The Foxy-Lincoln’s Exclusive Gentlemens Club



1823 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68508


40.8132923, -96.6946181




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Foxy-Lincoln’s Exclusive Gentlemens Club

  1. JOHN


  2. phil
  3. A.C.

    Was in there last week late,I’m from out of town,but pass thru Stinkin’ Lincoln on business once and awhile,There where 3 dancers that got up to Dance will I was there, 1st one was Mirage,Excellanto,Magnificentamundo,maybe the best one there!the 2nd was Reno,Rena something like that,she was stuck up,acted like it was a pain to take my $,Oh well, will give it all to Mirage next time,The 3rd Girl said she was new, I noticed someone behind me was making signals to her,it appeared that he didn’t like me paying her my attension,He looked like he Flipped me the “Bird” I ask her who he was,she said thats my boyfriend…………..H’mm here is my advise, wanna make big bucks being a Dancer Don’t have your Jealous there or else you’ll be going back to your old job very soon……at Walmart !!!!

  4. Brendon
  5. Randall AKA

    Great Girls Like :GIGI- the gyration sensation !Mirage,now you see her,now you don’t( wait come back I want to see you again ! ),Peaches-Sweet or Sour she’s the Girl of the Hour!Ravishing Rena!Pretty Pamela,Delightful Destiny,Serinity til INfinity(has cool Mom.),Kute Kassie,Eligant Erica,and all the other great Girls too. plus Bartenders, Sexy Phyll(buy her Calender)Delightful Diane,Stuck up lady who don’t smile( don’t know her name)and of course you can’t forget the man with the best job in the World (I’m jealous) CAPTAIN ANDY ! Jerry & Sandy what a great “lil” bar you have.Hey CUPCAKES come out of retirement for just one more Dance(make sure I’m there)good luck to you whereever you are !

  6. Elviz

    Nice Girls,great place and no cover charge!

  7. bob
  8. blinded

    Talent is average dancers not very nice to the customers seen two HOT DANCERS while i was there not sure why they are at this place when they are ready to make some real money they may end up in Waverly i can only hope!!!!!

  9. mr. lonely

    been coming to this place for to long, to long infact. there’s one girl there whose’s REALLY sparked my interest for awhile. her name changes all the time but lollipop is what she’s going by now. she is so nice and no BULLSHIT. it’s refreshing to meet someone who’s real. wish i could figure her out more or at least when she’d be working. is this the only place she works. WHAT’S LOLLIPOPS STROY???? does anyone know???

  10. Ironman
  11. nick

    girls were not bad but not great had one or 2 that were ok but don’t want to see stretch marks on the jugs just a turn off so sad causes shes a red head

  12. Rater

    Ahhhh The girls here are way better now!

  13. Michael M.

    Amazing people, place and entertainment. If your alone or with a group of friends highly recommend stopping in and seeing the environment for yourself.

  14. joe

    No sir, thats all I have to say.

  15. Tim

    The place is a mess and mos of the girls weren’t great but there were some very hot chicks working there who were friendly and worth seeing.

  16. Toni

    This club needs some serious remodeling and more hot girls.

  17. Tall Guy

    I love this place. The girls are top notch and are always there to show you a good time.

  18. Name bitch
  19. not worth the free cover

    It’s really more of a local dive bar with some girls. Was in

    and out in less than 10 minutes on a Tuesday at around 5 pm.

    Maybe more to see later on but it was a waste of time when I

    was there.

  20. El Vat the Vampire

    Great Place,Hot Friendly Ladies, the new girls are great Austin,Jenny,Cheri,Chloe(watch out when she swings on the pole,LOL,j/k Luvya Chloe!)and the others are great too,GIGI,Mirage,Rena,Tory,Destiny,Cherish,Paula….Opps I mean Pamela(lol) sorry Pam I just had to.Bartenders Phyll,Diane and Captain Andy are Great!No Cover Charge like at that FART BEFORE place up the street and they open at 11:30am where else can you have Pizza/wings/T&A for Lunch?NOT MICKYDEES!

  21. us navy
  22. bored in sb

    the girls here are above average but the club itself sucks. there is no cover because the place is basically falling apart. the private dance area stinks, literally, the bouncers dont protect the girls all that well and i just wish there was a better place to see the talent in here.

  23. travelerenq

    best entertainment in nebraska hands down! so happy when i go here i dont think of anything else gonig on in my life, staff is great!

  24. disappointed


  25. tom
  26. logan
  27. LoL

    def wouldnt rate it a 10

  28. CrimsonDynamo

    New ownership and new management. Look for changes as they are knocking out a wall and expanding. Should be an improvement. Will post info soon.

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