Leather & Lace



919 Lafayette Road #2, Seabrook, NH 3874


42.902914, -70.8687498




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Leather & Lace

  1. sceptre of light
  2. Bad88Boy

    This place sucks. I went there to get a show. First, it sucks that they only do video shows… then the girl that wanted to give me a show had a 6″ scar across her stomach. I feel bad for the girl and all but don’t wear a 1/2 shirt if you got that disgusting thing across your belly. Geez – You can go down the road a few miles and have more fun at one of the Mass strip joints… Save your money.

  3. 411

    Don’t go here for the girls, go for the Glory Holes.

  4. ace


  5. Rock


  6. eddyL

    Nasty. Also, despite the name… No leather is sold here.If you’re looking for a place where they have sketchy rooms in the back, employees who very clearly hate life, and over priced goods… Stop by.

  7. Crazy

    The girl is in another room what the fuck kind of dance is that

  8. Jenna
  9. rico

    it sucks

  10. wont tell anyone

    boring boring boring

  11. EL

    Nicest T&A Anywhere

  12. You Know

    Hot Girls, Hot Shows

  13. owner of this place

    POsted a 10 for myself

  14. dAVE


  15. exotica

    worth checking out!

  16. ryan123

    HAHA there’s a “whackin’ off” booth here!! I gathered that you can “whack” while some dirty Seabrook hoe down does a dance behind the glass. They have a towel boy too!! disgusting. You can buy “tobacco” paraphernalia here as well.. Quite the establishment. WHATTTT?!!?! I had no idea people actually would work at these places. I was curious what this place was, but I would be too embarrassed to go again in case I was seen by someone!

  17. Missy

    Its a cool place to go to buy toys or clothes…but the shows are just over priced cam shows. The girls can masturbate and whatnot…but only if you “expose” yourself 1st because quoting prices for masturbation and toys is “soliciting”. Don’t ever work there as a dancer. Sometimes you can make good money but not consistently, they’re pretty crazy too. High tip out for what you make, you can’t work or even do amateur night at any other clubs. You are not allowed to associate whatsoever with any of your coworkers outside of there. Dont ever try to call out for any reason…ever, they wanted to drive an hour away to pick me up when my car broke down. Now…3 months after I quit…I went to buy some clothes (and I had about 300 bucks that i fully intended on spending.) I was then told I was not allowed in the store…because I quit. Didnt cause a scene or anything…just quit, but apparantly thats grounds for being banned. I was told to speak to managment, but after driving an hour to get clothes and being treated rudely, I think I can find somewhere else to spend my money.

  19. tom

    i had a great experience and will def be back soon.

  20. Zapotocky

    It’s a neighborhood porn shop out on Route 1 near a nuclear power plant. It’s fun sometimes, and always when the fabulous Christie is there, who is a goddess… great personality, great implants, is always naughty yet classy. She’s way overqualified to be working in such a dinky little place, but I am sure she has good reasons for being there. She’s not to be missed. The woman with the 6 inch scar across her belly is Tara… not sure if she works there anymore… the scar is kind of endearing and she had a great natural figure, though I thought her boothside manner and costuming needed work. Basically, the shows are all on video… the woman goes off to another wing of the building and you watch on closed circuit TV and zoom the camera wherever you want to zoom it and communicate with an intercom (which can be a challenge if you are whacking off at the same time.) It’s by no means an ideal setup but there should be places like this in every neighborhood. I am pleasantly surprised that they can keep operating. The founder of the store is in federal prison in Florida (on unrelated charges) and the staties recently ran a prostitution sting in the next town over which (amongst other Johns) ended the career of the UNH hockey team’s announcer. But this place keeps going. Friendly, discreet staff, and generally “it is what it is” and it provides a useful service. As others have noted, the store has a good selection of sex items and cute little outfits, as well as 3-packs of old skin mags (though no one ever actually buys the magazines.)


    Christie was awesome . . . can’t stop thinking about it . . . first timers (my partner and I) and we left feeling wonderful lol

  22. bill
  23. Henry


  24. val

    Its a diff venue then your regular strip club,but its def worth the trip.

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