229 Centerfolds Worcester



229 Southwest Cutoff, Worcester, MA 1604


42.2280122, -71.7568875




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All nude review open daily. Featuring beautiful naked women!

We are a fully nude bar located on Route 20 in Worcester. We have beautiful women, keno and great drinks, what more could you want?


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48 reviews for “229 Centerfolds Worcester

  1. JJ

    Did FS raw with Ally today. She wanted $250 , way to much for her and this place. We settled on 150 plus house. That was fair for this dump.

  2. Jamie

    Sky, Sunshine, and Ally all do VIP. They all will do it raw and fs if you want, you just have to pay between 150 and 225 on top of the house fee. I have done all three and have seen them do multiple customers in the same afternoon. They all do drugs and alcoholics and need the money You should get there early so you are not doing sloppy seconds. Be prepared to get tested afterward

  3. Don

    What day girls do VIP. Do any do bb VIP. Who is the most willing
    . What do they charge. I’m asking these questions because I don’t want to be scammed

  4. Kristin miniscalco

    Dirty pussy

  5. Rob

    Very slow from 11 to 1. I have seen Lilly tending bar and waitressing. Does she dance anymore, I always enjoyed a room with her in the past

  6. Basedbrownbeard

    The best club in MA, hands down. Dances are full contact, VIP you can go all the way but ymmv depending on the girl and what she agrees to (most will discuss it clearly before, and nobody tries to scam you). The atmosphere is always good, some days they have more girls than customers. I love stopping in to get a few dances and maybe do VIP if the girl seems willing and into it. Have had great times with Lilly, Sky, Lola, Isabelle, Sunshine, and Ally.

  7. Anonymous

    Not very good as far as strip clubs go. Its much too expensive for V.I.P..
    Not going again

  8. Roger

    Who is better in the backroom, Hayden or Sky? What days do they work. Is Daneilla better

  9. Roger

    Who is better in the backroom, Hayden or Sky?

  10. Roger

    Who is better in the backroom. Hayden or Sky. Do they still work days

  11. Herb Tarlek

    This got my radio antenna broadcasting in the megawads

  12. Hank

    Girls are very friendly. I got the back room and went all the way, a little expensive but worth it if you get the right girl.

  13. Troy Darden

    Is this place really open from 8 am most of the week? I’ll definite be there If so. Thanks

  14. Rocky

    I had such a blast here last night. I just woke up and it is 7pm Sunday. Girls were hot and lap dances were second to none!! See ya on payday!!

  15. needadump

    nice club and the girls will sit and talk with you which is nice, stage is small with not much room for pole action.dancers very fit with nice selection black ,chubby thin, girl next door . somehow their clams all look the same. had a dance wich was only about 2 minutes long but she did rub her ass on my dick during most of this time which was very nice.

  16. I'm Sayin'

    ‘kick ass time! Kick ass girls! Kick ass Music! kicks my ass back in there every week man I fucking love this place!

  17. BrownBeard

    Had a private dance, and then ViP with Lilly

  18. eagle1x

    girls give great value for lap dances

  19. Barry

    Nothing but a filthy shithole

  20. tannyalee

    Fisrt let me start by saying that I had so much fun at this place. My boyfriend and I went to here for his Birthday. Hes been wanting to go there for a long time, so I surprised him and took him there. The place was LIT!, They had a lot of sexy girls, decent food and drinks but the best girls were the ones that went on stage cause they did all the pole tricks and stuff.

    We are gonna come back for sure, but were bringing friends with us next time !!

  21. Ramrod

    Remember Pudgy’s? Well the girls do their best to carry on that name. One porker after another. Big belly rolls, cottage cheese thighs? I don’t think so. Just nice meaty pudgettes dancing the night away. They seem so happy in there you can’t help but leave happy.

  22. splooger

    i love it!! girl next door dancers with a couple of 8’s thrown in. no high pressure on dances. didn’t have girls try to rip me off on dance count like some other places i’ve been. i now prefer this place over mario’s. talent is equal

    but value and location better at centerfolds. plus no silly $8 wrist band.

  23. Dave

    been going to this club for years and i must say…it only gets better and better! proud of the new selection of girls besides the fact that they all are hott… looks arent always everything…these girls are real nice and hott! big plus! I also agree on the construction…better lap dance area! more personal! Just needs a few small fixes but its not even the club that does it justice they have got some real sweethearts!

  24. Po Po

    I feel you bro! This club has a nice selection of girls! I’m feelin’ ceneterfolds—this WILL be my weekly routine.

  25. Tom

    My weekly ritual! No doubt about it! Had a blast Friday & ILL BE BACK!

  26. Jason S.

    Me and my friends wanted to get a VIP table here for my buddy’s birthday. We wanted to anticipate cost but were looking to spend more than the average person does here without question. We called to see about reserving a VIP table. The guy on the phone not only refused to give us ANY info but also hung up on us in the middle of our questions. Looks like VIP with champagne isn’t something this place likes to cater for their customers. So fuck it. We will just throw a couple 20s and get drunk instead of dropping real coin. No reason to go the extra mile if they can’t even get through a five minute phone call without hanging up on their customers.

  27. just there

    This is a nice place to relax. There is this red headed bartender that has a great rack, and she puts them right out there. She has a few years on her but dam is she f—ing hot.This place gets my vote

  28. AgingRockAndRoller

    I like this place. Mix of body types. Half girls don’t turn me on but half that do are hot. To someone below who asked about shot girl Gabriella private dances are fun IMO. Sadly she’s no longer there. She had such lovely long legs… I wish I knew where she was at because I was growing increasingly fond of her. I often find the waitresses or shot girls really hot. Maybe its because they are pretty girls who are cool but come off more like a woman you’d meet in the real world and try to date. I sample many dancers for LD and have done CR a few times. Price is set by dancer and it can quickly become insanely expensive. You will have fun so if money is no object than by all means. It’s the only strip club around here I go to so can’t compare. Been to plenty in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Seattle WA. Can’t go wrong with beautiful naked ladies!

  29. curt

    very hot new girls!!! I love this place!

  30. nh laplover

    nice club a little run down, lots of slutty girls, good lap dance action, no cover before 7, beer was under $5, girls were mostly fours to eights. Good clean fun to be had, But

    not the place to bring a business client.

  31. Rick

    This wouldnt be my first choice for entertainment. Thats for sure. Dont come here with high expectations. Period.

  32. WildBill
  33. Hotties!

    I’m loving the selection of girls and what they have done with the place it’s turning out real nice and i will be back again! Thanks *TOM

  34. stephen

    I live near centerfolds and i love to go there when i can to just unwind and relax,chat with dancers and an occasional lap dance. It’s a great strip club,i give it a 100 rating.

  35. er

    this place is great they have a few new girls that are smoking hot. lap dances are the best around. good place

  36. Striplove

    I love this place colby is great she’s so nice just don’t like to be pushed around lol. Gemini so also a fav she’s sexy and fun to talk with not crazy pushy but speaks her mind. And Nina is fun and great dancer her pole tricks are the best. The place is small but it can be a great time.

  37. Hotties

    Most girls do raw in VIP. In LD area most girls will let you pull it out and it can go in many different ways once it is out there

  38. Sal

    Pretty ladies, great company and service. Just what this guy needed

  39. Vegas
  40. Juan

    Note to the Management: You guys have def. got a wayyyyyyy better selection of girls! The music is hot and the girl look great!

  41. Vinny

    Been going Saturday nights after 8 they have smoking hot shot girl Gabrielle she also works Thursday night. Over last couple months some girls have left and hotter ones have come in. Saturday is always a good day girls super friendly and not pushy. Haven’t had bad time yet. Let me know if anyone has got lap dance or VIP from shot girl Gabrielle and was it worth extra money

  42. Eric in 617

    The club has the appearance of a dive, but the dancers are friendly and personable. (Appearance ranges from 4 to 8, with an occational 10). Private dances are not really private, but good by Mass standards.

  43. I agree!

    I like what they did with that wall on the stage and the new couch near the front door! LOL It is a little hard though…if they put a cushion on it and replace the carpet that place will look just fine—I know a girl that still works been there for a years and i know she makes a killing in that place not just because she’s gorgeous—it’s the atmosphere that matters—those girls have always been hott and friendly that’s why they haven’t gone out of business—the drinks are very fair priced and everyone treats you like part of their crew when you step in there! Boucer’s Management Waitress bartender GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS—CENTERFOLDS is my home away from home!!!!

  44. Quality!

    I have never seen a girl in that place lower than a 6! Being attractive isnt everything but….the girls ARE very atractive—multi talented —unique—and have some real great personalities! Feeling down wife and kids at home bothering you—this is definately the club to feel welcome in!!!

  45. jack

    stopped in saturday.place is very dirty and ansty.girls are ok

  46. Goonie

    A below average club but if you want extras with slutty strippers go for it. VIP room in far back is most private. Bar staff generally rude. Amusing that they have a sign by the stage specifying no touching allowed but I myself did so.

  47. Scott

    Had a blast night with bartender Robin! Girls were hot and overall great experience ! I will be back to spend!

  48. Bob

    Came here, got AIDS.

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