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912 Business Loop 70 East, Columbia, MO 65201


38.9638487, -92.3259408




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Vogue

  1. Carl

    A waste of time and money

  2. yes

    Good times

  3. Laughable

    Shawna was fired for being a whore, and she makes these claims. Pretty funny.

  4. liamm

    i hate this place so many ugly stretch mark covered women (ugh)! seems like every other song is rap and if you stay for an hour you can hear them all again! too many beggars and not enough talent. you’re losing it jay. oh! and what’ up with $5 to park and hope it doesn’t get towed?

  5. More please!

    Great place. Nice girls that actually look good and will talk with you instead of sitting across the room and staring.

  6. Wow

    Great time Monday night, Thank you ladies.

  7. Bif

    Hot girls. Enough said.

  8. JJ

    nice wed nights. girls were all hot.

  9. big e

    there are a few good girls there but then a couple hookers like the asian girl and saphire

  10. Love it

    Love this place. Can’t stay away, and no the girls are not fat!

  11. killer

    Stopped in from out of town and had a good time. Nice girls. I will be back soon.

  12. Michael

    Piss on this place and their bitchy women.

  13. Mikey D

    Good place with some good times. We go in every few weeks and always have a good time.

  14. GoodSon

    Outstanding. VIP dances are great.

  15. George

    Are all the girls Fat ??

  16. Nathan

    Its a nice place to go and relax and have a good time. Most of the girls are very good dancers and they are not bashful on stage. Thanks.

  17. m
  18. FF

    Is this place for real. Who is the cheesey guy going around telling everybody he is the owner. Tell him to quit blowing money on the snowjob and fix the club. THIS PLACE SUCKS>

  19. Nice

    Say what you want, this is my favorite club. I stop in every chance I have and it is always a good time. Some of my favorite girls have moved on, but there is always someone new to get to know. Check them out.

  20. Hector

    I visit for fun not drama, I will stay home.

  21. vickie

    hey be careful if your going here all the girls have staff infections there nasty bitchs

  22. travelin mack

    Paying to park at a strip club sucks. that’s why I don’t go there anymore. I go down the street.

  23. Stacy

    I second the previous comment!

  24. Andy

    Fat girls apply here

  25. q
  26. Stiffy

    Nice club. Kinda small but its fun.

  27. mhoppity88

    Gr8 club, love to go there.

  28. Loved it

    Loved it. Loved it. LOVED IT. My new home for every payday.

  29. Clik

    Not sure what happened to this place but Damn. Not worth the trip anymore.

  30. ted

    first time here and felt that if i wasn’t buying a dance i shouldn’t be here. some asian made me feel real bad so i left

  31. Dman

    Lovin every minute of it! Came back to Vogue after years out of town. Love it. Pamela alone is worth the trip! Thank you Club Vogue.

  32. SteveO

    So many people talking bad about the place? I have a good time everytime I go.

  33. JDawg

    Wonderful surprise! I was in town to visit a friend, and looked for this place before driving home in St Louis (sign says Club Vogue). I have been to several clubs in STL metro area, and this one is as good, if not better, than any of them!

    EVERY ONE of the girls was hot and friendly! Most girls were rather young, so no old or fat or ugly girls at all. Very arousing! Had a few VIP dances and one set of bed dances with four of the most beautiful girls! DJ music was pretty good! Bartender extremely friendly, and bouncers seemed okay, though not there to interact with them. 🙂 Downside is since in MO no alcohol with nude club, though alcohol bar nextdoor so customers walked back and forth freely. Club waitress heavily pushed the more expensive soda/energy drinks for the girls, but that was fine. Place a bit run-down and old, but who cares? Only wish I was closer to visit this club regularly! Will be tough to find a better experience and value in STL metro area.

  34. Shooter

    Its all good in my book. Like the girls, the bouncers were cool and the place was open late. The bathrooms could use some help but thats not what I came to look at.

  35. Micky

    Great place for being in MO. Hands on Bed dances with her only wearing a thong. The regular privates in the back room are a bit of a rip-off in that they are shortened songs, but all upstairs activity is by the regular music being played in the club (full length) or by the half-hour/hour.

    Best part…the regulars for this area are college guys and military…both not known for their tipping…so the ladies really appreciate a guy who is willing to spend something.

  36. Rod

    This place sucks ……. and not in a good way

  37. No No No

    I wont be back

  38. Disappointed

    This club used to be where if i wanted to go out and unwind and have a great time i’d hit here. I went to this club on my birthday and as far as i am concerned it will probably be my last! When i first got there,i was basically knocked down. I barely had enough time to set down and there were girl’s on my lap begging for my money!! Who wants to get hit up for cash RIGHT when you get in a club?? Then as the night progressed and more people came in NONE of the girl’s were to be found! The girl’s all acted like all they were out to do was get your money and that was it!!! constantly asking for money!! a lot of back stabbing was going on as well this one talking shit about that one and complaining that things were “slow” in the money department! I used to drop by here at least three times a month,but from now on i think i will take my cash and drive the extra distance for better entertainment!!!! it’s a shame too,because usuaully when i went in there it was nothing for me to drop about 250-300 bucks in one night there!! This place has gone to hell and a hand basket!!! won’t be back!

  39. fuel

    cry babies

  40. meh

    Beddances are the shit! Check them out. Thank you Kiya!

  41. James

    Best stop i’ve made in weeks.

  42. PoGo

    Good spot once you find it. The place was to dark but I had a lot of fun with the ladies. I will be back next time im in town.

  43. Clay D!!!


  44. Mike J
  45. Drivin Through

    Loved the girls. Everyone was cool and worked hard to make sure I havd a good time. Go see Baily.

  46. Justin

    Hell of a good time Saturday. Thanks girls and you will see me and my pink shirt again!

  47. eric

    this is a damn better club than down the street with the fucked up manger and drug dealing staff

  48. Tedd

    Keep this place and there attitudes

  49. lonelickalotopus

    Visiting for first time in 9 years. Whatever happened in that time I don’t know. All I know is I like. The girls are young and gorgeous. Yeah, Lap dances are $20, but they’re worth it. I didnt try the 45.00 bed dance. I made a special stop on my way from California to Illinois. I’m glad I did.

  50. sorry

    club sucks

  51. Red
  52. Herb

    They call these bed dances; see ya

  53. Joe
  54. Pacer

    bully bouncers.rough and likes to fight.wont be back.

  55. clubhopper

    nice place to go and check out the scene but from what I seen on here you fools have no idea of the real deal and goings ons in strip clubs. if the girls seem hard up they just might be. jay takes a lot of the money in the dance area whether its private dance or the upstairs. also remember its a college town with a lot of college people and after 1am the atmosphere does change and also matters who is the dj. check out all the clubs and get to know your fave girls instead of just knocking the girls trying to make a single $ or dance. and if your gonna get a 10 dance on the special night why dont you add a 10 or 20$ tip afterwards.

  56. Love the club

    The club has free valet parking, low cover charge, dances are cheaper than the club down the street and are well worth the money with more variety. Variety in girls and in prices. They have floor/table dances for 10, private dances for 20, bed dances for 40 per song or 3 songs for 100, and safari dances at 75 for 15 minutes. The best though….Mondays are 10 private dances all night, Tuesday is 2 for 1 private dances all night, Wednesday is Safari special with 50 dollar safaris rather than the regular 75, ect. ect. there’s a special ever night and choice girls over 30, all beautiful, talented, and flexible! I will definately be coming back when I come to town.

    Comparable to many upscale clubs I’ve visited all over the US.

    See you next month ladies…

  57. trish

    I was working at this club, it was a big change for me but all of the girls are friendly the staff is friendly the bouncers actually do thier jobs, i would have stayed had i not been fired for not sleeping with my boss I thought it was an overall good environment if it was run by someone else but if you should happen to stop in i think the best dancers would be kiya, brianna, lilly, and vivian they are awesome!



  58. Frank


  59. Art

    The whole place is flat worn out

  60. Steve

    The lights are set on there lowest setting for a reason , the girls need all the help thsy can get

  61. Stan


  62. needles

    last time i waste my money the hole down the street is far better

  63. out of towner

    Came in on a monday a couple of months ago. Vip with unlimted drinks(soda) was $15. private dances were $10 which was a good value. The dances were awesome im from KC and its a struggle to get a good dance for $20 but i never got a bad dance at Vogue. There was one smokin hot girl, two other good looking girls and the rest seemed to be fillers. As for the quality of girls it was a monday but still disappointing. Wish i could of made it on a saturday

  64. Club Goer
  65. gross

    looks like a bunch of druggies with down syndrome

  66. Pat

    What a shitty club.

  67. Jimmy

    Wow, this club sucks!

  68. glenn

    girls beg so much their hands look like cups

  69. Me

    Outstanding. $10 laps on Monday.

  70. Big Gay Mack

    Gobbling cock never sounded so good. Yeah, I don’t even understand that one.

  71. Josh

    Club vogue was the first club i was in and i had a blast.

  72. jr

    this place sucks, they lost all their prostitutes to stephanies!

  73. batonrouge

    no offense to the locals, but i wasn’t expecting ANYTHING special out of club located in columbia, missouri…it being a smaller city in what i considered the midwest.

    i went on a saturday night and was pleased. just about anyone could find something they liked at this club. there were all kinds of girls on stage. whether you want petite, sophisticated, playful, sultry, or even a small selection of amazons that i’m assuming are cornfed and kept hidden in the midwest (as i have not seen them working anywhere else), you could find them at vogue.

    i would go back in a heartbeat. fun club. an unexpected surprise.

  74. StubBoy

    Went by for the Customer Appreciation night. Free cover charge and some special act. They were even giving away food. Lots of girls with a few really hot ones.

    Will be back with my friend for his bachelor party this summer.

  75. Jake

    The club is now offering BYOB and the girls are the hottest ever!

  76. LoveDoll

    Good good good

  77. dollar bill

    hole in the wall

  78. Big Motha fuckin Al

    bitches are all tanks, college nights are good 1 buck to get in, get raped on drinks worse than the girls after hours, all girls hit cocaine between shifts… pure sluts looking for DICK

  79. T-dog
  80. Pete

    The worst waste of time I have experenced in a long time.

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  82. teddy

    I will definitely be coming back, no doubt about it. This place kicks ass, I would come back just for Bailey, Simone, Renee, and Jasmine. Those girls made the night for me, especially Bailey.

  83. Ken

    I don’t believe the other reviews are real if they say that a private dance without touching beats the ones where you get handfuls of hot girls in Columbia, MO.

  84. Jack

    this club is horrible!

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