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22 Lagrange Street, Boston, MA 2116


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Glass Slipper

  1. Kristy C.

    I paid the cover, and what’s this? Immediate crabs. These poor chicks had cuts and bruises all over their legs; most of them accompanied with muffin top and bacne. The only thing holding me back from giving this review 1 star, is that it had a full bar. Godspeed, Glass Slipper.

  2. kjy
  3. kyle

    a little pricey at times but ya dont go to clubs to save money! the girls were hott!!


    I can’t believe the new club it looks great- good job GS

  5. ryan123

    Cons: Small. Crowded. So-so dancers.Pros: The hottest girl I’ve ever seen works here. Goddess. Really. I asked the waitress who it was and she said Liz or Liza or something. I only saw her for a few minutes. I’d go back just to see her again. To be blatant, she looks like Megan Fox with a bigger rack.Definitely going back the next time I’m in Boston.

  6. thom
  7. Jonathin

    There all slezz bags, idia and Jewel whores

  8. Katia M.

    So, my friends kept randomly ending up there drunk on the rare nights I wasn’t out with them, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I mean, they weren’t really making a fuss, they were just talking about it.I finally went a couple weeks ago with a decent sized group of people, and oh Lordy help me, it was just as sketchy as everyone said! We all ordered one drink ($9 Bud Light — but hey, no cover!) and watched about three dances. Was it awesome? No. But did we enjoy ourselves? Yeah.Strangely amusing for a sketchy place with naked girls. Trashily awesome.

  9. Emily S.

    Best thing about these reviews: they’re all ladies. Aint nothin wrong with some strip clubs…maybe if you’re a girl. Cuz you know dudes…that’s “hott.” Went here with my coworkers (yes, you read that right) for one of their bdays. Cover price- okay. Alcohol- ballpark prices. Girls- Ehh. Love the plastic shoes though. Wish I could rock those….or not. If you want a “real” strip club experience…I would go somewhere else (it was like a bar with one pole). Perhaps the Squire in Revere near the movie theatre? That place has amateur night!

  10. Mandy H.

    This is the craziest, trashiest strip club ever.Sure it’s $10 for a gin and tonic ( my signature strip club drink), but who’d want to go see collagen and sillicone injected Barbie Dolls at Centerfolds ( ho hum) when you can see chicks missing teeth and with bullet wounds. My boyfriend and I stumbled in there drunkenly after a Pogues concert at the Orpheum. We saw a dancer who I am pretty sure was a tranny. She was amazing and was built like Brigette Nielsen in Red Sonja. The chick could do a hand stand naked and do UPSIDE DOWN PUSHUPS with ONE HAND. Jack Palance caliber work. We stayed to the end of her dance,m in danger of missing the T, to wait for her to take off her g-string to ascertain if she was indeed not all natural. Alas, we never found out for sure.For ironic, trashy glam fun I’d definitely go back.

  11. mathewater12

    We would have been better off have been better off getting an über to another city. The vibe felt like being at the 99. They were playing ABC family in the tv screens. No one wants to see how the grinch stole Christmas and be reminded that they should actually be with their kids right now. We were instantly bored.$10 for a short glass of ice and ginger ale. The bar is in between you and the stage. You’re disconnected from the dancers. Its obviously just a bar that they used minimal effort to convert to a strip club. You have to play paper football to tip the girls. The bartenders are rude and disconnected from customers. They seem like they would much rather be somewhere else. The dancers are the same way but because of the physical distance between the stage and the audience. Not worth the $10 cover to get in unless you just want to hang with your wife and goof on the surrealness of the situation.

  12. frank

    nasty overated things going on here. fat white girls, like lola, will give you bj, but thats the end of the talent story

  13. JD

    This place has changed. The new bartenders are awful. They

    need to bring back some of the older ones who you could

    actually talk to. Tim was great.

  14. curious

    was here last time and met kitty, came back tonight to see if she was in. Does anyone know what happened to that sexy asian amazon?

  15. Nicole B.

    trashy. i felt like the dancers were the cast offs from centerfolds next door (i’m sorry i can’t help it).it was just kindy skeevy the whole time.but hey, a good time’s a good time. for my first time in a strip club…who am i to judge?

  16. Fin Moxa
  17. know it well

    i like the girls here, they’re usually very nice. i love the vip. i come to be turned on, and if you can move and have an intelligent conversation you’re on my good list. i’ve been looking for this one girl who just does it for me. her name is chloe. has anyone seen her??

  18. annoymos

    all i can say as a man who love ladies if u want sum quick u no what go to glASS SLIPPER THE CLUB IS NASTY AND RACIST I LOVE BLACK GIRLS BUT WHERE R THEY AT THE GLASS SLIPPE

  19. timmykilla

    Rudest bartender I’ve ever encountered. There were maybe 5 other customers in the place, and her condescending attitude when I asked her about using a credit card sent me right back out the door. Literal conversation: “Hi! Do you take credit cards? Do you have a funny money type thing where I can get dancer dollars on credit to tip the girls as well?” And she looks at me disgustedly and says “ABSOLUTELY not! There’s an ATM over there with a $7 charge” and walks away.I get that some clubs don’t take credit cards for dances or funny money, that’s totally fine. I don’t get the annoyance and hostility towards someone who had been inside for 30 seconds and was politely trying to spend money.

  20. KIRK

    I liked the new club keep up the good work

  21. Brian H.

    This is absolutely with out a doubt the worst strip bar I have been to in quite a while, and that is saying alot folks as I grew up in Iowa.The place was not very clean, which I guess may be expected. The bathroom was trashed and I literaly had to hold my breathe when I went in.There was no talent what so ever. Most of the chicks looked like they would have made more money on disability then on stage. Not to mention the prices…I think I paid a 10-20 dollar cover for this toilet.Even worse I felt generous and bought a peeler a drink…it was 25 bucks for her drink and 9 bucks for a f’n Bud Light bottle. If you are going to make the mistake of going here DO NOT buy some shortie a drink. You can get a private dance for cheaper…that is sooo sad, and yet some how true.I honestly can’t believe I have to give this place 1 star…it should be negative.

  22. travelingguy

    club is ok. cover charge is too high considering the size/quality of the club on the first floor. The girls are average at best. They offer ‘additional services’ if you buy the private dance (1 hour which is not bad for the money until you get the VIP area – no couches or any that can be private just another area upstairs with another dance floor, bar, and booths) Of course let us not forget having to tip everyone and their mother when going to VIP. The bartender, the waitress, the bouncer (supposedly for more private time but then you find out that you need to continually tip for that once upstairs). Of course for more ‘action’ you have to continually tip the dancer once upstairs. I never did get to the additional services because my bank account apparently was not large enough to tip enough to get there. I would not recommend going to the Glass Slipper unless you have alot of money to waste on average to below average dancers.

  23. bob

    new club is neat

  24. Yo!
  25. RealTall

    I can’t believe how aweful this shit hole is. I’m embarrassed to say that I even walked in the door. There was one stunning, gorgeous, fantastic dancer, and everything else was on the level of street hooker. No private dances at all, and a COKE cost NINE FUCKING DOLLARS!

  26. XhXeXy

    Watch out for the Bartenders. Check this out, a stripper comes sits next to you at the bar, the bartender puts you on the spot and asks you if you want to buy the girl a drink, you say yes, and BAM the drink costs $30.00 after it is filled. LOL I couldn’t believe it. What a scam! Write back if this happens to you

  27. eddyL

    AVOID AVOID AVOID. The crowd is grouchy, and will not talk to me. It is so dark too, made me almost fall. Do NOT even bother asking for honey mustard they just send a heavy set woman who wants you to pay extra for it apparently , she is dark too but not in the falling way. The staff has no shirts on and will not talk to me. Great hot dogs.

  28. Biggie Biederman

    Save your cash guys.

  29. silly g.

    and now for a lesson in Skanky 101. Nuff said. Not really. Nasty Chicks except for Beretta and some other chick. I was forced to go he during a barcrawl and will never go back ba bye

  30. ZaCh

    the girls have gotten way hotter but the drink prices are jacked. Good place to just kick back and hang out with the ladies.

  31. T K.

    This place was very wack. They only had 1-2 good dancers. I forgot the names though. I was being looked at all night (probably because I was the only female non-stripper in there). They have some big girl name Queeny….they need to just get rid of her. And this other girl’s breath was stinking so bad when she asked me if I wanted a dance. I wasn’t feeling this place at all.

  32. XXXbeast

    amazing chicks, best in the business – sunny leone

  33. Johnnyboy123

    From the outside the joint looks like it has potential with its presence of velvet ropes, and suited men with headsets checking IDs and letting you in two at a time. Then you enter…..The place is empty, the woman greeting you and taking your $10 cover fee looks to have been plucked from nearest trailer park and the first stripper you see is questionably a male. As you turn the corner to sit at the bar you realize this is no normal strip club, with the stage behind the bar far away enough where there is no possible interaction with the dancers. Then out comes a woman that leaves you wondering when her WWF entrance music is going to begin playing because she resembles George the animal Steel, with her very profound beer gut and clearly neglected skin she is enough to make you question how close the bathroom is in case the likely chance arises where your dinner needs to exit through the entry. Then the friendly bartender asks what you want (only good part of this place was the friendly bartender) so, me being the designated driver for the night I ordered a seltzer water for the jaw dropping price of $10. When I was told I owed $10 for a seltzer water I inquired that all I wanted was seltzer not vodka soda etc just seltzer, and was assured the $10 price tag was correct. At this point I was shocked to have avoided cardiac arrest, I paid for the drink and waited for the next act to come on stage which was like watching an NFL linebacker swing on a pole, I promptly left and will never return. Of all the filth and disgusting woman I encountered the part that pissed me off most was that they blatantly don’t care to cater to designated drivers by charging so much for a soda water. with stiff penalties for bars over serving and backlash when patrons are caught drunk driving you figure they would welcome designated drivers and make a non alcoholic beverage not cost as much as they charge for regular mixed drinks and beer. But not this place, by far this is the worst gentlemans club I have ever had the misfortune of visiting and will surely never ever return.

  34. Man

    Luscious,Extoic, Jolie, India, Jewel, Caramel are HOTT! This club gets bumpin at night also damn.

  35. Charlie M.

    This was the first strip club that I’ve been too and definitely not what I expected, but in a good way.Myself and a group of friends ended our night here for our friends bachelor party outing. It was a Saturday night, $10 cover, and $9 Budweiser. The Bartender was really nice to us, didn’t harass us to keep buying drinks or anything, I had 3 beers the whole time I was there.If you’re looking for FAKE, PLASTIC, “Hot” chicks, then go next door to Centerfolds.Now, if you’re looking for some good looking girls with tattoos and piercings, then stop on in. This place had REAL girls dancing, albeit some were a bit trashy looking, but there were definitely 4 really smokin'(yes I said smokin’) hot girls there and they did indeed know how to use the pole.The place is essentially a dive bar with overpriced drinks and naked chicks. Its a really small place with one stage behind the bar, where one girl at a time dances.All in all we had a great time, especially since we had been getting wasted in the 4 hours leading up to The Slipper.

  36. Jack

    Blah, and Boo is all i have to say, dont waste your $ or time!

  37. richard95

    I’ve been to both the Glass Slipper and Centerfolds now. Centerfolds has 2 girls that work there that are the hottest girls I’ve ever seen; while Glass Slipper lacks any girls in the ‘hottest’ category for me.However that being said, the Glass Slipper on average has girls, in my opinion, just as hot as Centerfolds (and some just as ugly). It has a different feel than Centerfolds from the moment you get in there, it is a lot more laid back, with a lot fewer bouncers and people watching you.I personally love getting lap dances. And between the 2 places, the Glass Slipper wins hands-down. I won’t say why, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.Only reason this place did not get 5 stars is because one of the coked up strippers at the end of the night started yelling at us for sitting in someone else’s seats (after we lost ours because we spent a couple hundred dollars to go to the champaign room)–pretty shitty if you ask me that I can’t even get a seat (the place was packed) after spending all that money.

  38. whatever

    Club takes a chuck of your money, so you have to end up doing extras. Everyone should go to another club beat you will make alot of money. Girls are addicted to the touching and prostition. Wake up stop giving your money to these pussy ass so call daddy’s if he was he would not ask girls to make money for him!

  39. Mike

    Beautiful girls score 8 and above that can keep a conversation going. Good mixture of music. Nice lapdance area.

  40. jack n.

    i’ve been to one or two strip clubs and this has easily got to be the worst. went in because a buddy of mine was a secret shopper and we needed to kill some time (he had to park his car in a parking garage for a few hours). there was no cover so we said hay why not. after we got in there, i could tell why there is no cover. they should pay YOU to frequent this pit. all areas where strip clubs are located are generally sketchy, but this place was sketchy in the inside too. it costs 10$ for a drink and this was 5 years ago. the strippers aren’t hustling for your dollars, they’re hustling for you to buy them drinks. i guess that’s how they make their money because i wouldn’t pay a dollar to see some of these beasts naked. there was one or 2 mildly attractive chicks working wasn’t all doom and gloom though. when we left, that made my afternoon.anytime there is someone naked, i have to give the place1 star. after i tally up the points, this place gets 1 star. if you like spending your money on fat chicks to talk to you and buy 10$ beers then this place is for you! otherwise, you should probably avoid it.

  41. Krissy N.

    now i can’t really say i’m an expert when it comes to strip clubs but boy do i have a good time at the glass slipper. the strippers are well…average females…so what if their tummies are a little bit round and squishy looking. there are no standards here in terms of “body type” but you still can see some pretty cool pole tricks. plus there’s no entrance fee and they make good drinks ($10 for ANY TYPE of drink). hell they’ll even make your gin and tonic with Belvedere!! and sometimes the customers here are so generous they might even buy you and your girlfriends drinks as well…and you’re just regular customers like they are. there’s definitely an interesting vibe at the GS for sure.

  42. Roni E.

    Sooooooo Glass Slipper wasn’t as sleazy as I thought it was going to be. It was actually really fun and we got to meet and talk to some of these girls. First off, I must thank Susan the bartender, you rock girl, you helped make our night! Secondly, thank you to J—- for giving us “the in”, the cigarette, and the spectacular performance. Work it girl! Show ’em whatchu got! Work that pole!!! (P.S. thanks for the haircut referral -I’ll be sure to check ’em out and let you know how it comes out). Yeh there are some girls that don’t know what they’re doing, but if you stick around long enough, the girls that can move will show you what they’ve got. Be sure to make sure these girls get paid if you want to see what they can do. If you’re like the cheap bastards that were sitting at the bar, you won’t get much lovin’. But girls like Kiss, J, and the other girl’s name I did not catch, army girl, they know how to work it.I think I’m still wet watchin’ these girls, ’cause DAMN I was aroused. I’ll admit it.

  43. Tom

    This place did change. I came one Friay night, was pack but had a great time, got a few lapdance. I will be back!

  44. will

    Looks nice, but there is a lot of the same stuff going on. Won’t ever compare to any other clubs.

  45. ryan

    Wow, the new club surpasses expectations. Hot girls (young college types…not at all sleazy), a nice stage, good overall atmosphere. Better than centerfolds!

  46. kevinG

    nice job with the new club, you gotta love the girls!

  47. Glass Slipper Lover

    Damn Does Club is crazy at night!

  48. stan

    Had fun great looking girls. you couln’t ask for anything more

  49. rogerrab2

    I’ve been in Boston now for about three years and patronized this fine establishment at least 5 times. Four of the visits were fucking awful. Like, I wanted my bills back because the girls barely danced and weren’t exactly Limas in the looks category either. However, there was one night, a Monday, that just blew me away. 5 stars +. This girl was voluptuous. Jenna Haze on the stage. Tori Black on a pole. I got two lap dances that I’ll never forget. That night, the bartender, Susan, was great. Drinks flowed.So overall, this place normally sucks. But sometimes it’s heaven, if heaven had strip clubs and god was a pervert.

  50. Weedman420

    Extremely friendly to couples. Came here with my man recently and the owner and manager treated us so well, wanted to make sure our experience here was awesome. Had a really great time here, even the bartender wasn’t pushy, she was chill with us taking time to drink etc. Music was kinda weird for most of night, but by last 30 mins of the night music was popping.

  51. AssnTits5

    I’ve been here a few times and can definitely say the girls are pretty hot. However, its small and over-crowded, not enough seats. You pretty much have to fight for the girls’ attention if you go on a weekend. Its a bit over-priced, as are most strip clubs I guess. Boston has little to choose from, so this will have to do in a pinch.

  52. peter h.

    With free admission as bait the Glass Slipper reels in a nice client base for the establishment to work with. The drinks are a bit on the pricey end, and I would advise being completely inebriated regardless before entering, regardless of the size of your wallet.The strippers themselves are not what you would call classically beautiful, they have more of a weathered, broken down look – but their acrobatic pole work is truly something to behold. Now if unattactive naked women and expensive booze does not sound appealing you may want to skip this place; however I can not think of a bar more condusive in allowing a patron to find themself at 1 o’clock in the morning and take a long, hard look in one the Slipper’s many mirrors and do some serious drunken self-examination.

  53. dc

    Does anyone know if luscious still works here?

  54. Custy

    Holy crap this place has turned around! The new place is just the right mix of high-class atmosphere and the glass slippers old seedy charm. Some of these girls are really hot! Nice job, GS.

  55. harryharry

    Is it your birthday? Night before your wedding? Or do you just want to unwind ? This is a good spot to go. Women are welcome as well. The girls are diverse and have nice personalities. some have great bodies , others ar Ok. After a certain time its free entry as long as you pay for a drink. Drinks are expensive but hey, how do you expect them to make any money?

  56. customer

    went there last friday night an had a blast. fiona and summer are the best. smart, sexy, and totally hot but best of all FRIENDLY and NICE. bartenders are hot too.

  57. lee
  58. fuckery12

    I was forced to come here. No really. A friend from out of town visits once or twice a year, and our routine is always: – catch up chat and drinks;- dinner somewhere expensive (his company foots the bill); then,- Centerfolds (I foot the entrance fee…… cuz I’m a poor student).For some reason, he thought the name “Glass Slipper” had a particularly nice fairytale ring to it, and he envisioned beauties of the Cinderella variety.Instead, we got Shrek.LOTS of Shreks.No, not Shrek’s wife, who at least looks hot at night, but Shrek himself. In fact, I think the bald halitosis bouncer was the best looking of all of them.Small stage….. naked, wrinkly Shrek bouncing to a completely different beat….. dinner in my stomach was inquiring me about the exit policy. I held it down.I think the M.O. is to buy a girl a ~$20 drink in order for her to sit next to you and chat. Friend got two lovely toothless goblin specimens to sit by us. Ugh…. the rancid perfume. I tried to reach Pepe LePew on my iPhone…. but being a poor student, I don’t have one… a total awkward Focker moment.I SOOOO look forward to coming back here….. ….. to torch the place with my transmogrifier.

  59. adamrod

    i accidentally posted this review under another name because my computer had my gf signed in, but i’ll say it again because it is worth repeating: For the cover, this was not worth it. 10 dollar bud light and strippers that don’t get on the pole? no thanks

  60. JADA


  61. fritter17

    I must say I’m not a fan of strip clubs in general.But my friends dragged me here and I was pleasantly surprised.The women here are real. No implants. None of those big inflated collagen lips that resemble a fish’s anus. No fake weaves that look like they came out of the shower drain.They were without plastic surgery which is refreshing.The girls were indeed naturally beautiful and naturally voluptous which is great. I’m kind of sick of seeing the stick thin bodies with fake circular implants.The waitstaff was very friendly.It wasnt pricey. And the dancers were really good on the poles. Truly acrobratic skill.I don’t like strip clubs but I enjoyed myself here.I’d reccomend it.

  62. Doris K.

    I am not sure how you could really call this place a strip club. First the step up seems weird where you are just throwing money up on stage instead of having the girl come to you. Most of the girls really couldn’t dance and the drinks seem outrageously priced. I also had a problem with their clientele. So many of the men acted like they had never seen a group of girls before and acted like true sleaze bags. I am not there to talk to you so please just go away!

  63. Chef
  64. HARLEY

    I been workin here for oh, lets just say 2 months now- never worked a night shift yet, just do day shift, noon, til 8 pm. something i really like about this place is you get a “shift pay of 40 dollars . which yeah isnt much but compared to that fact that every other club or company I ever encountered you have to pay a “house fee” regardless of how business in the club was that day. I think though that the day shift is a bit long {8 hours} . compared to other shifts at other clubs around 5 or 6 hours. Also you make a small commision off each drink bought for you which also is an added bonus. There are usually a fair amount of girls on though so your not on stage every 10 minutes.I like it and am happy working there. I think as far as serious dance /pole skills go the girls are really talented here, . If your an as man , youll like it ,. I noticed we all got nice asses in there. Also if your into real titties. Not one girl that i seen during the day yet has fake ones. Also noticed alot of girls with tats and piercings if you like that. The customers during the day arent big on tipping the stage at all though, but will get dances and drinks. Its a laid back atmosphere during the day. Nice huge flat screen tvs too,.

  65. Bradford M.

    I fucking hate strip clubs. The exchange works like this: I objectify the women working there (implicitly, they’re only useful for their ability to stimulate me sexually by gyrating nakedly), and the establishment objectifies me (implicitly, I’m only useful for what’s in my pocket, namely my erection and my wallet). That said, after having abstained for a few years I was talked into going to the Glass Slipper for a buddy’s going away party a month or two ago. I forget what the cover was (maybe like $10, not terrible). But then the beer. Holy crap. $9 for a Bud Light. For a BUD LIGHT. For that, I could by a six pack of decent micros and have CHANGE. And that’s not even including the tip. Jesus. The four of us crowded into a tiny booth with a table the size of a calculus textbook, and I proceeded to awkwardly try to enjoy myself while feeling as sleazy as a human being can possibly feel. Every now and then one of the performers who wasn’t on stage would come by and initiate a conversation with one of us, always with the end goal of convincing us to purchase a private dance. They weren’t at all unpleasant if you turned them down, and it wasn’t a hard sell or anything (pun definitely not intended), but that was the point of the conversation and if you said no thanks they were gonzo (I, for the record, refrained). It was just so strange to feel myself instinctively reacting with pleasure to a pretty girl initiating a conversation with me even though I knew EXACTLY what the point of that conversation was, and that I wanted none of it. I KNEW, and I still reacted. Blahr.Let me depart for a moment to mention that the wait staff (not the “talent”, the wait staff) was great. Our server was this funky, feisty butch-ish lesbian chick who came over and BS’d with us and was a pile of fun. No complaints there. So back to bitching. Because I’m a completely distractable son of a bitch, when I finally convinced the guys to get out of there to head to another bar (the BHP, at best a marginal step up the food chain), I forgot my fucking jacket. I just left it in the booth. In the pockets of my jacket were, among a few other odds and ends, my key ring (car keys with electronic fob, favorite beer opener, house key, Oregon house key, bike lock key), and my ipod. As soon as I figured out I’d left stuff (probably half an hour later) I ran back to retrieve it. It was, predictably, gone. So. I fucking hate strip clubs. I lost my jacket and my stuff, and that’s nobody’s fault but my own. But I knew nothing good would ever come from going to another stupid strip club, and I was right. Also, I’m sure that if you like strip clubs, the Glass Slipper is probably a fantastic place. But they just make me feel impossibly nasty, and have $9 Bud Lights. I’m not giving them one star because they do a bad job. I’m giving them one star because I fucking hate strip clubs. Lah.

  66. Franklyn

    For the cover, this was not worth it. 10 dollar bud light and strippers that don’t get on the pole? no thanks

  67. Angelina

    very great place

  68. Brian

    Hot time here

  69. Chere G.

    Is it so wrong that we had a great time here? Yeah probably, but who cares. It was my friends and I out for the night to give our other friend a banging last night a a single lady. She wanted to see naked girls. Who are we to deny our guest of honor that? I know there is not one man (of the hetero influence anyway) that isn’t fucking digging this wishing his girl was just as cool.Come here instead of Jacques for a bachelorette party, bring you $$ bills and give these girls some love. Trust me they need it. There were a bunch of cheap bastards here on Saturady who wanted to peep for free. If nothing else you will learn some fancy trick work to share with your significant other on a wild night on the other side of the door. I was very intriqued with the chick that did the upside down handstand, naked with just her glass slippers on and quite frankly I’ve never seen a pole worked so well. I’m just saying. Lol’s.Seriously not as sketchy and skeevey as I suspected. Drinks at $9 a pop are a bit expensive considered they tasted a bit watered down…..heh then again the first few I had that day were mixed by Roni E. Lol’s. But still it’s a bit much. Big ups to Susan who let us in for free. If you are considering a party make the effort to call and let them know your plans and, they’ll probably give you passes to come in. Otherwise it’s $10 to get in. Also love to Tony the bouncer who made a point to keep a watch out on our tables from any of the skeezy drunk dudes that felt the need to talk to us. Yeah, I’m cool, now go away.Anyway, a must see in my book for a fun innocent night…..hahaha! That is if you have the “balls” to walk in.

  70. Marcus D.

    This place is hysterical! The Slipper has been around since the Combat Zone was THE Combat Zone. My dad tells a great story when he was going to pick up my mother and aunt after a matinee (c. 1974) at the Schubert and he was driving up Lagrange Street and my two older brothers were in the back seat acting up. A cop car was driving in front of him and my dad turned around to tell my brothers to knock it off when the cop car stopped short and my dad rear-ended them. The cops came out and my dad started explaining what happened when a hooker runs up to the car from the Glass Slipper and hangs herself through the passenger window, offering to “jack” my dad off. “come on, mister, you don’t even need to get out of the car.” Meanwhile, the two little kids are in the back seat and two cops are at the driver’s window talking to my dad. That is OLD BOSTON. Never to return. First time I went here was after a Bruins game and Centerfolds had just opened. Due to the fact that we were in Bruins jersies, they wouldn’t let us in (twenty dollar cover for what? so i can pay ten bucks for a coke?) Anyway, we went across the street to the Smelly Shoe. No cover, but the drinks are still expensive. The girls on stage weren’t exactly hot, but at least they were eager beavers about showing their beavers, and there were a few drunken sailors telling me about the ping-pong shows in Bangkok (which I got to see first hand some years later, but that’s another story). The second time I came was w/a different buddy, who, again, after a Bruins game and a Dropkick show, I dragged in here for laughs. The girls that work the bar trying to get you to buy them a glass of twenty-five dollar Great Western champagne are even funnier than the performances. The line of the night was: “if you want me to talk to you, you have to buy me a drink.” and I’m like, “but I don’ want to talk to you. You started talking to me.” Whatever, guys, go to this place once just to say you did it.

  71. v
  72. Harrison69

    The girl are great looking and friendy and not a robot,The first girl i had a lap dance last night was wonderfulland very down to earth type of gal,The second one is not so professional.

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