Magic Lantern



399 Boston Road, Palmer, MA 1069


42.1533401, -72.3755299




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Magic Lantern

  1. Glennster

    Tried this Club out recently as somewhere new and different. Really had a good time on two Saturday nights. Girls are really freindly, affectionate and sexy. Special shout out to ” Jenna “(Incredible Fun Personality)if you’re into that and another Shout Out to ” ISABELLA ” who is just simply incredibly sexy,sensual,erotic and is SO HOT she makes you feel like you’re going to loose control at any second during a Lap dance. Great Fun Place ! Cover and Drinks are Cheap, Lowest anywhere I would say. Only two negative things and other Posts have mentioned the same. Turn the freakin Volume down on the Sound System and Loose the Obnoxious Bouncer Dude here. It’s not about you Buddy !

  2. Green Eyes

    Necie i want to marry u where u at

  3. Mistercap12

    Fuck this place. The owner and the stupid bouncer are both racist. Went here one night a couple months ago and this guy at the bar was calling my girl a “rude ass bitch” after she laughed at him because he wasn’t tipping the dancer but was still slapping her ass and saying wicked degrading comments. So I asked him to stop calling my gf a bitch and he started saying how I need to control her and that he’ll fight my black ass and all this nonsense. Mind you, the owner is sitting a few feet away just watching all this go on and not doing shit about it. The bouncer came over and tried to say I was in the wrong for confronting him. I wasn’t even getting loud, this dude got in my face calling me nigger and since apparently he knew the owner and the bouncer, they were laughing and telling him to just calm down .and then the guy had the nerve to apologize but still say my gf was being a rude bitch. Being a black male in a place like Palmer, I wasn’t trying to fight anyone cus if I did I would’ve been arrested without a doubt. I have a clean record and was not trying to ruin it, dealing with a fucking moron. This place is a shithole. Don’t recommend it to anyone. I’m disgusted at what happened, never been more offended in my life. Also have never really been a victim of harsh racism like this either, its truly sad.

  4. Johnny

    I come here usually once every couple of weeks from Monday through Wednesday depending on whats going on. A few years back I didn’t care for the club now I really enjoy it. They have cuties coming from UMASS and Valerie is a hot blonde with a natural and beautiful body. Girls appreciate your time and if you just want to have a beer and watch the game that is ok too.

  5. richard95

    First time i came here i was charged $18 for one drink. The second time i a dancer approached me and asked for a ciggarette and i told her they were in my coat, she grabbed a whole pack and when i asked about them she said she never touched them Cone here if you want to be robbed by the women on stage

  6. B
  7. Ryan B.

    WOW!!! I don’t know if it was the great beer or the ambiance, but something was definitely magic about this place. Only bring three ones and you can have a great time. These gals are purebread Monson country gymnasts on the dance floor. Bring the family; this is truly the best exotic dance club in New England.

  8. Old Fart

    Should have seen this place in the 60’s. Wild as hell. Nuns now dance compaired to then.

  9. Garza

    Stopped in in during the afternoon.. Was offered a BJ within the first 5 min..I declined.. Had an ok lap dance then got attacked by some old “Stank Hoe” who wanted me to CR with her.. did a quick LD only and ran like hell… Seems this joint is a front for the Whore House in the CR room… Will NOT RETURN

  11. bandit
  12. m
  13. vufhu
  14. Joseph E.

    Wow. I have to say I got a good laugh from those last couple reviews. Bottom line: the drinks are pricey but they’re in line with most strip clubs I’ve been to and if you get charged $18 for a single drink it has to be because you’re ordering top shelf liquors and not drinking from the well. The average I pay for drinks at the Lantern is about $6.50. They charge a paltry $3 cover most nights (amateur night it’s $5), the staff is really friendly and there is less drama here than at any other club I’ve been to. It’s a great atmosphere and they attract a range of entertainers so you’re likely to find at least one or two that are your taste. Friday nights have historically been busier than Saturdays and this is a late venue – things heat up around 10:00 or 11:00 on the weekends and remain busy until closing.

  15. rocky76259
  16. Patient patron

    The dancers are very friendly and bold exhibitionists, plenty of girl friend experiences, and entice you into more private dances. Half of the club has been renovated, can’t wait for the rest.

  17. Casual customer

    Every type of fantasy can be found here – I’ve had several.

  18. Jack76

    Rose and Rachel are the best. Rating slider doesn’t work. I’d

    give the Lantern a 9.

  19. Adam

    I want Dawn!

  20. Ivy

    I love the lantern. This place pretty much rocks.

  21. D

    It’s obvious that the good things that are being said about this club is by management. Coming from an AUTHENTIC customer, I rate this club a 4 or 5. I come only for the girls, not the way a damn club looks. In my opinion, the girls are FUGLY. Better off going to Mardi Gras or Anthony’s.

  22. Richard F

    Truly a shithole

  23. Jim
  24. Z
  25. richard

    I think Tom’s comment of 07/09 is right on track. It is like a hooters with more exposure and greater bennies!

  26. Casual observer

    Good entertainment for the price of a few beers and a handful of ones; great entertainment for only a bit more.

  27. will be back

    I found a new girl, Jazmine is hot shit!!!!

  28. Just getting started

    New dancers get my attention and the Lantern offers more most other clubs. Nice to know you not getting a well rehearsed line every time. By the way, not only have the dancers improved so have the waitresses … tip ’em all.

  29. james taylor

    was back last night, love the club, wish the dj would turn the volume down abit so i can actually hear what my pals are saying. then there is the bouncer, seriously dude, i am paying to have the ladies grind me, not have you stare at me and jerk off while i am trying to unwind before going back to work tomorrow. lose the the sat bouncer magic lantern, i am paying money to have a good time, not get yelled at for touching a girl who sits in my lap and just wants to chat abit before she pitches a ld to me. other then that i love the place.

  30. Quid pro quo ...

    Honey … I’ll be late tonight … Im going to the “ballet” to see Bianca, Lexi, and Missy.

  31. Tom

    The girls are ugly at this place and the dances are a rip off you dont even get a dry hump! It is $30 for a table dance. However the cover charge is low and the food is awesome, so if you want to go to a Hooters restaurant where the girls are naked come here. The girls range from 3 to 6.

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