Freds Lounge



8056 Hwy 10 W Missoula, MT 59808, Missoula, MT 59808


46.9491065, -114.1329729




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Freds Lounge

  1. Tony T.

    The newly remodeled club is an improvement and well worth the stop.

  2. Kevin
  3. Gary B

    it has a nice laid back atmosphere that is extremely convenient for truck drivers

  4. old customer

    used to spend a lot of time in Fred’s really enjoyed it. pretty good friends with some of the girls haven’t been in there in over a year now. was just wondering if there was a few dancers still working there. Casandra, Lacey(could be going by Crysania) or Heidi??? if you know contact me at anywho at

  5. Buck

    Excellent club, good times to be had there. Been there many times even met an exgirlfriend of mine there. Fun and friendly a definate stop if you travel to or through Missoula.

  6. Tony

    When there last week on my way out west. Had a great time. Only 2 girls performing that night, but hell….I needed just one. Too bad I won’t be in Montana for a while, as Cindy definetely made me want to stay a few extra days.

  7. AssnTits5

    I like Fred’s because of its mix of trash and hotness.Plus, its better than that Moulin Rouge place (is it still there?) on Brooks with its whores piped-in from Seattle and Portland.

  8. Happy Hannah

    I used to work at this club for several years, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the club owner. She has always done her absolute best to run a pretty tight, clean establishment and, at the time I was there, was extremely choosy about the girls who worked for her. I will be contacting her directly regarding the negative comments being made about her girls and the club. The money here can be VERY GOOD if you are willing to get off your ass and WORK for it. However, if you are a stripper just trying to cause problems for another girl, don’t bother posting comments. If you do your job the way it’s supposed to be done, you won’t have time to worry what the other entertainers are doing.

  9. Infected and pissed

    Guys, watch out for Alexis (her real name) the fairly hot petite chick with big tattoe on her side. I heard she has herpes and after she made out with me during a vip set of dances i am really worried.Gotta go get tested soon. and i think she stole $20 extra when i went to pee

  10. ItchyTickle

    Went there the other night. No cover was a plus, had heard from friends that this was kind of a ragged club. Sat down at the rail and Lolita came out, sassy bitchy kind of girl. Red head with a nice body and a sweet ass rack. Brooke is a sassy little girl too. Liked it, would definetily go back. Lolita needs to be spanked.

  11. snapper

    been going to freds for 17 years love it there

  12. wtf?

    naudia was extremely rude to me!!! and it seemed like the dancers were more interested in talking trash about eachother behind one anothers backs, or about getting painkiller hookups than customer service and maybe making money.. isnt this your job??? and i saw one girl leaving the club with a customer!!!! NOT CLASSY.

  13. GarryWas

    Piss poor bartenders. Rude at best. No consistent drink prices. Whatever the bartender decides to charge. Girls don’t have any expectation of schedule. Come on halfway thru a song, stop, sit and talk to a guy with no regard to the tippers on the rail. And the girls…..rough at best. Tried it twice. Best word description…. BROKE ASS! The diviest strip club in Portland is 10 times better than this joint. So much potential in a building. Get a manager of the bar, and the girls. Customer appreciation would go a long way.1 star because I can’t put negative 5!

  14. impressed

    Sexy dancers, hip DJ, friendly staff.. pussy galore VIP room too!

  15. Traveler

    Having lap dances out in the open isn’t cool. It’d be nice if there was a pause between each dance so that the patrons could applaud the dancers. They might be more energetic on stage if they were shown more appreciation by the crowd.

  16. ZeroG

    I visited this club on Sunday evening 08/03…nice small cozy establishment with 6 girls dancing. I didn’t get a lap dance, but Heidi sure made it tempting. I look forward to visting again and enjoying more of what this place has to offer.

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