Deja Vu



1000 West Jolly Road, Lansing Charter Township, MI 48910


42.6837228, -84.5669426




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Just off Interstate 96 through Mid-Michigan brings us into Lansing which boasts a handful of nude and topless watering holes. The Capital City as it is more commonly known, has seen its share of action over the past few decades. And that action has taken place on a regular basis at the notorious Deja Vu of Lansing, the area’s premier all nude party playground. Since the grand opening of the Lansing Vu way back on Valentines Day in 1986, this adult entertainment complex has packed the joint to the rafters with its countless amenities. Its showgirl staff now tops out at nearly 60 fabulous stage stunners, who are here to ease those workday and weekend blues. Every year the girls get prettier, and each year the clubs pace picks up to a more modern and wilder beat.


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551 reviews for “Deja Vu

  1. Ridding Dirty

    Ridding dirty…Pulling my belt off she quickly opened my pants, pulling my boxers down, my hardness leaped out, she leant down, sucking my head into her mouth, before sliding up, her panties the only obstacle between us, she pulled them aside, and used my leaking cock head to stroke her wetting lips. She says “I have to go on stage in one more song, “, two had already played…she lifts up, and slide herself onto my hardness, and starts to grind on me.. whispering to me “don’t cum”. I moan “I have to cum soon, where can I”…she thinks for several grinds…”fuck it, Cum in me”, and starts to bounce on my cock…after a minute it’s to much, I pull her down on me and hold her, we both feel me pulse my seed into her stinky cum hole. I pulled up my pants and dipped the fuck outta there before she had a chance to hustle me for more money.

  2. Anonymous

    Ridding dirty…Pulling my belt off she quickly opened my pants, pulling my boxers down, my hardness leaped out, she leant down, sucking my head into her mouth, before sliding up, her panties the only obstacle between us, she pulled them aside, and used my leaking cock head to stroke her wetting lips. She says “I have to go on stage in one more song, “, two had already played…she lifts up, and slide herself onto my hardness, and starts to grind on me.. whispering to me “don’t cum”. I moan “I have to cum soon, where can I”…she thinks for several grinds…”fuck it, Cum in me”, and starts to bounce on my cock…after a minute it’s to much, I pull her down on me and hold her, we both feel me pulse my seed into her stinky cum hole. I pulled up my pants and dipped the fuck outta there before she had a chance to hustle me for more money.

  3. oldschool
  4. RIP

    Crockett Gone

    But Not Forgotten

  5. re: riddler

    well i would have to say that you are that no good drug dealer named Caleb. Its a shame that you are at the club every night at not at home with your daughter who is dying… or is that your story to get girls to feel sorry for you?

  6. easy money

    Love to frequent the club,Enjoy a wide variety of women.Even bring my wife sometimes, She enjoys it as much as I do gotta love it.

  7. Client #9

    I omenLove this place especially the Newly Named Emperors VIP Room and Kristen is really Hot.

    This Club has it all for the Discriminating Man or Women

  8. Chuck Norris

    what is the deal with that bianca chick? is she high or what

  9. Charley Brown

    Leyna is Hott

    Well worth the money

  10. Fridays

    I love this place. I’m here every Friday.

  11. clubman

    That new girl Giselle I think, damn fine..

  12. Junior
  13. Alex

    Seriously, the best night i have had in a long time. It was a spur of the moment thing and my first time at a club and I am glad to say that i am now going to be a regular, the dancers were great and their shows were even better. keep it up lansing ill be back for sure!!

  14. therman
  15. Jose

    Thanks for making my night! Kandi,Trinity, Sassy, and the rest, I can’t wait to see you again.

  16. n
  17. howard

    had a great night at the vu sat. can’t wait to go back

  18. Barbara
  19. Mark

    I have been going here for years and enjoy the girls and the hospitality.Nothing is more relaxing than watching women on stage, Just kick back and enjoy.But don’t forget to get a lap dance or 2 or and tip your waitress.

  20. wanke
  21. brutus
  22. Q

    Tom knows the way, will Justin follow?

  23. pete
  24. Artie

    Was in here new year’s eve and loved it! They may not’ve had alcohol but all the ladies made this the right choice.

  25. Charlie

    No new girls…ever. Chased away by the dancers who have been there for years and wont quit. Variety sucks. Clientele all go for cheap nights and don’t spend a dime. Go somewhere else. Like Omars, they understand concept of dancer variety and customer service.

  26. Mac
  27. MoJo

    Good Times to Be Had Here Guaranteed

  28. Sludge Report 6-20-08

    The Sludge Report: 6-20-08

    Crockett Reporting

    The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

    As derived from Half Truths, Lies, Rumors, Gossip, and Fairy Tales

    Thursday Amateur Nightand the Club was full.

    A lot of Crazy Ass Young Ladies partying, dancing, and showing their Boobs.

    Wished they would have signed up to do amateur night.

    Serena the waitress who should be a dancer came in second place to a Professional Amateur.

    Maybe Tom will give her the nod now.

    She is Very popular with the customers

    Jewell met a guy and 4 days later ran off, married him and left the area

    Chloe not to be outdone did about the same

    Heidi was abducted by aliens in a UFO and now works someplace in outer space.

    Storm is back looking like the Storm of old – a Hott New Slimmed down version with those Bodacious Boobs.

    Sophia is back also and she is one Hot Latina with a Gorgeous Body and Smile to go with it. Friendly and a Great at LD’s / VIP’s too!!!!!

    Don’t believe any of the rumors about STI’s at this club.

    I personally inspected each dancer and found them to be 99 & 44/100 % Pure,

    Malicious rumor that took on a life of it’s own when it hit the internet.

    Of course we all practice safe sex anyhow that is just how it is done in 2008 No matter where were at and even at home.


  29. Aaron Olson
  30. interested

    Who’s tracey and what’s the story on her?

  31. john lopez jr

    I went to the da ja vue in lansing mi, Its located on jolly and MLK It was my first time being there I had a blast! The girls all were sexy. Especially ONE NAMED VENASSA SHE REALLY MOVES HER BODY LIKE A CYCLONE.LOL. I recomend this club to anyone who is looking to have a good time. IT’S GREAT.

  32. Josh
  33. Re: R.K. - Crockett

    Sorry to Disappoint you MR. R.K.

    I’m A Survivor Back in Action Full Time At The Vu

    The Truth Live On Much To Your Dismay

    Back in black, I hit the sack,

    I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back

    Yes I’m let loose from the noose,

    That’s kept me hangin’ about

    I been livin like a star ’cause it’s gettin’ me high,

    Forget the hearse, ’cause I never die

    I got nine lives, cat’s eyes

    abusing every one of them and running wild

  34. partyboy
  35. fool

    there is one born every day

  36. JustinGreene

    Tom is a Prick.

  37. Daaamn
  38. OrEo_17

    It waz my first time and i loved it for the most part

  39. Rich

    This club is wonderful! A comfortable atmosphere, polite staff, and beautiful dancers. They’ll see me again.

  40. Studly Fireman

    Wow, I never thought I could get a lapdance and get dry Fuc%$# at the same time. I had a very sticky ride home. Well worth the Money. Will do it again

  41. BeBackSoon

    lots of fresh new faces 2-4-$40 dance prices did my lapping with aa dancer nikki very sensual two way contact

  42. The Doctor

    This place is amazing, the girl i thought was the best was Vixen, she’s beautiful.

  43. Amanda

    Every time I go to the club I always have an awesome time. I think its stupid for people to come on here and talk shit about the girls here. They are super nice and they work hard. This is one of the best clubs I’ve been to.

  44. The real McCoy

    Hey Mcoy, aka Rodney King, your grammar seems to be improving. Now you just need to work on your spelling, punctuation and capitalization. You might also try injecting a little truth into your posts from time to time and you might try to use this site as something other than your own personal vendetta against Crockett.

  45. gooch

    Please. Can someone let me know if Honey will be working this Weds. I am from out-of-town and would appreciate quick response. Wish they’d keep dancer scedule up. Thanx.

  46. Brett
  47. Red Light Guy

    This Club is at it’s very Best ever as far as the Strippers go, really hot and good looking. Corp and all their stupid money grubbing rules are driving us customers out though. It would be nice if the ladies could relax and sit with you a while instead of up down all night at the call of the red light.

  48. gunther
  49. Harry

    loved candy she is hot beautiful and she is really good at giving lapdances

    anyone that goes to the Deja Vu in E lansing michigan should take at least a half

    hour with her. Shes really nice too

  50. myra
  51. tyler ball

    its the best in michigan

  52. FarmBoy

    Mostly there during the day/early evening so I can’t say much about the nighttime activities. Excellent place to have a fun time and friendly female compansionship.

  53. Crockett re: Tracy

    So what is your report on this dancer Tracy? Is she worth coming to see? Who

    would myou rate as most pleasing on the list you named working on Monday?

  54. NAUTICALstar
  55. pervert

    your girls are fat bitches

  56. jer
  57. Re: Kelly (or Kellie)

    I agreed 100% with Mr. Mike and Shawty Man about Kelly (or Kellie). Thank you very much for your opinions.

  58. charles
  59. cheesy

    Serenity is the most beautiful wonderful girl that dances there. Her tits are amazing!

  60. Shane

    You can’t wear hooded sweatshirts either. Make U take them off. Why this?? I dunno. Punks sneak in liquor in their pants and elsewhere all then time.

  61. Smitty

    Wet-t contest was great! Had some real hotties doing it, hope they can get some new dancers from it.

  62. ryan123

    I once saw a stripper grab a folded dollar bill off of a patron’s face with her cheeks.Also, Tuesdays are cheap.

  63. mcg
  64. monica
  65. shilo geilhart
  66. Derek Cole

    This club is one of the best that I’ve been to!

  67. Anna
  68. Kevin Law

    I love all the chicks at LAnsing Deja Vu!!!!!

  69. Andrew

    Great place to sit with friends. Very outgoing girls. Will def go back.

  70. Regular

    Great as always! I didn’t know about the whole country night thing before-hand, but it was nice to see something different. Who’s Tracy, by the way?

  71. Shake Your Money Maker

    $1,000.00 in Prizes Tonite – Shake Your Booty and Make it Rain Contest – Bring Your Honey – Take Home a Load of Money

  72. RE The Truth

    OK, I will agree to start talking about the dancers, afterall, this is what this board is supposed to be about. But ONLY after Crockett stops his lies about certain dancers and customers. He is all nicey-nicey on this board, but he LIES on twosheds.

  73. gman

    had a great time here on my birthday. can’t wait to come back.

  74. prezz

    why are there no dancer schedules posted also,also what happened to summer I use to go in the late evening ejoyed getting a ld from her no longer there?also paris

  75. chingy
  76. shanman63

    this club is pretty good, the dancers should have more one-on-one conversations with the customers though

  77. Shawty Man

    Re: Mike – You are so right about Kellie, I can’t imagine why they keep her. Her dances are the worst and she is a real dunce. Summer used to be alright, but I have heard she no longer is on the “S” girl list of the Vu’s Best Blonde Buys ratings. At the tip rail when they stick their stank in your face just puke like I do or gag yourself and sometimes they get the hint. If I managed a club with strippers with STI’s I would do something before someone decides to sue ole deep pockets Harry and Larry with all their $ BILLION$.

  78. Dees
  79. joey

    it really nice

  80. Craig

    There are several hot dancers, and some girls that I wouldn’t get a dance from if it were free. Overall, it’s a really good time. The deal of the century is a great deal, and lesbian nights are awesome. Some of the girls try to scam you, such as a certain one that begs you for a $20 tip before the dance, and gives you a horrible dance if you don’t give it to her. Word gets around, though, and it costs her in the long run. I usually tip anyway, but if they ask for it up front I recommend you go find another girl. Overall, 8.4/10

  81. Les
  82. Terrance
  83. jane
  84. phunto
  85. mohamed
  86. Distinguish
  87. floyd fan
  88. Unhappy Gal

    It is really a shame that the people they hire to work here don’t know how to treat female customers, and I am not talking about the dancers. I am however talking about the floor personal and MC’s. I have never been to a deja vu before and went after being convinced by some of my guy friends. The night started out fine but after I went to take a picture of a one of my friend’s goofy grins after getting a face-full of woman I was promptly shoved in the shoulder, had my camera phone slammed shut and was threatened by the MC that if I did not put my phone away “he would break it”. Now I should have known better then taking out my camera phone, but hey I am not a regular and did not think of the rule at the time! I was then harrassed by the same MC all night over the mic to all in the club. Professionalism is a word that some people at this joint have not heard of….won’t let people talk me in to going to this one again!

  89. Old Dude

    NO Caps allowed in this club, Unless you want to go to the Love Boutique and spend almost $30 for a “Hustler” hat.

    What a scam and cheap way to sell $5 quality caps. They were gonna make me take my “Hoodie” off too, but I had nothing on under it. Forget that the Advertise “NO DRESS CODE” even on this site. nd yes they are rude to customers and the DJ/MC can be quite annoying especially when they are picking on one in particular Don Rickles style.

  90. msu bro

    good lookin girls, but they should definitly sit down and talk for a while instead of just going around asking if you want a dance

  91. K-dog

    Spent an amzing 15 minutes with Serenity in the VIP room yestreday. Best time I’ve ever had in a club anywhere!!! Last trip, I had an almost-as-good couch dance with Lily. Can’t say enough good things about these girls.

  92. mike dewolfe

    the dancers were hot and the dj was nice one dancer i like the most was raven

  93. Lansing Deja Vu
  94. MT. P Cpl

    Jade is amazing! Thanks for an amazing night!

  95. Kisses
  96. Rick

    I had a great time and we loved jenna

  97. Mr. Happy

    Best Damn Strip Club in the Country. Who in the hell needs booze with all those Young Hotties, Cougars, and MILFs to get HIGH on. Shit no booze means more money for Lap Dances for Mr. Happy.

  98. Melon Man

    Melon Fest tonight –

    Over 100 strippers –

    Dances as Cheap as they ever will get –

    Name your own price –

  99. Peter

    Rude dancer and rude staff – said there was camera in private dance room that caught your hand in your pocket ….

    Girl and bouncer try to do nothing but take your money anyway!

  100. Tiffany

    Tiffanys Cabaret Airport is posting all the spam

  101. Jessicah

    I fucking love your club!!! Its the only one I go to!! Your birthdays are the shit!! Keep up the good entertainment!!

  102. Heidi

    Heidi may be HOT but she’s not shy about asking for a tip.

    I gave her what I thought was a fair tip $20 in the VIP but she keepted asking for more. She wouldn’t let it go until I told her that she wouldn’t get many dances if she kepted aksing for more.

    All in all I would give this place a thumbs up.

  103. shogun
  104. jack cannon
  105. Kinky
  106. Cletus
  107. Bill

    It was ok, the girls were really nice, I really liked the country night. I just hate to think that the girls maybe getting there feelings hurt. Wish I could find a way to send a note directly to one or two of the girls. They were awesome and I’d like to tell them so. I wish I could give one opertunity to get in touch with me if she wanted too.

  108. someone1

    it rocks

  109. Czechy check

    Danielle used to be a man and then had an operation to be a woman. That’s why she looks like a man and still has an adams apple.

  110. WTF

    Is going on here. Lame Dancers Over priced admission, Lap Dance, and VIP Prices. If you ain’t a Regular Customer with Big Bucks to spend you might as well stay home and watch Porn with Righty or Lefty. A few Hott and Good dancers the rest suck.

  111. guest

    the only real thing i do not care for or understand??

    we can’t ware a hat or coats!!!! why can’t we????

    also it says “NO DRESS CODE” on there web page

  112. The Vu Dude
  113. John

    I had a awesome time, was worth the drive and money to see. Thank you Desiree

  114. binker


  115. Ricardo Saenz
  116. trey
  117. Dragon X

    A great time as always

  118. Paris

    The last I seen of her was on the day shift week-ends. I don’t know if she still dancing or not. She did have a job in E.Lansing, Sorry don’t ask! I will not tell where usless she says it’s OK.

    Observe everything, Believe nothing.


  119. joblow

    not a lot of fun

  120. yeah
  121. Felton

    Good time, lots of girls. Service was great, treated real well.

  122. lenny

    This was probably the best deja vu I went to so far.

  123. ash
  124. Countryboy

    Havannah is such a doll. Spent some quality time with her during Country night just before I left. Definitely left with a big country grin on my face.

  125. A concerned citizen

    Attention management: Lower your prices! Never, ever charge more than a $5 cover! Lower the VIP prices to the Mon-Wed special prices. On Mondays and Wednesdays knock the price down even more. Lower the dance prices to $15. Lower the drink prices! $10 for a Red Bull is insane. Try to make amends with all the good-looking babes who have left in the last year or 2 because you treated them the same way you treat your customers (like shit) and try to get them to come back. Get some decent tv screens in there and run some football specials on Sunday and Monday! Your business is dying if not already dead! Nobody goes there anymore because it’s overpriced and most of the girls that are left are old, overweight, annoying or just plain not very interesting. Implement these suggestions and watch business start to boom once again. Keep running the place into the ground like you have been and your doors won’t be open much longer.

  126. TaintedEvil

    great club with great girls. 3rd time going and wont go anywhere else unless something changes dramatically.

  127. Davey

    HOT HOT HOT Did I tell you it is Hot ?

  128. Bufarm
  129. B-Money
  130. MK Ultra

    See you soon!

  131. floyd

    The only things about the club that I like was the 2 cover,free soda and Honey. If you go to Deja Vu go on thur, fri, or sat Honey is the best dancer there

  132. Kyle Vincent

    A welcoming and relaxing environment with plenty of gorgeous and friendly ladies to make even the best of days better. With all the places to choose from in the country I would have no regrets or second thoughts in picking this club everytime. I definately reccomend this club to anyone.

  133. Re:Crockett

    I don’t know this Crockett personally although I see him frequently in various clubs and can’t understand the negative posts about him.

    He is fairly well known in Lansing & Jackson Clubs and most all of the Dancers, Patrons, and Staff seem to know him and greet him with a handshake or a hug.

    I have seen positive and negative posts here and on Sure they are what they are, his opinions as he sees them and they do change as club conditions change.

    His honesty must have alienated someone to say all these bad things about what appears to be a very nice person who knows a lot about strip clubs and dancers.

    Lighten up and make your own decisions, but I for one appreciate the information he provides and he is one of the few who actually replies to questions.

    Also the fact he does not hide his identity or use aliases speaks volumes too me.

  134. Spenzer

    I got herpies, and all these girls are so slutly look there not even hot they just need money and there ghetto as ever, this place is nasty

  135. djme
  136. Re:Danielle

    Who is dis Danielle?? I NEVER see her managing anything. And how did this black lesbo creature ever get that position in the first place??

  137. Daddy KingBee

    Storm is awesome, what a Beauty, Big Boobs, Tight Body, and as Hot as it gets on the Couches or in the VIP. Can’t wait to get back and see her again, and again, and again.

  138. JOe

    amazing…very clean

  139. re: cricket

    Just make sure that cricket charges you the right amount and if she does not let managment know cause she has been fired from that in the past.

  140. Sergio

    Hottest Club outside La Vegas Vu……..Strippers are Friendly, Good Looking, and Give the Best Nude Lap Dances ever for $20 or Less……..I love this place and can’t wait to get back to see Nevaeh, Candi, Trinity, Sassy, Vanessa, Honey, Serena, Heidi, Ariel, Storm, and all the rest of my Vu VIP Women.

  141. Aaron

    Love the place. $5 bottomless drinks are awesome. The girls are hot and the music is awesome! And don’t forget to tip the waitresses!

  142. Brandon Rico

    I went for My 18th and it was fucking sweer

  143. to Boone

    to Boone (friend of Crockett) I am not RK, but yes I do have a vendetta against Crockett. #1, he needs to make up his freakin’ mind. One time, he comes on here and talks smack about the Vu and the next time he comes on and praises it like it’s the best club on earth. He must be psycho or something. #2, I am tired of his lies. On twosheds, he posted lies about a certain dancer that is untrue. And although he does not know me, he posted a lie about me and a certain dancer. Unless he is certain of the facts, he needs to keep his mouth shut.

  144. Sludge Report 7-27-08


    Not to be confused with or endorsed by the Drudge Report —

    Crockett Reporting: 7-27-08 —


    As derived from Facts – Gossip – Rumors – Lies – and Fairy Tales —

    1. Melon Fest 08 was Great !!!!

    Was in the Club from 8pm to 4:30 am and everyone Customers, Dancers, and Club Staff was having a more fun than they could almost handle……….

    Dances as low as $5 and lots of 3-4-$20 too……….

    DJ Carter and another MC keep the crowd alive and HOOTING especially when 3 guys got on stage to eat some pussy which was actually a Watermelon eating contest while the girls held a 1/4 Melon in their crotch……….

    The Tip Rail was full of Girls all night long showing their Boobies and getting special Girl/Girl treatment from the dancers with DJ Carter’s Encouragement…………..

    Molly, Angela, Sarah, Nicole, and the rest of the waitresses are almost worth the price of admission with their Cute Little French Maid costumes with Garters and Lace Panties………..

    2. Glad to see Heidi back on the schedule to dispel all those rumors out there and she looks awesome, the break & vacation did her good.

    3. Vickie who won the Thursday’s Amateur Contest and is now a regular dancer..

    I did her first Lap Dance with her and was impressed for a “Rookie Dancer”..

    A beautiful blond who is gonna fit in real good on my dance card……….

    4. DeJa vu and the Strippers deserve a lot of Credit for keeping Lap Dance and VIP Room sessions prices down..

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday almost every dance was a ” Special ” plus they were giving away Melon Fest Black T-Shirts and tons of Free Porn DVD’s..

    Sun – Mon – Tues – and Wed all already have reduced prices and specials………

    No other Club is doing anything like that to give us more ” Bang for our Buck ” !!!!!!!!

    5. If you happened to be in Omars Wed for the Bikini Contest the winner is planning on doing Amateur Night this week and worth the trip………….

    6. It is not fair or courteous to sit at the Tip Rail and occupy a seat without tipping the dancer on stage under most circumstances…….

    It is costing the girls money and us customers joy not to be able to get to the tip rail…

    It would be nice to go back to your table if you don’t want to tip and let someone who does have a chance. – Thank You …..

    If you want Charity go to the Salvation Army or Red Cross don’t expect a free strip show….

    The Ladies work hard and you can’t give them a Dollar – Come -on…..

    Same for for the Servers Too !!!!!!!

  145. BoJangles

    Need to get a better daytime DJ. That’s all and the place will be perfect!

  146. bigballa
  147. Rodger

    Just watch out for Arianas babies daddy, he’s in the club all the time and talkin smack to anyone gettin dances wit her. Damn wiggers.

  148. jim

    hey very nice girls, some of the drinks girls dould be dancers

  149. damon

    good time

  150. Re: Hanna

    Is she a good dancer (or just an AIR dancer) ? Please let me know. Thank you very much.

  151. Champ

    Lots of pretty ladies. Moral would be better if management treated girls better. Traci,Dani,Venus,&Victoia are great! Honey & Shantell are hottest on stage!

  152. Bruce Gage

    It is great everytime me and my friends go. We always talk about it for weeks and when we are going again. Beautiful girls and great place to hang out.

  153. Sidney Fan

    I agree with Woodchuck. This is unfair and it does not helps the business. To

    fight this issue, girls could nicely remind us to tip more but still keep the

    good attitude. At least I am OK with that.

    P.S. Does anybody know when is Sidney working day shifts. Would not mind

    spending some time with her in the VIP but can’t do it at night.

  154. Excellent

    Something about this club:

  155. sydney

    sydney is by far the best entertainer in lansing

  156. Re;:Sarah

    What are you talking about Sarah? Almost every dancer here is lesbian or bisexual and women get treated much better at this club than the guys do! Women can play with dancers tits on stage and suck on them. Watch what happens if a guy merely rests his hand on a dancer on stage. He’ll be literally thrown out into the parking lot face first! And $100 is not a lot of money to spend at this particular club. There’s really no sense even going in if you don’t have at least $2-300 to spend.

  157. I <3 College

    Geting back to MSU and couldn’t wait to come back and visit the place! I love it, great way to take a break.

  158. Rodney King

    hey all. yeah sophia, i think the columbian dancer is on break, she lives in howell michigan.

    this other site called is a strip club site, which gives viruses.. so be careful.

    i will be sumbitting the dreaded rodney king review soon on this club

  159. customer

    I’ll put my money on the Saginaw strippers!

  160. samantha
  161. ?

    why was heidi fired

  162. tim

    hey! that sounds like you have had a sniff of that nasty stuff!I have noticed that same odor as the previous poster,I read back on some of the previous posts and there saying the same things,that smell of death sure could be around more people than is truly known it follows all of us big brother,sometimes people are not looking when it stikes,and would all fall no matter of the size.I do not agree with the other post about venus but have never had a ld from her but she is the most fun and pleaseant,and you can just feel the tention in the air as soon as you walk in,that is a true fact its like you feel you have to watch your back not a good atmosphere,and this girl kelly,summer,have to feed the monkey,so they have to perform and I would say dance but I have seen very few truly dance.its an art that maybe one or two their could do,bye bye whiskey breath,

  163. Flounder

    Every time I am in Lansing I go here. I live in the U.P and often go to Canada, the dancers here were HOT!!! Got a couple of private dances from Paige, well worth the money!

  164. Doctor Benway

    Happy birthday to Ann Clerkenwell from Agents Benway and Blaine

  165. to Crockett

    Hey Crockett… your input. You know all. Haven’t been there in awhile. Sorry to hear Natalie left. I never had a dancer with her, but LOVED her glasses. She is gorgeous. Who else left the Vu?

  166. Ashley
  167. Davie

    It’s an amazing club and I definately plan on coming back soon.

  168. Codster

    This is probably one of the worst clubs, dancer wise, i have ever been to. The girls are very immature and stuck up. I have been going to this club for a couple of years and it seems to be get worse and worse. I have never seem so much drama and shit talking in one club than the deja vu of Lansing. They have the biggest turn over rate, and all the good girls that i’ve liked have quit. The girls attitudes towards customers and the other dancers is pathetic!

  169. anthony
  170. Clubber L
  171. gami

    sizzle stick

  172. billie

    had the most lousy ld from a girl named natasha or someshit like that,good looking girl lousy talent,should think of a carear change,hiring at menards,

  173. LM VANG

    Went there on friday the 24th for my birthday with the boys, it was great as usual. We are pretty familiar with the girls there and they always treat us great. Love you Sassy, Bliss, Gemini, Storm, Scorpio, Kandi, Alize, Lexus, Heidi, Kylie, Roxxie, Scarlett, Arianna, Leslie, Destiny, Trinity, Sabrina and whoever else I forgot. But yeah, went back the next day with my wifey. The best time ever, she was getting dances from all the girls, double teams triple teams, man it was awesome. What else can I say. I am a lucky guy. Deja Vu Lansing is the bomb shizzle. The girls are great and so is everything else.

  174. HeeHaw
  175. Lag
  176. GR Man
  177. Tim Michael

    The girls should take conversation lessons and spend a little more time with cutomer pre-sale.

  178. jesse

    it was my first time and my friends birthday so it was a pretty good time all together thanks for everything.

  179. help

    Is it true that Tracy has been fired? Please tell me this is not true.

  180. Mike
  181. youll
  182. Can't Disagree...

    These last two comments are so damn good comments. I hope more people will

    pay attention to it…

  183. Cedric

    i love it

  184. mr bean
  185. james

    great place

  186. older and wiser

    why would the older girls want to retire when they still make damn good money, just cause they are older don’t mean they are nasty. some of us older men like the more mature girls, they give way better dances than the young ones. so I’ll leave the young cuties for you youngsters and I’ll take the older girls.

  187. re: McKenizie

    I haven’t been to the Vu, so I don’t even know who McKenzie is. But for what it’s worth, here are my two cents worth.

    Quote from below:

    “Let me get this straight. Her black boyfriend won’t let her dance for other black men because he’d freak out? But he has no problem with her dancing for white guys? That’s a good one. Really stupid but it made me laugh.”

    I’m an avid reader of TUSCL and the topic of black men not letting “their woman” have dancers with other brothers has been discussed many times on TUSCL. And the overwhelming concensus seems to be that does often happen, as a matter of fact. And this comes from customers and dancers from around the country where there are “black” clubs. Since we don’t have any striclty black clubs in Lansing, you all may think it is crazy, but from what I have read, it does indeed happen.

    I don’t get it, why he would be OK with her dancing with white guys, but not black guys, but then I don’t always understand black culture. I don’t mean to come off sounding like a racist, but I’m just saying there a cultural differences that us uptight whities just don’t understand.

  188. Barrack

    Omar’s is dead and Cheetah’s is dying and the DeJa Vu is still going strong in this depressed Lansing economy. Management and Owners are doing their part not it’s up to the Dancers. All the Stripper Drama and the bad attitudes about making less money is not helping the situation. Girls be glad you are working and take care of your customers as they deserve so they keep coming back…..

  189. macky

    i went to the lansing vu and i had a VIP from Taylor, I was more board then anything but then i just had a private from Honey (the hot black chick) and OMG that was a little piece of heaven. I wish I didn’t waist my hard earned cash on Taylor but hey, live and learn. all i know is i’m coming back for another taste of honey.

  190. goodboy


  191. Jimmy

    Stasia is just the best you must get a dance with her you haven’t your miss out

  192. Tivo

    Tyra is amazing i am still having dreams about her!!

  193. another anonymous

    Rodney King is a first class ass……..

    He only likes male strip clubs and hates all and any females……

    Dont belueve a thing it posts,

  194. anton

    good ladies fun times

  195. Frog

    This place used to be alright three years ago…

    But today, girls are unfriendly, old, and largely unattractive…

  196. Ndvnigfs


  197. thomas

    its the best

  198. Laran

    greatest place in Michigan

  199. ChuckE Crockett

    Again an awesome amateur night Thursday. 5 girls and any of them could have been winners. Aubrey a waitress now dancer won and she really deserved it. A dancer called Evie was 3rd and should have been second by my count. Great time lots of fun especially with hott new waitresses Tiffany and Amber. MC Brian and DJ Cornbread fun as hell!!!!!

  200. joseph

    Daytime visitor. The club is okay however some girls are with only one or two

    guys all day! Probably good for the dancers but not very good for the other


  201. j
  202. kevin

    I love it

  203. dan

    I disagree about the previous post about lily I found her very entertaining and hot my first time with her in the vip room it was great,you sound more like and old boyfreind or maybe,someone who tried to go a little farther than allowed and stopped!!!!I usually got my dances from summer but I have not seen her of late,so asked a hostess and she said she did not work anymore there.would like to have had one more dance from her,so what is all the drama going on at one of my favorite places to vist when in town,will be in soon to see some of my favorites,

  204. " L " Girl Man

    Lillie – Leah – Leslie – Lindsay – Are my fav’s and all well worth the money and then some more too

  205. G-money

    First off I would like to say that JEWEL is the dancer there, by far!!! 3 dances from here and she just reels u back in for another. But overall i have only been a couple times but it is a cool place to go chill with some buddies and or girlfriend if shes into places like that. The only thing I was ABSOLUTLY grossed out about was the free dvd i got that was fuckin she-male shit. Fuckin gross

  206. ja

    it’s just the bets

  207. Adam Parsons

    Sassy is the best!!!!

  208. pierre
  209. Master
  210. Dave

    We had a good time for sure. Although we did hear of couple girls complain about guys being “broke ass fuckers”. About half of the girls really knew how to perform, while others just moved around with very little dancing and waited for the cash to start flowing. The DJ was off the hook, the guy knew how to get people pumped up. Make no mistake, this is not a bad review, its a decent review compared to alot of the other clubs. Nearly all of the girls were pretty and did not have those nasty implants. Guys like them real girls, save your $$.

  211. Horrible club

    It is obvious that mostly dancers are the ones posting the

    “great” reviews on here. That’s complete bullshit! Some

    dancers like Brooklyn are georgous and kind, while the

    majority of the other dancers are petty money hungry anti

    social jackasses that sit backstage and bitch. Go to a

    different club if you want less drama and younger pretty

    dancers. They day time look like they are on drugs and many

    night time smell of pot and alcohol.Rudebitches.

  212. Ace

    Extremely attractive women and vary hospitable

  213. Brooke

    It was so much fun!!

  214. see ya soon

    I will miss all the lovely ladies during the xmas break. I’ll definately be stopping in again soon after returning to town. The atmosphere is great & the company is exceptional.

  215. big boi

    new VIP rule sucks. whoever came up with that idea should be fired. all of the other clubs think it stupid to

  216. Shawtys Man

    The most fun of any club around despite what some say on this forum. Go for yourself and see the variety of showgirls in age, size, and ethnicity. I am never disappointed with the Ladies and Waitresses are Hot tto. I have learned to ignore the management cause their Lap Dances are terrible. Crockett new what he was talking about when it comes to the DeJaVU.

  217. paul
  218. Ruby
  219. jimbob
  220. Stinky Pinky

    It’s Twue – It’s Twue

    All You Trolls and Sockpuppets have convinced me this is the place for me. I Luv’s stinky pussy especially on Teens who thank they are strippars, but just want to be licked while doing a lap dance or vip room.

  221. MC

    Tired of being harassed to buy drinks every 10 minutes. On a positive note the dancers are all excellent and beautiful; a must see!

  222. baap

    baap club hai doodhs!!!

  223. Edwin

    I loved the club i loved the girls and wish i could live there all my life!

  224. gordie
  225. TomTom

    The owners are doing the right thing ridding this club of the cancerous older dancers, and even the younger ones that have a poor work ethic. The owners don’t need to ask the customers what they want bc all the customers with money have left and all that remains are broke bastards that come in everyday and spend no money. The dancers still hide in the dressing room and bitch, and no wonder they make no money, All the owners need to do is walk in here to know this is true. I just spent $500 at omars where they have new attractive fun girls everyday. The Vu sucks.

  226. Management

    I cant believe the cover! $20 cover $10 beer? $40 for a lapdance?


    Lansing State Journal: Correction

    A Lansing woman hired an erotic dancer to perform at her 103-year-old father’s funeral.

    The Totally Nude Stripper named Sirenna danced in front of Davey Crockett’s coffin for more than 15 minutes at the funeral in the Lansing DeJa VU VIP Room.

    Danielle Boone paid her more than $150.00 to dance in memory of her late father, reports the Lansing State Journal.

    Mrs. Boone says she promised her father a stripper for his funeral if he lived beyond the age of 100.

    Mr. Crockett passed away at the age of 103 after a Seven Day Lap Dance Marathon.

    He was the oldest person in the VIP Room at the time.

    Reportedly he had more than 100 ex-wives and girlfriends.

    His daughter said her father was famous locally for his interest in strip clubs: “He would travel around the Country with his Girl Friends to see these shows,” she added.

    The Lansing DeJa Vu and Potters Pub in Jackson were his favorites.

    He also frequented Omar’s and Cheetahs in Lansing occasionally.

    Editors Note:

    This article corrects an earlier one where it was reported Mr. Crockett passed away while walking to vote.

    It is now known this was a story his family told so his 18 year old fiancee would not know about the Lap Dance Marathon and the $80,000.00 he had spent.

  228. Re: Big Boi

    Please explain “new rules” in the VIP.

    I have not noticed anything different than usual.

  229. Club Man

    A Fun Place With Real Pretty Girls

  230. No One's Fool

    Fool = Please elaborate

  231. yeehaw
  232. Bigred

    Can anyone tell me when perstephanie is dancing?

  233. julio

    the strippers here arent worth the money scarlet and honey were about the only decent looking girls there and i wouldnt spend money on either one honey has an attitude thru the roof and other guys trying to enjoy the club said stay away from scarlet shes dating the owner

    waste of money and time here

    go to saginaw or kalamazoo

  234. romeo
  235. mozenrath

    sheriff beat the shit out of crockett at the club…

  236. andy
  237. Ryan

    i think i fell in love with a stripper and her name is Arianna

  238. Lyle

    I would have to say that this is still the nicest looking club and has some of the better looking girls

  239. l

    what happened to tyra?

  240. djv
  241. not joblow

    can you elaborate joblow?

  242. Bearman
  243. re,re:crockett

    Yeah, your right, “there will only be one crockett” and he died at the Alamo.

  244. Klandl
  245. No thank you.....

    …..I’ve seen Freak Shows before and they don’t impress me. Will be glad when this shit is over.

  246. huggybear
  247. Zack

    Rather impressive. DJ was pretty entertaining in between dancers. First trip to a strip club and definitally looking forward to going back. Amazingly hot girls, all in shape, and could not find the 3 ugly ones. Servers were very attractive as well. The free prizes were pretty sweet.

  248. Drew

    Great place to sit with friends. Very outgoing girls. Will def go back.

  249. Observer

    I’m a customer, not a dancer, but I am a pretty astute observer. I’ve seen how management treats the dancers….a couple of the recent reviews have urged management “to do something”. Unless management starts treating the dancers fairly, and with some dignity and respect, it’s going to be difficult to get better talent and they just might lose the few decent ladies they have left.

  250. to roger

    Yes the girls venus, dani, and summer still work here. Try looking for them on friday dayshift plus a few other hotties work then too.

  251. Bill The Visitor

    This club is way different than some of the other clubs I’ve been to and I gotta say I wasnt too crazy about it. It gets annoying when every five minutes you get ten girls asking you if you want a dance. The atmosphere was ok but it could have been more modern, and the doorguy was an idiot! When is it not ok to go outside for a few minutes?! I’ve been to better Deja Vus than this so if I go back its gonna be a while!

  252. Doug
  253. re John

    John, you’ve got it right. I’ve been blinded by those lights too. And the 6″ heels are kinda of stupid. I’ve been to Florida clubs where shortd or sweats and tennis shoes are allowed and I find that sexy. Yeah, it’s loud, but Omar’s is even worse though.

  254. cuntsultant

    The last few reviews have been very informative.

  255. Eric

    This club had a nice floor but the dancers were rude and cold! I came to

    watch the contest on this Thursday… When I was asked who I was voting

    for by a dancer, she told me no don’t vote for her! That was rude, she said

    I needed to vote for her friend and she went around the whole club telling

    people to vote for her. I thought that was horrible. Her friend wasn’t even

    that good! The croud wasn’t into anything. The best thing at the club was

    the dj. He did a great job talking during the contest. I think this club is

    over rated and a shit hole. I’ll never come back! Don’t waste ur money on

    the girls they look sturng out of somethin. Try a differntly place before

    Lansing. It’s really not even worth the drive across town!

  256. VIOLET

    Avoid this dancer “VIOLET” at all costs.

    Definitely not worth the grief she will cause you

  257. Re: Electra

    I seriously doubt Electra cheated anyone. More likely it was another jealous dancer who wasn’t too thrilled that she came back who made that post.

  258. Tyr
  259. marty

    very disappointed in the amatur contest

  260. buck
  261. hifi
  262. Lee
  263. Sludge Report 6-11-08

    Sludge Report: 6-11-08 Update: Crockett Reporting: THE TRUTH as confirmed by Rumors, Gossip, Lies, and Fairy Tales

    Crockett re: Tracy (06/10)

    So what is your report on this dancer Tracy?

    Appeared as the average skinny blond Vu stripper anything special was not visible to the NAKED eye.

    Is she worth coming to see?

    Not for me to say until I have a LD or VIP, she does sem to of lots of PL’s in the Club though!!

    Who would you rate as most pleasing on the list you named working on Monday?

    That’s a tough one!! Dani, Venus, and Cheyenne are my favorites, but Passion is good and Shantell is a lot of fun when sober, Tifanny did look Hotter than Hall. Hannah is OK I guess, Never seen Dakota Before! P

    If you’re lookin’ for mileage try Victoria or Jayden from what I hear from the Penis Gallery they sometimes go the EXTRA MILE.

  264. Pants

    I had a blast last time I was there. Went into the VIP room. However, judging by the massive wet spot the dancer left on my pants I think she enjoyed herself more than I did. Think they will pick up the dry cleaning?

  265. mr big stuff
  266. M

    Great club, fun times had by all.

  267. Sunshine
  268. Daren
  269. Lee Vitra

    Haven’t seen the showgirl of the year but hear she is hot. Seen number 2 and 3 showing a lot of guys a good time and can’t wait to see number 1. Kasandra was really good and I had fun with her.

  270. sid
  271. chut

    baap club hai…..

  272. Johny
  273. -----

    Loved It….Classy

  274. scott

    i went for my 18th birthday it was deffinally the best birthday ever.

  275. jonnyboy
  276. hunter
  277. Elijah

    wish there was better musiq and a bit more diversity…

  278. jonn1


  279. Ray

    one of the nicest clubs i’ve seen.

  280. George Collins

    Storm and Sunshine should offer couch dances together, even if the price is double…

  281. FORBES


  282. re: The Truth

    I agree, lets talk about the dancers because they are the reason for this club!!

    How about rating the day time dancers, Riley, Venus, Catt, Victoria, Tracy and

    any others. This is what the goers want to hear.

  283. Chuck Crockett

    Justin is a friend and Scarlett won fair and square although I thought Gemeni should have won.

    In this case “Imitation is NOT the Sincerest Form of Flatery”

    Anyone who really knows me knows I would never make up such a untrue statement about two friends.

    Whoever you are get a life of your own cause there will only be ONE “Crockett” ever.

  284. Tom

    Loved it.

  285. Alexus
  286. leslie
  287. kool
  288. Prada
  289. Clark
  290. Brad

    These are some of the finest women i have seen in an adult establishment and it is a great welcome home when you are serving in the armed forces!

  291. Big D

    Way better than Omar’s

  292. jamie

    When I get a chance to stop in I always have a good time,the dancers do a stand up job every time I have been there. thx all see ya.Its the best club

  293. Jen

    Hit up the Vu for a friends Birthday party recently.

    At one point, all the girls grabbed up DVDs and trooped out, most likely to attempt to sell them to the patrons.

    However, when the first girl in line got to our table of 6, one of our party had the misfortune of laughing at something at the same moment that she said something in Spanish.

    She then spent the next 3 to 4 minutes lecturing our whole group about needing to be more culturally aware. Essentially calling us, the one who laughed in particular, rude to other cultures.

    Shortly after she walked away, two of our party separately overheard her complaining loudly about the confrontation to other workers and patrons.

    She definitely killed the joyful mood we all had and as good as ruined my friend’s birthday celebration.

    I’m sorry but whether you’re wearing a top or not, you still work in a service industry. It’s nice that you have a strong opinion but I don’t want to be lectured by you any more than I want to be lectured by the cashier at Meijer or the barista at Starbucks.

  294. frederick

    This club leaves one wanting more.

  295. Fellatio

    Club deader than michael jackson’s dick in alaska. Dancers

    are all south lansing trash. drugged out and act like high

    school cunts. management is awful. no quality control or

    customer service. that’s whatt you get when you let lazy

    niggers and mexicans run this place.

  296. "BOSS"

    VANESSA is HOT – This new showgirl is one of the best in a long time. Great stage show – Sensuous LD’s

  297. long time

    It has been a long time since visiting the vu, what the vip dances all entail these days.

  298. C
  299. The Donald

    Very Best Club I have ever been too in the whole wide world including my own. Good looking girls, cheap prices, and lots of free stuff too. I really like Sassy, Storm, Shawnee, Scorpio, Dakota, Riley, Arrianna, Lilly, Alize’,Solei’, Carmen, Leah, Gemeni, Cherish, Monroe, Natalie, Alyssa, Dani, Venus, Cheyenne, Sadia, Vanessa, and all the rest too.

  300. Ed

    Jenna & Lindsey made my night.

  301. Henry

    Excellent time!

  303. Allen Williams

    The club was very well maintained and the doorman staff were very professional. very beautiful dancers.cant wait to go back!

  304. chris

    the club is great and the girls are great

  305. John Dillinger

    Leah really is the “Lady in Red” she is the Hottest Little Pop Tart in the Club. Thanks girl for another wonderful night at the DeJa Vu. I’ll be back soon, especially now that I know you are dancing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights!!!!!

  306. Smith

    This is where i disagree with people like Crockett.

    The Vu is overpriced like hell.

    The wait staff does not give two hoots about service.

    These girls are miserable and it shows. They dont come to you unless your willing to tip them like 10-20 bucks for bringing them free coke or juice.

    And the biggest scam is, when you go to the booths to get dances, these waitresses pop up to ask if you want to buy the “lady” a drink.

    The bitch gets a drink free, its not a drink, its juice.

    I mean these people need to grow up. Enoug of this baloney.

    Hire some new dancers, get some hot girls, and shut down this silly joke stuff tom

  307. The Riddler

    I am in the Vu 7 nights a week from 10pm to closing and I never buy a LD, VIP, Tip the Servers, or Sit at the Tip Rail yet there is always a crowd around me and strippers coming to my table all night long.

    Who am I Tom?

  308. Dr . Poon Tang

    Vaginal odor and sweating in the genital area are related because sweat can be a factor in causing odor, however odor may be present even without excessive perspiration. Let’s address the odor issue first. All women have a vaginal scent that is normal for them; this scent may change throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, becoming stronger and milder at times.

    Having a vaginal scent is normal and not considered a problem in itself. However if a woman notices that her normal scent suddenly changes, becomes much stronger, or seems foul, it may be an indication of an infection or other medical problem.

    Troublesome vaginal odor can be caused by several factors. The most common cause is vaginal bacterial overgrowth known as bacterial vaginosis, which has a “fishy” or “musty” smell. “Fishy” smells can also result from vaginal infections, such as trichomonas vaginalis, and in some women, from semen in the vagina. The vagina could also smell “yeasty” because of vaginal yeast overgrowths. (Also check out Antibiotics and yeast infections, Yeast infection, and Burning after sex without a condom). Synthetic underwear, pantyhose, tights, and Spandex exercise clothes do not allow air to circulate around the vulva (the outer lips of the vagina). A moist, sweaty environment promotes overgrowths of normal skin bacteria that could cause vaginal odor.

  309. nob

    Great place to get a good dance!!!

  310. amazed

    I am amazed that men will pay $300-400 a week for a short time in the VIP

    room. Do they think that the girl would look at them in another setting? Some

    men act like the girls really care for them and can not wait to be with them. Get


  311. Re;crocket

    Are You a jealous stripper?Or do you wanna bang Justin?

  312. Roland
  313. Benji

    I’ve been to several strip clubs and this one is by far the absolute best, no other club compares to this one

  314. ashlee
  315. Pfc. Marbach

    the women are hot, and they are a real treat when u get back from the military!!

  316. melissa

    i been to the club a few times and to me and hubby its the best club in town , dancer’s are cool, and and exciting,very clean place, and will return again and shows are thrilling just keep up the good job woman

  317. Lexus

    the club is awesome. i love the atmosphere. there are some very very beautiful girls that work here. there is a great variety of music played. The only thing i would suggest is a possible refurnishing of the chairs because they are pretty old, ripped and stained and it is VERY cheap to simply put new fabric over the seats. It would make the club look better overall because there are more chairs in the club then anything else!

  318. 8" Alan

    This club is awesome and especially Lillie. the previous poster has never been there to make such ludicrous statements.

  319. jessica
  320. g

    how bout sierra is she still working here? havnt seen her work for awhile hope she didnt quit.

  321. steve


  322. pat

    the girls are freaks!! love this place.

  323. Boy78

    I could not agree more with the previous postings – this club has seen its best days already…

    Management, wake up and do something about it…

  324. flanders
  325. Cody Lauck
  326. ATF Man

    Stasia – Kandi – Trinity – Heidi – Cherish – Leah – Alize’ – Gemeni – –

    Nothing more can be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. TravD


  328. Tim S.

    It is the most awesome club in the world, I only wish that I lived closer to it so I could go there more often.

  329. carrie
  330. Jacko
  331. Ethan
  332. nate
  333. Cin

    Couldn’t have had a better experience with the girls for my bachelor party.

    Everyone’s expectations were exceeded in every way – great shows, awesome

    private dances, and very awesome ladies.


    This is to announce Danielle and Her Gang of Ghetto Gestapo Strippers have taken control of the Lansing Deja Vu in a Very Bloody Coup. Tom and the Owners are unaware and oblivious or no longer care. It’s a Sad Day in South Lansing for Deja Vu Customers and Dancers who will be mistreated as never seen before in Strip Club History.

  335. Stripper 101

    1.There is always mMney on the floor as well as Credit and ATM Cards. Never prejudge a customer and his willingness to spend money

    2. Always and I repeat Always ask for the Sale (LD or VIP) at least once

    3. If he/she declines don’t write them off as a total loss, build a friendship

    4. Stay on the Floor as much as possible meeting and greeting customers

    5. Always assume they are in the club for YOU, not the Free Soda and Coffee

    6. Stay away from Girls who Dance Dirty, Known Dealers, Boyfriends, or Regulars who are known “Free Loading Sight See Hers”

    7. Always Avoid Alcohol and or Drugs when working, Smile, Look Good, Smell Good, Change outfit, Freshen up frequently, especially after doing an LD or VIP.

    8. Don’t believe anything you hear and only 1/2 of what you see especially from Trouble Maker Dancers and Regular Customers.

    9. Choose your friends carefully and confide in no one in the Club.

    10. Remember, Remember, Remember your one goal is to make money honestly from customers who want to spend time with you and willing to pay for it.

    11. Always respect Club Management and their rules, don’t begrudge them for charging you to work in their club, you both need each other to survive, especially today.

    12. You are a self employed independent contractor, better off for it, and knowing this you are not entitled to Unemployment, Insurance, or any other benefits you would receive as an employee.

    13. How much money you make is up to you and your willingness to work for it and like wise how to spend it 100% except for employment taxes.

    The Potential is always there for a real good income, it’s up to you

    14. Always pay taxes and keep records, you will need credit to purchase a car or even your own home.

    15. If you are supporting ” Your Man or Woman” dump their lazy butt immediately, especially if all they do is sit home, get high or drunk, and play video games with their friends!!!!!!! Tell them get a job or get out and hire a baby sitter if

  336. Don Trump

    SUMMER – SYDNEE – SCORPIO are 3 Hot Blonds

    I guess YMMV and YMWV are true according to the 2 previous posts.

    I have always had a Good Time with any of them one at a time.

    Two at a time is unbelievable.

    All want for Christmas is all Three at Once.

  337. j.p.
  338. FAT MAN!!!
  339. Serenity LOVER

    Love Her!

  340. april williams

    i love going with my husband our favorite dancer is Onica

  341. Pauly D

    Great club and atmosphere, dancer were mostly polite and showed a variety of talent

  342. bub
  343. bella
  344. RIP Crockett

    A Lansing man hired an erotic dancer to perform at his 103-year-old father’s funeral.The stripper danced in front of Davy Crockett coffin for more than ten minutes in the VIP Room of the Lansing DeJa VU the State Journal reported Danielle says she promised her father a stripper for his funeral if he lived beyond the age of 100.Mr.Crockett passed away at the age of 103 after a three mile walk into town to vote. He was the oldest person in his village and had more than 100 descendants.His son said his father was famous locally for his interest in strip clubs: “He would travel around Lansing and Jackson with his friends to see these shows,” she added.


  345. Ricardo
  346. Archer4a
  347. Slick

    Girls are awesome and fun. servers and Bar Staff. Floor managers are jerks. Ignore them as they apply rules according to their mood and your status. Everything is overpriced so tip the girls and don’t be them drinks cause the the club gets another rip off. The best dances seem to come from the ladies who sit and visit prior to asking for a dance. In the daytime Venus is Hot and at Night I like Honey (everyone seems too).

  348. Curious

    i took my friend up there for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and we had such a good time that we ended up coming back the next few weekends, i always notice this girl coming in and alot of dancers seem to flock to her is she a former dancer?

  349. Lappa Dansa Luva

    Thanks for doing the right thing Tom and not believing those lying Ghetto Gestapo Strippers and getting to the truth.

  350. Questions

    Anyone know if Keri and Catalina still work there ?

    I haven’t seen them for months.

    Thank you.

  351. p3oo3r


  352. Strip Club Fan

    I’m sorry Crocket, I didn’t really understand that last comment. Please elaborate.

  353. wolf
  354. Rob
  355. Benjamin

    Its was a very nice first time event for me at my 21st. I enjoyed the girls there and the environment. The private dance I got was very well conducted. I give the Lansing vu an A for their club.

  356. Jake

    I love the club in lansing, it has a overall great atmosphere and is a great place for me and my boys to chill, plus the girls there just dont get no better

  357. Deja Vu: The Movie

    When I was in over the weekend, there was a rumor that some Hollowood execs were in town. They heard about the on-going drama at the Vu and are thinking of making a movie about our Lansing Deja Vu. I guess it’s not a rumor because I found some casting notes left in the men’s room:

    Deja Vu: The Movie


    Drew Carey as TOM THE MANAGER

    Star Jones as DANIELLE

    Jeremey Davies (Daniel from Lost) as JUSTIN

    Marlon Brando as BRIAN THE MC

    George Lopez as CARTER THE DJ


    and starring as the DANCERS,

    Kim Kardashian as SOLEIL

    Pamela Anderson as SUMMER

    Jennifer Connelly as JASMINE

    Anne Coulter as JEWEL

    Sally Struthers as DANI

    Tina Fey as NATALIE

    Jennifer Love Hewitt as ALICIA

    Anna Nicole Smith as STORM

    LeBron James as HONEY

    Lisa Simpson as DESTINY

    Boy George as SASSY

    Kim Cattrall as SCORPIO

    Nikki Tyler as KYLIE

    Rosie O’Donnell as MONROE

    Sara Palin as JADE

    Julie Chen as ALAYA

    Anne Heche as CAMERON

    Steve Buscemi as SAVANNAH

    Sarah Jessica Parker as LEAH

    and co-starring as the REGULARS

    George Burns as CROCKETT

    Buddy Epsen as JIMMY THE COOKIE MAN

    Steve Wilkos as CID THE DR*G D**LER

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as THE JACKET

    Fat Joe as SMACK

  358. I like Michigan

    Well Duncan, aka Rodney King, the weather’s no doubt better in California too! So go back to California and take all your aliases and vindictive attitude with you!

  359. Good Times

    The Vu is a great time, think the guys that check id and the dj are cool as shit, funny too. Girls are great but some u gotta watch for. Cricket will rip you off any chance she gets and if u dont want to give her an extra tip before your lap dance she gives u a shitty one, hell even if u do give her a tip its still shitty compared to most the girls, but im going again this weekend with my boys to have some fun

  360. woodchuck

    To whom ever it may concern:

    So now that you’ve taken some pics of the ladies when are you going to post them?

  361. almostlimp

    gave it one last shot last monday. As usual, felt taken by tracy…………..she complains about her everyday life, almost like she is expecting a handout from us men. If I wanted to hear whining, I’d stay home

  362. Tori

    I came in last night and loved it! It was a little slower than usual, I guess most guys were still hung over. The club still had tons of smokin ladies to choose from!

  363. Alisha
  364. pissed
  365. RE: RAVEN

    Yes, Raven is the girl with wings. I know she is almost always there on Saturday nights. But why would you want to know. She is UG–LEE. If management has to stoop this low for girls, DJV may has well pack up and leave Lansing.

  366. Kyle Baum
  367. Sleezed
  368. arl l
  369. Andrew Kaiser

    I would have to rate this club high because it was the first club I have been too; but it was nice, the girls were beautiful and Lilly was really nice I liked, how she talked and didnt just walk around asking for a dance, she chilled and let me and my friend know a little bit about her and carried on a conversation she also showed me a good time before I go into the Army. I had an amazing time and will come back again soon.

  370. Sarah

    DeJa Vu is a great club for straight men but God those stuck up sluts are so stuck up and are so stereotypical. I come into DejaVu with atleast $100 dollars ready to spend and I see girls swarming all over bummy guests and drunk broke losers and never get paid attention to or flirted with or even asked if I want a private dance. I dont feel welcome there being gay or taken serious as a guest/customer. And at a strip club everyone should be treated VIP. Don’t get me wrong because the women are beautiful but im saving my money to just spend big when I go out of town from now on. Im so sick of DejaVu homophobic stuck up strippers. There are very very few exceptions though. Unless its Saturday to see my favorite strippers I may never come again even if I want to take my straight male friends out to celebrate. The waitresses need to be more alive and spunky and so do the strippers. No one wants to come into an environment where everyone doesnt seem upbeat atleast. Quite a few of the girls look tired all the time.

  371. Franky W.

    I was wondering about a girl named Raven. At least I think that was her name. She has wings tattooed on her back. What days does she work?

  372. Marshall

    It’s one of the nicest clubs I’ve ever been to. Some of the ladies treat me so good there they always put a smile on my face. If any of them reads this you know who you are. You’re the ones that I gave roses too. I just want to say thank you again.

  373. roger

    I agree with a previous post,about summer,why does she want to sit and talk after she starts the clock less work?I dont think I would go and talk to the door man,but she is pretty hot!And what does ymmv or ymwv mean ?I guess I have not picked up on the club lingo yet,and how come no dancer schedules Its quite helpful for the flint club -roger

  374. Barack

    Club Commits Suicide – Sad to say in one shot this club managed to destroy all that was good about it. Good going Bean Counters. I am sure Omar’s and Cheetahs are celebrating for the Early Christmas Gift that will just keep giving and giving and eventually resuscitate them back to life.

  375. Jerry
  376. Jonathon Jay

    Glad to see my Ypsi gal Morgan is doing it to everyone in Lansing too. Roxie and Morgan are the very best and worth the extra money they cost.

  377. monkey

    was there last night and it was the best deja vu ive been to yet most of the girls are very sexy

  378. tmoney


  379. Adam

    I went in Wed (the third showgirl Spectacular thing I’ve been to) and I’ve gotta say great job ladies.

  380. jrev

    the club knows how to treat there customers and the ladies know what the hell there doing especially a certain someone …

  381. Ruby Tuesday

    I am thankful for all my customers who come in on Monday to Thursday for all the Great Prices on Dances. Sure I wish I made more money like the old days. Nowadays I have to work more hours,but it is better than no money and no customers. To many people have a union mentality in Lansing and don’t realize the Golden Goose is dying, the well is running dry, and just keep demanding more money for pay that ain’t there anymore. Just be Happy and take what money you can get. It’s called survival Honey.

  382. cricket
  383. TheManWitRedTie

    I love the VU. Best Dancers are XTC and Bliss. GET A DANCE on the couch from one of those two. Also dont miss a shot with Storm. And if you have a pocket full of money, take Crickett to the VIP its worth every penny.

  384. tom friong
  385. JerseyBoy

    Was there visiting from Jersey. Several of the girls were wesome and gave good performances. The lap dances were hot and well valued for the money. The juice girls were really friendly, especially Katy who was very cute and friendly. Be nice to her and dont make her become a bitch. Will definitely visit the net time I am in Lansing.

  386. thats me
  387. Phil

    dirty pirite hookers

  388. reggie

    cannot agree with the previous post,must not have had a private dance by summer,purchased 2 she sits and talks for one dance if i want to talk i will see the door man!does not act like she knows what to do spent, 3 or 4 girls her included talking to one guy at the bar not mingling with other customers save your moeny

  389. Big E

    Just as befor cant say anything bad, i had a blast and plan to come back 2 more times this week…very awsome.

  390. Sampson

    Location is great and neighborhood is desirable, Building is remodeled and very nice, especially the Love Botique Store.

    Non-Mgmt staff extremely friendly. Can’t say the same for floor managers. Never smile or say Hi spend most of their time picking on servers or dancers in front of customers.

    Girls are very pretty but it would be better if they stayed on the clubroom floor and chatted with customers instead of their own little cliques or staying in dressing room especially when crowd is small.

    I won’t spend a penny on those who just come out of dressing room or get up from table of other dancers and circle the room asking for dances.

    I spend my dollars on the Chicks who set and visit and work up a little excitement and frequently ask them for a dance or to come back and get me for the next special.

    Also the “Juice Bar” could use a little more variety all they have is fountain soft drinks & coffee(free), O’Douls($2), Starbucks($10), and Red Bull($10).

    Since it is an alcohol free club and with all the good NA beverages available I would like to see FUZE, Sports Drinks, and Fruit Beverages available at a reasonable cost say ($5)

    and lower the Bull and Starbucks to $5 also.

    Still it is a Great Club and I Highly Recommend it, Lets just hope the owners and management stay with current trends and adjust their business model accordingly.

    After all this is Michigan the State with the worst economy in the Nation thanks to the Democrats and Labor Unions who now I understand want to put a “SIN” tax on Strip Clubs.

    I hope this isn’t why Harry and Larry pushed for their election last time.

  391. walt
  392. just me

    Out of all the ladies you could accuse of cheating you (and there’s quite a few) I wouldn’t put Elektra in that category. Maybe you caught her on an off night?

  393. Re: Amanda

    Girls will find they always have a good time at the Vu as the Dancers can do most anything the female customer allows while the male standards are defined with much less contact, nudity, or making out. I do agree there is some unnecessary crap on this forum from guys who just didn’t get their way with a LD or VIP and take it out here usually unfairly too.

  394. ters fan
  395. Asia

    I would like to see more asian strippers.

  396. Katie

    First time to a strip club, and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to go back! It was clean, the ladies were nice and fun to talk to

  397. Janice
  398. Fufcbpnu


  399. woody
  400. Loki
  401. zeus
  402. Cheryl

    I worked there many years ago as London.

    They have great managers, staff and dancers. I can not say a single bad thing about my 7 years working there in my younger years.

  403. gf
  404. Mo

    very nice club, but could do things different!!!

  405. Harry O'Toole

    Found the Very Best Dancers at Night seem to all have names starting with S like Sassy, Storm, Shaunee, Scarlet, Scorpio, and Sapphire.

  406. vu favorite

    re paul, you don’t know what you are talking about, she would not do that. get your facts straight, now cricket would do that so blame her. Electra your still my favorite.

  407. Tyberion
  408. Michigan Mentality

    Many of You have what is now become known in Psychiatric circles as “The Michigan Mentality” a serious greedy condition where a large segment of the population doesn’t understand Basic Capitalism or Simple Economic Theory and partially responsible for our states downfall…………

    In a nut shell it’s why should I care if I kill the “Golden Goose” (GM) Generous Motors ?

    So what if I bite off the hands that feed me and drive an import and demand wages and benefits that are bankrupting my employer?………….

    In real simple terms ” One day you are going to the well for water and find out it there is no water and in fact the well is gone forever”…………

    Look what this Dishonest Government, Corporate, Union, and Citizen Greed has done to our once thriving and prosperous state. Each blame each other when in all honesty it is the totality that is destroying our State economy……….

    You ask what does this have to do with “Strip Clubs” ?……

    Very simple they are a for profit business like GM was, owned by individuals or investors who expect a profit on their holdings, should such profits dwindle or vanish so will the Strip Clubs and very many jobs the State can not afford to lose………..

    You can’t honestly be so stupid as to think the Clubs have no overhead and bank every cent they take in anymore than a dancer gets to keep 100% of her cut………

    My only point is if an ever increasing number of Dishonest Dancers took “All Her Money” under the table as many are doing in larger amounts and more frequently in this economy without paying the clubs their contractually agreed upon fee, therefore diminishing profits, one of 3 things will invariably happen:……….

    1: Honest Customers will pay higher prices—-

    2: Honest Dancers will pay higher fees—–

    3. Clubs will Close as an unenviable entity just like all the empty locations in the malls and shopping centers all over Michigan.—————–

    It is amazing how many strippers are quick to tattle on another girl for “Allegedly Doing a Dirty Dance” and yet defend to the hilt a “GOLD DIGGER STRIPPER” who just takes $$$$$ and adds little to nothing to the Club profits and actually is a detriment to them, the club, and other customers…………..

    “And that’s the way it Rolls Baby”……..

    Now tell me where I am wrong?………..

  409. xcv
  410. Al

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  411. Heidi Sighting

    The Time is Almost Upon Us – July 3-6, 2008

    The City of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history this July 3-6, 2008.

    The four-day event will feature guest stripper Heidi for Wholesome Family Oriented Entertainment.

    In early May, 2008, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell the very day Heidi arrived in town.

    The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement claiming to have recovered a crashed “flying disk.”

    An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and the next day, RAAF changed its statement to say that the object was a weather balloon, not a flying disk as they previously reported.

    This revised statement sparked immediate controversy and has continued to be a topic of debate more than 30 Days later


  412. Christoper

    I like the old girls. They are still fun. I like the new girls too. Everyone loves the way a southen girl talks. I would like to see her picture on the top ten.

  413. Here's an idea

    How about we start actually posting reviews about the club instead of these assholes like Rodney King who are so obsessed with slandering Crockett and Twosheds he has to “review” them here since he’s been banned from that site several times.

  414. Carter

    I think the other reviwer said it pretty well. Take this Crockett fella’s comments with a graind of salt. His views really fluctuate from day to day. If a stripper does not stroke his ego, he will come on different forums and verbally abuse them. On the other hand, their are some dancers, I believe are not worthy of dancing in a brand name strip club such as this on. This crockett guy really does it when he says some of these dancers are actually hot and beautiful. I know to each his own. But im just warning all of you. This is an old guy called crockett who has a bad reputation among the different clubs in the are and truly distorts the reality of dancers at these clubs and the clubs itself. is a pretty good site. but this crockett fella tries to hijack the thread their as well with his unfounded diatribes.

  415. Nathan

    Great club, great time!

  416. Dumbo

    Excellent place to be…..

  417. Bruce
  418. Anonda
  419. same old

    Same old girls, same old high prices, same old customers.

  420. Noah

    What can I say , WOW !!!! , Best club I have ever been to, Private dances are great, Next time I will go for the VIP room, I took My son for his 18th Birthday, He had a blast. He will probley contiue to go and so will I. I could realy find only one fault, they Need to have Popcorn or Pretzels, Thats about it. I did not see any dancers that were bad looking and they had a Nice age range and not afraid of touching and interacting with the guys!! Dont hesitate GO,GO,GO !!!

  421. Tjsjwaan


  422. Chad
  423. Heather

    It was my first time in a club and i’m definately coming back it was a freat experience.

  424. Sludge Report 6-9-08

    Sludge Report: 6-8-08 Update

    Crockett Reporting: THE TRUTH as confirmed by Rumors, Gossip, Lies, and Fairy Tales

    Good News:

    Kylie is Back

    Candi is Back

    Vanessa is Back

    Bad News:

    Jewell is Gone

    Heidi still MIA

    Country & Western Night was a HOOT even without the Mechanical Bull!!!

    MC Carter talked a Drunk Larry th Cable Guy wannabe into eating M & M’s out of an inflatable anatomically correct Pigs Ass while Dueling Banjo’s from Deliverance played.

    For a T-Shirt – Just a Vu T-Shirt

    Phoenix was on stage and hid the pig behind her.

    I guess he was thinking Phoenix was going to Participate.

    Watch for a New Hot Waitress to become a dancer.

    Wore a Black Cowgirl outfit with White Boots for C & W Saturday Night.

    She is scheduled to do the Wet T-Shirt Sunday and Thursday Amateur Night.

    Should win unless some ringer shows up with her posse and overwhelms the judges.

    Serena will be her stage name.

    With all the BS at Cheetahs and other clubs the Vu is at a peak.

    All of us agreed the Quality at the Vu is the Very Best it has been in a long time this week.

    Hott Dancers, Great Waitresses, and customers having fun and spending money.

    I know we bitch about Management Frequently so I feel compelled to compliment them too!

    Last night one of our crowd was shorted on a 3-4-$30 LD and Tom immediately took care of it and returned to out table to insure we were satisfied.

    Tom & Justin run a Great Club and the Bouncers keep things in check to keep it safe so we can relax and enjoy.


  425. Crockett

    I guess any club can have a bad night, but last Monday was the worst. Got there about 8pm and by 9:30pm had watched floor show, been to tip rail, and in 1 1/2 hours not one girl asked for a dance. So I took my $500 and went to Omar’s where the girls are out on the floor working the room and earning their keep.. I wasn’t the only Vu customer there either. Hope this isn’t gonna be a trend and the Vu hotties come out of dressing room and mingle.

  426. T.V
  427. jhon
  428. Nathen
  429. BOB

    Had a great time! Girls were great, sexy. Music wasn’t too loud either which is rare now days.

    I didn’t like how a ‘free’ pass only got $5.00 off the cover charge of $15.00 (that did cover pop though); and wanted $2.00 to hang a coat (or keep it in vehicle); plus the drink girls pushed the patrons to buy drinks for the girls (even after we spent lots of money on them).

    However, best club I’ve been to in a long time, and will come again soon. Lots of different girls, nice open atmosphere. Didn’t reek of smoke either, which was a pleasant surprise.

    Thanks Vu!!!!!!!!!!!

  430. Vu Dancer

    thank u woodchuck ur 100% right… this coming from a dancer. we hate the 100 1/2 hours the club get 37$ from us for it and most of u guys wont even tip us unless we resort to being dirty so im glad theres one guy out there who will stand up for us and say its unfair! and we could bring in more people if some of these girls would fucking smile and get there heads out of there asses! xoxo

  431. pat from arkansas

    first time there,dont have such things in arkansas,had a very good time the dancers were very friendly,danni,steffani,very easy to talk to and have fun with.this club is worlds apart from others,great value,

  432. z

    Deja Vu Lansing is my favorite club in the U.S.

  433. Kenner
  434. Alan
  435. Matt

    Jenna Is PERFECT!!!!!! I love this club

  436. Maggie

    Kylie should have won showgirl of the year. Scarlet isn’t that good-looking but she did have a great show.

    Tom is a dick. Justin is a fag. Danielle is a dike.

  437. Randy Bob

    It’s the best a young girl on days Jazzzzzmen just great

  438. jox itch
  439. Arnold
  440. Derek
  441. V

    Most of the girls are gorgeous and truly friendly. Laid back atmosphere.

  442. Jlow Bob

    There is a real “magnet” that works on days. What a hottie!! If she reads these comments, she will know who she is. Definitely the drug of choice…lol.

  443. AJ
  444. sean

    Great Girls at this club

  445. Nick
  446. re: tracy

    Tracy is real but not a goddess. Kinda cute but very small breast. If you want to

    watch several old farts trying to win her time then go and watch. It is

    interesting to see the frustration they have when the top spender gets his way

    and they have to watch. Very slim chance of getting a dance from her.

  447. I Love Chocolate ;-)

    I went there a couple of weeks ago and my 2 favorite gurls were ASIA and MERCEDES. ASIA is very nice and beautiful and the V.I.P. was definately worth it…. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON HER!!! MERCEDES is great on the couch and in the V.I.P. room too. These 2 gurls got it going on and their they have the best asses LOL

  448. Rav
  449. Jerald
  450. jeff


  451. Jim Bob

    Great place to check out some nice tits and ass, and then jerk one in the back room. Glory holes are a bonus!

  452. Emmons

    Scorpio can grind that shit!!MMMMMmmmmm………

  453. Ricky

    The place was a let down, being rom Miami I guess I shuld have figured it would have sucked by comparison. Its a hole in the wall, the girls were ok but I didnt go there for OK. No comversation skills, the juice girl was pissed of at some guy who had just got thrown out and decided she could take it out on the customers??? The locals seemed to be enjoying themselves if anyone has been to a guality club in a big city dont go here you will feel like it was a waste of an evening.

  454. Jackel

    Hey i damn near live at this club nothign eles realy to be said

  455. sam

    its a decent club but the vip room is more expensive here than anywhere i have found. not work $400 an hour!

  456. Loser Pointer Outer

    You can always tell who the real losers are. They’re the ones who think loser is spelled “looser”.

  457. jack

    Danielle, the manager is a super bitch. I think she is a lesbian. I could swear I have seen her insult customers, and be plain nasty, mean and rude. Tom maybe bad sometimes, but that black girl danielle, with the short hair and little chunky is a joke of a manager. I think the VU has gone downhill ever since they hired this bitch.

    How does she make fun of a disabled dude, I saw this with my own eyes, and get away with it. Dude was a customer on a wheel chair, and she was like, ” pathetic, why do you people even come here “, she is mean to dancers, too”.

    The vu needs to get ride of that bitch soon. Justin is aight

  458. Tony

    Great club went there (my first club) for my birthday and it was pretty damn sweet.

  459. cordeely
  460. Mr. Crockett

    It’s Mr. Crockett to you Rodney King and all your aliases.

    Actually my wife doesn’t work at the Bank her Family owns it.

    As for Florida my only connection is with our Strip Club in West Palm Beach. Yup is my Big Brother and Wingman along with Otis.

    Please give me one lie and I will buy you LD’s and VIP’s all night at the Club of your choice.

    Deja Vu is a Great Club that I feel has few problems which I recognize in my posting.

    In the Clubs Strippers, Servers, DJ’s, and management know who I am so no need to defend myself from the likes of you.

    On the other hand you play the Stealth and Race Card. I really don’t care who you are, just another Stripper and Club HatingS Jerk too me.

    Some of my friends think they know who you are by your intimate knowledge of their personal lives so be careful.

    If you want to discuss this in person I will be at the Vu after 10pm wearing my “Hustler” GANGSTA CAP, Tinted Glasses, and surrounded by Hott Babes.

    If you have any funny ideas my “Home Boys” security detail are ever present so be warned. They would be pleased to introduce you to Mr. Glock or Mr.Colt.

  461. Heidi Byrd

    I love it

  462. Matthew

    This was my frist time to a strip club and i will never for get it. All the girls that i seen were really beautiful and sexy.

  463. Pajama Pants

    Sub par talent. Same old hags that have been there 15 years. Get a clue Vu, we like fresh tight girls not fat old hags. Heidi is at Omars where they have younger talent.

  464. Duh!

    Get over it! It’s done and over with.Kylie has a horrible personality anyway’s!

  465. Alberto

    Not as good as flint hate those damn couch machines

  466. Sphincter

    Losers working front door are losing money for the club when they act like a

    dumb ass rude nigga. Guess you didn’t qualify for MacDonalds so now you work

    here. And you ain’t getting any pussy by working here with yo broke ass.

  467. djv stripper

    stop this smack bout crockett

    he take care of his ladies and don’t need this shitty lies

    an spend more dollars then most a good tipper to

    ya boys need class and stile like crockett

    sexy ol man luvin strippers spendin money

    luv ya miss ya crockett

    rk a brok lyin bitch hoe

  468. jaque
  469. Kurt

    Today was my first time at Deja Vu, even after many years in the Lansing area before returning just recently. This was only the second time I’ve been into a strip club; and the first time I’ve ever had a private dance. The first dancer that asked me if I wanted a dance was beautiful and classy and easy-going, she made me feel very comfortble there. And I definitely feel it was money and time well spent. I’m sure I’ll be back. And I ranked the experience so high primarily due to that one dancer, you (and I) are lucky to have her there!

  470. Baldy069(Eric)

    This club in lansing is amazing!!! And damn Bliss this is for you, you give one

    hell of a good lap dance!!! I love you!!

  471. black dragon
  472. luvulongtime

    to many girls that sit around and bullshit instead of working

  473. vipguru

    its a fun time here. i really recommend it. especially the vip.

  474. chuck
  475. stomper

    Went into the club for Amateur night had a blast!

  476. rico
  477. Dikko
  478. james michael
  479. well...

    well… this club has seen better times…

  480. Wait Staff Sucks

    Friday nite at least! Sat down and couldn’t get a waitresses attention fo 20-30 minutes. Finally a dancer sat down with me. A waitress was there immediately asking if I wanted to buy the lady a drink. “No, but I’d like a coke.” It was like that the entire night. Every time a dancer sat down there was a waitress there immediately, but I could be sitting with an empty glass for a half hour or so and couldn’t flag one down. More annoying yet, when I’d finally get a refill and left the table for the mens room or one of the tip rails, my full drink would be gone, even though I was only gone for a minute or 2 at most. This happened 3 times! The service was terrible! I usually tip good but I didn’t tip at all Friday.

  481. Dadee King Bee

    melon mess tonite and alayah with the big titties and bigger ass is gonna win an showgirl of the year to for sure with all the brothas and sistas votin for her.

  482. warl l
  483. VG

    pretty good the announcer with the bald head is very funny cool guy. girls are good as well . kinda sucks you cant drink witha full nude in lansing but thats not there fault . only thing they need really is to have a feature / porn star once every 2 – 3 months

  484. Lynyrd Skynyrd

    ooohhh – WHAT’S THAT SMELL-mm

    Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars

    Oak tree you’re in my way

    There’s too much coke and too much smoke

    Look what’s going on inside you

    Ooooh that smell

    Can’t you smell that smell

    Ooooh that smell

    The smell of death surrounds you

    Angel of darkness is upon you

    Stuck a needle in your arm

    So take another toke, have a blow for your nose

    One more drink fool, will drown you

    Ooooh that smell

    Can’t you smell that smell

    Ooooh that smell

    The smell of death surrounds you

    Now they call you Princess

    Can’t speak a word when you’re full of ” X ”

    Say you’ll be all right come tomorrow

    But tomorrow might not be here for you

    Ooooh that smell

    Can’t you smell that smell

    Ooooh that smell

    The smell of death surrounds you

    Hey, you’re a fool you

    Stick them needles in your arm

    I know I been there before

    One little problem that confronts you

    Got a monkey on your back

    Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick

    One hell of a price for you to get your kicks

    Ooooh that smell

    Can’t you smell that smell

    Ooooh that smell

    The smell of death surrounds you

    Ooooh that smell

    Can’t you smell that smell

    Ooooh that smell

    The smell of death surrounds you

  485. Kyle

    electra will blow you away

  486. Jess

    Hey everything is great here, but i do have one question. What is with the horrible outfits for the waitresses? I mean i thought they were there to serve drinks only, not dance.

  487. Jessie
  488. Machine

    I really like going to this club whenever I get a chance, the girls are great the staff is good and I always have a good time.

  489. grendal
  490. Ben Taylor

    gets the wood going

  491. Joel

    this is the best club ever…..the owner is the shit

  492. Mr E

    I love this place!

  493. anon

    Is Bliss on the calendar the same as Bailey Bliss?

  494. cholo

    General manager Tom Sime has ZERO customer service skills and a personality of a piece of dog shit. Two managers quit, waitresses leaving, and any quality dancer with self respect leaves all because of this fool. Jason, why do you keep this ass? He’s costing you money. Lawsuit after lawsuit all because this fucktard can’t manage. Any customer with money he chases away and his response, fuck the customer. Take your money elsewhere. Omar and centerfolds hundred times better. Go where the customers and dancers are appreciated.

  495. brian

    arrianna is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

  496. ME
  497. mr.white

    I was in on tues 4 dec. everything to me was great the servers the bartend the door guy but exspecaly the ladies some did have that stripper attitude but all clubs have them the one girlly dancer that made me feel the most comfortable was MIA she has the eyes the smile and that freindly way about her she is really cool. yes she has afantastic body also.can’t wait to get back in town to see her again. the club was clean and fancy. i enjoyed the VIP rooms very much with the company i had.YES IT WAS MR.WHITE IN THE LIBRARY WITH THAT CANDLE STICK—HAVING LOTS OF FUN. I’ve gotta rating has a 6 and 9 in it :} thank you for a nice night Mia!

  498. Steven

    Whats not to love

  499. This place really blows!

    It’s getting worse all the time. There were more songs played Monday w/o anyone on stage than there was with a dancer on stage…and the “eye-candy” we were “treated” to when there actually was someone on stage were the middle-aged trio of Cheyenne, Sassy and Starr, along with a few overweight types like Monroe! I was going to stick around just to watch the game but the tv screens suck-you can’t see anything unless you’re right under them. I paid $10 cover to watch a stage that was empty most of the time and had middle aged and overweight brauds on it the rest of the time. There were only about 5 patrons there. Get a clue management! We’re in a recession and your product is inferior and overpriced! Do something about it!

  500. Kamran

    Excellent place to be!

  501. To VG:

    Word on the street is that Sunshine is on a break (she’s in the family way)

  502. John kreiner

    Sweet Club i will be there again soon

  503. Tyson
  504. Joe CooL

    Roxie and Morgan are the best ever along with Isabella, Mystique, and Jocelyn. You Name and they do it if you can afford it. Like Hummer with High Mileage and Lots of Extras.

  505. Brandon

    Club is very clean, overall atmosphere is excellent!

  506. smeagol
  507. Meenna
  508. R.K.

    You’re an asshole crock-o-shit

  509. Curt


  510. Donk
  511. Dwayne
  512. Oscar Wilde

    The club is the best I’ve been in a long time.

  513. dannythewoodchuck

    If this club changes the price in the vip dance,it should be posted here. Put the charges of all dances on the “price of dances”.

  514. Sara


  515. Shawty's Man

    Dis klub bee kool. Gurls are pritty sexie to.

    Bettar dan must oder klubs ez bin too.

    Iz LUVS Tira & Meah

    oder gui knutts

  516. diane
  517. PT Barnum

    Hurry, Hurry, Get Your Tickets Now!!!!!!Final Night !!!!!Last Chance tonight to catch the Porn Freak Show Lisa Ann and her entourage of Pud Pounders. Your once in a lifetime chance to see what one too many cum shots to the face can do a woman.

  518. Asian

    Are there any asian girls there? What does Mia look like? Is she tall?

  519. aweosme

    aweeoms place

  520. Timothy

    Love this place

  521. hooked

    I’m definitely hooked on this club. Havannah is such a doll. She’s a very beautiful lady on the inside and out. She definitely captured my heart.

  522. sexmachine

    Had the best lap dance with deseri, wow i been to like 250 stip clubs and never had a lap dance like the one i got from deseri.I would rate her 11 out 10 because she made my night.

  523. LB

    I love this club. Everyone’s so nice and the DJ’s are hilarious. Of course you can’t leave out the countless hot dancers there. It’s the place to be… It’s great to enjoy great entertainment, or to just relax and have a good time with some friends. This is the best club out there if you ask me

  524. Sasha

    I have had so much fun at this DejaVu, like leaving the club so wet. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to go back.

  525. amy
  526. The Truth

    All right, can we knock off all the lies and slandering about Crockett and Twoshedds and get back to talking about the club and the dancers? What’s wrong with you assholes anyway?

  527. Jeff Indiana

    I love Serenity’s tits!

  528. Paul69

    Nice club, but avoid Electra… She cheats the hell out of you…

  529. Moe
  530. n. gonzalez

    The Good looking girls are not willing to ask for a dance. And the dancers I think are only there to be called a dance not strip. It is alright to go but it can be boring if you don’t go during the right days.

  531. Weathly customer

    The manager Danielle has to go. After, numerous complaints in the past and I dont understand why corporate will not address this. Her personal skills are awful, customer service skills terrible, and cries racial discrimination at every turn. She turns away the hottest new dancers that want to work there and hires these hood skanks because she “thinks” they are controllable by her. The customers are mostly MEN and does everything opposite of what men like and want. Wake up corporate!!!!, she’s destroying your club.

  532. Dano

    Came in Sunday night and loved it! The wet-t contest was entertaining, the $100/half hr VIPS were great, and the ladies were hot!

  533. Xdsmtxzs


  534. hey
  535. re: Crockett

    Thank you Ron for exposing this guy CROCKETT. I have wanted to warn others about this guy also, but have held back. Freedom of Speech and all that. He certainly is welcome to express his comments, but I want to warn other readers that his statements are NOT ALWAYS CORRECT. I only have limited inside knowledge of this club, but even with that, I know for an absolute FACT that he has mis-stated the facts (lied?) about this club and certain dancers. Whether the mis-statements were intentional or unintentional, I do not know……but readers of this forum, and twosheds, please be aware: DO NOT TRUST CROCKETT’S COMMENTS.

  536. Go R
  537. Don Walter

    The Club is Bad ASS! I LOVE it!

  538. candy
  539. Tracy lover

    Went to the daytime show and felt like limping and acting hard of hearing to fit

    in. Then I saw a petite blonde named Tracy and my heart skipped a beat! I am

    in love. Problem is she appears to be very busy with regulars. Can anyone tell

    me if she is worth the long wait to try and see her? Her beauty is almost enough

    in itself.

  540. first timer

    Had a great time when i stopped by. Had a few dances from some awesome dancers. Jewel and electra were my top two. Their personalities were great and they were easy to hold a conversation with. That is sometimes hard to do in this type of environment with all the distractions but they kept mine!!!

  541. Boone

    The anonymity allowed on this site makes it vulnerable to Hijackers to carry on personal Vendettas against other sites and posters. Until the Mods start deleting posts it will continue or we will have to register with an email address and password like most other forums. I am known in the Clubs to be a Good Friend of Crockett and know for a fact all the lies that someone has posted about him are absolutely not true. He has told me he will no longer post here in an attempt to return this forum to the fun site where all can

    share their views. Yes, the Vu is a great Club for the Distinguished Gentleman or Lady. The Girls are Great and I for one like the Variety. As far as any being to Old, let the customer decide with their Dollar$. I for one prefer many of the more mature girls who have been their for a while.

  542. tyler

    there was this girl on amateur night a short blonde with some tattoos and glasses , i think her stage name was Giselle but im not for sure, she was really fucking hot , i saw her again on sunday night and god damn!!!! i am from out of town and have been to a lot of clubs but she really knows how to make a guy happy, and lets say i was really happy after my dance with her!

  543. Boris

    Tasha, Leyna, Alexis, Sydnee know how to work the club and spend as much time as they can with customers. They are so Hot and in demand for LD’s and VIP’s when the Vu is busy their sit and chat time is limited. I guarantee you if the club is slow or they have time and you’re a Tipper and buying them a drink they will keep you company. A lot of the other girls are catching on and realizing spending time with customers male or female leads to more LD’s and Tips. It’s 100% better than it was just a month ago.

  544. Pathetic Loser

    A fun place to go most of the Strippers are friendly and mingle especially Kim and Dallas two of the new ones and Heidi is Hot especially with Vanessa having fun. You may get asked for more dances than you want but it is easy to say no and wait to see all the girls. Most seem still friendly even after you say no to a dance. You don’t need to be rich just enough to tip strippers and servers and have fun.

  545. cd

    it was amazing.

  546. Jeezy

    It was wonderful when i went, they showed me a great time.

  547. Trent

    Horrible service, sub-par talent.

  548. the legend

    its straight

  549. Jacob

    this club sucks balls

  550. Sludge Report

    Crockett Reporting:


    Scoop of the Day:

    Tracy is for real and works Mondays only from Noon to 5pm

    Understand she has a line waiting just for her.

    Gonna get in the Club Monday just to see what all the Fuss is about!

    Besides Dani, Venus, and Cheyenne will be there too!!!!

    Kylie is gone? Is there any reason to ever come back to the Vu?

    If I do come back, I’ll be interviewing candidates to be my new ATF.

    Back to top

    I can almost guarantee Kylie will be back unless Omar’s or Flight Club scoops her up.

    A slight difference with management that can easily be resolved.

    Too Good for customers and club $$$$ to let get away,


    Crockett- I see you had tracy covered. how about tyra or tiffany. I like the “T’s”

    Have not seen Tyra in a while, believe she is in the MIA group.

    Tiffany was in Thursday and Friday Nights.

    Just getting to know her.

    All the reports I get are very good to awesome.

    Seems to have a lot of regulars which is a very good sign.

    How about Leyna? Is she still around? The one with the long straight black hair?

    Leyna was in the Club last night.

    Is one of my ATF’s.

    Hotter than ever.

    She is one you don’t wanna miss cause of that special move I enjoy so much on the couches that no other dancer does.

    It’s unique and a little naughty, but not enough to be considered an extra.

    If were gonna be able to keep these girls locally we gotta help them out so they don’t move on to Greener Pastures like the Flight Club or out of sSate where the economy doesn’t suck.

    Every dollar adds up – Always tip at the Tip Rail and an extra $1 doubles their income. Anything to keep money out of the Owners/ Managers pocket and in the G-String or Panties.

    This goes for Waitresses too!! Damn they are Hot, Fun, and add to the total enjoyment of the Strip Club Experience.


  551. Chuck E

    Amateurs Thursday – Halloween Friday – Country and Western Saturday – My weekend Plans at the Lan-Vu

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