Club Alex’s



584 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA 2072


42.1301409, -71.1014601




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Alex’s

  1. Easton

    best club in the solar system

  2. OMG

    So many hot and naked woman and so little time,,,,,

  3. visitor

    Uncomfortable private dances. Small atmosphere with no room and very crowded. Great talent and good quality dances from the ladies however.

  4. Big Guy

    The club is trash, the girls are all crack whores

  5. Best Club in Stoughton

    Just like Vegas, baby!

  6. KJ

    Oh so many nice titties

  7. alponse

    best club in eastern Ma

  8. Wow


  9. LL COOL

    Spreadem,lickem, rollem over and to it again

  10. Liam

    I like Alex’s and most of their girls there only downfall is the actual condition of the club itself they need to Remodel and the lap dance area setup is small & kinda ghetto, besides that whenever I go I have a good time.

  11. JJ

    Anything Ddd rates as 0 has to be a 10

  12. 3


  13. tom dick
  14. Beeee

    He he he ho

  15. BJ

    Love this place,

  16. Uh


  17. I M Noman

    best club in Western Hemp

  18. East


  19. joseph1k

    If your okay with birthing scars and stretch marks you will love this place. Jerome at the front door was kind enough not to let two beautiful women in the door for no reason. Is this club an alternative club for butch women and feminine males? Or is this an Afrocentric club only? I think the milks gone sour here.

  20. dave
  21. CC

    HMMMM grind it girls

  22. fuk


  23. i m bolton

    best club in history

  24. Yankees Suck!

    Older club, They keep mading impovements.


  25. CeeCee

    Best damn club in MA

  26. l


  27. Duke

    rollem over and do it again

  28. Sorry


  29. Will

    So many boobs in one place

  30. Joey

    Great club

  31. I B Gone

    best club in N America

  32. BB

    Always a fine selection of ladies.

  33. Beeeeeee

    He he he ho?

  34. John C. Holmes

    great women, they can handle even me

  35. Hans

    Even the wookie love it here,

  36. MM

    Shake that thing, bounce them titties

  37. r2d2


  38. Japhem T. Heemgimletts

    IN SHORT: I like the girls, but the place is too small and cramped, and the DJ sucks.

    The dancers seem to be mostly Brazilians, with a few white girls mixed in. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen an Asian girl in the place. The girls are generally attractive, mostly 6s and 7s with a few 8s, but there aren’t too many knockout 9s or 10s. But on the other hand, you don’t usually see any saggy uggos, either. So, the place is solid but not spectacular in terms of the girls’ looks. (Note, however, that there is this one blonde girl, who looks more like a power-business-type woman than a stripper–can’t remember her name, but I think she’s been working there for a long time–who’s almost a 10 just based on her charisma, intelligence, and her ability to work a crowd. She obviously takes her job seriously and is very, very good at being a stripper. She’s among the best I’ve seen, and it amazes me that she doesn’t work someplace a little more glamorous.)

    This is pretty much a working-class Budweiser type establishment. Feels like Middle America. One of the reviewers here described it as “thuggish”, but that hasn’t been my experience. However, you certainly won’t need to wear a tie.

    The girls aren’t too agressive here, which I like. They do go around the room and try to solicit private dances, but they don’t harass you like at some clubs I’ve been to. Mostly, I go to strip clubs to relax and have a beer and watch strippers strip. I rarely buy private dances, unless a particular girl is extremely compelling. And that seems to be cool here.

    The waitresses, I’ve found, are usually rude. It can be difficult to catch their eye and get another drink. But, as a someone who’s mostly lived in the Midwest and West Coast, I find that customer service people are shockingly rude in general in the Boston area. So, the waitresses at Alex’s are nothing out of the ordinary for this part of the country.

    The muic at Alex’s sucks. Hard. The DJ plays mostly sludgy mid-90s post-grunge and nu-metal stuff. Which might be OK for a weightroom, a garage, or a bar where people sit around and watch NASCAR. But this music isn’t sexy and isn’t good for dancing. Good stipper music should be slithery and exotic, not grungy and shouty. This DJ wrecks the whole mood of seeing naked girls dance, and he should be fired.

    My other main gripe with Alex’s, besides the horrible unsexy music, is that it’s way too crowded. There are too many tables crammed into a tiny area, so it’s all maze-like, full of sharp angles, and you’re always rubbing elbows with other guys. Which sucks. And plus, due to the smallness and poor layout of the place, you get no privacy if you decide to get a massage or a private dance (which I usually don’t anyway).

    So, overall, I give Alex’s a 6.4 out of 10. I go there because it’s the most convenient, and because it’s fairly low-key. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit.

  39. Paul
  40. dude

    The cover charge is $10 here at night, and expect to have a FULL pat down & search when you arrive (along with an ID check). They even made me go through some Kleenex that I had in my pocket because apparently “people like to bring cocaine into the club” on occasion…nice… Got a great set of massages from a very cute & professional brunette for $10/song. The all-nude, one-way (from the dancer to you) contact LDs were $20/song, but there were done in a wide open area, which kind of sucked. They did have a shower booth on-stage, but it wasn’t in use when I was here last month. The “Champagne Rooms” are not really rooms with doors or anything…they’re just slightly enclosed cubicles that are on either side of the wide open LD area. The prices that I was quoted for the CR were $150/15 min., $260/30 min., and $540/60 mins….with $10 off those prices if you happen to wait until very, very late in the evening. Apparently you get drinks & strawberries in the CR, and the time is kept by an egg-timer that the dancer gets from the staff at payment time (credit cards excepted, but don’t do it!). The wait service was kind of slow, but the servers weren’t very pushy & the drinks (which started out at around $6) were big, which was nice. They had a $1 dance promotion where you had to hold up a dollar to get a dance, but I didn’t see anyone partake. Also, no one partook in the $5 for a Polaroid picture with all the dancers on-stage either. I did partake in the $40/2 song LD + a full-length adult DVD promotion late in the evening. Mon-Thurs is apparently 18+ at this strip club, and the security appeared to be quite tight when I was here recently. OTC is apparently available here as well with certain dancers. Got some great LDs with Caprice (a tall, super-hot blonde), Lily (a super tall brunette), and Giovanni (a very curvy Brazilian brunette…she offered the best contact of anyone). They had quite a selection of dancers here, but the club was very small & the staff wasn’t especially friendly. They apparently have free admission in the daytime, and Sunday is amateur night. The club is located just North of downtown Stoughton along Route 138 right across from a Citizens Bank.

  41. anon

    This club is terrible.I used to dance there…If you’re a girl looking for a new club to go to overlook Alex’s.The rules are ridiculous and so is the tip out (ie:$80 on the weekends).This club has turned into a prostitution ring.For all the fellas..dont waste your money and time please.This club is a waste.To make money here you literally have to fuck and I refuse to be seen there.Keep it moving past Alex’s if you don’t want your time wasted.

  42. D to the d

    Wondgerful hot girls, T and A for all.

  43. TJ

    Just love watching the titties bounce,

  44. T J Hooker

    Lovely ladies abound

  45. S


  46. Sexual club

    That now has all male nude review every half hour.

  47. mike
  48. To EASTON

    The rating is steadily droppin……..nuttin u cen do.

  49. xb


  50. Doc

    I have been going here for years and I hear people complain about the place, but in general, it is still pretty great to hang out in for the value rather than pay a fortune at the Foxy in Brockton just to get a girl to speak w/ least the night waitresses are hot and most of these girls are friendly before money is brought up.

  51. T J Hookem

    Pussy galore and all grinding away.

  52. is easton


  53. BBW Lover

    Love the BBW !!! More dancers to love at this club.

  54. danny boy

    Wow, so many hot girls in one place at one time,

  55. none
  56. mickb

    This club a few years ago had some real hot girls, the last few times I been there the chicks are nasty, the guy that hires the girls must be blind… Also this place is like thug life a real shit hole…No roon for private dance at all…

  57. JC

    Never have I seen so many hot ladies in one place,

  58. eddy

    Boobs galore

  59. f


  60. HeyaH

    They’ve now added a five dollar club fee for dances and backrubs.

  61. Rs


  62. Looking4fun

    The recent renovation of the club looks to be a success.Better seating,better stage,better girls!

  63. Randy

    best club in stoughton

  64. Styx
  65. Curtis

    Will absolutely be back the girls were BEAUTIFUL

  66. Jo

    This place was god awful. No open toed shoes so I had to change into sneakers. You are checked for weapons at the door (good for everyone’s safety) but they run this place like its the frickin Taj Mahal when in reality it’s no greater than the bar in an alley seconds from being shut down. The majority of the women look 40+ years old. The best looking girl was this african women who in her tight black dress looked great. Course I got a lap dance from her, and wanted my money back ever so badly. She had stretch marks galore, a c-section scar, when she noticed she defended herself saying she has a 3 year old. She bent over and spread her cheeks, and to my disgust she had two little pieces of toilet paper wedged in her butthole. *puke* I am not one to put people down for their imperfections and am interested in seeing all spectrums of women, but personal hygiene is very important to me, especially when you’re shaking your stuff inches away from my face. Save your money and get more for your dollar at the Foxy lady less than 5 minutes away from this place. **LOTS of unattractive women**

  67. wizzer

    I dont know this was my first strip club and they rip u off right when u come in it was liek 10 to get in and then they charged me 14 bucks to buy 2 drinks .. it was 25 by the time i sat down and the ugly bitches kept touchin me chest and shit beggin me to have them give me a lap dance. its alright if ur near the area but other than that dont go . Waste of money !

  68. Rob

    best club in Canton!!!

  69. This

    Place sux

  70. PP

    MMM, pussy galore

  71. toejamfootball

    Love this place – – gonna marry me a brazilian babe some day. Soon as I work up the nerve to actually talk to one.

  72. Was good

    Now sucks

  73. AJ

    Love this place

  74. V


  75. WTF...

    I’ve been going to here on and off,, its o.k… But If you see the The 8 foot basket ball player slash manager ,,, Turn around and walk the f out. He was a total ass to me and I never had my hand on the girl I got a dance from… The thing that ticked me off was his (( HOMIE)) friend was getting a dance and his hands were all over the place,,, I even heard the dancer say please keep your hands to the side a few times…. Did he get any shit .. nope. I’m half africain american myself. WTF not dark unuff just to sit there and get no sh-t? I hope GI GI fires his ass.

  76. I. B. Cummin

    best club in the world

  77. h


  78. just wait

    until it gets over 5. That’s why we do it!

  79. m


  80. ur


  81. Flash

    this place went downhill, can even smile at the girls there without getting throwned out,more boincers than girls, lol ,,

  82. D


  83. manny

    the club is good nice girls it some of the customers that suck they come in and hang all night with out spending money on the girls

  84. Ron T
  85. Kit

    More T&A for all!

  86. gg

    Really Dave, when your the ONLY club in Stoughton you really don’t have to try hard!

  87. Poopy


  88. TJ Hooker

    Pussy rules

  89. alex:s

    the girls are so hot and sexy special Jessica michelle

  90. SEVEN

    Onlyfans: thisis7 loyalfans : thisisseven

  91. Harrison69

    I’ll be honest, I like a seedy club with handsy girls and no cameras in the back. This club is seedy, but lacks the handsy. And honestly, the girls just don’t try hard enough. I’ve tried it 4 times. I enjoyed it once.

  92. o


  93. Reality...

    OK, the club has a two drink minimum. Big Deal… As far as the Brazilians go, yes, they are very beautiful but they don’t live in the area. Most of them drive down from Somerville, Revere etc…Good take on weekdays, too crowded at night.

  94. gee

    Boobs and ass galore oh my!!

  95. Big Jim

    Hottest girls on the east coast

  96. Ricky

    A couple of real hotties. Most ladies were about average in the looks department, but the service and atmosphere were friendlier than many other clubs. Cover charge and beer were very reasonable. “VIP” rooms are cramped, overpriced and not elegant in the least but workable. Had a good time there with a very pretty petite blonde.

  97. kev

    This is my local club of choice!

  98. Danny

    On a scale of 1 to 10 this clubs a 15.

  99. E
  100. John

    too many girls that barely speak english

  101. MR B from the T

    sry guys god awful the girl there are fkn stuck up, they only go 2 certain guys IE the guys who pay to fuck em probably. i went there the other nite about 2 gs in my pocket to have a good nite, fkn waste of time ugly btchs wouldnt leave me alone the girls i was interested in getting dances from had absolutely no personality whatsoever

    hahahahah sucks for u could of made money i had 2 gs in my pocket if u woulda actually said more to me then would u like a dance and then when i say maybe in a lil bit u take off and never say two words to me again. the one plus to the club was this girl stephanie very hot portuguesse massage therapist there she actually had a conversation with me and then asked me if i would like a massage i said sure gave me a great massage i think for a little over an hour gave her the money then told her to come see me after she was ready to leave and had punched out becuz i know the management there is a bunch of greedy fkn pricks gave her a 300 dollar tip when she left she smiled said ty and i said no u deserve it your a very nice girl and deserve to make more then these cock suckers give u she gave me a kiss we said goodnight and was the only good thing about that shit hole fk alexs if it wasnt for stephanie they wouldnt of got adime off me that night. and too all u dumb hoes that work there who think your gods gift i wouldnt fuck your wrinkly pussy if u paid me enjoy fkn old men for quarters u stupid sluts

  102. R2


  103. joey k
  104. Raider

    I use to make it once a week on the weekend late afternoon. But the last couple of times the quality of dances is way down. Heavey white and chicks in the place of what use ti be hot Brazilians. Tabledances went down from 20 to 15. Where are all the hot Brazilians???

  105. Abe

    Love these bouncing boobies

  106. Still


  107. Simon

    One of the better clubs in Mass. The overall quality of dancers is high, with a lot of darker exotic girls that are my preference. This is where the location is key, as the Brazilian communities in Stoughton, Weymouth, etc have some spectacular girls. The management is a little greedy, the forced drinks are excessive, though tolerable. The lighting is excellent, giving the customers more ability to inspect the beef on display. The club is small and can be really crowded at times, with every possible seat taken, which can be uncomfortable. The champagne rooms are okay, though the club allowing the dancers to set their price is a big positive over other clubs.

  108. Buckley
  109. Going downhill

    Club not so busy, dancers complaining about not making much money,

  110. In yo mouth
  111. Raj

    Best damn club in the northeast

  112. JR

    So much bang for the buck!!

  113. Dig deep

    The club’s not so busy as it once was. Stop by and help the girls out.

  114. Beatface

    What a rat hole!!! The dancers have piss guts and the staff are ignorant and brain dead. I haven’t been to a club in years that looks as run down as this place. Alex should be ashamed of himself for being involved in a immigrant cesspool that hires any junkie who needs a paycheck.

  115. lap


  116. Mr. T

    Just love those bare bouncing titties

  117. Yup


  118. Tommy

    OMG so many hot girls and so little time.

  119. Rude employees

    No hospitality

  120. Big D

    Have never seen so many hot naked ladies in one place.

  121. Big M.

    I’m disappointed I have been going here for years and have made it a ritual to go after every home pats games. I went on 9/1/11 with a buddy and to my surprise we were not allowed in. The door guy (big black dude if that matters) said he smelt alcohol. I explained (wearing a pats jersey) that I just came from the game and the clown behind me spilt beer on me. I was clearly not drunk. I understand he has a job to do so I’m blaming him (he’s just a puppet). He knew we were not drunk and smiled after turning us away, which pissed me off!! We were very adult about it and just went to a bar (saved us from spending 200+ each). To be honest the place has gone down hill (real ghetto) I also will have to reschedule a bachelor party bus stop here as well. I will be going to the Golden Banana from now on. It’s out of my way but the place is 100% better in all ways. Girls are hands down better looking, building is set up is better, and the people are better!!

  122. Happy Customer

    Love this place very classy and reasonably priced. ALL the

    girls are gorgeous and I had a great time.


    Tell the mangement to hire some black girls i have money to spend

  124. Citizen

    This club is more of a high school club and far from being a gentlemen’s club. You have high school kids allowed to come during school nights. What on earth is this town thinking for allowing a club like this to operate during the school year. Citizens of this town seem to have lost thier moral values not to mention the management of this club apparently have no respect for the community. Town counsel should be ashame for not taking actions and the DA office seem to not care. Maybe theirs under the table deals that allow such a club to exist. I remember it to be a gentlemens club now its a club for kids. I lost all respect for this town because it probably effects nearby towns as well. Shame on such an establish to exist unless the management is all to blame for this disaster. What seems to be the problem you guys can’t get enough business from the older and have to resort to a younger crowed I think its just poor management.

  125. r


  126. Nick

    The new club alex’s looks nice inside after the remodel the dancers are real nice and beautiful barbie is real hot and fun to get a private dance with this club is a lot of fun best in massachusetts

  127. Poop


  128. dddandruff

    best club in Ma

  129. Don't like to waste time

    This club sucks. Girls need to shave their legs. Better off going to another club don’t waste your money. THE MUSIC SUCKS ALSO

  130. Trung B.

    Closed for renovations! I’ve been here since I’ve turned 21 and things went from fabulous fun to boring and have to support fugly entertainers! The good ones left to Vegas and / or have retired at age 36. This place was not too far from where I’m located. The fun days are over and the hot entertainers left to another spot. Take your funds to another spot in RI rather.

  131. E-HOT

    HAHAHAHAHA its a joke!!!

  132. WorthEveryPenny

    This club looks amazing now! My girls and I had such a great time and the dancers were gorgeous, entertaining and so personable. We will definitely be back!!

  133. DC
  134. George

    The place is disgusting and small. There is no room for a private dance, and its not private because everyone can see you. Its horrible and I feel terrible for these girls.

  135. X


  136. party


  137. sugar

    this is funny reading all this here..i love strip clubs i am a women of color and everytime i go into this place all the chicks practically attack me cause of my funny..yes there are some issues here and of course i highly doubt its going to change unless people really stop going or really start complaining..i would love to see it get bigger and girls actually knowing how to dance,hell its not fun if ur just pretty standing there and not trying to work the crowd or acting like u dont care to to much about the money then more people will want to see u know !! the place is small but one of my favs,me and my x use to go there all the time,well not to to mcuh but this one chick who has her tant pierced..shes fucking hot,but i dont think she speaks to much english so its funny,i guess thats the spot for the immigrants or something,or non-english speaking women.. also there are alot of black chicks there with nice asses,not many with nice tits..there are some ugly ones there as well who shouldnt be dancing,some old ones and some just nasty weird manly looking ones as well, but of course we all have our type u does suck of the 2 drink minimun i hate that part and shit is very exspensive,i usually drink just before i go there or in the car so i dnt have to waste money in there like that,i dont go to the stage to to much but when one catches my eye i do..i like going there for the porn stars,i have seen jenna haze many times,she loves my tits !! i got a pic of that me and her licking me..!! hehe 🙂 loved it..

    well this place is pretty good,cramped and some what over priced,music,if u ask for certain things the dj’s cool and he plays it..i have a descent time when im there !!

  138. Nice club

    Nice Club

  139. harryharry

    In and out of this place in 15 minutes. Stood at the bar for 10 minutes after waiting for a waitress for 5. I refuse to spend money in a place where there is no service. On our way out, the Doorman said to stick around that it would get busier later. So, did that mean the service would get even worse? Finally, the woman on stage looked like she had delivered more than one kid. This is what a year being closed brought forth? Maybe they should have stayed closed a little longer.

  140. maxxy1

    Alexs isnt the best place around but I always have a good time when I come here. The drinks are the same as any local bar and the girls aren’t half bad. It’s like any strippy there’s some good some not so good. Go in early or when they aren’t busy and no cover.

  141. Mixedemotions

    First of all this place has beautiful girls for the most part. Different varieties. I don’t like that the security makes it uncomfortable doing a dance watching you the entire time and the rooms aren’t that private. It would make customers more comfortable to spend the money if it wasn’t so awkward. The drinks are a bit expensive and the only DJ I like is Christian because his energy is superb and he plays good music. My 2 favorite girls are Autumn and Barbie. They are both sweet girls with great personalities. Barbie is older witjbfale boobs and Autumn is younger but all natural. Great women

  142. pee wee

    Boobs galore

  143. tom
  144. Bill

    I live near it and would rather drive the hour to Rode Island.

  145. Ddp

    This place sux

  146. Bryan C.

    This place is a joke !!! Went in today at 2pm not one girl on stage I spent $9 on a beer left at 3pm and still did not see girl so I asked the door guy why no girls he said the owner let’s the girl do whatever thy want u don’t know why we are OPEN ON A SUNDAY WITHOUT GIRLS !!!!!! This is my first bad review

  147. fuck


  148. Lil P

    Definitely the best

  149. Jay Jay

    Love to watch the boobies bounce

  150. who'sc complaining about

    nakedness for a buck!

  151. Mr T

    OMG so many tits a bouncing

  152. J C

    Went to Alex’s for the first time. The club itself had a good atmosphere the spot where you get lapdances is kinda shifty, not what Im used to, but I did get dances from a couple diffrent girls all of them were good but Monique and Nikki were definetly the best, very sensual, and I like the brunettes. Took kinda long to get drinks but the girl was nice. The music skipped alot? I dont know if that was the DJ or the music system itself. All in all It was a good time not my favorite club but it was fun and the girls are hot

  153. over 4

    Ddd takes it in the back door!

  154. rogerrab2

    Came in on a Tuesday so I figured I was going to get what I paid for, talent was subpar, girls were nice and we’re not to pushy, liked the 5 dollar cover, music wasn’t too loud so I could actually here the girls not bad to go to just to stop in for a drink, cool place to also get a massages by the dancers good enough to make you fall asleep, but sorry no happy endings

  155. eddie

    There are 2 tables they can dance right above you. Closest you can get. however Hell Angels had a presense in there for a while and they suck. They are abnoxious and bully the dancers patrons and the establishment by their presense.

  156. TT

    Best dame club in MA

  157. Dd

    Love this place, naked woman, WOW.

  158. Lil


  159. Queen bee


  160. larry1

    My coworkers took a taxi 30 mins to this establishment and was declined entry. The “bouncer” said since we were drinking tonight we weren’t welcoming in. Since when does a couple beers since this evening constitue drunk. This club is sad and recommends that it seeks new employees or different policies. But hey who care what a “drunk” guy says.

  161. Alex's Fan


  162. timmy

    If you like hot naked girls, good drinks and a good time this is your club.

  163. The Man

    You have to be careful when reading these reviews. The reiew by dude on 9/11 looks like an advertisement by the management with every price available in the club. Who takes notes in a strip club?. The club is not bad, but the women are not top notch, almost all are on the heavy side. The champagne rooms are expensive and the woman complain about thier tip out at the end of the night. If you go you will have an “OK” time. Don’t let my review discourage you.

  164. spiff
  165. DexterRexter

    So you guys know the prices at Alex in case of a scam! Bud $6. Domestic beers $7. Imported $8. Bar vodka or wiskky $7! Beware waitress will charge a $1 more to make more tips. No star for this place. But have no choice

  166. Brian A.

    Good things:-Drink prices are tolerable-Lap dances are only $15-“Dollar Dances”- for 20 minutes, a lap dance costs a buck.-Lesbian shows, if you call them that. its more like 2 women writhing and spazzing out on top of each other, nothing hot-Bouncer’s are friendly-Give out free XXX moviesBad things:-The girls. Most were fat, most were ugly. The only attractive one was Sapphire, and when I bought my friend a dance from her, he said that she wanted some cocaine. No, not good.-The people that go. Seriously, I think I saw some drug dealers in that place, in addition to nerdy looking guys who looked more in place at a Star Wars convention than a strip club. No, that stripper does not wanna trade pokemon cards, stop asking.-The fact that the waitresses are way hotter than the strippers, so you cant see them naked. damn, what a shame-The ATM fee is $10. Sweet lord, you just read that right.Going here once is enough.-

  167. Shakem

    Great club

  168. You can

    Be my queen bee

  169. eee


  170. Wat A. Deal

    everyone should spend their life savings there

  171. dicky

    MMMM mammaries!!

  172. Chew Me

    aaahhhh wonderfwew

  173. ll cool j

    tit’s and ass for all.

  174. Foxy

    been there done that, cya at The Kings guys

  175. Leo

    Classy club with no pressure. Girls friendly with out the oversell and give a good dance

  176. bbbbb


  177. jd

    Love it

  178. kenny

    getting better as far as attitude, LD area still too open, nice variety of women when I was last there

  179. Mr. Lou

    Alex’s management is the worst I’ve ever seen.

  180. BJay

    Gotta love all the T&A

  181. Erik

    I actually really like this place…the girls are real friendly…they have no problem sitting on your lap and just talking with you…obviously it helps getting their attention if you buy a dance once and a while, but yeah, I’ve been here a lot, and maybe that’s why I like it, as I get a lot of attention…Melanie’s by far the hottest (she’s a blonde). She’s real chill too…Andrea’s pretty hot too, but older…

  182. joe

    Feel like a kid in a candy shop. So many goodies to choose from.

  183. eddyL

    Never going here ever again….. I can’t really review what I didn’t see. They(Malcom) seems to control the wave of people coming through the door by race and stereotypes. My friends and I(4 white guys) were patently waiting after they let a couple who were behind us go in before us. (A black couple) After 25 minutes of waiting. A wave of black guys come up behind us. There were about 6 of them. Malcom comes out and talks to them on more of a personal level, (swearing, and smoking with them)not professional at all. He eventually goes back inside and radios the other doorman tells us that Malcom said we can’t come in because “we’re too drunk”. All of us haven’t had anything to drink in the past 3 hours. We asked to talk to a manger and got nothing. We left and as we leave they let all of the 6 guys behind us in.(Malcoms buddies). We were not drunk at all, just a couple guys looking to do something out of boredom. I suggest everyone takes their money elsewhere. Foxy Lady is down the road about 5 minutes. Go there.

  184. TC

    Always a bevy of beautiful naked girls.

  185. Wizard

    The girls sloting with no class. They allow customers to grap and lick. When its your turn it just becomes a total turn off. You bouncers need to learn how to regulate because apparently with that many of you thats pretty sad. What it you scared of the customers or what. Open yours eye and do your job. Thats why the rating a foxy’s in Brockton has a much higher rating because the girls there no how to behave.

  186. Andy

    Great place with great ladies

  187. ddd/rob

    sucks cock

  188. Doctor Wood

    Is Rosie Back Words out she s going back to Brazil with Charlie I knew they were always in LOVE

  189. Now


  190. Johnny B


  191. donny

    Here a pussy there a pussy everywhere you look a pussy.

  192. Nirvana

    Booze and nude women, a true Nirvana!

  193. fuckery12

    Here is my night, I buy a 6 pack and a couple nips at 5pm, head my girls house and have a few beers and dinner. After left I on the way back decided to stop by Alex’sat around 1145, empty my pockets of all the pens and condoms (not allowed) and inadvertently left a nip in my coat pocket. I offered to throw it out , leave it outside ect. They tell me not tonight your not getting in so come back another time. (Are you serious?) Needless to say never again am I dropping $150 dollars in that place! Even if they are the next town over I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  194. Place

    Aint that cool

  195. Shit

    Ca ca poop snif sniff

  196. curios
  197. charlie
  198. Benny

    Best club in the NE

  199. Al

    Lovely ladies everywhere and their all naked.

  200. gagdetboy

    Don’t know what the previous reviewer is talking about. The girls are great and will treat you right if you treat them right. Granted the place is on the smaller side but that’s just part of the charm. Spend some money and you’ll have a great time!

  201. Ryan

    This club is the shit. I went to lamplighter last saturday and it was a fuckin dump… this place gets 2 thumbs way up from me.. The best I’ve seen in Alex’s is Ava… definitely check her out. She’s very personable!

  202. mrblonde
  203. t


  204. i


  205. ryan123

    Sweet Baby Jesus, no. no. no. no. First off, $20 cover fee? For nooothing. All the girls look like crack heads- they were so skinny that you could legitimately see their ribs, and they were not attractive. There was one stripper who actually knew what she was doing, and all the others were just.. no. The waitress for some reason was hotter than the strippers- and the woman walking around asking to give back rubs.. I’m sorry but she was so ugly that she was even turned down in a strip club. They then had the little game where people can crumble their 1’s into little balls and throw them into a shotglass that the stripper is holding on to… with her vagina. The little lesbian show was kind of weird. They ate each other out and seemed more excited to see each other than any of the clients, understandably. I also prayed when I got home, and I LOVE strip clubs. It was bad. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  206. raszman

    small size club. i am very comfortable in here. the staff is professional and friendly. the dancers are pleasant and friendly. lap dances are good and champagne room is worth it if you have money to spare. overall a positive experience. the frosting on the cake for me is the brazilian dancers.

  207. 2


  208. n


  209. Zman

    Last time I’ll go to this hole in the wall. Private dances are $15 and last 15 seconds. If you get two in a row the girls say its $35 plus tip. Give them the $30 and tell to learn to speak english.

  210. Boom
  211. gadgetboy

    This place is truly the best value in town given the $15 dances and $10 massages. Drink service could be little better, but hey, more money for the dancers, right?

  212. DDD

    Best club that smell like ca ca poop

  213. Frank

    best club in NE

  214. Happy

    The only thing I would change is security always watching during dances

  215. i. m. bolten

    best club in the USA

  216. Big G

    Lovely ladies abound

  217. ILoveAlexs

    Love this place, Most of the women are hot, and or beautiful. Dances are typically good some aren’t as up to par as others. 18 so I cant judge the drinks unfortunetly, wish I could attend amature night as well but 21+ damnit! Over all Its the closest 18+ strip club and I’ve heard lotta crap bout it but I Love it!

  218. gary

    the managers here are complete jerk offs

  219. mee


  220. Edy

    I’m gay

  221. Shazam

    best club in Greenland

  222. pete

    Alex’s has been declared a Ddd free zone.

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