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0 reviews for “Cheetahs Club

  1. Stephen B.

    This is the closet bar to my house and thank fucking god. They have 4 dollar shots and three dollar beers – or vice versa?!?! I forget… I’m always pretty wasted when I go there cause it’s so close to my house and it’s so fun!! Great straight live entertainment, gay friendly, lively girls, good music.. My favorite nights are the nights when all the rockabilly goth girls are there dancing to some of my favorite music. I used to go to dresden and good luck club but pretty much swore them off and keep to Cheetahs when needing a drink close to home.

  2. awd


  3. Sean

    There is a new manager, I believe he is French n I guess thats the reason

    why the club is looking so nice and comfortable. Good place to chill’ with

    friends and have a drink, women are welcome. Good variety of good

    looking dancers n New Hot dancers too. I will rate them a good 7.

    Definitivly the new place to be!

  4. Krisztina F.

    Ok so I’m here now. This is my second time here, and I am thoroughly impressed once again! Music is awesome. Girls are on point and gorgeous. The waitress is amazing and beautiful as I remember the first time. not only is she beautoful biutnshe actually does her job. Def a place to come check out!

  5. yanard12

    Thrilling burlesque club with a full bar. Always a blast stopping by with friends for drinks and watch the enchanting dancers perform on stage. Bikini bar only, however the stunning beauty of the girls and their vibrant personalities will totally make your night!

  6. Ricky R.

    This club has been closed since April 15, 2012. This is a huge disappointment to the regulars, the dancers, and the long time employees who worked there (DJs, Bartenders, Bouncers, Valets). From what I understand, the current ownership is in a court case with the previous ownership. This place was the bomb for many Hollywood regulars and adventurous souls who didn’t want to wait 30 minutes to get a beer at the tiny strip joint up the street. The VIP lapdance room was just a hotbed of pure decadence. All spaces along the extra-large u-shaped public coach where packed with gyrating, grinding lapdance action. Any sane man would have thought he was in the middle of a Roman Orgy. The stage has been a witness to some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Girls from all walks of life, including numerous porn stars, and all manner of shapes, sizes, skills, and acrobatic feats. I particularly liked the Russian ladies that graced us with their lovely presence. They are always very smart, very charming, very talented, very hot and incredibly sexual. During the last 2 years, this club attracted 2 of the most beautiful Asian women I have ever seen in my life. (And I’ve been going to strip clubs for 29 years). Both Chinese, both with flawlessly toned muscular legs and asses that would make a grown man cry. And of course, there was the lovely one, Miss L. The Black Goddess from the Dominican Republic. And if you’ve been to this club, you know who I’m talking about. Her body should one day be enshrined in the Strippers Hall of Fame. All sinewy muscle without an ounce of fat. Her dances were Heaven on Earth. Her super silky soft skin was mesmerizing.I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years at this club so I’m sorry to say that it was mismanaged at the end and now it’s just a blurry memory. Hopefully, this club will make a come back to it’s former glory.And when this club does come back. I hope all of you strip club fans, you know who you are, will make it back to the old-style, decadent, shameless Cheetahs.

  7. rogerrab2

    Let me just start this off by saying Cheetah’s is one of my favorite places to go to on the weekend. My first experience was an awesome one that consisted of talented musicians performing whilst the girls danced around the pole etc. The energy is awesome. I’ve since had equally awesome experiences there, whether there were bands playing or not.Now let me fast forward to present time. I just had my birthday party there and it was legendary. I’m not talking just a few friends, but I had a large group of people there. Cheetah’s was outstanding with their customer service and making it a birthday celebration I’ll never forget. Not only is their customer service great, the girls are diverse and beautiful. I love how they have a wide range of body types/styles and all of them are super chill and just plain lovely. Of course my heart belongs to Malice.I had some friends that were hesitant about going to Cheetah’s for my birthday but afterwards they completely understood why and everyone had a blast.Thanks Cheetah’s, Nick, and Malice you rule!!!

  8. Ed C.

    A HaikuCheap booze at the barSome cute girls in lingerieFun times with the guys

  9. aaron b.

    I hooked up with one of the girls here about 2 years so I can’t go here anymore – I am afraid of the Armenian dudes who run the joint. But back then it was a cool dive bar for locals that just happened to have hot chicks who pretend like they’re just regular girls who fell into stripping for the fun of it., If Jim Thompson were alive he would set a novel here. Hell, he’d live here.

  10. Harrison69

    It’s affordable, friendly, and cosy; really a place to hang out with friends. The dancers are getting better and hotter everyday. It also has special events, private parties, and band performances on certain nights, but must check on Facebook and Zbone. I give it two thumbs up.PS. I don’t work for the club, this is simply my opinion.

  11. curtis17

    This place rocks. Laid back atmosphere, no pressure from the dancers to get dances. The only bad thing is the drinks aren’t cheap. The music is good and the dancers are very friendly and will chat with you. The quality is great from the bartender to the dancers. My fave dancer is April. Great on stage. Would highly recommend this place. Great time to be had.

  12. Brett R.

    Wow. Talk about disappointing. Where to begin? Well first of all, they no longer get topless at this joint due to serving alcohol. Next question: “If they don’t strip? Why’s it called a strip bar? Shouldn’t it just be called a bar?” Second, the bartender was so mean and cold I felt like I was on candid camera. Horrible personality and did not honor the posted drink specials. Third, “world famous cheetahs?” That’s a laugh, I’ve seen hotter half naked chicks on the corner of santa monica blvd. DO NOT waste your time….

  13. igor34

    I visited Cheetas for the first time about three Saturdays ago. I walked in and it was fairly empty(seeing as though its 135 AM).I told one of the dancers that spoke to me that it was my first time. She told me to have a seat anywhere. The last 25 minutes I spent at the club i had a good time. The waitress came up to me and asked me did I want a drink or if I wanted anything, I get to sit up close to the stage, I got to touch the girls, the girls interacted with me , (unlike Jumbos up the street), I tipped them well and they made me feel good ;-). They’re pretty too. I recommend this place over Jumbos!

  14. XhXeXy

    “All I Want For My Birthday Is A Big Booty Ho!” Oh Cheetahs, thank you for the big smile on my friend’s face during our recent impromptu late-night outing. We had just finished watching The Hobbit at the Vista and were saying our prolonged goodbyes when somehow (wink, wink) the subject of strip clubs came up. That’s when our other friend pointed out that Cheetahs was nearby. I think she suggested it in jest, but I grabbed the birthday boy and off we went…on “an unexpected journey.”We came on a Friday night and there was a $5 COVER. I remembered that this was a no nudity establishment, but when we walked in all we saw was a dirty Santa singing on stage and folks (men and women) crowded around. My friends looked skeptical, but I pushed them on. We stood on the side with our drinks and thankfully, the singing ended and a dancer came out. She did her number on the pole and then more dancers rotated in. The bouncer was a big dude who kept walking by us. I half-expected him to be mean, but instead he encouraged us to sit down a couple of times. We finally took some seats right by the stage. I gave a quick tutorial to the birthday boy. Make sure the dancer sees you (or is facing your direction) when you tip so she knows you’re not just enjoying a free show.I need not have worried though because the DANCERS were very chill. Average to slightly above average looking (one in particular had a very cute face), different body types and some had tattoos. Interestingly, almost all the women were on the smaller side on top. I guess you don’t need to have a bigger chest if you’re not baring it on stage.Cheetahs is a moderately sized place…bigger than Jumbo’s. There’s a FULL BAR and a single T-shaped stage. It was close to the holidays so there was singing interspersed between the dancing. We ended the evening fittingly with a dance to 2 Chainz’ lovely little ditty. Good times!

  15. ka


  16. Ron M.

    Some of the girls are hot and some are not. Alot of the girls have tattoos, so if thats not your thing then don’t come here. One girl could have given Kat Von D a run for her money. This is a bikin bar, no nudity at all. Lap dances are 25.00, so for me that is kind of expensive. They may have raised the price becasue this was a private party. Drinks were kind of expensive. $15.00 for a double vodka tonic. One thing that bugged me was that there was a bathroom attendant. A friggin bathroom attendant for this place? There is barely enough room for me and my sack in their restroom. I would save my money and head down to Sams Hofbrau.

  17. fritter17

    This is a challenging review for me to write. Believe it or not, I don’t usually frequent strip clubs; it’s just not my scene. However, I needed to attend a special event being held here:Jason Ellis: The Reckoning!!The quick part of the review of the place is: It’s very small, parking is pretty much on the street or valet, which sucks, beer prices weren’t outrageously expensive, but the bar service left much to be desired. Apparently being a chick in a strip club doesn’t necessarily help to get drinks any more quickly. The waitresses were pretty quick, however. The ‘stage’ was a thin, runway type strip in the center of the place where there was plenty of room for the ladies to dance and work the pole. This is a ‘bikini bar’ type place, so no nipples or ‘southern’ nudity. Apparently the law (In LA? in CA? dont know which) is that if there’s nudity, then there’s no drinks; drinks, then no nudity. Seems odd, but fine by me. Interesting mix of dancers: traditional, girl-next door cute type, ‘exotic asian’ type, punk rocker huge mohawk and tattoos type, etc. Now, or those of you not familiar with Jason Ellis (probably most people, even though he has the 2nd most listened to show on Sirius/XM, next to Howard Stern. He’s on Faction 41, weekdays 12-4), he has a show on Sirius/XM radio. He is an outrageous Australian who was a very good pro-skateboarder and who dabbles in riding moto, mma, being in bands, and, for a while last year, was on the NY Times Best Sellers list with his memoir I’m Awesome. Memoir is far too fancy a word to describe his book, which are some pretty amusing retellings of some of the crazy stuff he’s done and endured throughout his life. The book was dictated by Ellis (he’s not much of a reader or writer) and actually written by one of his co-hosts, Michael Tully. He’s really good friends with Tony Hawk, Carey Hart, Everlast, tons of porn stars, and a whole bunch of other people in various fields.The Reckoning was put on as a result of a bet; he and another co-host, Josh “RawDog” Richmond, made a bet about the election. RawDog very much wanted Obama to win but knew that tons of the audience would want to see him lose the bet, so he claimed that he was very confident Romney would win, thinking it might make people vote for Obama. The loser of the bet had to, for a period of at least one minute, take into their mouth a phallus from a dead horse (trying to not gross too many of you out by using more elevated language. is it working?). It was an insane night. Watched some pretty good dancers work their stage, watched Ellis’ band Death!Death!Die perform a decent set (considering how trashed some of them were), met Jason Ellis, Mike Tully, RawDog, and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller (one of Ellis’ good friends), and watched porn star Joanna Angel shove a phallus into RawDog ‘s mouth and nearly choke him. Now my usual Saturday night, but hey, it’s certainly an event I won’t soon forget. I’ll spare everyone and not post some of the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Jay C.

    Well I have to say that Jumbo’s is a much better joint for the east side. I hate the fact that the girls here are all over you for a lap dance. $25 for not nudity, me thinks not. The drinks are way overpriced so stick to beer. I do have to say that the girls are great looking here, enjoy the ambiance all.

  19. harryharry

    dressing-rooms, drugs, nakedness, good times…it’s been a while. i think it changed ownership…but whatever…dressing-rooms, drugs, nakedness, good times! i don’t do drugs…anymore.

  20. aala

    se is da hottest

  21. Jillian K.

    Went to Cheetas the other night with my girlfriends and I tell you? We had such a fun time!!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  22. Weedman420

    This place was disappointing on SO many levels. went with a group of friends, guys and girls, just to have a few drinks and a good time. The waitress was just so “bleh” sucked the experience out of getting a table. The set up is so 70s you can tell very little money has been put in to it. BUT HERES THE KICKER. With a $20 minimum on cards, I order EXACTLY $20 worth of stuff. The Russian waitress, who barely spoke English (supposedly), brought me an extra beer I didn’t ask for then charged me an extra $10. Now, $10 wouldn’t break me but it’s the principal. She then argues with me for 2 minutes about what I ordered and makes me go to the bar myself to handle. Eventually they gave me cash and I’m sure I got screwed either way. CONCLUSION: Don’t go. Not worth it. PS: The ATM Is a ripoff. Tells you $7 fee and charges you that PLUS $2.50.

  23. Mia G.

    Tuesday night, MichelleXXX night!!!

  24. XXXbeast

    This review is based solely on the valet. DO NOT VALET HERE.I came to cheetahs for a special event.FIRST- the valet did not have change for a $20 so he asked if he could give me back $10 instead of $13. Basically he MADE me tip him $3. SECOND- the valet was leaning on my very expensive car when I came out to the parking lot. I was very upset and they just shrugged their shoulders. Not ok!THIRD- I get into the car and everything has been adjusted to the valets comfort. My mirrors were all moved and so was the seat even though the car was only moved no more than 10 FEET.FOURTH- they broke an item off of my key chain. It actually looks like it was intentionally removed. Again they barely had to move the car or use the keys.So frustrated by the lack of professionalism especially after a large tip for doing NOTHING!

  25. Dylan L.

    It’s around 1am and you stumble out of GoodLuck bar. “Hey why don’t we check out Cheetahs?!”- you say wayyy too enthusiastically to your friends. And bam. Decision made. Cheetahs is a strip club in the sense that McDonald’s is a fine dining restaurant. Reasonably priced drinks and ass cheeks that’s about the best part. Don’t go expecting to see any titty though these girls were at least somewhat loved by their fathers so they don’t do full nude. Shout out to the DJ for looking like a skinny Ron Jeremy. $20 bucks for a lap dance but don’t try and breathe through your nose unless you enjoy hangin out in a used fish market. p.s. Angelina if you’re reading this I feel like we made a real connection and bonded over the finer points of rollerblading.

  26. fisherdex1

    I’ve been to cheetahs twice now and it’s pretty fun. The girls are not completely nude and wear bikini tops + bottoms. The girls all have different styles and the variety is good. Some of the girls are super impressive up there!!! There is even a girl who does her dance in roller skates. Awesome! Anyway, they put on a good show and the drinks aren’t too expensive. Make sure you do bring cash because the ATM inside there will overcharge you and one time I was there they weren’t accepting cards for drinks.Anyway, it a good little place to pass some time and enjoy the views.

  27. Lisa F.

    I am start going to this Club from June 2015, This club is the place girl can walking in with your boyfriend. That is why my boyfriend bring me with him meet his friends in there. This is Frist night club for me in my 40 th age, I am very quiet in club. The people who working in there very nice and kind to me , and I feels very relaxed and enjoy it. Most Girls is very pretty with long long Leg. So I start bring all my friends when they come to US. And make some friends with the Dancer.

  28. Harry Reasoner

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  29. DJ C.

    Dipshit manager was smoking INSIDE the club. WTF??? Place is ok. Reasonably priced drinks. Bring breathing apparatus…

  30. billtheguy12

    Everytime we visit Cheetah’s we have a wonderful time, at first I thought I would feel uncomfortable being in a bar like this, but that was certainly not the case. The girls are friendly courteous and HOT!!! The owner is very polite and always comes around and says hello to everyone, he treats us with the utmost respect and goes out of his way to make sure we are having a great time. Nobody bothers you and everyone knows you are there to have a great evening, laughs, drinks!!

  31. dopeboy19

    This place is a tip offStaff is rude 7 dollar fee for atmGirls are not friendly and just hustle your for another danceDo not come here

  32. David X.

    They used to have a super cool retro sign out front… and that was probably the best thing about this place. but no more.

  33. doug m.

    A good starter strip-club.If you’ve ever been curious about strip clubs, or if you’re a guy/girl who are looking for a venue thats sexy but not too intense then cheetahs might be a good place. Although, by definition strip-clubs are about the objectification of women, this place has a clientelle and working force that seems slightly more “progressive”. Most of the dancers are from the neighborhood and either tatooed punk chicks or spunky originals. Some nights the audience is equal parts women and men. Music can amazingly vier into the Rage Against the Machine and Fugazi area which I find amusing.Haven’t been here in years, but if you’re gonna have a safely sleezy night, check out cheetahs.

  34. Franklyn

    Cool strip club. Live bands play here time to time. No VIP so strippers aren’t constantly bugging for VIP room specials. Sometimes has crazy huge crowds.

  35. Chloe C.

    For my first time going to a strip club my friends and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very diverse and young crowd . All the dancers were of different colors, sizes and shapes (a plus) so it kept us entertained. Drinks are ok a lil pricey BUT STRONG & worth it. All the dancers were very nice and thanked us when they walked off the stage! Music was BOMB my friends and i were dancing in our chair all night. They played mostly rap and Hip hop tho a few live songs from locals and a few dance joints. I Had me a good ol time and i only spent 40 dollars . loll! well definitely be going back… Oh and Fridays there is a cover charge of 5 dollars . which isn’t bad at all. Oh and make sure you get money out the bank before you go there i used the atm and the fee was 7 dollars…! eeek! !!! :O)!

  36. David R.

    Oh man, Cheetahs. Seemed like it was dead in the water a few months ago when a buddy and I shot by on a whim. But then, like a Zombie Hollywood Stripper, it reanimated and is running again. This place is down in the funky part of East Hollywood out past the Scientology center, etc., right before Hollywood turns into Los Feliz. If you come down here to watch ass you better watch your ass yourself. Probably best to valet park the car here even though there are sometimes spots around the neighborhood. If you do find a spot on the street watch your back as you go to the club because this is the badass streets of Hollywood and anything can happen. They charge cover but if you call to inquire and leave your name sometimes they’ll waive it to get you in the door. Nothing special once you’re inside. I wouldn’t go on a weekend myself, but during a week night might be cool. Like most strip clubs it’s all levels of girls hustling to make bank, but occasionally there is a stand-out.This place had it’s big hey day in the late 80’s big hair/metal days, I believe. With the internet, cam chat, online dating, etc., I don’t know if strip clubs have the same draw they used to, but this place brings back some of sleazy glory days and, like it or not, is a Hollywood landmark.

  37. Alice Eve C.

    Hmm…sucks you cant touch girls AT ALL.PLus, there’s a bouncer who watches every move the girl does on you. I mean, come on, guys, give me a break!The Vip dancing area is unacceptably small.The bartenders r cool. Waitress is cool too, but its hard to get her. Lights are ok. Music is way too loud. mostly rock. They also have those events sometimes. Was on one, i thought i would go crazy. WAY too loud with some crazy rock bands.Entrance is free, if there’s no event going on.They also have that belly dancing girl. which is there i start thinking every night. All the same moves. Boring. Could so smth new.Girl are nice. Except that one that started a fight with her ex i think. Bathrooms are ok.There is also an ATM inside, which is nice.Dances will cost you 20$.

  38. John

    The girls were totally hot and very friendly. I’ll go back again and again.

  39. Hey

    This club sucks, it is a bikini club,not a topless, the girls don’t show anything, and they are not all that good looking.

  40. mark montgomery

    hot sexy ass I LOVE ASIANS

  41. fuckery12

    No beers on tap. Ugh! No naked breasts. Only clothed anything. Get a dance for $20, it may remind you of middle school for-play except only 3 minutes long. Durp Durp DUMB!

  42. Gretchen H.

    Yes. I like boobies. They are fun.The boobies at Cheetahs are just fine. But Cheetah’s…not so fine.After you get past the Armenian gangsters out front you either have to decide to enjoy the game or the girls, and sometimes, well…that game is a lot more interesting. I have seen the best dancer ever there, also followed up by some of the worst.A perk for the ladies – strippers sometimes change in the women’s bathroom. A bathroom story – I went, I get out to wash my hands, and am suddenly being questioned by the dancers on whether I was smoking weed in there. No…? (Witty reply I thought of later, after the fact: “..and if you’re going to be that way, I would like my money back from your g-string please.”).The place smells like ass, lap dances are not worth the dough and the drinks are very….very…..VERY watered down.My vote? Shake your booty on down to Jumbos.

  43. Andrey
  44. joseph1k

    mixed field of talent. some girls can dance up smokin hot fire. some is equivalent to random drunk chick at bar that you can watch for free. no cover charge = good.

  45. Mr. B.

    This place is terrible. It used to be real good just a few years ago but I heard they sold it and sold it again and so forth. I went 3 times lately and had poor experiences 3 out of the 3. One time was just the worse. The dancer on stage actually stopped dancing and yelled at me for wadding up my money then told me 3 dollars wasn’t enough I should keep it. The girl I got a lap dance from started talking about her boyfriend during the dance. C’mon don’t they have a stripper school somewhere?

  46. Johnson12

    Best lap dance ever! No nudity but I enjoy leaving some imagination and mystery. Some of the dancers were unbelievable!! They really knew how to work the pole and get the crowd riled up. Did a one on one then a couples lap dance with my bf. It was like getting a taste of what a threesome with a hot lady in the mix would be like. Definitely coming back! OH and the crowd was freaking amazing, good vibes all around.

  47. dannyboy7

    Not once but twice now have I opened a tab at this venue, closed and signed for it, and had the number on my credit card statement show up wildly higher than the amount I signed for. Someone behind the bar at this venue is writing in zeros or something because this past weekend i spent $20 and had a statement for $200 on my credit card bill. Incredibly bad business, and disappointing because I genuinely loved this club and was a frequent patron before being scammed.

  48. natsumi s.

    Decent music playing. Some dance music and also some rock. The girls are ok looking. These women were spunky and what not but they have like A cups. but If you like small tits, cool. One offered me a lap dance but I was just there to see my bf’s band play. (plus I usually don’t waste money like this) Oh, and yess they do music shows there. I assume any type because my bf’s music is like a noise punk band.The Strippers seemed surprised after hearing that my bf’s band is called “Stripper Pussy” ahaha. some where dancing to it awkwardly.

  49. Mila N.

    This place is very ghetto.Needs to be remodeled in order to attain better reputation. Its waaayy too old school.Dancers are mostly ugly.

  50. Sean S.

    having been to a few different strip clubs in my life time, this location has to be at the bottom of that list. Aside from not being atleast a topless club, which kinda makes the decision to come here that much easier not to. the drinks are really high up there in price, so i suggest to pre-game before hand… so i don’t sound like i’m straight just bagging on this establishment, there is always a diamond in the rough, in this case the very rough… so if you somehow stumble into this location, seek out Madeline and you will not be disappointed… oh yea there’s no cover charge

  51. GarryWas

    Cute place with cute girls. Not your typical sleazy strip club. Great place to drink and enjoy some eye candy. Girls are much better looking than some of the strip clubs I’ve been to.

  52. adamrod

    If you havn’t been to Cheetahs you should definately go! The Drinks rock! The Cheetah girls are awesome and they have LIVE BANDS!!!!

  53. richard95

    I probably wont go back, cuz well, I am juts not into half naked girls. The girls dont’ show their boobies, but from what I experienced, they were cool. There was a cool chick with a Hello Kitty tattoo. :DMy group and I just sat and drank in the corner. ๐Ÿ˜› Um, it was an experience. But don’t think I’d go back. But seriously though, check it out. The people were actually really nice. There were a few creepy dudes, but hey, it’s hot chicks dancing for money, there are gonna be creepy dudes, but mostly just guys having a fun time for a bit. Bring cash. the drinks are strong. But served in little plastic cups, they look like ones people pee in at the dr’s office. But the Bartender was super cool ๐Ÿ˜€ Again, not my cup of tea, but I’d say check it.

  54. maxxy1

    To me, “Cheetahs” sounds like a strip club. When you show up, the place looks like a strip club, when you walk in it SMELLS like a strip club…So it seems like it should be a strip club right? Wrong.Maybe it’s my fault for assuming it WAS a strip club. But why on earth would any sane man come to a “Bikini” bar, where the girls can’t dance and they don’t actually STRIP?Unless of course, you are bringing your girl to practice for her job interview at an ACTUAL strip club. You know, where girls get naked? All jokes aside, I’d say this would be a great place for a bachelor party. But only as a last stop after everyone is hammered, and make sure to post pics on Facebook.

  55. H S.

    Should be called “Hyenas”If you like little Asian chicks with fucked up teeth, you’ll be in heaven. Was there on a Thursday. One cute Latina, a couple of average white girls. Most of the girls looked like they were in their 30’s and maybe even 40. Age doesn’t matter so much but with the bad skin and husky voice from years of smoking and drinking they appear older than they really are maybe. EVERY SINGLE GIRL there was flat as a wall…like A size cups. Not my thing. I don’t care if they’re fake, but when I go to a strip club, dammit, I want to see big floppy tits flying everywhere. And I don’t want to see the slimy managers with their slicked back hair all over the place. Stay in the back with your testosterone and man the cameras. I also had a girl get up and LEAVE THE TABLE because she had to go in the back and give the manager her $1 bills because they were running low. She came back a few minutes later but still, it was tacky that he had to come over to our table and take her away for that. Get it together club and get some better talent. And I don’t care if it’s 8pm. If you aren’t going to have a sufficient amount of girls there because it’s early, then don’t open the doors until they show up. I don’t care if it’s 8pm or midnight, when I want to see T&A, I want to see it!

  56. Alexis S.

    This place is the best dive bar/strip club in Hollywood! Lately all the girls that work here are hot as fuck! Dances are only 20$! And drinks are fair price like 7$ they almost always have amazing music on and the staff is all super cool! It definitely has a different vibe than your normal strip club! Way more relaxed and layed back, I’ve had nothing but great times here with friends! If you love beautiful woman and booze come here!

  57. tonycluber

    Went here for a Kiss or Kill rock night. Rock and Roll and sexy dancers?? YES PLEASE! Loved it. the bartender was fast and cordial, the dancers were fab and the music was amazing. Sexy ladies and strong drinks. Highly recommended.

  58. winston12

    Went here for a co bachelor and bachelorette party! Laid back place with hookahs available for $15 hour! The dancers are no pressure and friendly. The only thing I’d say is for top shelf drinks $12 the pours are weak!!!! :/ They are short poured on the booze for sure!

  59. Jol O.

    I went to Cheetahs last night to see bands. This place is pretty cool, no cover, full bar. What is primarily making me give one star is how rudely we were treated by the bouncer at the end of the night. I ordered a drink at 1:30 after being assured by the waitress (who solicited my order) I would have until 2 to finish my drink. The huge, rude and somewhat threatening bouncer began accosting patrons to leave at 1:45. Many people were still inside drinking, the girls were still trying to give dances and the bands were packing up. When I told the bouncer that the waitress had told me I could remain until 2 he didn’t care. The band I came to see was cut off after 3 songs as the schedule was running so late. Go to Jumbo’s where everyone is much friendlier and you are not treated so rudely.

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