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7pm – 4am


7pm – 4am


7pm – 4am


7pm – 4am


9pm – 4am




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Le Rouge Lounge, aka the original Lido Lounge, is Manhattan’s private gentlemen’s club. We are a club within a club and represent the best of both worlds – a fully licensed gentlemen’s club with all the amenities, and the casual and fun atmosphere of a lap dance party with the Girl Next Door. Many of our dancers are college students, models, actresses, and young professionals.

Le Rouge Lounge had ceased operations during COVID-19 due to NYC rules and out of concern for the health and safety of our customers. We have now reopened and are offering events at a new and exciting venue in flat iron Manhattan.


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63 reviews for “Le Rouge Lounge

  1. John Dorkie John Dorkie

    I can’t wait to come back to see Kate Dalia this Thursday night. Kate is this classy pornstar from Connecticut that does not do anal sex or gangbangs, but she has a killer body and can take a good pounding. See Pornhub video at https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=643828bb1844f

  2. John Dorkie John Dorkie

    Re: Mike and Gina,
    Le Rouge Lounge is a good place for a couple. Went there last Thursday night when they had pornstar Kali Roses as a feature dancer. See website for Events at lerougelounge.com/events. We started out with a lap dance in the Members Only Lido Lounge and then went to the mezzanine where they had comfortable leather sofas where we could both sit down and share a lap dance with Kali Roses. Had a great time.

  3. Mike and Gina

    yo is this place accommodating to swinger couples? we love to party and have fun wasn’t sure if this place was cool with couples.??

  4. Real NewYorker Real NewYorker

    I had an amazing time at the Le Rouge Lounge last Thursday night. I spent time at the Le Rouge Members Only VIP Lido Lounge and met some friendly girl-next-door Lido girls. I got a half hour private room with a petite brunette. At about Midnight, I heard the announcement about the adult super star Paisley Porter who is also a Playboy Playmate 9 times and an MMA fighter. She was great on stage. Check out the Pornhub film Fist Time Anal with Blonde Girlfriend at https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ff5dd0997e37 with Paisley Porter getting her anal creampie.
    Great to hear that Le Rouge is having porn stars every Thursday night as feature performers and can’t wait to see AJ Applegate this week.

  5. Jimmy Johnson

    I like Le Rouge Lounge because it offers the best of both worlds. There is a Members Only VIP lounge where you can meet the Lido girl-next-door. There is also a Main Room with a live DJ and on Thursday nights there are top porn stars performing on stage and are avaialble for meet and greet and private rooms. This week, they are having AJ Applegate on Thursday and Friday nights. She has a great ass. In her porn videos. She does anal and squirts. Check out https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59c0181b26764

  6. Jerry Wiseman

    I went to this club with some of my friends and met some of the hottest girls that gave us a really great time in the back. Would highly recommend this place.

  7. Mina MBA

    t is not possible to generalize the feelings and attitudes of all strippers, as each individual may have their own unique motivations, experiences, and perspectives. Some strippers may enjoy aspects of their work, such as the performance aspect, the social interactions with customers, or the empowerment they feel from being in control of their own body and income. Others may primarily be motivated by the financial benefits of the job, such as the ability to earn a high income or the flexibility to support their lifestyle or other goals.

    However, it is important to recognize that the adult entertainment industry can be a complex and challenging environment, and many individuals may face a range of physical, emotional, and financial risks and stresses as a result of their work. These can include harassment, stigma, discrimination, safety concerns, and pressure to perform or conform to certain expectations.

    Ultimately, it is important to respect the agency and autonomy of all individuals, regardless of their profession or occupation, and to work towards creating a society that supports the well-being and dignity of all people, regardless of their work or career choices.

    High res Addy

  8. Curious George

    do strippers enjoy working here or are they only here for the money they make from it?

  9. Jimmy Edwards

    Went there last Thursday night. Place is awesome. The female bartenders were very nice and drinks were reasonable. The dancers were really hot. Had some great lap dances. All around great time and great value for the money which ids hard to find anywhere in NYC.

  10. John Dorkie John Dorkie

    Had not been to Le Rouge Lounge since pre-Covid and came on a Wednesday night around 10 PM after dinner. There was not as many girls as “back in the day” but the high quality was still there, and so was Joe Lido. I could always depend on Joe for providing quality customer service and recruiting the hottest “girl next door” type dancers.
    The Members Only Lido Lounge is like a club within a club and has the best of both worlds. You have the private Lido Lounge with just the Lido members and the Lido girls, along with a private bartender, semi-private lap dance area, and separate sound system. You also have access to all the facilities of a large club, including 10 private rooms with doors, sports TVs including two huge oversized TVs, and a mezzanine with ample comfortable leather sofas for more lap dances.

  11. Real NewYorker Real NewYorker

    Went to Le Rouge Lounge on a Friday night with my buddy from work after having dinner at Jue Lan Asian restaurant which was on the block. The place is brand new and luxurious with really large private rooms with doors. The members only Lido lounge had a private bar and separate sound system and semi-private lap dance area. We met some hot girl next door types and had lap dances on the plush couches on the mezzanine which wound up gravitating to private rooms. Had a blast and can’t wait to go back.

  12. GrantNYC

    The Thursday venue is in a nightclub in Midtown West with an awesome sound and light system. The location is a little out of the way, but worth the trip. By about 10 or 11 pm the place gets real busy with about 50 girls. Mostly All American types, including California blondes. Also, some hot Latin girls and a few Asian girls. The girls are hot with nice lean bodies, and can carry on a conversation. No hustle or up sell.

  13. RealNewYorker2

    Went to the new Lido Lounge which was in a fully licensed gentlemen’s club. Admission only $40 which included a free premium drink. Met a lot of the Girl Next Door types from the old Lido Room. The stage and pole dancing was a fun distraction, too.

  14. Jeff M.

    If you’re like me and prefer the “mixer” approach over your traditional strip club setting don’t miss out on a night at the Lido Room. I was introduced to Tammy, an absolute knock out, who was flirty with out any of the pressures you experience from dancers at strip clubs. These girls are amazing. Friendly and surprisingly genuine. Definitely going back.

  15. Joe R.

    The Lido Room is reasonably priced, not too crowded, has a great vibe, and the girls are just awesome. The dancers are an interesting assortment of international girls and college students who are friendly and low pressure. Very attractive dancers, including some professional models. The location has a semi-private lap dance area at no additional charge. The lap dances are very sensual, as well.

  16. Scott

    I was at Lido this past week and was very impressed with the venue and the quality of the dancers. I met a lot of young, hot dancers, many of them were professional models. I have been to all of the lap dance parties and Lido is the classiest party and has the best talent.

  17. Harold39

    The Lido Lounge (now called Le Rouge Lounge) moved again to their best venue on West 45th Street. Four semi-private lap dance rooms and 6 private rooms, DJ, performance stage, full bar. Best part about new location is that it is exclusive to VIP Members and the Lido girls.

  18. Gunther

    Had a Dandy good time there last Wednesday with my buddies. Got some nice gals. Can’t wait to come back.

  19. Tbass316

    Contacted them through their web page and got on their invite list. Visited them at different locations on 3 different nights. They all had a different feel, but the one thing they all have in common is a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere. What I like about Lido is that the girls are all willing to have a real conversation with you first. You can get to know them before they give you a dance, which makes the experience a lot nicer. And they are all pretty hot.
    They don’t have any stages, but they do have different themes each night with the girls dressed in either lingerie, bikinis, or very short dresses. The customers are mostly a suit

  20. batchlor

    best place to take your friends for a good time! i always have a great time here , nothing bad to say!

  21. Mark

    Came last Tuesday to the lap dance party at their West Village venue. The place had a great vibe with plenty of plush red sofas. There were a good ratio of dancers to customers and the ladies were all very attractive and friendly. The semi-private lap dance room had a skylight. Drink prices were reasonable and before 9 pm only $6 for a mixed drink. Had a great time and will be coming back.

  22. Dave

    Very impressed with the quality of the dancers. My favorites were a brunette from France and a tall blonde from Amsterdam.

  23. Lee

    I like the private club concept and feel. Went to Lido with a few guys from my financial services firm and we were very comfortable. Management was professional and the place was classy. The dancers were all top notch and were willing to spend some time with you and strike up a conversation. The dances in the lap dance room were very sensual.

  24. Andy

    Came on a Thursday night with several guys from my office. It is a classy operation with good customer service and experienced management. I will be back.

  25. Samantha

    I am really glad I found this place. The vibe is fun and low key, the customers are real gentlemen, the house mom is a sweat heart and the money is good.

  26. GrantNYC

    Lido’s new Midtown West venue is the best. More convenient than the former Midtown West nightclub that was all the way over at 11th Avenue. Went their on Wednesday night and was blown away. Had the whole place, including ground floor, mezzanine and a lower level. Semi-private lap dance areas on mezzanine and lower level. Huge bar and free hot buffet on main floor. Plenty of girls with killer bodies and friendly personalities. Business and professional crowd. Excellent customer service.

  27. George Brooks

    Went to they’re venue that’s a few blocks from Madison Square Garden. Probably they’re best and maybe they’re biggest location to date. Big bar, multi-levels and the usual fun relaxed atmosphere. Lots of 7’s, 8’s

  28. Harold39

    Went with a couple of friends to their Union Square location on a Saturday night. Great centralized location just 1 block from the Union Square trains and Park. Went up 2 flights of stairs to the full floor bar. Nice semi-private lap dance area with plenty of leather sofas. Good tasting buffet and pizza later. Lap dances were really hot and the girls were friendly and mostly 7’s to 9’s. Would come back!

  29. JimDandy

    Nice experience as I felt I was at a private party with a bunch of beautiful girls that wanted to talk to me. Never felt any hustle or up sell for a private room. Met a petite red head with a thin waist along with a great ass and natural D cups. Then went for a really hot blonde with a killer body and six pack. It is a not a fancy place and cover charge and drink prices were a little on the high side, but it is the place to go in Manhattan for sexy girls and hot lap dances.

  30. Roger Smith

    Went last Thursday to the new location in Hell’s Kitchen.

    The space was large, but not so large that you felt lost.

    The lap dance area was screened off and semi-private and

    there were plenty of comfortable sofas. No shortage of hot

    dancers either!

  31. Monty

    The new venue in Rockefeller Center is my favorite. The location was very convenient to my Midtown Park Avenue office and I came with a couple of guys from work. We got the special discount of only $20 per person for groups of 3 or more. There were plenty of dancers available and 80% to 90% of them were very hot. Drink prices were a little on the high side, but they accept credit cards at the bar.

  32. Johnny Walker

    Lido is Manhattan’s exclusive private lap dance party. Lido is a great place for bringing co-workers or clients, and you will surely not be embarrassed. Lido does not advertise their address and does not accept “walk-ins” from the street.

  33. GrantNYC

    Went there on a Wednesday lingerie night and got there before 10 PM. Admission was only $20 and got a free lap dance card. Met a Girl Next Door type and went to their lap dance room which was posh and no extra charge. The dancer was really into it. Had a great time and will be back.

  34. Sammy

    I was there last week on a Thursday night and there was a great vibe and plenty of hot girls. My only complaint was that the Rockefeller Center venue was getting too packed. I am glad to hear that the Thursday night party is moving this week to a larger venue in Midtown West with a roof deck.

  35. GrantNYC

    Went there on a Thursday night to a large nightclub venue on the West Side. Dancers were friendly and attractive Girl Next Door types. Great sound and light system and ample sofas in lap dance area.

  36. Marty S.

    Checked out Lido last Tuesday at the bikini party near Union

    Square. Wow! So many killer bodies in their itsy-bitsy

    bikinis. There was also a cute Asian girl playing DJ. Will be


  37. Lenny

    Wednesday at Union Square has gotten a lot better now that it has expanded to two floors and is less crowded. There is a floor with the bar for meet and greet the dancers, and then an entire floor above for lap dances. There is also a roof deck for smoking cigarettes.

  38. Chucky

    The girls are hot and most are very friendly.

  39. FunGuy2

    Been to several of their locations, including Penn Station, Meatpacking District, Union Square and Times Square. Their newest venue is conveniently located in the heart of Times Square. The dancers are always hot and range from a 7 to a 9. But the real attraction with these dancers are that they are approachable, friendly, and not pushy.

  40. Harry

    Great time at the Wednesday lingerie party. Good ratio of

    dancers to customers. Met many hot dancers. Very good

    customer service. Classy and intimate venue.

  41. James

    Thursday night lap dance party is very classy with all the girls in short cocktail dresses. Not typical stripper types and they spend time with you at the bar talking and flirting, with no pressure to have a dance. But when you get to the semi-private lap dance room the dancers are very sensuous.

  42. Peter

    Like the vibe. No hustle. Girls are hot. Fun time. Will come back.

  43. Winston F.

    Went to Lido room for my bachelor party. Had a great time and my money went a long way. The prices are not crazy and the dancers are pretty cool.

  44. RealNewYorker3

    Went to the Le Rouge Lounge Grand Opening and was very impressed with the quality of the girls, which included some of the original Lido girls and some new talent. The dancer quality at Le Rouge lives up to its reputation as the “gold standard.” On par or better than any of the top manhattan gentlemen’s clubs and blows away the ratched girls that you often find in the underground parties. The semi-private lap dance room was amazing and had brand new leather sofas. Had a great time and am thrilled that Le Rouge is back!

  45. RealNewYorker2

    The new Le Rouge Lounge on 601 West 45th Street is the latest reincarnation of the Lido Lounge in a fully licensed gentlemen’s club with a full bar, 4 lap dance rooms, DJ and 6 private rooms. Plenty of sexy Girl Next Door types you can have a conversation with.

  46. Tiffany

    The place has a really good vibe. There is excellent security and I feel safe. Management is very experienced is considerate of the girls. The customers are high quality. Money is being made and tip-out is low.

  47. Harold39

    Went on a Wednesday night which is lingerie night. Lots of sexy babes. The new club is huge with a long bar, DJ and sound and light system, full dinner menu, and lots of comfortable chairs and sofas for lap dances. $40 admission includes a free premium drink.

  48. Eric

    This place is amazing! Great atmosphere. Great Girls, Friendly


  49. JimDandy

    Went on a Friday night to their Union Square location with 3 of my co-workers. Since we were a group of 4 or more, we got the Group Discount of $40 which included the free hot buffet and entrance to the semi-private lap dance room.
    Great selection of over 60 Girl Next Door (GND) types in their 20’s. Mostly All-American with a few Asian and Latinos. Mostly 8’s and 9’s and all nice firm bodies. Very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.

  50. Jay

    Had a great time at the Wednesday lingerie night at the

    Rockefeller Center location. The girls were very nice with

    sexy bodies. Enjoyed the food, including jumbo shrimp an

    fried calamari. The set up in the semi-private lap dance

    room was really good as I had my own full size leather couch

    for lap dances.

  51. JamesNYC

    Went to the new loft in Hell’s Kitchen and was very impressed. The place was really classy with penthouse river views and 2 semi-private lap dance areas with brand new couches. A lot of new hot girls too.

  52. Lido Regular

    I used to go to this other lap dance party which was really

    great a few years ago. However, it has become too crowded

    and commercialized. I am now a Lido Regular and glad I made

    the switch.

  53. Ned

    I went to the new Friday night lap dance party at their Rockefeller Center venue. The girls were very friendly, the music was great, there was a full bar and a semi-private lap dance room at no additional charge. Me and my buddies stayed to closing time at 4 AM.

  54. yanard12

    I was having dinner with a group of friends, when the guys suggested that we go to the Lido Room. I hadn’t been to a strip club in a while, so I decided to tag along. Lido wasn’t at all what I expected. Instead of girls dancing naked on stages and poles, it was more like a sexy party in a hip European Club with girls in lingerie, socializing in the lounge and at the bar talking mostly with guys in suits. The girls were very attractive as they mixed and mingled in their intimate apparel.While my friends disappeared into the lap dance area, I got to talk with a few of the girls. They were mostly college girls and models. About half were American and the other half were foreign born. All spoke good English and were very friendly.Despite constant urging from my friends, I didn’t get any lap dances. But my guy friends all had a great time. Based on their rave reactions, I would definitely recommend the Lido Room.

  55. Johnnyboy123

    I Have to admit, I have been out of the whole “Lap dance” scene for a few years , recently, I went to the Lido Room to meet a friend. I went in, and was enjoying a drink and some food, My friend hadn’t shown up, and I was about to leave when I saw big daddy Lou coming in. I remember him from back in the day, and I stayed around hoping to also see Porn star Alexia Moore (she used to be at his parties in the old days) Sadly, this event was nothing like what I expected, and not nearly as good as what I expected when I saw Lou walk in

  56. David

    I was at Lido last Tuesday and enjoyed their West Village venue which had a very comfortable lap dance room with a skylight. I was there for happy hour with $5 beers and $6 wine and well drinks before 9 pm. They also had a private outdoor patio in the back which was great for smokers like myself. Can’t wait to go tonight in the warm weather.

  57. Harold39

    Went last Thursday night to their new location at a nightclub in Greenwich Village. A definite step up from their previous Wednesday night location in Union Square. Great sound and light system. Two semi-private lap dance areas with plenty of comfortable sofas. The bigger space drew a larger crowd as well as a more ample selection of dancers.

  58. Kevin

    Had a great time this Wednesday at the lap dance lingerie

    party at the Rockefeller Center location. The girls are very

    pretty and friendly. Liked the low pressure atmosphere.

  59. Frank

    Wednesday lingerie night is awesome. I will be back!

  60. Marty

    The girls really like working at lido and it seems like every week I come back, that there are more and hotter girls. There were 30 to 35 dancers that are absolutely gorgeous and rank with the top gentlemen’s clubs. The dancers are also friendly and not pushy. The dancers were so young and fresh, and included some college and graduate students, European women, and professional models.

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