5910 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing, MI 48911


42.6714515, -84.5389056




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Centerfolds

  1. amir

    great place

  2. joey V

    was in there when the rock spot was going on very cool! rock n roll and strippers what a combo!

  3. better

    This place is awesome and it is better than deja vu.

  4. daryl

    fun time

  5. bobby

    amatuer night was a blast

  6. kelly

    very good good time

  7. howard

    hello everyone

  8. tina

    joey was awsome

  9. donald

    new faces are good to see

  10. steve

    very nice place

  11. SunShine

    SHITHOLE!!! I used to work there before Porky Pig aka RJ showed back up. Apparently he was ran outta Vegas too!! Hes back to get the hooker ring in action. The drinks are now pre-measured and suck. Make sure you bring your heat and a bullet proof vest cuz RJ is not well liked in this town. If you enjoy over-weight, falling down drunk dancers and a boney bartender with NO TITS then this is def the place for you….P.S. For a few extra bucks you can get the works on the couch dances!! Dances $20 Pipe cleaning $25

  12. bored
  13. shelly

    great weekly specials and had a lot of fun

  14. jimmy

    great place

  15. mwtraveler
  16. jody

    girls on me

  17. Grant

    Club has really improved over the past six months. Tons for new fresh girls and know how to party !

  18. lerry

    hello girls

  19. Daytonman

    Club was dead on a Tuesday night but got an unbelievable dance. Would go back. Thanks Purpose.

  20. Sam

    I don’t have a good frame of reference, because I have typically been in only the ‘high-end’ clubs. Yeah, the Barbie Doll, fake-boobed, way-too-showy, buy her a 20 dollar drink (of colored water), Glitter Gulches that completely nauseate me.

    I’d have to say Cheetahs is the best place I’ve visited in the States. Most of the girls range from incredibly beautiful to extremely beautiful and all seem pretty friendly and relaxed. Not a hard-sell environment – keeps it fun.

    Say ‘hello’ to Mini or Valencia if you’re a fan of classy sensuality. Jessika (smokin’} and pals are worth a look, or two, or three.

    You will have a good time in this place. Emphasis on ‘in’.

  21. richard

    good looking girls and a hot dayshift bartender

  22. kim

    loving every minute of it

  23. larry

    great time there

  24. paul

    hello, very nice club and hot girls

  25. Evil Rich

    After seeing this club slowly become yet another run down hole in the wall, I’m glad to say the new owners have put a LOT of work into fixing it up. While the over-all layout has remained the same, they have done MAJOR renovations to the stage, couch-dance area and sports club areas. The quality of talent has gone WAY up. The girls all seem to be decent and not the normal ‘out to make a buck then run’ type of girl that are found in other places. Overall I’d rate the club a solid 8 out of 10.

  26. flagan

    Met Lady named Monica. Great attitude, great lap dance, one of the best I have had. She was fun, not pushy, and gave a great performance.

  27. Raynigg

    Dump! Ripp off

  28. jackie

    love the hot girls

  29. george

    great club

  30. donna

    love that havannah

  31. paris

    hot girls

  32. sarah

    nice couch dances

  33. lansingman

    this is a good place to go if u dont care about looks and if u want to get laid

  34. jim

    fun fun fun

  35. john

    from jackson

  36. wil

    nice club

  37. VincentJ

    The BEST couch dances ever!!!!!!

  38. teasher


  39. sue

    love the girls

  40. lemon

    love the ladies

  41. Stan

    Gross club. Not worth your time or money.

  42. lacy

    nice dances

  43. Greg

    Great place to hang out with friends on a Friday night.

  44. jason

    my b bash was a blast there

  45. billy

    new in town and it was fun

  46. charles

    nice girls

  47. MIKE


  48. dave

    had a great time alot of good looking girls and great private dances!

  49. nelson

    great bar

  50. jopey

    fun fun fun

  51. julie

    i won the amatuer contest

  52. donnie

    hello everyone

  53. joey

    im in love with a stripper

  54. Randy

    This place is bumpin hot staff hot dancers all is Good!

  55. New Girls

    I had not been to the club for a long time. Lots of new girls that are super hot. Much more talent than before

  56. joe

    new vip rooms rock

  57. Jose

    one of the top 5 clubs in michigan

  58. amber

    amber and joe had a great time

  59. Baller

    DOn’t believe what “other” say about this place. Yes, it is a dive. But Great drink prices, and dancers are friendliest in Lansing. Omar’s turned into complete bullshit. Ugly dancers, high drink prices, and very poorly managed. The Vu, the girls STILL hide in the dressing room and almost NEVER come out to conversate with customers. The other clubs are run by idiots. Centerfolds has consistently been friendly and has better girls than either club.

  60. Al

    This place is nothing special but I had a good time

  61. extras rock

    I had a wonderful time. Mostly because I was propositioned by one of the dancers. I thought about it. She gave one hell of a lap dance. The drinks are excellent, and the girls aren’t that bad. If you want the hottest in lansing go to the vu. If you want some extra fun, I like Cheetah’s.

  62. Rocky

    Waste of your time and money. Dancers don’t approach for dances. Dancers on the stage only when they feel like it. BORING… and it stinks like poop.

  63. lisa

    love the girls, they are beautiful

  64. Tony

    Best girls in the city.

  65. HAROLD

    great bachelor party time

  66. Rich Headman

    Trying to change to attract more customers. Dances are now $20, average girls.

  67. terry

    nice one on one girls

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