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0 reviews for “Shakers

  1. Randall

    I got there very late on my Bday 6-12 (really 6-13)with only 10 minutes til close,But Shannon went up on stage for the last Girl of the night and “Fired the Cannons” right upside my head ( oh how I loved it ! )then did a Pic with me,only 10 minutes but it will be a Bday I’ll never forget.

    Great Girls & staff,

    Good luck to you Mya where ever you are.

    Save the Kitties ( right Ms. Cannons ? )

  2. Coon

    95% of the girls a hot and friendly. Every once in a while there is a corn fed girl but what do you want for Nebraska? If this were a contact club I would be there on a daily basis.

  3. Ray

    Terrific dancers !

  4. Jerry

    Had a great time thanks girls.The club is very nice also privatr dances worth the money.Going back this week for my first V.I.P

  5. out of towner back soon

    This club has some of the best entertainers i have seen for the quality of the Dancers and the club atmosphere the cover charge is the lowest i have seen for a full nude club cant wait to see these HOT LADIES again

  6. Bill

    I was out Saturday night. Had a V.I.P with Ivonica well worth the money!!! Club was rockin see you girls this friday.

  7. Sam

    The talent (excellent) Cool club to hang out dancers & staff very friendly. Good times had by all easy to lose track of time! not a bad thing now and then.

  8. VIP GUY

    Does it get any better than this? Love this place cant get enough the girls are awesome.

  9. T

    Girls are great. Most our at least a 8-9…there are a few 10’s…but most of the 10’s have moved on. Shannon is the best!

  10. Travis

    I thought this was a bar but you have to pay a huge cover to get in becuae its toallty nude and they dont got no alcohol..Some of these girls are nice but some just show too much stuff. All I was loking for is a cold brew and watch a few girls on stage. i felt like a dirty old man walking into the place.

  11. Erick
  12. wes
  13. RoadWarrior

    How fuckin’ stoopid do you have to be to get rid of one of your best draws to the club???

    Stoopid fuckin’ idiot that decided that needs to have his tiny head examined!

  14. Frank

    Went to this club tonight very nice and the dance room and vip rooms great time. And the dancers awesome best looking girls and fun fun fun!

  15. Don

    Nice girls but too dark and no drinks…

  16. Love Alex

    The other three seasons are fine but I don’t like to go in winter. The girls are naked and they dance slow so they won’t sweat, so the manager has to keep the building warm for them. I don’t know about anybody else, but it’s always too warm for me, and sitting at the stage the heater is blowing right on me. The girls are dynamite, though I wish they didn’t cycle in and out so fast though, I’m essentially a one woman man, even with strippers, I pick the one I like best and keep going back to her. I voted a 9 – it would have been a 10 if you hadn’t let Alex get away.

  17. NEW

    private dance area is awesome !

  18. high roller

    I went in this past Friday and really enjoyed the girls! I got dances with a few different girls and they really made a lasting impression! Shannon and Trinity are a pick-me-up from my long week.

  19. just got home

    Incredible time. Modesty!!! Simply stunning! It is rare that you meet a girl at club that is the total package. Stunning looks, adorable personality, and fun. Modesty is the total package. Great time. Safe travels.

  20. Great Club !
  21. ED
  22. jimmy
  23. Camilo

    I go to Shakers for my friend’s bachelor party. I bought him a stage dance and a girl embarrassed him so much! jajaja. too funny. Thank you! I buy dances from a few girls. One really pretty black girl, Maya and a blond with nice accent and really beautiful quiet latin girl. I wish to remember names more. Lot of different looking pretty girls! The DJ is very funny too. I will be back soon with my friends. We love you girls!

  24. Mike

    Good place to party !

  25. Club "10"

    Just moved back to Lincoln,been in Cali for the past 12 years.Went to Shakers for my first time they had opened a year after i moved to Cali,I have been to a lot of clubs and i have to say Shakers is a “10” club great atmosphere,a variety of friendly ladies.I would like to thank the staff and the ladies for a great time see you soon.

  26. CrimsonDynamo

    Year after year, hands down ( or even lower ) this club has the sexiest and best talent in the midwest. I travel around the entire midwest and have NEVER found a club that is better!

  27. jizblaster

    Good looking girls, friendly atmosphere, but I guess I am spoiled with places in other areas of the country where no touch is not the standard. It may have been just the dancer I had, and, if so, please feel free to correct this about the VIP dances overall. This was my experience.

  28. montanaman55

    Was in town for the weekend and stopped to check out the talent. The girls were great. I had a dance with Jewels and thought she was a doll. Trinity was hot and very friendly, and Sonja was gorgeous! Shakers is a place I’ll come back to if I ever make it out this way again!

  29. JessicaJoleigh

    I could not ask for a better club to dance at. Staff understand the business and have been running the club for 17 years. The girls are the sexy and sweet. I am so happy to be here for the Husker’s season!

  30. Great

    looking ladies.

  31. Senior

    Back for my last year at UNL. Stopped in saturday night had a good time a lot of new girls. Happy to see they will be booking Porn Stars again i really like to see the feature acts. Especially the adult film movie acts!

  32. Jenny

    Had a wild time with the ladies at shakers.Went out Friday with my boyfriend what a blast!!! Going back Thursday nite for the Male dancers.

  33. Dave

    Car wash was smoking….worth the $10!

  34. Dan

    This is a nice club I’ve been to over the years. Most of the ladies are excellent. Easily the best club in Nebraska.

  35. John

    Stopped in last night club has really improved.And the girls hot as hell!!! Thanks girls you made my night.

  36. Shaker/ Raven Fan

    Have not been in for awhile.Went last Wednesday nite.Place looks great now good job on remodel.Girls are hot 9 to 10’s realy enjoyed my dance with Raven and watching her on the pole WOW Amazing!!!! Can’t wait to see Raven and the other girls.And last but not least i got in 4 half price with my college I.D.

  37. Bull

    Great club .

  38. Missouri

    Where’s the good looking girls that are normally here

  39. Ray

    great place to party

  40. 2 Reality Check

    I was in this club last week also had a great time,atmosphere was fine and the girls WOW Sonja,Trinity,Alize,Billie,Jamie and Mya these girls are not only HOT!!!! They are also friendly & fun to talk to they sure made my night.Sounds like maybe you just pissed someone off!! To bad you may have hade a good time had you gave it a try!!!!!

  41. To Camilo

    I agree go with my girlfriends frequently,love the stage dances.The girl with the accent Ivonica (Russian)she’s one of my favorites too.

  42. Johnny

    Had a great time. Carousel is great…best body in there…I’m in love

  43. another dancer

    best club that i have ever worked at too

  44. Chad

    I must say I am nothing but impressed with this club and all that shakers has to offer. Pheonix is a doll, I loved getting dances with her. Thank you for a wonderful visit!


    First time at Shakers last Friday night. Got a dance with a girl named Ivonica (HOT RUSSIAN)Cant wait to see her again.GREAT CLUB will be back!!!!

  46. JJ

    Awesome club on Friday and Saturday night.

  47. dancer

    best club I have worked at

  48. First timer

    From the outside I thought it looked pretty tough. Inside and the girls were


  49. Ironman

    Had a Great time there again Saturday night,my Buddy was in town from Minnesota,He asked where the fun was at around here……….and I Said SHAKERS !!!! I Missed you Shannon,told my bud about you,I wanted a Private Dance from you! oh well maybe next time 🙁 Mya left early too,But got to see her once atleast,hope all is ok Mya.but Trinty filled in for me and my bud quite nicely,H’mm my bud NEVER gets a private dance,guess your chat with him at the bar got him,LOL,ya nawty girl.and you took care of the NAWTY BOY excellantly too !Sorry to management about my bag of gags, I used poor Judgement and will leave them at home from now on.

    see ya all soon,your not going to get rid of me Too easily,LOL


  50. Steve

    Thanks for the Great time!!!!

  51. Thain

    Seen a new girl tonight Jessica she came in with Raven thank you both had the time of my life.

  52. Phil
  53. Jack

    its really good here dancers are super hot

  54. Larry

    This is the best club ever ! My wife and myself picked up a stripper and brought her home for a three way ! We paid her to stay all weekend at our place. Now, this was a weekend to remember. This club has a lot of hot young girls that just want to make serious money. If you have the money they will give you anything you want.

  55. Bud

    Good cold beer.

  56. Dustin

    This is by far the best club in Nebraska.

  57. Raven

    Thank you for all the sweet comments. I have to say that Shakers is hands down my favorite club to work at. Its a fun clean classy environment. The girls are beautiful and friendly. Ive been treated so well by the staff and the customers. Its great to be down here for the fall, I cant wait to come back again next year.

  58. Pat

    I can say this is worth the drive. Came down from Fremont last night. The ladies here are fun to talk to and even better to look at. My private dance well lets just say looking forward to my next visit.

  59. Wallace

    This place is outstanding.

    Went for my 1st trip recently and found myself very saisfied. A+ all around. Staff, club set up, quality of dancers, and private dances.

    Where a lot of strip clubs might feel like a dangerous place to be, Shaker’s is a breath of fresh air. The club is in a great area, the staff is very inviting, and the overall feel of the environment is excellent.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see the level of talent dancing on a random weekday night. Multiple good looking girls to choose from. I didn’t have any trouble picking my favorite out of the bunch and getting some dances set up.

    You have 2 options for private dances. You can either get the standard lap dance in the semi-private lap dance area for a price of $25/dance or you can pony up $150 and get 30 minutes in the exclusive VIP area. While I havent had the semi-private dances, I’d still encourage anyone who is planning on gettle multiple dances to just go ahead and spring for the VIP area. It’s completely 1 on 1 with no other distractions. You won’t be disappointed!

    I will be returning here for sure!

  60. zzzz
  61. Will

    This club needs to update.


    Had a great time girls are very hot and friendly this club rocks

  63. I Agree

    Went in to this place for my first time. Girls were very good looking and friendly,looks to me like there is only one Adult club in the lincoln area.

  64. King


  65. MadMax

    Need to up date the Web Site. And lower cost to get in, it may bring more people in.

  66. Jason

    Shakers is the shit! These girls are the best in the Midwest! I got dances from Alize and Phoenix

  67. Can you Handle the Randall?

    Anniversary week was great!Mya’s Back!!!!Don’t P.O. Mercedes AKA Mz.WHOOPAZZ!She’ll Get ya(I Found out….Wootap!wootap! wootap!…..ouch!ouch!More!more!Lmao)The Twins are Awesome!Julez Rulez!and the rest are Hot!ExcellentO!Shannon where are you? I Miss the Cannons,I need you to Clobber me in the head with them again! see ya all soon……….If you Can Handle the Randall !

  68. StripClub431

    Just pass the site last Saturday and walk in. Nice place. Clean and lots of beautiful girls there. $14 for night cover and one free soft drink. You would love it.

  69. Bob

    Went in Wednesday night. Didnt know wednesdays was no cover charge.Got in for just the cost of a wristband This club just keeps getting better.Be back in on saturday.

  70. That Guy

    Jolie rocks. She is so god damn hot!

  71. Mark

    Wow the Private dances well worth the money. This girl Destiny so Hot great dance. I heard this place rocks that’s an under statement.

  72. Out of towner

    The place is too dark and dingy for my tastes. Some ok dancers, not very freindly. Many looked sort of worn out and should have kept there clothes on….worst thing was NO ALCOLHOL!!!If you wanna see ladies over a cold brew instead of a overpriced soda, this aint the place.

  73. Best

    club in the State !

  74. RYAN

    Great club hot girls cant wait to go back! Looking forward to seeing Ali and Ivonica.

  75. Bernie

    Worst lighting I’ve ever seen. So dark you could develop pictures in here. Bathroom is falling apart. When you see the girls near the bar where there are lights, you realize they have some amazing talent. Too bad you can’t see then when on stage.

  76. AL
  77. shannon

    great management

  78. a
  79. Tank

    Best club in the city.

  80. Jesson

    Was there a few weeks ago. Not all of the girls are pretty, but the ones who are worth seeing are REALLY worth seeing. Gina and River (I think those are the right names) are both very talented. I will be in town again in a few months and I will get VIP dances with each for them.

  81. Jake
  82. houston guy


  83. newby

    went here after being disappointed at the playhouse. girls were friendly and attractive. very classy place turned a bad night good. hands down best club around here.

  84. Big J

    The girls are really hot, and seem to be nice. The problem is that the girls aren’t social, alot of them sit at the bar and don’t work the room. For those that actually talk to customers your doing a great job, for those that aren’t get off you butts and you’ll make more.

  85. Tim

    Love the V.I.P ROOMS great addition whats next?

  86. Newbee

    Was not sure about going in the outside is a little ran down.The inside of this club was very nice a good mix of talent.Don’t let the cover of this book fool you. The girls easy on the eyes, fun to talk to and friendly turn the page this club is a must see.

  87. Stripper lover

    Good club. Right now the quality of the girls is amazing. Was in Saturday and saw about 20 different dancers and the place was packed!

  88. Josh

    Went last weekend great lineup.A lot of new girls.Raven knows how to work the pole. One of the best pole dancers ive seen in years!Club has made alot of improvements since my last visit.keep up the good work.

  89. Jon

    Love this club. Hot dancers and the price if just right. A little remodeling in bathrooms is needed though.

  90. hello

    I agree with most of the reviews. The girls make this place. They are SOOOOO hot. As far as Dj/sound system, I have seen better. Bathrooms are small and kind of gross looking. But the Girls are hot!!!

  91. Troy

    Best looking girls in the city .

  92. Linda

    Me and my guy come here on a regular basis. We are both bi-sexual and really, REALLY enjoy the super sexy strippers. The strippers will make out with me, but not my guy. It is a wonderful experience.

  93. Jill

    The girls and i went out for the male dancers Thursday night. It was a freaken BLAST!!! (Thanks Spanky Ryan and all the guys) Had a good time also tipping the Ladies Luv u Alize & Gia see you all this Thursday.

  94. skers

    returned after a night of poor performances and dissapointing number and quality of girls. Tonight had an excellent selection of dancers most of which were 8-9’s. Private dances were very good and recommend the VIP room with Maria. Would be nice if two way contact would be allowed in the VIP area for the cost. Will definatly be back.

  95. BigJohn

    Owners are a bit greedy.

  96. LOVED IT


  97. Pete

    Love the new VIP room!!! Great Idea!

  98. Happy Guy

    Went out on Saturday night to see Melissa Midwest she was hot and friendly as all the other Ladies were.The talent & quality of the Dancers at this club is tops if you are in the area this club and the Dancers are worth the drive.One Happy Guy!!!!!

  99. j
  100. joe

    Good club! Always fun after a football game!

  101. Chuck

    uuuh…this club has really gone downhill. Was dead when I visited and really miss the old girls!

  102. Pamela Sue

    Me and my husband have been swingers forever. We also like to go to strip clubs and get dances. Being bi-sexual keeps our sex live alive and humming. This club welcomes couples and bi-sexuals. Really HOT dancers that fun to play with all the time.

  103. xoxobrandi

    Back dancing at Shakers and am very glad for the opportunity. The club has been updated since last I worked there and has great private rooms. Definitely worth a visit!!

  104. realityCheck

    Extreemly hick, rude, small towen ass*oles, with overpriced drinks and a atmosphere left over from the 1960’s.

  105. Nick

    Wanted to take a minute to rate this club. I would not normally take the time to rate a place. But this club made a lasting impression the dancers made my night had a great time. Heather and a girl that went by Destiny? Simply mesmerizing! Thanks girls for the fun night.

  106. Eisenmann

    The best club around,much better than KS’s NB4

  107. hell yea

    best in the area, hands down

  108. Master "R"

    Excellant,Beautiful,Friendly Gurlz,Still the best Club I’ve been to anywhere……..and I do get around(wink,Wink)The Best of the Breast… Best of the best boys !!!!

  109. BDAYBOI

    Went here for my birthday. It was amazing. The quality of women was great, they were all very friendly. Only one girl wasn’t sure what she could and couldn’t do as she was dancing in front of me because it was her first night. Otherwise this was a very fun experience.

  110. Cyhtr?

    I go here once a week,the Best club in the area I’ve been to,Hot/Friendly girls who aren’t Pushy,Check out the New Juelz,she’s Even Better than Before !!!You ROCK GURL!!!JUELZ RULEZ!!!New Girls Diamond,Taylor,Paula are great!So are all the Other Gurls not a bad one in the Bunch……………………………………………….BRING BACK DESTINY B. WILDE VERY SOON,SHE WAS THE GREATEST !!!!!! I MISS YOU GURL !!!!

  111. Mich

    This club may very well be one of the best in the area.Hot & friendly Dancers,the outside is a little raugh the inside is with out question the best in the midwest!Private dances or VIP’s a must!!!

  112. Jim

    Fun club girls r soooo HOT!! See you girls on friday.Ivonica looking forward to that dance with you.And Alize i want to get my friend on stage. He has been a bad boy will you SPANK him?

  113. ATM


  114. Neil
  115. Jeff

    I saw MMW too and she was hot. The place was overwhelmingly PACKED! It was a good time with many hot girls working.

  116. James

    I love this club and the new private dance area. I got the best blow job ever from a dancer named crystal. This is just a terrific club that I highly recommend !

  117. Tank

    I love this club

  118. Midwest Traveler

    Shakers is a good club, not without it’s flaws, but overall a good club. Girls are friendly and most provide good private dances. Shannon is the exception! She is a 10 (or higher)…she’s a lot of fun and has a great body! Her private dances are worth the money…I can never stop at just 3

  119. Megacock

    this club is great. hot girls every time. buy far the best inthe area.

  120. out of stater

    i was very impressed with the girls looks and friendliness. Place was a little dark for me but girls made up for it. A little disappointed with the no touch rule everywhere.

  121. Randy

    Was in last weekend place just keeps getting better all the time. To the owner keep it up i think you have the best club in the state!!!! To the ladies of shakers thanks for all the good times. Your the most beautiful HANDS DOWN.

  122. just passing through

    very impressed with the quality of the girls. All were very friendly and very nice looking except one. not real sure why see was there but the other ones were outstanding.

  123. Impressed

    Had a good time at this club last Saturday.Many girls and easy on the eyes nice variety. Spacious club had a few private dances. Will return may try a vip next time. Transferred here a couple of months back. Checked the local clubs out the one downtown nice club a little small,girls could be a bit more sociable.The other club The Foxy Lady the name is very misleading.The Office wont make the drive again. Not sure it would even be open.Shakers may very well be one of the areas best atractions.

  124. Good club

    I like many of the girls. The lap dances are great. Always are great time!

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