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11701 West Glendale, Glendale, AZ 85307


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Xplicit Showclub

  1. rickywho2

    Came here and had several cars of friends all meeting there. Bouncer was a douche bag who thought he was all tough. Told us to slow down in the parking lot when we were driving less than 5 miles an hour. He sounded drunk and had little mans complex and said, ” do me a favor and slow the fuck down when you come here” lol. Turned right back around and left. Didn’t want to give our business to a place that allows pricks to run the door.

  2. Franklyn

    Last time I was there, bouncers were all over me telling me to tone it down… Not once but several times, and other people in my party as well… And we were just having a good time or trying anyways ..not on the top of my list to go back anytime soon… I will say this the waitress Dominque, is the shit and takes care of her customers ..the dancers were much better then one of my first experiences there..

  3. Tatiana Y.

    Ok place! Feels that security is doing a great job! Girls are ok, but not impressive…. They need to learn moves & inverts not just shake butt… Drinks kinda expensive compare to other places….. Glass of White Zen $8.00 my bud light $4…… Guess going another place right now to play pool!!

  4. williamr

    Seriously the worst experience I’ve ever had at a club. Travis has the worst demeanor of any doorman I’ve ever encountered, he’s seriously unemployable. No customers, no dancers, hopefully they fire this guy before he bankrupts them.

  5. fritter17

    If I could give this place zero stars I would. I am from out of town and a buddy decided to take me to a “great strip club”. We went last week on Wednesday at 6 at night. First impression was amazing. The host lady was outgoing very welcoming and charming. The place was clean and very new looking. We sat down and got a drink from the waitress and that was the last time she came to the table. There was only 4 dancers for almost 3 hours in rotation and I can tell you they were not special. But I was on vacation and wanted to spend money so I tipped 2 of the girls. Side note; there was only 5 other people in the entire place. EVERY SINGLE GIRL stopped at each table except ours. For 3 hours not one girl walked up to us and ask if we would like a dance. For 3 hours ignored. The DJ took a 2 song break for the dancers every 20 minutes. Unreal! Finally, 2 more girls decided to show up to dance. The first girl got up for her 2 songs and my buddy walked up tipped her and asked for her to come to the table. After her songs she came over bought a dance each. And left. I spent 13 bucks that night and had about 200 in my pocket I took out from the ATM at the club to spend. I couldn’t pay these girls to come over and chat with us. And look at me. I’m attractive and not old. How does this make any sense. Will advise anyone to choose another club.

  6. nickstrip

    Love this place, my wife and I have so much fun here. Raven was the most amazing entertainer that we have ever seen. She totally blow our minds, and made us have the most awesome day, all I can say is thank you Raven, it was awesome.

  7. XXXbeast

    Despite what anyone else says, this club was incredible. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave everyone is extra polite and very quick with service. The whole place is completely immaculate. Definitely worth checking out!

  8. richard95

    This place is awesome.. my fav was jenny. .biggest rack in the place. Inexpensive drinks. I always eat something before I drink so I had a salad. It was sooo delicious. My hubby had a burger and he thought it was perfect. This place is very clean and lit very well. I got my hubby a table dance and it was awesome. I hate lap dances where thy take u to a tiny room all secluded. Its awkward and real quite. This dance was nothing like that. Our hostess Vanecia (I hope I was close on the spelling) was great. Constantly clearing off my our table, bringing drinks, and asking if we needed anything. I didnt feel ignored at all. Great service. .

  9. Ed S.

    This place SUCKS!! Girls seem awkward on stage…they ignore you, and seem to simply hang out with friends…

  10. Johnson12


  11. Weedman420

    Best club in the Valley. Been to HiLiter, Candy Store and some other glam places down towards Chandler area, with hugely inflated chests, and platinum blondes. Nothing compared to Xplicit ! This is a place I feel comfortable going, and having a good time doing the thing that isn’t mainstream talked about … getting down with the strippers!Xplicit is out in the middle of a nowhere it seems (where fields of agriculture are on either side of it) a big, two story building with plenty of parking on the S. side of Glendale Ave, about 2 miles W. of University of Phoenix (Cardinals) stadium. So if coming off the 101, … keep driving even if you think there couldn’t possibly be a club way out here!What you’ll be rewarded with is approachable, sexy dancers (not all, but a good percentage look nice, have great assets, and decent moves) I found walking up to the stage, and putting a few dollars in a G-String, and politely asking if the dancer would come over for a private dance (yes, tightwad dirtbags … you SHOULD spend the $20/night to get on the V.I.P. Lounge list … its good all night, and if you plan to drop a couple hundy, this is the way to do it ~ in the privacy of the lounge.)The ladies are more than happy to take you in for a all hands on experience, in a very spacious and impeccably clean V.I.P. room that can handle 4-5 simultaneous semi-private encounters at a time behind smoked glass.Yes, you will get bouncer attention if you’re manhandling, grabbing areas you shouldn’t or otherwise freaking out the dancers. I found asking them “O.K., what’s on and off-limits” is a great way to break the ice. Like it or not for 4 minutes (or for more than once song) you are having a relationship with this girl; one in which she is trusting you to be respectful of her job/profession and also have a good time.I found to a “T”, all girls where more than interested in your impression with them, if you enjoyed your dance, and were more than open to discussing almost anything, and if you have the balls to buy them a drink, you are as close to a GFE experience with ‘benefits’ of having them dance like your girlfriend (or wife) will not.Drink prices are reasonable, the club is well ventilated, a/c is nice and crisp, furniture is clean. Yes, 6:30 is a slower time, with less girls in rotation but on a Thu. Fri. or Sat. expect the excitement levels to rise around 10:00 to 10:30 as your buzz gets a bit better, and so does the talent.High Marks, and this is coming from a Portland club frequenter, where they don’t wear anything in the clubs. Much preferred the thongs, and more approachable sexy women at Xplicit !

  12. winston12

    Great food and girls!!! yeeee haaaa. Come here all the time awesome.

  13. Juan D.

    Wack strip club. This has to be the most boring strip club I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to some ghetto strip clubs. This place is clean and has potential but the music is horrible. And the security is just horrible. This place needs a new manager and a whole different staff. I would never recommend this place or ever try going again.

  14. GarryWas

    This was our first time at this club and the girls were amazing hot our server Angie as well as the other server did a great job of taking care of us we wanted a specific dancer but she was busy but Angie did an amazing job of making sure that we were well taken care of by the rest of the girls in the club we will definitely be back.

  15. fuckery12

    Eh. Not impressed. I’ve been here a few times, but I come for the cheap food and drinks and pole work. Because honestly, this club has nothing else going for it.Pros:-Beautiful club-Very attractive dancers, only afew brownbaggers and butterfaces-Amazing pole work-Private VIP area-Upstairs private party area-HIGHLY attentive and attractive waitress-The biggest club in the valley next to maybe Jags.Cons: -You’ll be ignored unless you’re wearing a suit and are super attractive-Day shift girls are always shit faced and rude-The bouncers and the dancers need to get communication together. A dancer can’t beg me to pinch her nipples and then have the bouncer come over and yell at me for it. -There’s a Stone Cold Steve Austin looking mofo who I’m assuming is a manager, and he does nothing but sit at the end of the bar near his Douchebag Cave and talk shit about the girls he doesn’t like to the regulars at the bar. -You’ll never have a conversation with a girl for longer than three songs here. Douchebag Steve Austin actually demands that they don’t talk to you for longer than that amount. I’ve met dancers at Candy and Bliss who said that they made awesome money there because they actually TALKED to customers (hmmm, hey manager, if you’re reading this, maybe you should try it!) but they ultimately couldn’t stand working there because of management and some of the other girls (including the owners) starting fights. I could see what they meant. A majority of their night shift girls are short (don’t be fooled by the shoes, fellas) orange, blond hair, blue eyes, and a chest full of saline. The manager, in my opinion, can go back to managing girls in whatever fantasy club he thinks he came from that allows him to judge women like that.

  16. anthony1

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to!! Went with a group of about 10 people for a friends birthday, she hadn’t even had a drink yet but the manager “Michael” accused her of being drunk and took her beer out of her hand and poured it into the trash can and kicked her out. It was the rudest most disgusting thing I had ever seen. We all left but he didn’t refund any of our money except the girl he kicked out because it was her birthday. Not the smartest thing when you are trying to run a successful strip club. I will NEVER come back here and will be sure to tell all of my friends that this place is a joke and a piece of crap. The club looked clean and the dancers were okay but the management and the staff are TERRIBLE. Plus there were giant bugs (looked like roaches) running all over the ground. No thanks! Don’t waste your time or money on this joke of a place.

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