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1100 South West Street, Jackson, MS 39201


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Babe’s Cabaret

  1. almostpsycho

    Was at the club a few nights ago. Nicer looking girls than I’ve seen in the past. Two waitresses were both very attentive to the crowd. A good time was had by all in my group.

  2. had a great time
  3. Johnnie

    Yeah Right

  4. MIL Man
  5. sum one
  6. cheezzzzzzz

    big money must work at babes which tells me MILLEY sux him too

  7. John

    I have seen a lot better clubs.

  8. frankie

    nice club. needs some hotter girls though. last visit for me there were a couple of hotties, but they were all about the sofas and not interested in chatting first.

  9. Joe

    I have been coming to this club for a long time and I always have fun. Hey girls, keep doing a wonderful job!

  10. john black
  11. jimbug
  12. S

    Awesome club! Young gorgeous dancers with hot bodies! I had a wonderful time thank you! Theres only one problem tho, the smoke was bad. I dont know if the ventilation was out that night but its hard on a nonsmoker. Ill still stop by when in town again 🙂

  13. X
  14. Regular Customer

    This place is not like it use to be at all. It has really went down hill alot. Same boring show every night and same dancers. Go try some other club like Im going to do.

  15. Blonde Dancer

    The positive posts on this board are fake just like the girls that work here waste your money its yours.

  16. nuts
  17. rusty nut

    went there to see miley wanted to see if she was that good at suckin but she wasnt there on tuesdays the club sux big time

  18. SleepyDoc

    Took a chance on Babe’s after reading mixed reviews on this site.


    Parking was abundant, supervised and adequately lit. The area of the club isn’t great, but definitely not the worst Jackson has to offer, which made me happy there was a doorman/bouncer occasionally patrolling the lot.

    Inside, there is a central stage, with two smaller stages as mentioned previously. The two smaller stages were not in use when I went (midnight – 2AM on a slow Thursday). Inside was very clean, and all the tables seemed to have been wiped down with fair regularity. The layout is generally spacious, and there are vending machines and a few pool tables if you are so inclined.

    The bar seemed well stocked, although I’m not a beer drinker. I didn’t sample any mixed drinks, so I can’t report on their quality/cost. I just had a few hard lemonade type things.

    The “VIP” room is actually just a semi-separated structural partition that is open on both ends, with half a wall and several couches. At first I didn’t like the semi-openness of it, but grew to like it since it gives the men privacy when they are sitting, but onlookers can still see some of the girls from their seats.


    There was a fair mix of girls. Most seemed young and enthusiastic, and there was noone that I would term dog ugly. All the girls were very talented dancers, and guys regularly got their dollar’s worth. The girls were far and away very relaxed with touching, unlike many of the bars that I am experienced with in New Orleans. Additionally, some of the girls would have to “adjust” their bottoms which would afford patrons a quick peek. There were probably 5 girls working, which was a bit low, but it was late in the night and on a weeknight. The waitstaff was generally pleasant and non-pushy, checking on us regularly but not being huffy when we didn’t want anything.

    VIP dance:

    I purchased a VIP dance from a dancer that I was particularly attracted to. She led me back to one of the afforementioned couches, stripped down to her thong quickly enough, and was quickly straddling me. A two song long grind session ensued and she was very enthusiastic. Lots of eye contact, smiling, compliments and a halfway decent conversation on her end. Cost was $40, which is a little steep compared to other clubs, but worth it in my eyes for the effort put into making it a genuine and enjoyable experience.

    Finally, there was only one boyfriend that seemed to be at the bar that I could tell. I didn’t find it all that annoying. And tipping was encouraged for a lot of people, like the hostess and the parking lot attendant, which I thought was unnecessary.

    Overall an excellent experience, especially for Jackson. A fair mix of enthusiastic, talented girls, fair drink prices, and an enjoyable atmosphere.

  19. fed up

    who is in charge of this club. is it the managers or that fat cunt that bartends on friday nights? if its her this clubs owner needsa to pull his head out of his ass cause shes nothing but a cunt.

  20. TJ

    Best club in Jackson.

  21. Terry

    This club is a real shit hole!!!

  22. Bo

    This club is a shit hole!!!

  23. Slartibartfast

    I’ve not patronized many southern clubs,especially not in Mississippi,but I had a chance to sample Jackson’s A-list recently and found Danny’s LACKING in the extreme.Disappointed and just a bit pissed,I went down to Babes and discovered that two entirely different worlds may exist only a block apart.Babes has the right idea and an excellent staff…the ladies are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!Laura the bartender is about the wittiest lady I’ve ever met in any club and I thought I would never find another bartender as good as my favorite back home. Sylvia…see you soon.

    As for Danny’s…

  24. Number 7

    Babes is and always will be the best place around!! A few of the dancers may have boyfriends but hell who doesnt? Some I know do not have a man around. I know them personally. And if the ones who do didnt, I would worry that we may have all lesbians dancing on our laps. he he

  25. sammy brown

    yall come check out the fivedollar glass of h2o water

    out of agal.jugwe dont get abreak see.thanks for keeping prices low in hardtimes we love da an dontforget the 4 dollar hot coffee in ahalf full glass.hjdkeii-977


  26. sam slaw

    white trash nff said

  27. friend
  28. Oh My

    You all need to grow up, Dont hate on people. Thats not good.

  29. To Entertainer

    Im a paying customer and I was trying to be nice about it. I was saying that it doesn’t bother me that much but it might bother other customers getting a dance while a dancers boyfriend is in the club. But since you want to be rude about it you yourself admitted it. So who’s telling lies. It’s sure not the customers.

  30. new guy

    the best club in town! I will be back!

  31. babes
  32. melvin
  33. Out of Towner

    First visit, club is nice with beautiful ladies, security inside & out, drink specials all night long, and the dances is very well worth $40.00. I actually paid $60.00 for my dances I got from a pretty petite blonde. I will be back.

  34. yah
  35. Patron

    The club is a nice club. I always have a good time here and the pretty dancers are awesome.

  36. old school

    the bartender on monday nights is a true CUNT. if i wanted to be treated like shit i’d go see my ex

  37. jollygiant

    this club has great potential with good people running the place however there are some dancers that think the world owes them something. the worst part about the things that are going on in the club is simpley the owners either won’t let or don’t want the management to weed out the theivin little sleeze bag dancers that rip you off. most will walk by & ask ya if ya want a dance, if the answer is not right now they treat you like shit.Sutton & ivy can kiss my ass the sun don’t sit on your ass’s ladies & i use that term losely. I really don’t see this club staying open more then another year considering the price of everything going up in & out of the club.

  38. Mr Me

    The clubs new look is great and there is a girl for everyone! I love it!

  39. #1 customer

    This club is the BEST!!!! beautiful ladies and lots of them!! This John guy is probably pissed off because he couldnt get one to go home with him. LOL Respect them and theyll respect you.


    Not that great of a club for the money at all.

  41. Lil Luda

    This club 2yrs ago was the spot, but now its not worth the time. too many top names arent there anymore. also if the music only caters to one group of people.( tahke a hint) Drinks are waterdowned and food is high, and the waitress sometimes have an attitutde, enter at your own risk.

  42. Bobby

    This place is still a shit hole!

  43. Not Worth It

    Don’t waste your time or money at this club.

  44. guess who

    This is the best club in Jackson in my opion

  45. Employee

    This is great club! I never see boyfriends hanging out and if there are, there might be 1 or 2 who are cool with it. They do not allow the ones who dont act right. So fear not my friends! Come on and party at the only place to party in Jackson!!

  46. BJ

    Really nice club to check out, girls are really sexy.

  47. Charlie

    this club is better than dannys by far. many more girls and they watch your vehicles, dannys will let your car/truck get broken into and they never have outside security. the dj has too many girls stay in the booth tho and doesnt pay attention to the club. free beer on wednesday is cool dances should be $20 striahgt up not begging for $40 too high for this place and girls they have:)

  48. spiffy lovin Babes

    Freakin Awesome and Great Variety of Beautiful Women!! This is no joke. I will always be here!!! Wow!! Thanks Management and Dancers, xoxoxoxo 🙂

  49. Henry

    99.9% of my rating is dedicated to Carmen. The other .01% is dedicated to the beer.

  50. Big Money

    Babes is the best club for entertainment, the girls are gorgeous & friendly and can give a good dance in the VIP! 🙂 Whoever is writing bad comments has issues apparently. Go see a therapist!

  51. jimmy


  52. DR.jay jackson

    this place is the place to be talk to the girl with the roses on her back. an she can see you get what you need thanks keep my balles dry an i am good

  53. Really

    The truth is that this club has hired a black girl with some fake wig and fake name. Makes you wonder what else is fake about her and around the club. She’s also the one who use to talk about this club and call all the dancers who worked at Babes whores. The truth is she is the one that is broke and living on GOVERMENT Welfare but still making cash money at this club. So who’s fake, broke, and using this club a dancer by the name “CARAMEL”. This is from a customer who knows your a “CHEAP TRICK”.

  54. chaz

    all is good

  55. Customers Care

    I as a customer don’t think boyfriends should be hanging out in the club while dancers are trying to work period. It’s not hard to tell a boyfriend from a customer in the club if you have been going as long as I have to clubs. Some dancers even try to slip dance money to boyfriends like they are a pimp are something I see this all the time.

  56. Rob

    This club SUCKS!!!

  57. lover

    home of otc

  58. To SleepyDoc

    You sure said, it all you had to be sleepy if you thought this club was any good at all. I don’t blame you I would get sleepy to at this club. I have been at this club and I still say to many boyfriends hanging out inside the club. It doesn’t matter if it’s one, two or three still to many period. It should not be allowed by the club management at all.

  59. wow
  60. fun guy

    Besat club ever.

  61. bob
  62. jim powell

    this place is ran by local bikers.they take over this club when they want an do just what they want to this place is not safe. if you dont get beatup, or your balls busted up were was guy in the parking lot when some crack head broke my window out of my truck,an all the MGR. said they do it all the time.wish they would told me i wouldnot went in to see the trash e hos. good luck looks like this place needs it. go bikers.

  63. brent

    i don’t know her name but shes the kinda red haired waitress on monday night that waited on us sucked . her attitude was awefull & she was tellin guys not to order from the lil chubby waitress. i hate that shit. it looked like her & the bartender had something going on because it seemed like she didnt want to wait on the chubby waitress. the dj was good & the short girl on the front door was cool she made me feel at home she was nice & friendly.i’ll be back but i wont order from the red headed waitress cause i don’t like back stabing women. so if shes working i’ll go somewhere else to spend my money

  64. cool club
  65. ron lone

    what has happen to this i travel town too town an this place has changed management???.their were the rudest girls i have every met in my life.were did the nice ones go??. dannys was much better,much nicer place. sorry to see babes run down like it has just go too both places u will see for yourself.

  66. Tom
  67. dude

    nice place

  68. babes rocks
  69. Eric

    Overall a nice blue collar club. Nice women, good private dances. Dance prices are a little high but 40$ has been the going rate in Jackson for quite a while.

  70. Zack

    pure shit

  71. Marshall

    Best club in town for me.

  72. BB

    Over the last year I have visted the club once or twice a week on an average. It is a very friendly place to spend some time and the girls make it very enjoyable.

  73. Jack
  74. lyn

    everytime its girls or guys. scaming 4. your money an the beer is hot.

  75. Expert

    Paying customers do not want boyfriends standing around while they are talking to dancers or getting a dance. It’s just good business sense not to let boyfriends hang out in the club while the dancer is at work.

  76. Jay
  77. slcdon

    Went to Babes on a Tues night about 9:30 pm. There were about 15 dancers. A wide variety of looks, AA and caucasian, ranging from 5 to 8 on my scale. I have been to a lot of “big city” clubs and the overall quality of the girls here is only slightly less. Had dances from Heather that were very interactive. Dances are pricey – $40 VIP dances, $20 table dances, but they ran 2-for-1 dance specials every 10-15 minutes. I would definitely go back (as long as they run 2-for-1 specials).

  78. micky

    john? the only response befitting of your comments is simpley this your full of shit

  79. To The Point

    Im really a customer at Babe’s but what I said, about the boyfriends hanging out inside the club is true. This is what this board is made for to voice your opinion

  80. Brian

    I really enjoyed my time spent inside this club. The music use to be a bit to loud, but it seems they have turned it down a bit lately. Most of the dancers are excellent, I especially like Carmen.

  81. Tobi Keith

    I love this bar

  82. Couple

    Had a great time. Wife and I had a kick ass dance. Dancers seemed to love dancing for a women. And I loved looking 😉

  83. The man

    Who cares if they have boyfriends. They dont mind them dancing. It a turn on for them and makes them happy. I will always get dances from the girls regardless.

  84. Matt
  85. someone in the know

    trust me to all those bitching about the boyfriends in the club,they are happy there old lady is making money. some of

    the guys that buy dances pay the bills every month

  86. Sam
  87. Ace

    This is a fun place with beautiful girls. The service is great.

  88. Bud

    This club is a shit hole!

  89. Entertainer

    Oh Please!!!There are no boyfriends in here. IF any, there may be 1 or 2 at the most who are apparently cool with it.Stop posting lies on here. That is what loks bad to the customers.

  90. xxx

    Verry disiponted

  92. charles
  93. Rusty

    Nice club, variety of beautiful ladies and fun atmosphere. I had a wonderful time myself.

  94. ?!?!?!
  95. Ray

    Awesome club.

  96. rick

    check out the fivedollar wather its good it is porer out of a 75cent galon jug rite in front of your eyes now thats a deal

  97. big jz

    miley gives great blow jobs

  98. Vito

    I have been in Babe’s many times. Even back in the days of no bottoms all hours. I have always had a great time in there. The dancers are sweet and sexy. There are a couple of them who need to retire but most are workable. I like a club that is always fun. Babe’s is always fun. It’s my hangout when I’m in town. I wish the owner’s wife would hang out there more often. She was great.

  99. sixtynine cents

    boy mr.brown that is some dam good water what do that do too it dam good an i must say dam worth the money

  100. I Agree

    I was in the club not long ago myself way to many boyfriends hanging out in the club. This is not cool at all.

  101. he knows who i am


  102. Dancer

    Babes is the best!! I would NEVER have a man who doesnt work unless he is disabled. Learned that lesson a long time ago. I prefer babes over any other place.

  103. will

    the girls beg two much and are not very nice and the BLDG IN is full of smoke

  104. Mickey

    Don’t waste your time not worth the drive at all. To many boyfriends inside the club.

  105. To Employee

    It doesn’t matter if it’s one or two boyfriends hanging out in the club that’s not cool for business. I know I don’t want to get a VIP dance with her boyfriend standing around like some buzzard waiting for her to make a dollar. The boyfriends in the club need to go get a job for themselves.

  106. Nice club

    This club is awesome! We had a good time. The vip dances are awesome and they have beer specials all night long. Thanks Ladies and staff for treating us right!

  107. carmen

    the club racist bastardas that only wants the black communiitys money but not their business they r racist bastards they hate blacks the dj is a crackhead that doesnt want white girls 2 listen 2 black music

  108. customer

    This club has the finest dancers around I always have a good time!! It is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  109. 007

    This club is the best in Jackson! I know everyone here and it is not a whorehouse.

  110. Lee

    My friends and I had a really good time. The girls there were awesome and the waitresses were very attentive. Overall, I was very impressed.

  111. jamie

    so does anyone know who does a little extra!!!

  112. Jim Altman

    Here is the scoop on the boyfriends. I’ve been a regular for a very long time and I generally hang around the bar with a few dancers and or other old time regulars. When the girls can’t make any money, they will come by and chat, sometimes just to take a break and pick out who they want to sit with next. I suppose to a drunk sitting at a table with no one paying his broke ass any attention, that could be construed into there are boyfriends in the club. If one has sour grapes because he is sitting by himself, I suggest he at the minimum be nice, give them a drink, don’t be a perv. It goes a long way.

    Once, years ago, I bought a dance in Tiffany’s and had to deal with the dancer’s husband in the parking lot. After he confronted me about my intentions, I told him I just got a dance, he had to deal with her full time. While he was trying to figure out who I insulted I got in my shit and drove off.

  113. steven
  114. same customer

    This club is still the best in town!!!!!

  115. cuz

    best time ever dancers were nice

  116. Same Old Dancers

    This club has the same old dancers and boyfriends hanging out Some things never change at all. Not worth the drive at all.

  117. Jon

    Definitely a place to go for a good time. Will be back for sure!

  118. Bill

    for where its at(jackson ,ms) its the best club in jackson and maybe ms

  119. M

    Great club!!! Beautiful ladies who know how to show you a good time!

  120. JJ


  121. awsome dancers
  122. Visitor

    I noticed alot of boyfriends hanging out in this club. What a turn off for a paying customer. Not worth the trip.

  123. enb

    if ya have nothing good to say say nothing

  124. A.

    This club has some beautiful ladies and a few in between. The beer is the coldest in town & only $1.00 from 4 – 7, I got 2-4-1 dances all night,and they’ll let you bring a bottle in too.

  125. who cares

    Who cares if they have boyfriends! Most stay home. It doesnt bother me. I still get my lap dances.

  126. Big Daddy

    Aly, Bella and Lacie rock….but Tease has a big ole booty that’s worth the


  127. cheezzzzzzzz


  128. Paul

    All the dancers are not friendly and all they want is your money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  129. Jake

    The girls are liars

  130. R

    The club is nice and the ladies are fantastic.

  131. Stephen
  132. Regular

    Babes has some Gorgeous Ladies. It’s the best club around. I see no boyfriends around. If there are their cool with their girl dancing apparently because there is no trouble or fights.

  133. phi 1.618
  134. Roger

    this club is a dive.

  135. Johnny

    A real shit hole.

  136. disappointed

    never again will i set foot in this train wreck

  137. DANNY


  138. new djj witda bigbutthole

    glad to see dem selln pussy an b j s 74 a bill ashley can hook up. 4 a bill.ask 4 da asshole 4 free n dis love yall.

  139. cowboy

    to smokie but who cares nuff said when your drunk

  140. fun
  141. Mack

    The club has HOT LADIES!!!!

  142. Billo

    This club sux, and I will never be back! I will spend my time and money at Danny’s.



  144. Awesome!!

    I had an awesome time at Babes! It was well. worth it 🙂

  145. shoot

    man this place hot, but $40 bucks a song sucks. Still , nice place to go

  146. R.

    Babes is the best place around.

  147. Uhhh

    Thats all they do is play race cards

  148. ilove babes
  149. Insider

    To Carmen, you got caught going into another dancer’s locker and destroying the only picture of her recently deceased sister she had of her in her wedding gown. I’m told that you had a complete lack of respect for the rules and the staff. So you want to call the club racist because they finally fired your ass? The truth shall set you right.

  150. poppi
  151. happy

    great club

  152. Mac

    Great club! Lots of friendly beautiful ladies & the beer is very cold.

  153. Excellent!!!! Best in Town!

    There is a joke about what club is the best in town and come on don’t even fool yourself. Babes is the best!! All the girls are respectful and this club is run right!! Don’t ask for sex!! Go to tiffany’s or find a hooker on the street… These girls work for a living and like what they do…

  154. big tipper

    Babes is not a whorehouse! There is someone for everyone here! Check out the sexy ladies! beer specials you cant beat too!

  155. sunn

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