drink prices are high. Quality of the dancer range from average to good.

  198. Syberqix
  199. JDB
  200. snake

    Gold Club makes you want to puke the girls are so fat, lazy, unfriendly, and UGLY

  201. mrdudeguyman

    paid 230 bucks for upper c-room girl didn’t get fully nude bouncer kept

    peaking in, and dance was cut short 5 minutes because girl was called to stage

    wait staff is awesome.

  202. Rob

    There are some of the sexiest girls at this club and believe me, I frequently check out ALL the clubs in MD…and Gold Club is by FAR the best. While there are a few girls who are less than average…it may be due to slower shifts where they may of needed girls and those are the ones who will work. MOST of the girls are hot, and very personable! Don’t always go off of what you hear…come in and check it out yourself! The HIGHEST cover is $15 and that is ONLY when there are fight nights…but its very rare. there is NO cover ANY day shift or on sundays. The private rooms are fun. The lapdances are clothed, but its for a reason…if you end up taking a girl into a room, they get down to their thongs/panties. Perhaps if you are spending the money on a girl in a room, you should ask her first if she gets down to her panties…maybe thats why the guy below was disappointed. Each girl is different..some dont show their p*ssy on stage but 90% do. Its optional. The wait staff is nice and friendly. Heres a BIG TIP for everyone to read..think about it…maybe your service is shitty or slow (which this would happen at ANY club) because youre not tipping or being rude. If you expect great service, the ladies deserve a tip. If you dont want to spend money…sit at home. Dont go to a GENTLEMENS club. Its called the GOLD club…not the PENNY club.

    P.S. Try a day shift every now and then..sometimes youll get a totally different experience than on a night shift. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  203. Jimmy

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY.

  204. review man

    nice building, subpar girls, a bit above avg overall

  205. Karrissa

    What are those other people talking about, they must be spamming the club must be another club trying to make themselves look better, Gold Club is the best!

  206. myst c

    I love this place the girls are soooo hot!!

  207. Steven

    I brought my friends and we sat around for like half and hour and never got service, we are not coming back, and ya there are hardly any white dancers and no attractive women.

  208. Al

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  209. Harry

    Management is terrible. The girls keep this club going.

  210. Joe b
  211. yo momma
  212. merle

    why such poor quality girls in such a nice club??

  213. Patrick

    No other club in Baltimore stacks up, IMHO…

  214. Blade

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Strippers are very UGLY. The club needs new Strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  215. Jen

    Nasty perveted owner

  216. kiloman2020

    The past reviews for this club must be very outdated, because i visited this club on 4/28/07 and the club was very outstanding … there dozens of beautiful white and black women dancing in this club, some of which include Barbie, Lexi, and April … just to name a few of my favorites. My buddy just turned 25 and we were buying him lap dances all night for $30. The cover is $10 and the drinks were about $7. The atmosphere was very nice and i can honestly say that this is a much more upscale club than most of the ones in the Baltimore Red light district (E. Baltimore Ave) Don’t let these bogus ratings fool you, i am not a promoter for this club, just a very satisfied customer!

  217. andrew

    very disappointing experience.

  218. Chris

    What beats the Gold Club? Nothing, stupid!

  219. ss
  220. John

    VERY BAD Club. All Girls are UGLY.

  221. greg

    fantastic club best in baltimore by far

  222. Bill Beane

    Somewhat disappointed in the quality of talent here, especially considering the overly high prices. Gotta do better Gold Club

  223. pothed
  224. Big Boy

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY. The club needs new strippers. And the FAT Manager and the fat bouncers need to loose weight. They look disgusting and they look like fat PIGS.

  225. cc
  226. stan marsh

    The bar service is consistently horrible. They have few hot dancers, unfortunately they spend most of the night in one the rooms.

  227. Big Eddie

    2 complaints. girls not friendly prices too high

  228. MacDaddy

    Place is really nice inside. very clean. but between the wait staff propositioning the customers for a $50 BJ in the parking lot to the Dancers soliciting “extras” in the rooms for $100 or more….no thanks. Put a dress on a pig…..its still a pig.

  229. GGC Update

    Under The Covers live this Saturday 7/21/12. Beautiful ladies, great music & FREE parking! The SAFE alternative to downtown.

  230. james1412

    I went here for a girlfriend’s going away party due to separation & eventual divorce. It was a nice facility, ok parking, good food & drinks. The service could have been faster given that we paid for VIP section. They had male dancers on the night we went & they were cool. Nice layout.

  231. GGC Baltimore

    FREE LAP DANCE DAY FRIDAY MARCH 23rd 2012. Noon to Midnight! Facebook: ggcbaltimore Website:

  232. Randy T

    Great club, I travel quite a bit and have been to the clubs in downtown baltimore but they are more expensive and not as safe. plus you have to pay for parking. Gold club has free parking, a full kitchen and some of the most beautiful ladies I have seen in the Baltimore area. The rooms are a great deal compared to the other clubs in the area and the place is clean and the staff friendly.

    Love this place!!!

  233. potty

    not very impresed with the service , girls ranged from sexy 2 shity, would not recamend 2 any one

  234. nothing good

    nothing good here go any where else but here

  235. William Tent

    Had a great time last night, this place is huge and very clean. Beautiful girls, will be back again!!




    The Gentlemen’s Gold Club is Now Hiring Dancers, Ladies this is your chance to make $$$ and work in Baltimore’s Best Gentlemen’s Club.

    Open Auditions (Makeup should be done ahead of time)

    *Note – You must be 18 or older with a valid ID:

    Audition Schedule;

    Monday & Tuesdays 1PM – 1AM

    Wednesday – Friday 1PM – 6PM

    Sunday – 5PM – 10PM

  238. seriously

    does any one take this for real

  239. S2H

    This is my favorite strip club in BMore

  240. Old Timer

    All I have to say is that I am soo glad Jenn is back behinde the bar. You have been missed so much. It was a surprise but you still are and always will be Baltimore’s best….If you want the best,and can’t forget hottest bartender in any club, go see Jenn B.

  241. eldon

    was not impressed – high prices, ugly girls

  242. jayj

    couldent find no gold here , place sucked

  243. Jason

    Used to be a fun club, now the security is worse than BWI, ruins the mood before you even get in. Am I getting ready to spend a couple hundred dollars & have fun or am I getting processed at central booking? Half the time me or my friends can’t even get in, no camera phones, no chain holding wallet, no white T, no joking around(said I was intoxicated?), when I bring my hot wife NO Problem! Whatever, I’d rather go to a fun dumpy Dundalk or the block club. Was better when it was next door without the huge rude security crew. I’m sure they will post 100 more comments to hide the negative ones, whatever.

  244. Amateur Contest

    Amateur Dancer Night!

    Maryland’s hottest amateurs

    take the Gold Club stage on

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    to compete for the first place prize of


    $1,000 for 2nd place and $500 for 3rd place!

    The crowd determines the winner,

    so bring your family and friends

    to cheer you on to VICTORY!

  245. Danny

    Empty club…must be hurting from the looks of last weekend. Too bad, it is a nice club inside!

  246. Arf

    Too many ugly chicks.

  247. Real JAMES

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY.

  248. GGC Info

    The Cheaters (Band) Live October 20th

  249. stillafan

    In fairness to the club, the Sat. event was not a usual GCC night; the cover, for example, was WAY more expensive than usual.

    Some of the ovverall criticism is fair — the bar/waitress service is often poor; I realize sometimes coverage is a problem, but often you are simply ignored unless buy a room. And the drink/room prices are a little out of whack, given the area and economy; this needs to be reviewed, or the lack of “buzz” will continue (and I agree that any vibe is lacking these days due to smaller crowds).

    But the club itself is still clean and comfortable, and the quality of the girls, while hit and miss, is not different from the other clubs in this category. Lap dances, in fact, are usually better in quality, and the vast majority of girls are friendlier than in most of the other clubs I’ve been to.

    Is it what is was? No…but no club in the area is; that’s going to have to wait for the economy to really come back.

  250. GC fan
  251. Alan A.

    This place is the nicest club I’ve been to in Baltimore, the staff was friendly and the girls are all terrific.

    A+ Gold Club!

  252. martin

    excellent club, best in baltimore

  253. gonzo

    Drink prices are high, $11 when you buy a dancer a drink. The dancers leave their tops on for the $30 lap dance. The DJ is annoying. I like the club layout.

  254. Puh-leeze

    It’s not hard to get the attention of the “better” dancers here – if you’re not getting them to join you or feel they’re always off in the private rooms, you’re doing something wrong. Fine bunch of friendly women, and more than enough to go around.

  255. Jun Y.

    Never been inside, but it’s awesome seeing old men go in during lunch hours. This is what iconoclastic DC is in my mind. Old men staring at tits then signing bills. LOVE IT.

  256. John S

    Great club, pretty girls and very clean. Also this club is a safe alternative to the clubs downtown.

  257. Steve

    Well Let me say that Lexis is the BEST stripper I have ever

    seen! She grinded me so hard that I literally came in my

    pants. It was an awkward drive home. but wow! She has an

    awesome body and a beautiful shaved pussy. She gives a lot of

    hands on attention and really gets into her work.

  258. GUS

    flew in from out of town on business, and i was told gold club was the place to go to for adult entertainment.i have to say i was impressed with the atmosphere, the food,girls were very personable.but i think the most noticable was the cleanliness of the establishment.the club is not located downtown, but it is worth the trip to get there!!thankmx for the hospitality.

  259. sharked
  260. unhappy customer

    teh girls were ok, drink prices are way too high … $7.50 for a Sam Adams? come on … pretty packed, not many girls walking around talking to guys …

  261. richard95

    First of all, it really bothered me that this club does not have any reviews. Or maybe it goes by a different name? So my friends and I went to Gentlemen’s Gold club to celebrate a birthday. We searched high and low around the DMV area for male strip clubs/revues. When we found out this place had “reflections” on Friday, we were definitely down.The cover is 10 dollars. The male revue is in a seperate room than the female strippers. But the 10 dollars get you access to both. The doors supposedly opened at 8 and the show started at 9, but I’m pretty sure it started later than that. When we got there there were not many people in the regular strip club, or in the room. But there were 6 of us, so we weren’t worried about anything but our friend having a great time. Oh yea, you can’t bring in cell phones or recording devices. We knew this before we got there so we didn’t bring them, but they didn’t check anyway.The club itself is really nice. This is not a hole in the wall strip club. We waited for the show to begin, my friends ordered drinks and I believe they got specials on them. I think they were around 6 dollars, which is half of what I expected them to be.The show overall was pretty fun. Since it was my friend’s birthday, they made her get on stage and work the pole which was really funny. The strippers were black and white. They played hip hop and then some other rock and country music to go along with the acts. The crowd was very diverse and really fun. The strippers were okay, but really fun. These men do not get naked so don’t expect to see any “private parts” lolAt the end, they start selling tickets to the “shower show,” where a selected man takes a shower in this little shower room above the audience. The “donation” is 2 dollars, but you don’t really have to pay, so don’t lol. They begin walking around and basically dancing on the women, being funny and trying to get more tips. After the show was over, we went to see the women. It was pretty quiet and real chill. The girls were skilled, same atmosphere: mostly black and white women. I’ve only ever been to one other strip club, and the women here were more, “classy.’ [i assume this is not the appropriate word, but you get it]This was a good time, and I would def go back. So ladies, get your singles and have fun!Or men, just go and enjoy the women

  262. ftp
  263. Keith

    agreed with Brett, John, Tony, etc…. customer service horrible thanks to some of the bartenders

  264. jackson

    ugly women

  265. Vex V.

    Do not waste your time. Went on a Saturday night, it was filled with a less fashionable crowd. Upon paying the $10 entry fee person, I sat for a total of 15 minutes at a table with no wait service, the music was outdated and I was not personally impressed from the dancer selection. Walked in and out in a matter of 30 minutes, they should be paying us to go into their club. C list girls, and D list music, Do not recommend.

  266. Abt

    Now Hiring Cooks

    Please apply in person Monday – Friday between the hours of Noon & 6pm or call 410-483-3356.

  268. Ty
  269. larry1

    Horrible service from the bartenders. I came in with a coupon for $25 off a $50 bar tab. I didn’t really expect to spend that much, but the “cheap” beers are around $7 so the tab went up quickly. When I asked to close my tab, the bartender swiped my card and charged me without giving me a total. When I told her I had a coupon, she said “I already ran it. You were supposed to tell me before.” Then she stood there, staring at me while I put down a 15% tip on my credit card receipt and said “you’re not much of a tipper, are you?”I asked the doorman to send the manager over, and he came fairly quickly. He was apologetic and offered to “make it up to me” the next time I came in, but not to fix the charge that I was already stuck with. There will not be a next time for me.Other than that, the place would maybe get a 3/5 from me. The girls were generally attractive and good dancers. My waitress was pleasant and pretty attentive, though she did seem to have more tables than she could really handle. At some of these places, the girls are practically begging you to buy a dance from them all night. I didn’t feel harassed here though.

  270. Take it from me

    This club would be fine if they did not have a bunch of idiot managers

    running the club into the ground the problem with this club is the better you

    do as an entertainer the more money u make the more the management

    resents you and treats you like shit it all starts at the top with insecure Jeff

    he fires girls that are to comfortable & making money but the getto girls that

    start trouble & make no money for the club they treat like gold

  271. Real Santino

    VERY BAD Club. Fucked up Club. All Girls are very UGLY.

  272. New'L

    Rich boys don’t like dress codes. Especially when the dancers look like this. Disgusting! Valerie is a sweetheart though. Great club for desperate guys that tolerate dress codes, otherwise visit elsewhere. Hell, anywhere!

  273. Tomza
  274. Sky

    I went to this club for the first time. The girls were definatley good looking and the place was clean. However, it was topless only. $30 lap dances were fully clothed. $180 private rooms were topless only. Cost for a soda was $4.75 . The whole setup of the place was kind of “cold”.

  275. maxx

    i love this club i go on wed. my favorite dancer needs to work on this day lol valarie? you reading this?

  276. paris

    as an ex-employee i would recommend you visit for yourself… these folks are just like movie critics. just because they didn’t like it doesn’t mean your experience will be like no other! and obvioulsly, someone from has some type of grudge and a lot of time on their hands to constantly down the girls there.

    gold club has a large variety of all types of girls. go and see 4 yourself

  277. JAMES

    VERY GOOD Club. Fuckin great Club. All Girls are very HOT.

  278. pedros brother

    never want to go here again, ugly women behave like dogs

  279. Ted

    Best upscale club in Baltimore!

  280. Dylan brets

    Stopped in at the club last night and they had a live band! Pretty neat, I have never seen that at a strip club before. Cool place.

  281. mj
  282. Brad J.

    This place is pretty close to what you would see in Manhattan or Las Vegas. It is much cheaper than clubs in those cities though. If you are in the area and looking for something like this, it is probably the best place around. The only downside is that it closes at 2AM. That is probably not of their choice but when comparing to clubs in NYC or Vegas which basically don’t close, it is worth noting.

  283. Stripclubguy

    This club is going down fast the management obviously does

    not know how to run a club I came in the club on a Thursday

    night and did not realize they have a gay night next store

    for men to go I thought I was going to see female strippers

    also found out they have bands that come and play again I

    thought this was a strip club I am not surprised now why

    this place is dead and if the drunk manager is any

    indication of who is running the club not good

  284. gianni

    What went wrong? This used to be a great club, and now the girls are just nasty. Hope it gets better.

  285. willie b.

    most girls between a 1 and 5. need better

  286. Knatster
  287. Cage

    A REAL REVIEW: Pretty big disappointment. I walked into a big, well-designed, classy-looking facility. It was a weekday, and it was pretty dead. Which is understandable, except in TWO+ hours, I was only approached for a dance TWICE!! And I’m upper-middle class, well-dressed, well-groomed, mannerable, a good tipper to the waitresses, etc. Sorry, but there’s no way I’m going to chase average looking women around an empty club, for a $30 (!!!) lap dance where she merely brushes past my thigh a few times. At 9:30, went to a less classy club; had more fun, more outgoing – and just as pretty – women, cheaper dances, and more bang for the buck. Did I mention the drinks were overpriced as well? Wow.

  288. Sassy

    Love the girls but not the club

  289. walter

    thought the prices were too high for what they offer

  290. Alfred

    Great time last night, Amanda is the hottest girls on the planet.

    Will be back!!!

  291. wacka jacka

    shit fuck hole needs work

  292. Big Dog

    This place rocks!!!!

  293. eddyL

    I went to a male revue on a Friday and it was very entertaining. I did not give this place 5 stars because I’ve been to a private (someone hosted it at a venue) male revue which was way more fun and more interactive. But hey I guess for $10 you get what you paid for. There were 2 older guys who were the hosts for the evening and they ended up stripping as well which was a creepy shocker. There were some good dancers and the crowd was very entertaining. I wouldn’t mind coming here again but I would definitely rather go to a one hosted at another venue instead.

  294. not a fan

    waste of time

  295. Not happy

    Drinks are overpriced and slow service

  296. mcelvis71

    Had a fantastic time last night (3rd) trip there. 1 girl spent the whole night just saying hi and asking for dances, 1 other gave my buddy a lackluster dance. However, having said that my dances by 2 different girls were incredible and the overall quality of women working there is top notch. My only low ratings were for drink prices…$5 for a simple coke, $7 for a bottled domestic? I know these prices are always going to be high but geezuz.

  297. out-of-towner

    Overtly sexy with a touch of class – the gold club does not disappoint. Comfortable atmosphere, large flat screens, great food, and oh yeah HOT girls. I know I’ll be back when I’m in town!

  298. Honest

    It sucks!!!!

  299. little paulie

    very poor dancers here. was it better at anytime or has it always been this way??

  300. philly

    place is way over priced, was not satisfied at all i found the staff n the girls 2 be rude , n i had lot of money 2 spend, we left be 4 1130 n went 2 another club where they had a little class n respect!

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