Subi’s Place



12916 Northline Road, Southgate, MI 48195


42.214008, -83.183311




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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311 reviews for “Subi’s Place

  1. Joelean

    How do I become a stripper here I’m 22 what do I need to work here

  2. Anto

    Next to the airport at the hotel I took a taxi over. Nice bar. good music, and food. but the girls made my visit a special one.

  3. Rick

    Subi’s SUCKS!A real SHIT HOLE! I’ll NEVER BE BACK!

  4. Bryant

    We went here after work and got a bucket of beer for 0. not a bad deal. girls were ok.

  5. ....

    this club is great, hot girls, jada, kitty, ava, i liked it.

  6. Mojo

    My boss took me here today. we had a good lunch there.

  7. KEN


  8. Frank

    This is the best club ive been in . And i think Ashley is the hottest dancer there

  9. ALAN

    Hot girls, Vip area, private areas, good strippers. I liked it.

  10. Bill

    hot sluts and booze

  11. Mr. Jone

    Stopped in after work with my crew and had a beers. didn’t get dances but I wanted to. Buffet was good to.

  12. Sara

    one of the best clubs I have ever worked!

  13. Puck

    I could just eat forever here!

  14. RonJeremy

    The Best is right here. Suburb secret. Close to Metro Airport so I’m happy. Girls are f’n hotttttt


    I just had dinner here tonight. I had the salmon and it was good. Thanks Landing Strip.

  16. Ralph

    this bar is the bomb!

  17. Eric

    This is a great club to visit after work

  18. Erik

    Best club I have been in years

  19. Buck

    Hot girls and not in detroit

  20. custo
  21. Josh
  22. Big Urb

    Dancer ID: going on a wild goose chase to find a dancer that used to dance here 4-5 years ago. Name was Mica (pronounced Mike-uh). Black girl, really thick, from toledo. looked like some chick youd see in an atlanta club or in a rap video. anybody have any idea where she might be – retired, in toledo, detroit?

  23. CB

    Always have a nice time here. Kitty is the best.

  24. Larry

    Good Clean Club

  25. Barney

    This is the best club in the area.

  26. Pete

    stopped in and watched the olympics. lots of tv’s and I gotta say the most comfortable seat I’ve ever had in a stripclub. I’ll go back again.

  27. Mystery Chick

    I used to work here and at one time i made a lot of money now the clkub has gone to crap. The girls there arent even worht looking at let alone giving your money too. With the economy the way it is save your money for your bills not these trashy girls. The owners try to run a tight ship your not able to be flexible and drinks are way to expensive.. Subis is lame now and a waste of time. Save the gas and money

  28. TRUTH

    I agree with the prior comment

  29. dane
  30. Romeo

    Threw a divorce party here and had a blast


    I am glad I went to work at PLAYHOUSE. It’s less than 10 minutes away and MORE FUN AND MORE$$$ 734-941-3144…See you there!XOXO

  32. Chad

    I took a customer here today and it worked out well. the music wasn’t to loud and the service was great. I’ll do lunch here anytime.

  33. Carl

    I stopped in about 6 last night and a lot of the people eating were leaving and I had food and it was ok. I got dances and had a good time here.

  34. Mike

    Wow! Came here today on a recommendation and absolutely loved it. Got here about 3:30pm and stayed till 11pm. This is definitely Detroit’s best kept secret. Day

  35. Big Guy

    This is a fantastic place to invest your time at. Fantastic girls, food and staff.

  36. Mr Crappy

    I went here tonight with some of the guys I work with and we had fun. Thanks for the free passes but I don’t go see strippers often. I gave them to a friend 🙂

  37. private

    Great music, friendly girls, Sunday nite boxing is awesome!

  38. Neil

    The overall atmosphere and the fact that the girls actually have persionality put the place in the top 10 Downriver. The prices are average and fair, the drinks are a little on the pricey side(Typical club prices)so I highly recomend pre-gaming. There’s a nice mixture of girls, all different sizes and a few colors. All-in-all it’s a nice place hang-out, have a drink and look at some naked women.

  39. Cary

    Excellent place to hit

  40. steve

    I’m in town on business and I visited this place. I had a very very good time here.

  41. Presto

    Stopped in after work with my crew and had a beers. didn’t get dances but I wanted to. Buffet was good to.

  42. Jayson
  43. Marc

    I love this place and it has the best girls around

  44. bigcountry

    bunch of fucking trashbags that treat

    people like shit the managers ant the

    owners are scum

  45. Frequentflyer

    VIP is still open. came in today. Beautiful girls. Had an awesome dance with Sierra

  46. TomPaine

    Very friendly girls that give OK mileage in the VIP area. My boy is right about some of them being smelly, though. Really I’ve done better- and worse.

  47. jim

    Best club I have been to in a long time.

  48. ron

    The club is the shit

  49. MB

    Just making the rounds last night and had to say how much I like this place

  50. Bret

    this is a friendly fun place to goto

  51. corn bread

    I was just there and it was very busy. We had to wait for a booth.. next time I’ll call ahead

  52. Alex

    Best Club Downriver!

  53. Rafael

    clean and fun. what more could you want.

  54. Back Agai

    We had our bachelor party here last saturday. We got the special price that included food and drinks from there website and it worked out alright.

  55. ha ha ha

    Believe it or not we do not all put our money up our nose. But what is even better is that it is sad that you thought we actually liked you.

  56. Worthle

    I like this place.

  57. bo
  58. mr mr

    just had lunch here. everything was good. thank you.

  59. big country

    i love this place

  60. Adam

    smokin hot girls here!

  61. Mr Mann

    LOVE IT!!

  62. SAM

    I had a great time here. I like it.

  63. old customer

    Got a lot of fresh faces and new girls! wow! u guys r back in business!

  64. derek

    had a great time

  65. Detroiter_01

    Nice Girls. Good atmosphere.

  66. sammy

    nice variety of girls and no charge for vip

  67. Manuel Labor

    Best Club in Michigan by far

  68. jimmy
  69. Joe

    Good Burger and a Beer with extra boobs joint

  70. Randall

    My chick got wet here

  71. Harry

    I went here last night and had drinks, dinner, and dessert! Everything was good and I’m going back tonight for more! Everybody was friendly and took care of everything I needed. There were about 20 girls that ranged from a 6 to 8.

  72. Ru

    I was here today and it’s a cool club. good music and good looking women

  73. Lee

    Day shift has by far the hottest girls. Alexis, Brittney, Claudia, and Allyssa are there best girls there dances are Awesome!!! If you get double dances these girls know what they are doing. All you girls are smokin hot!!!!!!!

  74. Toony

    I hang here once in a while and it’s all good.

  75. Tex

    Fantastic Place

  76. Slim

    I love this place to.. great girls here.

  77. Patrick

    Beautiful women and a very clean club.

  78. Willie

    I stand behind this bar and you should go here.

  79. Sid

    I like the girls here! Tities of all kinds!

  80. Donald

    Had a great time with Brittany Tonight

  81. person
  82. mr wonderful
  83. Ahmed

    Bad smell here. No coming back no more

  84. Boot

    I was at the landing strip tonight. I thought it was better then most of the area clubs I have been in.

  85. Nick

    We had a big party here last night and it was fantastic.

  86. OK

    Subi’s is an OK club but nothing great or worth traveling

    for. It is dark inside and kind of small. It is valet

    parking but they have safe side streets to park in compared

    to metro detroit. Drink was about $7 no cover during

    dayshift. They own a little pub next door and you can order

    food and the waiter will walk over with it. The women were

    not as hot as Penthouse but not bad at all…

  87. RedHot

    This little place was RED HOT TONIGHT!

  88. ur mom

    the best

  89. Yanny

    Great Hang Out

  90. Kara

    I always make money here. I’m not going anywhere else.

  91. Bonehead

    hot chicks and cheap beer. what else do you need to know.

  92. jeff

    I just got out of jail and my friends took me here. I had a very good time. Thanks Landing Strip.

  93. A Customer

    For a good time just visit

  94. Jermaine

    nice girls young some and hotttt

  95. Elmo

    Landing Strip is FINISHED! It will be a ghost bar forever!

  96. greg
  97. Kitty

    This is a good place to work..

  98. Jessica


  99. neveragai

    this bar rocks

  100. Mr C

    I like this stripper club very much

  101. ME

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  102. A-Guy

    Love the day shift girls!

  103. Boris

    Subi’s is one of the best clubs in the Detroit-metro area! The atmosphere is great and the dancers are top notch!

  104. Mr. T

    Best Tities in the area!

  105. Frequent Visitor

    I’ve been to them all in the area. Dayshift is the best around. Hoping to check out nights soon. This is where all the pretty girls have been. Glad I found Subis in Southgate!!!

  106. Woody

    All Lies posted.

  107. team u

    found my next ex wife here saturday. The girls here are hot

  108. Yuri

    Superb dancers, some very nice bodies. Most dancers are very good at showing you a great time. Very tough to say no to these ladies.

  109. Hank Jone

    I agree, This is a Great Club

  110. Stan

    Not much here. Girls are ugg

  111. Phil

    We went here for lunch this week and had a fun time with the girls.

  112. Oti

    Strip Clubs don’t get any better then this

  113. TJ

    What a dump, Go to Henry’s for a HAPPY ENDING!!!

  114. Dave

    Nice place to visit. I don’t live here

  115. Yoda
  116. Miki

    I had a good time here monday night.

  117. Keep It Real

    I stopped in on Friday and things were looking good. Had a good time and left. I parked in the street and didn’t have any problems. I will go back again.

  118. clubma

    there was this chick with big pink shoes and big tits that was so hot. you gotta go here

  119. Vito

    Stopped in for the bucket of beer. it’s a good deal. place is decent

  120. Track

    hey. this place is doing good. what do you think your saying here. I like this place. You should to. it would be good for your health. it’s good for mine.

  121. tad

    I stand behind this bar and you should go here.

  122. Elvis

    Nothing good to say…so I won’t

  123. Taste??? HA HA!

    Since when did this club have taste? You don’t learn taste, you either have it, but you don’t! HA HA!

  124. to dallas

    You must have came in on day shift. I know about 1 dozen night girls that smell fine and do not do coke. Lots there do though. Just not all

  125. Loui

    Picked up a customer at the airport and took them here for lunch. everything went good. thanks.

  126. Analgoddess

    Porn star and web cam girls work here. Came at midday and stayed through the evening skinny girls thick girls brunettes blondes big tits and small titss. Highly impressed with the talent Downriver

  127. Barry

    did lunch here. I had a good time

  128. Bart

    This is a fantastic night spot!

  129. Homer

    Good place to have a beer and watch the show without getting asked to buy sex acts. (like at hustler)

  130. lincoln
  131. brad
  132. Mr. Miller

    I made it rain here today

  133. mac

    subis is off the chain

  134. Tony

    There were a lot of girls when I went there last night. This place is sweet


    under new management new girls. come check it out. the gump is gone………

  136. Chris

    Had a dance with Jessi few months back went here twice now and she’s not here anymore. Couple girls rolled they eyes. Lady was real nice

  137. AL
  138. todd
  139. regular

    Desiree, Steph, Kitty, Sara are friendly and give great dances.

  140. Jerry

    Great Place

  141. Leigh

    One of Michigans best Strip Clubs

  142. ftf
  143. andy
  144. Geoff

    Nice Tit’s and Ass here

  145. PJ

    Came in during the day Thursday. You def get what you ask for at this bar. You can have the clean, classy, beautiful, smell-good girl that gives great dances. Or you can have the older, drunk, still kinda good looking girl that gives decent mileage dances. Or you can get the train-wreck that’ll give hige mileage dances, but smells that way too. Whichever you want the choice is yours. Great place!

  146. Nikky

    it is a grate place to go even for wemen who are looking for a ggod time

  147. Vincent

    A Party Every Time I Visit

  148. John

    Damn, could the couch dance room get any smaller? And the chairs are to close together for the dances to be any good…

  149. Randy

    Took the wife here to piss her off and it worked. Her fat ass didn’t like me lookin at those tight asses.

  150. ivy

    We are by far the best ever! The girls are nice and funny, the day shift is where to go! We have our subi q going on check it out! REMEMBER THE DAY SHIFT!!! Tell them ivy sent you!!!!

  151. dragonstalker
  152. moi
  153. Sal

    Stopped in for a drink and my girl was busy so I left and went to the Landing Strip.

  154. Playboy

    checked it out and the place is cool

  155. iasoolv


  156. daddy o

    nice bar

  157. ali
  158. Tiffany

    Tiffanys Cabaret Airport is posting all the spam

  159. james
  160. Spinner
  161. Rusty

    Had a great time with the girls here. this place is the tops in the detroit area. close to the airport. no cop problems and just a good time

  162. Andreas
  163. Customer

    It’s all about the owners and managers and not the dancers or customers. I will not go back and I am a customer thats been going there along time.

  164. evan
  165. Bud

    I was in on Friday. There was ok business.

  166. Leroy

    When I go out for the night I like to go here!

  167. HAL

    the party here is always on

  168. JJ
  169. Celtic

    We stopped in after a game and had a good time. Paris is cool and I liked Scarlet too

  170. Red

    private dances are awseome

  171. YES MAN

    The Truth: Umm..this club business will move to Landing Strip, and then it will close and everyone will go elsewhere, except those who are at Shubis already…THAT’S RIGHT!!!

  172. Ski

    I agree, This is a Great Club

  173. JackMan

    Jasmine on the night shift is gorgeous!!! She is definitely worth asking for when you visit.

  174. Tom

    I had a good time here. no problems

  175. Monte

    I like the place. I think the new vip areas make it way better then the old days when you had to go upstairs.

  176. Roger

    Can’t even park my own car without someone hitting me up for money… Geesh avoid this place.

  177. Vic

    I had a fantastic time and will go again!

  178. Alvin Lee

    I was there and it was busy.. over 15 girls I counted and lot’s of customers. You must be one of those other bar people. Good Luck with that.

  179. demps
  180. Wont be back

    I at one time liked coming here but the place has gone downhill over the years.

  181. Edward

    Stopped in during the day and had lunch. it was alright

  182. Daytripper

    Came in the other day and had a great time. The girls were nice and nice looking. The waitstaff was a little slow I had do send my dancer to flag her down for a drink. No cover during the day was great and so was the free “buffet”. It wasn’t really a buffed, just hamburgers and hotdogs, but it was free so it was good. The drinks could have been included in happyhour instead of just beer. Other then that, the bar was a lot of fun. See you again real soon.

  183. Manly

    Took their shuttle while I waited for my plane and ended up getting a hotel room. This is a great club to visit while in Detroit

  184. Saggy

    nice place, clean, nice staff. I would go back if I ever come back to detroit.

  185. costumer

    Awesome club, Jada and Kitty are my favorites.

  186. Fake reviews

    These are all fake reviews written by the club.

  187. C-MO

    I must say that Subi’s is one of the best clubs in the Detroit-metro area! The atmosphere is great and the dancers are top notch! Drink selection is great, also. If you go to an evening Tigers game, this is the place to hit afterwards. It is only about 15 minutes from downtown. The dancers are very freindly and so are the wait staff. Strongly recommend getting dances from Hershey, Sabrina, and Tequila.

  188. Mike

    I’m a regular here and I like the place.

  189. bmodotte

    Couple of hotties but most are skanks. Decent place to go to. Only cause there is no other option with in a half hour drive. Recomend Michigan Ave clubs.

  190. Tomatillo

    Nice place, experience varies on time of day and day of the week.

  191. Peter

    Stopped in after lunch for a few. this place looks good.

  192. CJ

    Stopped in and had a great time. there were plenty of girls and the prices are good. will do biz again.

  193. Place sucks

    Subis is straight horse-ass

  194. Ned

    This place is just right for a fun night!

  195. darell

    this club sux, bad service, nasty girls

  196. Mr. Nipple

    had a nice time here last night.

  197. simon

    The best girl to guy ratio appears to on Thursday nights. For some reason a lot of the girls like to work this night. Best value is beer bucket $20.00 for 5. Girls run the gambit, should be able one you like. Low cover $5 and valet parking $4.

  198. Ricardo

    what can I say? Absolutely NOTHING…I just don’t get it..the ghetto club

  199. Keith

    This is a great basic club.

  200. Busta Grinds

    Stopped by SUBI’s on Day Shift – Saw SUBI wiping down the bar. Man dude, Go back to the Joint and figure out what happened to your Club. Music was old, chicks were unfriendly – F’d up. Seriously – you had ALL that time to sit and think. Hopefully you’ll have a FRESH start with Landing Strip. Good Luck. My time at SUBI’s sucked.

  201. john boy

    This is a Great Club

  202. jed

    Best club I have been to in Michigan

  203. Arnold

    I’m a regular here. I have been going here for 5 years and this club is great. I strongly recommend the Landing Strip to everybody.

  204. Bingo

    I partied here with the girls and they were ok. All but a couple were good looking.

  205. Patron

    Great club with lot of good looking and friendly dancers. Had a good time in my last visit.

  206. Chuck

    we tried the bussiness meeting room and it was alright. the music was a little loud but overall it worked out.

  207. New Girls plus one ebony girl

    I met a girl on the day shift I believe her name is Chyna Doll of Detroit. I’m in love with her. She’s a lean medium toned black woman and she’s down to earth but she can rock the pole like a rock star. Very nice she took good care of us. Just looking out for her

  208. stripclubguru

    This club is the greatest. The girls are insanely hot, and really FRIENDLY. I love hanging here for games and I even saw some pro sport stars there. I think I’ll go there tonight. Peace.

  209. Paul

    good club with good music and hot sexy girls that make my day everyday!

  210. Visitor

    Great club with lot of good looking and friendly dancers. Had a good time in my last visit.

  211. semi-regular

    I would agree with “regular” but I would also add Nevaeh to that list. I like this club alot. Very friendly, laid back atmosphere.

  212. Jeffry

    We stopped in after a game and had a good time. Paris is cool and I liked Scarlet too

  213. Omar

    little slow here

  214. TRIGGA

    If nothing else, SUBI’S is a fun spot!!!

  215. Ryan

    The club is great and the girls are wonderful!

  216. Justin

    Great club for first time in southgate

  217. ...
  218. STM

    I’ve only been in for the day shift and the first time was just a couple months ago. Had a great time chatting with one of the girls so I made it a point to stop in when I could. I returned here after a 2-week out of town trip, but she was nowhere to be found. I heard from one of the other girls she was tight with, that she was let go but for reasons unknown. There hasn’t been anyone else that’s grabbed my attention or interest so I won’t likely be back. Miss you Alex!

  219. Nada
  220. Secret Shopper

    I came here to check out the local talent I’d heard about on the radio. What a waste of time. Met one fine lady, but the rest were least to be desired. I can say I’m not the only one who feels this way. No one was in the bar. Seemed to be 2 girls for every guy. Drinks were fairly expensive and the music was way too loud considering the bar was emptpy. Maybe I’ll try it again another time. Who knows, could have just been an off day.

  221. THE MAN

    This place is the best in the area

  222. Burt

    good fun bar

  223. Anton

    This is a good club. I was there last night and had a good time with sierra.

  224. Richard

    We went to Subis today. 15 Dayshift Girls. All hottt! Had a couple dances. Make sure you go to the private rooms. They had a free Buffet on dayshift too. Great Job Subj’s’nnn. Christy the bartender is absolutely Gorgeous. All the staff dance on days

  225. joseph1k

    Excellent place to relax and see some beautiful women at a reasonable price and also have a good time. Drinks are on the expensive side, around $7 for a beer and dances are $20. No cover if you get there before 8pm and valet is $5. Good friendly environment and good if you like sports also and plenty of T&A of all Flavors. Will go back again.

  226. Kurt

    My wife worked there during the day and let me tell you she would come home with stories that would make you laugh! She loved working at Subis! And the “DAY” girls she is friends with are great as well! She loved working with Ali and the “gang”! Don’t say Subis sucks! I bet its the BEST strip club around!

  227. Dallas

    I used to really like the girls here but then I realized there all coke heads with smelly pussys.Ha and you bitches really thought I liked you.

  228. Abdul

    I checked this club out after reading a good comment here. Obviously, it was written by someone who worked here because there isn’t much at all. A waste land.

  229. Marcu

    hot chicks and cheap beer. what else do you need to know.

  230. Ghost


  231. nobody

    I had a fuckin great time here tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. NEW REG

    Gotta go here more often.. great place

  233. Dick

    Smoking Hot Chicks in here. I like it here

  234. moro

    Had a great time with the girls here. this place is the tops in the detroit area. close to the airport. no cop problems and just a good time

  235. Beverly

    I was going to try dancing here but I heard that I shouldn’t waste my time…Thanks because my time is important and you saved me a bad trip

  236. Joker

    I had a good time with my buddies at his bachelor party here.

  237. jimbo
  238. bigfella

    best club in the downriver area… bar none!!!

  239. RE secret shopper

    So sorry to hear you did not enjoy yourself. Please make sure you try again. Usually we have tons of girls. The weather has been bad so the amount of girls and customers will be down in that case. I strongly believe it must have been an off day. Try coming in on a friday. The potential is much better.

  240. Brando

    They have the best titties here

  241. an unknowen

    Rick… you don’t know taste …do you? BRING SOME MONEY, then you’ll have a GREAT time! you don’t get some thing for free!

  242. Big Steve

    I had fun with scarlet last night. Nice looking club too

  243. cowboy
  244. I tried it

    Not impressed. I came in on a Monday and only about 2 dancers were worth looking at. I’m already paying my wife if I want to look at fat over-aged dancers. Hire some more young attractive women in their 20’s and this clubs profits will increase.

  245. Passing Thru

    I was passing thru on my way to Toledo. I saw the sign and stopped in. I’m so glad I did! I came in on Saturday during lunch, but there wasn’t any food. I did, however, have a GREAT time with a very special lady. All the women were great and I will definately be back again.

  246. lame
  247. Bullshit

    I smell some bull on here! The club is well lighted with new lights and the area is fine. you could park your car anywhere and be fine. I go there all the time and it’s not the Penthouse or Hustler, But it’s much better if you ask me. The prices are good and the girls are great. I always have a good time. So fuck all these haters shit!

  248. Robert

    I’m at the club now using there free wi-fi. Lunch was good and I had a great time with phoenix.

  249. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!!

    We are hiring new beautiful girls for our new club!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. Shoe Man

    Great place to vist when your in town. right next to the airport for easy access.

  251. big daddy



  252. Vince

    Me and the boys had a great time here.

  253. Vitello

    I thought it was good

  254. suck-on

    $100,000,000.00 later.Get money haters….If anyone here doesnt like pussy,alcohol,E.A.W. sound system..then get the fuck on….

  255. Tedd

    This is the best place around.

  256. Gregg

    Great place to stop at!

  257. Happy 4th
  258. Billy

    I had a really good time here tonight. I like scarlet. she is hot. this is the bomb.

  259. Brandon

    Sexy Girls and good drink prices!

  260. LMAO!

    Obviously PlayHouse is so desperate for girls that they are trying to recrute girls from here by posing as a stripper. Why go there to work for a dead bar (plus shell out the $$$ for a license) when you can stay here for free with lower tip outs?

  261. Chris

    I was dissapointed. They need more of a variety of girls on nights.

  262. Jack

    what a dive. Not my kind of club..lower level place

  263. Fred
  264. Dianne

    This is a great place to visit.

  265. Moe

    I like to drink here. it’s a fun place to goto!

  266. BOBBY

    The club is great … long as they dont hire girls Like Jersey the con artist that works at FC …..warning guys….this can and will con a man out of all his money ….stay away from her

  267. sexy

    far best looking girls… Skyy and Rain!!!!!

  268. ana

    I can’t believe people like this club. I went in to see a friend who was working there and I’m telling you the girls are ghetto and the club is a hole in the wall. Girls were high and drunk and let’s face it Southgate is a dump. 1 or 2 pretty girls. run ladies quickly to a real club like the Flight Club or Trumpp’s. Don’t waste your time and energy in crapville!!!!

  269. Mr D

    hot chicks and cheap beer. what else do you need to know.

  270. Gary

    I’ve been coming to this club for a few years now. My favorite girl(s) are still there, but there are a lot of new girls. The new girls don’t seem to take an interest in their job, they are very lazy dance/appearance wise. The drink prices have gone through the roof, so it makes it a little more difficult to have fun as often as I used too. It’s good the dance prices haven’t gone up too, and there still isn’t any cover during the day. I really think a few drink specials, or lowering drink prices a little would help a lot. I don’t drink beer, so the buckets don’t help me at all.

  271. !!!!

    whatever dumb ass subis place is fuckin awesome!!!!! he probably mad cuz he didnt get head!

  272. Lisa

    Located next to Detroit Metro Airport we provide shuttle service to and from the Airport and local hotels. Visitors waiting for a plane can easily vist our strip club.

  273. L:IARS

    Larry is full of sh*t cause its been a few months that subi’s hasn’t offered food. they now allow you to order pizza from the local pizza joints… lots and lots of girls especially this time of year!!!! come in really its my fav club to work at!!!! but bring some money guys.. gee we do work to pay our bills… and times are tuff

  274. Andrew

    This bar has a nice layout. I like the lights and the multiple stages.

  275. Mathew

    This place is way better then before. I love it now

  276. nathe

    I like very nice girls very much

  277. Winner

    I love all the diffrent types of beer they have. The girls are great too

  278. pizon

    this place rocks

  279. Big Move

    One of my favorites. I only hit day shift but girls are nice and some of the best lap dances around.

  280. I'm In Love

    I live Right down the street in Wyandotte, So obviously Subi’s is going to be my pick. I have my favorite girls, steph, sara, hershey and a couple others. Every girl there is nice, only a couple will walk up and say wanna dance. Alot of friendly conversation. and of course, alot of good drinks.

  281. Sidney

    I stopped in a had fun. I like it

  282. TIM

    sara, steph, kitty, Ava!!! ladies!!!

  283. Imin Love

    The dayshift girls are Smokin!!!

  284. mr. weeble

    I stopped in while my plane was delayed. I had a good time and I liked the bar.

  285. AssnTits5

    I was here around 1PM on a friday and they had several dancers working already but I was ignored while sitting at the bar. The dancers did not put much effort into their stage dancing but it was still early in the day. They have $4 valet parking mandatory but there is side street parking available. The cover is free before 7pm. Non-alcohol drink prices were kind of expensive of $7-8.They have $20 lap dances in booths and $25 lap dances in a small curtain room (VIP). Both are done on chairs, no couches here like at Hustler or Penthouse. Also no tables in the VIP to put your drinks and stuff on. The dancers are hit or miss but there are some really hot dancers at Subi’s.

  286. vinnie

    This is one of the best clubs int he area. it’s way better then getting hustled out of your money at the door and at the coatcheck and by the girls and finally at the Valet afterwards. My top Rating!

  287. Dan

    Subi’s is the best strip clubs I have ever been too!!

  288. Tonsoffun

    Best Place to visit and they let you order food from any restaurant. Girls are amazing. Keep it up subis

  289. x

    Fat chicks with tons of cellulite but no door fee is cool

  290. Des

    worked here a few days. it’s alright.

  291. Neila

    I did a second trip here tonight. everything was about the same. good food, drinks, and dancers. I’m going to make this my regular place.

  292. winston12

    This shithole, the owner was a complete arrogant ass when I was there and fired the waitress on sight bc there was a discrepancy over change owed to a customer – who was his friend, he didn’t even try to check and see if she was right or not. He claimed he gave her a $50. And she swears it was a $20. He was drinking and she wasn’t, just saying. I left after that. Bad vibes

  293. Ted

    they need to shut this club down its sucks bad

  294. max

    nice place

  295. cust.

    Kitty Ava Sara Steph!!!! The Best women they have!!

  296. dancer

    Umm, u know they get rid of girls as soon as they realize they have problems like ‘crack’-right? Ive seen it with my own eyes. So whatever your problem is with place- why dont you get your facts straight…i hate people that the only thing they have to do with their lives is deal with negativity, don’t you have something better to do? Like something to make you smile instead of bitch and complain?

  297. Albert

    This club is ok.

  298. Kris

    Best club ever!!!

  299. Franco

    good place to stop in and have a beer at.

  300. big one

    i dont like going in their the boys r nuts

  301. Trevor

    This is a great club. I have never had so much fun in my life. Thanks landing strip

  302. DDN

    The bartenders are great and the steroid guys at the door are funny.There are a few of the girls I wouldnt take home to mom but would have no problem going to the hotel with them.

  303. New

    Year’s Eve at the club was awesome.

  304. Eva

    This place is way better then before. I love it now

  305. Saturday night

    I was there last night a Saturday night, and there was nothing going on. I didnt see one attractive girl there, and they didnt talk to me maybe they dont like black guys with hundreds $$$$ of dollars spent. Last time I was there a girl named Kat or something like that was there(about a year ago) anyone know when she works. I had a good time chillin with her.

  306. Mark the Great

    Had a great time here yesterday. Dancers are fun and very good looking. Seating is like any other club ….bar and tables are open seating Booths are reserved but just tip the door man and he will seat you. Parked on the street right next to the club on barberry street. Happy hour has fair drink prices. Overall good experience

  307. Daddy

    They wouldn’t let me bring my 2×4 in. they were ok and I got it on the way out.

  308. Poster

    The Landing Strip has a Low Tipout, Personal Lockers, House Mom with clothes, and Valet parking for your safety and security. Free public parking is also available. Everything is done to provide you with a Safe and Secure Enviroment.

  309. Shaw

    First Class Topless Employment

  310. Lucy

    this bar rocks

  311. thats funny

    jed must be a idiot or just desperate this is one of the worst clubs in michigan. The girls are all crack whore’s not a hot bitch in the place.

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