PaperMoon Gentlemen’s Club



3310 Mabelvale Pike, Little Rock, AR 72204


34.7181245, -92.3338131




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PaperMoon Gentlemen’s Club

  1. bigjim

    these girls are hot!!!

  2. marty2

    loved this place, first time in a long time, much better i like the changes

  3. not happy

    This club isnt nothing but a nigger and drug haven!!

  4. james

    much better than it was a few months ago

  5. StripClubGuru

    This is one of the places the local celebs like to hang out. Prices are high for drinks and dances, but you get what you pay for. No other club in town compares when it comes to lap dances and quality of the girls working. If you arent into getting drunk, and just want to hang out with some nice friendly people, this is the place for you. If you are looking for a night long drinking binge, go someplace cheaper or be prepared to spend a lot of cash!

  6. X customer

    Ignore the fake praise. This club reeks.

  7. clubing

    Hot girls Great party !!!

  8. just some dude

    well, little rock aint got much to offer but, this is the best of whats here

  9. bubba


  10. XXXbeast

    Hoes be grabbing on me nutz, love these bitchez… Some dudes be straight tripping though, if you go, you must try them turkey legs at my boy Lee Roy’s gut truck… Nothing like watching them hoes strip while eating burnt questionable turkey legs. Peace!!

  11. Real Money


  12. quality control

    This place has really picked it up since the trouble they got into. Papermoon was set up by another strip club that was jealous because they were not geting all the business paper moon was geting so they paid the police off to raid the place.

  13. kevin


  15. Jason
  16. Bullet Stopper

    Everyone stay where you are! This is the police!

  17. Gentleman Bandit

    Extremely overpriced and no better than the other clubs. In a particularly bad part of town too.

  18. i'mback

    $6.00 beer yeah right!

  19. Knose

    Ghetto club & overpriced.

  20. eaoivm

    Not so hot.

  21. travelingguy

    The club is in a questionable area and they seriously need to learn how to clean the restrooms… The girls are not the hottest but they get as friendly as the club will allow during private dances. I would go back just because of the girls. I hope management reads this and cleans the club up though. Both me and the girls were getting bit by some type of bugs that were throughout the club….

  22. Gimpy's Revenge

    They should just bulldoze this club and redo the whole area. Everything about this club sucks.The parkinglot is horrible and needs to be repaved. The bouncers for the most part are friendly. The dancers have no clue about working in a strip club. The management needs to be changed yet again because now they have no clue how to run a strip club. They have specials and then they remove the specials before anyone has a chance to take advantage of them.

  23. LOST BOY

    here on a slow friday night. but, the girls made for an amazing time. i had to leave my car there and take a cab home…..jagerbombs…… 2 many

  24. arkansas traveler

    not worth the money

  25. IceTrey

    Bring Yo Hennesy Dawg! You in Da Hood!

  26. larry robertson

    my wife allowed me to get a lap dance by a girl named crystal lecroy and she sat by the stage.. the private dance was going good til she stuck her hands in my pants and started touching me… all i asked for was a ass shook in my face not for my wife to leave me..

  27. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  28. tracy

    i work here, and i love it now.

  29. Gerry

    Where are the good looking girls? This place sux.

  30. amy and joey

    we had a great time. the girls were awesome

  31. MakingItRain

    ripoff club stinks

  32. mark

    depending on the girl, the $50 dance my be worth the money. the drink prices are high, $5 for a beer, after $10 for the cover, not a good start. There are some snobs but a few down to earth girls. Stacia (whom I refer to as my “Marketing Student”) is worth spending time with. She is not pushy and enjoyable to talk to. There is a girl that is there some of the time, dark hair small chest, average weight, who claims money back if not satisfied with lap dance. Beware, she will leave brusies. I tried the $50 dance and I swear she left marks on my legs from bouncing. She let you touch, but spent most of her time turning around to slap her ass.

  33. bigin

    Love this club

  34. SPANKY


  35. Alexander the Grape

    Crappy club. Girls dont want to be here.

  36. Opie


  37. LRPD

    Look for more raids soon!

  38. Ben There

    mainly black dancers

  39. Dr. B

    I love this place. They can dance with the pole. I love india.

  40. BIG B


  41. bruiser
  42. cvek,pekf

    Bad management has fucked this club.

  43. grehg

    terrible experience, ugly girls and rude staff. wont be back

  44. Future Strip club owner

    Does anyone know where i can get some information towards opening a new strip club and how to run one. Any websites or can i maybe go to a book store and pick up a book on it..Im wantin to do my own club here in Arkansas to give the people another club to check out and open up some jobs and wat not. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it.

  45. jim Bone

    More hit chicks then any club around.

  46. LR Party Posse

    Bad neighborhood, drug dealing, busted by cops periodically. Waste of time and money. Go to Dallas instead!!

  47. me


  48. IceTrey


  49. Gerald

    Pretty good for arkansas but not the best I’ve been to. I travel a bit for a living and I get to see lots of clubs around the country. This one is ok but my standards may be flawed

  50. The Shadoe

    Club is sinking fast!

  51. Stripper Watcher
  52. The Situation

    This place stinks. Ghetto. Unsafe. Overpriced. Not fun.

  53. willy - b

    i got 2 words for ya…..hott women

  54. Disappointed

    Don’t waste your time here!

  55. lisa

    my husband and i had a wonderful time. we will be back.

  56. (((()))))

    OMG wotta ripoff!!!

  57. ThePolice


  58. Sad Sack

    Not so hot. Visions is better.

  59. ofsx9

    ignore the ads by employees. this place sux.

  60. Jamy and Oey

    we had a suck time. the girls were awful

  61. Tom g

    This place rocks

  62. buba

    i didnt recognize the place…good job

  63. Party boy

    Lov this club !!!

  64. man

    for all yall who r thinking bout goin to papermoon, its $25 to get in, lap dances are $25 and the dancers never get nude, they have a bikini on the whole time. but the dancers are beautiful. so if want to spend cash thats the place to go.

  65. amy

    these girls are hott.

  66. Tim

    Had great time, lots of hot girls.Will be back soon.

  67. DJsSuckAss

    Too expensive for what it is.

  68. jamie

    i just came back here after a few months away. i didnt recognize the place. it looks great. the girls are beautiful.

  69. Best in LR

    Best in LR

  70. Done That

    Mainly black club

  71. smokey bones

    a little slow still had a great time

  72. Bullet Dodger

    Come on down and get shot at! Ghetto City!

  73. visitor
  74. DONT DO IT

    I was in town last week and visited this club. the entry fee is $20 and drinks are damn near $10. the entire night i was there not 1 dancer was friendly,talked or asked for a lapdance. 1 even sat on the stage and got on the phone in the middle of her routine. I got 1 lapdance from ectacy (THE ONLY TALKATIVE DANCER)at $35 thats when i found out you cant touch. Just DONT DOIT.

  75. JEREMY



  76. Dave

    This place it terrible! And a complete RIP OFF. I was the only person there an hour after they opened. Luckily the only decent looking girl came to me, she was friendly, and great looking, but you could tell that she wasn’t into it at all. Do yourself a favor and don’t wast your time. And make sure you don’t fall for the champagne room BS. You will not be satisfied!

  77. GHOST

    i havent been here in several months. i heard there were some changes made. so i went in to check the place out. wow…what a surprise. completely new club. beautiful girls, the staff was fantastic. its really starting to look like a gentlemans club. you should really check it out.

  78. fred s.

    ive been to all the clubs near here, this one is getting a lot bettedr. best in little rock, by far.

  79. tourista

    Sadly, best in Arkansas.

  80. turista

    far too expensive

  81. Nonya

    Pretty good. Pretty clean. However, there’s no seating next to stage so it’s less personal.

  82. jim
  83. Bugsy

    bug infested clip joint

  84. businessman


  85. Whoever

    Hot Girls!

  86. Having fun in the rock!

    Wow lot hot girls. can’t wait to get back

  87. StripclubDJ not Papermoon's

    First off, some people posting need to learn some club ettiquette. DOOR GIRLS work on tips too and if you don’t have a five or ten to tip her… then why are you out in the first place? Secondly, if a girl in Memphis give you an excellent “lap dance” think about how many other people she has done that same dance for… PS might wanna go get checked if it was that good (aids and herp ain’t no joke brother). Thirdly, if you had ever stopped worrying about getting laid and just went there for fun, maybe the girls wouldn’t stand six feet away from you…. another side note here, showers help… so does alcohol… so take a shower before you go and buy her plenty of alcohol… should make your night go easier… Take some advice from a guy who knows what these girls like and don’t like… you wanna have fun… come clean cut and with 150 – 1000 dollars to spend or more if you can afford it.

  88. to stripper watcher

    the girls in Memphis charge more than club price for lapdances and they hustle you out of your money by cutting you short a song when you buy multiple songs.

  89. Johnny Target

    Come on down and get shot at!

  90. alexander the great

    i had a wonderful time

  91. jimmy

    the cover charge is fucking expensive!

  92. Andrew

    Club is not very good for its big reputation and what you may hear on the radio. The cover and drink prices are rediculous. The girls might look good, but who knows because it is way to dark inside to get your money’s worth with the gitls. Stay away from their atm, and the girls desperate to give lapdances.

  93. hawgcaller

    Best party in Little Rock. Im heading there tonite

  94. Daddio

    $20 cover. $6 per beer. $60 lap dances. No touching. Come on down!

  95. WHAT !!!

    $25 just to get into a pastie club ? who in the fuck do they think they are ?

  96. Not the Snowman

    Nothing but whores and hoodrats.

  97. me again

    well, my wife is pissed. i spent all the rent money. oh, well. it was worth it.

  98. gnatman66

    One of 2 worst strip clubs in central Arkansas. Upon entry an off duty “dancer” tried to keep me from entering if I didn’t tip the door girl. Then she kept harassing me inside until I had to get one of the “bouncers” to keep her away from me. Rude “dancers”, rude “bartender”, rude “security”, and overpriced everything. I hope a sinkhole opens up and swallows the whole club. It was way better back in the day when it was Prime Time, even though it was a dive then.

  99. Rainmaker


  100. lost

    what the hell happened? this place was just starting to be fun again. where did that bald guy go. and who is this jackass thats messing everything up.where did all the girls go? i give up, im just gonna go to visions.

  101. william

    little rock dosent have much to offer in the way of adult entertainment. but this place is getting a lot better

  102. Watchahachie

    Will the last person leaving the club please turn out the lights? Thanx.

  103. shelda

    this club is looking sooooo much better!!!

  104. me and my wife

    this is one of the most couple friendly clubs we have ever been to. we had a blast. thank you dakota and secret, you made our night. we will see you soon.

  105. KEN

    my first time here, needs a little remodel. but the girls were hot

  106. Sad Lee

    Sadly, best in Ark.

  107. MyName


  108. Buck

    lots of hot chicks. and the bartenders are realy cool.

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