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1524 Golden State Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301


35.3877962, -119.0196288




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Bakersfield, California was made a household word in 1978, with a song called Far Away Eyes, recorded by the Rolling Stones. It is located at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, sort of wedged in between Los Angeles and Fresno. It’s long, dry, hot summers give way to it’s booming economy in oil drilling and worldwide agriculture. But one thing you might not know, is that is also home to stock car racing and bone-jarring strip clubs.


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70 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Kurt
  2. harryharry

    A friend told me that is a nice place to go, I haven’t gone there my self, but a friend told me is a good time. Wink wink

  3. kitty
  4. Steven

    Amber is Amazing,

  5. Yuck

    Hate it

  6. Juan Reyes

    It’s alright need to get some new dancers though. Preferablly some hot black girls. Plus u need to update your site.

  7. Mark

    Paris, Heather and Jayden were awesome. Would definitely be back.

  8. crystal

    awesome club needs more hotties like summer

  9. Oscar

    Mercedez Is Ultimatly The Best Girl There

  10. Talan

    It is a nice club i like going there. They make you feel comfortable there and not uneasy like some clubs.

  11. Michael Deegan


  12. Ricky

    Hi there. I went to the club this past monday. I had a great time hanging out with Paris, she is a very beautiful and nice girl. I have to say I loved your tattoos. Well I hope I can make it down to bakersfield soon again so I can hang out with her.


  13. Johnnyboy123

    Deja Vu has some of the prettiest women around. The waitresses are extremely friendly as well. Friday/Saturday are their busiest nights so they bring out A+ women. The creepy old men show up during the week so beware. Also be prepared to tip

  14. MRK

    Lady with 2 stars on her hips is Kitty.

    Was there last nt for the pole competition, others girls who did not enter the competition are far more better dancers than those who did. It was a toss between Sugar and Bailey but I honestly believe Sugar was the better dancer. Although “SHE” backed-out, to me “SHE” is the best.

  15. Billy Bob
  16. Louis

    Over all the club was a nice place just to kick back and enjoy a show.

  17. Steve

    MARIAH is the Best of the Best here, as a dancer and woman.

  18. Paul
  19. sdfg


  20. Michael

    The club waz sweet and all the girls were tight i like frankie and cira were good i am comming back again

  21. jose


  22. Sarah

    the girls didnt do two for ones when that was the price, very disrespectful and when i paid for my husband to get a lapdance they gave one to me instead when i did not want one then refused to give one to him

  23. Jessica

    I love this club its awsome! Cierra kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!

  24. DS

    Good fun club. Girls are pretty hot. Only 3 are not so hot….just like the ad says. lol Better club then some of the one’s down in LA. I’ll keep coming back for sure! 🙂

  25. Dre
  26. muffinbutt

    Isabel is the shit! by far the most beautiful female in the club and definitely the most talented on the pole. she is the only one who seems to have a good time on stage. so fn cute with those braces and that smile. think she is too good for that club. much respect girl if u read this! im comin back for sure just 4 U.

  27. Richard Stange


  28. Gary

    Needs to update the site. A few of the dancers arent listed.

  29. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  30. FNG

    I was there a few nights ago and got a 1/2 hr dance from a girl who looks like a Japanese doll. She asked for more money so you can do a lot of the other stuff, touching, etc. So this FNG fell into the trap. And what do you know, the manager was right there checking up on you every five minutes making sure you keep your hands to yourself. I think some of the girls and the manager/s are in on this scheme. Sad part is, I didn’t get my money’s worth and I really felt stupid.

    Moral of the story, don’t fall for those sweet whispers of an unforgetable time. Let them do their thing and if your satisfied, then give the girl a nice tip.

  31. Adam

    From my experience I have to give this club a solid, positive rating for being a straight up strip club. I went on a Monday and found the dancers to be extremely attractive. Their dances where not cut short, and they were fully nude (some were nude longer than others). $10 lap dances makes it more fun without putting too much of a dent in your wallet, and the service by the waitresses/bartender, and even the guy at the door, was excellent. Cons: I wish the dancers would socialize with the customers more–at least on their down time. Also, the booths for the lap dances are too small. Other than that I enjoyed myself. I’m still impressed by the quality of the girls. I’ve been to many other, full-nude clubs and the girls have been either mediocre or down-right ugly.

  32. Bob
  33. Shrek

    Love Ciara

  34. Tusk

    I went in there not really knowing what to expect other than some naked women. Needless to say I picked out one of the more attractive females I have seen and she picked up on that, chatted me up, got me into the booth for a 2 for 1 and proceeded to smash my face everywhere it would go. Great body, Great time, Ask for Frankie. Next time I go I am heading straight to the VIP with this girl.

  35. Ande

    My boyfriend’s birthday is on Halloween, and he was going to be turning 18, so I decided to have his party at the Vu. I called, talked to Trever, who was awesome. He told me that if I got a VIP booth for the night, he would include a banner, balloons, cake, cider, and half priced admission because of the amount of people that would be coming. I’d never been to the place, so I took my friend along with me to check it out. Juan gave us a tour of the place. We thought it was just too awesome to skip. So, my boyfriend’s friends pitched in the money for the VIP table ($100), and I got it. It was pretty small, but we still loved it. My boyfriend is very shy, and didn’t want to be stripped, like he had heard about dancers doing to birthday boys. So, the dancers just gave him some great lap dances, on stage. We’d never seen anything like it. It was awesome!

    All of the women were absolutly beautiful. Krista was our waitress, and she did a great job. My boyfriend was drooling all over the beautiful, white, blonde girl with a great rack who was dressed as a nurse. Our friend could not get enough of the beautiful black, short haired girl wearing a white bikini set. And I couldn’t get enough of…I can’t remember her name, it’s something like Chardonnay (sp?). She’s hispanic, with medium length, longish brown hair. She was wearing a black dress. Great body. Beautiful lips. All of the women were just beautiful. I really appreciated that this place had a mix of shapes and sizes. Most of these women had real bodies! I loved seeing thighs on these girls.

    I see a lot of people complaining about the girls taking too much money for personal dances. I’m sorry, but we didn’t get any, so I can’t comment on that, otherwise I would.

    My friend even won $200 cash, and a $100 gift card to the boutique (sp?) for the costume contest.

    We all had an awesome time. I loved watching the faces on our male friends. I enjoyed it as much as they did.

    Thank you, to all that were there that night. We had an awesome time. Everything that Trevor promised, happened. The cake even had little sperm candles on it! The poster had his name on it (which I had requested), and a skeleton jacking off, with glow in the dark juice. I would highly reccomend this place. Everyone there treated us greatly. Thanks for giving my boyfriend, and his friends a night to remember forever, and something to brag about to his asshole brothers.

  36. Ed

    Great club with gorgeous dancers.Better than the contestants in beauty pageants. They are pretty, friendly girls, combined with music and dancing makes the place a very good place to visit.

  37. Douglas

    This club is pretty good. It has been around for 18 years and has had many ups and downs. Currently though it is a very class joint. The girls are 6 – 8’s with a few 10’s (Frankie oh my god yummy). This place is setup nice and not overly dark and the music is good and not too loud. The girls are friendly and love to make you feel welcome (Carmen wow what a nice girl she is). The dances are not bad good mutual touch but this place is not a extras joint and your not likely to get much of that here. Also the prices are reasonable but there a lot of the dancer currently doing the up-sale, however take this advice they give the same dance paying the advertised price or the extra they ask for.

    OVerall I say you are gonna have a good time here

  38. Matt

    I Forgot Her Name Black Hair 2 Stars Painted On Her Hips Beautfil. Anyway On Monday July 24 At Around 10:15 The Female Who Danced Used The Pole Like A Piece Of Art. I Don’t Remember Any Of The Other Ladys Even Holding The Pole. But She Was Very Good.

  39. Jason

    well ever since ive turned 18 ive been to a few clubs and by far this one is the best that ive been to most of the ladies are beautiful except for a few..the dancers or exremely nice and they have great talent i would choose this club over any other one….

  40. maxxy1

    Funny how there is NO reviews for this place, because I know everyone in bakers have been up in this joint!When I turned 18* HEEEEY you know I was up in this place to check it out!! HAHAHAH!!!On a serious note, this place is just fun to go to, and all the curious things you can think of and all your fetish needs, they have it here. They especially have my favorite brand here for cheap! Doc Johnson!! (just a little tip for you ladies) I’ve tried majority of their brands but Doc Johnsons is just the best. In SD that stuff doesn’t come cheap.I really love how they made a new set-up of the place too, pretty cool. The people that work there are always different, but they are always welcoming and answer any questions you have, and they don’t judge you when you are in there. I mean hello? Hi, yeah they WORK there for crying out loud! Parking? there is ALWAYS space for you friend 🙂 The hours, I remembered when I was YOUNGER, I thought they were 24hrs LOL, but they just stay open know like taco bell? open until 2am ;p(MUST BE 18* to ENTER)

  41. fritter17

    One of the best adult gift stores I’ve been to. They have a wide variety of gifts to choose from. It’s really a very nice place, everyone should go there at least once. I like shopping there, just wish the staff was nicer.

  42. Jessica and Jed

    Super hot girl Ciara made my husbands night. Got to watch her give him a lap dance and it was super sexy. Thanks girl! I wish we knew when she was performing, we’d make it a date night thing. Thanks

  43. JR

    anyone know what happened to couvasier?

  44. Brando

    Perfect night, don’t change a thing, Beuitfal woman and Alot of fun

  45. Erin

    i wish the girls would aproch couples more…it seems like if they see a guy and girl together they avoid you.

  46. igor34

    It’s a good club but like someone said earlier about 4-6 years ago it was A lot more fun and more welcoming and upbeat now it’s like all the dancers are depressed And just don’t even are and they just seem so dark!! And I’ll tell u the exact reason why it’s like that now because 98% of the dancers are hooked on heroin ! And that will take u to some deep dark places so there’s the Answer to that one

  47. Very Dissatisfied

    I’ve been to many clubs all over California and I would have to say this is the worst club of all. The girls scam you after taking your lap dance fee, refusing to give a dance unless you pay another $20.

  48. Rick

    I Went there my first time and man it was awsome i had a blast the atmosphere was great and one more thing i love the girls especialy one blond damn she was awsome and the import model too =)

  49. "C.C."

    Fun club, over priced “cover way too high without free pass.” dancers real friendly. definently get a private dance from Shane. She’s awsome.

  50. jon
  51. SomeDude

    How can they leave poop stains on your pants, if they give lap dances with their outfits still on???

  52. D

    I feel that the ladies sometimes feel they are to good to be there. They need to make the guests feel more welcome.

    Now the girls are hot and when you get a dance they are usually very good.

  53. LA all day

    The club was interestings to say the least…I loved this little blondie named Isabel and her friend Rachel. They were sweet genuine girls and they both were hot! They were not at all your typical strippers. They actually seemed to be having a good time. Overall it was a cool club with some cute girls.

  54. Sacto

    This club was great. Spent some time with Duffy in the VIP and it was nice! Will definitely look to go back to this club and have some more fun.

  55. gabriel anthony

    we need on in the merced county area there is an untapped market that is open there are no strip clubs from fresno, ca. to modesto which is a 90 miles apart.

  56. Vah G.

    Having been in many places and experienced different nude clubs (strip clubs) throughout Asia and the Untied States, I must say that California has some lame rules about alcohol in the club and the amount of nudity involved. Alcohol is not served on the premises and the dancers do not go to full nudity. Like I said, California is lame in their rules and regulations about strip clubs. It’s just not Deja Vu, I’ve been to some strip clubs in the Bay Area and they also have the same rules. Just pathetic.

  57. John
  58. jj
  59. joker

    the place is nice but one of strippers ripped me off i thought its 2 strippers for 2 for tuesday

  60. chris

    its a great place to go to the ladies there are great.

  61. Ryanne H.

    I like this club location. The stage is beautiful. But the best that makes the club run its a good vibe. Good music selection .Comes from the Dj’s. They work hard to encourage fun for everyone in the club.It’s nice every now and than to have someone. Say Hey thanks! When clients are looking in? Just remember? The DJ knows what is going on the floor . Doing the music getting the girls on and off the stage for each stage Routine.FYI for any client that wants to which they want to get a dance with? Or a special? Etc You just go ask the Dj. They always got the 411 on what’s going on.Cheers

  62. DLJ

    Taryn is the hottest dancer there. i got a half hour from her and it blew me away!!!

  63. Yessyca Yaneth Lopez

    I work here but Im tired of making minimum wage….I need to make more money to pay my DUI tickets….

  64. Sam

    This place is good. The fantasy/couch rooms need to be cleaned, shampoed so they’ll smell better.

  65. E - From LA

    I was in from LA last week on Monday. Rachel was amazing, wish I knew when she will be back,

  66. Thatoneguywiththepants
  67. XhXeXy

    Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere during the daytime shifts. Fun & loud music during night shifts. Two dances, $20 on Tuesday. $100 half hours on Thursday. Fun time Friday through Sunday. And to kick the Monday blues, go on in for some $10 dances. The girls that work here are great, friendly, and hot! Don’t forget to always tip!!!

  68. Frank H.

    So I went in here to buy some lubricant. As I was looking around I heard what I thought was a familiar loud mouth voice coming from the “toys” section. I was sure I knew the voice and proceeded to try and decide if I should be embarrassed or not. It was one of my daughter’s friends, one I used to take to the Marketplace with my daughter maybe ten years ago. She was with her BF and they were scrutinizing a strap on device with a chin strap. NO! I quickly decided that I wasn’t embarrassed, selected some lube and went home, hoping to get lucky soon. They have a lot of stuff in here, some of which you may have or have not seen before. This place is a HOOT! But you may be surprised as I was by who you may see here.

  69. THEBIG!

    WOW went !!again had a blast girls cheap and easy as usual hook up with cerena or jessie bring it high and hard or joy will;;be bummed lol framkie too easy but fun jessie was real sexy as before she was joy was her prior?stage cerena gives a hell of a hot dance frankie acts like a possesive biatch as usual all girls flirty and sporty espeacially jessie boy want more of that hot body easy to please if ya know what i mean will getsome moe soon cerena lsing a step but nice cya soon off to the kitty kat to test the girls there frankie skankie is top gal after jj she got jealous easy

  70. Andrew G.

    It used to be a lot better about 4-5 years ago. Better action, better women, prettier girls, and a lot more welcoming environment. Now it seems as if a majority of the employees are very negative, dark, and depressed. Lol. Still the best out of the 3 in town and a great place to hang out and relax.

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