Illusions Gentlemen’s Club



755 Guin Road, Nixa, MO 65714


37.0873686, -93.3255172




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Illusions Gentlemen’s Club

  1. 4016

    this is the best club in the springfield area. if nothing else, go for the hands on dances. i don’t believe any other clubs around here offer touch dances of any kind. i gave the club a 10 only because scarlett is smokin hot!

  2. Hank Shaws
  3. kolby

    this club is a sad establishment. It used to be great and busy all the time.

  4. michael

    word has is that willow turned prostitute and ran off with some old guy. alesha was forced to quit by her old man. guess he got tired of her dick sucking habit

  5. meow

    downs syndrome babies eyes are closer together than amyas

  6. wyatt

    what happened to this place, ugly chicks and shitty stage show.

  7. springfield

    best nude club in the area

  8. Oscae

    Worst show I have seen in years

  9. wow

    hey fat ass your not the manager, stop acting like you are

  10. first timer
  11. Jose

    Nice Club, just don’t try to bring in alcohol, they catch you every time!

  12. big d
  13. Ed

    The new Manager and the new rules has ruined a decent club

  14. Josh
  15. peter

    was the best show ive seen in a long time the girls are having fun and its just a great overall atmosphere

  16. eric w

    love the club love the girls had a good night

  17. Courtney

    Best club in springfield!

  18. Mikey

    Very fun club. Girls are cute. Lap Dances are hands on. And everyone seems to have fun despite what you read on here.

  19. Sunshine
  20. Rick
  21. Former Regular

    Wow, very asute comment Mark!!!

  22. Jake

    not worth the time or the money

  23. Missing old girls

    This club was far better when the old crew was there. You all ae missing out!

  24. Vacation Couple
  25. JustAGuy

    They finally started fixing up the place. New couches and a hot new waitress! Also what they call a “Happy Hour” from 7-9.

  26. Steve

    Had the worst time there friday night..You guys are right not worth the 2 hours drive to see this place

  27. anti-Amaya

    The only fan amaya has is her three hundred pound jaba the hut husband.

  28. Jason

    It has always been the best club in town

  29. Siemens

    The girls are absolutely amazing. One of the best clubs I’ve ever been to. Definitely a great find in the middle of nowhere.

  30. adam

    above average for the area but I agree that the place needs some fixing up – chairs and couches

  31. Sam

    You all are right, this club is hardly worth the money or the time. The girls are all a bit homely and can’t hold a conversation. I’ll never be back!

  32. Friend

    Greant had a wonderful time. Just missed Nina. WHen will she b back?

  33. STtotheMFC

    This place rocks! Girls are cute and friendly. Most of them are probably 18-24. Saw one that looked like she’d been in the tanning bed about 5 years too many, but other than that… I agree the place needs some work(spend some fuckin money on the place sheesh)but who’s there for decorating tips?

  34. me
  35. stb
  36. Actual Customer

    The club to be at is illusions. Tom is back and the girls are motivated,not to mention hot! They have over 14 girls, with new ones coming in weekly. HANDS ON LAP DANCES, can’t beat it with a stick.

  37. tommy
  38. 987

    Nice club but I sure miss many of the girls that dont dance here anymore. It is a long list. sigh

  39. L.D.

    this place is the best and the woman are very beautiful

  40. Joe

    It is too bad that more people dont know about this place. The girls are hot and the prices reasonable and the music good and the overall experience is GREAT!!!

  41. In for the night

    The only way these people could be having a bad time is if they were blind or gay. Yes some girls were more beautiful than others, but I had a great time. The “happy hour” is the best deal ever, it just leaves me too broke too fast! Can’t wait to get back!

  42. Carl

    You will risk your life just walking into the joint

  43. Vern
  44. Mark

    You are missing Scarlett

  45. K98d

    Cherry seems to have a lot of potential. She has been dancing for 2 months. Keep an eye on it. She is worth watching

  46. Jetson

    Enjoyed the visit and adore Nina. Sweetie, worth the trip there and glad I went. Looking forward to spending a bit more on her in there. Great time. Thanks Nina

  47. The Rock

    Can ya smelllllllllll what the Rock is cookin! You will soon!

  48. Johnny
  49. ericg

    first of all in response to pissed review this club is the best around classy sexy women 18 dollars to get through the door pays for your drinks all night long as far as not recomended by this site whats the deal you must like the places where you walk in and get aids or somethin or maybe you like meth and crack heads

  50. Traveler

    Excellent place even though it is in the middle of no where. Good looking girls who can shake it!!!

  51. O town

    Its not a Night Trips but damn the pussy was good looking

  52. Sammy
  53. fuck you

    because its fuckin nixa it sucks dick

  54. Randy

    Nice place. MOst of the girls are friendly and many are 9s or better. MIsty, Zada and Scarlet are GREAT! Well worth the money.

  55. Out of State Visitor

    Nice place, rather small but comfortable. No alcohol and no food. Good mix of dancers – some only 18 and a few professional strippers (well over 25). Worth the money.

  56. regular

    miss the old manager that left in july, he made it fun and the girls all got along with each other now they all bitch about each other

  57. fuck illusions
  58. andy

    jade is hott

  59. Ryan

    I really liked this club, I am a girl dancer, but I have never worked at this club. I went her for my bday and had tons of fun. Usually girls are snotty to other girls that come into thier club, but these girls were very nice. The dances I got werent the best but might just been the girl! ut overall the girls were cute the club was fun!

  60. Steven

    Can’t wait to get back there for more!

  61. Ron

    Slow night when I was just there. Ratio of customers to dancers excellent. Lap dances (3 different girls) went from ok to better to wow (she should be in Vegas but I’m glad she isn’t!). Very helpful and honest staff.

  62. Larry

    The club is great and so are the girls. I wish more people knew about Illusions. Fun and entertaining.

  63. Reviewer

    Nice place with good looking dancers.

  64. Ralph

    No bad considering the club is located in the middle of no where

  65. Rob

    Nice place with much above average stripers. The club itself could use some sprucing up. The couches and chairs need to be replaced and some of the lights dont work. One room has been out of service for at least 6 months. It should be used as a VIP room. The bathroom is colder than that South Pole. The owner needs to spend some money to fix up the place.

  66. Ken

    Overall a good club, cute girls there! You have to buy a drink every half-hour which is annoying, but other than that it’s a relaxed place.

  67. JR

    While it is true that strippers dont know when to quit, it is also true that some strippers quit way too soon.

  68. Jon

    Fully nude dancing, topless HANDS ON lap dances. Girls are very sociable, will sit at your table and talk between dances. Buy a cup at the door and get half-price admission plus free refills all night. Especially watch for Jasmine, Nina, and Jade!

  69. Justin

    I was in this club a couple of days ago, and I have to say I agree with Summer. Not worth the drive, the time; the least I can say is terrible! Alesha was decent, as was Zada, and I looked for Scarlet with no such luck (apparently she’s been gone for over a month now). As for the other women… how about the idea of YOUNG? This club needs a total redo, girls that aren’t old and around 40 and maybe semi-hot, a place that isn’t so shithole-ish, and more!

  70. gary

    had a good weekend at the club. nice girls

  71. Bob

    Really, really great place with great looking dancers who like to get naked!!! Highly recommended!!!!

  72. joe bob


  73. 6969

    With the departure of Misty, Scarlett and Aspen, the place has gone down hill.

  74. paul

    it’s alright with me!!!!

  75. Amya Fan

    Had a great time last night! Amaya rocks that pole and at lap dances. Make sure you check her out! I can’t wait to get back!

  76. 5555

    The club needs better looking girls

  77. Hooper

    Where did the pretty girls go , this place sucks

  78. Jeff

    One week ago tonight,I found it! Hey, even my GPS had difficulity. Was it worth the drive and the phone call for directions? You better believe it!! I can’t quit thinking about my experience, Wow! Very nice Ladies! Just as I walked in I noticed Alesha, she was on stage, one word to describe her “amazing”! Hands on dances for almost an hour were the result! sorry guys, I know some of you had purchased tickets but we only came “up for air” for Alesha to dance on stage again. Let me take a line from T-Pain “I’m N Luv”… you know the rest!!! Thursday night was even better because Alesha’s friend Jenni joined us on the couch! can you believe it! two at the same time!!! Thanks Mr. DJ, for the long songs! I’m hooked! I just wish ATMs would let you withdraw larger sums!!! Thanks again, Illusions is now set as a “FAVORITE” in my GPS!

  79. Jim

    Great place! Scarlett is red hot!!!

  80. jj
  81. Brian

    This place sucks! Wen’t here thinking it would be worth the drive for full nude, was i wrong! These girls are not even average, most of them are small chested and not attractive. The building is disgusting and smells bad, pretty sure it’s coming from the dancers vaginas! I will never go back and do not recommend! Upgrade on the dancers is a must!

  82. Henry

    Pretty good club. From the area and it was my first time. I’ll be back sometime.

  83. Corey

    The club was awesome!!! I reallyyy liked this one girl Abby. Wow it was one of the best nights of my life on monday!!

  84. Joseph

    Was in last week and I have to say it was a good time. Lap dance specials till 9 or something and the girls were pretty good. They ranged from lots of experience to bran d new. It was a great time

  85. Nixa

    Some strippers just dont know when to quit

  86. Boring

    unimpressive club, sorry truth hurts.

  87. Dave

    This club is aweful!!!! These girls have the nastiest vaginas I’ve ever seen. Soap and water is all I have to say!!

  88. Tiff
  89. looker

    this club sucks

  90. Ray

    Not Worth ny time or effort to find this shit hole.

  91. Todd

    The only “illusion” here is that the dim lights hide their stretchmarks.

  92. Stan
  93. Jeremy
  94. Stephen

    Definitely the best club in the Springfield area. Tonight was the first time I went there, and after seeing the other clubs this one blows them away. The girls all look amazing. I could not believe how hot they were. After being there for about 5 minutes, on a Friday night, one of the girls sat down and talked to me for about a good hour or so before I took her for a lapdance. $25 is high for Springfield, but they are hands on which makes it well worth the money. Buy 4 with the same girl and you get a fifth added on. I enjoyed those so much I got another one on the spot.

    Two standout girls from tonight were Mackenzie and Nadia. I am definitely going back again… soon.

  95. Enough

    Enough negative stuff. Who misses Zada? I know I do

  96. fighting

    this shit didnt go on a year ago i want tom back

  97. Summer

    The Dancers are not all that I have seen much better. This past weekend was my second time at Illusions and I thought it might get better but no luck. I see a few comments about Aspen, Scarlett,and Zada I personally don’t think they are any better than the other dancers at this club. As for Scarlett being “HOT” I have one word for that “NOT”

    Summer Williams

  98. slick
  99. Showtime

    Despite what others have written, this club is definately worth the time and money!

  100. brad

    some new better looking girls and younger girls would help a lot.

  101. HOTONE


  102. Jack

    Great place. Good looking girls who know how to strip and please. Scarlet, Misty and Candy are red hot!!!

  103. Manny

    Lets go home and play the vedio games

  104. Kansas

    The strippers are great and good looking. Lap dances are great although too short. GOOD PLACE!!!

  105. Tom

    I agree with what has been said, fix up the place. Most of the girls are cute and friendly and some of them like to get naked. That really helps but time to spend some $$$ to upgrade the place.

  106. Pissed

    Wow. Where to start? They think their really special at illusions. First of all, $18 to get through the door but hey at least its all you can drink – of coke that is. No boose. The upside to that is its full nudity which would be great if there was actually anybody dancing. No sarcasim here. By the time I made it to a seat they had hustled me out of 25 bucks between the cover, buying the chick a drink (its was strongly suggested), and tip for the bartender, – and they stage wasnt even open yet. Mind you this was a full two hours after they opened for the evening. When I asked why there were no dancers, they replied that it wasn’t busy enough yet. Piss on the 7 or 8 of us that droped $20-$30 bucks just to get in and stare at an empty stage. I should have left right then but wanted to get somthing for my money so I took the young lady up on the $25 hands on lap dance. Bless her heart she tried but it was a major dissapointment. No seduction whatsoever, just continuious grinding on my cock with her ass. She gets an A for effort though. By the way out of the 6 or 7 girls working, not one of them had B cup or bigger tits. 7 A cup flat chested girls. On the plus side these girls were hot! Smoking hot beautiful petite flat chested girls. It was like the theme of the place. Personaly I like some tities and a round ass along with a pretty face, but if your into small girls you wont be dissapointed in that part anyway. Moral of the story is I feel ripped off and won’t ever be back. There are much better clubs in Springfield.

  107. Tim

    Where are the girls , I stoped by and there was a total of 3 and 1 was super sized.

  108. Time

    This place would be better if the dancers were better looking.

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