Dream Girls Night Club



12 North 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403


44.978803, -93.2723619




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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133 reviews for “Dream Girls Night Club

  1. Mr. Cocker

    As soon as i entered one girl caught my eye, tight body and sexy as hell and a pretty smile to go with. Sasha. when she caught me looking, she came over an talked an asked if i wanted a dance. i had to go for a bed dance. the last strip club I was jakes before it closed so i thought u just lay there an let, the girl do her thing, but she lay back on me an put my hands on her breast letting me feel away. when i kissed one of her nipples she grabbed my head and held down letting me suck an lick them, i was able to touch all of her except her pussy. when she told me about the 3-bed dance option i had to go for it and she even went with me to the atm topless an let me caress her as i got cash, only disappointing thing is she made is sound like i would get some hand action, maybe i misunderstood, hell after the dance she gave me a kiss. some of the reviews i read said the dancer got them off, is that really true or even legal? If so, how do you get that treatment? anyways I highly recommend Sasha, just make sure you treat her right, and Sasha if you read this your beautiful.

  2. adam

    really like this club. I was in last monday and had a great dance and intelligent conversation. I don’t remember her name, but she had piercings in her dimples. I will definitely be back

  3. m

    There were 2 good looking girls the whole night and I only saw 1 of them dance the whole night.

  4. T

    The club is a good club the girls trat you right and are very pretty. Lola and Summer in my opinon are the best dancers.

  5. KK

    I was in town on business, went to Dreamgirls Wednesday night and Thursday night.Thursday night was definitely the best. Anna was awesome, looking forward to heading back north to see her…

  6. Todd

    Scary atmosphere…But pretty ladies.

  7. freaky

    Nice club..worth visiting…

  8. Jordan
  9. Don

    The ladies are very friendly here, they will actually sit and talk with you before dances instead of just asking for a dance and then leaving again. Most of them are very sexy and attractive in addition to actualy being able to carry on a conversation! Definitely a turn-on! Next time I come through Minneapolis I will be back.

  10. Jimbob
  11. EJForrest

    The place is such a trap. The girls there are pushy, rude, and bitchy as hell. My last time there I was continually pushed by one girl into going for the expensive stuff. That’s juts what men love, huh? To get a lap dance from a woman whose nagging you at the same time for all of your money.

  12. Zach Michaelson
  13. richard95

    they will charge you extra $13 if you pay by card and will tell you that you will get the money back later. Which you will never ever see. DO NOT GO THERE!! the girls there sucks too. DISHONEST BUSINESS!!

  14. Jason

    This was my frist time to minneapolis, i visited deja vu and dreamgirls and i would have to say that dreamgirls was a lot more fun. they was hotter girls and yes even though deja vu had more to choose from there were only about three girls that were attractive. Dreamgirls there were more girls that were more attractive and way better personailty. i will be returning next time i go to minneapolis!

  15. Lovin' Melissa

    I had an awesome time here, well worth my money.

  16. jr

    you need hottier girls and less trash ones clean the place up

  17. Hans

    fucking rip off!!!!! stupid fucking whore stole my money!!!!! If I see her again I’m going to kick her teeth in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck this place, Fuck You All, good night

  18. Wren
  19. Toni

    Got a bed dance and except for sleeping I did anything and everything I do in my bed at home with my women

  20. bob

    Why is it so empty all the time?

  21. trent silbernagel

    i love this club!!! i went here for my 18th b’day and it was awsome!!! this place knocks all other strip clubs out.

    this place has some very beautiful women! im so glad there is a deja vu in my state! the best stripclub ever!!!!!!!!

    plus i got the hottest chick to give me an excellent lapdance! i would like to thank the owners and women of the club for doing such a excellent job at making the customers happy!

  22. Mark
  23. Tim

    I love the club but they have one dancer, Name SUMMER.. Let me tell you she will scam you and tear you apart, nothing like getting pressured by a stripper who looks like she is in her late 50’s!and a horrible boob job probably done 20 years ago. I didn’t get to the end of the bar and she was breaking my balls to get a dance with her. I know she is a old desperate HAG!!! but Jesus let me sit down first. Just RUDE!!! I am an idiot for even talking to her FML!

  24. lost

    Had a hard time find the club.

  25. Me :)

    I am female, and I think all the girls are very talented and very sweet. I love this club 🙂

  26. Brandon

    There are three hot asian dancers that work there, all of which give great couch dances.Victoria is by far the best though, her couch dances are off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ron
  28. Ryan

    I have visited several times. Night shift girls are awesome. They always make me feel special.

  29. Candy

    nothing is for everyone,I know what I like

  30. dude 87
  31. loppa

    two words… bed dance

  32. pussyman

    too pushy for drinks

  33. k

    went to see raven and she had me craving more of her great

  34. Jason L

    Dream girls is the club your looking for.The women are friendly,the drink is a bottomless cup and the dances are private.The twenty dollar lap dances are great and the bed dances are a real bargen considering the amount of time you get.Go check it out and look for lola she is the best!!!

  35. Ryan

    I was there and spent over 200 on one girl. She was fun and I think she was an awesome girl!

  36. Me

    Dirty, worn-down and old. And that’s just the dancers. The girl was pushing VIP stuff the whole time, wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. When I finally got one, she “forgot” that she was supposedly into the second set, even though it was still during the first set of four dances. If I’m gonna get scammed out of more money, the dancers could at least be hot. You couldn’t drag me in there again.

  37. Joe
  38. JT
  39. AJ

    As always, had a chance to visit with Nelly and she never disappoints! I love the fact she’s willing to adjust to whatever mood you’re in that day and switch to a persona that matches. Sometimes she’s the innocent school-girl type, sometimes she’s the naughty temptress and sometimes she’s taking control and is in charge of you. Either way, she’ll take the time to get to know you and that characteristic only gets better the more you let her on the inside. Great personal dances, great sense of humor and a fabulous way to spend a few hours in good hands. Thanks Nelly!

  40. Local Boy

    VERY hit or miss club–either really, really awesome or really, really awful…I still rate this near the top in TC, based on the awesome experiences…not necessarily all the hottest girls, but I realize a club has to offer a variety to serve all kinds, I would hope thats what they are trying to do…

  41. S.O.
  42. Glock

    As soon as i entered one girl caught my eye, tight body and sexy as hell and a pretty smile to go with. Sasha. when she caught me looking she came over an talked an asked if i wanted a dance. i had to go for a bed dance. the last strip club i was was jakes before it closed so i thought u just lay there an let he girl do her thing, but she lay back on me an put my hands on her breats letting me feel away. when i kissed one of her nipples she grabed my head and and held down letting me suck an lick them, i was able to touch all of her except her pussy. when she told me about the 3 bed dance option i had to go for it and she even went with me to the atm topless an let me caress her as i got cash, only dissapointing thing is she made is sound like i would get some hand action, maybe i misunderstood, hell after the dance she gave me a kiss. some of the reviews i read said the dancer got them off, is that really true or even legal? abd if so how do you get that treatment? anyways I highly recomend sasha, just make sure you treat her right, and sasha if you read this your beautiful

  43. john smith
  44. Ikol

    hottest girls at the club Lexi stacy and adrea

  45. Sassy

    U need thicker girls plz

  46. Indigo

    I went on a Thursday night. My overall experience was “good”. BUT when I was about to pay for a private dance with my credit card they wanted to Scam me so BEWARE! The so called “manager” and the “stripper” wanted to double charge me. First he swiped my card on the electronic machine and then he swiped it on the manual one. He said that it was for internal control.. I knew it was a bunch of BS and refused to sign it. I paid in cash. Please BEWARE of these types of scams. Take cash and say that you are a local even if you aren’t.

  47. Andy

    Tonight I went to Dreamgirls for my first visit to a strip club. Unfortunately I was not able to take in the full experience seeing as it was Sunday night, and the place was dead. When my friends and I arrived however the girls were very nice and payed us allot of attention (which ended up being good and bad). Since it was slow, some of the girls bordered on harassing us to get us to get a couch show. This only mildly distracted us from having a good time as about 80% of the girls were gorgeous (some seamed fake, but I suppose that is a result of dealing with numerous aroused males as profession)

    Anyway: There was one girl their that I would like to mention. Her name is Niki I believe, and she was not only attractive, but talked to us almost exclusively. If it was an act, (which I doubt) it was a very convincing one as she actually laughed at our jokes, seamed generally interested in what we had to say, and even reciprocated with information about herself. Also, there was no trace of the blank, unexcited look in here eyes that some of the other girls were sporting, you could tell she was a very intelligent girl.

    If your in town, go to Dreamgirls and ask if Niki is working. She is worth every dollar I handed over. Already have plans to go see her again. Thanks Niki!

  48. D.J. Frosty

    I plan on comeung back to this club in the spring time. Very nice the last time. I just hope Nikkie, Chloe, Melody, and Pheonix are still there.

  49. Carl

    First time I was there at about 5:00-6:00 pm, there weren’t many dancers but they were very nice and kool especially Serenity.. Second time I came in it was around 10:00pm and the night shift dancers are awful, rude and one of them is a fat bitch ..Kim..with fake tits scam me, pulled me to the couch dance room and tried to scam me, that bitch said I owed her 2 dances after 2 minutes. Overall the club is good but management should not let that happen honestly because you will loose more and more customers.

  50. tom

    this deja-vu rating

  51. Jordan & Jim

    i love dream girls! my boy friend i got 4 couches and 3 bed dances with a AMAINGINGLY cute girl and we really wanted to take her home but we were told she keeps it “classy” and to keep it professional my boyfriend loved her ass he also loved to watch her on just me (which trust me i loved too) i still think about her facial piercings and tattoos she was in tennis shoes which so sexy VERY origanal caught my eye right away and i love she NEVER pressused us we had AMAING time we cant wait to see her again i wish i could remember her name anyone know what her name is or if she still works there? please help us?

  52. Michael M.

    This place is a dump. Girls push $90-$100.00 dances all night and ask if you want to buy the girl a drink for $10.00. People there’s no alcohol! So your paying $10.00 for a pop or water! I asked my buddy if they where the rejects from the DeJaVu. If I were you go to the Vu or skip over to the KOD.

  53. Scott

    Day shift girls are all sweethearts with the exception of a middle aged dancer who kept badgering me to let her dance for me. Casual, laid back vibe. This club used to be a rip off – very short songs. Nice to see that has changed.

  54. Peter


  56. DJ Frosty

    Hi am D.J. Frosty from the Big Apple. I am always traveling the around seeing whats hot and whats not. I am very choosey when it comes to clubs.Let me tell you Dream Girls it gets a 10. The cover and drink are a bit much. I thought it would suck I found they had no alcohole, but , they have a bar down stairs with hot bartenders. The dancers are fantastic. I went in the daytime and nighttime. In the I got bed with pheonix and a double with Nikki and Chloe. Both an a+ in class and exocticness. The D.j. is a Nickleback and Seether fan that is for sure. But he was very good about mixing up the music. He even manage to work country into his show and make it sound good which is a challage for d.j.s in todays hiphop world. If he is ever in New York and needs a job he has one. The night was great too. They d.j. with the rough voice is good, but , doesn’t seem to have his girls as organised as the day d.j.. I had a double bed with Nikki and Melody. Hot! Hot! They too have a job in New York if they want it. I can garantee the d.j. make a grand a night eazy. The dancers 10 grand and 15 to 20 grand on the weekends. Well I will return.

  57. Amy Waara

    Love the girls they are sooooooooo sweet 🙂

  58. Tj

    Is kelly the same dancer that used to dance at class act?

  59. Winnipeg

    Me and my buddy stop in every time we’re in town. Dream Girls is always a relaxed enviroment and the girls are HOT!

  60. Dick
  61. Ray

    Awesome joint. Chloe is fucking beautiful

  62. ????

    I am disappointed to say i was unable to get the dancers name but i received the two best lap dances from this girl that i have ever had in my life. She was extremely nice and polite and very beautiful. Its undescribable how much i enjoyed the dances as well as her company that night. Thank you dreamgirls of minneapolis.

  63. welby

    I was in DG in late August and had a bed dance and “annex” booth dance with a dancer who had the name “Joshua” tattooed on her chest or breast (don’t remember which), but I don’t remember her name. Can anyone tell me her name in case I go back there?

  64. dannyboy7

    Who the hell pays 10 dollars for a red bull? And what the hell is up with the scam ATM?

  65. bgf
  66. Ricky Whitmore

    the girls are hot.

  67. poisonhead
  68. Stephanie
  69. Lonnie's Bachelor Party

    The girls were hot and sexy. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be there again! The only problem was that one of the girls was rude to my brother in law, but I’m well aware that he had it coming. It’s just that a considering the fact that she was working, she should be calm and respectable even if the customer is an asshole. It was a bit pricey, but it didn’t stop me from having a great time!!!

  70. Rick

    This club is the shit Iv been there a couple times the girls are sexi as hell I did my first double bed with Kamara and Scarlett it was AMAZING they almost had me givin them my crerdit cards I also got a lap dance from Melody she was great. There is this mother daughter act there I believe Jazmin and Chyanne the daughter is cool but stay away from the old one she looks cracked out and she offers EXTRA’S if u know what I mean I give it overall a 9.5 THANK YOU LADIES I WILL BE BACK!!

  71. Oh Yeah

    I atmosphere is obnoxious, the dj is obnoxious … but the dances rock – let’s just say I needed a cigarette afterwards

  72. Shephanie
  73. peteybob

    Most the dancers were hot, a few that lacked a bit but hey everyones taste is different.

  74. eagan

    I took my wife there last Friday (first time), got her a lap dance by (amber?), she was hot. Amber totally let my wife feel her up…I didn’t know they were cool with that? Never happened to me. The bad part was there was like nobody there, I think we were 2 of probably 8 others. The dancers outnumbered the customers 2-1.

  75. Matt
  76. eddyL

    My friend Erik from Sodak like to visit strip clubs here because they don’t have any where he’s from, we usually go here because it is convenient to the warehouse district and because it is full nudity. Free to get in but $10 for 2 red bulls or whatever non-alcoholic drink you want. Had a few dances here, some which were borderline illegal in the “private” rooms aka walk in closets in the back area. The strippers were alright but not super gorgeous like you would expect from a well known downtown establishment. Overall it could be much better. And oh yeah don’t use their ATM, they charge you $10 fee. Fuck that noise. There is one downstairs at Petes

  77. dirtygary

    The girls are only 5 to 7’s, but offer the best dances in the cities. The features are a lot of fun too. $90 VIP will almost guarantee a good time.

  78. dave
  79. S.L.
  80. Greg S.

    My union sent me to Minneapolis for a week to operate a crane on a troublesome job. I thought that I would stop in this place to unwind and drop a couple hundred bucks on naked hotties dancing in front of me and maybe chat with a couple of them as I was lonely and bored. What a mistake and disappointment this place turned out to be!To begin with, there were only two girls working on this particular night, and both of them were lifeless. By lifeless, I mean they walked around like zombies, stood on the stage and barely moved and the one girl just stood at the back of the stage rocking from one foot to the other through all 3 songs and didn’t even take her bra off. The other girl had a solid body but was heavily tattooed and pierced from head to toe. She had long hair but the side was shaved. She said her name was Theresa Ryan but that’s probably a stage name. She came over to try to hustle me out of a $10 “drink” that was just soda since they don’t serve alcohol. I would have actually bought her the drink and paid for a private dance except this woman reeked. I mean she stunk like 3-day old filthy sex and her breath was atrocious! She kept trying to rub her boobs on me and get closer thinking she was being sexy but as she got closer and closer, the combination of bad breath and the stench of putrid body odor proved to be too much so I thanked her, got up and left with all of my cash safely in my pocket.I don’t know where else to recommend you go because I didn’t try anywhere else, but avoid this dump at all costs!

  81. Sexi Lesbian

    I went to thisd club with my lesbian girlfriend and there was this girl dancing for us she was so hot i felt like having a threesome with her.

  82. very poor
  83. Anonymouse

    Only liked one of the girls, but I believe the waitress was hotter. Music was great and the DJ was cool. Most of the dancers were mean, rude, and ugly! $14 for the lady during a dance is way to expensive. I was expecting like a $9 drink. Not worth it!

  84. Sam

    Great club, fun girls fun dj really interactive, service is great, and the girls are great

  85. Nathan A

    Joy And Jayden are hot as hell!

  86. customer
  87. Jeff

    Some of the dancers are really rude and very few actually try to earn their money.

  88. vitid

    Just a few girls were pretty. You should not hire everyone who fills out an application for a strip dancer!

  89. na


  90. BigD

    Have had a few bed dances and the girls have gotten me off really well.

  91. Nthan A

    Joy And Jayden are hot as hell!

  92. paul

    If you like bigger girls you would want to go to this club.

    Im not into that so I went to check out another club called the choice and there were beautiful girls all around

    It was very nice and had a great time but dream girls isnt that great at all I didnt even stick around. the cover and drink I paid wasnt even worth going inn.

  93. joseph1k

    Upstairs from Sneaky Pete’s we got in without paying cover at bar close. Still had to pay the $9 beverage fee though. Bellied up to sniffer’s row, as per usual. Girls get fully naked, bare-assed vag in your face and all. There were only 8-10 strippers on prime time Friday night, and while they weren’t necessarily ugly, they were not your A-game strippers. I think they are the girls who don’t make much money at Deja Vu. Stay away from the large Asian chick with the fake boobs. She bit my fucking nipple. It still hurts 7 days later. WTF, I don’t know you, for all I know you have Hep C. Won’t be back.

  94. Angi

    Cant make any money here

  95. Brutal M.

    Was almost late on my car note buying a drink in this establishment. Plus the ladies seemed unenthused, like they hated their jobs or something. Plus, a lot of them were kind of on the skinny side. Not like, fit skinny, but like if they ate a sandwich they’d be full for the rest of the week skinny. Maybe it’s me, but I like a woman with curves, and a personality. It was just sad, they were skinny, uninterested, and I think one of them may have sprained their ankle. I’d give it another go as they may have had a bad day, but I’d have to have a good day to follow through on that claim.

  96. tony
  97. Chang
  98. J

    I liked it.

  99. .

    This club has been upgrading on girls, but wth is up with that fat girl working that, i didnt know that overweight girls can be strippers, but over all great club

  100. NYPD

    I had a chance to visit the club when I was in on friday night. I think I made the girls a little scared because I was wearing a shirt about police officers. After they warmed up to me and found out that I was not a cop from around here I got a little more then I was expecting. When they run thier two for one dance special take a VIP dance. The dancer I was with had the great tits and they felt great in my hands.

  101. Johnny D.

    Fantastic, will definatley go again. The Drink prices are outragous. the females are fine as hell. Would definately recommend this club.

  102. #1 guest
  103. Bob R.

    I went on a Tuesday night, and there were maybe 4 girls on the floor. Most of them were reasonably attractive, but not stunning. 6 – 7. A mix of large and small, fake and natural – no discernable theme. There’s a $9 cover, and $9 non-alcoholic mandatory beverage. It’s what I might call “aged posh”. Seating is comfortable, and the dancers were nice without being pushy. One sat in my lap for 10 minutes before raising the possibility of a lap dance. The lap dance comes with another request to buy the dancer a drink, so it ends up being near $30 (assuming you support the dancer’s drink quota – that’s how they keep their nightly fee to the club low). I’d go back, but it’s not a favorite.

  104. DB
  105. Mike M

    I found Phoenix working at this club last Tuesday and enjoyed

    both a couch and multiple bed dances with her. What a

    beautiful face and great attitude! Nice to see such a

    beautiful figure on a dancer too.

  106. Guysguy
  107. Andre

    Great club. Nice cute girls but too much pressure to get beverage. Does “Jessica” still work there? Haven’t seen her there in some time. Attractive blonde.

  108. David Lee

    came in and was greeted by a beautiful Asian girl she looked Very exotic with nice tight body, she told she was on stage next saw her stage set which was amazing and great dancer on the pole, got a $20 dance from her she said 2 songs for the price of one and I was pretty amazed and brought her back to the bed dance which was awesome, she was very fun great personality. It was worth every penny. I will be coming back again….

  109. leah
  110. AJ
  111. Mickey

    Been here many times and the place is just too hit-or-miss for me. Today, maybe 5 girls working and about 20 patrons. Paid my cover, had my one high-priced soda and left without a dance. Dances tho almost require the purchase of a drink for the dancer and I’ve had a few that said don’t bother since they don’t see the money. I’m thinkin’ DV should probably rethink this one. The $10 I spend on a drink could be much better spent going to a dancer since $30 dances are way high for the area and I can hit KOD and have a beer with my $10 dances. Mileage at DV has never been great, but it’s ok with the right lady. Overall, I’ll go there in a pinch, but there are better values in town.

  112. Fargo, ND

    Great Time

  113. jenna

    I love show to coco

  114. John

    Jessica is the greatest. Cute, great overall body, very sexy attitude and fun person and her dances are super duper hot. WE had a certain thing in common – only she knows . I tipped her a lot but it has been a while . I miss her dances. Kelly is also hot.

  115. Jesica's Reg.
  116. Brian

    The layout of this club was fantastic, and although many of the girls might look like dreams, the prices at this club are a nightmare. $20/couch dance, $30/private couch dance upstairs, BUT no real V.I.P. Lounge, just three “intimate” dances for $90 in the “Exotic Loft,” further up. $9 for a NON-ALCOHOLIC fountain drink is too much, bottomless or not. I almost could have gotten into Sinners down the street for that price.

  117. h8tr
  118. Dreamgirls Fan
  119. Joe Buck
  120. David

    Came in earlier today, had great time. Got dances from three different girls, all had banging bodies, will definantly come back.

  121. Riley

    If you dont find what your looking for here check out Riley at deja vu. Check her out in vip and tip before dance. Days to go: sunday monday and tuesday nights. Work all day Saturdays but gets very busy though.
    315 washington ave north about 5 blocks away

  122. word of god

    hella rad

  123. JRG

    Have been to many times, and what others say about it being his or miss is true. I usually attend the day shift and this last time I went was a hit. Girls were fun, and nice looking. I’ll be adding this to my small list of strip clubs in mpls to go to from time to time again.

  124. Bill

    Friendly dancers; other employees are friendly, too, including the bouncer for the features. The club has a laid-back atmosphere during the day. This is the only strip club I go to.

  125. jerry


  126. John
  127. fuckery12

    $14 red bulls, $2 strippers… Enough said.

  128. Megan

    I enjoyed the dancers but some seemed lazy, some didnt interact very well. Beautiful girls though.

  129. Silver
  130. GopherGuy

    I’ve heard some negative things about this club, but I’ve never had a bad time. Overall, I’ve never been disappointed with the talent. Sure, there’s a few dancers that I wouldn’t rave about, but that’s bound to happen at every club. Good atmosphere and layout, and well worth the money.

  131. S.L
  132. lone ranger

    The girls all came over as soon as I sat down. I didn’t get a chance to relax for a second. Most of them looked very good. After that they never paid me any attention. I did get a private dance, 3 songs for $90. All the girl did was climb on my lap and talk. She smelled like booze,BIG TIME. Her name was Kim, what a rip off.

  133. Newbie

    Does anyone know the cute blonde little blonde that dances there. I think her name is Lacey, but not sure. She was so sweet.

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