Night Before



1035 M Street, Lincoln, NE 68508


40.8113919, -96.7062473




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Night Before

  1. Jake

    Nice place girls average drinks a little high.Private dances no contact with some of the girls.Not sure if that is the law or dancers choice?

  2. bobby.


  3. XhXeXy

    The nastiest girls in town. Not only does the place suck but everyone is very rude. The bartender was the worst of them all. I got the worst drink and then he charged me for 4. He told me that there was a 4 drink minimum. There are other places in town that were a lot of fun. One place even had a limo and gave us a free ride home. Don’t go here. Just awful!!!

  4. gene simmons

    Oh, this club is the shit.

  5. bobby
  6. ricky todd


  7. Berry
  8. dan
  9. aaaaa
  10. jdogg


  11. jor
  12. h.
  13. Jew bot.
  14. Lenny

    Them chicks was hot.

  15. bored in sb

    went in here on June 29 and had a great time with Kat. All the girls are hot and very nice, no pressure for dances. the only down side is that the private area is small and they have to wear pasties. if in lincoln this seems to be the best club i have found.

  16. bud
  17. Tabby

    Save your money. shithole. ugly sluts

  18. Farmer X.

    I came in today, with my brother and uncle, because we were in town for an ag show.I just might have to move to Lincoln now, because those gals are hotter then hell. All 3 of us had a hell of a time. We were there around 5pm-9 and it was the best 4 hours we’ve had in a long time. Beautiful girls, friendly and even sharp witted. They were too much fun! Thanks ladies, if you guys ever read these that is. Can’t wait to find a reason to come into Lincoln again.

  19. me

    You’re right. Brooklyn is HOT!

  20. Bull dog

    Nope Pitbull,it was NB4 allright,the gurls are Ok,espically,Felony,Lexus,Madison,but had to go out for a smoke very often,as the Fat/Ugly/4 eyed Pinhead/Crewcut dude behind the Bar had a Flatulance Problem!Maybe someone should slip him some “BEANO” THRRRRRRRPPPPPPTTTTTT!!!!!!! OH NO THERE HE GOES AGAIN !!!!!!!

  21. Lonnie
  22. Stony

    Hot girls! Much fun to be had. Don’t forget the variety is there you just have to know where to find it. If you want a skinny hot black girl go when trish is working. If you want sassy redhead look for kat or felony. But don’t forget that they also have everything in between. Just think Shasta, Demi, Venessa, Kasey, and so on. The list is long and full of well perportioned ladies. So enjoy yourself.

  23. Tim

    O.K. Club girls not real friendly.But a private Dance is a MUST!! Plenty of contact if u pick the right girl.

  24. Miguel R.

    Good time. Classy girls. The best.

  25. duh
  26. ithinkilikeit

    gave me a great night i’ll never forget and an awesome first experience

  27. bill
  28. Michael

    I love coming here. The girls are always so friendly. If you get the chance to come make sure you talk to: Kendra, Felony, Brooklyn, Mary Jane, Paris and Candice. These girls are the best of the best! See you girls soon!

  29. Truth

    Carousel wrote that bull shit down below, saying degrading things about the

    other dancers and then talking herself up. fact. Pretty sad when someone

    on the wrong side of 38 has to slam the younger pretty girls just because

    they make more money than her. Insinuating other dancers are practically

    whores and ugly? Really? Men like fun company. Not old ass holes. respect

    your fellow woman, grandma.

  30. Ange

    This place is so relaxing and classy!

  31. Pat

    This is the best club in the state of Nebraska IMO.

  32. Travis

    Place is a Shithole !

  33. Steve

    There is a tall brunette I think her name is Jade. She usually wears a blue bikini. Gave me the hottest private dance I have had in years at this club. You honestly cannot stop with just one dance with her. This is a nice clean club with sexy dancers. Easily the best club and hottest dancers in Lincoln. Enjoy

  34. mike ballsitch
  35. last week

    hummm… I came about a week ago and i love this club. But, all the drama just reminds me why I stoped comming in. Ladies you are all wonderful and I wish you could just leave you childlike behavior in the dressing room and not on the floor.

  36. jack
  37. rectal cunt
  38. Brandon.

    I haven’t been in here forever but it’s better then ever. Except I was sad Jade wasn’t on the schedual. I was told she’ll be back in a few months though so thats good. All you girls are fantastic, I could go bankrupt in that bar.

  39. Ross
  40. Stevie Z

    Great club!!!! Spent last football Saturday here and had a frick’en great time! HOT dancers, good drinks, great service! Everyone was having a great time–AND the Huskers won!!!! See ya next weekend!….

  41. Shawn

    My favorite place. All these girls are so pretty.

  42. Not from NE

    This is the classic small neighborhood club, welcoming to strangers and comfortable, with interesting dancers and a good low key sound system and DJ…

  43. al
  44. TJ
  45. ted d

    I truley loved my time here!

  46. ferg
  47. Jonny

    My fav bar of all time.

  48. "Bulldog"

    I was in the Club last Thursday,I sat at the Bar, the place smelled like Burnt Onions and Rotten Tacos,think it might have been coming from out of the Bartenders Behind!The Girls where Ok,The D.J. was funny looking,he had a big long nose, I thought at first he was eating a banana,Lmao!!! ,Not the Quality of Girls Like In KC,Mo.,But not bad considering this is “the Cow state” LMFAO !

    Maybe they should change the name to ” The FART before,LOL !

  49. charles dickens

    its da best.

  50. ????

    Was in this place a while back. Will not be going back the girls are rude.And the ones that try to be friendly are to strung out to hold a conversation.

  51. great

    fantastic club!

  52. 00000000000000000
  53. Rick

    Flew into Lincoln last week, As always, I hit TNB, but somethings changed this time around…The quality of girls now working there has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Saggy and tired looking… Bring back the hot young skinny gals!!!

  54. phil
  55. d
  56. robert t
  57. bill t

    much better then the other clubs in this town. How do they even stay open With a club thet exceeds them so much right in the same town? Well, anyway, i will be back to see more.

  58. lucky chucky

    best club in lincoln

  59. boy
  60. AssnTits5

    This place hasn’t changed much in twenty years, and I bet for the 10-15 before then it was much the same.I’ve never had to pay a cover to get in, the dancers cute and curvy. Not ‘Gold Club’ type girls, but it’s not trying to be a ‘Gold Club’ type of place. And it’s not a skanky place by far, in fact the girls seem ‘wholesome’ in a midwestern way, and yeah I’m referring to exotic dancers here as ‘wholesome’ but that’s why this place draws me in.The drink prices have finally reached reality here, which had always been kind of in suspension in my view (by which I mean dirt cheap for a strip club). But after one $5 High Life I felt ready to go back to the Watering Hole. I guess I’m just not much of a peep freak anymore.

  61. kirk

    very nice

  62. Jim

    The girls were really hot except for one who probably shouldn’t be a stripper.

  63. bobby b
  64. Alek Z.

    Not having been to many strip clubs, I may not be the one to judge this place. But still I think you could do a lot better than The Night Before.I went here for my 21st Birthday party with some people. The cover was 5 bucks, which is about average for Lincoln. This is a topless bar, but that’s it. These girls don’t go down all the way.The strippers overall seemed alright, cute enough but nothing great. Except for the chick who was working our table; she even creeped me out a little bit. She had kind of a glassy look in her eyes and her routine was very predictable and uncreative. The staff, for the most part, was nice enough though.

  65. FYI

    To the comment right before this one:

    “Sometimes a girl has a bad night and isn’t professional enough to leave her bad mood at the door”—> In response to this: Usually the reason a girl has a bad night is b/c of asshole customers! The majority of the girls come in to work in a good mood, and then some asshole customer pisses her off. I mean, apparently it never crossed your mind that guys can be jerks! I wonder what you would do or how you would handle a certain situation if you had guys talking to you the way they talk to some of the dancers. Know what the fuck you are talking about before you post some stupid comment!

  66. doug

    the girls are beautiful!!!!

  67. jade-o
  68. Lustful

    The girls are beautiful, friendly, shapely, and have good senses of humor. Waitresses and bartenders are attentive and friendly. Private dances are fantastic!!! Drinks could be cheaper but are not out of line with other clubs. This is the “Cheers” of the Lincoln strip clubs. Don’t miss Angel, Felony, Cindy, Patty, Jorden and the rest.

  69. biggie smalls

    very coo

  70. Ironman

    Girls are great,Bartenders are RUDE

  71. jeff

    Awesom club. Great girls.

  72. impressed

    came into town and went to two clubs. this one and foxy lady. what a difference! great club!!!

  73. just some guy

    If you are a real dude who wants to have a good time, go to the foxy lady or shakers. Fuck The shaty night before

  74. Steve B.

    I don’t know what you people are thinking, but Jade is definitely NOT one of the top girls. Hail damage, saggy stomach and a tramp. If she’s all over your nuts, don’t you wonder how many other guys she’s been grinding on the rest of the day before you? There are amazing girls there and it’s a great variety, so it’s no wonder why Jade doesn’t work night shifts, too much competition.

    And to the guy talking smack on Carousel, she’s amazing. She’s got the look, the moves and a sense of humor. Sorry if she’s not all about talking about when and where to give you head for an extra $10.

    Girls (with a few exceptions), you make my day any time I walk through the doors. It’s great to know there’s somewhere full of beautiful, fun girls to talk to and look at.

  75. M

    Great atmosphere, great talent – can’t go wrong here.

  76. JP

    This is THE premire club in the area! Low point is DJ Sparky. He should retire. High points are Tanis and Sierra! HOT!

  77. I agree

    Is Paul the ex-cop with the puffed up ego that thinks he is someone with authority? If so then I agree. He is an a$$hole to customers and employees alike from what I can see.

  78. coors
  79. L


  80. night Before fan

    I’m a fan and long time customer but i must say, what is the deal with Sparky? He makes strange noises into the mic, Talks about irrelevant things during the girls dances, tries to make jokes that arn’t funny, and i constantly hear the girls complaning about his lack of quality. I can understand why! I like him, he’s a nice guy and i hope to see him around there for years to come, but he should be more proffesional. No offense, But I’m not there to hear Sparky yakking away. It comes off as tacky. And he should also do a better job of introducing the girls. it seems as though he forgets to do that often. prehaps the owner should just never leave the bar, thats when he seems to actually do a good job.

  81. ted

    i was very impressed with the young ladies of the night before. they had a very classy attitude which is hard to find in such an atmmosphere, but very refreshing when it is.

  82. mich
  83. A.C.

    What A Dive!The Fat Bartender was very Rude,He Broke wind very often,The toilet Overflowed and no one mopped up the mess,save yer money boys,go out to Waverly instead!

  84. Tim M.

    Truely a wonderful club.

  85. Mike

    love it!!!!

  86. Joel

    OK Club dancers not very friendly.To bad they don’t run more dancers.Drinks kinda high not much bang 4 the buck.

  87. Jade

    I cant argue about Jades looks but she does crawl all over your nuts and give a good Las Vegas style lap dance. And its hard to stop with just one with her. No air dance bullshit cuz she is all over you. And to me that is value for my 20.

  88. Bruce "Batman"

    This place just keeps getting better and better! I’ve been a customer since the mid 80’s, and I’ve always had a great time! The girls are hotter than hell!

  89. dude

    This club rocks. I travel all over and This is the best club ever!

  90. John
  91. That one guy

    I’ve been coming to this bar for over a decade! I love Kali, Felony,

    Carousel, Cindy, and Tanis. Great entertainers!

  92. nick

    love the girls they are so nice

  93. Eisenmann

    Miss you Girls :(,Tell’em to reinstate me,I’ll be on my best behavior( although it will be difficult)Hey Felony Triple or nothin ? Its June I’m ready for Dinner “Court” remember ?

  94. randy
  95. OZZY

    Wow that new Blonde Girl Julez? Is Fabulous ! They must Have stole her From Shakers ! she is definantly the Hottest Girl in the Club !

  96. cat in the hat.
  97. bob
  98. robert
  99. sean
  100. jackie robinson
  101. terry
  102. joe

    fantastic! Check out Tanis, Cindy, Britney, and Sierra

  103. Troy

    Are you serious? This club is a joke. Might as well watch a soft porn.

  104. Brian
  105. z
  106. billy
  107. mark
  108. Pauly

    These girls are the best! The hottest girls in town.

  109. shane

    Ok,I’ve seen better

  110. PITBULL

    BULLDOG – Sure you were not at The Foxy Lady?

  111. Ctown
  112. joseph

    Brooklyn ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. malone
  114. chuck

    love this club

  115. To Mario

    You must be talking about Carousel,not surprised she’s a Bitch.She has fucked every club owner in the state.Last i heard she was fucking the owner of shakers.He must of got tired of her.Rumor is she’s fucking the owner of the N.B. His wife must be stupid.

  116. Diane

    This club rocks. Always has always will. The girls are beautiful and know their stuff.

  117. rickywho2

    This place has more of a motorcycle and biker bar feel to it, rather than a stripclub feel. It’s more of a dive bar. It still has a jukebox for God Sakes! It took forever for the strippers to start filing in. I stayed there until 8pm and they had only 3 strippers working. The place just didn’t excite me. This place is just too slow for me.

  118. rob roberson

    Danm! I was in there Friday afternoon and yall had some major hotties workin those poles. Can’t wait till Christmas, when i have to come back to this town, so i can visit the night before again. Thanks gals!

  119. dancer

    The only thing i don’t like is the bouncer Paul!!! And i am pretty much speaking for everyone!

  120. Disappointed

    Come on Lucky Chucky REALLY? You know this club sucky sucky.

  121. Mario

    I went here on saturday and i talk to girl with brown hair who was very pretty, but she was not nice at all. Other girls did not talk to me. they all look the same and are not friendly to customers. the bar is small. drinks are expensive. i got a dance from the brown hair girl, and she seemed bored.

  122. Skip

    I dont know if its just me but the quality of girls has gone down! Leave the old hags for The Foxy Lady!

  123. Foxy Lady is fun

    I try and try to like this place but the girls are all b*tches and the cost of the drinks is wayyy too high…sorry but when I want to get used and abused by a woman, I’ll go head home….NB4 is all business…but if you like that sort of sh*t …more power to ya

  124. Waco bill.

    Beautiful fun girls. Sparky is a nut job but whatever. Just try to drown him out. And wow are the drinks cheap here or what. 🙂

  125. Bill t.

    Thank You so much for such a wonderful experiance everyone. You gals are all so breath takeing and the bar staff was incredibly nice. I will come back eery time i visit Lincoln.

  126. tisch
  127. MF

    Some of the DJ’s need to learn when not to talk and let the music play. Other then that this is the best club I have ever been in.

  128. lynn

    Cant wait to see the remodeling!!!!

  129. J

    This is a very nice club. The atmosphere is always welcoming and several of the girls are great when it comes to working the croud to make everyone feel right at home. Every now and then a girl has a bad night and isn’t professional enough to leave her bad mood at the door when she comes in, but that doesn’t happen very often. Great Staff, great dancers and great cliantel. my favorite club in Lincoln.

  130. Steven

    Classy and fun place!!

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