Larry’s Villa



2401 West Bonanza Road ## A, Las Vegas, NV 89106


36.1766478, -115.1740901




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Larry’s Villa

  1. local

    used to be a great be great place for locals. looks like a bunch of pimps hang out there now.

  2. Marc

    I had my first night at larry’s Villa and the whole atmosphere was awsome. the women were hot, the drinks were great and managment knew how to treat their guests. best time I had out in a long time…i will be back for the sexy women at Larry’s Villa.

  3. bull dyke!

    i think that girl(?) sasha used to be a man. she talks like one at least and she looks like a russian shot-putter. until they get rid of that UGLY beast i will never go back to this club.

  4. lil bush

    what the f*%$ happened to the girls y’all used to have!! dang! I ‘ll have to find a new spot to hang out

  5. Frank

    I noticed this bar while driving by. I was bored and slightly depressed, so I decided to pull in and check it out. After about three minutes I was ready to slash my own throat. How does a dump like this stay in business?


    This bar has the worst aura of any bar in vegas.

  7. Crazy

    Used to be a great biker hangout, but now it is being taken over by young gang bangers. Too many fights and stabbings to relax and enjoy a beer.

  8. Al

    “Disgusting Dump” is a very generous description of this dive.

  9. Gargoyle

    Why should you even care if this dump is open? You must be trying to score some cheep crack.

  10. Crusty

    Tried to check this place out, but the cabby never heard of it. Went to Spearmint Rhino instead. Had an amazing time. Someone told me that this was one of the oldest clubs in Vegas, but if the cabby never heard of it, I guess he forgot to tell me that it was one of the most unknown clubs in Vegas. Can someone tell me if this place is actually still open?

  11. JR

    Why would this club have only 1 waitress working the floor? Worst service I ever had, and the place was disgusting!

  12. Karen

    I danced there one night (for about an hour). The managers require a mandatory tip; or in other words, this club extorts money from their dancers. I hope you all rot in prison!

  13. Jim

    This was my regular hangout for about 6 months. Then, all of a sudden, Larry’s took a nosedive. This place has gone from fun to crap in less than 3 months. Don’t waste your time.

  14. Ned

    The reviews here look right on target. This bar has got to be the worse bar in the US.

  15. Alta
  16. anonymous

    I spoke with one of the dancers today, and when I heard the bad news I confirmed the story with several other Villa employees. My heart is battered, and I sincerely hope that what I heard was not part of some sick prank.

    I have been told that Lila, Larry’s top dancer, joined Larry in celestial peace in the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day. Lila was charming, intelligent, classy and wise. She was a true professional with a strong constitution who never strayed to the seedy side of the adult entertainment business. She was never dirty, but always sexy beyond description. Truly, she was a one of a kind.

    I will miss our conversations, and I will cherish the ones we had. Rest in peace, Lila, so many love you so dearly.

  17. CraneMan

    One word: Revolting

  18. hhh
  19. LoJack

    This small and cozy club is my favorite hang-out on Earth!

  20. Lester

    The villa is in the scariest neighborhood in the las vegas area, maybe even Nevada. Once you enter the villa you are in the scariest part of that scary neighborhood.

  21. Ben

    I would have rated this place an 8 six months ago, now it’s not even a 1.

  22. Lillianna
  23. Jerry

    I’d hang out in a dumpster before I’d go back to this distgusting place.

  24. Max

    The worst of the worst.

  25. BikeMike

    Funnest place in town, especially of Fridays. Also a great place to watch football–if your team starts losing, a great table dance always makes things better.

  26. harryharry

    Hey it is what it is. It’s kind of novel to see a place like this with gaming. Strip clubs don’t usually have gaming allowed inside.Let alone be located in the rear of a strip mall. Not sure how that works but it did. If you’re coming here to gamble a little bit which I did the machines are programmed for little pay offs. I went through 200 bucks in about 7 minutes. And that’s on two machines. Maybe it was a bad night for me but well I’m not surprised. The ambiance is dark and basic but what do you expect? That’s not a bad thing. Aside from the machines that don’t pay out it’s just like any other bar except the women are half naked. Would I go back? Yeah I probably,..sooner or later.However if you a tourist there are plenty of other like places where you can throw away money.

  27. Johnnyboy123

    Just a little hole in the wall strip joint! Yea, we pop in there sometimes to support our local strippers.

  28. Rednose1976

    First time I went to this club there was only 5 dancers, 4 cellulite latino queens, averaging 5’3″ and 200lbs each, and 1 skinny little asian that was not even dancing on the stage, spent all her time talking to a guy that looked like a pimp. That was a weekday so I decided to give it another chance on a saturday, what a mistake, Rude Black dude at the entrance wanted to PHOTOCOPY my ID (Can you say Identity theft???) and then wanted to pat me down for a weapons search!!! I am a 50yr old fat WHITE guy, someone you would never suspect to see carrying a weapon, I have never been treated so rudely at a club entrance in my life! and I have been to strip clubs across the USA, Canada, and Mexico! This entire town is SO HYPOCRITICAL! it bills itself as “SIN City” but the restrictions on strip clubs are stricter than more than half the USA!!! I am originally from up north, and now that I am living in Vegas the thing I miss most of all is the ability to cross the border into Canada, where the strip clubs are far better and the laws much more liberal than here! all the strip clubs in Las Vegas are either over-priced tourist traps or crack-joint dives. What a dissapointment this town is.

  29. Giano

    The reviews for this club look really generous…you couldn’t pay me to go there.

  30. Franklyn

    U guys are crazy to talk bad on larrys villa when u guys talking all bad about it but come every day larrys is a great place great service beautiful woman great music m etc come check out if u havent already dont believe what people say check for urself lov larrys nothing but great fun n memories

  31. Rich

    Stay away from the bathroom. It smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. And stay away from most of the girls. They haven’t been cleaned in years either.

  32. Yokahari

    went to club at 4 in the morning. only one dance girl, mising a front tooth. will not come back again.

  33. What The Fuck

    Haven’t been here in months and this place has gone to shit. No girls and the few they had didn’t look happy. Some manager guy yelling at everybody and thinking free shits would fix it. Stay away

  34. Herbie

    1 werd–GROSS

  35. UncleSmitty

    Holy Cannoli! Larry’s is back with a vengeance. I’ve dropped in about once every six months for the past 15 years, but never have I seen Larry’s like I saw it last week! Larry’s rocks now like never before!!!

  36. Alexandria

    Too dangerous. Stay away if you know what is good for you.

  37. Mistercap12

    0 starsIm here now and the door guy with the red hat was rude as hell. Gave me an attitude for no reason what so ever. I came from out of town to visit my best friend had money ready to spend on the girls but he messed it up for them all the way. He asked me for my id 2 times as well as checking me with a metal detector twice. I am a woman by the way and have danced at some of the most famous clubs in the world. Its upsetting to visit somewhere I should be familiar with and be treated like shit. Especially when I was the ONLY customer willing to spend money.

  38. Tommy

    Wouldn’t go to this dump again–EVER!!!

  39. Billy Jean
  40. JB

    This club has been hanging around, worn and torn, since 1972, but I walked in the other day and almost fell over! Newly remodeled, new management, new dancers, new everything! Great Job, Larry’s Villa!

  41. ClackALack

    Lester’s reveiw can’t be beat. Read it below, he is right on target, and I couldn’t say it beter. WTG Lester.

  42. Cory

    If you hate someone, recommend this club to them…the nastiest g-club in the USA.

  43. danielson

    Nice club, needs more seating but nice for viewing exotic entertainers!!! Drinks are cool after you get the attention of the bartenders!!! I will most definitely be coming back!!!

  44. Too Violent

    enough said

  45. Anon

    Disgusting Dump

  46. Loke

    Went for our buddies bachlor party, all the girls were very nice and make it a great time for all of us. Thanks!

  47. ed

    Tony’s gone which is great but the place is still a toilet

  48. Teddy

    Bad place to get dances or drinks, but great place to see someone get gunned down by automatic weapons. Seriously, if you go, ask ANYONE about the recent shootings.

  49. Richard N.

    “Support Your Local Stripper”Found an ad they were looking for a DJ.What the hell I’m new in town.Strip clubs have never been my thing.And Lorenzo’s Villa hasn’t changed that at all.Nice to meet Angel and her friend CoCo.But the poor Joe Dirt looking dude, or the guy with the old run down Porsche that had to be parked just right, and in front.These girls really don’t care for you.At least the match stayed lit long enough to light my smoke through all of this thick desperation.Nice cold beer!!And next time I need a hit of Bon Jovi.You got my biz Lawrence!2 stars for now. Somebody else take it higher. I’m getting dizzy.

  50. doug

    I couldn’t wait to finish my drink and get out of there. They should have guidelines on hiring girls.

  51. MKT

    Does anyone know the real reason why Josh was fired? If anyone knows him, could you tell him to call MKT?

  52. J. Holmes

    2 Thumbs down, not worth it.

  53. G-String Bandit

    Get out of the game, LOSERS. This barn is filthy! Larry, who ever you are, you should be ashamed to have your name on this dump.

  54. Dancer

    Don’t dance at this dump. One of the she-man thangs that works here stole my shoes. How pathetic can you get? You know my shoes won’t fit your big-azZ feet!

  55. kelly

    WOW, first time at this place. walked in this place just to grab a beer thinking I’d be the only one in there. WOW, this place was packed at 2:00pm on a Friday. Girls galore, every body very friendly and having fun. My new hang out. Great beer prices and lap dances.

  56. Leslie

    The locals call this place Scary’s Villa for a good reason.

  57. Yuri

    This club is worse than any club I ever went to in Russia.

  58. Ron

    Stay away (unless you are a freak about filth).

  59. Luciano A.

    Low key Larry’s Villa is probably the best strip club in Vegas. Usually there is no cover, unless its rented out for the night. It is reasonably priced for a strip club, but keep in mind that it is a strip club. The girls rock and don’t hassle and haggle you. Most provide good, quality conversation. To the tourists, this is a local favorite, and the neighborhood is not that bad. There are a lot worse “hoods” you can end up at here in Vegas. Of course there is security if your worried. One last note it is open 24 hours because you can drink or play video poker, but the girls usually start showing up about 6pm and stay til the money stops. ENJOY a local favorite. Trust me!

  60. CKB5

    I guess all things come to an end. I have been a regular for years, but the atmosphere became so negative that I am threw with this place. Everyone here is unhappy. Every bartender, every floor host, every waitress, every security guard, and every dancer. Why did everyone become so stressed? Whatever. I am done with this depressing hole in the wall.

  61. G Man


  62. Binzer B.

    Not a bad place to grab a cheap beer but this place should be an alternative to chemical castration for sex offenders.The ladies here are A grade libido killers

  63. Danny Boy

    I used to spend thousands at crazy horse, but when they closed, I started spending my money at spearmint rhino. Then I discovered larry’s villa. This is definately the classiest gentlemen’s club in Vegas if not the entire planet. There is gaming, and they have the best promos in Vegas. There are plenty of girls, some of Vegas’ finest. And they have a wonderful selection of draft beers. Where has this place been all my life?

  64. Toby

    Thank God they finaly fired Tony. He drove this club into the grown. It’ll take years to get it back to where it was.Fireing Tony is a start.

  65. d

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