Mac’s Two Lounge



176 Boston Road, N Billerica, MA 1862


42.58397, -71.290755




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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174 reviews for “Mac’s Two Lounge

  1. Kryhavok

    This place is closed down

  2. Andrea

    Wow, talk about being late to the party… I danced here and had no idea it closed until today!

  3. ManchLurker

    Loads of fake reviews here. Macs is a total joke. The sound system is equal to an old boom box and the girls are mostly oddballs. Lots of stretch marks here!

  4. bill

    There used to be a girl named maxine yrs ago she was so nice and beautiful

    what happened to her does anyone know beautiful blonde real name tracy

  5. Alex


  6. love

    this palce is the shit……

  7. hey hey

    pretty impressed for such a small place! went in on a monday and i didnt really bring the “proper funds” with me, but i was still happy with how friendly and attractive the girls were. There was one girl who gave some kid a birthday wegie and ripped his underwar clear off! what a riot! the kid thought it was histerical too! very entertaining place in one way or another. also got a dance from a blond girl who gave me quite the “happy pant” effect. either way…ill be back!

  8. Cabby

    Real relaxing atmosphere…if you want to get a dance def go for Alabama she is absolutely amazing…pretty body and gorgeous eyes

  9. Brad Morgan

    Came here for my nephews 18th and had a great time on Friday. 3 girls made it worth it to come back many times again. Thank you Deja, Ariel, and Kianna these girls really made his 18th memorable. My brother and i actually liked the club enough to come back again, we never would have expected to have that much fun at a club that looks like this one.

  10. Jake Bergmier

    Went in after years of being away and im so impressed with the updated look and new girls! keep up the great work!

  11. outsider

    This is a very, very small club, but the girls & the contact here make it a must-see in Northern MA! There was one Asian dancer that was very pushy & mechanical in here LD routine, but there were also a lot of pretty, young girls that were willing to give the best grind on your lap that you’ll get in Northern MA. The cover charge is $10, and the non-alcoholic drinks started out at around $5 (there’s no alcohol to be had here at all). The nude, one-way contact (dancer to you) LDs were $20/song in the very small & open LD area, but the dancers always waited until a new song started before they started their LD, which is very cool. There was a female DJ (former stripper?) here, and rumor has it that this club is run by a female owner as well. There appeared to be some decent amount of contact offered stage-side by the dancers here as well. Some girls got totally naked on-stage and others didn’t though for some reason. The hustle for LDs was pretty high here, but the girls seemed to take a “No thanks” well enough. Tuesday is Amateur night, and they do occasionally have a local, female DJ (Mistress Carrie) from WAAF here at night. The club is located very near the intersection of Routes 3A & 129…take Exit 29 off of Route 3 & go East on Route 129 to get here (take a Right eventually to get onto Boston Road). I had a great set of LDs from a really hot, tanned, local brunette with some awesome natural boobs & a super-hot milky white dancer with a cute window spider tattoo with a red heart in the middle of it…lol… They were both super nice, and you are missing out if you don’t give this place a try IMHO.

  12. Jody

    Girls here are UGLY, especially Azriel.

  13. Chaindog

    Best value in the merrimack valley, Quality is erratic though.

  14. Frank Futah

    I come here because the girls are prettier here and they have better personalities than at any other club.

  15. matthew

    I’ve been too many strip clubs and no dancer compares to this girl Dolly!! amazing

  16. tits magee

    agreeing with my cousin down there…i love boobs too so naked women anywere including this place is okay

  17. anon
  18. Eddie C

    well i remember back in the day the girls there were skinny and beautiful. Now, there are a bunch of overweight, no brain, to say the least bimbos. The quality of girls has rapidly diminished. I’ll never spend another dollar at this bordello of filth!!!!

  19. titty bar fanatic

    ive been going there for a while and its always been awesome and it still is no matter what

  20. joseph1k

    Its a trashy establishment, good for 18 year olds who can’t get into centerfolds in Boston. Its all trashy people and filled with creepy guys. the 10 dollar cover was a bit much for what the place is. The sodas are like 5 bucks and they MAKE you buy at least one. So 15 bucks for a place like this is a rip off.

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  22. Fuck

    The girls are hot here…and fucking funny. I’ll be back

  23. Jesse

    i love stripers

  24. lowrider..

    beautiful naked girls, working hard with a smile, what more could you ask for?

  25. B

    Listen you can’t buy a drink there, But great chinese resteraunt across the street go there before and after.

    Girls get up on you better than anywhere other than canada. I have been to a lot of them, girl are very nice staff great. Unless you can get down past CT or to Canada this is the best around here.

  26. XXX Paige

    Horrible club!!!

  27. Greek God
  28. rick

    First time there and thought the place was excellent. Girls friendly and very pretty and the whole place seemed relaxed and very sexy.

  29. you'rewack

    no she isn’t…….ur good at talking shit though!!!

  30. Mr. Sean

    Good club, needs a makeover. Didnt realize it was a juice bar until after i paid the cover… still good though.

  31. Greg

    The club is a hole in the wall but the chicks are hot and some of them can really dance. Never a dull momoent at this club. You should lower the prices of drinks, i can get 4 for the price of 1.

  32. Trust me

    Trust me, Paige’s cunt smells like rotten eggs!

  33. Cringle

    Most of the girls are worth cheating on my girlfriend with but there is this one girl that absolutly drive me nuts and not in a good way. Maddison is a horible dancer, shes just gross all around. She always smells like B.O. and shes always licking people, thats not very clean. Her tacticks of getting a dance piss me off. She asks all cute the 1st time and when i tell her “no” she makes fun of me (she made fun of my socks and sandals one night , i know its a bad fashion but i was lazy that evening) still she should not do that. Then she asked my friend and he obviously said “no” because she just made fun of me and she called him a “pussy”. Then she stormed off, only to come back 30 minutes later kissing our asses to get dances from her! Go away girl! When is she working so i can aviod her and come in on days shes not there?

  34. Jason B.

    Packed club and lots of hot dancers. I had to wait in line for the girl i wanted dances from but so didnt a few other guys. Not that there wasnt enough beautiful ladies… it was just one special dancer they all wanted. She was WELL worth the wait (i dug the glasses and the underwear pole trick). DJ was good, atmosphere was very x-mas like and classy mixed together, good music and overall a fun place my friends and i will go to again.

  35. you dont need to know

    i really like most of the dancers here. they are worth comming back for. i usually come in on wed. and thurs. nights. the line up is fantastic and there isnt to many customers in there so i get to actually sit and talk to the girls as well. definatly time and money well spent.

  36. Chris

    at least 4 hott chicks, 2 could actualy do pole tricks, hott red head with a big ass, and tattooed chick wit black hair. there was about 3 girls who made me sick, one had the skinniest body with the oldst lookin face, didnt do shit on stage. the girl on girl shows are hott too

  37. Green Man

    The girls….HOT, The personalities,Best. The waitstaff…. georgous, The time and money i spent here….alot.The club is a dump but the girls are worth the crappy atmosphere. I’ll be back

  38. JARED D.

    This gets 3 stars from me because I had good times there back in the day. I would never go there if not for an 18th birthday of someone I really liked. Otherwise, they don’t serve booze. I have nothing to blame my awful jokes and pick up lines on. Zero stars.

  39. Christopher M.

    What happens when you host an amateur night and no amateurs show up?Mac’s Two thought a beer belly competition would be a great idea. What lobotomized hillbilly thought that one up???I mean, seriously, how the hell am I supposed to enjoy a lap dance after I just watched Fat Albert from the Billerica Plumbers’ Union do the Truffle Shuffle???And they don’t even have a bar, so I couldn’t drink away the pain from my scarred retinas.I WANT MY $10 COVER BACK!!!Otherwise, Mac’s Two is an unimpressive, somewhat seedy 18+ strip club in the outskirts of the ‘burbs. ’nuff said.Suggestion: if you are going to go to Mac’s Two, follow my lead and BYOB in the form of a pocket full of nips or a topped off flask. You’ll need it!

  40. Oscar

    I despise Azriel, and I despise Deja and I despise Krystal and I despise Paige. Without these 4 girls this club would be a great place. To the tool bag that keeps defending them under a different alias … your ass kissing to them is not going to get you laid. The fact you kept saying they are great is silly. You must be blind.

  41. New Guy

    I think the owners lost their minds!Even though there are alot of new girls…the ones that have been there longer are WAY better!

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  43. sucker
  44. 3X

    This club is only a 10 when Colby,Cali,Malina,Deja,Layla, Krystal and Tatianna are working here. Take any of that away…and you’ll be asking customers to go elsewhere!

  45. Walter

    Paige – you are trash!

  46. Scott


  47. harry

    very good club

  48. J-Bird

    New to the area and came in for a peek at what Mass. has to offer for the men around here. Not bad at all, the girls aren’t as good looking as they are in California, but they are satisfactory. The girls here have awesome personalities and are amazing on stage! Im impressed with the amount of entertainment. I will be back.

  49. bf
  50. jeff

    Hey I’m thinking about checking this place out while i’m in mass, wondering what to expect. is the place usually pretty crowded? what kind of music do the play? how private is the private dance area (is there one?)? how old do you think most of the dancers are? do they dance naked on stage or is that just for private dances?

  51. Marlowe

    Not good, stopped in after hearing it advertised on Waaf, 10 dollar cover, 5 dollar soft drink, 2 bucks dropped on stage and bought a terrible air dance for 20 bucks. Pretty girl Bianca? She was working me for the second dance 30 secounds into the first , no small talk.

  52. sum1special

    I love this place! I’ve been to a couple of other clubs and they may seen more spectacular and over done, but in the end the girls here have real personalities and the lap dances are better!

  53. J.R.
  54. JC

    Azriel, you are still UGLY and Paige is NASTY!!!

  55. Jo

    not totally impressed with this place. i check out all clubs in MA and RI and have to say that it’s right in the middle of good and poor. when you go in you are badgered a lot to spend money, which of course you’re going to be spending money at a strip club but you don’t want to be harassed about it. there’s a 1 drink minimum on top of the $10 cover charge, and there’s no alcohol because they got their liquor license TAKEN AWAY. you will pay at least $5 for water. one floor, kinda cramped. lots of young girls between 18-21 which is always a plus. the amateur nights are always hit or miss but i’ve noticed that a lot of the amateurs that go there are NOT amateurs, just ex-workers or girls from other clubs, giving an unfair advantage to the ACTUAL amateurs and kinda ruining it for the guest if you’re expecting to see some “first timers.” beautiful women, however i’d like to go to clubs and not be harassed every 3-5 minutes (no exaggeration) if i want a lapdance.

  56. Mike

    The club sucked the girls were way to bitchy

  57. Henny

    The club was rollin lastnight! All my boys and i had fun all night long. Cobys pole tricks are off the hook and Layas body is slammin. We will be back!

  58. george

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! this club is amazing! tha girls are dope as shit! got a couple dances an had an ill ass time!

  59. Joe Don

    im new and i have strange requests for the girls and for the most part they go along with them. i just want to say a big thanks to the girls who let me make my requests and they follow through with them! ill be back on Friday next week.

  60. bob

    to the owners,

    hey i use to come there all the time but i noticed that shane doesent work there anymore i dodnt know why well actually i heard alot of things but i really think she is very pretty and very nice she could hold a great conversation and it wasnt even about the money because she would just listen so if you could please get her back

  61. S.

    Heaven is the worst lap dance

  62. The1

    Great place, Can’t stand going anywhere else

  63. Concord Man

    Great club. Many gorgeous girls especially Tia.

  64. Married

    Fantastic club! I found this place randomly overhearing a girl talking to the guy at the gas station about working here and how she loved it and had been dancing here for 4 years blh blah blah. Well like any man would… i peaked over and saw this hot little red head with school girl glasses and huge boobs and i thought to myself “damn i’d love to see this girl naked” ha ha ha so i came in this Tuesday to check it out. “Red” wasnt therebut i still had a blast, i’ll definatly come back.

  65. j

    if this place had booze it would be one of the best clubs in mass.if you’re going for dancers, this place is the best.they have a lot of girls on the rotation with a varity of looks.most of these girls are young,hot,lively,and friendly to female patrons(i’ve seen plenty of strippers ignore other girls).

  66. Brian A.

    NO. NO. NO.I do not like this place whatsoever. I can deal with the fact that it doesnt serve booze. I can have a good time with or without alcohol, no biggie. However, the quality of the girls is bottom-of-the-barrel. Most have bruises, and I swear one had a scar from a C-section. There are maybe 1 or 2 semi-attractive girls in the strip club (among 20 or so), but even then they are covered in tatoos. That may be to your liking, but when I am face-to-face with a fire breathing dragon in the middle of a lap dance, its a tad distracting.For the love of god, if you are over 21 and want to go to a strip club, there are much better places in metro boston. Please, save your money and gas and DONT go here. If you are 18-20 years old, this is one of your few choices to see naked women, and I truly feel sorry for you.

  67. Porky

    I had a great time in there the other night, Krystal and Kolby are the best! The best personalities, the best bodys, the best faces, and the best dancing skills! Definatly will be back, thank you!

  68. Pedro

    This club was fuckin awesome. The girls there are so damn sexxxxy!! this is the best club i’ve been to in a looong time!

  69. Peter

    Dancers are hot, club is not.

  70. blah
  71. Jessie

    Azriel and Paige are nasty looking!!!!

  72. XhXeXy

    This is my lowest review yet for an establishment and let me explain why. Upon entry to this adult entertainment nightclub I paid a cover of 10.00 which is okay. I understand it’s alcohol free and the bartender asked me if I wanted a drink and I said I’m okay for now. So my friend and I proceeded to sit down near the stage and we were chatting. She came over to me and said what can I get you for a drink? I said oh I;m okay, thinking I just paid a cover and I really don’t need a soda. She looked at me with a unapproachable response saying you need to get a drink, its a one drink minimum, I said just give me a second to think and she says, no I gave you plenty of time you need to order one, it took a lot for me not to flip out on this immature bartender, and I proceeded to order my red bull. Let me just say this, with 10 years restaurant experience under my belt, that was an absolutely unprofessional and I would have fired her on the spot without hesitation for awful customer service. Let me just say this too, just because your in the adult entertainment industry doesn’t mean you can have an inferior approach on your patrons, bottom line, where all customers and without us you will most likely not make it, so do a favor and train your staff on proper etiquette and humbleness with your customers, you want to grow and stay in a business. Good luck!

  73. Tom DiSalvatore

    I went to this place on Friday and I really regret it. The women were rude and money hungry. They weren’t hot so I was really disappointed.

    It also is very expensive so I definitely wished I didn’t go and still had my cash

  74. John

    This place is a total joke in massachussetts is always empty.girls are mediocre at best.they feature old dancers from 15 years ago in searches.all the website dancers they advertise i knew personally and they are all drug addicts and 2 have stds.nice,this place needs to clean up image because what they are advertising is trash and is a joke to the industry.all their dancers had a drug reputation in the 2000’s and they should probally update to classier dancers if they wanna clean up their image.and the dancers were unattentive and terrible i said total joke

  75. jag

    I like macs 2 because there is no drinking, the crowd never gets out of control. I also met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen there, she know who she is.

  76. Fido Dido
  77. Melinafanman

    WOW am I in LOVE! Melina has to be the hottest most sensual stripper I have ever laid eyes on! Was there Monday and will be back every Monday night from now on!

  78. John

    LOVE this place! FUll of hot chicks and they have great personalities and actually share them with you! Always leave there with a smile!

  79. Steve

    Colby’s dope.

  80. j.r
  81. Taylor

    Went there last night with my bf, all the girls were pretty cute and nice. Really liked Brittany and Dolly. Got a few good dances with them too. We came from Maine to find an 18+ club and we’d def. come again.

  82. New Dude to Macs 2

    I was there on Tuesday, wicked good time! I got dances from Charlie,Azriel and Tristan, very nice girls and holy hotttt! We will be back! Anyone know the girls scheduls? Is there a web site?

  83. me
  84. Jim

    Sexy dancers and friendly staff

  85. violetta

    This was my first time at this club and it was amazing! Every 5 min hotties came over to me asking for a dance. Even though clubs are for guys enjoyment the ladies there make it fun and enjoyable for girls too!

  86. jack

    i came by for the first time last week and had a great time. I was suprized no alchole but the girls where beautiful and friendly. Alabama and paige made my night with awsome private dances. When i come back into town ill be sure to stop back.

  87. Ryan
  88. Cam

    i love those titties

  89. Rabbit

    I love being Back and have not a harsh word to say, they run their business very well. keeping an eye out for not only the girls but the customers as well.

  90. spenser

    I’ve been there a couple of times over the past couple of months, and the girls are always hot! The girls dont seem overly pushy when asking for dances, from what I’ve seen, both the stage dances and lap dances are excellent!! Definitely a good place to go!!

  91. Amateur Night

    I love love love this club…but if you are a girl that wants to do amateur night, make sure you go on the right night. They have it every Tues. but there isnt a prize every time like most clubs…only when some radio stations there. I drove all the way down to do amateur night…only to find out that there wasnt any prize this week.

  92. Ben

    Not a bad place, always have a good time. Deja & Maria are


  93. matt

    bartenders and waitresses are nice as are some of the girls, but others are totally rude and so are the djs.

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  95. James

    Great Place excellent Dancers they’re aswome to hang with and everything perfect 10 from me.

  96. Patrick

    Couldn’t ask for anything more from the girls. Just need more plasmas showing sports, and, in the future, a larger stage/club.

  97. Paige

    Awesome, this piece of (trash) is still dancing with a smile on her face and isn’t going anywhere. neither is krystal or az. so get over yourself ; ) I love you haters. Your making me FAMOUS

  98. Mad C.

    Best cup of coffee in town!! =/They had their liquor license revoked, so if you are 18, this is the place for you.That about sum’s it up.

  99. David

    SUCKS!!! These girls just know how to tease you and make money.. they will not up to pleasing you.. lap dance is like 3 feet away..!!

  100. Rodney

    Overall very pleasant dancers, prices reasonable for strip club.

  101. Lynard

    Its been a LONG time since i’ve been in,i’m impressed with the way the place is holding up. The girls are very pretty and kind. I love Colbie and Kat and most of all Alabama!

  102. JT

    By in far my favorite club…in MA

  103. Drive-by

    I wish I had driven by … anyone paying for a private dance in Mass should just throw their money away instead. Drive to RI or CT where you can look AND touch. Mass clubs are missing the game … someone needs to pay off some politicians so these girls can make a living.

  104. Joey D

    Came here , liked the girls , liked the waitress , liked the stage shows. Overall great place if you are only interested in the females there. The atmosphere was kind of shitty and smells a little like mildew and cleaning products. The bartender was pregnant, kind of odd, but had a pleasing personality.

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  106. real

    Tired of reading the same old fake posts by dancers and staff.Gets old.

  107. Szechuan

    There was one girl who was mad fat and a few who were very unattractive. Mad whack

  108. dave

    this is my favorit place to go to see strippers

  109. bar hopper

    Went to this club for the first time and had a great time . OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Franchesca please stop my beating heart. The only neg. comment I have is 4 of the girls were VIP quality dancing and looks and the others were not.

    Franchesca made my night. She is the best V I P dancer I have ever been with. Love you girl I’ll be back.

  110. Marcus

    Paige’s cunt smells like rotten eggs!

  111. Chris-Toe-Fur

    I love this club! The girls here make this place. The club looks great with the halloween stuff up. I wish the club looked this cool all the time. The dancers are awesome, they put on some good shows and have great personalities!

  112. Josh

    The girls here a hot. Wasn’t expecting them to be such good looking women due to the fact the “club” doesn’t even look like one. I pulled up to the spot and was like “this can’t be a strip joint”. Even worse, i walked in it and still was confused, the place is a shit hole but the chicks are extreamly good looking AND friendly, well all except this one girl named Bella, she was a complete bitch but hey, there has to be atleast one at every job right? Just avoid her and you’ll be all set, over all, i give this place an eight.

  113. Newbie

    New guy to the area checked this place out,i like azreal, page, tatianna and deja. Not bad, the place has a weird smell and its looks like an old ladys living room but the girls alone are worth it. The DJ was alright, she was pretty funny. Do the girls pick out there music or does the DJ? I got a free T shirt with my lap dance which was cool if im paying $20. a dance. I blew through about $250. in about 3 hours, but thats because i have a hard time saying “NO” to 4 of the hottest naked women i had ever seen. I will be back.

  114. lunchbx
  115. Roderick T.

    So really bad drink prices at strip joints is nothing new. But this I love: I ordered a juice. The bartender brought up a 12 oz bottle, charged me $4, and gave me only half of it. This place is just plain bad. I’m giving it 2 stars for the humor value.

  116. Mac
  117. Dan

    There are a variety of girls different nights, sometimes 5 hot girls out of 15, and sometimes 2 out of 12. Some of these dancers really need to lose a few pounds and tone up, they are in “the body” business.

  118. rak

    Club isn’t very busy

  119. harryharry

    Best club ever! Who cares if there’s no booze? The girls and staff are super friendly, and it ain’t a dive. Anyone remember Matthew’s? Now that was a cold and heartless place.

  120. Tiny

    I love this place sooo fucking much the strippers are awesome and so are the waitress staff,the bounsers and the dj… see you all monday night..

  121. NR

    cool club, only place i would go again

    music is great

    people are cool

    the girls are nice some are hot some are not all good

  122. Krystal

    To all the people talkin shit how bout you go fuck yourselves u jealous, hating peices of shit. Sorry bout my attitude to the other people… just sick of people being classless and rude. The people that look good and have great personality are the only ones u assholes target. Get a fuckin life!

  123. Bud

    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the club,

  124. KLMERC

    Club needs carisma

  125. zeus9800

    Very hit or miss, High cover, High drink prices as it is a 18 plus no beer club. The girls pay to work here so the quality runs from world class to very poor. Waitstaff is good and the bouncers for the most part friendly. If you have money to spend you will have a good time, and the front row value cant be beat.

  127. bill rowe

    club is now closed…30 years of great service..roxy was the best 1996

  128. Paul
  129. Dean

    Need some new talent in here, same dancers every time I go.

  130. Shorty

    The Djs are funny and on the ball, the dancers are always good looking except for maybe 1-2 a shift, and a few are incredible on stage. The door guys are pretty cool, and the bartenders are always nice. I like this place will come back for years to come.

  131. Hmmm

    Ummmm, I like eggs 🙂

  132. Joey D.
  133. customer

    the club is in good shape and is clean and the girls are all friendly and willing to sit and chat and many give great dances only drawback is no liquor lic.

  134. HOTTIE
  135. rounders
  136. boobs magee

    i love boobs

  137. sean
  138. Zexx I.

    no words! place just sucked.

  139. ed

    very nice girls–daytime Toni is awesome–

  140. Giani

    There is no booze here, just a bunch of immature prima donnas.

  141. Jay

    Krystal is a CUNT

  142. chuck
  143. Miles

    UGLY girls are us!

  144. Brian

    Had a blast

  145. rick beaupre
  146. Harrison69

    EW! Need I say more?

  147. joe
  148. Neil

    I agree, Azriel is a f-ing bitch!!!

  149. crybaby
  150. nightyder

    first thing to warn you, watch out for a big breasted blonde with glass’s, she has a great talent of stripping on a pole, but she will give you a bloody noise with her chest, trust me, watch out! there is a grl names T.T, lapdance SUCKS! Also their is one asian that works there, COMPLETE cunt! The stripper alabama is wonderful tho, great body, awesome tattoos, and great personality. i went on a friday night, not that crowded, for a small place. worth taking a look.

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  152. hannah

    i absolutly love the girl on girl action after 11pm =]

  153. Just in

    Tatianna, Colby, Franchesca, Deja, Kianna, China, Melina, Nikki, Veronica, Stacey, Arianna, Jessica, Krystal, Cali and Layla run this club…trust me im in there enough. The girls are great and the girls are hotter here than at anyother club i’ve ever been to. The club could use a face lift, but whatever.

  154. Dreamer

    This club is very hit or miss for dancers, The staff is great and on a good nite the dancers are fantastic! Alabama should come with a warning label as she is HOT! Angel is a sweetheart:-)

  155. David H.

    You want trash? Here it is, served on a silver plate.This place flat-out sucks. It’s the seediest strip club ever. I should have known trouble was ahead when I found out it’s 18+. After paying cover charge and having to buy a mandatory NON-ALCOHOLIC drink (yup, this place manages to attract rednecks, even without promises of hooch), you get to sit down and enjoy the show. Oh wait, you can’t enjoy the show, because the strippers are the most depressing and ugly girls this side of town. They can’t dance and they certainly don’t know how to look good for the clients. Here’s how bad two of the strippers there were:One of the strippers gave front row seaters willing to waste $10 the chance to press their face to her breasts for about a single second. Too bad this particular hussy looked pregnant! I’d be afraid of choking on breast milk if I paid to see that!Another stripper came up to me. Pale, ugly, no curves whatsoever, and she looked like she’d been up for 3 days straight. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had doped up beforehand. She asked me if I wanted a lap dance for $20. I paid her twenty bucks… to go dance with my friend instead of me (I had won that money playing Keno, why not?)!Check it out once, and vow never to come again! It’s that awful! Make sure you come completely hammered so the girls look semi-decent. And you might be able to catch some fresh “virgin” talent on Tuesdays (amateur night), so that may or may not be worth checking out…

  156. jake

    went in there to see what the club was like because my girlfriend wants to find a new club to work at. the dancers were cool and the dj was funny but im not impressed with the way the inside and outside of the club looks. its a big shit hole. im not sure if i would want my chick working at a place that looks so bad on the inside that only losers and white trash and old people go to. could this place look anymore “un” classy?

  157. 1st time

    This club has the best lap dances around! Overall a relaxing atmosphere & beautiful young women.

  158. lol
  159. Tom

    9 pm on a tuesday night and not a single customer:-(

  160. MacMan

    Wow are you guys doing good! A few months ago I was starting to get unimpressed with your line up of dancers but now the place is keeping the best of the best and getting rid of the worst only to replace them with better!lol. Deja,Colby,Krystal,Melina,Tatianna, Kiana,Devon, Maddison, Franchesca,Alabama now theres Piper,Brittany,Lilly,and Kat .Keep it up and I’ll keep comming back more frequently.

  161. Jason

    Paige – please quit your job and be a stay at home welfare mom. We are tired of looking at you.

  162. jon

    i love this club it is the best for private dances in mass also most of the girls are hot

  163. Happy Guy

    New fan of this club. I had a great time here on Saturday night Tatianna,Coby,Kianna and Gina are all great. I can’t wait to come in again an try out some more of your wonderful dancers!

  164. Big One

    I went to Macs and had a great time thanks to Melina and Kodie lastnight my 2 friends and me will be back! Great stage shows too, the girls here are strong!

  165. Secret Agent

    This is the realest club with the youngest looking girls!

  166. eddyL

    Oh my gosh. These posts are funny. I went once with my mom as a joke.Who sat next to me but the new driver ed teacher from Billerica High.

  167. Andy

    Worst dump ever! The management can’t even run the club right, doorman (I think his name was Bobby) is an ass. Just stay away!

  168. the sauce
  169. Everyone
  170. Scott B.

    Mac’s used to be the place to go. My friend and I would go there every week and i’d drop $100 every week no problem. it was nice cause it was local and the talent was good. THen the owner wasn’t around all the time. The quality went down and the staff turned into a bunch of jerks. Save your money under 21 crowd and go to Montreal. Over 21 crowd quit being a cheapskate and drive to Providence and spend the same money and be able to have a real drink.

  171. Quags
  172. 1st timer

    Loved the girls. Colby is awesome. Kat is great, tons of energy. No alcohol sucks, but there also aren’t drunk assholes to deal with.

  173. cote

    Bad LArrY

  174. Guy

    This club sucked girls are way to bitchy and dirty

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