City Lights



2370 North Clovis Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727


36.7716485, -119.6996635




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “City Lights

  1. Rich

    This place was fun. Anyone with anything negative to say must have been there on a bad night.

  2. joeseph

    Girls r weak!! go to golddiggers! This place sucks!

  3. Merlin

    I would go back. The girls were friendly and not money grubbers. The dances were a little weak, they had to keep all

    their clothes on. I can’t think of a better place in Fresno to

    kill a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon.

  4. non-ya

    it was a good experience first time at a topless bar awesome!!!!

  5. fuckery12

    A favorite of the Mrs and I when we are in the Fresno area as we have a friend who dances here so we make sure to pay her a visit when in town. The pole inside the bar area is a great idea for those wishing to just hang at the bar and have a few pops, enjoy the view. Then those who wish to move to a table or stage seat, there is a second pole that the ladies move to. City Lights is on the large side compared to most clubs..which is nice. There are plenty of pool tables away from the dance area which allows you to enjoy your game and hear yourself have a conversation. They have a full bar which is ALWAYS worth two stars regardless. The only down side is the Mrs always ends up buying one or two pairs of shoe’s every time we are in this damn place..but then again we also have a stripper pole in our home..

  6. The_Rooster

    Had a good time there. Had dances from Simone, Sunshine and Christina. Christina, wow, what a hottie. This girl really knows what she is doing. She definitley gave me a brain orgasm, she brought me to tears. Unbelievable. Christina, I’m coming back for more.

  7. Bashfool

    Stage dances were good from most of the women. I was here 2 nights 7/29/08 and 7/30/08. The second night was supposed to be amateur night, but no amateurs showed up. Place was really busy. What made my visit good was 3 dancers, “Cobra, Trinity, and Alexia”. These 3 make the lap dances worth their money. The rest of the girls just went through the motions. Had a great time thanks girls.

  8. Champaigne M.

    The ladys were nice the bartender sucks ass. When I was there anyways. Waited 30 min just to order a drink! My goodness! Would not recommend.

  9. Johnson12

    As we pulled up to the bar, my first impression was that it looked like a scene from Road House and Dalton was gonna be at the door. However, there was no mullet with an attitude. The staff was actually really cool. So we get inside and the girls were average and the ones that looked decent were off in a corner. Not one girl came over to talk to us or ask us anything. Maybe it was because I was with my girl. So there is no full bar and the drinks were watered down. There is no v.i.p. rooms! There is only one big long couch that everyone sits on when they get a lap dance. AKWARD! This place did have pool tables so that saved the night. Oh and it’s half price when a girl gets a lap dance.

  10. XhXeXy

    Its all good inside, but needs to be expanded as well as the parking lot. Pepole should be able to walk around without bumping into someone. The girls are hot, and the beer is affordable.

  11. DLT

    Brody and Bella, oooooohhh thank god I stayed another day to see them. no talent like that in San Diego

  12. Shawn
  13. Dylan T.

    Had a great time. Cheaper drinks than expected and a few super hot girls. Good times and I will be back

  14. eddie

    tha boncer who got the mullet need to cut it and stop tellin me to turn and look away from the girls that dance.

  15. GarryWas

    So I come here with some friends wanting to have a fun guys night out, but this place screwed that up for me. The stipper ripped me off and the staff was extremely rude to me. Avoid this place unless you like being ripped off, hell just order strippers, at least you get what you paid for.

  16. larry1

    Never thought i’d be writing a review HERE, but you know once i got the chance…i must report my findings! I’m still unclear how we ended up here…but we did & we had a really good time. We were celebrating my honey’s 30th birthday & towards the end of the night, a mid -sized group of us ended up here on a Sat night. Our party was a mix of couples & single boys. The outside looks run down & maybe a little seedy, but I get my tacos from seedier store fronts, so who am i to judge? based on the other reviews, i’m not even sure i entered the same establishment lol. I didnt see anything even slightly comparable to acrobatic tricks like other reviews mentioned & we were there around the midnight hour so i would think that would poppin time. The place was not full, but definitely busy. let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? first off, you’ll notice there are 3 places to see dancin’: the main stage, the bar stage, & the side with open seating for lap dances (which is in open view…i didnt see anywhere for private dancing). There are a few lady patrons like me, but mostly of course, boys. when i think of some of the scary dudes i saw here last night (tattoos on your fat overlapping skin bald head is oh so sexy) some of these ladies deserve fat tips for not dry heaving &/or bolting out the front door. but a job is a job i suppose. Oh, and there are tables to sit (all were taken) so i sat at the stage (lol) & that’s where it’s at, but they do expect you to tip but like another guy said, dont make eye contact, lol. the talent. oh my. when i turned 30, i went to the crazy horse in vegas & those ladies on stage are definitely going after a classy, seductive show. This…is the opposite, lol. I saw feet behind heads, licking the back of kneecaps & bad wigs. there’s a degree of porny-ness there they’re going for. I didnt see anyone i thought was WOW or head turning, but I did have a favorite of the night & she was really sweet. The ladies will talk to you, walking around & stuff (they want lap dances yo!) & they cost different. One was $20 & then i heard another was like ridiculous, like $120. I was kinda surprised to see the bar staff wasnt as…i sound awful saying this – but attratctive as i woulda thought. Also, at one point, i saw some girl come in with pjs. for real?! then one stripper was trying desperately to offer lap dances to us talked the entire night w/ ONE fake eyelash and the other eye had nothing. It looked bizarre and i’m positive she had no idea in addition she had a bad wig & a childs tutu on. my buddy is pretty confident she was high out of her mind on meth, & idk anything about that, but i do know that was not the look. It’s definitely an experience here; i probably wont jump at the chance to come back…

  17. Aaron

    It would only be fair to mention that my high rating is due to one girl and one girl alone. Cobra is what others dancers aspire to be but most will never have. True talent in every way. The one other dance I had with a different dancer there was okay, but it felt fake and scripted. If my words mean anything and have any impact, I would hope that it brings Cobra more of the green. She deserves every dollar, especially those with a $20 on it!! Just make sure you treat her well cuz she ain’t no tramp to wreckon with!

  18. curtis17

    Had grand time spending my t-mobile check at this place. Dropping $1 bills seemed to make me popular with the ladies… Well until they found out there wasn’t any zeros to be followed after that 1. It was a great working environment, the female entertainers were treated with respect and are always treated with a standing ovation, because these wonderful ladies run the risk of injury during their performances. Although the owner Tony was always in and out of the place every so often.. There was a new girl Tracee who stopped showing up after about a week, something about her boyfriend Ralph not taking too kindly to her decisions.

  19. none

    Awful management here.

  20. Sheila C.

    From what I heard this place got closed or their liquor license was taken away because they were soliciting more then looks and lap dances…. I can’t decide if that increases or decreases the star value right now LOL

  21. satisfied customer

    thought the place was ok but the staff was nice and the girls were hot. I especially loved the 5ft10 amazon princess Mara. She really knows how to treat men and gives one hell of a table dance. I recomend Mara if you want intelligence and hottness!!!

  22. Adrian C.

    First time at this strip club. I was impressed with the talent they were all good looking. I would give it 5 stars but the bartender is a c word. Im a pretty generous tipper normally but she made some weak ass drinks. Asked for a jack and coke it was mostly coke i like my mix drinks to burn a little. Especially when im paying 8 bucks for a drink (beers are 4.75) then ahe has the audacity to bitch about the amount of tips she was recieving. But with a new bartender and maybe some drink specials this place has real potential.

  23. guy on the couch

    the bouncers are half time one of them asked me if he threw me out before because i was wearing a costume ?(wtf!) if the guy was wearing a costume how the fuck would he know it was me ? ive heard of people getting told they have fake id’s even though they produce like 3 credit cards and a bank card lol. other than that its pretty cool mostly because of the some of the girls.

  24. XXXbeast

    My go-to place right after I cash my paycheck!! Been doing it for years and while the women come and go I’m always at my designated spot on the rail with my stack ready to make it rain if the mood feels right. It’s a great way to unwind after a hard week at work. The lapdances vary in quality. If it’s slow and the bouncer is on break downing his $5 Subway footlong the action can get a little hot and heavy but for the most part it is typical lap dance faire. Always worth the 30 bucks though. I try to limit myself to 4 or 5 a night but sometimes you get the stripper who is also a great salesperson and you end up on the couch all night. What can I say…*t happens. Haha.The only reason this gets a 4 star rather than a 5 star is because my absolute favorite gal works at Goldiggers. I don’t care for Goldiggers as much but Malibu just knocks my socks off so I have to split time just to be fair.On a final note maybe this will teach my fiance not to troll me online. GOTCHA!!! Haha.On a more serious note the few times I have been here were years ago but I always found it to be an okay place if you wanted to grab a beer and watch women dance at the same time. Last time I was here was about 10 years ago with my sister and Brother in-law and we had a fun time. My sister has a rule that she won’t tip anyone that doesn’t look better than her naked. Our argument is that you should tip every girl. Of course every girl there looks better naked than me OR my brother in-law so I guess we are actually following the same rule.

  25. first timer

    There is not nearly enough nudity here. What is up with that?

  26. igor34

    If I could go negative I would. By far the worst gentlemen’s club I have ever been to in my life and I’ve been to a few. I can’t stress enough, do not go there please. Service absolutely terrible and the entertainment a 2 at best they have horrible attitudes as well please do not even consider going to this establishment.

  27. Brian

    I always manage to arrive as soon as all the pretty girls leave and the “D” squad perform. These girls have nothing to offer and are stuck up. A girl ignored my wife and I all night even after we told her we wanted a private dance. It can get too crowded and the dancer demands payment even though she was on the other side of the stage on some other guys. Save your money for Golddiggers!

  28. Christ

    Not Bad

  29. z
  30. harryharry

    5 stars ONLY FOR THE Dancer Aubrey, I love you lol. The finest woman there, perfect in every way

  31. DexterRexter

    Watch out for the Asian bartender. He’s a crook. I gave him a $100 bill and he came back with change for a $20. Keep in mind I had just walked in and was completely sober. After a lengthy altercation in which he insisted I gave him a $20, he finally gave me my correct change back. Don’t know how that guy still works here, especially since he’s always got an attitude. Consider yourself warned.

  32. maxxy1

    Wow, what a great time, it wasn’t busy and there were plenty of girls. I drink beer and it was cheap on happy hour or something. I met a bunch of cool girls, the bartender was super cool and kept my drinks coming, my favorite dancer was the tall and smoking hot Stevie, she can talk about anything and the dances are great. I also thought Charlie was cool too, but didn’t have time for any dances…maybe next time!I will be back!

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